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The Halifax Breeze “Friendship & Service” President’s Message 2012 – 2013 Officers President

Joyce Conger

President Elect

JoEllen Salce-Rogers

Rec. Secretary

Florence Griffin

Corr. Secretary

Diane Trask


Diane Welch

1 Year Director Sylvia Popowski Holly Ingle( 2 Year Director Maria Long Michelle Galbreath Past President

Leanne Hansard

Special Appointments Chaplain

Jennifer Beckwith

The Breeze

Diane Dunn Leanne Hansard


Diane Dunn

Parliamentarian Shirley Pyle PI Grants

Shirley Pyle


Diane Dunn

Volume 309 June 2013

Greengs Pilots, It is one year from my first arcle and I just cannot believe that the me has passed so fast. We have had a great Pilot Year, and I would like to thank each one of you for your support throughout the year. Pilot Internaonal has made many changes to insure connued growth as an organizaon; we on the Club level embrace those changes and connue to be one of the strongest clubs in the Florida District. We have received many awards and have connued to grow with new members and expand our projects within the community and so again, I express my appreciaon to our membership and their desire to parcipate in achieving this level of success. We are however not all about the work, throughout this year we have had a lot of Pilot fun as well as supporng each other when days were not so sunny. As this Pilot year comes to conclusion and I bid you adieu as President I would be remiss in not saying that it has been an honor to serve. As I take my place on the 2013-14 Board of Directors, I will be ever mindful of my support for another wonderful Pilot Year and the members who step up and comprise our new Board of Directors. This year is not quite over:, we have a business meeng on Tuesday, June 11, a grand Fashion Show on June 15 and our Installaon of new officers on Tuesday, June 25. The installing officer is our Florida District, Governor-elect, Barbara McKenzie, let us all come out and welcome her as we embrace our 2013-2014 Board. Congratulaons Pilots for Thirty Years of Service! In Pilot Love and Friendship Joyce Conger President 2012-2013

Dot Moore Leanne Hansard Sunshine

Minnie Harris

Lunch Coord.

Joyce Conger

Yearbook &

Diane Trask

Presidents Book

Cruising Down the River ~ Fashion-Luncheon at the HALIFAX RIVER YACHT CLUB Saturday, June 15, 2013, 12 pm Fashions presented by: Chico’s, Lo> and White House/Black Market Door prizes, pampering baskets jewelry & more… $25.00 per Fcket (Valet parking included) Contact Jean Stelter 386-451-0406 or Corporate sponsors are invited All proceeds remain in Volusia County

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-255-2477 *

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Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

Pilots of the Halifax Area ~ Celebrate 30 Years of Service The May 14 Business MeeFng had a party atmosphere with a BeauFful Cake for the celebraFon of our 30 Year Birthday. Past Presidents were presented with yellow and green corsages, designed for them by member Becky Nero Wall. Seated at “the Past Presidents Table” and recognized for their service by a grateful membership were, pictured leL to right: Diane Welch, 1994-95, currently club Treasurer, has been Florida District Chaplain and a Pilot since May 1989. Romanger Fredricks, 2004-05 a Pilot since 1983 and a founding member of the Pilot Club of the Halifax Area. Eva Williams, 1990-92 and 2006-07 she has been a Pilot since 1979. Leanne Hansard, 2009-10 and 2010-11, 2011-12, becoming a Pilot in 2007, Co-editor of the Breeze, which this year was First Place in Florida District; Editor of Florida District newsle(er, the Wave for 201314. Diane Dunn, 2000-01, 2008-09 and 2009-10. She became a Pilot in 1993, is currently club Historian, Co-Editor of the Breeze, Area Leader of Membership and recently appointed as Membership Coordinator Florida District. Peggy Konkel, 1995-96 member since 2009, who traveled from Merri( Island to a(end. Shirley Pyle, 1993-94 and 2001-02 a past Lt. Governor of Florida District, she is currently Club Parliamentarian and Membership/OperaFons coordinator, a Pilot since 1990. Unable to a(end, Maureen Durham, 2005-06, she became a Pilot in 2003 and currently serves on the community services commi(ee and will be the Clubs Chaplin for the 2013-14 year. Every one enjoyed a salute to our Past Presidents and were pleased to recognize their service to Pilot.

Our Program Speaker this month was Dr. Mike Hill of Hill Family Chiropractic PA and his associate Dr. Eric Chance. Mike went over how keeping your spine in good condition helps to keep your brain in good condition and alert. We found out that there are lots of members that believe in Chiropractic care. Here are a few points that he brought to our attention: 1. The Brain is the fattiest organ of the body. 2. The body makes approximately a quart of spinal fluid a day. 3. The heart is the only organ not known for getting cancer.

What’s for lunch… 6/11 Quiche 6/25 Seafood Salad

Wtàxá àÉ exÅxÅuxÜ 6/4 6/11 6/15 6/25

Exec Board Meeting—Zappi’s Italian Garden 5:30 Business Meeting—Palmetto Club 12 pm Fashion Show—Halifax Yacht Club 12 pm Program Mtg-Palmetto Club - Installation of 2013-14 Officers Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-255-2477 *

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area Inc.

