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June 2011

Volume 56, No. 6

The OfďŹ cial Publication of the Finger Lakes Region, Sports Car Club of America.

Solo and Membership meetings - Tuesday, June 7 Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY

Finger Lakes Region - SCCA Elected Positions

2011 Board of Directors

Regional Executive Michael Toombs ........... (585) 328-2617 152 Gillette St. Rochester, NY 14619-2227 Assistant Regional Executive Scott Moller ................. (585) 230-5464 1301 Whalen Rd Penfield, NY 14526-1917 Treasurer Elizabeth Thiel ........... (585) 671-9995 Fax (585) 266-0942 753 Klem Rd. Webster, NY 14580 Secretary Carl F. Dresie ............. (585) 544-6482 119 Brookview Dr. Rochester, NY 14617-3903 Activities Director Barb Lissow ............... (585) 773-9712 250 Carter St. Rochester, NY 14621-5142 Directors Dave Ciufo ................. (585) 346-5002 6488 Coe Rd. Livonia, NY 14887-9306 Charles Tanck ............. (585) 467-4993 175 Eastgate Drive Rochester, NY 14617-4104 Mark Eksten ............... (585) 766-2777 872 North Winton Road Rochester, NY 14609-6836 Fran McAllister .......... (585) 750-4674 625 Fairmount Ave. Rochester, NY 14626-1613

Appointed Positions Race

Competition Board Rich Smith, Chair (585) 703-0631 Dave Ciufo .................. (585) 346-5002 Fran McAllister ........... (585) 254-5920 Peter Kummer ............. (585) 624-2853 Russell Jaslow ........... (585) 724-5890 Mary Hartman ........... (585) 426-3288 Erik Shepard .............. (585) 269-7097 “Glen National” Race Chairman Chris DeMinco ........... (585) 359-6792 “FUN ONE” Race Chairman Russell Jaslow ............. (585)269-5423 Chief Registrar Marsha Toombs .......... (585) 328-2617


Chief, Timing & Scoring Carl F. Dresie .............. (585) 544-6482 Chief, Flagging and Communication Barbara Lissow ............ (585) 338-7249 Chief, Starter John Flowers ............... (607) 546-2369 Chief, Grid .......................................................TBA Chief, Pitts and Paddock .......................................................TBA Chief, Scrutineering Bruce Perry .................. (585) 382-9234 Chief, Sound Control Jim Craven .................. (585) 889-5363 NYSRRC Representative Mary Hartman ............. (585) 426-3288


Rally Chair .......................................................TBA Interim RoadRally Chair Tom Langdon .............. (315) 524-2260 RallyCross Chair Tony Zanni ................. (585) 281-2510


Solo Board Brian Buchman ......... (585) 747-3808 Dave Avery ................. (585) 415-8003 Alan Smith ................. (585) 359-4688 Marnie Soom .............. (585) 233-2760 Mike Stutzman ........... (585) 889-2564 Chief Registrar Cory Kuhns ................ (585) 210-0824 Chief, Safety Steward Dave Avery ................................. (585) Chief, Technical Inspection Jim Hoelscher ............. (585) 247-9596 Chief, Novice Program Alan Smith ................. (585) 359-4688 Chief, Timing & Scoring and Results Tom Weaver ............... (585) 978-2966 Chief, Sound Control Edwin Jeffries ............ (585) 730-2778 Chief, Trophies Marnie Soom ............. (585) 233-2760

Chief, Workers Edwin Jeffries ............ (585) 730-2778 Chief, Waivers Brian Buchman .......... (585) 747-3808

Administrative Positions

Membership Mike Brunner .............. (585) 752-7233 TOP END Editor Carl Dresie .................. (585) 544-6482 Merchandise Chris McAllister (585) 872-2530(days) Equipment Chairman Alan Blood .................. (585) 242-9039 Regional Historian Lynn Randall ............... (585) 451-5298 Webmaster MaryAnne Shults ........ (949) 768-2609

STPR® Motorsports, LLC

Managers Meridith Croucher ....... (315) 331-5354 Lewis Giesy ................. (315) 597-9637 Alan Smith .................. (585) 359-4688 Treasurer Joyce Bucknam ........... (315) 597-5668

NEDiv Administrative Positions

Area 10 Director John Walsh ................. (585) 546-5670 244 Mendon Center Rd Honeoye Falls, NY 14472-9335 NEDiv Executive Steward, Race Earl Hurlbut . ................(585) 219-4891 NEDiv RoadRally Steward Steve McKelvie ............(508) 520-7135 NEDiv RallyCross Steward Scott Beliveau ..............(603) 524-4305 NEDiv Solo Steward David Newman .......... (610) 433-5690 NEDiv Solo Safety Steward Bruce Bellom .............. (914) 739-6815 Additional positions: see http://www.nescca. com/nescca_main/contacts.html

June 2011

The Official Publication of the

Finger Lakes REGION


Staff TOP END is the official publication of the Finger Lakes Region (FLR), SCCA, and is mailed to all members in good standing and to advertisers. Opinions expressed herein are the sole responsibility of the contributor and do not necessarily reflect the views of FLR. Permission to reprint articles is granted to all SCCA regional publications and its national magazine, SportsCar. Full credit must be given to FLR, TOP END and the author. Non-membership subscription rate: $15.00 per year. Submit subscription orders and address changes to the Circulation Editors. Bulk rate mail is not forwarded by the Post Office when you change your address, even if you file a forwarding request with your Postmaster. Submit materials for publication to the Editor or any of the Editorial Staff. Contact Editor for information regarding submission of classified advertising. Contact the Advertising Editor for commercial advertising. Deadline for submissions to TOP END is the 10th of each month. Typed, printed and electronic files are acceptable. Contact Editor regarding electronic file formats and fonts. All submissions are subject to revisions that may be necessary to meet the requirements for publication.

2011 June

EDITOR/ADVERTISING Carl F. Dresie 119 Brookview Dr. Rochester, NY 14617-3903 (585) 544-6482 e-mail: CO-EDITOR/COPY EDITOR Lynn Randall 15 Diana Dr. Scottsville, NY 14546 (585) 889-1289 e-mail: EDITORIAL CONSULTANT MaryAnne Shults 23864 Sycamore Dr Mission Viejo, CA 92691-3038 (949) 768-2609 e-mail: TOP END CIRCULATION Change of Address Notify the SCCA National Office in Topeka and the Membership Chair: Mike Brunner 228 Robert Quigley Dr. Apt-1 Scottsville, NY 14546 (585) 752-7233 e-mail: And/Or: The EDITOR (see above)

Contents RE’s Report ...................................................4 Meeting Minutes ................................... 4 - 7 May Membership .............................. 4 - 6 April BOD Minutes .......................... 6 - 7 Membership News ...................................... 8 National News ....................................... 8 - 9 Rally ................................................... 10 - 12 Rally Meeting Notess ........................... 10 Charity Rally Flyer .............................. 11 RallyCross Flyer .................................. 12 Solo ................................................... 13 - 16 Event #1 Results .......................... 13 - 15 Street Survival Flyer ............................ 16 Classified Ads ........................................... 17 Membership Application.............................18 Calendar ..............................inside back cover Last Pit ...................................... Back Cover Photo Credits: Front Cover, p 15, Back Cover ... Jane Quinn Page 3 ................................. Rich Hutchinson

Cover Photo: Jeff Colegrove, #161 FM set fast time at the May 1 Finger Lakes Region Solo event #1 at Rochester Institute of Techonlogy. Jane Quinn photo.

