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This may well have been your thought process when you opened the front cover of our 2020 Magazine? It was, in fact, done on purpose to indicate the UPSIDE DOWN year that 2020 most certainly was!

Welcome to this year s Girls School Magazine!

WELCOME_ ATTLEE HOUSE You will notice that, besides being upside down, 2020 was also the year when Attlee House was introduced to the School. Our new House is named after our Founding Headmistress, Mrs Trish Attlee. The symbol for this House is the brown butterfly and hence the theme of butterflies runs through out the magazine. You will also notice the various bitmojis and computer game symbols throughout the Magazine. These relate to an online strategy of educational gaming and St Peter s offering an Arcade of Education. As much as COVID-19 limited us in some ways, in others it gave us opportunities to come up with new and exciting 1

innovations in various aspects of school life. Details of these Milestones are listed in the introduction section of this magazine. I sincerely hope you enjoy the new look and feel of this year s magazine, and my sincere gratitude must go to Mrs Nthabeleng Nhlapo, our new Marketing Manager, and her team for all their time and effort to make this a special keepsake for all our girls.

Happy Reading! Mr Darrel Webb - HEADMASTER



Milestones 2020 ..................................................... Chaplain s Reflection .............................................. Headmaster s Report .............................................. JP Head s Report ..................................................... Rector & Chairman s Review ................................... Members of Council ...............................................


Staff Notes ............................................................... Staff Members ......................................................... Welcome to New Staff Members ............................ Staff Having Fun ...................................................... Farewell to Staff Members ......................................


Grade 0 ................................................................... Grade 1 ................................................................... Grade 2 ................................................................... JP: Before Lockdown ............................................... JP: Lockdown Memories ......................................... JP: The New Normal ............................................... JP: Cultural .............................................................. JP: Grade 0 - Nativity Concert ................................ JP: Grade 1 - A Celebration of Poetry & Prose ........ JP: Sports Day .......................................................... JP: Grade 2 & 6 - Buddy Fun ...................................

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Grade 5 ................................................................. Grade 6 ................................................................. SP: Before Lockdown ............................................ SP: Ed-Tech & STEM .............................................. SP: Banyana Banyana ............................................ SP: Lockdown Memories ...................................... SP: The New Normal ............................................. SPEET Week .......................................................... Prize-giving: Grades 3 4 ..................................... Prize-giving: Grades 5 7 ..................................... Grade 7 ................................................................. Grade 7 - Keys Camp ............................................ Grade 7 - Valentine s Social .................................. Grade 7 - Leavers Dinner ..................................... Grade 7 - Leavers Camp....................................... Grade 7 Leavers Chapel Service .......................... Grade 7 - Scholarships .......................................... Grade 7 Leavers & High School ...........................


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START_ 2020 was an incredibly interesting year, particularly since it was my first year as the Girls Prep Marketer. Having said this, I would like to extend my most sincere appreciation to all staff members who, without hesitation, supported me during this crazy year. A beeeeeg thank you to Kirsty Morey, Ron Thackwell and Toni Clarke-Buchanan for the endless hours that they have spent on proofreading this exciting project. Thank you to Nwabisa Nogqala for taking on the mammoth task of assisting me with the brainstorming, pagination and compilation of the publication.

Thank you to Chantal Jacobs from The Cactus Connection for nailing the brief! Your creative thinking and attention to detail is phenomenal. I look forward to creating more engaging publications with you. A special thank you to my counterpart, Diane Fraser, for her invaluable support and her countless words of wisdom. Lastly, thank you to Paula Gouveia for keeping me sane during the compilation of this Magazine and literally sounding the horn once I submitted my final pages! Disclaimer: Apologies for any omissions or errors. I have done my utmost to limit these.

Thank you to all the girls and Belinda van der Watt aka Juffie for selecting the beautiful artworks that showcase the incredible artistic talent at our school, as well as the creation of the Front Cover.

Enjoy the memories of 2020! A year that will surely go down in history as one that tested our values. As a school, I believe we grew stronger together. Until the next publication. !

The fantastic images provided by Danny Parsons from Life Imaging and Julie Horwood from Hugatree Photography have added so much value to this publication. You both have an incredible eye for capturing special moments.

Kea Leboha

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Nthabeleng Nhlapo GIRLS PREP: MARKETER

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



We re chuffed that... PRE-COVID-19 ACADEMIC MILESTONES Units of Inquiry, used to deepen learning and engagement in relevant topics e.g. Apartheid, Influential Women, Racism. Positive Education philosophy, introduced to Grades 6 and 7 girls and, subsequently, recorded on school reports. Staff join and participate in Online Conferences which include many presenters from overseas countries e.g. EdTech, Pos Ed. A move towards mastery of skills, as opposed to overall percentages, on reports encourages the setting of personal learning goals by pupils. CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT New Dance Studio established. SPORTS AND CULTURE Girls compete in four Houses with the establishment of Attlee House. Heads of Houses appointed. DURING COVID-19 COVID-19 St Peter s records the first case at a school in Gauteng a parent. Lockdown commences 18 March 2020. St Peter s immediately converts to online learning from Grades 000 7. Convenes a Medical Advisory Group comprising a NICD principal scientist, Occupational Medicine Specialist, Pediatrician. COVID-19 Management Team divides the School into pods/clusters. Staff and pupils are restricted to their clusters to minimise transmission. At the close of the Trinity Term, St Peter s is one of the few Gauteng independent schools not to close during Level 3 Lockdown. ACADEMIC From the first day of Lockdown, Grades 3 - 7 girls immediately learn on Google Classroom and subject specific websites created by staff. Formal and informal training to improve staff IT skills continues throughout Lockdown. Many courses are offered spontaneously by individual staff members. EMS Market Days go viral and girls produce and sell their creations online. Market research, profit margins and income statements all become part of the online marketplace. Minecraft Education, a gaming programme, introduced to Grade 6, to enhance learning in Environmental Sustainability, Biomes and Economic Viability.


Cape Ash tree and COVID-19 Time capsule planted by Gr 7s as part of their Flexible Learning Programme. SPIRITUAL The positive response to pre-recorded Chapel services sees them converted to live streaming. INCLUSION First groups of Staff attend the Kopanya training, Talking to Kids about Race and Racism . School issues #BlackLivesMatter statement. Formal workshops with the Kopanya Group commence, to equip Staff to tackle racial issues with pupils. CATERING The Kitchen begins supplying fresh and frozen take away meals for families, as well as the new Christmas range including Christmas Cake, Biscuits and Atchar. Hot lunch snack individually packed to prohibit virus transmissions. EMOTIONAL SUPPORT One-on-one Zoom support and Mentor Meetings between pupils and teachers using Positive Education techniques. The Chaplain and School psychologists provided support to parents and Staff. PARENTS Sixty-seven parents donate School tuition fee rebate to the fund to assist families in financial distress. Parents donate food to poor communities. Staff are humbled and buoyed up by the outpouring of encouragement and support from parents. GROUNDS AND ESTATE Two new boreholes drilled. Additional JoJo tanks installed for borehole water storage. BIODIVERSITY White-faced owls recorded calling on campus. ENROLMENT St Peter s enrols seven new families from surrounding schools during Lockdown, attracted by its online programme. MARKETING Virtual tour video introduced in lieu of onsite tours.

CHAPLAIN'S REFLECTION_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION statue, except for its hands. They searched and searched, but the pieces were never found. Finally, the villagers placed a plaque on the statue with the inscription, I have no hands but yours.



This has certainly been a difficult year for us all. We have had to face COVID-19, which has resulted in a great deal of hardship, on multiple levels. Many have had to deal with financial losses and it has brought emotional pain and tragedy. We remember all these families, who have been affected by the virus, and hold them up in our prayers. However, there have been rays of sunshine in our darkness too, particular moments that have given us hope and the ability to carry on and persevere.

All I can say is thank God you have been the hands of Christ, the sunbeams that have displayed hope, but far more importantly, have shown love. This is why we, at St Peter s, so often regard our community as family because we are always ready to get stuck in it together. When the Jewish leaders asked Jesus what the greatest commandment was, He said, to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. This is true, but Jesus added a second part to this commandment, to love each other , which we at, St Peter s, all do so well. This is what makes us family! Even though this has been a tough year, and one we will definitely not forget, it has not been a hopeless year. Let us remember 2020 as a year in which we showed resilience and where we overcame overwhelming events in our lives. Even through times of adversity, we remained the hands of Christ. So here s a shout-out to all our families of 2020 each one of you is a living miracle of God, the one who created us all. Blessings Father Richard Wossler CHAPLAIN

John 8 vs 12:

Jesus spoke again to the people and said, I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.

We so often forget that Christ is always with us and so we need to consciously remind ourselves that no matter what our circumstances, we will never be separated from the love of Jesus. This light is our compass, which will direct us and give us hope.


This light has been demonstrated in our community through various acts of love. When we launched an appeal, we were overwhelmed by your generosity! This reminds me of a story During a World War II bombing raid, a French village lost a beloved statue of Christ. The villagers painstakingly sifted through the rubble and managed to rebuild the 4

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020

HEADMASTER S REPORT_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION been the heroes of COVID-19 at St Peter s. Despite the pandemic and associated limitations, we have still delivered a world-class education, at every level. Mr Andrew Steyn and his Sports Department played their part in posting physical fitness videos online and, as soon as the girls came back to school, they explored every opportunity to involve the girls in physical activity again. These options ranged from dance routines to personalised fitness programmes. Later in the year, they prepared the girls and then hosted numerous Inter-house events, sadly, all behind closed doors.


