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brick oven pizza and calzones catering on/off premises abc on/off premise fresh seafood gluten free pizza and pasta whole wheat pasta available

Kids eat free Thur from 4-7 dine in kids menu only



Chef’s Choice & Family Style dining available


113 Parkview Road, Floyd VA 24091 •

Mon 11am - 8pm Tuesday Closed Wed 11am - 9pm Thu 11am - 9pm Fri 11am - 10pm Sat 11am - 10pm Sun 12pm - 8pm


Lunch, Dinner &

Outdoor Dining - Full Wine & Beer List 2013-2014 Fall/Winter

The Blue Ridge Restaurant is one of the notable landmarks associated with our little town in Floyd County. The eatery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the customer is provided a consistent and satisfying dining experience. The wait staff serves the bustling meal crowds with care.

Don’t miss out on this hometown experience!

The Winery Restaurant The Winery Restaurant Rustic, southern elegance in a beautiful mountainside setting. Enjoy a Rustic, southern elegance in a beautiful mountainside setting. Enjoy a farm-to-table dining experience with fresh local ingredients creatively farm-to-table dining experience with fresh local ingredients creatively prepared and expertly served. Choose inside seating or dine on our prepared and expertly served. Choose inside seating or dine on our terrace overlooking the New River Valley. Share a bottle of wine and terrace overlooking the New River Valley. Share a bottle of wine and enjoy the gracious hospitality that is Chateau Morrisette. Bon Appetit. enjoy the gracious hospitality that is Chateau Morrisette. Bon Appetit.

W & Th 11AM-2PM W & Th 11AM-2PM Winery Winery

F & Sa 11AM - 8PM Su 11AM - 3 PM F & Sa 11AM - 8PM Su 11AM - 3 PM Open Seven Days a Week Open Seven Days a Week

Blue Ridge Parkway MP 171.5 ❖ 287 Winery Road ❖ Floyd, VA Blue Ridge Parkway MP 171.5 ❖ 287 Winery Road ❖ Floyd, VA 540.593.2865 ❖ ❖ Reservations Recommended 540.593.2565 ❖ ❖ Reservations Recommended

Fall/Winter 2013-2014



Floyd is made up of small majestic mountains, lush valleys, woody ridges, and sparkling streams with the official elevation being 2,500 ft. Buffalo Mountain at 3,971 feet, is the highest point in the county. No water flows into the county; all sources of water arise within the county and flow out which serves as a source of pride among the residents. The people of Floyd are a very eclectic mix, with folks who have lived in the county for generations, those who moved to the area beginning in the 1960’s as part of the “back to the land movement” and the most recent residers who have come to the area. As a whole, the community offers a real feeling of connectedness and friendliness. Floyd embraces its rich musical heritage like no other in the area. On any given Friday night, you have a choice of live music venues within a 1/2 mile radius. Check out a folk singer at Oddfellas Cantina, listen to gospel, bluegrass and old-time at the famous Friday Night Jamboree at the Floyd Country Store, enjoy an emerging new artist at Sun Music Hall, or be entertained by one of the impromptu jam sessions that occur on the sidewalks of downtown Floyd. In addition to these exceptional musical events, Floyd serves as the location of Floydfest, an annual five-day world music festival with an estimated attendance of 14,000 festival-goers. There are breathtaking landmarks and places of interest in Floyd. About 30 miles of the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway form the eastern boarder of the county. Floyd houses Mabry Mill, Rock Castle Gorge, Rocky Knob Recreation Area, Buffalo Mountain Natural Area Preserve, Smart View Recreational Area and Little River, all offering trails that are abloom with over 200 variety of wild flowers and rhododendron tunnels. You might get lucky and spot wild turkey, fox, bear, bob cat and other animals roaming these areas. Here in Floyd you’ll find and experience the unique and interesting. – Written by: Stephanie Slocum • Cover Photo By: Ed Coleman

The Floyd County Chamber of Commerce Welcomes New Members! BugBook Museum Chantilly Festival Farm Floyd EcoVillage Hollingsworth & Vose Lil’ Bit Corny Paradise Sports Grill MCS, Inc Pondview Guesthouse Soapstone Bed and Breakfast Teresa’s Treasures Stone Houston

Preserving Tradition. Embracing the Future.



Visitor Center located at 201 East Main Street Village Green Suite 7 Floyd, VA 24091

Doug Phillips & David Phillips Floyd’s Rural Property Specialists From 2 Ac to 600 Ac available!

540-745-3700 214 N. Locust Street

(Only 700 feet from the Red Light)

Floyd Virginia

A Different Kind of Realtor!

Annette David



A Realtor to Know, A Name to TRUST


Fall/Winter 2013-2014


Floyd Virginia Your FREE

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All Things Floyd

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Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Sharing the Best of Our Unique Community

Fall/Winter 2013/2014 Volume Six • Second Issue

On The Cover Dalton’s Auto Restoration LLC

Top-Quality Classic Car Restorations 679 Beaver Creek Rd Floyd, VA 24091 (540) 352-8765

Oak Haven Lodge Comfortable & Affordable Overnight Accommodations • (540) 745-5716 323 Webbs Mill Road N Floyd, VA 24091 StreamLine Timerworks

Architectural Design • Timber Frame Construction 888-778-8010 x3 Inspired • Innovative • Timeless

Boothe Creek

Excavating Landscaping, Pavers, Roads, House sites, Basements, Land Clearing, Walkways, Ponds 483 Good Neighbors Road NE Check, VA 24072 (540) 651-2258 • www.

The Pine Tavern Lodge Quaint two room efficiencies with solid pine wood floors & warm soft beds 585 Floyd Highway N Floyd, VA 24091 (540) 745-4428


Mac and Jenny Traynham - A Beautiful Life Years ago I hosted a monthly “Roots and Blues Night” at a local eatery and invited acoustic musicians proficient in roots music styles to join me on stage. Mac Traynham was at the top of my list of prospective invitees and accepted my invitation. We gathered at the home of one of his musical acolytes to go over tunes, starting the evening with “June Apple.” A finger-picker by nature, I dug a plectrum out of my gig bag and jumped into the tune with what I thought was competent rhythm guitar accompaniment. After a few choruses, Mac gave me a sideways glance and suggested, “Try fewer notes.” Jumping back into the tune with a simpler bass line didn’t get us much further. “Not so many upstrokes,” Mac suggested with a slightly cautionary tone after another false start. And so it went that evening, the simpler my guitar back up got, the fewer interruptions to our practice session. Thus, I learned the role of the guitarist in the old-time ensemble. A relative newcomer to old-time music, which is driven by the driving rhythms of the clawhammer banjo style and rough-hewn, melodic fiddling, the primary role of the guitar is to supply steady rhythm and not interfere with the interplay between the banjo and fiddle. Rehabilitating finger-picking bluesman aside, Mac, and his wife, Jenny, are leading figures in the old-time scene as performers and teachers. He and Jenny have performed at the Carter Fold and the National Folk Festival. Additionally, Mac has taught at the Augusta Heritage Workshops in West Virginia and the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina. Jenny didn’t join our sessions, but I’ve seen her perform with Mac several times at the Floyd Country Store’s weekly Friday Night Jamboree. Their performances feature classic harmony singing, instrumental variety and a stage show that is as educational as it is entertaining. The influence of the Carter family and Delmore brothers on their sound is readily apparent, but their influences go much deeper. Mac and Jenny met in the 70s while students at Virginia Tech. In Mac’s words the couple was “very free spirited.” They picked apples in New Hampshire for money R.L. Beachy Photography and were not concerned with careers. Oldtime music and a “back to the land” lifestyle brought them to Grayson County, where they had musical friends. During their four-year stint in Grayson County, Jenny got a nursing degree while Mac worked in construction and later in a cabinet shop in Galax. Later, Mac went back to Tech for a teaching degree in Industrial Arts so he could secure a decent job with less risk to his fingers and more time for music. The couple’s son, Ben, was born while Mac was back in school and the couple released an album on the Heritage label. Mac got his teaching degree in 1984, he moved his family to Franklin County for a teaching job. Jenny became pregnant and was uncomfortable in the lower elevation and returned to stay with a friend in Montgomery County. Mac finished the school year and resigned to get back up on the mountain with Jenny and Ben. For the next three years the family, now a foursome with daughter Hanna, lived in Christiansburg. They were ready to sink some roots and get back to a rural lifestyle and moved to Willis in Floyd County in 1990. Mac’s first musical instrument was the harmonica, picked up from his father who played in a tongue blocking style learned from his black playmates as a kid in Southside. He also dabbled in several guitar styles including blues, however, “being a white boy from the South” he identified more with the music of the Blue Ridge Mountains and took notice of flat pickers like Doc Watson and Norman Blake and his friend Wayne Henderson. He liked the sound of bluegrass heard on the Grand Ole Opry show and studied old-time players like Maybelle Carter, Riley Puckett, and the Delmore Brothers. During the 70s he attended the Galax Fiddler’s convention and was introduced to the old-time scene. He saw other young people playing and took notice of how the banjo and fiddle played in unison rather than taking turns. “It was something linked to the


distant past but at the same time it was new to me,” says Traynham, “and with cloggers reacting to the energy of the music in such an active way, I’d found the ideal music for a great party.” Mac’s growing interest in old-time music deepened and led him to find authentic sources to learn from. He sought second-hand sources like the field recordings of the Library of Congress, old ‘country’ music 78s from before WWII, and later, personal visits with old-timers who still performed the songs. “For dance tunes and fiddler’s convention playing I take particular interest in sound of the older players from this region,” he says, “their rhythmic ‘untrained’ playing is reflective of the rural culture that produced the kind of people who lived close to the land. The old-time music played today in the Blue Ridge region at fiddler’s conventions and at the Floyd Country Store is in a style that has evolved to match up with the rhythmic flatfooting tradition that distinguishes this region’s rural tradition. Some elements come from bluegrass tradition like bass and guitar back-up and integrate with the old-time knock down banjo style and rhythmic fiddle bowing.” Among those older players that Mac learned from directly are regional fiddler’s Hick Edmonds, Ivan Weddle and Norman Edmonds, and banjo players Dent Wimmer and Wade Ward. Mac also counts guitar players John Lee Hylton and Ivery Kimble as inspirations. Although they enjoy teaching at music camps, Mac states, “we get the most enjoyment out of playing fiddle or banjo for flatfoot dancers who are keeping good time. It gets to become a good party like at the Friday Night Jamboree where I sense a magic happening when dancers and the band are feeding off each other’s rhythm. It’s a two way street. Good dancers make a band play better and a good band make the dancers dance better.” On the state of old-time music today Mac says, “Old-time music is becoming like ‘folk’ music did in the 60s,” with a smoother, more commercial sound creeping in. “However, there are more young people who recognize this trend and are trying not to sound that way and bring their own sound closer to that of the root, ‘old-time,’ sources. The African roots and other cultural influences are being exposed to audiences these days, so hopefully more people will open their mind to accept the more rustic sounds as worthy of having in their listening collections.” When it comes to adding outside influences, self-expression and personal style to the old-time music tradition, Mac suggests that “A little creativity goes a long way.” Stating further, he surmises that “too much analysis takes the fun out of the music, but it’s good to understand how what you do relates to the music made by those who have come before.” Further, “I obviously help represent the ‘traditional side of the scene’ while there exists a non-traditional side of the scene full of creative musicians and songwriters who are still considered old-time by the pundits. You have to decide for yourself if it even matters or not. Love and respect for each other no matter what style you think you play is bottom line.” Mac and Jenny are currently wrapping up work on a CD of songs that reflects their love for the local banjo, fiddle, guitar and song traditions of the Crooked Road region. They also offer weekend music camps for those interested in experiencing a weekend of musical fun with classes at their home and field trips to music venues in Floyd County. For more visit and Written by Scott Perry, a musician, teacher and writer. He and his wife, Lisa Kae, live on a 40 acre farm in Floyd County, VA where they raised their two sons and various dogs, cats, chickens, fruit trees, berry bushes, vegetable gardens and more than a few eyebrows.