Getting ready for Solo Novice School a number of years away. 3

REPort Mike Toombs Regional Executive To start things off – it doesn’t look like we will be having our picnic/car show on July 12th. We hope to do the tour at a later date. Do we still want to do a picnic in July? As I stated in my column last month I would like to see more people take an interest in the club and come to the meetings. Will a picnic bring the people out to a meeting? I’m not sure. As much as I would like to make the decision myself I’m afraid I’m still a little disappointed in the membership and would assume the worst and we would still only have the same people at the picnic. So as much as I would like to promote a picnic for our July meeting I can’t do it right now. The board will discuss it at our May meeting and we will let you know. Now what do I say – other things are going along fine. The board approved the budget for the 2011 Solo Series and the Glen National Race, so both of them are moving forward. The Solo program had their first event and the novice school the day before. Both events were well attended with the novice school being fully subscribed and close to 110 competitors at the Solo. Brian Buchman has been able to get some interested sponsors for the series this year. If you get a chance you should check out the FLR YouTube page ( to see a short video that MotoOption, one of the sponsors, put together. It’s pretty good. Doyle Chevrolet Subaru (where I bought my Subaru) is the series major sponsor and they had two cars at the event. Doyle’s website is: www. I was afraid to go over and look for fear that I would buy 4

another Subaru. It was a lot tougher just watching at the event than I thought it would be. I did start autocrossing back in the dark ages when the rulebook was MUCH smaller than it is today and to miss an event was difficult, maybe I’ll make it to the next one. The second RallyCross event scheduled for May 21 was cancelled due to course conditions. It has been awhile since our first event. The problem with these events is that either the field has to be frozen or dry or we can’t run. The program keeps growing in the Northeast Division (NEDiv) and I would like to see our program to continue to grow. As you are aware I have been fighting a battle trying to get all of the division activities under the same banner – NEDiv. But I’m running out of steam, there seems to be a few people who would like to see the division as one, but most don’t care. Carl & Kathy Matuszek have always done a great job with the NESCCA website and I appreciate what they have done. They like, MaryAnne and the FLR website, are always looking for more content. If you want to go to the NEDiv website you can now go to www. as well as www.nescca. com. If you can explain to me why we shouldn’t all be under the same banner, please do. I would like to know. Speaking of NEDiv business, the NEDiv solo website has been decommissioned due to lack of interest, in case you were interested. The NEDiv Solo championships are going to be the last weekend of July at the Seneca Army Depot. It’s unfortunate that we, as the hosting region, couldn’t find any chairs for the event. Oh well, I shouldn’t be surprised. Don’t misunderstand me, I appreciate everyone who steps up and helps out and there are too many to list here. I just wish more people would take an interest. If you hadn’t guessed, I’m trying. Until next month...... Mike

Meeting Minutes Finger Lakes Region, SCCA General Membership Meeting Minutes May 3, 2011 Location: Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, New York 14534 Regional Executive Mike Toombs called the meeting to order at 8:09 p.m. There were 20 members in attendance at the Solo and general membership meetings. Because the majority had not received the May issue of Top End, approval of the April general membership meeting minutes will be postponed until the June meeting. (See Top End below.) The following are arranged by topic and may not be in chronological order. Activities The July membership meeting has been moved from July 5 to July 12. It will be a picnic meeting at Gary Morgan’s barn. Gary has quite a collection of cars and John Deere


equipment. The region will provide hots and hamburgers, bring your own drinks, a dish to pass and chair. Canopies will be provided. There will be a short business meeting. Festivities will start around 6:30. There will be a flyer in Top End and interactive directions will be available in the forums on flr-scca. com. (Note: The garage tour/picnic may be moved to a later date due to work on the building. Sec.) The September meeting will be an “Old Timer’s” meeting. We are hoping for lots of bench racing from vintage racers, rallyist, soloists and ? Membership Report Mike Brunner reported that the number of region members was up one from the April number to 453. All weekend membership forms need to go one copy to Mike Brunner and the other to Elizabeth Thiel. This should be done as soon as possible after an event. There were 30 or more issued at the Solo events the weekend of April 30 – May 1. Race Report Equipment has been purchased to provide RMONITOR access in the tower, the garage and pit areas to those with wireless capable computers. This is in addition to the equipment that we currently have. RMONITOR is a live race-reporting program that is part of the MYLAPS race software. Glen National Race Chris DeMinco has most of the positions filled for the race. The supplemental regulations are written. Registration information, etc. should be up on the Internet soon. Fun One Russell Jaslow is chairing the Fun One with Wilma Giesy assisting. We are investigating associated series and the Kryder series to the Fun One. Westward Ho The board is looking at running Westward Ho in 2012.

2011 June

Rally Report Summer RoadRally Rick Barnes is rallymaster for “Clean Out the Cobwebs!” on May 22nd. Registration opens at Tom Wahl’s, 283 East Main St. Avon, NY at noon. First car off at 1:15pm and will finish about 2:45pm. This is a social tour rally of less than 60 miles. The Relay for Life charity rally benefiting the Tioga County Cancer Society will run Friday, June 3, afternoon. Registration opens at 11:00 am at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. Matt Rhoads, with help from John Kastenhuber, is rallymaster. (A flyer for this event is printed in the June issue of Top End. Ed.). Information and an interactive entry form are available at www.stpr. org/stpr11/charityrally.html RallyCross The next RallyCross, at Perry’s Park is scheduled for May 21. In conjunction with STPR®, there will be a RallyCross Test-n’-Tune Friday morning, June 3, with the competition event on Saturday afternoon. James Quattro of the Central New York region is chairing this event. The Central New York region is promoting both the RallyCross and Relay for Life Rally and will be paying for the SCCA weekend memberships for both events. See the STPR website for further information. Registration is through motorsportreg. com. Solo Report Brian Buchman reported on the Solo activities. The Saturday, April 30 novice school at Rochester Institute of Technology had 34 students. The workers and instructors worked out well; everyone had a good time. The first event of the season held Sunday, May 1 at RIT had 109 entrants. MotoOption Clothing (www.motooption. com) is a sponsor of the 2011 Finger Lakes Region Solo Series. The company had five entrants and brought along a number of spectators for the event. Doyle Chevrolet/Subaru (www.doyle., also a sponsor of the series, brought two cars and had a salesman present. Red Bull was also present with their girls passing out samples. Upcoming events are a Test-n’-Tune May 28 and the second event in the series on Sunday, May 29, at Seneca Army Depot. Ed Jeffries is chairing both of those events. The Sunday, June 19, event returns to RIT. Dave Avery reported that a Street Survival School is scheduled for Saturday, August 20, at Seneca Army Depot. Instructors, workers and up to 30 students are needed. Flyers are available and will be printed in Top End and on the FLR website. Top End The delivery of Top End takes longer due to the changes associated with the move to FedEx Office for printing and mailing. To insure that they are delivered before the general membership meeting, the delivery to FedEx will need to be moved up by about five days. As a result, material for each issue is needed by the 10th of the month. Treasurer’s Report Elizabeth Thiel reported the amount currently in the checking account. Financial details for the checking account, money market account and savings account are available through Elizabeth for review. All bills presented to date have been paid. The bill for the calibration of the sound meter has been paid. Solo trophies, t-shirts, etc. have been paid. A bill for services at the Western New York Test‘n-Tune event may have been sent to Elizabeth by mistake. The club’s insurance and the board’s bond bills have been paid. The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Alan Smith, seconded by Mary Hartman. 5

