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FASHION SHOW Planning for the Fashion & Lifestyle Society’s annual fashion show began many months ago, but we are finally ready to announce the date! Mark your calendars for March 23: bound to be F&LS’s most fashionable gathering of 2013. Set against the mysterious, brooding sophistication of Museum London, join us in witnessing our masquerade theme come to life. More information in the weeks to come!

Article by Angelica Ng

GIVE THE GIFT OF LOVE Fresh out of the holiday season and Valentine’s Day is already just around the corner. While money can’t buy lounging together across the sofa in your pajamas and talking the night away, we believe there is the perfect gift for everyone to show you care. For those in relationships, Life&Style has compiled a list of stress-free gifts for you to show your significant other how much you love them. For all you single ladies and men, why not pick up one of the following to let yourself know how much you love you?


Drop the hint that you love seeing him in a suit with a pair of novelty cufflinks. These Tateossian ‘Real Dice’ Cuff Links from Nordstrom add a sense of playfulness to any suit, and are a cute reminder of all the nights you’ve spent playing Monopoly together.


Nothing is better than a man in aviators. These Dolce & Gabbana shades will have your friends wondering who your new Hollywood hunk could be.


For those of you with musician boys, strum his heart strings with a personalized guitar pick from SilveradoJewelry.


He’s not Daniel Craig, but in your eyes he’s even better than James Bond himself. Still, it doesn’t hurt to have him smelling like the sophisticated 007 courtesy of the legend’s namesake fragrance, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.


Cozy up together against his new Striped Twist Knit Sweater from Zara. Just keep reminding him to be thankful you didn’t buy it in pink.


While cupcakes may look nice, they won’t last long (especially if they’re as delicious as they look!). Instead, give her the Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery recipe book from Anthropologie, and the everlasting gift of afternoons spent together making sweet messes in the kitchen. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving!


Diamonds are forever, but rose gold is so now (and much easier on a student budget). Give your dearest her own rose glow with a Michael Kors watch that will tick down the seconds until your next rendez-vous.


Put your heart on her sleeve with an airy tunic from Modcloth. She’ll wonder when you happened to develop such a keen eye for fashion, and you’ll relish in the major brownie points you’ve just scored.


See by Chloé, the younger sister of Chloé, is launching its first perfume in February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Consider it a stylish, ever so subtle nudge in the right direction.


February may be the month of love, but for any university student, it’s also midterm season. Reward her after a long study period with a well-deserved Fig+Yarrow Pink Love Salts bath from Anthropologie.

Article by Angelica Ng









A Stylish Report: Red Carpet Fashion Teresa Harris talks to us about red carpet fashion.

Aside from sub-zero temperatures and messy hat hair, winter is one of my favourite seasons. For starters, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, AND my birthday fall within this dreary season, which makes the freezing frost much more bearable. What makes it even better? Three words: red carpet fashion. The majority of formal attire on display at the 2013 Golden Globes left me feeling very pleased. Although Jessica Chastain’s, ahem, bosom looked like it could use a lift - her aqua blue colour choice, hair, and makeup were flawless. And the perfect draping of Marion Cotillard’s red Dior number made up for her unfortunate red satin pumps. I was very impressed with the amount of risks I saw, some of which, in my opinion, totally paid off. Kerry Washington’s sheer, champagne Miu Miu dress was a light breeze of modern elegance, and Zosia Mament displayed a simple, yet sophisticated and surprisingly sexy appearance. She wore a black, leather paneled V-neck column that was a far cry from her naïve and hilarious character on the hit series Girls. As for my all-time favourite look of the evening, Kate Hudson wore a stunning, long-sleeved, belted black wonder designed by Alexander McQueen. Her fabulous body shape perfected the gown, which was simultaneously timeless and refreshingly current. The gold detailing on her belt and neckline paired beautifully with her famous sunny blonde tresses. Some critics may say an up-do would have highlighted her gown’s unique neckline, but that’s not the point. We do not want to see the dress on display - we want to see Kate elevated by a gorgeous dress. I was generally impressed with the display of designer couture at this year’s Golden Globes, but a few celebrities left me very confused. Sienna Miller in a boxy Erdem gown appeared washed out, dated, and bland. Second of all, the black ruffle running down the bust-line of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Saint Laurent gown did not accentuate her figure—that was quite a feat, considering she is a supermodel. With the Academy Awards soon to come, as well as Western’s winter Charity Ball, the Globes serve a lesson. Now we know what red carpet fashion works and what bombs. My suggestions? Muted colours, interesting fabrics, and modern shapes that scream anything but Prom 2013.