DARREL WEBB There is certainly a truth in the sentiment that, true character is revealed when times get tough. 2020 has been an extremely difficult year! I believe our character, as a school, has been exposed and tested and, in my opinion, we have passed with flying colours! Our character has displayed resilience, flexibility, organisation and a determination to achieve all for the benefit of our girls! Every grade and each department in the School played its part and, ultimately, it came together like a wellrehearsed orchestra Music to my ears! During Lockdown, our teachers played their part by upskilling themselves in a matter of days. They posted work on Google Classroom and hosted meetings on Zoom. Our sincere gratitude must go to Mrs Kerryn Schmidt, our Director of Edtech, for her commitment to staff development at this crucial time. The greatest test of patience, for a teacher, had to be managing 26 faces on a screen (particularly in the Junior Prep), all wanting to sing at once, with added complications of freezing and muting! Thankfully, we are blessed with teachers who, do indeed, have the patience for the job! Post Lockdown, teachers needed to teach the girls at school whilst ensuring that the girls at home were not falling behind. They were outside every morning, playing their part in welcoming the girls to school, even in the cold and the wet. I m not sure you would find this in any of their job descriptions! Under the guidance and support of Trish Attlee, in the Junior Prep, Rachel Amm, in the Middle School, and Pam van Gass, in the Upper School, our teachers have certainly 5

Mrs Marguerite Schmitt and her Music Department did what they do best they continued to play! Our teachers persevered with online, individual music lessons and group theory lessons. Somehow, they managed to keep the girls motivated to such an extent, that a large number of girls were still able to take part in practical and theory exams towards the end of the year. COVID-19 restrictions have had a significant psychological impact on many of our girls. Our Pastoral Care team, headed by Mrs Cara Eggett, adapted accordingly. In fact, I would say it was the busiest and most difficult year ever, in this space. Our Heads of House (Mrs Ronel Schoeman, Mrs Niki Mayne, Mrs Tumi Makola and Mrs Kerryn White), our Educational Psychologist (Mrs Carmen Whitfield), Father Richard and all our Class and Specialist teachers, all played their part by spending endless hours chatting to girls, chatting to parents and doing what they could to support our girls through this trying time. Mrs Rose Nkomo, as Director of Curriculum Diversity and Transformation, continued to play her part in ensuring our School continued on its journey this year, particularly in terms of our own #BLM campaign. Rose initiated numerous conversations and our first few groups of teachers went through intensive online training sessions for five weeks, in order to unlearn and re-learn the concept of diversity, and how to engage in conversations with children. Next year, we will start with our very first Social Justice lessons in the Senior Prep. We are aware that a number of girls may have missed some academic building blocks because of their time away from school. To this end, we welcome our new Educational Psychologist to our orchestra next year.

Mrs Megan Blamire has a Master s Degree as well as seven years of experience. She has also co-authored a textbook titled, Supporting learners with dyslexia in multilingual classrooms through the use of mobile devices . Mrs Shamani Pillay has also been employed, in the Junior Prep, to assist with small group teaching. Shamani has extensive experience as a Junior Prep teacher and as a Remedial Specialist. Two of St Peter s aforementioned character strengths during COVID-19, have been our organisation and planning. Full credit needs to go to our Operations Team, headed by Mr Vijay Maharaj, for playing its part. Mrs Remember Rabali and Mr Andrew Steyn represented the Girls School on this committee. To say they deserve a standing ovation would be an understatement! They spent countless hours ordering PPIs, arranging desks, directing traffic and assisting staff with our various protocols. We also need to include our Medical Advisory Team (Mrs Lesego Dikoma, Mrs Terri Barrow and Mrs Nicole Wolter) for the part they played in advising us, every step of the way, every day and all hours of night. Our girls continue to produce the most wonderful artwork, thanks mainly to the part that Mrs Belinda van der Watt has played. With our various Drama productions cancelled, our girls needed an opportunity to express themselves creatively. Examples of this wonderful creativity are evident throughout the magazine. Our Administrative, Security, Grounds, HR, Finance, Maintenance and Medical Support staff, also played an integral role in the success of this year. We welcomed a new member to our orchestra this year, Mrs Nthabeleng Nhlapo. Nthabs has brought a new look and feel to marketing our school, especially in the Social Media space. Three outstanding soloists, who deserve a specific mention, are: Mr Greg Royce, affectionately known as Gramps to the girls, for his support, his guidance and his steady hand on the tiller of our organisation as a whole. Mr Rob Macaulay, my brother-in-arms, for his support and encouragement knowing that one is not alone in the decision-making process provides me with incredible peace of mind. And, finally, my PA, Paula Gouveia! Her attention to detail, dedication to our school and her constant reminders of what to do when, have been invaluable! Another integral part of the orchestra would be our Parent Body. These musicians are phenomenal! You had to add teacher to your endless list of parental expectations! This, on top of making a living during a national state of disaster! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your

support of your daughter, and of the School, during this crazy year! We applaud you! I m not sure which is the largest section of an orchestra but, at St Peter s, this section would definitely be every single girl, from Grade 0 to Grade 7, in 2020! Every single girl played her part in perfect harmony! They had to adapt, they had to be patient and they had to take ownership of a new normal . They sat behind screens all day, wore masks in the sweltering heat and had to resist the temptation of hugging their friends and teachers! Their laughter has filled our school again, making this my favourite symphony of all! Behind the scenes, my family too have played their part in supporting me every step of the way. My son, Jont, was appointed Head Boy for 2020 at St Peter s College. He has taught me that, it is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it, despite having missed out on what could have been an incredible year for him and his Grade. My daughter has taught me to keep positive no matter the circumstances. She is in her 2nd year at Tuks and has managed her way through a half-hearted effort from the University to lecture online. My wife is my hero because she simply has to put up with me, everyday! I m no expert when it comes to appreciation of classical music. However, what I do know is that the music our St Peter s Girls School has played, this year, has been the best-composed piece ever written! Then again, I am very biased! I choose to look at 2020 not as a sad song, but a glorious symphony. Each day we draft a new movement in our symphony of life; what melody will you compose today?



St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020

JP HEAD S REPORT_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION Our innovative teachers worked hard to ensure that the girls had concepts consolidated on their return to school. Two or three specialist teachers were assigned to each grade, providing daily individual reading sessions. In addition, an inclusion specialist, Mrs Shamani Pillay, was employed and she worked with small groups in Grades 0, 1 and 2, consolidating concepts. Teachers and interns were able to continue with small group teaching and rotational groups outside the classroom (to allow for social distancing). The girls responded exceptionally well to the extra support provided. The girls have shown resilience and courage as they adapted to the new norm and I am proud of each one of them!


At St Peter s, high academic standards and innovation are emphasised, along with a growth mind-set, enduring values and the development of character. Learning is fun and relevant in the Junior Prep and it is always a delight to walk around the school and watch the girls absorbed in tasks that promote rich learning and a depth of understanding. The year 2020 has proved to be completely different from anything experienced before. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, school was closed in mid-March. Children and families remained indoors and teachers took on the challenge of teaching online. With very little warning, we transformed the way we teach. The JP teachers had started to prepare online lessons a few weeks before Lockdown and lessons, as well as educational material, were offered from the day the school closed. In our usual spirit of growth and development, this became refined as the term progressed. From the second term, all classes in the Girls Junior Prep were on Google Classroom, with weekly instructional videos and application material provided to embed new concepts. This obviously came with many challenges. Teachers learnt a multitude of technical skills and became seasoned television presenters overnight. They made videos that held the attention of the girls and taught them effectively. Parents were required to step in as technical support despite their own work commitments. Each family had its own challenges as we embarked on this new journey together. Once school was able to open again, a hybrid system of teaching was adopted. Those choosing to stay at home were provided with videos and the learning material required. Work packs were prepared weekly and collected by parents, every Saturday. 7

My thanks are extended to the Sports Department for designing a programme where each class had the opportunity to actively participate in a sporting activity on a regular basis. Dance was also continued and much fun was had by the whole school when we participated in the video-recorded Jerusalema Dance Challenge . The Sports Day and Grade 2 Gala were held although, owing to COVID-19 regulations, no spectators were able to attend. Photos and updates were sent to parents during the events. At the Grade 2 gala, the girls were supported by their Grade 6 buddies. War cries echoed throughout the school and it was amazing to see our girls immersed in House spirit already. We were so grateful that in the last term, we were able to hold all the annual events that gave the girls their moment to shine on stage. The Grade 0 girls performed like seasoned actresses in the Nativity Play. It was a delightful performance and the girls literally sparkled on stage. The Grade 1 girls wrote their own story or poem and then recited these with confidence in the Celebration of Poetry and Prose Festival. The Grade 2 girls prepared a Service of Thanksgiving, filled with songs, poems, prayers, readings and their own reflections of COVID-19. They conducted the service independently, from beginning to end. The St Peter s values were reflected in all these performances and each one was a delight to watch. My thanks to all the teachers for their creativity, hard work in planning and preparing our little ones for these special moments on stage. The St Peter s Intern Programme continues to add significant value to St Peter s Junior Prep. The interns have grown and developed in every area and their willingness to step in and help is so appreciated. They add exceptional value! Finally, my thanks are extended to Darrel Webb and Greg Royce for their strong leadership and ardent support of us all throughout the challenging times we experienced this year. Your wise counsel is sincerely appreciated. Trish Attlee JP HEAD

RECTOR & CHAIRMAN'S REVIEW_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION As happened worldwide, COVID-19 affected church services and the changed the way of ministry. St Peter s introduced pre-recorded spiritual clips which were made available to the children as part of the online learning programme. Due to the churches being closed during Lockdown and restrictions placed on churches, we were unable to admit anyone to communion through their First Holy Communion, however, eight Baptisms were performed. The annual Eucharist of our patronal festival, St Peter s Day, was unfortunately cancelled.

GREG ROYCE Management gurus tell us that leadership is fundamentally about change and institutions worldwide, were tested by the COVID-19 this year. The School Exco and Council felt that they had to go beyond the mechanics of social distancing and providing online education to focus the well-being of its staff and pupils (and community). After all, if teachers and pupils are not experiencing good mental health, they can neither teach nor learn properly. The impact of the virus, and subsequent Lockdown, was severe. Human beings are social animals. They crave the sense of belonging to a group and thrive on interaction with others. Our society depends on the exchange of ideas and the discovery of commonalities to flourish and grow. The virus brought not only fear, but denied us the company of friends, loved ones and the opportunity to meet new people who might contribute further to our personal growth and sense of community. Many experienced anxiety and even fear, and some began to lapse into depression. At the same time, close proximity to family spotlighted differences and rekindled resentments. Loved ones fell ill or died, divorces happened. When friends or relatives were hospitalised, we were unable to give them the support of personal company. The psychological impact was, and still is, massive. SPIRITUAL The Boys School celebrated its 70th birthday in February with a Thanksgiving Eucharist. The service was celebrated by the Visitor, Rt Rev Dr Steve Moreo, assisted by the Archdeacon, two priests and Canon Thandi Chaane. The Gloria was especially composed for the occasion by Jacques van der Walt of the St Peter s Music School.


