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Flower Essence Society

Professional Course Thursday evening, July 13 through Monday, July 17, 2017


Come forth into the Light of things, Let Nature be your Teacher. — William Wordsworth

The FES Professional Course is designed for both intermediate and advanced practitioners with some previous training or experience with flower essence therapy. This is a special opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in flower essence therapy by combining practical and theoretical teachings, informational and experiential learning, flower essence plant studies and therapeutic profiles, counseling methods and inner work. We offer a program of professional quality, in which intellect, feeling and imagination are honored and cultivated. Our highly acclaimed training and certification program has been offered annually for nearly three decades, and has been attended by practitioners from around the world.

“It was a great honor and pleasure that we have had the opportunity to spend a glorious 4 days at your beautiful facility. Moreover, your love, passion and mind-opening vision of this new healing paradigm was an unforgettable life changing event… . We learned so much more than ever expected.” — Kenneth Brown, Gold Hill, OR

Highlights of the Professional Course

Patricia Kaminski

• Philosophical/historical basis for flower essence therapy • In-depth profiles of leading flower essences and formulas • Nature walks and plant study in the Terra Flora gardens • Principles of flower essence selection, formulation and application • Practical experience assessing and selecting flower essences • The MetaFlora Map of the Soul as a blueprint for flower essence therapy • The Client-Practitioner Relationship in flower essence therapy • Treating special populations: children, elderly, animals • Clinical case reports and leading research from FES For more details of the course content see

Instructors Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski are married and professional partners, and directors of the Flower Essence Society since 1980. Through the Society, they organize and inspire many educational, research, and publishing efforts throughout the world. Richard and Patricia are authors of numerous articles and books about flower essences, including the best-selling Flower Essence Repertory, now in its fifth edition and translated into six different languages. Richard and Patricia have traveled extensively, giving seminars throughout the world on flower essence therapy. They also manage Flower Essence Services, which produces flower essences and herbal products at Terra Flora, their 27-acre Certified Biodynamic® / organic garden and wildlife sanctuary in the northern Sierra Nevada foothills of Nevada City, California.

Registration Enrollment for the course is limited and early registration is advised. Once you are accepted into the course, please make your own travel and accommodation arrangements (see below). Please contact the Flower Essence Society class registrar Jann Garitty ( with any questions about course content, schedule, the certification program, or any other policies. The questionnaire included with the registration form is absolutely essential; without the completed questionnaire, your Richard and Patricia application will not be processed. The with a Madrone tree online registration forms are found at: (payment by credit card) (payment by check / bank transfer)

Fees • Cost is $950 for the five-day workshop and includes four catered lunches. • Breakfasts, dinners, accommodations and travel costs are additional. “What an excellent Professional Course from the Flower Essence Society! The variety of experiences, the attention to countless details, and the depth of the information – all presented within the beauty embodied at Terra Flora created such an inspiring few days. I am deeply grateful for your vision and pioneering spirit.” — Suzanne Koliche, Nevada City, CA

Accommodations Beltane Community House at Terra Flora We are pleased to offer an opportunity to lodge directly on the Terra Flora grounds at Beltane Community House. There are a small number of shared rooms which are available on a firstcome first-served basis. Beltane House includes a large community kitchen, common dining and living room areas, and six bathrooms, some of which are private in the rooms, and some shared by more than one room. Please inquire about availability, descriptions and pricing.

Other Accommodations in Nevada City or Grass Valley For other accommodations, please book early, as Nevada City is a popular tourist destination in the summer. For listings, visit the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce website, or the nearby Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce at If you do not have a personal or rental car, please reserve at one of the accommodations in central Nevada City, to be able to connect with a car pool to Terra Flora. Please note that FES does not coordinate accommodations at commercial establishments other than for our own Beltane House; these are chosen and arranged by each participant. Please direct questions to your travel agent, or your place of lodging. Also, we do not arrange for shuttles or other travel arrangements.

Meals Tuition includes buffet style lunches, morning snacks and herbal teas. We offer minimally processed and seasonally appropriate organic food. While we strive for enough variety to meet most dietary preferences, if you have highly specialized or severely restricted dietary needs, we recommend that you bring additional food with you each day. For daily breakfasts and dinners, we will provide you with a list of local restaurants and natural food stores at which you can dine or purchase deli items or groceries.

Transportation The nearest airport is Sacramento International Airport (SMF), which is about a 1.5 hour drive from Nevada City. If you do not rent a car, shuttle service from and to the airport can be arranged with SuperShuttle, 800-258-3826 You can also reserve a door-to-door ride with Nevada County Airporter, 530-575-7011; Foothills Shuttle and Charter, 530-432-3235; or However, please note that it may be less expensive to rent a car from the airport.

“The plant study has been a very good exercise that I hope to be able to do again next summer, for my own pleasure and knowledge. I am still thinking of the summer course with fond memories and I thank you again for creating such a beautiful space, physical, emotional and spiritual, to receive us.” — Christine Giguere Calgary, Canada

“Thank you for all the dedicated work and love you pour forth daily for the welfare of so many. Your flowers and your teachings have meant more for me and my family than I can ever express in words. Truly life-saving and life-changing. Thank you forever from my heart.” — Gabriela Castillo Miami, FL

“I received so very much from the FES Professional Course on so many different levels of being. Having the opportunity to do lab work with a partner was amazing. I am still working with the blends that I made at Terra Flora. I was inspired when you spoke about the wisdom of using different delivery systems to get results with flower essences. I loved getting to know more about the Range of Light essences… .” — Susan Grace Lawton Sacramento, CA

Important note: for arrival Thursday, July 13, taking into account possible delays, etc., please be sure your flight schedules allows adequate travel time from the airport to your place of accommodation, and from there to Terra Flora, in order to arrive on time for the start of the class. All participants enrolling in this seminar will be asked to participate in carpooling from common points of departure in the downtown area of Nevada City. You will be given carpooling information after your registration has been completed and the logistics for the class are fully evaluated. For this reason, as mentioned above, if one does not have a personal or rental car, please reserve at one of the accommodations in central Nevada City. After you have registered, been accepted into the seminar, and made your travel plans, please fill out the travel form at this link: forms/fes-class-participant-travel-accommodations.