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

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The Stone Barn Inn A Personal Retreat

Relax into a slower rhythm in Floyd County’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Connect with what has been forgotten. Stay a weekend, a week, or longer. Pictures and information on our website,

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Licensed Land Surveyor in the State of Virginia since 1979 Expert witnesses in court cases such as boundary & right of way disputes plus accident surveys Our business is located in Floyd County near Mabry Mill on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our surveyor John D. Lewis has been a Licensed Land Surveyor in the State of Virginia since 1979 and has more than 40 years experience in Land Surveying, Land Development and Construction Management. Mr. Lewis spent nearly 20 years in Northern Virginia as a Chief Land Surveyor and Construction Manager for Mobil Oil Company (retired in 1996) and Terrabrook Land Development. His projects were Reston Virginia a 7,500 Acre planned community and Broadlands a 1,500 Acre planned community. Fork Mountain Surveying and Mapping Inc. represents land owners in all types of surveying needs such as boundary surveys, subdivisions, land planning, conservation easements, topographic surveys, construction stakeout, construction management and ALTA Title Surveys. We are currently providing Land Surveying Services for the Town of Floyd, City of Danville, Olde Mill Golf Course and many individual land owners throughout the counties of Floyd, Montgomery, Roanoke, Patrick, Carroll and Grayson.

951 Fork Mountain Road SW • P.O. Box 163 • Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 Office 276 - 952 - 6110 Fax 276 - 952 - 6111 Email Fall/Winter 2013-2014


Scott Perry - Musician & Teacher Scott Perry is a recognizable musical figure in Floyd’s vibrant and crowded local music scene. As a solo artist, and with his bandmates in Front Porch Swing, he performs an entertaining and engaging blend of American music that has earned him a large local following. Scott is also a dedicated music teacher offering lessons in all American music styles on guitar, mandolin and ukulele. Ironically, when he moved to Floyd County fourteen years ago, it was in part to get away from music. Perry had been a professional musician for most of his adult life and had spent the last ten years doing so full-time, performing 5–6 days a week as a solo acoustic blues act and in an electric jump blues band called the Hipshakin’ Daddies, in Charleston, SC. He’d also toured up and down the east coast and into the midwest many times, performing everywhere from small clubs to large festival stages and conducting workshops on the impact of blues music on American culture at schools and universities. However, as his two sons, Spencer and Emerson approached their teenage years, he and his wife, Lisa Kae, decided it was time to settle down.The Perrys looked into several areas to relocate. However, Floyd County’s rural beauty, rustic charm and eclectic social mix (and relatively affordable land prices), proved to be a siren’s call they couldn’t resist. It wasn’t until after they relocated that Scott discovered Floyd’s lively and diverse music scene. Although he had put up his guitars when he first arrived in Floyd, Scott soon had them back out and began appearing on stage at the area’s many music venues banging out his unique blend of traditional and original blues. There was also jamming and learning from local musicians proficient in other genres including old-time, bluegrass, western swing, jazz, rock and roll and country. This “education” broadened Scott’s musical interests and inspired him to deepen his understanding of how music works. He taught himself to read music and learned the basics of music theory and took lessons from several area teachers. Most recently, Scott has been studying jazz with Frank Vignola, a world renowned guitarist and educator. This study has led to appearances on stage with Vignola as well as other well known guitarists such as legendary jazzer Bucky Pizzarelli, Gypsy jazz phenom Olli Soikkeli and the international gunslinger Tommy Emmanuel. For the past eight years, Scott has been the county’s busiest music teacher, keeping a lesson schedule of over 40 lessons a week. When asked, he states that cultivating a love of music and music 8

making in hundreds of students over the years is the musical legacy most important to him and second only to his family, as a priority. He began giving lessons out of the music store he opened in 2004. The Pickin’ Porch featured locally made instruments, local art with a musical theme and an impressive inventory of books and supplies in addition to other instruments. The store was featured in several national magazine and newspaper articles, became a destination for several celebrities including Hee Haw’s Roy Clark and Steppenwolf guitarist Michael Monarch, but generally thrived due to its local focused approach. Although the store prospered, even during the economic downturn, Scott discontinued the retail operation in 2009 to devote more time to his teaching schedule and family life. He sold off the inventory and building and moved his lesson studio to the Jacksonville Center. Scott’s friendly, individualized, student-focused approach has earned him a large and loyal local student following. His current schedule includes students as young as four to 74 years of age, studying everything from blues and jazz to contemporary pop and rock styles, from old-time and bluegrass to honky tonk and contemporary country. Like all good teachers, Scott believes he learns as much from his students as they learn from him. He believes in cultivating broad musical interests, a love of music and musical performance and helping students find their own unique and authentic musical approach. In addition to individualized private lessons, Scott has formed student ensemble groups with his intermediate and advanced students. One of those groups has become a full-fledged band, Scott Perry & 3 Shades of Blue, that performs throughout the county. He also has recorded two CDs of student performances, the proceeds of which have all gone to local charities. Scott schedules two recitals every year that are well attended not just by his students’ family and friends, but by the community. Additionally, Scott has recently begun teaching on-line via video chat and launched a website last year that will soon offer instructional videos, music charts and playa-long tracks. The site,, consolidates his musical endeavors as a performer and a teacher. Currently, you can find performance videos, schedules, lesson options, free MP3s, ringtone and dial tones, and a blog featuring his many published articles and much more. - (540) 577-6881

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Slaughters’ Supermarket Garden Center & Christmas Shoppe

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536 Floyd Highway S - (540) 745-2908

A Business Favorite of Floyd Locals architectural design • timber frame construction

StreamLine Timberworks Inspired • Innovative • Timeless

P.O. Box 636 Floyd, VA 24091

Call our Floyd office toll free at 888-778-8010 x3 / ~ /StreamlineTimberworks

Fall/Winter 2013-2014


Floyd Fest ~ Shangri-La of the East Music and Magic in the Mountains! A 5-day celebration of music and art nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia! Bridging the gap between genres, generations and cultures, the festival features over 100 performers on 10 stages! The 80-acre mountain plateau offers camping, a progressive ‘Global Village’ area of workshops and demonstrations, over 100 artisans and crafters, food offerings ranging from pulled-pork BBQ to hand-churned ice cream, a comprehensive healing arts area, and a Children’s Universe, featuring stage performances geared toward children, puppetry, workshops, playground equipment and baby sitting services. The festival is located at milepost 170.5 off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. This year’s FloydFest 12 Rise & Shine featured a soldout crowd, a host of exciting new vendors and outdoor activities, and an exceptionally diverse line-up of musicians who brought astounding talent and energy to the FloydFest stages. Despite some unexpected inclement weather, the incredible musical talent, wide variety of fun activities, and enthusiastic audience made FloydFest 12 Rise & Shine an unforgettable experience. The event, which is becoming known as the ‘Shangri-La of the East’, is the one-stop vacation destination offering boundless opportunities for every member of the family. Far more than a music festival, FloydFest offered patrons not only a harmonious experience in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, but a four day long opportunity to enjoy a magnitude of pleasantries the beautiful area has to offer. Families relished in performances from over 100 performing artists on 10 stages, and enjoyed goods from over 100 artisans and specialty craft beverages. This year’s musical highlights included performances by The Lumineers, John Butler Trio, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show and many more. New additions to this year’s festival included the Flower of Life Yoga and DJ eXperience, a one-of-a-kind installation that featured daily yoga sessions, spiritual workshops, and late night ‘Silent Discos.’ Festival attendees were


also able to participant in an assortment of fun outdoor activities throughout the weekend, including canoe trips, guided hikes, mountain bike rides, and a 5k trail race. Kids enjoyed an array of activities at the Children’s Universe while others took some time to attend yoga sessions, workshops, panel Photo by: Roger Gupta discussions, or the opportunity to just relax in the ENO hammock lounge while listening to their favorite bands. Driven to be the best music festival experience of our time, Across-theWay Productions is already in the midst of planning for another memorable experience, FloydFest 13! Author - Across-the-Way Productions is a cutting edge event management company located in the mountain town of Floyd, Virginia. At AtWP we believe in the transformative potential of music and celebration and are dedicated to the art of the outdoor festival. Our vision is to build community event experiences through inspired creativity. Combining artistic instinct with detailed planning and dedicated customer service, Across-the-Way Productions promotes and produces FloydFest, Vintage Virginia and the Virginia Wine Festival and manages the stunningly beautiful venue at milepost 170.5 off the Blue Ridge Parkway.

About the photographer Fallon Kreye: I am an on-location portrait photographer. I love photography and cherish that I have the privilege of sharing the wondrous and timeless beauty I see in this world everyday with you. I hope to have the pleasure of working with you to capture your most beautiful, precious and unforgettable moments. 540-558-8905

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l l l i Bersigns D

Bent Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast Inc. 9039 Mountain View Drive Copper Hill, VA 24079 540-651-2500

Mailing Address P.O. Box 134 Copper Hill, VA 24079 Owned and Operated by Bonnie and Jesse Lawrence

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School House Fabrics A Sewing Paradise

Old school building converted into a “Sewing Paradise�. Three floors of almost all types of fabrics available, craft supplies, yarns and a additional building of upholstery fabrics and supplies. We are located on (Route 8) in the town of Floyd. Our hours are Monday-Saturday, 9:00am-5:30pm.

220 North Locust St. Floyd, VA 24091 (540) 745-4561

Lead Graphi c Desi g ner f o r Fl oyd Vi rg i ni a Mag azi ne Li ke t he ef fect i ve and dyna mic desi g ns you see i n Fl oyd Maga zine? Cal l John Bri l l t oday at 540-815-1079 for Graphi c Desi g n Ser vi ces!

s Flyer rs Poste rs Maile ers Bann ons Coup ures Broch s letter News nar y Statio ards Billbo s Card Palm Signs Ya r d opes Envel zines Maga nts iseme t r e v Ad rds ss Ca e n i s Bu rs Sticke r e p Bum

w w w.b ril l d e s ign s .org Fall/Winter 2013-2014 11

FLOYD FEST OUTDOOR ADVENTURE Those who love music festivals and outdoor adventures got a treat at FloydFest 12. In addition to a stellar line-up of multi-genre acts, this year’s festival included an array of outdoor activities for festival-goers of all ages and abilities. Our trip down the Little River with guide Daniel Sowers, owner of On the Water in Floyd, was but one of the options offered this year by FloydFest Outdoor Adventure. But it was a popular one. Throughout the weekend, Sowers and his crew of family members and friends, added trips down river even as rain fell. Festival-goers had lots of options for adding outdoor recreation to the FloydFest 12 experience. Disc golf, geocaching, hikes of varying intensities (including an 11-mile trek around Rock Castle Gorge), mountain biking, fly casting, and a 5k race – all of these activities provided visitors with unique ways to explore the Blue Ridge Mountains. Gear vendors like Backpacker, Vasque, Osprey, Blue Ridge Mountain Sports, Blue Ridge Outdoors and Eagle’s Nest Outfitters obviously are seeing the logic in marketing to the festival crowd with customer-filled retail tents, as well as the increasingly strong participation in outdoor activities sponsored by outdoor retailers for music lovers. “We understand that people need more than just music to recharge. FloydFest Outdoor Adventure offers a variety of activities to heighten and enrich the festival experience fully engaging patrons with the beauty of our festival environment,” says the FloydFest website. The list of nonprofit vendors supporting outdoor activities and conservation also grew this year. The National Whitewater Center was at the festival, as well as Appalachian Voices and Friends of the Stadium Woods. FloydFest is five years into a zero waste effort that requires all food service items to be recyclable or compostable, and for all service providers to sort their waste. Sustainability workshops are held throughout the weekend for adults and children so they can implement and improve conservation efforts at home. FloydFest’s “green team” of dedicated volunteers directs festival-goers to recycling stations requiring sorting of food, plastic and paper and other refuse. Reusable cups are used in beer garden areas and are available for purchase. Free “water stations” exist to cut down on plastic bottle waste and to make sure attendees have plenty of fresh, clean, cool water to drink throughout the weekend – especially those involved in Outdoor Adventure outings. Outdoor adventurers seem to like the festival’s offerings. Steven Dornsknife, a first-time festival goer and VIP ticket holder from Maryland, said, “If the festival is half as good as the paddle we’ve got quite a weekend ahead of us.” As the festival concluded, he and a buddy literally gave thumbs up to the entire experience. “It’s been terrific,” Dornsknife said. “We’ll come back.” One reason may be the attitudes of the people like Daniel Sowers who provide various parts of festival offerings: “Have fun. Relax. And enjoy the trip….”


