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The Halifax Breeze “Friendship & Service” President Elect’s Message 2013 – 2014 Officers President

JoEllen Salce-Rogers

President Elect

Sylvia Popowski

Rec. Secretary

Diane Welch

Corr. Secretary

Eva Williams


Alonia Gainous

1 Year Director

Pat Masse Maria Long Hilary Reilly Holly Inglett Joyce Conger

2 Year Director Past President

Special Appointments Chaplain

Maureen Durham

The Breeze

Leanne Hansard


Diane Dunn

Parliamentarian Shirley Pyle PI Grants

Shirley Pyle


Diane Dunn Dot Moore

Volume 313 October 2013

October promises to be another busy month. At our next meeting we will be installing another new member, Maryann Baner sponsored by Shar Barron. Keep it up Pilots we are on a roll. I can’t wait to go to Fall Council and brag about our Club and all of our new members. Speaking about Fall Council, come on everyone let our club have a great turn out. “It’s Close and it’s Fun.” We have 5 rooms reserved and I personally would like to see some of our new members go and get a taste of what Pilot is all about. Our year books are out and aren’t they just wonderful. I’m extending a big thank you to all who have worked so hard on this project, especially Diane Welch and Pat Masse. Another thank you goes out to all the Pilots that worked on our fabulous garage sale. It is always a lot of work but also one of our events that is so much fun. Diane Welch will be giving us a report on it at the next meeting. This month we also have two more exciting events. The first one is the International Dinner at Central Baptist Church on October 22nd at 5 pm. Last year was fabulous, so I am really looking forward to this year. Father Lopez has a large group again of foreign exchange students who will be coming with their sponsors. Plan to come, work and have a great time. October is also when we have the Halloween Party at Central Manor. This year it will be on October 26th at 1pm. Its fun if you dress up, but you don’t have to. My costume is ready and you’ll have to come to see what I’m wearing because I’m not telling. See you there!!! Pilot Peace, Love and Friendship Sylvia A. Popowski, President Elect

Leanne Hansard Sunshine

Pat Masse

Lunch Coord.

JoEllen Salce-Rogers


Diane Welch

Presidents Book

Diane Trask

Fall Council is right around the corner, Governor Barbara is hosting a blast from the past! We’re gonna celebrate like it’s the 1950’s. So grab you bobby socks and poodle skirts and let’s do the gig to Ocala November 1 - 3. Registration is attached to this newsletter, there is still time, so don’t delay!!

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

Annual Garage Sale

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What a day we had for the Garage Sale. Could anyone have predicted that we would have such questionable weather? In spite of that, we did very well in many ways. First and primary, we had fun – even in the rain. Secondly, we had the time during the week to really get to know some of our newer members. What a pleasure it was to have so many “newbie’s” plowing through the mountain of “stuff”. We have a total membership of 50 members. Of that number 4 are emeritus, 3 are on Leave of Absence, 2 were ill and 30 brave soldiers came, worked, played, and made money for the club. A huge thank you to each of you for a job well done. We do not have a /inal money count but even in the rain, we still came very close to the $1,173.97 in the budget. I know we have a few dollars still outstanding from the “early shoppers”. I’m wondering where the deviled eggs went? They disappeared in a /lash during the lunch. The Father Lopez parent team and students were incredible. Working with these young families really gives hope for the future that at times seems to dim. Important networks were formed with this amazing group. ( I see an Anchor Club ready to form.)

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Page 3 Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

Pilot Inter ational 2013 Sweethear

Congratulations to Pat Masse for being selected as our club’s 2013 Pilot Sweetheart. Pat joined our club in November 2012, and immediately stepped up to the challenge and took on responsibilities, participating in club Service Projects and Fundraisers. She attended District Convention & the International Conference. She is currently serving as a One Year Director and Sunshine & Fellowship chairperson. Her enthusiasm and love for Pilot is evident as she “walks the talk” and shares Pilot with all. A $25 donation has been made to PI’s Founder’s Fund and her name will be listed in the Spring issue of the Pilot Log. Past Sweethearts are – Renata Bradley, Diane Dunn, Edna Fields, Roe Fredricks, Leanne Hansard, Minnie Harris, Sylvia Popowski, Shirley Pyle, Cindy Watkins, Diane Welch and Eva Williams. Shirley Pyle, PIFF Area Leader

Membership September was a very busy month for Membership who installed 3 new members and reinstalling one. Charly Poniatowski from Council on Aging who is sponsored by Priscilla Chanfrau. Marsha Lewis sponsored 2 new members. Mary Wentzel works at the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse and Dr. Sue Kim is a retired psychologist. We also reinstated a former member, Eileen Sheldon, who works at Volusia Memorial. Welcome Ladies, to our wonderful exciting Pilot Club of the Halifax Area.

Chaplain’s Corner "Real Joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile." Press on, Pilots! Moe

Have you checked out the Florida District website? There is a vast amount of information to be found there, check it out: and sign up your e-mail address.

