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Week Ending December 2, 2011

Idea! of the Week Orders In Bloom

Christmas provides a chance to express good feelings at work. Below are some of our favorite Holiday employee morale boosters from the Confidence Center.

Patti Fowler from #114 in Pittsburgh is thrilled with her recent decision to try BloomNet. Here is what she had to say when I called her.

Gift Exchanges That Will Warm The Hearts of Employees

Brenda: “Are you getting orders since you started BloomNet?” Patti: “I didn’t think anyone could ever convince me that joining a wire service was a good idea! I have been anti-wire since forever! But since we went live 6 days ago, we have received about 27 orders with the top dollar value being $260! In addition to getting BloomNet orders, we are receiving 1-800-Flowers orders as well!” Brenda: “How is the system working for you?” Patti: “What I love about it is that you don’t have to log on to see your orders! The orders print automatically! This morning, we had 3 regular deliveries and as we were preparing them, we got 7 more orders via BloomNet! I still want to be skeptical, but I can’t argue the success I have had the past week. “If any owners want to talk specifics with me, I am happy to share my experience. They can call my cell phone at 412-2983655.” Have a success story to share? Call Brenda Simmons at 319-291-8668 x208!

Sometimes owners are not in a position to give holiday bonuses or gifts. Below are some unique gift exchanges that are not only cost-effective, but will give your staff a huge moral boost! 1) Have employees draw names. Set a dollar limit. Tell employees to buy something for the co-worker that will exemplify that that co-worker’s best trait. 2) If you have a holiday party and can’t afford to buy a gift for each employee, handwrite each employee a letter (or poem if you are creative). Each employee can read (or have read to them) the letter or poem. You can also have employees draw names and do this exercise. These letters will warm the heart and will be treasured for a lifetime. 3) Create small slips of paper for each employee that say: "What I like about you is…." Have the employees fill out one slip for each co-worker. At the Holiday party/gathering, start with one employee and go around the circle having everyone read their compliment about that employee. Continue until everyone is finished. Each employee gets to keep the complimentary notes from coworkers. It’s a great pick me up when they are feeling down! Even when you have co-workers that don’t get along, this is a great way for them to focus on what is good about someone instead of dwelling on why they don’t like a co-worker. When employees are told why they are special in front of everyone, they feel special and moral gets a great big boost!

Nifty Idea Want to personalize your deliveries and possibly gain new customers? Jim Mowen, Bentonville, AK is having cards created to put on all deliveries! We’ll keep you posted on this program. Flowerama of Bentonville hopes you enjoy your floral arrangement! We guarantee the freshness of your flowers. Please find the care instructions on the back of the care tag and the flower preservative which will prolong the life of your flowers. Please let us know if we can assist you in anyway. We are open 7 days per week for your convenience and you can reach us at (479) 657-6997 As our gift to you, bring in this card within 30-days and we'll give you a 10% discount off of your purchase. Have a wonderful day! Your friends at Flowerama!

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Nifty Idea Gift Exchanges That Will Warm The Hearts of Employees Want to personalize your deliveries and possibly gain new customers? Jim Mo...

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