STAFF Leadership after a rigorous recruitment drive, Rob Macaulay was selected to succeed Greg Royce as Rector when the latter retires at the end of 2021. The decision to appoint Greg s successor as soon as possible was taken in order to eliminate uncertainty and anxiety and to allow the School to properly prepare for the transition. The search for the new Boys School Head has commenced and will be completed during the first term next year. Already over thirty quality applications have been received. TEACHING AND LEARNING Thanks to the School s unique Flexible Learning Programme (first pioneered in 2014) and the increasing use of IT in teaching modules, the staff were able to convert to full online learning relatively easily and did so on the first day of the Lockdown. The Academic Directors immediately set about refining the curriculum to ensure that children learnt the key aspects of languages and maths. At the same time, they monitored the effectiveness of online learning by consulting staff and parents and measuring pupil progress. This enabled constant improvement of teaching modules. The goal was to ensure that key concepts were mastered and that no child s entry to senior school was hindered.

We were gratified at the parents reaction to our responses to their suggestions and the quality of the online learning. During the Lockdown, the school accepted a number of children from neighbouring independent schools who were attracted by the quality of the programme. Subject specialist teachers were drafted into teaching to spread the load and ensure that no child was left uncatered for, revealing new talents. HUMAN CAPITAL Shuia Hamilton-Baloyi, the new HR Director, introduced software to manage the transactional side of HR including leave applications, payslips and so on. It was high time that this occurred with approximately 240 staff. An organisation design audit was conducted to improve efficiencies and save costs. Results are expected in the new year. A series of anti-discrimination workshops were held for all staff and forums created to provide safe spaces for staff to share their feelings about racism and the extent to which they felt included at School. CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT JP Boys Solar PV panels fitted to Boys JP roof and linked to battery backup. Awaiting authorisation from Eskom to link to the grid. Boreholes two boreholes drilled (Gunn and Mvukuzane fields) JoJo tanks two placed at the Pre-prep and linked to the gutters which will be used to water gardens. Pre-Prep Classroom extension Grade 000 classroom extension completed. Girls JP Roof repairs to roof completed.

Naturally, there were challenges. Some children resorted to switching off their cameras, claiming poor connection, while they indulged in non-academic related pursuits; Some neglected to submit work with a similar excuse until threatened with exposure to their parents; While enthusiastically conducting a lesson from home, one teacher was alerted to a fire which had broken out in one of the rooms


OPERATIONS Attention was focused mainly on preventing transmission of the COVID-19 virus. A COVID-19 Management Team was convened immediately following the imposition of the Lockdown. The Team creatively divided the School into clusters to which pupils and staff were confined, necessitating only the closure of the area of the School where a child or staff member tested positive. Catering the Kitchen began to sell frozen and take-away meals, as well as a new Christmas range including Christmas Cake, Biscuits and Atchar. Greening over the last decades some seven boreholes have been drilled on the campus with limited success. At the beginning of the year, only one in the centre of Newlands Field was delivering a respectable amount of water. This was used to fill the tanks beside the Chapel carpark and reduced the substantial cost of irrigating the sports fields. At the beginning of the year, two more were drilled, with one providing a rather less than expected 2,000 litres per hour which will be used for similar purposes. It s now over a year since we applied to Eskom for permission to install solar panels at the School. We continue to await a response, which is crucial to our planned phased conversion to solar energy. INCLUSION During the Lockdown, the School leadership continued its efforts to meet the objectives of making the School equally welcome to all and providing equitable access to all the opportunities offered by the School. Online meetings for small groups of staff were held to promote understanding and to allow staff to express their feelings and reactions to the School s #BlackLivesMatter statement. After a good deal of research and consultation with other independent schools, the Kopanya Institute was contracted to offer workshops to staff to equip them when dealing with children about racial matters. Given our nation s past and the current political situation, this is a very difficult topic for anyone to handle in a non-partisan manner. To date, some 60 teachers have completed the course and have had nothing but praise for its effects. The Lockdown unfortunately, halted parent initiatives such as My Story evenings and it is our intention to reinstate these next year, to provide parents with the opportunity to express their own views.


No PA levy charge for Trinity & Advent Terms R556 (grade dependent). Credit passed for lunch for the Trinity (2nd) and Advent (3rd) Term. Sustainability levy reduced to 50% for Advent Term Trinity Term rebate R3 000 per pupil, on application, as per COVID-19 correspondence. PARENTS ASSOCIATION (PA) During the year and under the constraints of the Lockdown, the PA succeeded in achieving the following:

When the virus struck, little was known about its effects and, like all other commercial enterprises and similar institutions, the School first set about securing the safety of its community and then preparing to meet the unknown financial challenges which were likely to be encountered. Immediate steps taken: All major campus development projects as well as smaller Capex items were suspended. Electricity and water. We ceased irrigating the fields as soon as the Lockdown commenced and have switched off all unnecessary geysers, lights, air conditioners and other appliances. Negotiated discounts with all suppliers, including for data, security, grounds management and cleaning services. The latter two are wholly blackowned companies which St Peter s established. The employees fall in the lower paid scale. Applied for UIF-COVID-19 TERS benefit for staff unable to work. Exco (the Rector, Heads, Business Manager, Human Resource Director, Compliance Manager and Chaplain) voluntarily accepted a salary reduction of up to 12% for the remainder of the year. We needed to protect the School against loss of income and provide a fund to assist those families who would lose part or all of their income. In recognition of the impact of the Lockdown on the economy and the fact that the School was not offering its normal full programme, a number of measures were introduced to assist parents financially: No interest charged during Trinity Term on outstanding fee accounts. Interest was charged on outstanding accounts from Advent Term 2020. A payment deferral, where required, for tuition fees being granted until 5 August 2020. No sundries charges for Trinity Term between R1 200 to R2 367 (grade dependent).

1.The Introduction of an online Google proxy form for PA AGM s. 2.An online booking platform developed for the School Shop, to allow parents to book time slots. Although not successful initially, it has been utilised for new pupil uniform appointments. 3.MySchool/Makro and SchoolDays Programmes - SchoolDays advised four new members had registered with the programme. We hope to see more parents join next year. Future planning includes the extension of the Second-Hand Shop which has proved popular amongst parents. FOUNDATION Intern Programme many interns experienced extremely difficult circumstances during the Lockdown. The School provided them with additional airtime to enable them to continue with their duties and studies. Despite their hardships, they achieved outstanding exam results: Number of modules attempted Number of modules passed Number of modules failed Number of Supplementary modules Number of Distinctions

96 84 3 10 51

Our chief sponsor, the Thuto Trust, notified the School that they would no longer sponsor any new interns from 2021. They will continue to sponsor 16 out of the current total of 25, 4 of whom would be graduating at the end of the year. IT A highly competent staff member was moved into an oversight position for IT. She is conducting a review as we feel that the hardware and software are not being used to the best advantage. We seek to improve efficiency through automation wherever possible.

Greg Royce RECTOR



St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


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STAFF NOTES _ ARCADE OF EDUCATION RECTOR: Greg Royce HEADMASTER: Darrel Web Trish Attlee Pam van Gass Cara Eggett Rachel Amm Marguerite Schmitt Andrew Steyn Kerryn Schmidt Rose Nkomo Nthabeleng Nhlapo Remember Rabali Fr Richard Wossler Cecilia Neto Shuia Hamilton-Baloyi Vijay Maharaj Founders Oliver Waveney Attlee Lerato Mafatle Chloe Hall Janet Buck Shelli Golden Charmaine Ndzwane Sheena Steyn Catriona Montagu Robyn van Ginkel Bronwyn Peake Kerry Glass Leigh Lidgey Lauren Keeve Julia Aitken Rachel Amm Toni Clarke-Buchanan Kelsey Mohamed Colleen Ireland Thobile Kizito Melanie Aspeling Nicci Horak Alyssa Barberis Ronel Schoeman Kirsty Morey Kerryn White Niki Mayne Julie Horwood Rose Nkomo Kim Gordon Siyabonga Ziqubu Boitumelo Ledwaba Wilna Coetzee Ron Thackwell Rick Wilson Anthony Blackhurst Cara Eggett Kerryn Schmidt Megan Haas Belinda van der Watt Candice Ellis Cath Holm Carmen Whitfield Lisa Human Sue Garner Shamani Pillay Fiona van der Zee Saskia Leenstra Kathryn Tarlton Samantha Schultz Megan Blamire

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Head: Girls Junior Prep Deputy Head: Academics Director: Pastoral Care Director: Middle School Director: Music Director: Sports Director: EdTech and Academic Administration Director of Curriculum Transformation and Diversity Marketer Director School Admin; Health and Safety Officer Chaplain Operations Manager HR Director Deputy Head: Campus Compliance HEADS OF HOUSES Ronel Schoeman Kerryn White Keitumetse Makola Niki Mayne ACADEMIC STAFF Grade 0 Class Teacher Grade 0 Class Teacher Grade 0 Class Teacher; Lead Teacher: Literacy Grade 0 Class Teacher Grade 0 Assistant Teacher Grade 1 Class Teacher; Lead Teacher: Numeracy Grade 1 Class Teacher Grade 1 Class Teacher Grade 2 Class Teacher; Lead Teacher: Thinking Skills Grade 2 Class Teacher Grade 2 Class Teacher; Lead Teacher: Outreach Co-ordinator Junior Prep Afrikaans and EdTech; Lead Teacher: EdTech Integration Grade 3 Class Teacher Grade 3 Class Teacher Grade 3 Class Teacher Grade 4 Class Teacher Grade 4 Class Teacher; HOD: Thinking Skills Grade 4 Class Teacher Grade 5 Class Teacher; HOD: Drama Grade 5 Class Teacher Grade 5 Class Teacher Grade 6 Class Teacher; HOD: Afrikaans Grade 6 Class Teacher; HOD: English Grade 6 Class Teacher and Senior Prep Exploration and Learning; HOD: Inquiry-based Learning Grade 6 English Teacher Grade 6 Mathematics Teacher Grade 7 Class Teacher; HOD: isiZulu Grade 7 Class Teacher; HOD: Mathematics Grade 7 Mathematics Teacher Senior Prep isiZulu Senior Prep Afrikaans Master Teacher: English; Exploration and Learning Master Teacher: English; Exploration and Learning Master Teacher: Mathematics Senior Prep Life Orientation Senior Prep EdTech Senior Prep EdTech Senior Prep Art Senior Prep STEM; HOD: STEM Mathematics Teacher ACADEMIC SUPPORT UNIT Head of ASU Speech and Language Therapist Academic Support Academic Support Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Occupational Therapist Physiotherapist Remedial Therapist