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.


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At the September 24th Pilot Program meeting DSC Dean of Alternative Student Service and Adult Education Dr. Katrina Bell and Associate Director Veronica A. Oxford were presented with a check for student scholarships for the DSC Foundation Scholarship fund. The $1500 scholarship check was presented by President JoEllen Salce Rogers to Dr. Bell and Ms. Oxford as they presented a brief overview of the Daytona State College Center for Women and Men programs; Fresh Start for Women, Fresh Start for Men, CCAMPIS, New Directions. Yearbooks are here!! They were disbursed during the September Program meeting.

Pilots Rock!

They look amazing too!! A great big hand to Diane Welch and Pat Masse for putting together an amazing book!

October is Breast Cancer Month

Each member automatically gets one copy and every other copy after that will cost $5.00.

International Relations Area October is “International” month with Pilot International Founders Day and our very special International Student’s Dinner on October 22. There are 31 International Students at Father Lopez High School this year. Can you imagine sending your High School Freshman 5,000 miles away from home for school? These children are courageous and determined to get the very best possible education. Our treat is to host the students and their host families for dinner. We will have about 100 guests with faculty and staff from Father Lopez High School. We will be setting up the hall in the afternoon on October 22 and have our guests arriving between 5:30 and 6:00. We need all hands on deck for set up, food preparation, hospitality, and clean up. If you have “international items” from your travels that you would like to share, we will have tables set up around the room. The children really enjoyed looking at the various things we had last year. Since the International Relations Area is in charge of the Program on October 22 we will give you a teaser. One of our members will be sharing her experience as an international professional woman in today’s incredible world. Guests are welcome for this interesting and compelling program. Holly Inglett and Diane Welch

Pecan Sales Time! It's Pecan Sales time! A copy of the Pecan sales order form is attached. Please forward the order form to your friends and family and remind them that these are this years' fresh crop. They make great gifts for coworkers and friends at this time of year. Not to mention the wonderful baking experience during Thanksgiving & Christmas. They can get an early start on their baking too.

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Pilot C lub of the Halifa x Area Inc.

Pilot International

Sunshine Report

Please keep in your prayers, the following Pilot’s ♥ Flo Griffin ♥ Minnie Harris ♥ Bill Wathen who is in the hospital ♥ Rachel Arazashvili who is up North

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PI is sll providing help for the “Safe Harbor Fund” for our Pilot sisters & brothers that were effected by Super Storm Sandy. If you wish to send help, please forward your check payable to “Safe Harbor Fund” to Pilot Internaonal Headquarters 102 Preston Court, Macon, Georgia 31210 or visit the Pilot Int’l website and click on the orange “Donate” bu.on. Choose Make A Donaon. On the donaon form, under “Select Purpose,” choose “Disaster Relief.” Your contribuons will make a difference in the lives of your fellow Pilots. Pilots DO more. Pilots CARE more. Pilots ARE more… for each other and for the world. Donate to the Safe Harbor Fund and help a friend in need today.

♥ Moe Durham will have surgery ♥ Kimberly Thompson Anchor Leader from Pensacola, has cancer Pilots are special and we care about each one. If you have information about a Pilot in need, please email Pat Masse,

Pilot Scholarship House News

October Birthdays 1

Roe Fredricks


Rachel Arazashvili


Pilot International (1921)


Mary Wentzel

(and a bit more) News from our girls, The semester is well underway and our three girls are doing just great. Niece, Julia Schap is hard at work with very demanding classes in our Pilot House and Katie (now a senior) and sister Pam Inglett are loving life in their respective houses. Pam has friends in the dormitories and her word to mom Holly is that at the “house” everyone cares and supports and in the dormitories, this isn’t the case. We are so lucky to have Pilots who generations ago felt the need to start the Pilot Scholarship House Foundation to be part of the Southern Scholarship Foundation and to build the houses. Our girls in our houses and the other residents of the other Scholarship Houses and having the college experience that books are written about. The quality of their college experience cannot be measured. Fall Council is our opportunity to show our girls in the Pilot Scholarship Houses that we care and support – even from miles away.

Very Proud Aunt, Diane Welch

Dollars & Cents WOW!!! Time surely flies when you are having fun. It has been three months as treasurer and I have gained an enormous amount of knowledge. However, I am still attempting to fill at least one of Diane Welch's shoes. A great big thanks to Libby for assisting me with getting the online banking set up with Gateway. We had a software compatibility issue. What an awesome time I had at the yard sale that went really well. Everyone chipped in and worked very hard. The Welch's where great host and hostess. The diapers and baby wipes collected at our last meeting have been delivered to Shar. On the next financial report you will see that we have a head start on the pecan fundraiser, the good hearted Diane has purchased all of the remaining pecans from last year. Pilot brothers and sisters you all are so awesome and I want you to know that when I count my blessings, I count each of you twice. Proud to be a Pilot!!! Alonia Gainous, Treasurer

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Pi lo t C lu b o f t he Ha li fa x A rea I nc.

