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WARNING: Avoid this Valentine's Day Temptation If retail florists calculated their average sales per hour on Valentine’s Day, they’d realize turning off phones for six hours on February 14 does damage equivalent to closing the store for six regular days. If a customer wanted decorations for an event worth ten times the amount of business as an average January day, would the florist say, “no”? Of course not! The floral retailer who takes the phone off the hook doesn’t just lose one customer - they will lose many customers. When customers are turned away, most will not come back. Why should they? Handle Valentine’s Day as though it were one big event order. Those who give into temptation risk losing the loyal retail flower shop customer. Dedicate one person for phones only. Retail florist are under attack by sophisticated mass marketers, the internet and non-floral retailers. We cannot afford to treat customers indifferently, even when swamped. When we turn them away, they walk straight into our competitor’s open arms. Source: Floral Managements June 2011


Week Ending December 23, 2011

Idea! of the Week Engraved Terrariums Want a new and clever way to gain funeral home and commercial business? Here’s a quick 3 step marketing idea. 1) Purchase terrariums from Bill Brown Greenhouses. 2) Have them engraved with the name of a prospective commercial business or funeral home’s name. 3) Bring the terrarium to the prospective client and introduce yourself! This is a unique way to show how Flowerama is unique in the floral industry. This also makes a great gift to your existing commercial and funeral home business. Do you have a unique marketing idea? Call Brenda Simmons to share yours!

Discount Tips If you are going to discount to add more value for your existing customers and tempt new ones, be strategic. If your Classic Dozen Rose Vase is $39.99, make your two dozen rose arrangement a value at $69.99. You may not make as much on the second dozen, but you have made full margin on the first one while giving a great value to your customer, increasing your sales and planting a seed for future purchases. Money is money and you can’t spend a margin, so try not to get too caught up in worrying how your margins will be affected. Customers also love buy one-get one and 2for deals. Having an inexpensive bouquet in the cooler is imperative so you don’t lose business for being to pricy. Offering a 2/$10 bouquet is great to encourage weekly fresh flower purchases and for special events like dance recitals.

Marketing to a Captured Audience We all know our customer count around Valentine’s Day skyrockets! Not only do our regular customers shop with us, but we also an abundance of new customers. This is an ideal time to wow customers with our service and product selection. In an effort to leverage this captured audience, John Hallee (Flowerama #164 Appleton, WI and #173 Green Bay, WI) will be giving all customers a coupon when they make their Valentine’s Day purchase. This is a great idea, John! Thanks for sharing! If you need assistance making your coupon, call Brenda at 319.291.8668 x208.

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1) Purchase terrariums from Bill Brown Greenhouses. 2) Have them engraved with the name of a prospective commercial busi- ness or funeral ho...

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