Sunshine Report

Please keep in your prayers, the following Pilot’s ♥ Cindy Watkins's Mom Pat ♥ Cindy Watkins ♥ Minnie Harris ♥ Flo Griffin Pilots are special, We care about each one. If you have information about Pilot in need please email or call Diane Dunn

Membership Wow! What a great year of membership we've had. I'm proud to tell you that we installed 11 new members this year and they are contribung to our organizaon in many ways. It's proof that our members think so highly of our Pilot Club that they invite their family and friends to check us out and encourage them to join and contribute to our community. Please connue to spread the word and we will eventually let everyone know that we have been the best kept secret in the community.

Keeping Up with our Scholarship Girls…. Both of our girls, Julia and Katrina have returned from the experience of a lifeFme in Norway and England. Facebook has hundreds of pictures featuring our girls and their adventure. On her return Julia told me that the two things that impressed her the most were the anFquity of Scandinavia in comparison to our very young country and the cliff they climbed to view the landscape. In London they visited the Globe Theatre and saw “The Tempest”. What a thrill. Our ladies will have thousands of stories to share with their housemates in the fall. As Pilots, we can be proud of all three of our gals. KaFe is sFll in Paris with the Campus Crusade for Christ and will be home in the near future. I hope all three will be able to come to one of our meeFngs to share their experiences not only of the life in the Scholarship Houses but also the summer adventures. The proud Aunt, Diane Welch

Pilot International

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Dollars & Cents Here we are in the final minutes of the Pilot year. In case you have forgotten, it is dues time. If you have not paid your $110.00 for the 20132014 year yet, please have your check ready at the next meeting. The check has to be sent to Pilot International before June 30 so we have to have your commitment now. I have been authorized to send only the amount for the members who have paid or made a payment on their dues. Other financial news, the Luncheon/ Fashion Show is going to be a resounding success. As Treasurer, it is my personal goal to make up the funds necessary to honor our budgetary commitment for this year. This means we NEED EVERYONE IN THE CLUB SUPPORTING THIS EVENT. Pilots always come through and I am confident every member will support by not only attending but also bringing guests – in fact sponsoring a table would be even better. Pilots are the best! Your Dollar Diva, Diane Welch

Have you checked out the Florida District website? There is a vast amount of informaFon to be found there, check it out: and sign up your e-mail address.

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-255-2477 *

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Pilot Club of th e H alif ax Ar ea I n c.

June 4 7 9 11 13 16

Diane Welch Elaine Barnicle Cindy Hurley Diane Adams Isabelle King JoEllen SalceSalce-Rogers

A Note from Club Project Coordinator I would like to thank everyone for working with me to make this a successful year. We had so many wonderful projects this year. The International Dinner, Halloween Party at Central Manor Tea Party at Indigo Manor, Bowling for your Brain We were able to provide donations to local organizations as well. Star Center, Good Samaritan for TV’s for their rehab center WORC for the annual ornament program, Haven Recovery, Lighthouse activity books for local elementary schools, 4th grade Social Studies Winners, Museum of Arts and Science Children's Wing, Project Care White Sock Program, Easter Seals, Alzheimer’s Walk, Our scholarship through Daytona State College We as also so proud at being granted a matching grant through PI for Healthy Start Pac & Play Program. My year doing this job is coming to a close but I am now looking forward to becoming your President Elect. We have the most devoted members in our club, that is why we are so successful. Thank you all again, Sylvia Popowski

Chaplin’s Corner “Progress is maintained by putting aside yesterday's glory and grind, and by focusing on tomorrow's challenging opportunities, while we keep the right attitude today and remember we're in it together!" This certainly describes the Pilot Club of the Halifax Area! We are successful because of the leadership and membership that we share within ourselves. We thank our past leaders for setting the example and leadership to follow, allowing us the opportunity to change and add new ideas along the way. We thank President Joyce Conger for her leadership this past year and look forward to new leadership, with JoEllen SalceRogers at the helm, to take us into the future!

Pilot InternaFonal and Pilot InternaFonal Founders Fund has introduced “The Yellow Rose Project” You can purchase a yellow rose for $5, in honor of special friends or loved ones. The order form can be found at All Yellow Rose Project proceeds under the PI ConvenFon tab. benefit Pilot InternaFonal and the PI

It’s amazing what $5 can do when all Pilots join together. It will help make the charitable and educaFonal endeavors of PI. A li(le bit can truly go a long way!

Have you looked around during one of our projects or events? Have you seen how great we look in our club shirts? Do you have yours? There are sll some available, get with Diane Welch at the next meeng. It’s amazing how quickly a year flies! We’ve accomplished so much that I could be intimidated by the prospect of becoming your President. Instead, I’m energized, and hoping that I can maintain the momentum established by President Joyce Conger and her Board. With your help, we’ll fundraise more, bring in many members, provide assistance to those in need, and continue to share the warmth and closeness that is unique to the Pilot Club of the Halifax Area. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this incredible Club! JoEllen Salce Rogers President Elect 2012-2013

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area, Inc. * Phone: 386-255-2477 *

Pilot Club of the Halifax Area Presents

“Cruising Down the River” For Summer Vacation Fun Proceeds to benefit Daytona State College Scholarships in the Medical Field

Tickets: $25.00 Contact: Jean Stelter 386-451-0406

Luncheon & Fashion Show Saturday, June 15, 2013 Halifax River Yacht Club 331 S. Beach St., Daytona Beach 12:00 Noon Fashions By: Chico’s, Lo> and White House/Black Market

Pilot club of the halifax area june 2013 breeze