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m. on a motion by Mike Brunner, seconded by Alan Smith. Respectfully submitted, Carl F. Dresie, Secretary Bench Racing Both Meridith Croucher and Mike Toombs celebrated birthdays just prior to the meeting. It was noted that birthdays are great, because the more you have, the longer you live. There were several interesting cars at the Solo novice school. An AMB Mercedes, Porsche 911 Turbo and more. The Mercedes, after the instructor commented that he was a little easy on the gas pedal, left black streaks from the start to the start of the braking zone. Connie Peplowski, past National chief of T&S along with other positions in SCCA passed away last week. Connie was the “go to” person for MYLAPS. Meridith Croucher reported that the “Devil in the Dark” 12-hour enduro at New Jersey Motorsports Park on April 30 was a great event. The winner was a late entry and came from the back of the grid to win by eight laps. There were a lot of other things going on. It is a “great and neat” track. Travel time to Millville is about 7 hours. Meridith Croucher reports that STPR will happen. We currently have 27 entries and are hoping for more than 48. The Super Special stages consist of two loops, allowing two cars to be on course at the same time. Volunteer registration is open Thursday and Friday. Rally happenings are on Friday and Saturday, June 3 and 4. More information is available at STPR will be the inaugural event in the Ford Festiva program. Mary Hartman reported that she attended a Southern New Jersey region membership meeting with Meg Meyer. They are putting together a video promotion of their events. It should be out soon, and should be checked out. Meg flew out to


the west coast the next morning to do timing and scoring duties for an event. John Walsh reported that he attended a Solo event conducted by the Southern New York region at SUNY Binghamton. There were about 40 entries. The site featured an elevation change of 30 to 40 feet, enough that a Corvette caught some air.

Finger Lakes Region, SCCA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes April 26, 2011 Location: Murph’s Irondequoit Pub, 705 Titus Ave., Irondequoit, NY 14617 Mike Toombs called the meeting to order at 7:39 p.m. Officers and directors present: Michael Toombs, Regional Executive; Scott Moller, Assistant Regional Executive; Elizabeth Thiel, Treasurer; Carl Dresie, Secretary; Barbara Lissow, Activities Director; Dave Ciufo, Charles Tanck and Fran McAllister, Directors.

Also present: Brian Buchman, Solo Chair; Dean Croucher, Meridith Croucher, STPR Chair, Chris DeMinco, National Race Chair and John Walsh, Area 10 Director. Items are presented by subject and may not be in chronological order. The minutes of the April 2, 2011, board of directors meeting were approved on a motion by Dave Ciufo seconded by Barb Lissow. Activities Report The July 12 general membership meeting will be a picnic meeting at Gary Morgan’s “barn.” A short business meeting will be held. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be available, bring your own drinks, a dish to pass and a folding chair. Easy-ups will be available. A flyer will be prepared for Top End. (Note: This garage tour/picnic/meeting may be moved due to work on the barn. Sec.) An “Old Drivers'” meeting will be scheduled. Membership Copies of the weekend membership forms used at each event need to be sent to Mike Brunner for follow-up.

June 2011

A new membership directory has been mailed out. For privacy issues, it will not be available online.

Old Business Because the bulk mail account with the U.S.P.S is no longer used for distributing Top End and other regionrelated mail, the account will be closed. This will save $185 per year and allow us to withdraw the approximate $2,000 in the account. The funds will be moved to the checking account. The network gear for timing and scoring has been received. Spectators, officials and teams can view “live” results from the timing system on a wireless laptop at the track. Users will need a laptop computer that runs Microsoft Windows (XP or Vista.) The laptop must have the RMONITOR program installed and a wireless (WiFi) adapter in order to get the program to connect to the scoring system through a standard wireless network. See: images/How_To_use_RMonitor_to_ view_live_timing_and_scoring_from_ AMB.pdf Race Report Glen Double National Race Chris DeMinco presented the budget for the Glen Double National. The preliminary budget was approved on a motion by Barb Lissow, seconded by Elizabeth Thiel. Breakeven is based on 290 entries. The supplemental regulations for the race were sent to the board with the budget, but removed from the e-mail attachment, probably by the software at sending end. They will be sent out and reviewed for changes needed to uniformity, grouping, etc. Race announcer and an announcer in the winner’s circle have to be named. A trophy chair needs to be named.

The Thursday track day will be limited to entrants for the national race. SCCA registration for the weekend will open on Wednesday evening. Competitors must register for the national race before registering for the track day. Worker lunches all three days will be served at the Media Center. Fun One 2011 Russell Jaslow will chair the Fun One. A co-chair has not been named. Steward assignments need to be made. The inclusion of other series in the event was discussed. Rally Report There are two rallies coming up. Rick Barnes is rallymaster for a social rally on May 22nd. (A flyer was received after the meeting for Clean Out The Cobwebs, a social tour TSD rally, on May 22nd. Starting location is Tom Wahl’s in Avon. A flyer has been sent to MaryAnne Shults for posting on the website. CFD) The second is the Relay for Life Rally running on Friday, June 3, in conjunction with STPR. Matt Rhoads is rallymaster. The proceeds will be donated to the Tioga County American Cancer Society. A RallyCross will be run on Saturday afternoon during STPR. James Quattro of the Central New York Region is chairing this event. A Test-n’Tune is scheduled for Friday morning. No RallyCross activities are scheduled against the charity rally. Solo Report Brian Buchman presented the budget for the 2011 Solo series. The budget is close to break even due to increases in site rental. The budget shows seven events. The eighth event counting toward the season will be the Divisionals on July 30-31 to be hosted by Finger Lakes Region.

Note that this will be the first SCCA The budget was approved on a event at WGI using the MotorsportReg motion by Barb Lissow, seconded by registration process. Dave Ciufo.

2011 June

The April 30 Solo Novice School is filled with 12 people on the wait list. Elizabeth Thiel requires an accurate car count for accounting purposes. Weekend membership count needs to be accurately reported to Elizabeth. STPR� Report Meridith Croucher, STPR Motorsports LLC manager, reviewed the budget for STPR 2011. This event is the first in a “serieswithin-a-series” for the Ford Fiesta Sport Trophy championship. The number of entries currently stands at 26. SCCA events that will be run along with the RallyCar-sanctioned performance stage rally are a RallyCross and the Relay for Life Charity Rally. The RallyCross will have a Test-n’-Tune Friday morning and an event Saturday afternoon. The charity rally will run Friday afternoon. James Quattro of the Central New York Region is chairing the RallyCross event. Matt Rhoads is chair of the RoadRally event. The official STPR “Jumping Car” graphic will be used for the charity rally plaques. Treasurer’s Report Elizabeth Thiel reported the bank balance. The recent checks that were and were not included in the balance were reviewed. An appointment will be scheduled with the accountant after the middle of May. Elizabeth distributed Profit and Loss and Profit and Loss by Class statements for review. The treasurer’s report was accepted on a motion by Carl Dresie, seconded by Barb Lissow. The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 p.m. on a motion by Dave Ciufo, seconded by Scott Moller. Respectfully submitted, Carl F. Dresie, Secretary 7

FLR News

Membership News and Information

Welcome to the Finger Lakes Region, SCCA Michael J. Brownell First Gear Rally and Solo Web Site

Jean Enright Regular Club racing and Rally Web Site Andy Manzer Regular Written Inquiry Richard Odlum First Gear Solo Weekend Membership

Welcome Back

Ari L Straus Regular Club and Pro Racing Written Inquiry

Address Changes Brandon Hastings G Stephen Waybright

Don't forget to renew Brian D Barlow Joseph Gonzalez Tashko Sarakinov Keith Van Wagner Jeff Weaver Alf Zeller

Full Address information Street address, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are available from the membership chair, the regional executive or the secretary. 8

“5 Minutes” Items of immediate interest.

