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Floyd Liu

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About Me Floyd Liu Phone: 217-979-7287



University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BFA Industrial Design expected May, 2019


Ship-making carpenter’s apprentice -- helped to build model ships -- made commercial flyers Clerk of Illini Union Recroom -- Designed posters -- Designed the logo for Illini shooting billiards team


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign


Adobe Lightroom


Fushion 360


Rhino Exhibition

Ring It On at Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago, 2016



Flex Chair


Cord Organizer


Infinity Ring


Grid Lapdesk


Field Camera Bag


B&L Chair


Flex Chair -------

Walnut Baltic plywood Red cherry Piano hinges Extension springs Felt

Ideation Process The project was really an explorative process. The idea begins at mimicking the organic shape by using triangular pieces, then I found that the triangulated pieces can actually be really flexible.

Connections All triangular pieces of wood are connected at the edge using piano hinges so they can flex. The base part of the chair is made with handcrafted joineries, which requires skills and precision


Earbud Cord Organizer

Project Brief This project aims to introduce a new inspiration method, biomimicry. Biomimicry is the process of using elements from nature to inspire the form or function of a designed object.

Problem Description The messy earbud cord has always been bugging us. There are many solutions to this problem. Some products do help with the situation, in a way. But you always have to use them as two seperate things.

First Draft Sketching process from initial varations of ideas to the refined intermediate sketches.


Low-Fidelity Model Use insulation foam, tape and plastic to experiement with shape and mechanism.

Second Draft The second draft is a refinement of ideas based on the low fidelity model and user feedback.

The design has two clips that can be used to attach the organizer to your clothes or pants.

The organizer has two pieces of magenets inside to holde the cord inside securly.


Infinity Ring

The design was exhibited in Ring It On jewelry show in Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago (Nov 4-Dec 6, 2016)

Objective & Design The goal of the project was for me to create a piece of jewelry using a sheet of 6�x 6� copper. The requirement for the project is that we cannot cut off any piece of metal off the copper sheet. Here I designed a ring with many overlapping circles to build a form that it is hard to see and trace.


Grid Lapdesk -- Felt -- Cardboard -- Hot glue

Discarded to Precious This one week project requires one to use discarded material to make things that is in a way precious to oneself.

While the laptesk provides a platform to use laptops comfortably it also offers grid storage units that provide space for accessories.


Field Camera Bag

The idea of this outdoor camera bag is to eliminate the process of taking your backpack off your shoulder to get your gears so users can change their gears on the go.


B&L Chair

B&L chair is a multifunctional lounge chair that cen be folded down to be a small table. The armrests also serve as two handles for better portability.

Floyd Liu Phone: 217-979-7287


Industrial Design Portfolio 2017  

Floyd Industrial Design Portfolio 2017