The Music of the Water – On the Water in Floyd A yellow bus ride down a narrow bumpy back road sliding us around like kindergarteners on the big bus seats. Vertical drops visible – titillating, the thrill ride Down, down, down to the river we go. Daniel-guide is free and easy with us. “Must we wear life vests?” someone asks. “No,” says Daniel-guide…. “Have fun. Relax. It’s your trip.” The Little River is up for this time of year resembling churning, rushing, frothing chocolate with meringue whitecaps. We push off and enter the watery fray. We are free…. Wee! Around each bend new wonders wait: rock outcroppings, a Great Blue Heron, ancient sycamores that lean over the river shading us with limbs that look like works of art -white, green, brown and black camouflage smudges, the bark peeling or altogether gone. We stop to swim, for what is a river trip without a dip into the cold current, rushing our bodies across the river swirling us around again – an exhilarating thrill ride. Back in the boats we get to know one another with stories. Paddling slower now, unwilling for the trip to be over the sound of rushing water sets us in our reveries as we psyche ourselves up for the FloydFest experience. Nancy Bell is a freelance writer/photographer from Snow Creek in nearby Franklin County. On the water in Floyd! 2 hour floats or day runs! Rent your own vessel! For information or reservations call 540.838.1877 or email!

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Atte new nd to wi n b anok ikes fro 1 of 2 b e’s lo m on rand cal b e of ike s Rohops !


At the Roanoke Civic Center • Free Parking and Entry

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Cabin Rental Step back 100 years and enjoy the Mountains as they were when things were uncomplicated. You can stay in an original wormy chestnut log cabin home and enjoy the comforts of modern convenience in a beautiful mountain setting. The cabin has been beautifully restored and is fully furnished with a full kitchen, two bedrooms and a bath. Relax by the fire at night and settle in comfortably.


Floyd Country Store

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Simple Country

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Weddings in Floyd

My cellphone rings. I pull over, dig for my phone, and glance at the caller’s number. Looks like Hampton Roads. I recognize the Northern and Southeastern VA and North Carolina area codes and of course, the ones from the New River and Roanoke Valleys. But they also call from far-flung places like upstate New York, California, Idaho, and Louisiana…brides-tobe, seeking a minister to officiate their special day in these gentle mountains we call home. Why come so far? So many reasons! The entire area, and especially Floyd, is getting a good reputation as a place to visit and place to get married. We have natural beauty and an attractive blend of old-time and artsy charm. Our tourism folks are doing a great job building county cachet, and the “overalls meets tie-dye” thing is working. Couples who met at college and now live somewhere else want to return to the area for their wedding. When I interview couples, this is a biggie for them. If they are meeting me in person, I can see their eyes light up and their whole demeanor change when they begin telling me their love story and how they met at Virginia Tech or Radford. I can even hear the smiles over the phone, if they’re talking to me from their home state. This place makes such an indelibly positive impression that the couples are excited about coming back for their big event and about bringing their families and friends here to celebrate. We have great venues, places to stay, restaurants, caterers, photographers, musicians, DJs, florists, bakers, jewelers…all the amenities and talent necessary to put on a wonderful wedding. And at a great value! Floyd County prices are better than big city prices and so is the customer service. I talked with Sarah Sowers, owner of Floyd Jewelry as I admired her beautiful bling. She showed me an extraordinary black diamond surrounded by smaller white diamonds, a fresh new take on an old-fashioned look. “Colored diamonds are popular right now, and so is vintage,” she said. “Here’s an example of both elements, and this one just sold for a very affordable price to a Texas couple.” “Because we’re here in Floyd, and it’s a family business, I can keep prices down,” she continued. “We do a lot of custom work, because our brides know exactly what they want and that’s what we want to give them. The bride can choose from a large selection of loose stones and have it set in just the right setting for her, and we can design one-of-kind-rings. We have an in-store goldsmith, so we can do the work right here.” In a short article, I can’t mention each and every wedding-related vendor, but I do want to spotlight a few who exemplify the excellence and range of services that we have to offer. The first call the bride makes is usually to reserve a venue. Among the many truly distinctive venues in Floyd County, the Chateau Morrisette and the Floyd EcoVillage both stand


out as truly remarkable, each in their own special way. I met EcoVillage manager Maggie Hessinger, whose theater/directorial background serves her well in staging weddings and who, until two years ago, has lived in large cities. “I like the trust here,” she said. “My husband and I wanted to live in a place where we could raise kids who could touch a cow and climb a tree.” The green and natural theme certainly weaves throughout the EcoVillage, inside and out. Every effort has been made to use local wood in the construction and décor. The walls, made with 14”-16” panels, keep the facility cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Solar tubes and panels glimmer on the roof. Even the parking lot is green. Couples can choose to say their vows in the main room, which can easily seat up to 200-250 theater-style, the café, or the outdoor amphitheater, which faces a pavilion and a pond. In the main room, a large projection screen can be lowered and raised in moments, providing the option of slide shows and videos. We walked through the impressive kitchen, which can handle two weddings a weekend. For 2014 weddings, the lodge will be available, with seven rooms, five bedrooms and two double suites. In addition, there’s a campground onsite. The Chateau Morrisette is nothing short of stunning in its gracious, yet elegant interior and exterior settings, fabulous vistas, and range of offerings for couples to choose from. The Lawn and Vineyard can both accommodate up to 350 guests. In addition, there’s the Courtyard, the Merlot Dining Room, and the William F. Morrisette Room, which is just perfect for up to 150 guests- warm and inviting, country and classy, with a magnificent stone fireplace. “We have the capability to dream along with any bride,” said Events Manager Sally Truslow. “There’s a natural partnering of capability and venue. We do it all, from upscale to farm equipment motif lit with candles in Mason jars.” Sally, who’s planned and directed over 600 weddings, exudes confidence , calm and a wonderful blend of warmth and professionalism. I can personally attest to the way her leadership sets a positive tone that is much appreciated by the wedding parties. “We hear so much about bridezillas and wedding drama in popular culture. But that’s not our intention, and that’s not what we experience. Here, the event is going to be as relaxed as the bride is beautiful.” Floyd County welcomes wedding guests in beautiful B&B’s, peaceful mountain retreats, and even a hotel right in town. I did the Goldilocks tour and visited one big, one medium and one small, boutiquey place to stay. At the Hotel Floyd, a designated Virginia Green establishment, I donned a yellow hard hat and walked through the construction site of the impressive

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“Hotel Floyd Phase Two” with hotelier Derek Wall. In addition to its present beautifully designed rooms, and mini outdoor amphitheater, the hotel will greatly expand its accommodations and add a large room suitable for weddings and conferences, as well as other amenities, like a café suitable for wedding breakfasts and rehearsal dinners. At the Oak Haven Lodge, owner Judy Bryant’s niece Rachel Belcher gave me the tour. Though it’s right on the edge of town, the Lodge sits up on a hill, in a peaceful spot, sheltered by trees and offers a lovely rustic charm. “We’re off the beaten path,” said Sarah, so we can provide our guests a homey, quiet setting. Often all of the rooms are rented by one wedding party, and the families can sit on the porch together and talk. We have 12 rooms. Two are suites and four have king-size beds, and there are a few with whirlpools. We book up for weddings quickly!” The Green Man Inn, owned by artist, writer and imagineer Patricia Robin Woodruff, is only a few steps away from the stoplight. It provides a cozy, comfortable Celtic- themed charm. With a romantic electric fireplace and Patty’s decorative touches, the Green Man is a lovely place to stay. The Inn can accommodate two families, or it can serve as a nice large suite for the bride and groom. For bridal couples, Patty adds a little gift from Floyd as a memento. For a full list of area accommodations, visit http:// Last but certainly not least, I want to mention caterer extraordinaire, Chef Richard Perry. Richard’s resume will knock your socks off! As a private chef, he’s cooked for the B52’s (Love Shack Tour), Larry Byrd, Judge Judy, The Colliers, Rudy Giuliani and top politicos on both sides of the aisle. He holds several degrees in Culinary Arts and his stellar career has included work at the Trellis Restaurant, and the Greenbrier. He spent 12 years working as a troubleshooter opening some of the best restaurants in the Southern states and came to Floyd, he told me, because he likes the lifestyle. “I grew up in a small town in Northern Alabama, much like Floyd, and when I came here I felt a comfort I had not felt since I was a young man, he said. “It’s close enough to the ocean for me to take my boat with good fishing in the local lakes. After living on the coast most of my life it was refreshing to see a change of season, folks not in such hurry and someplace they haven’t lost the steering wheel wave. I’m committed to using local, sustainable agriculture in our catering and Meals Planning delivery service. We have established relationships with several farms in the area to grow specific produce for us. I strive diligently to use fresh, seasonable produce, meats and cheeses, often grown or produced just for us: as well as our own farm where we cultivate a large variety of heirloom herbs, tomatoes, lettuces and wild greens. Plus, everything we make is handcrafted from scratch.” Rev. Kanta Bosniak is an artist, writer and celebrant of personalized and meaningful wedding ceremonies. You can find her at http:// and “like” her on Facebook at KantaBosniakWeddings. Shannon Ainsley’s love for photography began in high school with an oatmeal box camera picture of a school bus. She has been a professional photographer for more than 14 years. In 2007 she moved here with her family from the emerald beaches of Pensacola, FL and opened Always and Forever Photo. She loves capturing the emotion of every stage of family photography from the yes, to the “I do” to the first family photos. Shannon has photographed numerous weddings, Marine Corps Balls, and has done yearbook portraits for several years for the Virginia Tech Yearbook, The Bugle Yearbook. Always and Forever Photo, Shannon Ainsley, 540-808-4979,

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Chateau Morrisette Winery: New Pups in the Kennel True artists always love their current creations best. Passion blurs any previous accomplishments. Winemaker, Rick Hall, and his cellar crew at Chateau Morrisette are no different. Four new wines have been tweaked, tested and tasted while in transition for over two years. These new summer wines are an homage to the fruit of the vine. Two of the new wines, Farmhouse Sangria and Red Muscadine, offer lower than usual levels of alcohol. Reduced levels of alcohol in wine have become a popular trend and reflect the spirit of a more responsible consumer, especially during warmer months when outdoor activities increase. While the alcohol levels may be lower than other grape wines, the intensity of flavor and aromas have not been compromised or diminished. Both are delicious products to be enjoyed in abundance! Red Muscadine Made from the classic southern grape, Muscadine, this wine is sweet and smooth and packed with the unique Muscadine character of freshly picked fragrant grapes. Unique to other Muscadine wines, ours is lightly sparkling. Serve chilled with spicy southern fare like barbecue. Great as a summer sipper while rocking on the back porch. Red Muscadine will be the star attraction at any pig pickin’! Alcohol 10.5%. 750 ml bottle. $10.99 bottle Farmhouse Sangria Made from delicious red wine, dark sweet cherries, oranges and limes, this festive Sangria is bursting with abundant, lively fruit aromas. Sweet and smooth, with a mouthwatering juicy character perfect for any celebration. Pairs well with spicy and grilled foods and is best served chilled or over ice. Alcohol 8.5%, 750 ml bottle. $10.99 bottle Lighter dinner fare begs for a wine radiant with intensity. Nouveau Chien will dazzle your guests and elevate any culinary


accomplishment. For dessert, serve Heritage, a rich port-like wine confident enough to stand alone but more than willing to embrace spice and chocolate confections. 2012 Nouveau Chien This opulent white wine features aromas of yellow apple, kiwi, honeydew melon, and delicate flowers. On the palate, the tropical character continues with flavors of pineapple and guava, complemented by a bright but mild acidity. Overall, this is a mouthfilling wine with a long finish, and will pair nicely with grilled pork, spicy Asian cuisine, and sharp cheeses. Best lightly chilled. A full 750 ml bottle has an alcohol content of 13%. $24.99 bottle 2011 Heritage The aroma of this dessert wine is reminiscent of dried berries and other red fruits, plums, chocolate, and baking spices. The wine’s fortified character enhances and enriches its full flavors of raspberry, blackberry, vanilla, and cinnamon, while its finish is smooth and clean. Try pairing this wine with cayenne-dusted chocolate, rich beef dishes, and bleu cheese! Bottled in a half bottle of 375 ml with an alcohol content of 18%. $19.99 bottle All wines are currently available at Chateau Morrisette’s winery location in Floyd, VA, just off the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 171.5. Winery tours are hosted daily at no charge and wine tastings are available throughout each day; no reservations required. Visit soon to taste and purchase summer’s bounty. Any case purchase receives a 10% discount. Join the Kennel Club for even greater savings on bottles, cases and gifts. Story by Andrea Frazier - Originally from Laurel Fork, Virginia, Andrea lived a good portion of her adult life in Charlotte. She returned home to Virginia twelve years ago, missing her life in the country. When not writing or editing, Andrea works as a Customer Service Associate with Chateau Morrisette.