Solo and General Membership Meetings The June Solo and General Membership Meetings are scheduled for June 7 at the Burgundy Basin Inn. The Solo meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. followed by the general meeting at 8:00 p.m. Stop by and get the scoop on the latest updates, those to late to make it into the Top End, and become involved in the planning of the club’s activities. Your attention and input are important.

National News Toyo R888 Temporarily Added to Spec Miata Eligibility TOPEKA, Kan. (April 27, 2011) – Sports Car Club of America’s Club Racing Board has approved the use of the Toyo Proxes R888 in addition to the Toyo Proxes RA1 for Spec Miata National competition effective immediately. The inclusion of the Proxes R888 is in response to limited quantities of the Proxes RA1 in the United States

following the earthquake in Japan. In addition to the 205/50ZR 15 Toyo Proxes RA1, the 205/50ZR 15 Toyo Proxes R888 will be eligible beginning with races this weekend. While there is currently no end date for eligibility of the Proxes R888, SCCA has reiterated that only one tire will be eligible for use at the 2011 National Championship Runoffs. SCCA stated this in the May 2011 issue of Fastrack®, the official member notification newsletter. “Based on discussions with Toyo Tires this week, Proxes RA1 inventory levels are expected to return to normal by the end of June,” SCCA VP of Club Racing Terry Ozment said. “Neither Toyo nor SCCA want the supply issues from Japan to affect an SCCA racer’s ability to race, so we have elected to allow both tires until sufficient levels of the Proxes RA1 are back in the United States. “The CRB has determined that only one tire will be used at the Runoffs, with the Proxes RA1 being the preferred tire. However, if sufficient levels are not available, the Proxes R888 would be the second option. That determination will be made at a later date.” A formal Club Racing Memo was released today allowing both tires for the Spec Miata class until further notice.

At Doyle Chevrolet Subaru, your Webster Chevrolet dealer and Rochester Chevrolet dealership resource, we’re looking forward to showing you our wonderful selection of Chevrolet cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs while providing you excellent prices and helpful, friendly service. At Doyle Chevrolet Subaru, Price and Service Are Why We Sell! Doyle Chevrolet Subaru 740 Ridge Road Webster, NY 14580 Sales (585) 347-2073 Service (585) 347-2077

June 2011

SCCA Approves B-Spec Cars for SSC for 2011 TOPEKA, Kan. (April 21, 2011) – Sports Car Club of America’s Club Racing Board has approved the “B-Spec” cars identified by several automotive manufacturers for inclusion into Showroom Stock C beginning immediately Five models in all will be added to SSC, including the Ford Fiesta 4-door (2010-2011), Honda Fit 4-door (2009-2011), MAZDA2 4-door (2011), Nissan Versa 4- or 5-door (20102011) and Toyota Yaris 2-door (2010-2011). Spec line additions to the class rules are available in the May Fastrack News, posted at Cars may run shocks and springs from any manufacturer, although future automotive manufacturer contingency programs may require use of that manufacturer’s parts for full contingency compliance. “There has been a considerable amount of interest in the BSpec program, and there was no reason to delay the introduction of these cars to the National program in SSC,” SCCA Club Racing Board member Tom Start said. “These cars will be eligible for full competition, including the 2011 National Championship Runoffs® for qualified competitors.”


5 Time HSR 4 Hours of Sebring Class Winner 2006-2010

Several cars are under consideration for future inclusion to the B-Spec/SSC program, but will require some assistance to the CRB from the manufacturers, including the Chevrolet Sonic (2012), Fiat 500, Hyundai Accent, KIA Rio and Volkswagen Polo (if imported in 2012). Spearheaded by Honda Performance Development (HPD) and MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development to promote a more affordable solution for late-model production car road racing, the B-Spec concept was introduced at the Performance Racing Industry Show in December 2010. For more information, please see the initial release at http://

From the May issue of FasTrack® Club Racing Technical Bulletin. SSC B-Spec rules and specs Effective upon publication, add a new subsection 9.1.7.E.34 as follows: “For each of the following cars in SSC, Ford Fiesta 4 door (2010-11), Honda Fit 5 door (2009-2011), Nissan Versa 4-5 door (2010-2011), Mazda2 4 door (2010-2011) and Toyota Yaris 2-4 door (2010-2011), the following apply: Interiors may be removed, including seats, seat brackets, carpet, carpet padding, OEM seat belts, interior trim and headliners. OEM radio and air conditioner may be removed. Heaters and all ductwork must remain, except ductwork that goes under seats. Maximum 2.5 degrees negative chamber on front and rear; MacPherson strut suspension may decamber wheels by the use of eccentric bushings at control arm pivot points, by the use of eccentric bushings at the strut-to-spindle, and/or by use of slotted adjusters at the top of the strut mounting plate. If upper strut slotted plates are used, they shall be located on existing chassis structure, utilizing the OEM bolt holes and may not serve as reinforcement for that structure. On other forms of suspension, camber adjustment may be achieved by the use of shims and/or eccentric bushings. Ride Height: Minimum ride height is five (5) inches, to be measured without driver at the lowest point of the rocker panels, but not to include welded seams or fasteners. Suspension: Any OEM or aftermarket non-adjustable shock absorber intended for the specific make, model and year car is permitted. The shock absorber must be installed in the stock mounting location. Remote reservoir shocks are not permitted. Any springs up to a maximum spring rate of 500 pounds may be used. The spring must be installed in the stock location. Threaded shock bodies or adjusters may be used.” More information on car specs is given on pages eight and nine of the May FasTrack®, see: documents/Fastrack/11/11-fastrack-may.pdf

2011 June


Rally Tom Langdon Interim RoadRally Chair

Rally Meeting Notes May 10, 2011 96 Church Street, Victor, NY

will give Alan Smith the routes so that a pre-check can be run. The second will be the Relay for Life charity rally benefiting the Tioga County Cancer Society run on June 3, in conjunction with STPR®. Matt Rhoads is rallymaster with help from John Kastenhuber. Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally® Alan Smith will send John Werner the schedule with mileages for use in setting up the Trakker assignments. Jerry Kerwin will do recce for all stages but those in Waste Management.

Experienced teams view a “CAS OVER” and such as transit zones and therefore FREE ZONEs. With no check points expected, they drive to the end of the “non-competitive” zone – attempting to blend in – and get back on time at the end of that zone. Check points in a “non-competitive” area and the requirement that everyone runs at a constant speed defeats the purpose of the speed factors. These situations should be addressed by the Safety Steward for each rally and included in the Safety Steward checklist.”

Alan reported that all the roads are still there and open. He did not see any evidence of gas well drilling that would interfere with the rally. The Special Stage will run as section A and section B with the cars doing a standing start for each section.

The rallymaster instructions need to be updated to address the use of “CAS ALL” sections. They should also include the other issues addressed in the rally pre-check. Pairing new rallyists with experienced rallymasters may not bring all the issues out.