Schedule, arrival and departure The majority of the professional seminar is conducted during the daytime hours. Friday, Sunday and Monday evenings are left open for dinner, relaxation and assimilation of the class presentations. The seminar does begin with an evening session on Thursday, July 13, and there will also be an optional evening program on Saturday, July 15.

Course begins Thursday evening, July 13 You will be joining a carpool at approximately 6:45 pm from your assigned point of departure. When you arrive at Terra Flora, you need to check in at the classroom to receive your class materials. The Thursday evening session is an important orientation to the whole of the seminar. This session will begin promptly at 7:30 pm and last until approximately 9:30 pm.

Course concludes Monday evening, July 17 The class ends around 6:30 pm on Monday evening, July 17th. The conclusion is a vital part of the program – please do not plan to leave before this time. Unless you live in the local region, it is recommended that you spend the evening resting and assimilating the course information, and plan to depart at a convenient time on Tuesday, July 18th. You may also wish to extend your stay and enjoy the many scenic attractions of the Sierra foothills and mountains.

The Flower Essence Society 800-736-9222 (USA) 530-265-9163

Payment and cancellation policy Fees are due at the time of registration. Our classes are located at Terra Flora, which serves as a home, garden site and cottage work facility. We limit the size of our classes in order to facilitate an atmosphere of social warmth and nature experience. You are urged to enroll early, as there is sometimes a waiting list later. Please note our cancellation fee policy: • Through June 13, 2017: We will issue a refund less a $150 cancellation fee. • Starting June 14, 2017: If we are able to fill your reserved space, we will issue a refund, less a $150 administrative fee. No credit will be issued if it is not possible to fill your reservation, or if notice of cancellation is not furnished prior to the class. The online registration forms are found at: (payment by credit card) (payment by check / bank transfer)

“In all my travels around the world, I have been to very few places with such an overwhelming sensation of peace and serenity. I felt warmth – an energy that I had not experienced before. I am very grateful to have been in your Nature Sanctuary and participate in your course.” — Renan Bornancin, Curitiba, Parana, Brazil “The plant study was probably the most powerful experience from the course; I really learned to look at the plant, not just read about the flowers and what they can do. It was an understanding of the plant and to be able to use that knowledge to explore on my own, I thought was very powerful. And, that also gave me a knowledge that I never would have gotten had I not gone to the class.” — Mary Szczurek, Yorkville, IL

Practitioner Certification Program Graduates of the FES Professional Course are eligible for the optional Certification Program The FES Certification Program is offered as a post-course option for all participants who complete the FES Professional Course. The case documentation process is an opportunity to develop enhanced perception and assessment of your clients’ experiences with flower essence therapy. This program is intended to add depth, documentation skills and objective professionalism to your healing approach as a flower essence therapist.

Step 1 Attendance and participation in the major segments of the FES Professional Course, including completion of all written and artistic projects. Step 2 Completion of the optional Plant Study, which is introduced during the Professional Course and completed after the program.

• The Plant Study is due two months after the completion of the course, September 17, 2017, unless there is a written request for a specific extension of time. • All participants who submit a plant study will receive acknowledgment and commentary about the study. There is no further fee required to submit the study. • After submitting the plant study, those who indicate an interest in the Certification Program will receive detailed instructions about the certification procedure. “I can’t tell you how happy I am to receive my certificate! I decided to devote my life to the work with flower essences. Becoming an FES certified practitioner not only will bring credit to my work, but also – and what is most important for me – the process was a great opportunity to know myself a lot better.” — Anete Beatriz Effting, Blumenau, Brazil

Step 3 Participation in the optional Certification Program, generally lasting six months to one year, involving the following components: • Three in-depth case studies, with client documentation and practitioner commentary, according to the criteria outlined in the certification materials. • Archetypal Character Study – A paper devoted to a public personality, artistic or literary character, discussing key qualities and phenomena that reflect the archetypal attributes of a particular flower essence. • A reading fee of US $300, payable when the case materials are submitted for review. • The deadline for submitting the certification materials is one year following the deadline for the submission of the plant study, or September 25, 2017. However, time extensions can be granted if the participant makes a request proposing a new specific deadline. Step 4

Following completion of the Certification Program: After your certification work is complete, Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz will personally review and discuss your case work through a telephone consultation or optional in-person interview. Upon successful completion of the certification program, participants receive a handsome certificate from the Flower Essence Society, and are invited to register as certified practitioners in the FES Practitioner Referral Network.

Photo by Susan Grace Lawton

Seven Springs Pond Terra Flora

“I want you to know how profound it was to take the FES Professional Course. It was literally taking a step back into the world of being alive. Nothing could have been better than the inspiration of flowers and also being ignited by your deep dedication to them.” — Celia Candlin, New York, NY

2017 FES Professional Course  

The FES Professional Course, offered by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, is designed for both intermediate and advanced practitioners wit...

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