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The New American Spirit Can’t you just feel it?! It’s the new American spirit. The great recession is behind us and although there has been a great deal of hardship shared by us all, it feels like we have learned, and now remember, some very important lessons. As Americans we seem to have gained a new consciousness. The cycle of conspicuous consumption has been replaced by the thoughtfulness of conscious consumption. We tend to think more now about what we really need and want. We are giving more thought to where those goods and services come from and just whom and what we’re really supporting. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the recent buzz about products Made in the USA from companies big and small. Corporate marketers have figured out that we have changed our values and they know they had better adjust. Even Walmart has recently bought in with their new Made in the USA program. Hopefully they will follow through this time. As a clothing manufacturer and small retailer established in 2005, we have experienced several seismic shifts over the past eight years. When we began, our mission was primarily to produce quality organic cotton clothing with positive, fun and thoughtful messages as embellishments. We have always done our production in the USA but simply considered that a part of our sustainability mission. Now Made in America is possibly the number one reason people come to our shop, buy our shirts online or purchase from the many retailers who carry our line. This past summer we have had the pleasure of meeting folks from all over the United States. They come into our shop or see us at special events. We love speaking with and listening to all these great people. We are continually amazed by the diversity of our customers and the many reasons they love our brand. However, what we have noticed most about the conversations we have had this year is how positive people are. They are positive about America and our prospects… yes, even in spite of our politicians failures to get along. We see a new consciousness about what people are eating and how they are taking better care of themselves. They tell us that they are shopping at local farmers markets and going out of their way to support their


local economies, stores and farms. They are shopping in smaller stores whether they are at home or on the road. They are asking, “where was this made”? They understand that it’s not just the local store that needs their support, but the entire supply chain. The supply chain is what really generates jobs in America. The more we produce at home, the more jobs we support. As Americans, we really seem to get this now. As much of the world’s economies are still faltering we have managed to hold on, pull together and move forward. Most importantly, we are demanding more accountability from our business leaders and corporations. I really think that if we stay positive and continue to move forward in our thinking and don’t fall back on the greed scale, we can really do some great things. Our company is celebrating its eighth year in business. We are proud of our many accomplishments (just staying in business during the worst downturn since the Great Depression should qualify). But, the thing we are most proud of is the way that our messages and our commitment to quality USA made products, resonates with our customers. They come from all walks of life, political persuasions and locales. They are united by their American spirit, their thoughtfulness, their desire to “support local”, respect the planet and respect those who work so hard to make us all proud. Story by Rain and George Lipson. They design, merchandise and own Green Label Organic: Sustainable Threads, based in Floyd, their Made in USA clothing can be found at better outdoor and organic clothing retailers nationally and at the Outlet Store on Oxford St. Green Label Organic 540-745-6162 • PO Box 457 • Floyd, VA 24091

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We have clothing from lingerie to wedding gowns (in-store and catalog ordering), church and work dresses, pant suits, sportswear, blouses, shirts, sweaters, slacks, and uniforms. We also have name brand shoes. We outfit mothers of the bride, bridesmaids, and we have wedding gowns, flower girl dresses and prom dresses. We carry a selection of silk flowers and all that goes along for a wedding, like bouquets and rental candelabras, arches, hand bags and jewelry. “Many people coming to the shop comment about our very reasonable prices, large selection (petite , missy, plus)”.

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A New June Bug Center Those who have stopped for a visit or have recently driven by The June Bug Center in Floyd, VA may have noticed things are starting to happen. Over the last year, The June Bug Center’s Facility Administrator, Heather Krantz has been dedicated and working hard to learn the ways in which The June Bug Center can best serve the needs of the Floyd community. The June Bug Center is interested in how to make the spaces at the center adaptable, accessible and affordable for organizations and community members to use. And now, the facility is ready for a new beginning. Within the buildings that make up The June Bug Center, much more exists than meets the eye. The center is comprised of a classroom, conference room and offices for community organizations and features a large multifunctional foyer. An entire movement arts studio and an intimate black box theater, complete with a back stage and green room fill the space. An adjacent building is home to Music Lab Floyd, a music education program produced by the Jefferson Center. The black box theater is a community performance and event space that is equipped with state of the art sound and lighting systems and a main stage performance area that can be customized to fit different needs. The room is also equipped with a large screen and projector, great for showing movies or for presentations of all types. Plan to see more upcoming concerts and community theater events taking place, along with monthly scheduled teen movie and open mic nights. The old meditation room has been modified into a conference room and is ideal for small group meetings or classes and can still be used for small meditation groups as well. “It’s a beautiful space with plenty of natural light and can hold groups of up to 15 people comfortably,” says Krantz. The conference room is also equipped with a TV, DVD player and large white board and will surely inspire ideas and productivity for whoever uses it. The newly renovated foyer area is the perfect gathering place for larger groups and events. “We have purposely taken out all the fixed structures and furniture in this space so that everything can be moved around and changed according to what the room is going to be used for,” says Krantz. “We have actually tried to do that in as many spaces in the building as possible.” Across the parking lot is The June Bug Center’s Movement Arts Studio that has a specially crafted sprung dance floor that was installed for it’s supportive and resilient properties, making the space well suited for dancing, martial arts and all types of movement arts. Currently, the space is regularly used by Aikido of Floyd, TaekwonDow Kidz and for the After School Enrichment Program classes. Besides renovating and cleaning up the spaces, Krantz has been hard at work making connections. Last spring, the Floyd County Public Schools collaborated with The June Bug Center to host an After School


Enrichment Program for teens that included free classes in stress reduction, theater, cooking, dance and more as well as homework and tutoring assistance for the students as needed. Krantz says, “the school system has been a great partner in helping make these after school opportunities available for teens as well as Joe Klein, the Director of the new Blue Mountain High School. We are hoping this program will just continue to grow and teens will find The June Bug Center a fun and safe place to hangout and just be themselves.” The program is happening again this year and offers classes and activities Wednesdays and Thursdays in addition to a social event each Friday. “We are offering free movies and popcorn and will alternate the movie nights with an open stage or open mic event for the teens,” says Krantz. “We are trying to encourage teens to come hang out, try new things and make some new friends in the process, we are even going to have a drawing for an iPad mini and other prizes for students that attend regularly.” Another connection that Krantz has been working on is with The Jefferson Center in Roanoke, VA to develop a Music Lab for Floyd. Jefferson Center has produced music education programs at the Music Lab in Roanoke for five years and collaborated with The June Bug Center last spring to test how a Music Lab would work in other communities. Floyd was a logical choice and The June Bug Center was eager to make the space available. Plenty of students signed up to participate and Jefferson Center declared the pilot program a success. This September, Jefferson Center and the Music Lab Floyd is officially taking up residency at The June Bug Center, “I really hope Music Lab Floyd is around for years to come. Just like many non-profits, there is a constant need for funding and I’m sure they will be taking it year by year,” says Krantz. “We are happy to do whatever we can to support them in their efforts here.” Most recently, FloydJAMs an after-school heritage music program teaching classes in guitar, fiddle, banjo, for 4th-8th graders, will likely be held at The June Bug Center on Mondays, beginning on September 30 from 3:30-5:30 pm. Krantz says she is proud to be in a position to offer the spaces at The June Bug Center to the Floyd community and organizations that are doing such good things. “It’s such a great place and there is so much potential. I am just here to open the doors and help make connections happen. The people and organizations that have arrived to use the spaces just shows me how amazing Floyd really is and makes me proud to live here.” More information about everything that is happening at the June Bug Center can be found at or by calling 540745-6550. - Written Collaboratively and Submitted by the June Bug Center, 251 Parkway Lane South, Floyd, VA 24091

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Surrounded by peaceful woods and beautiful mountain landscapes, the Woodberry Inn is indeed a retreat into tranquility. 16 comfortably furnished rooms equipped with 1 queen or 2 full beds, private bath, TV with 50+ channels and WIFI. Pet friendly rooms. The Woodberry Inn Restaurant serves a delicious variety of appetizers, salads, sandwiches and wraps, entrees and desserts. The full service bar serves a popular assortment of beers, wines, hard cider and mixed drinks. Call or visit our website for current information on our hours and specials.

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some of Floyd’s most unique artists.

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TROIKA GALLERY SHOWS, WOODWORKER ED BARNES SPECTACULAR “CLOISONNE” VESSELS Many rural communities have hidden treasures. Floyd County is such a place. We are blessed with natural beauty, many artists, musicians and specialty farms. Amid several galleries and small retail businesses, Troika Gallery of Contemporary Crafts has been showing the work of mostly local and regional crafts for five years. This year Troika has had the honor of showing the work of master wood turner, Ed Barnes. Being in the right place at the exact right moment seems to have happened for Troika Gallery. Troika owners were visiting the Piedmont Craftsmen Craft show in Winston-Salem, NC last fall, looking for new artists for our upcoming 2013 show calendar. We met Ed Barnes, whose name we knew but we were unfamiliar with his work. It turns out Ed has been living in Patrick County next to Floyd since 1991. When asked if he might be interested in participating in a wood show we were planning, he up and said, “yes!” Ed does not normally show his work in galleries. He does his marketing through craft shows across the country. Being at Piedmont Craftsmen Craft Show was the right moment to ask Ed that pivotal question.. He was starting to shift his marketing ideas and felt willing to show in one gallery locally… ours. This Blue Ridge Mountain wood turner starts with woods native to southeastern Virginia and inlays the most exotic woods of the world. He looks for stumps, burls, or gnarled trees that have been influenced by the passage of time. His specific vision is in the design; ancient forms with a modern twist. Mother nature brings her part, the beauty of the wood figure. Ed Barnes’ part is to use the turned vessel as a canvas to inlay designs and introduce elements that nature never intended. Then there are the gray areas that make the viewer wonder whose hand is responsible: nature’s or the artist’s. His wood-turned vessel inlaid with metal is an example of a unique


technique that Ed has perfected through years of work. A fulltime woodturning artist since 1990, Barnes has perfected a unique method to inlay metal into wood for spectacular “cloisonné” vessels. A native of Martinsville, Virginia, Barnes’ educational background includes degrees in Advertising from Columbus School of Art and Design (Ohio), and in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute. Ed Barnes spent most of his career as a Design Director and Consultant for industry, including such graphics clients as Pepsi-Cola, R.J. Reynolds, Coca-Cola, Heublein, KimberlyClark and Nestlé. This background and experience influenced his novel technique in woodturning. While working in the industry, the seeds to his wood turning career were developed. Ed bought a small lathe to turn acrylic blocks into bottles. This was a fast way to explore bottle forms for design. When he retired he bought a larger lathe and says he is still turning bottles all these years later, now in wood. It was an unusual start with a glorious finish. Ed is self-taught as a wood turner. Perhaps because of that he has developed unique techniques and practices. Ed’s turned forms range in size from 3” tall to 34” tall and 16”in diameter.. The price range is broad. We feel like we have a hidden treasure right here in downtown Floyd and are very pleased to show Ed’s beautiful and unique work. Troika Gallery shows the work of quite a few excellent wood workers. Other treasures include jewelry, textile arts, lighting design, paper arts and ceramics. It is a diverse gallery with a high standard of excellence. Troika is located in the heart of downtown Floyd, across the street from The Floyd Country Store. Open five days a week, Thursday through Monday.