The Central New York Region has the Special Stage grounds for their use up Rally Meetings until either the grounds are to wet or up The July rally meeting has been to the time the Super Special stage needs moved from July 12 to July 19. The to be set up. This could help settle in the June rally meeting will be on June 14. course. They will not use the jump. One of these meetings will be a grill a hot dog or hamburger, starting earlier Winter Rally Series The philosophy of speed factors than 7:30. Notice will be sent out on the and all competitors was presented in Yahoo group’s site. written form and discussed. They may RallyCross Series be summarized as follows: The RallyCross scheduled for May “Speed factors were originally set to 21 at Perry’s Park is cancelled due to increase safety and reduce the pressure field conditions. The next Finger Lakes on the teams that weren’t comfortable at Region RallyCross is scheduled for June 18. A RallyCross conducted by the or capable of “A” speeds in competitive Central New York Region will be run in areas. In non-competition transit zones, conjunction wit STPR® on the Tioga the speeds for all teams are set by “CAS County Fairgrounds. A Test-‘n-Tune ALL.” This can be anything from a for SCCA members only will be held major highway with a 55 mph speed Friday morning and a RallyCross open limit to a town or village with a speed limit of 30 or less. And the reasons can to all on Saturday. range from being legal to blending in Summer Rallies with the local traffic. Clean Out the Cobwebs, the first Using “CAS OVER” can cover RoadRally in the Finger Lakes Region’s a section that cannot be traveled at Summer Rally Series is scheduled for rally speeds due to dangerous or other May 22 and will start at Tom Wahl’s in Avon. Rick Barnes is rallymaster. Rick situations at an undefined distance.

Miscellaneous Discussions It was noted that deflections in the body and wings of modern airplanes are noticeable during takeoff. Also, observation suggests that some pilots are either sports car drivers or wannabe drivers.

The reported items discussed during the meeting are grouped by subject and are not in chronological order. Six RoadRally and RallyCross enthusiasts were present. Tom Langdon, Interim Rally Chair, was absent due to a work commitment.


Pause evenly is not the same as pause over. It may still be in bad taste, as is placing a checkpoint straight after a turn. A driver riding in the navigators seat can learn a lot about the other part of the effort. A navigator, who was feeling queasy in the stomach was quoted as saying, “If I’m going to feel this bad, then we are going to do well!” Following the roads as given by a digital map program can lead to traveling down some interesting roads. Rick’s green Mazda was driven to Buffalo after being off the road for two to three years. The white one is off the market.

June 2011

22nd Annual Charity

Relay for Life Rally Presented by the STPR Committee

Friday, June 3, 2011 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania A time-speed-distance rally designed for any legal vehicle, within the legal speed limit, on rural paved and unpaved roads in Tioga County. This event does not use the forest roads of the Performance Rally. The instructions will have a mileage to each turn, and are intended to be easy to follow. There are no tricks or traps involved in following the course. Awards in four classes: Novice (less than six (6) rallies by anyone in the car); Stock (stock odometer & single memory calculator); Limited (any equipment which cannot accumulate time and distance simultaneously, including non-programmable calculator, relocated odometer, SCCA class “L” equipment; and Equipped (anything goes). Door prizes, too. No limit to the number of people in each car. Limited to the first 50 paid entries.



Registration:.................................. 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM Class for newcomers.................. 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM Mandatory Drivers meeting...... 1:00 PM– 1:30 PM First Car Start .............................. 2:00 PM First Car finish.............................. about 5:00 PM

Pre-registered (postmarked by May 25) $40/car. After May 26 $50/car.

Registration at Tioga County Fairgrounds. Scoring and awards following event.

Mail entry with check or money order payable to Finger Lakes Region, SCCA to:

Entry fees are not refundable after May 25. Cash only for on-site registration (no checks). Limit of 50 cars.

Registrar, Relay for Life 667 Waterway Rd., Oxford PA 19363

Questions? E-mail Matt Rhoades ( or call 484.758.0811 To receive results, please ensure that the e-mail address listed is valid through 17 June 2011.




















Proceeds are donated to Tioga County American Cancer Society 2011 June



At the...

Susquhannock Trail Performance Rally® June 3 - 4, 2011

Tioga County Fairgrounds, Whitneyville, PA

Only $80

On the Super Special Grounds ................. 8 a.m. - 4:40 p.m. (approx.)

RallyCross is the most widespread and readily accessible form of extreme dirt motorsport in the Sports Car Club of America, and the perfect place to see if you have what it takes to powerslide your way to victory. Imagine a scaled down version of a rally stage laid out on a non-paved plot of land where the course is delineated by traffic cones instead of trees or rocks. The entry fees and equipment requirements are considerably less than those necessary to enter any other forms of performance rally, so in most locations one need only arrive at event registration with a sound, hardtop vehicle and the entry fee. We’ll have helmets to loan and will assist the first-time competitor.

Entry fee includes grandstand admission for the STPR Super Special Stage both Friday and Saturday evenings. Pre-registration required through

RallyCross is the most cost effective way to gauge a driver’s interest and aptitude for “doing it in the dirt.”


Test-’n-Tune* ..................... 8 a.m. - noon



*SCCA members only

June 2011


Finger Lakes Region Solo Series

Brian Buchman Solo Chair


# Driver

Results, Event #1 - RIT - 5/5/11

Total Registered: 112, with Times: 109


Best Time Pax

Runs 1-4 C Stock

1 2

11 Chris England 1 Marcus Kroll

Boxster 00 Porsche Boxster

1 2 3

13 Doug Hall 31 Heidi Hall 526 Deven Lee

10 Mini Cooper S Clubman Mini 02 Subaru WRX

58.341+6 57.050

55.732+1 56.226+7

55.522+2 55.401+1

54.156 54.650

54.156 45.111 54.650 45.523

57.865 60.380 63.422+2

57.771+1 59.594 70.778+OFF

58.033+1 59.866 62.714+3

57.590+1 58.846+1 60.458+3

57.865 47.275 59.594 48.688 66.458 54.296








62.684 49.583

56.355+1 60.582 58.699+1

54.808 58.391 57.505+1

55.683+3 58.299 56.561+2

55.482 57.841 56.723+5

54.808 47.080 57.841 49.685 59.505 51.114








55.603 46.428

58.685 58.026

58.029 57.170+1

57.162 57.304

57.450 57.219

57.162 49.159 57.219 49.208 DNS DNS





56.920 49.634




D Stock

G Stock


2 James Dean

VW Corrado

H Stock


67 David Avery

Golf Ball

B Street Prepared

1 2 3

2 Anthony Cuzzacrea 16 Austin Newman 34 Casey Parsons

08 Subaru STi STi 2009 STi


8 Scott Moller

91 Honda CRX

C Street Prepared F Street Prepared


216 Alan Smith

Damn Neon

C Prepared

1 2 3

14 James Hoelscher 342 Mike Stutzman 305 Chris Schiffner

88 Chevrolet Camaro 96 Ford Mustang Cobra 79 Oldsmobile Cutlass


27 Tim Rizzo


61.514 49.764

58.019 49.780

F Prepared G Prepared


74 Dave Dill

64 British Motors Spitfire

F Modified

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

161 61 88 144 99 44 199

Jeff Colgrove Stephan Colgrove Todd Miller Mark Seelbinder Paul Shaver Steve Hayward Julie Shaver

Red Devil Red Devil 92 VW Solo Vee 84 F500 Dare Devil MKS 84 F500 Dare Devil MKS

48.307 50.053+OFF 48.437 49.481+3 49.425+4 47.398 50.325 49.300+2 49.086 56.268+OFF 50.864 51.239 57.356+1 51.339 54.730+1 57.121+OFF 51.068 51.357 62.405+1 56.925+OFF 63.160+OFF

