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Quality Assurance for call centers A call centre has a workspace for call centre agents, with a computer for each agent and a telephone set connected to telecom switch, and supervisor stations. Call Criteria is a leading call centre in United States, they have knowledge to train and empower your call agents to make each and every customer interaction a success. Call Criteria is the most experienced firm which provides accurate quality assurance for call centers at cost effective rates. The company was founded by a group of leaders from call centers, as they understood the need of quality assurance for call centers. Not much focus is given on the development of call centers, which in turn will affect the growth of the organization. Seeing the importance of call centre many firms have come forward which provides quality assurance services for call centers. Among all call criteria is a proven leader. They have good experience over years and provide following services, Communication


Call centre compliance


Call centre quality control


Call centre affiliate/ partner analysis


Performance analysis


TCPA verification.


Business process verification

Call criteria also help your organization determine that your business processes are being followed by your team members; they keep on checking the calls made by their call centre team members, and keep correcting them accordingly. They have their official website which you can visit to get more details about them, and you can rely on them for getting your call center updated.

Quality assurance for call centers  
Quality assurance for call centers