LIBRARY Zanele Kekana Junior Prep Library; isiZulu Gr 1-2 Leigh van Rooyen Senior Prep Library; Reading Specialist PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Leanne Fleming Lead Teacher: Junior Prep Sports Meaghan Badenhorst Sports Teacher Keitumetse Makola Sports Teacher Tshego Mashabela Sports Teacher Naledi Lebelo Sports Coach Thabo Mabunda Sports Coach

Jessica Da Silva Ingerid de Bruyn Hugo Roodt Jacques van der Walt Faye Prinsloo Janet Bottomley Marwileen van Zyl Olga Korvink Ute Liebenberg Leon van Zyl Julia Patrascoiu Kyla Hendricks Tsakani Mpapele Lynne Matthysen Mahlatse Madibane Demi Granger

PERFORMING ARTS STAFF Junior Prep Head: Music Music Administration Choir Master Choir Master Piano, Flute, ABRSM Theory Piano Piano, Voice, Drum Kit, Marimba Band, Theory, Rock Band, ABRSM Theory Violin, Orchestra Violin and Grade 2 Violin groups Guitar, Ukulele, Rock Band Cello Saxophone, Clarinet, Grade 4 Clarinet Groups Trumpet, Grade 4 Trumpet Groups Voice Piano, ABRSM Theory Classes Creative Movement

ADMINISTRATION/CENTRAL SUPPORT Dalys Radloff PA: Rector Paula Gouveia PA: Headmaster Mulalo Magatshavha Junior Prep Receptionist Nwabisa Nogqala Senior Prep Receptionist Thandi Xundu Housekeeping Nonhlanhla Majokane Admissions Officer Moira Hodgson Business Manager Ndivhuwo Nengovhela Financial Manager Trevlyn Bunting Operations Administrator/PA Verginia Canale Payroll Supervisor Lebone Legoabe HR Generalist Caron du Plessis Director: MIS Dieter Gloss IT Manager Connor Fraser IT Administrator Brian Magalefa IT Support Engineer Bonolo Morena IT Support Engineer Monique Pheiffer Creditors Supervisor Jenny van Wyk Debtors Supervisor Lizelle Nel Debtors Clerk Jenny Hugo Archivist Father Kamohelo Kotsi Assistant Chaplain and Administration MEDICAL Nosipho Makhaya Girls Prep Nurse FOUNDATION AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME Monica Sloane Foundation Manager and Community Partnership Programme CATERING Sharon Rabilal Catering Manager Valarie Kariwo Assistant Catering Manager Lesley McMurchie Nadia Thompson Maggie Molobane Cynthia Wheeler

SCHOOL SHOP PA/Shop Manager Shop Assistant Shop Assistant Book Keeper

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMME Barbara Millar Aftercare Manager Natasha Reynolds Aftercare Assistant Manager Sithabile Mpofu Aftercare Supervisor Mercy Shereni Aftercare Supervisor MAINTENANCE / SECURITY / TRANSPORT Lance Camphor Security Manager David Sentse Security Guard Hlengani Mabasa Security Guard Joseph Malanga Security Guard Ntsikelelo Matanga Security Guard Lourens Rudman Maintenance Manager Lucky Shogwe Maintenance Technician Eddie Maeteletja Maintenance Assistant Patrick Makebe Maintenance Assistant Shepherd Masocha Maintenance Assistant Prince Ndou Maintenance Assistant Caiphus Serema Maintenance Assistant Arthur Mathole Driver INTERN PROGRAMME June Tromp Intern Mentor Phumla Mochoeni Mandisa Kwatshube Precious Ncube Amaze Madalane Thendo Mukansi

GIRLS PREP SCHOOL INTERNS: Gugu Nkosi Cornie Motloung Karabo Mojela Kelebogile Ramashia Lerato Mohapi Patricia Nkwanyana

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020




































































































St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020























(L-R): Bonolo Morena, Dieter Gloss, Brian Magafela, Connor Fraser.




















































True teachers, are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own. Nikos Kazantzakis





Back Row (L-R): Lufo Gozongo, Francis Honde, Meshack Ngwenya, Mugochi Muchachari, Peter Nyawo, Mongezi Somyalo, Matron Ndebele, Professor Dube. Front Row (L-R): Proud Ndebele, Sanele Moyo, Tobias Moyo, Silence Makhwiting, Musa Khumalo, Patrick Leboho, Banele Ndhlovu.

Back Row (L-R):

Clement Maluleke, Lidia Sebati, Peter Modisane, Doctor Malanga, Tumisho Rantho, Daniel Senama, Elias Maluleka, Clement Vhaloyi, Confidence Ramalamula, Ruphus Sehodi. Front Row (L-R): Patricia Mampane, Princess Sheri, Nonhlanhla Buthelezi, Lebogang Komape, Florence Mojela, Salaminah Mmekoa, Tebogo Komape, Nancy Hlaku, Tebogo Komane, Sebenzile Zwane, Johanna Mashapa.

Unity is strength, When there is teamwork and colaboration, wonderful things can be achieved! MUGOCHI MUCHACHARI

Mattie Stepanek


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



Natasha joined the St Peter s team, at the beginning of 2020, as the Assistant Manager of Aftercare for Grades 0 to 7. After a month, she moved across to help run the Aftercare at St Peter s Pre-Prep. Owing to COVID-19, Natasha adjusted to working as an assistant teacher in Grade 00 at the Pre-Prep and loved every minute of it. She also helped, behind the scenes, where possible, with the online learning and videos during Lockdown. This year has been full of ups and downs, but it has highlighted to her just how much she enjoys being inside the classroom and teaching the young minds of the future. Natasha actually studied to become a beauty therapist, photographer and make-up artist. Only when her daughter, Lilly-Rae, was born, did she decide to follow a career in education and aftercare. Natasha has five dogs (of whom four are rescues), two cats and a fish at home. She loves adventures, be they big or small, and really enjoys a challenge, which she seems to be getting every day working with the imaginations of 4 to 5 year olds! Welcome to St Peter s family!


Siyabonga joined us, at the beginning of the Advent Term, from St John s Prep where he was an intern prior to earning his teaching qualification. Although Siya was born in Johannesburg, he calls Ladysmith, KZN, home. Siya has four siblings and is himself a twin. During his high school years, Siya had the opportunity to attend the St John s Academy, which seeks to aid inner city students who show potential in English, Maths and Science. The Academy was instrumental in igniting a love of education, teaching and learning. With the Academy s help, Siya entered into a Teacher Internship Programme called Realema and completed a Bachelor of Education Degree through UNISA. His soft, caring nature and obvious passion for education, are already appreciated at St Peter s. He is now a very welcome addition to our staff and is teaching Maths at a Grade 7 level. Siya is an accomplished sportsman and plays a good game of cricket, rugby, soccer, golf, basketball, hockey, tennis, squash and, believe it or not, netball. He also loves to act, dance and perform skits and comedy pieces. We can t wait to see him perform on stage in his first St Peter s Staff Variety Show! In Siya s own words, Above all, I believe that education should be fun and accessible to all. I am passionate about teaching, instilling skills and making a difference in our country. What better way is there of doing this than through kids who are our future leaders . Welcome to the St Peter s family, Siya!


We welcome Lebone to the St Peter s family. Lebone joins us from The Ridge where she was an HR Administrator (after beginning her career as an intern). She holds an Honours degree in Industrial Sociology and is currently completing her MPhil in Human Resource Management through the University of Johannesburg. During the interview process, Lebone impressed the panel with a well-thought-out and creative presentation on how she would add value to the HR department beginning with an overhaul of the Induction and Orientation Programmes. She joined St Peter s in August 2020 and has already made connections across the Schools. A true HR professional. 17


Nthabeleng Nhlapo joined St Peter s Girls Prep at the beginning of this year as our Marketing Manager. Nthabeleng came to us with over ten years of high-profile experience in Above the Line Advertising. She boasted a vast knowledge of media advertising as well as multi-tiered media campaigns. This is why we had every faith that she would revitalise our digital marketing campaign and we certainly have not been disappointed! In fact, she has already surpassed our expectations, particularly in arguably the most difficult year ever, in which to start a new job. Nthabs, as she is affectionately known to her colleagues, is married to Khotso and has two daughters, Keratilwe and Khothatso, who are both in the Girls Prep School. Welcome to St Peter s, Nthabs!


Megan has been appointed as our new Remedial Therapist in the Senior Prep. Megan studied a B.Ed degree in Intermediate Phase Education at the University of Pretoria and completed an Honours degree in Remedial Therapy (Learning Support) in 2014. She previously worked as a Grade 5 Remedial Teacher at Cedarwood School, while furthering her studies. In 2017, she completed her Masters Degree with a thesis titled Teachers perspectives on iPad usage for learners with dyslexia. Megan has been a private remedial therapist since 2018 and has co-authored a chapter in a book titled Multilingualism in the Classroom . She has a real passion for inclusive education and assisting learners who need extra guidance and support. Megan enjoys cooking and spending time with her friends and family in her spare time. Welcome to St Peter s family!