Super Street Modified


8 Matt Cleckner

55.740 46.654 46.748 48.635+1 49.135 50.663 50.709 50.915 56.854

91 Toyota MR2 Turbo

46.748 47.398 49.086 50.663 50.709 50.915 56.854

42.260 42.847 44.373 45.799 45.840 46.027 51.396



53.834 53.987 55.458 58.417 59.809

46.781 46.914 48.193 50.764 51.974

Street Modified

1 2 3 4 5

88 23 26 1 45


83 Norman Frisch

Paul Smith Stephen Lawless Andy Blake James Lembach Alex Blake

BMW E36 M3 BMW E36 M3 BMW 318 Mustang BMW M3

55.224 53.781+2 55.717+3 59.014+1 60.263+2

53.834 54.236 55.389+1 58.435+1 59.809

54.280+1 53.655+2 55.458 58.170+1 57.479+2

64.435+OFF 53.987 55.841+4 58.417 57.968+1





Street Modified F

2011 June

Del Sol

56.018 47.895


Junior Kart B


44 Connor Miller

08 Kart CRG





84.967 70.182





92.583 69.900

Junior Kart C


7 Evan Fish


Pro (Pax Class)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

BS 5 Chris Morton ST 78 Dale Kunze ES 55 Tom Weaver STU 333 Andy Walker STU 83 Dan Kaufman BS 1 Brian Buchman DS 70 John Cass ES 155 Edwin Jeffries ES 71 Carl Deane BM 117 Brad Fish BM 17 Ron Fish STU 31 Richard Kremer

06 Subaru S Tea Aye 52.052+1 89 Honda Civic SI 53.771+1 Mazda McChick Sandwich 55.414 WRX STi 53.409 WRX 54.574+1 06 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 53.311+2 08 Mini S 56.700+1 Girly Miata 55.866+1 91 Toyota MR2 55.241+1 Ralt RT5 47.685 81 Ralt RT5 49.838 04 Subaru Impreza WRX STi 58.722

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 20


9 91 14 68 6 72 85 11 38 432 36 7 23 4 172 850 851 54

Scott Prior RJ Surowick Eric Kutil Shaun Hallam Paul Quinn Timothy Norton Kevin Harvey David Prior Dan Gancarz Cody Clark Jason Rudgers Rod Reisdorf Keith Crossley Duane Myers Michael Brownell Jeff Guerdat Jenn Arena John Stephens

90 Mazda Miata WRX STi 00 Acura Integra GSR 06 Toyota Scion tC Scott's Oink 98 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24 02 Subaru ImprezaWRX Girly Miata WRX Mustang 2.5i 89 Honda Civic Damn Neon S2000 Impreza 70 Fiat 850 Spider Fiat 94 Honda Civic EX

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


91 41 16 63 317 206 18 43 86 64 25 46 612 12 523 50 3 55 16 81

George Modlin 09 Pontiac Solstice Greg Turner 10 Mini Cooper Mike Smith 00 Subaru Impreza RS Dan Wilcox Mini Daniel Emord WRX Andy Cocilova Corvette John Nolan 08 Saturn Astra Brandon Hastings 330ci Corey Shepardson 94 Acura Integra Phil Parks S2000 H. William Connors II08 Dodge Caliber SRT Doug Krasucki 07 Mazda MX5 Shawn Clapham 04 SubaruWRX STi Richard Reffner MR2 Nate Michals WRX Robert Pozniakas Cobalt Jonathan Jaeger WRX Tom Arter 11 BMW M3 E92 Craig Wallace 81 Porsche 924T Chris Steele 535i

51.758+1 51.113+3 50.651 42.496 50.651 53.163 43.593 53.200+1 53.355 53.163 53.370 44.030 53.850+1 54.659+1 53.370 52.709 44.170 52.896+1 52.412+1 52.709 52.728 44.186 54.082+1 52.882 52.728 52.943 44.419 53.789+1 53.301 52.943 55.154+2 54.444+OFF 54.391 44.437 54.391 53.934+1 53.164+2 53.962 44.518 53.962 54.738 45.158 55.925+OFF 54.975 54.738 47.685 45.682 48.295 48.163+1 48.329 49.838 47.744 60.783+OFF 50.120+2 50.940 57.670 48.327 58.593 57.485+1 57.670

Street Touring (Pax Class)

53.824 54.743 58.585+2 59.921+1 56.684 59.496 59.400+1 58.349+3 58.671 60.474 59.160+3 58.143+4 60.823 61.594 61.949 61.859+1 64.384+1

53.518+2 53.054 57.927+2 58.014 58.951+4 58.156 57.817 58.132 58.369 60.757 59.245 56.269+2 60.247 59.794 60.308+1 60.976 62.145+1

54.128+2 54.730+2 53.824 44.297 53.054 44.459 52.839+3 53.256 55.491 45.502 57.401 55.491 56.116 46.015 58.726 56.116 56.684 46.650 57.617+1 57.740 56.521+1 57.200 46.904 57.200 56.648+1 56.930+1 57.817 47.641 58.654 42.901+OFF 58.132 47.842 56.944+1 57.306+4 58.369 48.096 57.629 48.293 58.219 57.629 58.176+1 58.544+1 59.245 48.580 73.656+3 60.165 49.335 56.165+2 60.179 49.346 65.280+OFF 60.179 59.092 49.400 59.934 59.092 60.249 49.404 60.260 60.249 60.661 49.924 60.895 60.661 62.191+1 61.905 50.947 61.905 DNS DNS

Street (Road) Tire (Pax Class)


55.557 57.855 56.831+3 55.021+1 57.217+1 54.465+1 61.521+2 57.552 56.580 61.779 60.530 58.607 57.629 60.213 59.885 60.068 58.705+1 59.460 61.772 65.051

54.510 56.606 57.833 55.379+2 55.370+1 54.376 59.809+1 56.841+2 55.561 59.305 60.284 59.758+1 56.687 61.451 58.777 59.732+1 57.506 58.528+1 61.302+1 62.771

53.716 57.174 56.565+ 55.828 56.525 55.636 60.121+1 57.903 56.089 59.729 60.727 60.408 56.537+1 61.195 59.833+1 59.000 57.593+1 60.536 61.053 62.291

54.063 57.093 56.239 56.023 56.343 55.327+2 60.820 57.128 55.574 58.036 60.638+1 58.711+2 55.706+3 59.175+1 59.346+2 58.159 59.895 60.290+1 61.658

53.716 56.606 56.239 55.828 56.343 54.376 60.820 57.128 55.561 58.036 60.284 58.607 56.687 60.213 58.777 59.000 57.506 59.460 61.053 61.658

44.745 44.775 45.497 45.611 46.032 46.872 48.108 48.216 48.282 48.692 48.769 48.819 49.261 49.675 49.725 49.796 49.972 50.005 50.368 50.991

June 2011

Novice (Pax Class)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 31


204 1 690 16 42 385 73 242 1 4 7 2 42 89 6 2 71 23 214 4 28 35 3 1 1 1 919 71 9 5

Shawn Avery Robert Reid Kenny Hawkins Colton Hawkins Ethan Cornell Robert Maxwell Carl Bennett Josh Klem Thomas Viera Nicholas Lang Chris Gumina Andrew Mullard Kevin Forkl Dave Kaser Andrei Stihi Richard Odlum Donald Adams Ben Cort Kristina Wagoner Todd Wisner Diana Bond Jennifer M Eric Cripps Daniel Scott Joel Ajavon Richard Cimildoro Tyler Dubeshter Jill Wallace Raymond Zheng Evan Brent

Celica GT Focus Saturn SL2 WRX 08 Toyota yaris 09 Subaru 2.5i RSX Mustang GTi 08 Toyota Scion XB Prelude M3 07 Saab 9-3 2.0T 05 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS 02 Subaru WRX Wagon WRX 03 Ford Mustang GT WRX WRX STi 911 Mini 09 Ford Focus SES GTI 05 SRT4 97 BMW M3 350Z 911 Acura TL 05 Nissan 350Z 87 Porsche 924S

60.493 67.143 60.486 61.021 61.768 68.795 63.358 61.059 68.735 64.323 61.439 69.192 66.561 66.716 62.712 61.229 63.800+2 65.600 64.853 67.893 67.624 67.665 78.210 63.522 67.075 70.273 65.062 66.910+OFF 75.477

