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The Use of Mobile Application Management for Business Growth In the past, we have seen the rapid advancement of technology specifically in the world of telecoms. This is true, for the mobile market have introduced numerous mobile phone products for the public to buy each year. With the rising improvement on the latest systems and products, we sometimes have a hard time updating ourselves with “what’s in and what’s new”. With smart phones being the best phones these days, cell phone applications are also on the rise. When it comes to mobile apps, it’s safe to say that Appstore and also Android Market lead the rally. Nevertheless, a different story is being played when one uses mobile application management for a business. Mobile app management is about accessing and rules governing the usage of mobile apps which are designed for various firms. The reason why mobile app management was developed is for companies to secure company data every time employees bring their mobile phones into the workplace and access company content directly from their own devices. For companies that allow their employees to bring their own devices, they employ mobile app management platform to manage corporate applications and have their company data secured. Mobile device management on the other hand, pertains to the remote management of companies to the employees’ mobile device in order to ensure that they are updated with relevant company information or to secure the device in case it gets stolen. MDM vs. MAM differs in a way that the former manages the device while the latter only controls the applications. Companies use enterprise app store with regards to mobile phone solutions. This allows users to access a centralized app store where they can access and download applications that are tightly related to the business use of their mobile phones. Businesses can choose to develop their own app store while other vendors provide products that help in creating an enterprise application store. You'll find a great

deal more to read at enterprise appstore. Research shows that the MAM mobile market will continue to raise. Today, companies are starting to make plans about improving their mobile app outlook.

The Use of Mobile Application Management for Business Growth