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The Flower Essence Society presents

The Blossom as Bridge Expanding Soul Identity in Spirit & Nature through Flower Essence Therapy

Thursday evening, August 9 through Monday, August 13, 2018 At Terra Flora, garden sanctuary of FES in Nevada City, California

Sunflower Day radiant consciousness as the basis of modern Spiritual Identity

Overview: The Blossom as Bridge Expanding Soul Identity in Spirit & Nature through Flower Essence Therapy Within the time-honored wisdom of all cultures, flowers have always been cherished as sacramental substances that carry us toward Spirit. Thus, they are used to awaken us to love and marriage, to soothe in times of sadness or sickness, to celebrate in times of jubilation and to sanctify the life passages of birth and death. The research of the Flower Essence Society builds upon this foundation, recognizing that flower essences are not only tools for the body and its work on earth, but are also leavening agents for the soul’s awareness of trans-physical thresholds. The Blossom as Bridge seminar will explore ways in which we can help ourselves and our clients to incorporate the transcendent message of flower essences. We will examine how we can use flower essences to build a strong, yet free, spiritual identity as a full and functional part of one’s life work and purpose on earth. Likewise, we will investigate the role of flower essences during times of adversity, especially the liminal boundaries of illness and death. Ultimately, our exploration will lead us toward an understanding of how we can guide ourselves and our clients toward an expansion of consciousness that recognizes the spirituality of creation and the knowledge of the Earth as a Living Being. The over-all purpose of this course is to build on the flower essence therapeutic research belonging to the MetaFlora Map of the Soul, especially Level Six (Saturn archetype of Resolving Karma and Encountering Death, Forgiving and Being Forgiven); Level Seven (Sun Archetype of the Transpersonal Self as the Radiant Core of the Human Soul); Level Eight (the Soul of Nature and its alchemical relationship to the human soul). For those who have taken our Professional course, the Blossom as Bridge seminar will serve as an enrichment and expansion of themes introduced then. However, the August course is open to all practitioners; the topics covered will easily be of value and merit to anyone who is aiming to bring depth, meaning and higher awareness to their work as flower essence therapists.

Key Topics • Forgiving and Making Amends: The foundation of spiritual development and flower essence therapy • The Light of Dying: Flower essence therapy for threshold and hospice care • Strengthening Spirit Presence within the Human Soul: Healing wounds and blockages with flower essences • Spiritual Emergency & Spiritual Emergence: Grounding and un-bounding with flower essence therapy • Attunement and meditation techniques with plants: Perception of the overlighting Archetype • The Alchemy of Science & Spirit: How do we incorporate both in plant perception? • Where is Home? Earth and Cosmos as Dual Abodes • En-Lightening the Path: Designing a flower essence practice that helps clients move forward in soulspiritual development

Daily Activities • Daily excursions in the Terra Flora Gardens and related environments • Meditation and attunement techniques to enhance higher plant perception • Multi-media presentations exploring leading flower essences, clinical research and case study reports related to MetaFlora Levels 6, 7 and 8 • Small group and partner work to strengthen diagnostic approaches and flower essence selection related to the seminar themes • Open lab for formulating flower essences • Appreciating the trans-physical qualities and soulspiritual presence of healing plant substances • Guided artistic and meditative exercises for opening the soul to higher perception

Lilac Nourishing the nerve-sense system with replenishing life forces of memory

Angel’s Trumpet Approaching the prospect of death or major transition with peace and surrender to the reality of the Spirit

Every day my heart and mind fly over the ocean and find peace in my memories of Terra Flora and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Thank you for opening your house, your hearts, your knowledge, and for sharing your love for Nature and the Spiritual World with all of us. I wish to express my profound admiration and appreciation for all of your work. Every day when I use the flower essences from FES I think about all that stands behind each drop of love. Danielle Bolognani, SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil Student in Twelve Windows Seminar, August 2017

My time at Terra Flora was profound – starting with the moment I stepped out of my car Thursday evening. I immediately felt every cell in my body melting and relaxing. Something was changing, something deep. I realized I was entering into a retreat – something greater than anything for which I had enrolled, The feeling continued every moment at Terra Flora, with the experience deepening daily. Truly, the crystalline energy of Terra Flora is vibrant and alive. I loved every aspect of the teachings, each of you, your words, stories and information.I loved the walks, moments with each plant, and in every nook of Terra Flora. The slide video presentations were exquisite, as were the partner workbooks. Each day I “breathed” beautifully with inner and outer experiences. My head, heart and hands all felt nourished, but especially my soul. The flower essences chosen are truly medicines for my soul and working deeply. Carol Nimick, Nevada City, California Student in Twelve Windows Seminar, August 2017


Catalyzing the wellspring of memory as the heart’s bridge to loved ones who have died