57.126 59.512 57.950 58.475 59.791 61.138 60.451 61.059 62.238 61.485 58.722 59.033 63.219 62.980 61.193 59.765 62.894 61.609 60.254 61.539 66.756 66.756 67.052 67.052 65.812 65.812 60.517+2 61.963 63.620 64.306 66.565 66.565 65.062 70.956 68.956+1 72.957+OFF 69.484+OFF 64.326+OFF 75.477 DNS

58.961+1 58.458 62.603 60.648 65.901+OFF 58.645 88.497+OFF 58.475 60.636+2 60.564 62.411 61.138 62.163 61.799 60.544+1 59.741+1 64.501 63.303 62.758 60.795+1 58.366+1 62.551+1 61.070+1 60.800 65.855 64.547+2 64.319 63.776 62.185 61.857 60.780+3 59.765 64.368 63.771 64.743+1 60.768+OFF 65.168+1 61.777 61.539 68.815+OFF 66.843+2 66.015+OFF 67.186+6 65.971+2 66.055+2 62.487 61.963 66.193 63.620 67.009 67.550

Top Times Of Day

Raw time Pax Stock Street Prepared Prepared Modified

Anthony Cuzzacrea

Time Class # Driver 46.748 FM 161 Jeff Colgrove 42.260 FM 161 Jeff Colgrove 54.156 CS 11 Chris England 54.808 BSP 2 Anthony Cuzzacrea 55.740 GP 74 Dave Dill 46.748 FM 161 Jeff Colgrove

Street Modified Junior Kart Street Touring Street Tire Pro Novice

Chris England

Time 53.834 84.967 44.297 44.745 42.496 46.843


# 88 44 9 91 5 204

57.126 59.512 57.950 58.836+1 59.791 62.290+2 60.451 61.330+1 60.238+1 61.485 58.722 59.033 63.219 62.980 61.193 58.638+2 62.894 61.609 60.254

46.843 47.074 47.519 48.183 49.028 49.460 49.569 50.312 50.350 50.417 50.677 50.709 51.144 51.643 51.769 51.935 52.013 52.121 52.360 52.738 52.804 53.038 53.241 53.845 54.649 55.848 55.888 57.403 62.872 DNS

Driver Paul Smith Connor Miller Scott Prior George Modlin Chris Morton Shawn Avery

Dave Dill

Conner Miller Scott Prior Paul Miller Top Time of Day drivers, Jeff Colgrove see front cover, George Modlin, Chris Morton, Shawn Avery see back cover.

2011 June


Teen Driving School A one day “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations!

You use your own car to learn about its handling limits and how you can control them. On the runway - Seneca Army Depot 6471 Route 96A, Romulus, NY Saturday, August 20, 2011 9AM to 5PM $75 (cheap) Space is limited Pre-registration strongly suggested Hosted by the Finger Lakes Region - Sports Car Club of America

The Tire Rack Street Survival® school is a safe teen program designed to go beyond today’s required driver’s education and give teens across the U.S. the driving tools and hands-on experience to become safer, smarter drivers. Includes trained and qualified in-car driving instructors as well as classroom experience for each student.

Registration and Information at


June 2011

For Sale: Autocross harness: Schroth Rallye 4 for BMW e36 and e46 (3-series 92-02). Four-point harness attaches to stock seat belts. Excellent condition. $100. Autocross wheels and tires: BMW M-contour replica wheels 17x7.5, 5 on 120. Five wheels in total, 2 mounted with BFG g-Force R1, 2 mounted with Kumho V710. 1 wheel with Kumho V700 removed. BMW center caps included. $150/ all. Wheels: 4 each American Racing AR-24 alloys. 14x6, 33mm offset, 5 on 100. weigh less than 13lbs. with center caps. $60/all. Also: 1997 Neon ACR sedan. Needs water pump. Solid body with custom paint. $850. Contact Doug 727-1193 or (6/11) For Sale: RacePro Engineering has sold our race-winning 1995-based Mustang Cobra ASedan. We still have literally thousands and thousands of dollars in SPARES, including two complete sets of alloy wheels (one set with Hoosier slicks, one set with Hoosier rains), a nose, a wing, Koni struts, 2-way adjustables, various rate Eibach & Hyperco springs, Baer rotors & calipers (need rebuilding), racing radiator, Holly jets, motor parts, ignition parts, suspension parts - everything that can wear out or break! Complete list upon request. Located in Watkins Glen, NY. $ 17,500 for quick sale. Ed LoPresti. 607-535-4237. (6/11) For Sale: (13) Volvo 240 Turbo/Virgo wheels 15", used in good condition, all roll straight, 6 have center caps. (1) Volvo 740 turbo 5 spoke wheel 15" in good condition with Hankook Optomo Plus tire mounted on it, new, no center cap. $500.00 takes it all. Call Mark at 585-2027520 or (5/11) For Sale: 2001 BMW 330I race car, ex-Grand Am road racing car, 3.0l engine, 5 speed manual transmission, 3.38 rear differential, M3 headers with 3 inch exhaust, full cage tied in to rear subframe, AMB timing and driver ID system, AIM MXL data logging dash, Koni spec 2800 series double adjustable shocks, H&R springs, ground control camber plates, steel braided brake lines, 10 lb. fire suppression system, single dry brake fuel fill with discriminator, dual sump fuel pumps, 17 gallon fuel capacity, six point driver restraint belts, right and left head restraint nets, drivers side window net, FIA seat on sliders, 16 inch cooling fan, 75mm dry lube wheel studs, 17 inch OZ wheels, M lower front wishbones, Delrin front wishbone mounts, Delrin rear subframe bushings, Delrin rear diff mounts, Delrin front trailing arm mounts, ball socket rear knuckle mounts upper and lower, stock DME reflashed, water bottle bracket, radio box, M3 style front bumper cover, front brake cooling ducts, tow hooks front and rear. Included spares package: hood, left and right fenders, front left and right lower arms, rear left and right trailing arms, 2 lower rear

2011 June

Classified Ads

wishbones, rear cradle, left and right axles, front left and right spindles, spare brake pads, spare brake rotors, spare differential, set of wheels with rain tires, 8 sets of springs, front hub. Car had 13 top tens in 2007 and 2008, 3 podiums, took 4 th overall in Grand Am championship in 2007. Car can be taken as is with some on track dents and dings or can be repaired and painted as you would like. Other cars are for sale is you are looking for more than one. $36,000 OBO. Contact John Bosch (585) 746-7241. (4/11) For Sale: 2002 CARBIR CS-2 Sports 2000, Full Carbon Body, Spare Nose, 3 Way Adjustable Ohlins, Elite Motor, 3 BBS Wheel Sets, Rains, PiII Dash and Spare Dash, 28 gear sets, Blueprinted Gearbox, Plated Suspension, Updated Front Uprights, Polished Tub, Spares package included, Great Car, well built and meticulously maintained, $30k, $28k as roller, $33k for everything with 24ft enclosed Pace trailer, Call: 315-524-2899 or Email: (4/11) For Sale: 18’ Open Race trailer, Diamond plate deck, 4’ tool box, tire rack, New Electric Brakes, New Winch, Awning system, Aluminum Ramps, Excellent condition. $2,400. Contact Steve (585) 750-9504 (4/11) For Sale: 1967 Jaguar XKE Roadster Series 1.5 42K miles, 4.2 liter engine, matching numbers, new paint (no rust), new top, new Connolly leather, stored inside, runs great. Must Sell. Jim Nolan 1969 Eddy Rd. Walworth, NY 14568. Ph. (585) 314-1500 (1/11)