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Floyd Art In the heart of the town of Floyd is a gallery that focuses entirely on local art. Come into The Station any day and you will find an artist staffing the desk of the Floyd Artists Association.  Member artist Ron Campbell is well known around Floyd for his intricate pen drawings of weathered barns and rolling hills.  He said, “I enjoy drawing in the gallery.  I find it relaxing and an interesting conversation starter.  I like to talk to the people who look over my shoulder, to hear what they like about art.” This friendly interaction had its roots in an equally casual beginning to this co-operative gallery.  Almost ten years ago, a group of artists that participated in the weekly figure drawing group, Floyd Figures, started talking about putting together a place to show their artwork.  The Winter Sun building was remodeling and there was an opportunity to get a space there.  The Floyd Artists Association was born!  Of the six founding members, four still are active members: Marsha Slopey Paulekas and Karen Sewell, who enjoy painting the beautiful scenes around Floyd County, Gretchen St. Lawrence who specializes in pet portraiture and Patricia Robin Woodruff ’s colorful, spiritual paintings. The gallery was first called “Art Under The Sun”, but when The Station was renovated to house various businesses, the Floyd Artists Association moved into their light and airy location across from the Floyd Country Store.  Since then, FAA has been joined by many new members, including Celeste Fontana, Sue Clinger, and student member Nikki Perrilat, who bring a wealth of art experience to the group. FAA’s goal is to “support and promote artists and contribute to the creative arts culture of Floyd.”  As part of this, each month FAA features a different guest artist.  In this talent rich area, FAA has hosted approximately 100 different artists through the years and several of them have gone on to become co-op members; Penney Klaproth showed her one-of-a-kind fabric/paper books and now they fill up the window space in the gallery. Just this year, landscape


painter Richard Zagurski had a guest exhibit and is now a member, the same goes for Anne Crawford, who creates beautiful beaded jewelry and Cindy Howe who’s creativity ranges from hand-painted sneakers to colorful prints and handcrafted cards. Several of the artists are also known for their musical talent: Jenny Traynham, a student member at FAA can often be found performing music with her husband at the Floyd Country Store, while Andrea Marshall, a silversmith and guitar player started the Sunday afternoon Old Time Music Jam.  Gayle McTighe alternates between painting “trompe l’oeil” floor cloths and playing footstomping good music with the band Farm Team and Starroot is a multi-talented cosmic artist and German accordion player. The creativity at FAA covers the spectrum of art styles.   In addition to artist Kanta Bosniak’s inspirational books, she does portrait commissions in her unique style of contemporary folk art, while Paula Melton’s watercolors and minicanvases are practically photorealistic.  David Hall’s work falls somewhere between the two, with more subtle colors and his bold, recognizable style.  There is something for everyone. Karen Sewell holds weekly art classes where she provides one-on-one instruction depending on the skill level and interest of the student.  Special guest artists will also come in to hold workshops, covering such topics as oriental brush painting, pen & ink drawing, and drawing your pet.  Just sign the guest book at the gallery and mention that you are interested in classes.  Like us at, “Floyd Artists” on facebook and stay on top of workshop announcements, classes and specials. Artist Kanta Bosniak commented, “I have fun making art that makes people feel good.”  Certainly a visit to the Floyd Artists Association is bound to make a person feel good (and probably take care of their holiday shopping too!) Written by Patricia Woodruff

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Laurel Springs Percherons Hor se D r awn Veh i cl es & Ca rr i a g es For A l l O cca sions!

Art Opportunities in Floyd: ANYTHING GOES IN 2-D with Karen Sewell

A two hour class in any 2-D medium, any subject, get individualized instruction and motivation in an encouraging, supportive learning environment. LOCATION: Floyd Artists Association LLC Gallery, The Station, 203 S Locust St, Floyd, VA CONTACT: Karen Sewell, email or 540-695-0003 (c) or 540-763-2862 (h)


A weekly drawing group meets every Wednesday afternoon from 1-4 PM. Floyd Figures Art Group began in the early 1990’s and provides a noninstructional, supportive atmosphere for artists to practice their figure drawing skills (or painting, or sculpture...) Floyd Figures has different models every week from all walks of life; musicians, dancers, local folks, international visitors, etc. The large space at The Winter Sun offers wonderful natural lighting and plenty of room for artists to enjoy figure drawing and character studies with live models; $10 covers the model fee and studio costs. New artists and models are always welcome. LOCATION: The Winter Sun, 302 S. Locust Street, Floyd, VA CONTACT: Charlotte Atkins (540) 745-4848.


There’s also the Glass Club, a community of glass artists that meet once a month on the 1st Sunday of the month from noon until 4pm in the Jacksonville Center’s glass studio. It gives less experienced glass artists a chance to work with the more experienced members and develop their skills.  Each session costs $25 for glass, fuel, tool use and facilities per club attendee at the Jacksonville Center. LOCATION: Jacksonville Center (The Jax), 220 Parkway Lane South, Floyd, VA. CONTACT: Lara Davis Phelps at or call The Jax at 540-745-2784. 

A s s e e n at the “Dicke ns of a Night” in Floyd! • 540-392-9062 Wa l t a n d Je a n L e e - O w n e r s We dd i n g s • A n n i ve r s a r i e s • Bi r t h d ays • P a r a d e s • Hayri des! D o i n g Bu s i n e s s i n F l oyd a n d A l l S u rro u n d i n g areas!

Floyd Jewelry Specializing in custom jewelry and jewelry repair.


Artists who enjoy working in polymer clay can get together for projects, networking and advice. The New River Valley Polymer Clay Guild meets on the Second Saturday of the month from 1 to 4PM at various locations. CONTACT: Teri Walters or call the Jax at 540-745-2784


Art on the Parkway Saturday, October 12, 2013 from 9-5pm Meadows Edge Intersection of Rt. 58 & milepost 177 on the Parkway. Fine art booths by various area artists and the Floyd Artists Association. Check out my art at: Http://

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Cold And Flu Prevention – Vaccinate Or Vibrate! ‘Tis the season for turkey and presents, fun, frolicking and… oh yes, the flu. The flu season is generally considered between October and May with the peak of the season falling between late December and March. Every year in the United States, on average, 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu and more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications. The conventional approach to flu prevention is through the administration of vaccines. The belief that vaccines are safe and effective is pervasive in today’s society. Yet, in 2007, studies found that the flu vaccine was just 44% effective in protecting Americans against the flu. In addition, vaccination often carries with it unpleasant side effects – ranging from inflammation or mild flu symptoms to nervous system disorders. Given the rate of ineffectiveness, coupled with the increased awareness of the potential negative side effects of such drugs, it’s no wonder people are beginning to rethink their attitude toward seasonal immunization and are looking for alternatives.

Vibrational Remedies – Tried, Tested and True

There is a long history of successful management of serious acute infections with homeopathy, particularly the flu. Homeopathic medicine proved extremely effective in the management of the 1918 flu epidemic, and it will prove itself in any future flu pandemic, just as it does every winter in the treatment of that year’s flu cases. The Spanish flu pandemic was a plague that exceeded the ravages of the Bubonic Plague of 1347 that killed a third of the European population. Worldwide the Spanish flu killed an estimated 40 million people. In some primitive cultures the death rate was 100 percent. Fortunately, many patients in the United States had access to homeopathic medical care. A report to the American Institute of Homeopathy in 1921 documented the dramatic success of homeopathy in the worst flu pandemic in history. The death rate of 24,000 flu cases under conventional medical care in that study was 28.2 percent, while the death rate of 26,000 cases treated with homeopathy was a nearly miraculous 1.05 percent. Similarly, many homeopathic physicians each reported treating thousands of patients with very few deaths.

Where Do I Vibrate?

Finding the right homeopathic medicine for the flu is usually straightforward because the symptoms tend to be dramatic and easily characterized. Here are some available flu remedies and the presenting symptoms that indicate their use. The two most frequently indicated homeopathic flu medicines over the past 100 years have been Gelsemium and Bryonia. There are significant differences in the symptom pictures of these two medicines that make it easy to decide which is the better fit. They are not the only medicines used to treat the flu, but between them they will probably fit the majority of cases. Bryonia and Gelsemium type flus both come on slowly over a 6-12 hour period. You begin to feel gradually worse over that time. By the second day you have aching muscles, feel pretty bad, and usually have a headache. Bryonia has more pain in the front of the head, which is definitely made worse by moving the head, or moving the eyes, and feels better from pressing the hand on the head. Gelsemium has pain in the back of the head with stiffness and aching in the neck and across the shoulders. Gelsemium does not want to move much either, and you may feel worse from moving around, but you avoid movement primarily because you are so tired. The


characteristic state of Gelsemium is lethargy and fatigue. By contrast, Bryonia is tired but also restless. Bryonia discomfort is worse from motion, but at the same time you feel the urge to move about restlessly in the bed. No position seems comfortable. Bryonia is thirsty, Gelsemium is not. In fact, Bryonia is generally warmer and drier. Bryonia wants air and cool temperatures to calm the heat. Gelsemium is chilly and sensitive to cold; cold shivers go down the spine. At the same time Gelsemium is clammy with the fever, and feelings of heat and cold may alternate. Bryonia has more coughing and chest symptoms, a painful cough that aggravates the sore throat. The Bryonia cough will also cause chest pains, and the inevitable reaction to this situation is to press the palm to the chest to minimize the movement caused by coughing. Gelsemium does not have the energy to be emotional. Bryonia is irritable, worried, and fretful. Bryonia wants to be left alone, Gelsemium is too exhausted to respond. Baptisia is a bad flu that comes on quickly with a high fever. Suddenly with a Baptisia flu you are very sick and going downhill fast. Mentally Baptisia is confused, stupidly dull, and even delirious, sleepy all the time and unable to even answer questions. The main characteristic is an offensive odor from the sweat, the mouth, and the stool, and Baptisia flus are accompanied by both diarrhea and vomiting. The Rhus toxicodendron flu immediately distinguishes itself by its extreme restlessness. With all of the aching pains Rhus tox is better from moving. Constant motion, changing positions, and stretching provide the only relief. If you lie still with a Rhus tox flu you begin to ache, which forces you to move. Nighttime is the worst for Rhus tox because of the difficulty remaining in one position. You will toss and turn looking for relief. Mentally Rhus tox is anxious with a restless mind, and emotionally a sudden depression with crying is common. Like Gelsemium, Rhus tox is chilly and sweaty. Rhus tox is also sensitive to cold and better from warmth. The headache of both Rhus tox and Gelsemium has its focus in the back of the neck and head with aching across the shoulders. Rhus tox has a very dry mouth, but despite the dryness is not very thirsty.

The Best Offense is a Strong Defense

Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the virus. Instead, they work by modifying your body’s response to the virus, enabling your natural defense mechanisms to more readily identify what needs to be fought off, and to fight it off more effectively. For this reason, there is never an issue with resistance. Additionally, homeopathic remedies are safe for children and the elderly – those populations most at risk for contracting the flu. In the end, Homeopathy may end up being the most reliable method of saving lives in a bad epidemic. It has happened before, and it may happen again. We owe it to ourselves to be ready! For more information about homeopathic or vibrational remedies for colds, flu, and many other ailments, contact the Healing Tree Wellness Center at 540-745-3030, visit our website at or email us at These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Information given here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. www.facebook. com/HealingTreeHealth

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The Many Faces of the FLOYD Country Store The Floyd Country Store has a way of taking people by surprise, whether it be walking into the excitement of the Friday Night Jamboree, packed with musicians, dancers and a host of people enjoying a taste of traditional Appalachia, or arriving on a quieter day in Floyd to find some wonderful homemade soups, and fresh salads with local organic ingredients. It opened its doors as a hardware store in 1910 and has continued to serve and entertain the community and visitors for over a century. As it passed from owner to owner over the decades, the store has changed, but still today, much of the original building is intact and there’s an authentic distinct historic feel in the air. The assortment of merchandise on the shelves is quirky and unexpected. Many products focus on rural living, and the culture of the area. There is a good collection of country casual and work clothing, alongside a selection of house wares, cleaning products and handmade brooms suited for a country kitchen, apothecary items and books on country living. The barrels of candy are reminiscent of an earlier era, as is the selection of nostalgic and practical toys and books. The café in the store serves fresh homemade food made with love. There are old time classics, from toasty grilled cheese sandwiches, juicy barbecue sandwiches to creamy rich mac and cheese. There’s also healthy homemade soups and salads, made with fresh ingredients using seasonal local grown produce, possible by a partnership with Riverstone Organic Farm. The daily soup specials are all gluten free, as are the skillet baked cornbread and the corn crusted quiche—a real treat made with local free range eggs. Music has been a big feature of the store, since the Friday Night Jamboree started around 30 years ago. Nowadays, there is music in the store year round on Friday evening from 6:30pm, Saturday at noon and Sunday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. There’s also a monthly Radio Show, a unique variety show packed with old-time music, original music plays, comedy bits filled with humor and occasional old-time dances, featuring some of the best dance bands of the region. One of the many joys of the Friday Night Jamboree is the experience of traditional Appalachian mountain folk dance, that has been carried on by generations of families in this area. Now you can get some instruction beforehand, to prepare you to have fun on the dance floor. Although dancers work for years to perfect their personal styles, the basics of flat footing are simple. The latest addition to the store’s offerings is a weekly dance lesson, taught by award winning flatfooter, Rick Sutphin. Rick will


get you started the right way, so you can really enjoy being a participant in the evening dancing. The flat footing 101 class happens before the Friday Night Jamboree from 5-6 pm. Classes will be limited to fifteen students, so please call in advance to reserve your spot in the class (540 745 4563). Class fees are: $15 per person and $10 with student ID. Another reminder of the store’s musical heritage is seen with the strong collection of CDs and DVDs of old-time, bluegrass and gospel music. An exciting new development is the decision to put together some live recordings in the store, to be published as the “Live at the Floyd Country Store” series of CDs. The purpose of this new venture is to capture a snapshot of the Appalachia music as it happens every week at the store. Veterans of the Appalachian oldtime music scene, natural musicians and storytellers Jim Costa, Mark Campbell and Jim Lloyd were an easy choice for the first album of the series titled, ‘Costa, Campbell and Lloyd Live at the Floyd Country Store.’ Jim Costa of Talcott, West Virginia plays most of the traditional instruments of the region and has become an expert in the freeform knocking and picking styles of Tennessee native Uncle Dave Macon. Mark Campbell is an award winning fiddler from Richmond, Virginia. He has devoted himself to unraveling the techniques of older regional styles of fiddle playing. Jim Lloyd, Vice Mayor and barber of Rural Retreat VA, is a fourth generation musician of Southwest Virginia. He has won many awards on instruments ranging from autoharp to banjo. Jim’s music and storytelling has been documented by the Smithsonian Institution, as well as several commercial labels. The evening these three gentleman were on stage, the store was full of stories and laughter, and of course well crafted, old-time music played as naturally as if they had been in the living room playing to friends and family. The CD produced from this night was recorded live with no overdubbing, auto-tune, or other artificial sweeteners! The music was captured as the musicians sat knee to knee, playing for friends, family, neighbors, fans and passers-by. The laughter and footsteps are included at no extra charge. The Costa, Campbell and Lloyd CD is now available at the store or online at and captures the special feel of visiting the store. Please check the website for current store opening hours, and details of events. Written Collaboratively and Submitted by the Floyd Country Store, 206 South Locust St., Floyd, VA 24091