Shamani has been appointed as our Inclusion Specialist and Academic Support Teacher in the Junior Prep. Shamani attended the Springfield College of Education, attaining a Higher Education Teaching Diploma with a Junior Primary specialisation in 1988. She then went on to achieve both her BA (1996) and B Ed Guidance and Counselling (1990) degrees, through the University of South Africa. Shamani taught at various Indian government schools as a Junior Primary specialist from 1989 to 1994, due to the country s existing segregation policies at the time. Her move from KZN to Gauteng in 1994 found her teaching at Grayston Preparatory School in Sandton for four years. Her tenure at St David s Marist Inanda started in 1999, where she taught and served as the School Counsellor. Shamani also served as the Board member of St Katherine s School for two years. Furthermore, Shamani was awarded the ISASA Visitorship in 2004, which influenced her decision to use the opportunity to attend Dr Mel Levine s All Kind of Minds Conference in North Carolina. The conference focused on promoting student success through clinical assessment and management of differences in learning. In her free time, Shamani loves spending time with her family, cooking, baking and gardening. We are delighted to have Shamani join the Academic Support Unit!



Sithabile joined Aftercare in February 2020. She worked in the UK for 7 years as a Care Assistant. She came back home in 2007 and started a catering company which she ran for 10 years. She decided to study and completed a Pre-School certificate and Level 5 Barriers to Learning certificate. Sithabile is married with four children. We welcome Sithabile to the St Peter s family.


Foosball King &


Grade 5 Cluster Shenanigans


Check our FUNKY Hairdos...


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



With great sadness at the loss of her unique talents and zest for ground-breaking educational practices, we bid goodbye to Cath in the Trinity Term this year. She brought so much energy and inspiration, to the Girls Prep, over her 10 years on the staff. Cath was a change agent at the School. She took on a myriad of new challenges, over the years, and was always fully involved in the life of St Peter s with a focus on the best interests of the girls. She was a class teacher who taught Mathematics and STEM and created the umbrella term Exploration and Learning . Cath was a member of the School Management Team and was on our Thinking Skills Drive Team. She also built and headed up our Creatical Centre, organised the Grade 7 Keys Camp and others, assisted with school plays, helped arrange the Grade 7 Leavers Dinner and managed hockey teams you name it, she did it! However, we are not just going to miss what she did for the School, we are also going to miss her as a person someone whose daily role-modelling encapsulated all our school values. She is a true St Peter s girl and a team-player extraordinaire! Given our regrets at her impending departure, we were also very excited for Cath, as she had taken up yet another new challenge in her life, in the Lowveld. Cath left us to work for an NGO called The Good Work Foundation, situated in Hazyview, and is living in White River. We know she will be an amazing mentor. On her departure, limited by the COVID19 social distancing regulations, only a small group (her cluster) qualified to share a cuppa and wish her well, in person, for this new chapter in her life. Understandably, however, everyone else also joined Cath, in the tear-shedding and laughter, via Zoom.


Kamo started his ministry with us as he was exploring his journey into the ordained ministry within the Anglican Church. He subsequently became an ordinant at St Peter s and finally, after his ordination, he served as a deacon with us. His incredible voice will be remembered, from Staff Variety Shows to Sunset Carols, but, more importantly, his Chapel worship services will not be forgotten. 19


It is with mixed feelings that we bid farewell to our remedial therapist and inclusion teacher, Micaela Laios. Micaela joined the St Peter s family in November 2017, as an independent Remedial Therapist, but was later employed to assist the girls in the classroom in 2018. Micaela was a dedicated and committed member of the Academic Support Unit and strived to give her best during every session. She developed creative and enthusiastic lessons to ensure the girls were engaged during sessions, often going above and beyond what was expected of her. Micaela will be missed for her energy, passion and kindness. She was adored by the girls, therapists and staff members, and we know the Variety Show will not be the same without her choreography. We wish Micaela all the best as she embarks on her new journey to the United States, with her new husband, Matthew. We will miss you, Micaela!

E X I T_


Lance was offered a wonderful opportunity as a Security and Risk Manager at a leading golf estate in Pretoria. He has served St Peter s Prep and College well for over three years, streamlining security measures and protocols and adding value to the security processes and teams. Lance expresses his sincere thanks for the support and guidance offered at St Peter s, and for your warmth and friendship. St Peter s really became part of his DNA. We wish him well in his new venture.


At the start of 2019, Kirsty Morey left Beaulieu Preparatory to join St Peter s as the Head of the English Department and guided our Grade 6 girls for two years. She brought a wealth of knowledge of the English language and a genuine love of teaching that had an immediate positive impact on all her students. They quickly became fond of her unique style; warm, gentle manner and supportive, caring spirit. Kirsty s enthusiasm for reading, and all aspects of language work, was an inspiration to her students, of whom she always had personalised, high expectations. They benefitted, in particular, from the opportunities Kirsty provided for expressing their innermost thoughts through poetry. Those who adventured through Grade 6 in 2020 really appreciated her unfaltering efforts to add extra value in their newly-changing worlds and to foster ongoing growth - before, during and after the Lockdown months. Kirsty leaves St Peter s to be an English Specialist teacher at the International French School, Lycée Jules Verne. Kirsty has a passion for French, which was another of her majors at the University of Cape Town. Kirsty customarily spends time in the south of France and Mauritius as she enjoys the French language, culture and people. We wish her years of further fulfilment as a teacher in the classroom a role she embraces so passionately and many happy holidays on sunny shores!


Connor joined St Peter s Prep Schools in 2012 as an intern IT technician. This was in the early days of IT integration into schools and Connor has developed alongside our own schools journey over the years. Initially, Connor was involved in a number of other school activities and could be found refereeing rugby matches as an accredited Gauteng Rugby referee on Saturday mornings. However, as the IT infrastructure developed, so it demanded more and more time and by 2020 Connor was the go-to man for all queries regarding what had become a far more sophisticated and temperamental IT backbone. Connor s belief in his IT skills allowed him to ensure that the IT backbone was secure during the initial COVID-19 Online Programme and this backbone has laid the foundation for a more formalised and powerful network that will carry the School into the future. We thank Connor for his pioneering spirit, for being so instrumental in the development of IT at St Peter s Prep Schools and wish him everything of the best as he develops his own career in IT in the future.


Jenny Hugo joined the staff of the Boys School as Librarian in 1995. She was a rare find with two degrees and substantial experience at the Bryanston Library. As such, she was the School s first professional Librarian. Her impact was immediate. She set about discovering the interests of the boys so that she could persuade the non-readers to experience the joy of a good book. Her efforts were successful and teachers began to express surprise at the increase in interest in reading. Jenny pronounced the existing collection to be inadequate and set about adding hundreds of books to the Library and meticulously cataloguing them. She would overhear staff discussing their teaching themes and surprised them by providing them with a range of teaching resources. When the Girls School was founded, she was drafted across to establish their new Library which she did with equal success. She relinquished this post to become the School s part-time Archivist. In this role, she quickly educated herself, reading and attending conferences. She was once again meticulous in cataloguing documents, photos and artefacts, and surprised us (although we shouldn t have been) by producing a timeline of the School s history and displays of past decades which had the children enthralled. During Jenny s time at St Peter s, she had to cope with her beloved husband s long battle with cancer to which he eventually succumbed. Shortly after, she, herself, was diagnosed with the disease which she fought bravely over a number of years. Her perpetual cheerfulness and courage were an inspiration over this period and she never forgot the people around her sharing her love, remembering birthdays and commiserating when staff experienced their own challenges. Jenny was surely one of the kindest and most selfless persons to have worked at the School. She could not bring herself to say anything negative about anyone and we quickly learnt, when disciplining children, we should not expect anything from her other than a defence of her young charges, no matter what they had done. Such was her presence that the ghost of her loveliness will be felt in the School for many years to come. 20

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


RILEY APKER ... for Mrs. Hall, my dogs and my guineas.

KATHLEEN AUCAMP ... for my friends, my family and my teacher.


TABETHA BAKASA ... for my family, friends, the school and the 21 lovely lessons.

KATHERINE BROMFIELD ... for my house, my friends and the school.

BETHEL CHIMWANDA ... for my family and friends that play with me.

ANNABELLE DU TOIT ... for my family, the school and the stuff that we do.

STEFANIE ENDERWITZ ... for my puppies, my school and my teacher.

CHARLOTTE HEPBURN ... for the school and my family.


JIA-SHUAN TSIA ... for my teacher.

KYRA HOWELL ... for my family and my dog.

REESE SCHULZE ... to have a nice isiZulu teacher and that COVID-19 hasn't taken away all of our school days.

GRACE IP ... for having a baby brother.

JESSICA REDFERN ... for everything that God made.

CATHERINE JUDD ... for my friends, my school and my family.

AYLA MOULVI ... for my dogs and I'm grateful for you.

PENIEL KALONJI MBUKULA ... for being in this class and all the fun things we have done!

SHREYA MOODLEY ... for my teachers and my family.

SHRUTI MAHARAJ ... for everything Mrs. Hall and Ms. Ndzwane have been teaching me.

SARA MOHAMED ... for my family, my friends, the school and the lovely lessons.

THANDOLWETHU MASHININI ... for my friends, my family and my cousins. 22

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


PAIGE ADAMS ... that I have food.

RILEY BRADSHAW ... for baking in Grade 0.



SIENNA BUTTERWORTH ... for having teachers.

AARADHIYA CHETTY ... for baking in Grade 0.

HANNAH DE BRUYN .... to be alive.

LEANNE DE COURCY HAMILTON ... for the planet.

LUCIE DE RADIGUES DE CHENNEVIERE ... for baking in Grade 0.

GABY GOTORA ... for St Peter's school.


SARAH STOTT ... for the school.

JESSICA STEWART ... for the school.

SAIRA GOVENDER ... for my teachers.

GABRIELLA HERBST ... for the cleaners.

JAYME REID ... to have a Mom and Dad.

CHLOE KOTZENMACHER ... for my lovely teacher.

AYABULELA NGCABA ... for my teachers.

ALAYA MUKADAM ... for everybody who cares for me.

HLUMISA KWEYAMA ... for our protection at school.

HLOGONOLOFATSO LESOFI ... for my lovely teacher.


JAMIE MILLER ... for my friends.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



ZOE ADDISON OPPERMAN ... for all the girls in my class, I love everyone!

EMEFA AFORDOFE ... for the Zoom meetings and being able to come back to school.