For Sale: 2005 Margay Brava 4.4 go-kart with blue printed World Formula engine. Blue printed by Rich Gamrod in the spring of 2010. Includes One fold up stand and one two-level stand that easily transports two karts, gears, many spare parts, spare slicks and rain tires on wheels. Also includes freshened raptor motor. Will separate some items. Call Chris at (315) 597-5668 (12/10) For Sale: Chrome plated 5-spoke steel wheels. Five bolt pattern, optional wheels for late ‘70’s early ‘80’s Buick (Century and others). No rust, just dirt. 4 for $75. Contact Gene Dinkel (585) 383-0363 (11/10) For Sale: Smithy Lathe Mill (NEW) Dry Sump Tank (7qts) Scales Leak down Gages Craftsman Rolling Tool Box w/Ramp. Racecar jack. Scales used to corner weight a racecar. Shop equipment. Much more. Call for what is available. Come look and ask questions. Jim Nolan 1969 Eddy Rd. Walworth, NY 14568. Ph. (585) 314-1500 (11/10) For Sale: Magnetic autocross numbers (white) 1, 8 and 6 two ea. Magnetic SCCA Solo2 emblems two ea. Magnetic CSP (red letters on white background) two ea. $25.00 takes all. Contact Steve at (585) 586-9152 (9/10) For Sale: Buick Gran Sport, 1986, only 1029 made. V6 with Bosch fuel injection. Body restored, plus many new mechanical parts, interior excellent. Not a “winter beater.” Reduced to $3000. Contact Gene Dinkel (585) 383-0363 (12/09)

Free Classified Ads for FLR Members To place a Classified Ad: Contact the editor at Ads will run for three issues, or longer if space allows. Be sure to notify the editor if your item has been sold or is otherwise no longer available. Your ad will also be published on the Finger Lakes Region's Web site in the Forum section ("Classified Ads") at viewforum.php?f=13. Classified Ads are free to members, $5.00 per issue for non-members.

Commercial Ad Rates # of Issues Full Page ½ Page ¼ Page Business Card

12 $500 275 150 75

6 $275 150 80 40

3 $150 80 45 20

1 $100 40 25 10

Contact the editor at for more info. 17

Membership Application REGION #62

Dear Prospective SCCA Member: To apply for membership in the Sports Car Club of America, the world’s largest member participation automotive organization, please complete the form below and return, with payment, to SCCA Membership Department, P. O. Box 299, Topeka, KS 66601-0299. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE Name _____________________________________ Birth date_________________ E-mail_______________________________________ / / Address___________________________________ Telephone_______________________________________________________________ City_________________________________________ State ________Zip __________________County __________________________ Have you been an SCCA member before?




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Please indicate the area(s) of SCCA in which you plan to participate, or which interest you most. Your response will be used to allocate your national dues to the areas you indicate. Thank you. Club Racing

Pro Racing



Annual National Dues


Annual Regional Dues



REGULAR MEMBER..........................$65 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP.......................$85 FIRST GEAR (21 & Under) NEW CLUB RACING VOLUNTEER

+ +

REGULAR MEMBER.................$15 FAMILY MEMBERSHIP .............$25

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$80 $110 $45 $30

Enclosed is my check or Money Order for $____________________ U.S. VISA

Please send me a Crew License



No.____________________________________ Exp. Date __________________________

I hereby apply for membership in the Sports Car Club of America, Inc., and its Finger Lakes Region (#62) and agree to abide by the bylaws. Applicant's Signature____________________________________________ Date __________________________ Dues include payment for subscription to SportsCar ($24 value). Dues are not deductible as charitable contribution.


June 2011

Calendar of events for the Finger Lakes Region May 2011 29 31


Test Day, NJMP (JRB)

FINGER LAKES Region SOLO #2, SEAD See: http://

25-26 Regional Race (JRB) and Pro IT Series (SJR), NJMP

FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Murph’s Irondequoit Pub, 705 Titus Ave., Irondequoit, NY (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region SOLO OOR #1, SEAD, WNY Event #4, WNY Region


FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Murph’s Irondequoit Pub, 705 Titus Ave., Irondequoit, NY (Contact for further information)

25-26 Solo, Philipsburg, PA (CPR)

June 2011 3

Test day, NJMP (SJR)


RallyCross Test-’n-Tune, Tioga County Fairgrounds, (CNY)


Relay for Life Rally, Wellsboro, PA.


STPR®, Wellsboro, PA, Finger Lakes STPR® Motorsports, LLC


RallyCross, Tioga County Fairgrounds, (CNY)


F1600 and F2000 Championship Pro Racing, Watkins Glen


Solo National Tour, Dover Speedway, Dover, DE


National Race and Pro IT Series, NJMP (SJR)


Solo, CNY Solo #1Cherry Valley Motorsports Park


FINGER LAKES Region SOLO Meeting - 7:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region General Membership Meeting - 8:00 p.m. – Burgundy Basin Inn, 1361 Marsh Road, Pittsford, NY 14534 (Contact for further information)

10-12 Restricted Regional and Double National, Mid Ohio, (Cincy,OVR) 11-12 Regional Race, MARRS, Summit Point (WDC)

July 2011 2

Regional Race, NARRC, Lime Rock (MHR)


Restricted Regional and National, Nelson Ledges (NeOhio)


Drivers School, New Hampshire (NER)


NEDiv Double National Race, Glen, FLR


Regional Race, New Hampshire (NER)


Regional Race, MARRS, Summit Point (WDC)


WNY Solo #7, ECC-N


FINGER LAKES Region SOLO Meeting - 7:00 p.m. – TBA (Contact for further information)


FINGER LAKES Region General Membership Meeting - 8:00 p.m. – TBA (Contact for further information)

16-17 Solo, Philipsburg, PA (CPR) 16

Finger Lakes Region Social Rally, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)


FINGER LAKES Region SOLO #4, SEAD See: http://


FINGER LAKES Region Rally Meeting, -7:30 p.m., 96 Church St., Victor, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)


RallyCross (WDC)


WNY Solo #5, ECCN


RallyCross, Perry’s Park, (FLR)*


FINGER LAKES Region Rally Meeting, -7:30 p.m., 96 Church St., Victor, Rick Barnes ( / (585) 967-3762)


Solo, 2011CNY Solo #2 (Seneca Grand Prix)Seneca Army Depot

Drivers School, Lime Rock (NER)


Solo, 2011CNY Solo #3 (Seneca Grand Prix)Seneca Army Depot


WNY OOR Solo #8, LES


FINGER LAKES REGION Board of Directors meeting - 7:30 p.m., Murph’s Irondequoit Pub, 705 Titus Ave., Irondequoit, NY (Contact for further information)


23-24 Regional Race and Pro IT Series, Watkins Glen (GLN)

17-18 Regional Race, NAARC, Lime Rock (NER) 18

RallyCross, Perry’s Park, (FLR)*

18-19 CENDiv National – June Sprints, Road America 19

FINGER LAKES Region SOLO #3, RIT See: http://www.

Finger Lakes Region Bulletin Board and Websites Website: Facebook: - YouTube: Yahoo Groups: Solo -, RoadRally -

2011 June


Finger Lakes REGION, SCCA INC.



Treasurer 753 Klem Rd. Webster, NY 14580 TOP END Editorial Staff 119 Brookview Dr. Rochester, NY 14617-3903

Top Time of Day drivers continued plus more First in Class

George Modlin

Doug Hall

Chris Morton

Scott Moller

Shawn Avery

Evan Fish

June 11 TOP END  

TOP END is the official publication of the Finger Lakes Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA)

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