Alpine Aster One of the major essences used in hospice care to guide the soul toward knowledge of its body-free eternal Self I am still inundated with so much gratitude for all the nourishment and true soul connection I felt during my time at Terra Flora this summer. Your teachings have been so pivotal in the transformation of my consciousness. ... Elisa Vargas, Meadow Vista, California

Angelica Clear and present knowledge of one’s Spirit Guidance despite forces of alienation and materialism

Explorer’s Gentian Re-stablishing connection with original Life Purpose, forgotten or submerged in the course of one’s Life Journey I wish to comment that one of the most beautiful experiences of my life has been with you, as you are blessed with so much wisdom and knowledge at the service of humanity. Jorge Eduardo Benitez Ibanez, Bogata, Colombia

Pedicularis Facilitating insight into the deep past of the soul and its causative influence on current illness or suffering

Painting by Lynn Stull, author of Wonders at the Veil, Creating a Living Relationship with Loved Ones Who Have Died

Seek you the highest, the greatest? The plant can teach it to you. What the plant does without willing it, Go you and do by willing it. Friedrich Schiller

Instructors for the Course Patricia Kaminski

Patricia’s love for plants and animals began during childhood, growing up on a prairie farm in central Nebraska. Patricia first discovered the remarkable effectiveness of the English flower remedies in helping children with learning problems such as dyslexia, and then in a counseling program for juvenile offenders. She has studied widely in the fields of teaching, healing, herbalism and natural history, including Waldorf education and Goethean plant science. Patricia is currently active as a flower essence teacher and counselor, administrates the Society’s research and practitioner training programs, and is the Development Director of Terra Flora Biodynamic Gardens and Elemental Sanctuary. In addition to writing the Flower Essence Repertory with Richard Katz, she has written Flowers That Heal, which describes the fundamental principles of flower essence therapy.

Richard Katz Richard’s various studies and experiences in mathematics, science, psychology, herbalism and meditation culminated in his research of flower essence therapy as a “living science of Nature,” requiring an accurate understanding of subtle qualities of plants, and also of the mental and emotional realms within the human being. After working extensively with the original English repertory of Dr. Bach, Richard went on to pioneer, since 1978, the development of flower remedies from North American plants, which are now recognized and used throughout the world. He specializes in FES botanical studies, photographs many of the FES flowers, and manages the many aspects of a flower essence business.

Lady’s Mantle Allowing the life currents of Nature to flow freely and fully through the heart and hands as a healing force You are helping the world in so many ways and I continue to be filled with gratitude for having taken your 2015 summer Professional Workshop. Virginia Lynn Anderson, Crossayuna, New York

Green Rose Ability to sense unity of all Life through the forces of the heart; thus overcoming fear, separation and isolation

The Flower Essence Society Advanced Studies Certification Program We are pleased to provide a second level of training and study for certified practitioners in the Flower Essence Society. Our goal is to move to a further level of proficiency in flower essence therapy, recognizing those certified practitioners who wish to deepen their study with FES, or who are working in their communities in an area of specialty. Each year the Flower Essence Society offers one or more advanced courses in specific areas of healing and research, such as aromatherapy and flower essences, plant signatures and related aspects of Nature Science, dream work and flower essences, and color healing and flowers. We will also focus on work with particular populations such as children, animals, or elderly; or specialized arenas of healing such as drug addiction, homelessness and displacement from community and family, war aftermath or other forms of post-trauma stress, domestic violence, human sexuality and the soul, environmental toxins and ecological healing, hospice care, mental health, autism, physical diseases and soul evolution, community service and collective healing. The goal of the research and teaching efforts in the FES Advanced Studies Program, is to accelerate practitioner awareness and expertise, so that the soul-spiritual gift of flower essence therapy moves directly into the heart of humanity and into the heart of the earth, especially its current forms of suffering and related challenges. Credits are designated according to curriculum hours for each course. Accrual of 80 or more hours is required to be granted an Advanced Studies Certificate from the Flower Essence Society. Credits for the FES Advanced Studies Program will be accounted for anyone attending, whether or not you are still in process with FES certification, or intend to pursue certification later. However, the final certificate for the FES Advanced Studies Program is awarded to those who have completed the certification program of the FES Professional Course. This program also recognizes independent study from those practitioners who may wish to contribute to our body of research through presentations of healing work they have done in their own communities, such as social service projects using flower essence therapy. To make proposals for such study, please contact FES directly. The Blossom as Bridge 2018 course: 40 hours

Registration Enrollment for the seminar is limited and early registration is advised. Once you are accepted into the seminar, please make your own travel and accommodation arrangements (see below). Please contact the Flower Essence Society class registrar Jann Garitty ( with any questions about course content, schedule, or any other policies. The questionnaire included with the registration form is absolutely essential; without the completed questionnaire, your application will not be processed. The online registration forms are found at: (payment by credit card) (payment by check or bank transfer)