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Rakestraw Lawn Care, Inc. has been serving The New River Valley and The Roanoke Valley since 2003. It is our goal to provide services at an affordable price and keep your lawn looking good year round whether mowing, landscaping, trimming shrubs, debris clean up, or snow removal. Please contact Rakestraw Lawn Care, Inc. for all your lawn care needs. Patrick Rakestraw

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r C e r v e a ek e B Fencing

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Protection Your Family Deserves • FREE Basic Wireless Equipment Kit* • State of the art Home Security System

Fencing is more than the construction of something to “hold in” livestock, pets or whatever the case may be. A proper fence is artwork in its own way. If properly built, a fence will enhance the appearance of your property and increase its value. A fence that we build is something you will be proud to look at. The reason we build fences is because, at the end of the day, we can see something more than just a fence. We can see beauty in the way it lays and flows with the land. We know it will be built right and we won’t be the only ones who will be proud of it. We give thanks to the Lord for the work, for the ability and for the opportunity to help our clients.

Horse, Cattle, Privacy, Chain Link, Cross Buck Board, Woven Wire, Electric Fences. Any Type! • Floyd VA • (540) 789-2511 Fall/Winter 2013-2014

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Call Today! 540.745.2111 • 276.637.6485 *Certain restrictions may apply. Rates subject to change without notice. Offers and services are subject to credit approval. Equipment, installation and/or first month monitoring may be required. Pricing based on contract term requested. Does not include custom installations or wired systems. Free install available with 3-year commitment. $399 kit and install available without term; requires monthly monitoring. Contact Citizens authorized personnel for additional information and full Terms and Conditions. 35

Floyd Yoga Jam 2013

A Hometown Production of the Dancin’ Dakinis and the Community of Floyd County This year, Floyd celebrated it’s second annual Yoga Jam! This rapidly growing new regional festival was held for three days with music, yoga, art and community. This homegrown, ‘Mid-Summers Night Dream’ plays out every Labor Day weekend near the small hamlet of Willis, along a small creek in the magical meadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Floyd, VA. This epic weekend was a mini utopia, a snapshot in time where people came together to sing, dance, play, laugh and fall in love. All were invited to leave their differences and fears at the front gate and celebrate in a safe, loving and beautiful environment. Music lovers, yoga devotees and health enthusiasts from over 10 states and metro Baltimore/DC and Charlotte spent a long weekend dancing, experiencing new yoga classes, mixing with new yoga styles and studios, enjoying fresh local foods, communal performance art projects which were all set to a lovely musical backdrop of kirtan, devotional music and all out good time boogie down, funkadelic hip-hop! New, larger tents were brought in to house the participants and provide more shade for the yoga classes in the meadow dubbed “Blissland.” This meadow also hosted the Healing Oasis (full of various massage, herbal and acupuncture professionals), KidsVille (kid yoga classes, juggling, bubbles, arts/crafts) and the Art Village. The Art Village was home of the prayer flag making station, where visitors were asked to decorate a prayer flag square with their art, wishes and prayers. These flags were tied together and strung through the trees around the Blissland meadow. The opposite meadow, nick-named “Jamland” is ground central for tunes and fun! Main Stage rocked Saturday night with MC Yogi on his world tour. This stage and the smaller Groove Shack were home to Donna De Lory, David Newman, The Main Squeeze, DJ Drez, Montana Skies, William Walter, Amy Steinburg as well as local favorites Scott Perry & Front Porch Swing, Bernie Coveny & Andrea Marshall, Jagadisha, The Deer Run Drifters, and Train Wreck. In the center of Jamland lives the Slackline Park and the Asheville Aerial Artists. These folks take their yoga practice to a whole new level… off the ground! Food at the YOJam was not your run of the mill festival food. Selections included fresh salads, local eggs and BBQ, wood-fired pizza, organic roasted corn, popcorn, soft pretzels, homemade ice cream, popsickles and rootbeer floats, plus many gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and raw options. Plenty of good food was available to refuel the hard working


yogis who couldn’t wait to get to the next yoga class. Local craft brews, sangria and wine were available in the new Doogie Down Dance Hall Tent, complete with a mirrored, spinning disco ball. A place to rest in the shade and dodge summer thunderstorms, this was the hang out once the music started. Earlier in the day, the Dance Hall provided a haven for lectures and local acoustical musical acts. Laura Polant and Shirleyann Burgess are the Dancin’ Dakinis and producers of this eclectic, homegrown festival. “This is a joyful celebration of the human community to which we all belong!” says Laura. “It’s our job to find your inner spark and help you unleash it.” The Dakinis are dedicated to involving as much of the local community as possible, so all shall prosper. Building supplies come from Wills Ridge Supply, phone services from Citizens, a truck and volunteers from Sustain Floyd, business services from Nary Ordinary, a food drive for Plenty, parking by the Rotary, security by Floyd County Sheriff ’s Office, solar phone charging system from SolShine and theSolar Connexion in Blacksburg supplied a mobile solar generator to power up the sound systems and lights for the yoga tents! Even some local Willis pigs will benefit from the food waste generated by the event. Yoga is more than a posture or asana. Yoga means ‘Union’ or ‘to Yoke’ or join together. It’s the dance of the sun and moon, yin and yang, light and dark, male and female, combining the two halves of the whole. It is a term that suggests harmony, balance or equanimity. The Dakinis* have strived to embody this concept in everything having to do with the YOJam. “We hope you can feel the magic of Yoga this entire weekend and take some home to share!” enthuses Shirleyann. See you on the mat next year? Laura Polant is one of the Danci’ Dakinis and Co-Producer of the Floyd Yoga Jam. Laura has lived in Floyd for 25 years where she raised her daughters, built her dream house, teaches yoga and farms 13 acres along the Little River. Reach her at *A dakini is a tantric deity described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy. In Tibetan, dakini is rendered khandroma which means ‘she who traverses the sky’ or ‘she who moves in space’. Sometimes the term is translated poetically as ‘sky dancer’ or ‘sky walker’.

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Confused by Medicare Part D (drug coverage)? Choose Floyd Pharmacy, as they are capable of helping you brave those rocky waters. You may make an appointment, free of charge, to meet with Norma Jean Rector and get personalized service in choosing a plan that best suits your individual needs. It is the aspiration of Floyd Pharmacy to create an environment that is a safe haven for all your prescription needs. Floyd Pharmacy accepts almost all third party insurances and Medicare Part D programs, Virginia Medicaid and Medicare Part B.

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Fall/Winter Mabry Mill Photo Contest Results!

First Place: Becky Hodge! “I’m an aspiring photographer. I’m also a wife and mother to four beautiful children. The majority of my life, I have lived in Floyd and love it here. Since getting my first camera as a teenager I have loved taking pictures and I am seldom seen without it. Recently, I decided that I wanted to pursue photography further and take my good pictures and make them great photographs. I started reading books, questioning other photographers and reading blogs online. I like sports photography and attend many of the local high school and rec league games to photograph the action. My passion is landscape photography, Floyd is a beautiful place to pursue that. I love the images that capture water in motion and that is what led me to photograph Mabry Mill. I wanted to capture the water flowing around the wheel. I spent several hours waiting for the sun to go behind the clouds to capture this shot.” - Becky Hodge 540-521-6950

Second Place: M. Reid & Louise Rawls “I am an instructor of technology at a middle school in Chesapeake, VA with a Master’s Degree in Education. My wife, Louise, and I have been part time residents in our home in Meadows of Dan for the last 16 yrs. We love living in the Blue Ridge Mtns., and once I am retired next year, we will be spending almost six months of the year in Meadows of Dan. As soon as I finish my teaching career, my intent will be to become a full time photographer, as both of us enjoy snapping pictures here in the mountains, as well as when we travel. I now have 11 photographs on display in the Children’s Museum located in Hampton Roads, which include the lovely photo I submitted for Floyd Magazine, showing the beauty of Mabry Mill. We hope our pictures we snap will bring happiness, insight, and provoke a person’s ability to look beyond what is stated in the photo!” - M. Reid


Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Honorable Mentions

Nick Spencer

Third Place: Cassie Comptons

Billie Cooper

“I took this picture of Mabry Mill right as the season was about to change from summer to fall in 2010. I think that the autumn leaves with the green grass is just the perfect mixture in this picture. I grew up in Willis, Virginia, where I loved staying with my grandpa Clinton Compton, who lives only a couple of miles from Mabry Mill. I have one son Caden Young, who will be nine in October. Taking photos is my passion. I am an amateur photographer but have dreams of one day turning my passion into a life long career.” - Cassie Comptons • 540-798-6750 •

Titus Dalton Kaye Hilliard Hall

The Spring/Summer Contest Will Be Of Wills Ridge in Floyd County! Do you have a favorite Wills Ridge Photo? Post it on our Facebook page at and you could win! 1. Photos must be a shot of Wills Ridge in Floyd County, Virginia. The photos must be the original work of the person posting them, and the photos must not have been digitally altered (minor color correcting is ok). 2. There is no limit to entries per person but all entries must be posted on our Facebook page by February 20th, 2014, 11:59:59 EST. 3. Photos will be judged on an anonymous basis by a panel to include professionals in the fields of photography and the arts, as well as our Magazine staff. 4. Prize will be awarded for the best photos overall: 1st prize: $100; 2nd prize: $50; 3rd prize: $25. Winners will be announced in the 2014 Spring/Summer magazine. Cash prizes will be awarded on May 1st, 2014. All three winners will be published in Floyd Magazine along with credentials of photographer. 5. We reserve the right to publish any photo submitted by our readers. There will be no payment for use of photos or information submitted for this contest above and beyond awarded prize money; there is no fee to enter, and no purchase necessary to win. Digital images only, and should be JPGs, of at least 300 dpi.

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Photo Contest • FLOYD VIRGINIA magazine P.O. Box 971 • Floyd VA,24091 41

It is with pride and anticipation that we update the community and our supporters in changes to our local Young Life events this year. We have made the informed decision to conclude our fall Dodgeball Tournament and spring 5K. Though participation was good, work and planning far outweighed the fundraising benefit to Young Life. Yet, this decision prompted an important discussion about finding a project or service which could replace these events while creating more benefit to the community. Thus was born the idea involving our kids and supporters in an annual community-wide service day! Modeled after Virginia Tech’s “Big Event,” we’ve already begun the planning for local builders, landscapers and community members to direct teams of adults and teens in local service work-projects, including spring yard work, minor house repairs, painting, house cleaning, recycling, gardening, landscaping, cleaning/organizing, and small building projects. Our goal is 50 projects and over 200 volunteers all giving back to Floyd this spring!