AIMEE DE CHASTEAUNEUF ... that I was able to see everyone via Zoom 25 during the lockdown.

HARPER FUTTER ... for being able to help my mom with chores such as cleaning.

TEMASWATI GAMA ... for being able to help my mom at home with cooking.

ISLA HART ... for coming back to school.

MATIFADZAISHE MADUBEKO ... that I got to attend Harper's party this year.

ZOE MCGUIRK ... that I got to spend time with my family during the lockdown.


KAITLYN VAN RYSWYK ... that everyone is back at school and we are learning.

YIRAN TIAN ... for my teacher.

SIENNA SUSMAN ... that I have friends and such a nice school.

LEAH SMITH ... for my teacher.

ZUKISWA SILWANYANA ... that I am still able to listen to my teacher.

ANNE SEABROOK ... for being able to do my school work at St Peter's.

AMY ROYCE ... for the food I am able to eat and the water I get to drink.

SIENNA MESQUITA ... for everybody in the whole school.

REATLEHILE MOKOENA ... for having Ms Mafatle and Ms Mukhansi to teach me.

NIA MOTAU ... for the school.

ZINHLE MOYO ... that I've been able to keep my social distancing so nicely this whole year.

ELIZABETH MUTAMBA ... that I got to see my friends.

CHARLY ROBSON ... that I got to see all my friends and got to play with them. 26

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


HELEN ADDISON ... for my Mom and Dad.

KRUIZ ALLUM ... for all my lovely friends.


LYLA BOLTMAN ... for my Mom who helps me with 27 my homework.

ADDISON CROSSAN ... for the delicious food me and my family eat.

MASHIY'ANELE DZINGWA ... for my brother who gave me a lollypop.

EMMA FERREIRA ... for my mommy. She helps me with my homework.

ISABEL FOURIE ... for my school and my classroom.

INDIA GILBERT ... that my family didn t get the Coronavirus.


CAMERON VAN GINKEL ... for my friends.

EMILY GREY ... for my two dogs.

SOBAHLE SIKUNDLA ... for my friends and my family.

CARA HILLARY ... for my family.

SOPHIA POONAN ... that I have a kind teacher.

MISHALIA NAICKER ... for my teacher.

SIA KASSANJEE ... for my mommy and my teacher who are helping me with my school work.

ELLA KILIAN ... for my mommy.

CHELSEA MESQUITA ... for my lovely teachers.

JULIA MACCOLL ... that we could come back to school.

KHWEZI MBELE ... for all my friends.

ZWONAKA MALEMA ... for my brother, because he reads me stories. 28

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


SOPHIE BAER ... for my friend Zoe, because she is kind to me.

ERIN DITTBERNER ... that school opened again.


NOA DOYLE ... that school opened again and that we had a wonderful year in Grade 1.

MEGAN FARQUHAR ... for the fact that we can be at school.


EMILIE FLEURIOT ... for my family and my school.

AVA GLENDINNING ... for my teachers and my friends.

CAYLA LAROQUE ... for working from home, because I got hungry all the time!

LESEDI LESUNYANE ... for school opening again.

MABORE LETSOALO ... that I could come back to school and see all my friends.

ZHIYAN LI ... for the Zoom lessons with my teacher, because I am still at home.


CHUNYI (ZOE) WANG ... that everyone is well and that we can see them again.

ARYANNA SINGH ... to my mom for teaching me at home and that school has opened.

ZWIVHUYA SIKHAVHAKHAVHA ... for coming back to school and seeing my friends.

ULUTHO SIBALI ... for my mom, my dad and also my house.

QIN SHU HAN ... for my teacher.

ISABELLA SEEGERS ... that school is open and that I can see my friends again.

SINEAD RICHARDSON ... for lovely teachers and getting through COVID-19.

TAYLOR READ ... for having friends.

DANIELLA PILLAY ... for my school and being able to go back.

XINTONG (HALEY) LIANG ... for my friends and family.

NAKAI MATAMBO ... that the school is safe and that we are all healthy.

AYANDA MBUYISA ... that I had fun in Grade 1.

AYAHLUMA MKWANA ... for my teachers that help me and my family.

GABRIELLA MORGAN-FIZELLE ... that I came back to school and my mom and dad didn't say no.

BENITA NOROUZINEJAD ... for my parents and my toys.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



STELLA ATTLEE ... for my teacher.

OLOTHANDO BIDLA ... for my family.



RUBY CAMERON-SMITH ... for having such a nice teacher.

KATELYN CREAMER ... for my teacher, my mom and my dad.

JESSICA CURTIS ... for having lovely teachers.

DANIELLA GWAUNZA ... for having the best teacher.

MACKENZIE HALL ... for having the internet, so I could keep learning.

SONIA HARILAL ... for everything that God has done for me this year.


ISABEL XAVIER ... for my friends, family and my teacher.

JORDAN WILLIAMS ... for having food on the table.

AVA TSAPERAS ... for having the most wonderful teachers.

TAYLIN THURLOW ... for Mrs van Ginkel.

LILY SHELVER ... for my teachers.

ELLA ROSSLEE ... for my school, my friends and my teachers.

KENDRA REID ... that we have money for food and horse riding.

CAITLYN PLEDGER ... to have a lovely school and a nice happy family.

LEANO OLIPHANT ... for having a lovely teacher.

ADDISON LINDSAY ... for being able to still speak to my friends on my mom's phone.

NGCALIKAZI LUSU ... for being able to attend this school.

MARANG MASISI ... for my family, friends and teachers.

BLYE MITCHELL ... for having a wonderful teacher.

KUHLEKONKE NSELE .... for my teacher.

TSHOLOFELO NTJILO ... for having friends and for none of them getting sick. 32

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


LIYEMA ADAMS ... for my school work, I have lots of friends and for my teachers.

JOCELYN BERRY ... that I can go to school and that none of my family members got sick.


GIA DE JONG ... that I still have my friends and that none of my family members have died.

AVA DICKSON ... that we didn t lose the farm.


ELLA ERASMUS ... for a great family.

RUOSHAN GAO ... for my teacher.

NIKITA GOVENDER ... that I have a mom, dad and a big sister.

CHARLEIGH HARTNADY ... to be living this life and that I have a happy family.

CARLEY LORDEN ... for my friends, Mrs Steyn, my parents and my house.

SIENNA MCMULLAN ... that I have a beautiful school.


EMILY WOOD ... for all my friends and family.

ELLA WILLIAMSON ... that I am back at school.

MIXO TLAKULA ... that my parents have jobs and I have the best teacher ever.

JEMMA STOTT ... for having nice teachers.

KATELYN SPENCE ... for my teacher.

PEYTON SHORT ... for still having a family during this horrible pandemic.

INAMI'NKOSI QANGULE ... that my parents still have their jobs.

ORATILOE PITSO ... for my teachers and my friends.

LITHA NKOSI ... for having a family, friends and love.

RIVONINGO MHLABA ... for my family, food, clothes, my house and this school.

AKARI MTHETHWA ... that I can still come to school and see all my friends.

BONTLE MZIMBA ... because I have this life, my family and Mrs Steyn as my teacher.

DEMIRA NAICKER ... for having a good teacher and good friends.

INOTHANDO NDLOVU ... for my parents still having their jobs.

KHANYISILE NGCONGO ... that no one in my family died and that my parents haven t lost their jobs. 34

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


REBECCA AITKEN ... for my family, friends and my teachers.

BELLA-ROSE ANDREWS ... for my friends who are always kind and play with me.


TAYAMIKA BANDA ... for my art because I like being creative and for all my teachers who are so nice.

MORGAN BUTTERWORTH ... for my friend Sand, and my teachers who have done so much for me.

KIARA CHOGA ... for learning new things and being able to 35 swim at school again.

OLIVIA ERASMUS ... for the chance to get better at reading and writing.

ROSIE HALL ... for my teacher.

JAIMEE HELYAR ... that I am resilient and can get back up when I fall down.

MIA HERMANSON ... for having the best teachers.

OLIVIA HOLDING ... for my family, teachers and my friends.


KERRYN WALLACE ... for my family sending me to this school because it is really fun.

CHLOÉ VAN DER MERWE ... for having Miss Peake as my teacher, and being in this class.

NEHA VALLABH ... for a roof over my head and a good education.

AKHONA SHABANGU ... for my family because they take care of me.

FARAH PETERSEN ... for my teacher and friends. My teacher is kind and helps me to learn.

HARRIET PEARSE ... for being in this class and for making new friends.

AMINAH (AIMEE) NTSEBEZA ... that we have lovely teachers in Grade 2 and that I have great friends.

INATHI NKUNA ... for my teachers, because they teach me new things and they take care of me.

UTHINGO NKOSI ... for my family because without them, I wouldn't have a great life.

RILEY LOTTER ... to have such a lovely school, the best teachers and family.

BROOKLYN LUTGE ... for this school because there are so many happy people.

LANGELIHLE MNYANI ... for my family & friends because they are always there when I need them.

KANZWIGA MULIRA ... for having good teachers and making friends.

LUNGA MUNGWE ... for my friends because they are nice and they play with me at break.

EMILIA NEJTHARDT ... that my granny didn't get the Coronavirus. 36

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


JESSICA ENDERWITZ ... for having my mom at home so much more.

MADISON HO ... that we could all come back to school.

ONGEZIWE HOLOMISA ... for getting the opportunity to come back to school.


ISABEL JUDD ... that my granny came to stay with us and that I have a wonderful class.

OLIVIA KLEIN ... to be with my friends and for Christmas.


COURTNEY KRUISKAMP ... for being able to come to school.

LEABETSWE LETSHWITI ... for my friends and teachers.

XINLIN (SHANNI) LIANG ... for my teachers and friends, because they mean the most to me.

SEETJA MAMETSA ... that I didn't get COVID-19.

MEGAN MARRIOTT ... that I have been taught so nicely and I was at home with my family.

SIBABALWE MLONZI ... that I made new friends, I did fun Art and I loved all the dancing.


NTOKOZO ZULU ... that we are all still safe.

AMY WILLSON ... for my family, friends and teachers.

