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Description Finn has been watching Ari from the space Between their two dimensions for a long time. He lives in the same world, it seems, but in his Alpha dimension, contacting anyone in what Finn thinks of as Beta is forbidden. Against the law, even if he could figure out how to do it. One day everything changes, though. Ari becomes aware of Finn, and of the Alpha dimension, and the two begin a strange dance where they can see one another, and talk, but never touch. According to everything Finn knows, physically crossing dimensions is a death sentence, and he's not even sure how to make the attempt to get his hands on Ari. With government conspiracies, a friend who knows more than he's willing to admit, and time running out for Finn before he's caught in his watchful obsession, something has to give. Ari and Finn have become more than just watchers and friends, and Finn finally makes a mad dash for Between, trying to cross the barriers that keep Alpha and Beta apart. Can he make it to Ari alive?

[pdf] download converge ebook read online  
[pdf] download converge ebook read online