One of Young Life’s many purposes is to get kids to think about their time and lives selflessly and learn to give their energy and resources to serve others. By partnering youth with community adults we hope to foster intergenerational relationships so that they will enter adulthood with a desire to serve others and give back to their community, while having experience in building relationship with adults. A goal of 200 volunteers will include Young Life youth and parents, civic and social organizations, sport teams, school clubs, churches, nonprofits, and other community groups who will be recruited to participate. Our long term goal is that this ongoing yearly event would help nurture the value of helping our neighbors year round and establish volunteer spirit to the next generation in Floyd. How can you help? You can pray for our discernment and even make suggestions as we determine a name for this event and a date for spring 2014 that will allow maximum community participation. If you have ideas of how to partner with us, or suggestions of work that could be done this day, please make contact to Morgan Grim at 540-392-9338. We will be developing a website for the event and a way to apply for work to be completed this winter. Floyd Young Life is excited to give back and help keep Floyd the special place it is to so many.



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Please visit our website: We also build Bocce Ball courts!

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B&D Garage & Trucking Co. Inc. Serving Floyd County & surrounding areas since 1979!

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General repair & custom builds. We specialize in the AR-15/AR-10 platform, Rem 700 bolt action rifles and the 1911 pistol.

We’d love the opportunity to earn your business!

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Green Man Inn

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note to self: raise garage door before backing out.

Accident Forgiveness Part of On Your Side® Rewards


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Ghost Tour

October is the time for whirling Autumn leaves, warm cocoa and spooky tales. You can find all of these on the Floyd Ghost Tour.  The one hour walking tour starts out at Black Water Loft, so you can take a cup of cocoa, tea or fresh-roasted organic coffee to keep your hands warm on the walk. Generally, the tour is hosted by young actor, Cameron Woodruff.  He has been doing this for seven years (since he was 16 years old,) but other members of his family also help out.  Cameron has been an actor for most of his life, and this fall he’s also juggling some performances in a role in Hamlet, which will be performed in various venues around the New River Valley.   There are no scary effects or people jumping out on the Floyd Ghost Tour.  Like Cameron says, “I’m just going to scare you with the facts.”  The tales were gathered from history books, old family genealogies, and straight from folks themselves just telling what they witnessed.  The walk around the center of town starts at the Jacksonville Cemetery with burials going back to the 1700’s and many beautiful turn-of-the-century carved tombstones.  You might expect spooky tales from an old cemetery, but strange things have been witnessed all over town; including several incidents at a well-known restaurant, the Rakes Mansion and policemen having strange experiences on the site of the old county jail.  While many of these ghost stories are recorded in the book Strange Tales of Floyd County, VA, others have been discovered since the book was written. Although most folks have heard the famous words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death!”, they may not know that his son is buried right here in Floyd.  There are a few other famous folks mentioned on the walk and other interesting historical tidbits. It’s interesting to visit the old buildings around town; looking at the oldest house in the town of Floyd, seeing one of the two hospitals that existed in the town, and examining the unusual features of cut soapstone “bricks” that make up a few rare examples of this type of architecture.  As one visitor remarked, “I learned things about Floyd that I never knew and I’ve lived here all my life.” The Floyd Ghost Tour takes place on Friday and Saturday nights in October, through the first weekend of November, meeting at the Black Water Loft (above noteBooks)     117 S. Locust Street, Floyd, VA 24091 (just one building past the stop light in Floyd)  No reservations needed for this one-hour walking tour. Look for your Ghost Guide with a black top hat! Cameron Woodruff will also do private tours if you have more than four people.  Contact him at 540-230-4862.   2013 Tour Schedule Friday, October 4th at 7 PM & Saturday, October 5th at 7 PM Friday, October 11th at 7 & 8 PM & Saturday, October 12th at 7 & 8 PM Friday, October 18th at 7 & 8 PM & Saturday, October 19th at 7 & 8 PM Friday, October 25th at 7 & 8 PM & Saturday, October 26th at 7 & 8 PM Friday, November 1st at 7 PM & Saturday, November 2nd at 7 PM Written by Patricia Robin Woodruff. Patricia is a Renaissance woman, who does spiritual art, belly dances, writes, and takes care of the business end of the Green Man Inn and the Floyd Ghost Tour. Her inspiration and creativity is rooted in the mountains, nature and spirituality. She came to the artistic mecca of Floyd, VA drawn by its art, music and creative kindred spirits. You can see more of her work at: or

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Shortt’s Excavating Inc Grading For Residential And Commercial, Clearing Building Roads, Septic System And Building Ponds

A Family Business Since The 60’s.


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How To Choose A Solar Module Solar modules comprise the core of a photovoltaic (PV) system. not hundreds. People can only work so fast before quality suffers. About Often referred to as PV modules, they come in many shapes and sizes and four years ago the Chinese government started flooding their electronic silently generate electricity when the sun shines. Installed outdoors, they sector with no interest building loans. The result was the construction of are subject to extreme environmental, mechanical and electrical stresses. hundreds of PV module factories employing thousands of workers hand Quality solar modules can take whatever the environment throws at them producing record numbers of PV modules. This surge in production and keep on working for decades. A poor quality module will deliver sub drove the price of modules steadily downward. European and American optimal performance and compromise the electrical production of your module manufacturers responded by dropping their prices and improving system. In this article we will discuss the basic characteristics of solar their quality but along the way many went bankrupt or just got out of the modules so you know how to buy the best quality module for your PV business. Today, few western manufacturers remain but for those who are system. We are going to limit our discussion to modules that are used in still in the game, their modules are top quality. Consumers need to know a typical grid connected PV system and keep that many of those Chinese factories also went the discussion non technical as possible. or are going bankrupt and large numbers of In the past five years the world of PV those modules are being sold on the internet at modules has radically changed. And the “bargin” prices. I have seen them and those off change has been for the better. Module quality brand modules are no deal for the consumer. and efficiency has improved dramatically and It is time to discuss warranties. Can you consumers are now getting an incredible value think of an electronic product that you have for their investment. Module pricing is about ever purchased that offers a standard 25 ¼ of what it was five years ago, yet the quality year warranty? Most PV modules come with is higher. Most of this change is due to two a 25 year warranty on power production. things, automation and Chinese competition. They also include a 10 to 12 year warranty The best PV modules on the market today are on workmanship and materials. Now that produced in fully automated factories where is a pretty amazing warranty! Modern PV Genuine UL listed module a human hand never touches the module modules have a design life of five decades until it is finished. Although I am not a fan of and if they are properly installed they should automation, I’ll give two examples of why it give many decades of service. Even the best makes a better module. Individual PV cells are modules might have problems and that is micro thin (about .006” thick) and even the why the “bankability” of the company that lightest touch will cause hairline fractures that makes the PV modules you purchase is very are invisible. Those fractures will eventually important. Bankability basically refers to cause the cell to fail prematurely. It takes a whether the company will still be in business high level of skill to repeatedly hand solder five to eight years from now when you have a electrical connections. Even the most skilled problem and need warranty service. In the past worker cannot consistently solder when doing two years, scores of module manufacturers A bogus label hundreds or thousands of connections day have “disappeared” or gone bankrupt as after day. Robots are the only tools that can reliably handle these delicate the industry consolidates and deals with falling margins. And as those wafers during the assembly process without damaging them and make companies disappear so does the warranty. Chinese companies have been steady consistent solder joints. I don’t like to write this but robots simply particularly notorious when it comes to closing up shop without leaving do a better job assembling modern electronic components. It is important a trace. Try collecting on that warranty when you have a problem. to remember that once PV cells are laminated to the backing layer and Caveat Emptor, “let the buyer beware”. We have all heard that the glass sheet, you cannot take it apart. Re-work is not an option. I am not cheapest price is not always the best. And in today’s module market you saying that hand soldered modules are always poorly made. I installed need to be very careful. If you are buying modules yourself, only deal hand soldered modules on my office years ago and they are working with a reputable reseller that has been in business for many years. Go fine. The modules were made in Germany with much thicker cells, at a to any internet site and you will be offered numerous off brand modules time when a worker put together a dozen or so modules in a day and sold for 10 to 15 cents a watt less than high quality brand name modules.


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You might save hundreds of dollars by purchasing cheaper modules but remember, you are purchasing a product that has to work for decades in extreme conditions. A good distributor will be there to help you with any warranty issues or problems with shipping damage. If you are having your PV system professionally installed make sure your installer is supplying the best quality modules and you receive full warranty information. Carefully review and research the modules being offered to make sure the quality (and the company) will be there if problems arise.

BASIC MODULE FACTS: SIZE: The most common PV modules produced today have 60 cells, measure approximately 39 x 66 inches and weigh about 40 pounds. The power output will range from 240 to 270 watts DC and voltages will be anywhere from 28 to 36 VDC depending on the manufacturer.



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• Professional soil consulting and soil survey for rural land development and conservation • Evaluation, design, and inspection of conventional and alternative septic systems • Environmental consulting, wetland delineation, soil sampling and analysis

Professional Soil Scientists since 1989 Virginia Authorized Onsite Soil Evaluators (AOSE) • Member VA Association of Professional Soil Scientists

UL LISTING: Underwriters Labs has a testing standard for PV modules: UL 1703. Modules are subjected to numerous short and long term mechanical and electrical tests which they must pass to receive the UL1703 listing. There are other certified testing labs such as ETL that test to UL standards. Always look at the label on the PV module to make sure it has the UL or other certified agency mark. Check the UL website to be sure the module is actually listed there. Fradulent labeling has been found in the marketplace. POWER TOLERANCE: Not all PV cells have the same efficiency. The best modules have a power tolerance of – 0 watts and + 5 watts. Cheaper modules may have tolerances are wide as + or – 3%. That may not sound like much but a -3% tolerance on a 250 watt module means you might only be getting 242 watts for your money. Multiply that lost power production by 25 years and you are losing a lot of power and money. HAILSTONES: Everyone asks me this question. Yes, listed modules are tested to withstand the impact of hailstones without breakage. The test is for 1” diameter hail. A PV customer in Ferrum had a hailstorm pass thru which filled the yard with large hailstones and took paint off the siding. The PV modules came thru just fine. If you have read this far, you will have learned some important things about what makes a quality PV module. In our next article we will discuss inverters, how they work with your PV modules and what types to consider buying.

Story by David Zachow, a Master Electrician who lives in Floyd County. His company Direct Connect Solar & Electric installs renewable energy systems that generate electricity for homes and businesses. 540.651.2800

Little River Wood Turning James Grant 270 Sowers Rd, Floyd, VA 24091

540-651-2442 Fall/Winter 2013-2014

JIM CONNOR FIREARMS CONSULTANT & NRA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR Let me help you with all of your firearm related needs! • Concealed Handgun Permit Classes • In-Home Self Defense Planning • Commonwealth Of Virginia Firearm Statutes • Private Training & Group Classes For Beginning To Advanced Shooters In Handguns, Rifles & Shotguns • Firearm Appraisals For Selling Or Insuring Your Firearms • Guidance On Finding & Purchasing The Right Firearm For Your Needs


JGCONNOR@YAHOO.COM Resident of Floyd County Recognized by Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. 47

Floyd Moonshine Part of the fascinating history of the Floyd County area includes the history of moonshining. The winding lane, “Shooting Creek Road” got its name from moonshiners hiding up in the hills, shooting down on the revenuers who might be coming to break up their illegal alcohol stills.   In Floyd, we enjoy the old stories and delight in a t-shirt sold at the Floyd Country Store that proudly declares, “If it wasn’t so good, they wouldn’t chase us,” whimsically packaged in a glass mason jar.  Bootleg BBQ, a small family run business, sells homemade barbeque from a mobile kitchen in the heart of town, on Locust Street, next to the Winter Sun. A popular choice is the “Cowboy Cocktail”. The owner Jon, enjoys the mystique of the old tales, so you can just imagine how this dish may have gotten its name. Come by and grab a barbeque favorite and Jon just might share some of his favorite tales with you. If you want to see an authentic copper still that is almost 200 years old, stop by the Old Church Gallery.  Check out this piece of history and learn more about moonshining from the historical books displayed inside. Come visit and enjoy the creativity from our county’s history and our

present community on Fridays from 2pm to 5pm or on Saturday morning from 10am to 1pm. “We’re just around the corner!” reads their brochure and they are easy to get to on 110 Wilson St., just tucked around the corner from Finders Keepers Antiques. Visit or call 540-745-2979 for more information. More history of the area can be found at the Floyd County Historical Society Museum, located in the old Ridgemont HospitalMarie Williams House  on 217 N. Locust Street, just across the street from Schoolhouse Fabrics.  Hours are: Thursday, Friday and Saturday Noon- 5pm. Visit www. or call 540-745-FCHS (3247) for more information. Another fun source of tales of moonshiners is found on the Floyd County Ghost Tour.  Hear true stories about the ghost of a moonshiner who turned up to listen to the fiddle playing, as well as the outrageous tale of the fellows who were making their illegal whiskey, practically across the road from the Floyd County Courthouse! Written by Patricia Robin Woodruff.