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Fund Raising Community Service Halloween Party

There is no rest in fundraising so here is the schedule for the immediate future: •

Pecan Sales – get your orders in quickly

November 16 – Cracker Creek BBQ and river cruise. Sign-up sheets will be at the next meeting with more information.

Fundraising activity (not for pro)it – just fun for all) •

December 7 – Holiday Tea – Plan your table now. We will have about 15 tables available for the event and tickets will remain at $10.00 each. Adams Hall can accommodate about 140 guests.

In Dollar Heaven,

Diane Welch

Road Trip!!! Founder’s Day will be celebrated in Fort Pierce, Florida this year October 12, 9 am - 2 pm. If you have never attended a Founder’s Day event this is a must! Get with Diane Dunn if you would like to attend so we can reserve a lunch for you! September is ending with four new members for our Club! It has been a wonderful and productive first quarter. Our yearbook is a testimony to the efforts of Diane Welch, Pat Masse, and the tireless committee, and an edition that surpasses all others. We are happy to have chosen Pat Masse as our PIF Sweetheart, as she truly exemplifies all that a Pilot should be. The money should be accumulating after our garage sale and pecan sales. I will have much to share after the Third World Parkinson Congress in Montreal from October 1-6. You know it is a cause that I keep close to my heart. Hopefully, treatment options will look more promising.

It’s October and we all know what that means…The annual Halloween Party at Central Manor, October 26, set up will be at 11:30, the party starts at 1 pm. A sign up sheet will be passed around at the next meeting for setup, cleanup and what treat you would like to bring. The room reserved and the entertainment has been booked. So get your costume together and be ready to wow the guests with our great treats!

2013 Florida District Fundraiser These items must be preordered so they can be picked up during Fall Council, Order Forms can be found at the district website, just another wonderful reason to attend the 2013 Fall Council November 1 - 3.

Great News - We have been notified by Governor Barbara that our club has received our approval for the IRS 501 c3!! Let’s rock this community!!

Thank you all for making my first three months as President so positive. However, I believe the best is yet to come! Pilot Peace and Love, JoEllen Salce Rogers President 2013-2014

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

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Pilot Club of the Halifax Ar ea I nc.

Several Pilots attended the Open House Birthday party for Pilot Sister Diane Dunn on September 22. “Pilotvsille” is a wonderful place!! Pilot International Founders Fund Did you know you can support PIFF and honor someone you love?

Do you have your club shirt? They are still available, get with Diane Welch at the next meeting.

You can by purchasing a brick that is displayed around the Pilot Headquarters fountain in the court yard in Macon, GA You can obtain this form at PI’s wonderful website

Pilot International has announced that the new website is LIVE! So make sure you go to the site and check it out!!

Wtàxá àÉ exÅxÅuxÜ 10/1

Exec Board Mtg 5:30 East Coast Endodontic 912 S Ridgewood Ave


What’s for lunch… 10/8 - Chicken Pot Puff Pie 10/22 - Meatloaf with Gravy

Business Meeting


Palmetto Club 10/12

Founder’s Day

10/22 Program Meeting


Palmetto Club 10/22 Int’l Dinner, Central Baptist Church 5pm 10/26

Halloween Party, Central Manor

11/1-3 Fall Council, Ocala 11/16

Cracker Creek BBQ and River Cruise


Holiday Tea, Central Baptist Church

Remember Pilots…….If you will not be attending a meeting, please remember to cancel your lunch order or to add a guests lunch order, email JoEllen Salce Rogers BEFORE 10 AM on the FRIDAY before the meeting. If you forget, you will be billed $12.25 for the cost of your lunch. Thank you, Pilots!!!

Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

The Pecan’s are Back! ORDER YOUR PECANS TODAY!! Fresh Crop for 2013 We can have these for you before the holidays! The Pilot Club of the Halifax Area Thank you for your support! Deadline is October 22, 2013 To get them back on time for the HOLIDAYS! PECANS AVAILABLE 16 oz. X-Lge. Pecan Halves

Cost $9.00

16 oz. X-Lge. Pecan Pieces


10 oz. Cinnamon Glazed (gift bag)


12 oz. Milk Choc. Covered (gift bag)


# Wanted

8 oz. Pecan Caramel Clusters (gift bag) $8.00 12 oz. Salted Roasted Pecans


4 oz. Pecan Logs

$4.00 Total


Name: Phone #:

Mail Order Form & Check to: Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. % Diane Dunn 324 W. Int’l Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114-4289 Cell 386-566-7621 * work 386-255-2477 *

Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-566-7622 *

Pilot club of the halifax area newsletter the breeze oct 2013  
Pilot club of the halifax area newsletter the breeze oct 2013