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Video Production Services A good video is judged by the force of its appeal and the power of spectacle that it exudes on the audience. FlowInk Pictures came into existence with the belief that a good video can help companies, organisations and individuals achieve their goals. We are a​ full service video production company based in New Delhi​ with a dream to touch lives beyond the limits of geography/imagination. Some of the ways in which we can help you are: Corporate Video Production

Entertainment Videos

But this is not all. If you have a story to share, a statement to make, a campaign to run, a product to launch, get in touch with us and we will always be happy to help. Give us a call at +91 8527806042 or visit our contact page

Corporate Projects​:​ ​Companies need videos, period. Nearly everyone you know, or we know, prefers a video over written content. And this is not without a reason of course. Google loves videos, Facebook loves videos and your audience love videos too. All the marketing pundits worldwide have declared that corporate videos should be an integral part of a company’s marketing strategy. From helping you jump slots on Google search to educating your audience, be it your target customer, staff or investor, videos are your go-to tools to wield a greater impact, following and awareness. At FlowInk Pictures, we understand that corporate videos can go a long way in helping companies target, connect and educate their audience in the best possible manner. The different kind of corporate videos that we can help you with are: Company Profile Broadcast Commercial/TVC Online Commercial Industrial Video: trade shows, to invite investment, fundraising Promotional Videos Explainer Videos: Product videos and Services Customer testimonial Staff training

Event documentation/ Live event production Conference and Semina​r Give us a call at +91 8527806042

Company Profiles/CEO profiles​:​ Company Profile or CEO profile videos bring

the company closer to the audience where they feel a greater level of intimacy with its culture, work ethic and vision. The video is a direct communication between the company heads and the executive heads like CEOs, VPs, COOs and the target audience. These kinds of videos give a greater insight into the history of the company, the values it believes in and the way it aims to make a difference in the world. Company Profile videos are a way of making real conversations possible. At FlowInk Pictures, our job is to weave whatever you want to put out to the world into an evocative and compelling audio-visual narrative. We make sure that our videos always put your best face forward.

Broadcast Commercial/TVC​:​ Television Commercials are fascinating and

although they are often expensive they could offer the best returns on investment. But these videos also come with a strict time constraint. The challenge is to leave a mark on the audience in 30 seconds or less. The stake is high and so is the possibility of gains. At FlowInk pictures, we believe that a company becomes a brand when its story manages to strike a chord with its audience. Our videos are always high on storytelling without ever losing sight of the message that our client organisations want to convey.

Online/Web Commercials​: ​A good marketing strategy is always a focussed

marketing strategy. In the era of YouTube and Vimeo, when audience often learns about new companies, products and services through digital medium, it is not only smart but also profitable to showcase yourself on the web. Your online commercial video allows you to connect and influence your audience by telling them a story that can capture their attention and imagination. Additionally, it also helps you with rankings on search engines. But the digital space is often crowded where different kinds of videos are vying for audience attention. FlowInk pictures believes that quality content can cut through the crowd and become an incredible marketing tool for your company. We are committed to making beautiful and sensible videos which are shareable and backed by powerful stories, appealing tunes

and gripping visuals. We are motivated to be more than a regular video production company and aspire to become your exclusive video partner.

Social Media videos​:​ Social Media videos are basically online or web videos, isn’t

it? So why pick an exclusive category for this? That’s because more and more people are watching videos on social media platforms. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter have rolled out their native video features which play videos automatically as you scroll down your news feed. And this is going to be huge because native videos are poised to become dominant elements in the marketing strategy of companies. At Flowink Pictures, we keep a close tab on the emerging market trends and keep experimenting with what may work for companies. Such social media videos require attention grabbing content in the first few seconds so that it compels the audience to watch the entire video. We are flexible and believe in adapting and evolving according to the changing rules of marketing.

Industrial Videos/ Videos for fund raising/ Trade show videos​: ​If you

own an organisation or are at the helm of its operation, you would know that your business often needs to communicate with potential investors and people from allied industries, and exhibit your offerings at trade shows and other such corporate events. An industrial video can come quite handy at these moments as an effective medium of communication. These videos are often used to describe products and services, and for recounting achievements, lay out the vision and raise funds. If you are looking for a good industrial video which is succinct, impactful and engaging, you are at the right place. FlowInk Pictures excels in producing audio-visual content which delivers your message in the most powerful and influential manner.

Promotional Videos​:​ ​All kinds of corporate videos aim to promote and educate the

audience. A promotional video, which is usually longer than a broadcast commercial, is aimed at promoting and educating the audience about the features and qualities of your product or service. The obvious challenge in making this kind of video is to keep the audience hooked as the video describes the product in an aesthetically appealing way. This is where we can help you. At FlowInk Pictures, we love to create and collaborate on engaging stories, mesmerising visuals and befitting tunes. Our team deliberates with you on refining what remains within the frame and what is left out so that the end

product is always the best possible combination of intended message and an interesting audio-visual narrative.

Customer testimonial videos​: ​A happy customer is always the company’s best

brand ambassador. A customer testimonial video adds a layer of credibility to the name of the brand and can be used for a variety of purposes such as as a promotional video or broadcast video. Unlike written testimonials, customer testimonial videos are easily shareable, have a greater impact and are extremely cost-effective. FlowInk pictures specialises in making customer testimonial videos that win more customers and clients for you. We help you bring the best from your loved and loyal customers. It is our belief that a company’s success can be measured in the stories of its happy users. And we help you present these stories in the most aesthetically effective way.

Training & Education videos/ Staff training videos​: ​A visual narrative is

highly impressionable. Ever wondered how we remember the jingles of television commercials so well, so much so that many of them have become a part of our childhood memories. That’s the power of videos which can be used to train and educate and train your staff, business associates and partners. At Flowink Pictures, we take pride in making training and education videos which are simple, relatable, easy to process and attention grabbing. We always aspire to make training and education videos which are a great mix of entertainment and education so that your staff can learn and remember their lessons easily.

Event documentation/ Live event production​: ​It is a commonly held view that event documentation is a mechanical job which requires minimal creative skill. However, it’s not a risk worth taking when you know that they will be played before an audience who are going to judge your company on the basis of this video. Even documentation or live event production can make or break your reputation. But when done with thought, creativity and purpose, it can often lead to the making of valuable memories and important records.

FlowInk Pictures understands the importance of an event documentation video for the corporate profile of a company. And so, we aim to make our live production videos candid, content rich and crisp, putting the best of the event within the frame with the aim

of making it beautiful and engaging.

Entertainment projects​:​ If every age has a way of telling stories, then it is safe to

say that this is the age of videos. A good video is engaging; satiates curiosity, captures imagination, casts an impression and often leaves you changed. But first and foremost, it needs to be entertaining. Our range of entertainment videos include: Music Videos Documentary Mockumentary Web series Brand integration Short film

Music videos​: ​The power of music videos is often harnessed by companies for

promotional and commercial purposes. These short narratives which are powered by great music and visuals have proved to be incredible tools to deliver marketing messages, promote and exhibit talent, or fulfil purely artistic purposes. At FlowInk pictures, our aim is to make videos which are aesthetically captivating. The visuals are intended to do justice with the tempo and temperature of the music and accentuate its effect on the audience.

Documentary:​ A documentary is a very powerful medium of communication. Though a documentary, by definition, demands minimal intervention but documenting is an art and often reflects the maker’s intentions. At FlowInk Pictures, we have always loved to go out and meet real people and record their real stories. We present a slice of reality in a way that a powerful message can be drawn from it. Our documentaries keep your purpose as our foremost priority. We would love to be a part of your endeavour in bringing a positive change in the world.

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