Fees • Cost is $850 for the five-day workshop and includes four catered lunches • Breakfasts, dinners, accommodations and travel costs are additional

Payment and cancellation policy Fees are due at the time of registration. Our classes are located at Terra Flora, which serves as a home, garden site and cottage work facility. We limit the size of our classes in order to facilitate an atmosphere of social warmth and nature experience. You are urged to enroll early. Please note our cancellation fee policy: • Through July 8, 2018: We will issue a refund less a $150 cancellation fee. • Starting July 9, 2018: If we are able to fill your reserved space, we will issue a refund, less a $150 administrative fee. No credit will be issued if it is not possible to fill your reservation, or if notice of cancellation is not furnished prior to the class.

Meals Tuition includes buffet style lunches, morning snacks and herbal teas. We offer minimally processed and seasonally appropriate organic food. While we strive for enough variety to meet most dietary preferences, if you have highly specialized or severely restricted dietary needs, we recommend that you bring additional food with you each day. For daily breakfasts and dinners, we will provide you with a list of local restaurants and natural food stores at which you can dine or purchase deli items or groceries.

Transportation The nearest airport is Sacramento International Airport (SMF), which is about a 1.5 hour drive from Nevada City. If you do not rent a car, shuttle service from and to the airport can be arranged with SuperShuttle, 800-258-3826, You can also reserve a door-to-door ride with Nevada County Airporter, 530575-7011,; Foothills Shuttle and Charter, 530-432-3235; or Folsom Lake Express, (916) 984-3046 www. However, please note that it may be less expensive to rent a car from the airport. Important note: For arrival Thursday, August account possible delays, etc., please be sure your allows adequate travel time from the airport to accommodation, and from there to Terra Flora, in on time for the start of the class.

9, taking into flight schedule your place of order to arrive

All participants enrolling in this seminar will be asked to participate in carpooling from common points of departure in the downtown area of Nevada City. You will be given carpooling information after your registration has been completed and the logistics for the class are fully evaluated. For this reason, as mentioned above, if one does not have a personal or rental car, please reserve at one of the accommodations in central Nevada City. After you have registered, been accepted into the seminar, and made your travel plans, please fill out the travel form at this link:

Betlane Community House and Classroom Terra Flora, Nevada City, California

Schedule, arrival and departure The majority of the seminar is conducted during the daytime hours. The evenings are left open for dinner, relaxation and assimilation of the class presentations. However, the seminar does begin with an evening session on Thursday, August 9th.

Course begins Thursday evening, August 9 You will be joining a carpool at approximately 6:45 PM from your assigned point of departure. When you arrive at Terra Flora, you need to check in at the classroom to receive your class materials. The Thursday evening session is an important orientation to the whole of the seminar. This session will begin promptly at 7:30 PM and last until approximately 9:30 PM.

Course concludes Monday evening, August 13 The class ends around 6:30 PM on Monday evening, August 7. Unless you live in the local region, it is recommended that you spend the evening resting and assimilating the seminar information, and plan to depart at a convenient time on Tuesday, August 8th. You may also wish to extend your stay and enjoy the many scenic attractions of the Sierra foothills and mountains.

Accommodations Beltane Community House at Terra Flora We are pleased to offer an opportunity to lodge directly on the Terra Flora grounds at Beltane Community House. There are a small number of shared rooms which are available on a first-come first-served basis. Beltane House includes a large community kitchen, common dining and living room areas, and six bathrooms, some of which are private in the rooms, and some shared by more than one room. Please inquire for room descriptions and pricing.

Accommodations in Nevada City or Grass Valley For other accommodations, please book early, as Nevada City is a popular tourist destination in the summer. For listings, visit the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce website, www.nevadacitychamber. com or the nearby Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce at You can also book a rental through If you do not have a personal or rental car, please reserve at one of the accommodations in central Nevada City, to be able to connect with a car pool to Terra Flora. Convenient camping facilities in Nevada City can be found at Please note that FES does not coordinate accommodations at commercial establishments other than for our own Beltane House; these are chosen and arranged by each participant. Please direct questions to your travel agent, or your place of lodging. Also, we do not arrange for shuttles or other travel arrangements.

Gold Miner’s Inn in nearby Grass Valley, California

This is the talk of the flower, the truth of the blossom: The glory of eternal life is fully shining here. — Zenkei Shibayama

The Flower Essence Society P.O. Box 459, Nevada City, CA 95959 USA 800-736-9222 (USA) 530-265-9163

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Seminar: The Blossom as Bridge - 2018  

This seminar will explore paths of meditation, contemplation, and higher consciousness within the human soul and the soul of Nature, in orde...