STREET STYLE 101 NAME Erika YEAR Second year MAJOR Environmental Science HOMETOWN Newmarket

LET’S TALK FASHION Who or what inspires your style? E: I lived in Switzerland for a few years, so their culture inspired my style a lot. The culture is less lazy, and the fashion has less of a “college look”. No one dresses up in sweatpants; every one’s outfit is well put together. Where do you like to shop, and what are your favourite fashion shops in London? E: In London, I’d have to say Value Village! *laughing* My sister and I shop there a lot. And I splurge on items at Scotch and Soda once in a while. It is a vintage clothing store. How would you describe your sense of style? E: Hmm, I’m not sure. I’d say Bohemian matches my style. Do you have fashion advice for students looking to build their personal style? E: Don’t buy cheap clothing all of the time, and repair your stuff! Unless you want a “worn-look”. Splurge on items sometimes. It’s about quality over quantity. Any winter trends you are looking forward to? E: Red wine-coloured clothing. I love that winter colour!

Interviews and photos by Sarah McLean and Cassandra Giugno

NAME Matt YEAR Second year MAJOR MIT (Media, Information & Technoculture) HOMETOWN Halifax

LET’S TALK FASHION Who or what inspires your style? M: I love Lacoste, and any style that is earthy and comfortable. I don’t follow trends. I like vintage styles and old things. Things that I read in books or things that I see on television inspire my fashion style. Where do you like to shop, and what are your favourite fashion shops in London? M: I shop at a lot of places. In London I shop at Mesh Boutique, Lovesick Vintage, American Apparel, and Talize. How would you describe your sense of style? M: Youthful, fun, and preppy…with a mixture of hipster and grunge. Do you have fashion advice for students looking to build their personal style? M: Black. You can never go wrong with black. Black is a colour that matches any outfit. And don’t leave the house if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. You have to feel comfy. Any winter trends you are looking forward to? M: Big black pea coats. I really want one of those. Anything with black and leather…and fashion items with studs!

Life&Style is the UWO Fashion & Lifestyle Society’s monthly newsletter. It highlights club events and happenings, fashion news, trends, and more! THIS ISSUE’S CONTRIBUTORS MANAGING DIRECTORS Shivani Patel, Angelica Ng LAYOUT EDITOR Joyce Yu TEXT EDITORS Teresa Harris, Cassanda Giugno, Joyce Yu CONTRIBUTORS Cassandra Giugno, Teresa Harris, Sarah McLean, Angelica Ng


MEET THE TEAM Get to know a little bit more about a couple of our contributors... NAME Cassandra Giugno YEAR Fourth year MAJOR MIT (Media, Information & Technoculture)

Most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? I took my first plane ride alone, and flew into a different country alone all in one day. That’s probably the most spontaneous and adventurous thing I’ve done so far! Fave fashion accessory? Hair cuffs. They make the cutest hair up-dos!

NAME Teresa Harris YEAR Third year MAJOR Honors Specialization in MIT, Minor in Creative Writing

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten? I’m a picky eater, so a lot of foods fall under this category. Something that stands out though, is celery. I can’t stand the taste, texture, OR smell. All around terrible food, in my humble opinion! Fave designer? For every day wear, I love Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s two labels, Elizabeth and James and the Row. Both encompass what it means to dress casually and comfortably without sacrificing luxury or style. I am a huge fan of the Olsens, because they’ve proven that although they’ve grown up in the spotlight as child stars, they have flourished as genuinely talented, private, and intelligent business women.

Life&Style February Issue