KITANA VIJENDRANATH ... that we can still come to school and that I have good friends.

SKHANYISO THWALA ... for my teacher, family, friends, the playground and the school.

CHRISTINA STRAUSS ... for being in Mrs Glass' class and making new friends.

OLIVIA STEYN ... to have such good friends and teachers.

SINOVUYO SOWAZI ... for my teachers, friends and my lovely school.

MEGAN RITCHIE ... that we could still learn at home.

JAHNYA PILLAY ... to have friends and to attend St Peter's school.

MAYA MOGALE ... for my friends, the school and my family.

KHANYA NKUNA ... that I have a lovely teacher and a great class.

PHELADI NTSOANE ... for my school, where I can learn and have great teachers.

VIVIAN ORPEN ... for making new friends and so many new experiences.

ISABELLA PARREIRA ... that my family and friends have been safe from COVID-19.

ELLA PARRY ... that my friends, family and myself didn t get COVID-19. 38

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


HAYLEY ADAMS ... that we could carry on with homeschooling, when we couldn t go to school.

ELLA BAILEY ... that my parents still have their jobs and can still earn money.


MILA BESTER ... for my teacher.

EMILY BODLEY ... that all my friends and family are safe and healthy.

EMMA BUCKLEY ... that things can be the same now, even though we wear masks.


MIKAYLA CROSS ... that I can still play with my friends.

ISIPHILE DYODO ... that I have a laptop and can still do learning online if I need to.

CHUMA FATYI ... that I can be at school.

CHLOÉ GOODSON ... that I have my family to support me through this.

ZOE GUMBO ... that I got to spend more time with family.


MAMELLO TSHANKIE ... that we still have food on the table.

MUMA TEMBA ... that God kept us all safe during COVID-19.

CHELSIE ROMANIS ... that even during lockdown, I could talk to my teacher online.

AVA PROKSCH ... that my family, friends and me are safe from COVID-19.

CHRISTINE PON ... for all the hard work the teachers did during lockdown.

MORGAN O'NEILL ... for my teacher.

LIYANDA NHLEKO ... that my parents can still afford to send me to school.

FRANCESCA NEIL-BOSS ... that my mom and dad are safe and both have jobs.

TANIKA NAICKER ... that we can still come to school and not repeat the year.

ALLIE HORWOOD ... that we are allowed to be at school with friends while social distancing.

ASHLEY HOWES ... that my parents have jobs and we have a roof over our heads.

EMILY KRUISKAMP ... that I can wear a mask and still be back at school.

VUTSHILA MABUNDA ... that my parents are safe and healthy and still with me.

IKHASI-LOTHANDO MAZWANA ... that we are almost back to normal and no one is grumpy now.

KERRY MONTAGU ... that my family are safe and didn't get COVID-19. 40

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


Really excited abou our first day of schoot l!

Early coding practice with Cody the e 0. Code-a-pillar in Grad

d cornUsing lemon scente a truly starch finger paint inactivity. tactile and sensory

The Grad e 0 s bake d and gingerbre iced ad girls...


Lerning to HULA HOOP!

Let us PRAY...

! uddies



St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


Look at my beautiful flag...


Olé Am

So they say teaching is a half day job! Never has this been less true than during this time of Corona. Our full time job became a 2 and a half hour job in one day. In true St Peter s style we did not wait for an official announcement of school closure and all teachers and staff worked endless hours to ensure the smooth transition from school schooling to home schooling. Almost overnight we had to change our entire way of teaching and learn new technology, all the while ensuring we continued to live the values and carry on with our curriculum. I have never been so proud of being a part of this amazing School the support from parents, the care and encouragement from the School and the guidance and backing from colleagues made an unbearable and uncertain situation more manageable. Our top priority was always the well-being of the children, and we ensured that we had morning meetings to touch base and check in with each child. We were on duty almost 24/7 and ensured we were available for the girls and parents. When people ask how many extra days we have to work into December I can proudly say that we basically never missed a day, and our academic programme ran as it would have at school. Obviously face-to-face teaching is the ideal, but I personally feel that we managed to do almost as well as we would have if Lockdown had never happened. One thing we all miss, as parents and teachers, is the extra murals and sports. The school has however, worked tirelessly to keep an exercise programme going and work within the rules and regulations to look at introducing what we can back into the programme. So, this is me shouting from the roof tops, that I am proud to be a St Peter s Girl !


Warm regards, Leigh Lidgey - Grade 2 Teacher

, BuzzzyEE! B y z z z u B

BEE Happy...

!! WOWare Thesceellent! EGG-


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


Grade 0CH LOCKDOWN MEMORIES This has been a year we will never forget! We have been in awe and are so grateful to the teachers and the St Peter s family for how quickly they adapted and worked together to ensure that the children felt supported and guided throughout. Kind regards, Joanne Du Toit

g Learnin... s h p a gr One of m activities d y many down: Kar uring Lockate grading!

Grade 0LM LOCKDOWN MEMORIES During the first 35 days of Lockdown, we enjoyed doing a variety of family activities. From learning skills such as baking, Papier-mâché and vacuuming, to playing oldfashioned games such as 3-legged and sack races. We particularly enjoyed our family Olympics in which we set up 7 different sports which were played as a

Grade 0LM LOCKDOWN MEMORIES From fancy home restaurant dinners, to lockdown birthdays, to being pranked by teachers on April fools, it certainly has been an interesting time! Sheryn Royce


family in 10 minute rotations. We also ran a mini Iron-Man event for the kids which, despite the icy water, was enjoyed by all. While Caleb was incredibly sad not to be at St Peter s, it was a very special and memorable time spent together as a family. CALEB: My favourite part of Lockdown was going out for bike rides with my family during the exercise hours.

r N activity Grade 0 - Lette

Grade 2 LL - Zoom Meetings

Grade 0 of Dem- Alphabet ocracy

Grade 0 RVG Zoom Meetings


Grade 1 SS Zoom Meetings

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


t Let s geg! in v o m

Ready to m ak a move... e


nt GROW! Watch our tale


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


y!! Yumm


HAIR-Rais Stuff!




BELLS Addison Crossan, Helen Addison, BUSH India Gilbert, Sophia Poonan, BABIES Chelsea Mesquita, Lyla Boltman, Anele Dzingwa, Ella Kilian, Isabel Fourie Zwonaka Malema ANGEL CHEETAHS Emefa Afordofe, Zoe McGuirk, GABRIEL Jessica Stewart Aimee de Chasteauneuf, MARY Thandolwethu Mashinini Elizabeth Mutamba, Anne Seabrook JOSEPH Tabetha Bakasa BEES Zoe Addison Opperman, INNKEEPERS Shruti Maharaj, Reese Schulze Charly Robson, Sienna Mesquita, ANGELS Hannah de Bruyn, Leanne de Amy Royce, Zukiswa Silwanyana Courcy Hamilton, Hlogi Lesofi, Paige Adams BUTTERFLIES Julia MacColl, Cameron van Ginkel, SHEPERDS Mishalia Naicker, Kruiz Allum, Khwezi Mbele, Emily Grey, Sobahle Sikundla, Cara Hillary Emma Ferreira CHRISTMAS Aya Ngcaba, Aaradhiya Chetty, KINGS Temaswati Gama, Isla Hart, Zinhle Moyo, ELVES Gabriella Herbst, Lucie de Radigues de Kaitlyn Van Ryswyk Chenneviere, Chloe Kotzenmacher STARS Harper Futter, Matifadzaishe Madubeko, CHRISTMAS Ayla Moulvi, Riley Apker, Peniel Kalonji Reatlehile Mokoena, Nia Motau, Sienna Susman TREES Mabukula, Charlotte Hepburn, Jessica Redfern SUN Sia Kassanjee CLOWN Kyra Howell, Sara Mohamed, FISH Bethel Chimwanda (Sea Anemone), CREW Catie Judd, Grace Ip Script writing, Prompting and Choreography: WHALES Sara Stott, Botlhale Motsamai, Mrs Shelli Golden Saira Govender, Sienna Butterworth, Narrating, Prompting and Choreography: Jayme Reid Ms Lerato Mafatle LILAC Riley Bradshaw, Alaya Mukadam, Back Stage, Prompting and Choreography: BREASTED Hlumisa Kweyama, Jamie Miller, Mrs Janet Buck and Mrs Chloe Hall ROLLERS Gaby Gotora FLAMINGO'S Annabelle Du Toit, Shreya Moodley, Musical arrangements and Piano: Katherine Bromfield, Stefanie Enderwitz, Mrs Jess Da Silva Katy Aucamp


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


S wimming in the pool P retty flowers in the garden R ainbows in the sky I love spring New chicks in the nests Growing flowers. Noa Doyle


I really like to bake Especially a yummy, delicious cake Sharni and I have lots of fun We like to play outside in the sun. Haley Liang

THE MERMAID Mermaid Taylor was at the beach playing with her friends in the sea. Fish, Flop the starfish and Unicorn were playing ball. Unicorn flew to space and touched the Moon with Taylor. They met an Alien and went to ice-cream land and then went home. While they were going back home they saw dogs flying on a pizza! They heard music in the clouds. Taylor, Fish, Flop and Unicorn all met the flying dog and saw bunnies that were cute. Fish and Taylor got married. Ava Glendinning THE BIG TREE Once upon a time there lived two girls named Gracie and Taylor. We were playing in a tree. We fell asleep and then we woke up. The tree was flying! Then we were in another place in icecream land! We bought an ice-cream and something strange happened a flamingo jumped on our heads! We had so much fun. We saw a sweetie house. We moved to the sweetie house! We climbed on the house and bought a HUGE biscuit! We bought a purple milkshake, it was yummy! We had doughnuts and they were delicious. The tree flew back into our garden and our adventure was over. Taylor Read THE ALIEN CAT The Alien Cat went picking pine cones. Then he went to giant mushroom house. Then he went to the pitch black portal. Then people followed him into the pitch black portal. Then the cat tricked the people. And then they fell into the portal. Then the cat blocked out the portal. So they were stuck there! Cayla La Roque