Licensed & Insured • Clearing • House Sites • Basements • Ponds • Roads • Demolition • Septics

• Landscaping • Pavers, Patios • Walkways • Retaining Walls • Maintenance • Design • Mowing



Cell: 540-250-5204 BCE@SWVA.NET 48

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428 Floyd Hwy North • Floyd, VA 24091 We are located on 221 N, 1.5 mile from stop light

• Specializing in portable storage buildings, lawn furniture, gazebos, cabins. • Top quality metal roofing and trims • Can custom bend trims • Over 20 colors and multiple profiles • Storage at low rates of $30 - $85 per month! • Local coal distributor

540-745-5035 We are independently owned and operated. We choose not to be on any insurance company’s direct repair program.

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Private setting where everyone who buys a ham biscuit does not know your business.

We do specialize in insurance claims -major or minor, and all work has always been guaranteed. Quality repairs have always been our main concern, not quantity. Don’t make a costly mistake by letting your insurance company steer you to a direct repair shop or shop that is on their so called “list”. Have your vehicle repaired right the first time by letting us do your repairs. We are a 4th generation shop with the experience to back it up. Let us handle all your insurance claims for you to insure repairs are correct. If your vehicle is not drivable we will tow it to our facility.

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Heart Songs As we filed into the room, she was resting on the couch. We all said our hellos as we walked past and she responded with a smile and her greetings. We stood in a half circle around her and began to sing, just to her. She lay back, closed her eyes, smiled and relaxed. We sang for the next thirty minutes. Every time we stopped, she clapped softly, thanked us and told us how beautiful the music was. We sang spirituals, gospel songs, secular songs (patriotic and well known songs, like Shenandoah) and Buddhist chants. She had a calm, relaxed expression of joy during the whole time we were there. When we finished, we all went to her, one by one, and she thanked us for singing to her and we realized she was saying goodbye to each of us. It was a powerful and personal moment of connection and one I will not forget. In fact, one I hope to repeat as I, and the ones I love, make our own journeys across the threshold. As a local musician and recording engineer, I have had the pleasure of playing with and recording, many of the folks in Floyd County. However, my work singing with and recording the HeartSong Singers, Floyd’s threshold choir, has been a unique and rewarding experience. You may wonder, what is a threshold choir and how did we get one in Floyd? It began in the fall of 2010. Local resident, Rosemary Wyman, who works with homebound and terminally ill clients in her day job, had heard about a group in Vermont that works with their local hospice to bring healing and comfort to the ill or dying through song. That choir is named Hallowell. They were featured in a film about aging, death and dying in our culture called “Holding Our Own”. I asked Rosemary what role the choir plays in helping families, friends and those facing the end of their life on earth. She said, “What I want people to know is that many folks feel progressively isolated as death draws near. The dying person can no longer hold up their end of friendships as they used to.  Families are tired and also not as able to function socially as usual.  Visits can take precious energy from both the sick person and  the family. However, friends and neighbors have long banded together to offer the universal comfort of harmonious music, once food and banter are of no interest. Our choir doesn’t need anything from the dying person, and all the family has to do is call us and open the door.    Our songs are chosen to soothe body, mind and spirit. The choir’s (sometimes multiple) visits help keep our community and the household of the


dying person lovingly connected to the end.” Families are invited to schedule a sing for a loved one by calling Rosemary Wyman at 540-250-1235. The process is simple and confidential and often sings can be scheduled within a week. HeartSong Singers recorded a cd here at Windfall Studios, and leaves it with the family to play after the choir has left. They can choose those selections which soothe and comfort their loved one. The choir sings four-part harmony and practices weekly at the Zion Lutheran Church on Needmore Lane. The church has generously offered their space for practice since the choir’s inception. Practices are on Mondays from 4:30 to 6 PM. If you want to join, it is not necessary to read music. Please contact Rosemary at the number listed above. When new members join, they will be given access to recordings the group did here at the studio. This helps new members learn at least 10 core songs to help integrate them into the choir quickly. The choir learns new songs as they are chosen and agreed to by the group. HeartSong Singers has sung in numerous private homes for bedside sings. They have also sung at the Skyline Nursing and Rehab, the Pine Ridge Apartments community meals, for residents of the Krontje Center at Warm Hearth, Veteran’s Hospice and for the Carilion Hospice Annual Memorial gathering. Choir members have shared that they feel “privileged” and “blessed” and have a profound sense of “peace and love” being part of this community outreach . It confirms and affirms the deep connection music has with the human soul and its unique ability to ease the journey over the threshold. HeartSong is a community outreach program of End of Life Development, a subsidiary of the non-profit Floyd Community Educational Association. Windfall Studios can be reached at 540808-8286. Written by Dave Fason and Diane Jackson. For more information about Dave Fason, Windfall or Windfall Studios, visit their sites on Facebook, or or contact the studio directly at 540-808-8286.

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Friendly Home Town Service! C.W. Harman & Son is a family owned Farm and Building Supply business located in rural Floyd, Virginia. For over thirty years, they have offered a wide variety of competitively priced farm products and building materials.

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Bird Feeders, Blades, Car Batteries, Cleaning Products, Concrete, Coveralls, Doors, Drywall, Electrical, Fencing, Fertilizer, Gravel, Heaters, Ladders, Lawn and Garden, Lumber, Mulch, Paint, Plumbing, Plywood, Pumps, Purina Feeds, Roofing Supplies, Rubber Boots, Sand, Tools, Trailers, Water Heaters, Water Filters, Windows, Wood Stoves, Vinyl Siding, and much, much, more.

Seasoned Hardwood, Cut, Split, Delivered! • Custom lengths available • All hardwoods, no evergreens • Short response time • Available year-round • Firewood always works • Wood Heat is Carbon Neutral

Serving the NRV for

25 years!

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Jubilee Cohousing: I’ve heard stories from elders who were raised in or around Floyd County, during the Great Depression that it was a time when area families had little or no money, but were always able to provide for their families, just enough to weather the storm. Tales of those days in rural Virginia surprisingly portray a sense of “wealth” in the cooperative efforts of large families and communities by farming the rich land, sharing the fruits of their labor, milling from the help of many river systems and utilizing Appalachia’s abundant natural resources by making hand/skilled items, dwellings and structures. There is a national treasure, the Blue Ridge Parkway, which winds through Floyd County and is the direct result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s efforts to turn the tide of that national depression through a number of herculean group efforts. It is this old fashioned, two lane road that winds past breathtaking Blue Ridge vistas and through corridors of old rhododendron that first brought me and my family into Floyd County. We stayed on, to make it home because Floyd encourages a delightful mix of cultural heritage and the arts, tradition and innovation, work and frolic, community efforts and solitary natural retreats. Recently, in the midst of the thorniest economic times since the Great Depression, and erratic planetary climate change to boot, Floyd has generated some extraordinary teams of ordinary people dedicated to building community-wide resilience in a variety of ways. Groups of farmers, artisans, health care practitioners, builders, neighbors, and local investors are organizing to look for, and experiment with solutions. Jubilee Cohousing was seeded in 2007 when several friends felt compelled to simplify, down-size, share and thrive, came together on our 38 acre property on Needmore Lane to squarely face joint social, economic and environmental issues. Now, in addition to being the first cohousing neighborhood in Floyd, Jubilee plans to build the first all Passivhaus cohousing community in Virginia; thirty-three residences and a Common House all built to today’s highest certified building energy standard, promising to reduce total energy consumption in the buildings by up to 80% over conventional construction, while providing superior comfort and indoor environmental quality. Home base for cohousers is collaboration. As the growing Jubilee Cohousing community in Floyd nears our community’s design phase, we are keenly observing what kinds of physical and social designs facilitate connection and privacy, independence and interdependence. We are considering all the shared tangibles such as roads and pedways, central green and wild forest, community garden and Common House, as well as the intangible things we enjoy sharing like certain work efforts, playtime, culinary and craft clubs, music, yoga, dance, literature, language, life celebrations and more. It’s interesting to note that for more than fifty years, since about the time HP developed the first clunky personal computer, and long before smart phones were making it easy to access all sorts of shares on


The Sharing Economy in Our Backyard

the internet, cohousers around the world have understood the Tao of sharing. They recognize that while private dwellings and amenities are sweet, sharing actually makes us stronger and boosts our well-being! Because of the cooperative nature of cohousing, most communities find it’s easy to share and recycle manufactured items like tools, toys, books, bikes, sporting equipment, games and even art. As a result, life enjoyment is enhanced for numerous families and the impact on planetary resources is reduced. Cohousing websites and blogs are brimming with stories about how simply these kinds of small shares are happening for them. The kinds of shares people scour the web for (like Airbnb and Getaround and all sorts of Meet-up groups) manifest easily in cohousing. In the United States alone there are now more than 150 cohousing neighborhoods. Cohousers intentionally make an art out of the balance between our comfortable boundaries and our cherished connections; between essential privacy and common ground, between what we prefer to own and what we like to share. Jubilee members are enthusiastic about the idea of living in a place where residents will own or rent their own homes, while reducing their impact on the environment, and their pocket books by building green with Passivhaus, by owning less individually even as they gain access to more, including things that they might never afford individually– like the large cooking and entertainment space that will be available in the Common House, ample community gardens, acres of woods and a whole range of other shared amenities yet to be determined. Even in the realm of Microfinance, many cohousing communities (Jubilee included) have established means for individual members to directly, and profitably, finance some aspects of construction or agricultural projects for the community at large, or for other members temporarily strapped for funds. Jubilee Cohousing is looking for additional members who would like to live in this community and participate in the cooperative design and development process of creating the neighborhood. The group hopes to begin the design process before the end of 2013 and break ground on the project sometime next year. Written by Rosemary Wyman. Rosemary and her husband, Walter Charnley, have lived and raised their family in Floyd since 1999 and currently reside next to the 38 acre Jubilee property. Rosemary is a poet and artist, does specialized elder and end of life care, and is the founder of the Floyd based HeartSong Singers, a threshold choir.

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GREEN with

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Wills Ridge Supply


Building Materials • Lumber • Hardware

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Home of “BIG JACK” & “BIG BEAR”

• New Homes • Remodeling • Additions • Treated Lumber • Plywood • West Windows

• Empire & Buck Stoves • Oil, Gas & Wood Stoves • Salt & Snow Shovels • Propane Refill & Exchange • Heat Pumps & Dehumidifiers • Plumbing, Electric & Paint

Green Building Products • Eco Friendly Stains & Glues • Kiln Dried Lumber Envirosafe Lumber • Hardie Board Siding • El Dorado Stone • Cultured Stone If we don’t have it, we can get it. If we can’t get it, you don’t need it! Wills Ridge Supply Inc, is a full service provider of building materials for the residential, commercial and green markets. We have set a standard for professional excellence and ethical behavior for over 70 years. We have adapted from the early days to provide advice and service for the successful completion of many projects. From start to finish, Wills Ridge Supply means home town service, community involvement, quality and the lowest prices. ...we deliver to all surrounding

counties at reasonable rates.


Cultured Stone ®

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Fast, Fast,Affordable, Affordable, Fast, Affordable Shelters for a Environmentally Friendly Variety of Uses Environmentally Friendly Shelters foraalodging varietyexperience ofofneeds Enjoy a unique Shelters for variety needs in our new rental Yurt

Profitt & Schroeder Attorneys, P.C.


540-745-4435 304 East Main St Floyd 54

(540) 745-5303

302 South Locust Street FLOYD VIRGINIA (540) 745-7458 (540) 745-7458 745-7458 (540)

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

2081 Cannady School Rd Floyd VA 24091

Woodworking & Sawmill

(540) 797-3496

Reclaimed Lumber American Chestnut Heart Pine Maple & Oak Slab Wood and Flooring I custom saw local lumber and can craft it as beautiful furniture for your home. Dry Kiln is available for drying lumber. I will also saw your logs for you to use on your own projects. Pick up and delivery is available.

I buy old buildings and yard trees!

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Profile for Luis Garcia

Floyd Virginia Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014  

Floyd Virginia Magazine is a small town publication designed, published and distributed by four talented individuals. Publisher, Luis Garcia...

Floyd Virginia Magazine Fall/Winter 2013-2014  

Floyd Virginia Magazine is a small town publication designed, published and distributed by four talented individuals. Publisher, Luis Garcia...