THE MAGIC UNICORN Once upon a time there lived a princess, she was a unicorn. Her mother sent her on a mission. You must fine the magical stone said her mother. So she set off. On her adventure she bumped into her friends. She and her friends walked. Then she needed to drink. While she was drinking, she fell in love with a handsome unicorn. Then they started talking. Then they got married. Then she was pregnant. The two kids were born. Then they found the magical stone. Her mom was so impressed. They lived happily ever after. Sinead Richardson EMMA THE FAIRY There is a tiny fairy, her name is Emma. She lives in a golden flower. When she is hungry she goes BLIZZ FLIZZ and her hand gets longer and longer until it reaches the other flowers in the garden. But one day, she is feeling lonely. She decides to leave Earth and travel around, before the goats eat her rocket (it s made of leaves)! She sees some strange people. They have four hands! One hand is a plunger, another hand is a broomstick, another one is a football and another one is a fan! They have one eye and two teeth. When they eat food, they open their tummies and put the whole plate of food in! They also play games, but only soccer. They use their plunger arm to suck the net to themselves and push the ball in with their football arm! Emma feels crazy so she left the Mon and will never go back! Zoe Wang TANAKA S TRIP TO THE BEACH The was a little girl called Tanaka. She lived in a beautiful house. One day she went to the Durban Beach for the day. When she arrived she went for a swim. She saw lots of fish. She saw a mermaid riding a shark and a dolphin. They were very friendly. She even became good friends with one of the mermaids. She played in the sand with her friends. She went swimming with her mermaid friends. She went beach shopping with her friends and went to the sea and found some sea shells. She made a sandcastle and decorated it with the shells she had picked. Her lovely adventure was nearly finished, but she made the most out of it. She was not done yet. She went to a restaurant and got a pizza and a burger and came back to the beach and relaxed by herself. She took photos of the sunset with her friends. Nakai Matambo

GRADE 1 RVG_ THE UNICORN AND THE GOBLIN A long time ago lived a magical unicorn and Goblin. The Goblin didn t have any friends. Every one wanted to be friends with the unicorn. One day the unicorn came to the Goblin and asked if they can be friends because the unicorn was different. They became friends and went on lots of adventures together. Leano Oliphant


THE MERMAID AND THE FISH A long time ago lived a mermaid and a fish. The mermaid s name was Mia. The fish s name was Mimi. They liked going on adventures together. One day they saw a scary shark hiding in the rocks. Mia didn t know, but Mimi was actually friends with the shark. They all became friends and went on adventures together. Imagine how cool it is to be friends with a shark! Taylin Thurlow

THE MERMAID AND THE PRINCESS Once upon a time lived a mermaid. Her name was Sonia. She liked to sit on the rocks. She met a girl names Sofia. They were best friends forever. Then they rescued the Mermaid Kingdom. The whole Kingdom was taken by an evil witch. They saved the day! Sonia Harilal

THE MAGICAL CAT Once upon a time there was a cat. The cat was no ordinary cat. The cat was a magical cat. Her name was Charlie. Charlie s magic was that she could turn into a mouse. She became friends with all of the mice in the town. When she was tired of being a mouse she turned back into a cat. She thought being a cat was way more fun. Stella Attlee

MOUNTAIN TREASURE A long time ago there were three friends. They were called Mackenzie, Ava and Taylin. They decided to climb a mountain together. When they got to the top of the mountain they found a piece of gold. They were rich! They lived happily ever after. Ruby Cameron-Smith

THE CAT Once upon a time lived a cat. Her name was Fluff. One day, Fluff met a horrible man. The man chased Fluff and she ran and ran out onto the road. Suddenly the mad was close. Fluff scratched him and meowed loudly. The man tripped over a stone and fell. The man never chased Fluff ever again. Katelyn Creamer

THE CATS A long time ago there was a little cat. Her name was Charlie. She went into the garden. She bumped into her brother. His name was Rex. They went to play together and they explored. They went for dinner. They went to bed. In the morning they went to the vet to get their injections. Then they went home. Blye Mitchell

BEST FRIENDS Once upon a time there was a little puppy. Her name was Angel. She liked to play at the park alone. One day she bumped into a puppy called Flash. They decided to be friends. They played together and became best friends. Isabel Xavier

GRADE 1 SS_ THE OCTOPUS AND THE MERMAID Once upon a time there lived a mermaid. She was beautiful! One day she met an octopus. The octopus was not beautiful; she was disgusting! Yuck! shouted the mermaid. You look beautiful! said the octopus, crying. I just want to be like you! But everyone is different! said the mermaid, trying to resist the 8 legs of the octopus. Oh really said the octopus. Yes really said the mermaid. And from that day on they were best friends. Jocelyn Berry HOW THE FRIENDS MET Once there was a zebra and her name was Zebbie the zebra. She was walking with Minnie monkey. Lying leopard and Duckie duck came around the corner. They went to the watering hole and then they had a fight about who gets the first sip of water, because it s a small watering hole. After a week, everyone went to the watering hole and they bumped into each other. They realized that they were friends so they made up and walked away into the sunset. Peyton Short THE GIRL AND THE PRINCESS WHO HAD A FIGHT The smart girl and the fancy princess were playing with a boy named John. He was playing cards with the princess and the girl did not like it. Then the girl was fighting with the princess. John said, Stop! then the girls said sorry and they lived happily ever after. Oratiloe Pitso THE MAGICAL FAR AWAY TREE Once upon a time there were 3 girls. One of their names was Lily and there was another girl whose name was Alexandra. The last girls name was Jasmin. They found a tree. It looked a bit different to the normal trees. They started to climb the tree. There was a box in the tree and it had magic in it. The box gave them powers. One of the powers was to fly. One of the other powers was to be invisible. The last power was to teleport anywhere. The next day after school they came back to the tree. They found 3 sparkly beds. They slept in the tree. When they woke up it was the weekend. They explored. What an adventure the girls had. Khanyisile Ngcongo

HERMIONE AND THE WICKED WITCH Hermione was going to the library. Then she saw a witch. Not any witch a wicked witch. She ran, but it was too late. The library doors were shut. She ran behind the corner. She was scared. She said to herself, I am brave! she did not hide. She was in front of the witch. Next thing her and her friends were fighting the witch. They all realized that this was not good. They all stopped fighting and they became friends. Ava Dickson THE PRINCESS WITH A CURSE Once upon a time there was a princess named Dora and a prince named Fred. They played in the garden and had a ball. When it was midnight something happened. Gora the witch put a curse on Dora. The curse was that on her 16th birthday she would prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die. The king and queen took her to a cottage in the forest. She lived there with 3 good fairies. One day the fairies said to Dora, Go and pick some berries in the woods . When she was walking in the woods, she saw some berries. She picked them and went back to the cottage with them. While Dora was out, the good fairies made a cake for Dora s birthday and they made a gown for Dora to wear. That night the queen said that Dora could come back to the castle because the witch had dies. Then they all lived happily ever after. Akari Mthethwa THE MERMAID AND THE UNICORN A beautiful unicorn and a sparkly mermaid met on the beach. Then a fluffy bunny came to the mermaid s home. Unicorn and mermaid fought because they both wanted to take care of the bunny. Then they decided, Let s share the bunny! . Then they went on holiday with the bunny. Jemma Stott THE LOST ELEPHANT There was a lost elephant. He didn t know where to go and he was hungry. Along came a zebra and a giraffe and they were friends. Then they started to fight. BUT, the elephant realized that they were actually trying to help him get home. And then they lead elephant home where he belonged. Ella Erasmus


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020





St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


AMELIA BEUKES ... for my school.

GEMMA BRUINDERS ... for my family.

CHARLOTTE ALSTON ... for my family.


TAWANANYASHA BURUURU ... for my friends and the privilege of going to school.

ERIN BYGATE ... for my friends and teachers.

JESSICA GARDEN ... that I got to come back to school and be with Mrs Aitken and my class.


MIA HARRIS ... for my family.

SIENNA JACKSON ... for Mrs Aitken being an amazing teacher.

HAZEL MATEMA ... that I have an amazing teacher and a home.

SIBONGISIWE MLILO ... that I could return to school.

MIAH ANA MOULVI ... for being in Mrs Aitken s class.

DANIELLA TINDALL ... for my family.

ASHLEY THWAITS ... that I have a house, food and a big loving family.

GEORGINA SITHOLE ... for family, friends and everything I have in my life.

MATLOTLO SEOTSANYANA ... to be back at school.


RILEY VENTER ... for my family and my pets.

HANNAH SAUNDERS ... that I have pets.

ISABELLA REDFERN ... for doctors.

YATIKA PILLAY ... to have lots of friends and a great teacher.

ALMA PETTERSSON ... that my family is safe and that I got a puppy.

ZOE MVULANE ... for my family.

KIRTHANYA NAIDOO ... for my family, school and my friends.

GLORIOUS NGORIMA ... that my family has been safe during COVID-19.

UNATHI NKOMO ... for my family and friends.

HELENA PAPAS ... for my family.

NATALIE PEAKE ... that we could return to school.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



ISABELLA BENJAMIN ... for my friends and family.

SIANA ALWAR ... for my friends and family.

SASKIA BERRY ... to still be able to come to school.


CHLOE FREEMANTLE ... for being able to still do sport.

JODY GLASS ... for the fun activities, and for all the teachers have done.

JAMIE HAAS ... for my friends and family.


JAMIE HARTMANN ... that my family survived.

SIENNA HOLMES ... for being with the best teacher in the world.

OLIVIA HUNTER-SMITH ... for my friends and family.

SAMANTHA HUTCHINS ... for my teachers, family and friends.

SEOHYEON (SHIRLEY) HWANG ... for my lovely teachers.

TAYLOR WHITE ... for my new friends.

ROFHIWA TSHIKHUDO ... to have a teacher like Mrs Amm.

REBECCA STRAUSS ... for my friends.

KYMAERA STEYN ... for seeing friends after lockdown.


SIBABALWE ZULU ... for my teacher.

MAXINE ROBERTSON ... for making new friends.

SHREYA REDHI ... for my friends and family.

DITEBOGO RANCHO ... for my friends and family.

UNABO NKOMO ... for my kind teachers.

MAYA KINGSTON ... for my friends.

KGETHEGO LESOFI ... for my friends.

LUTHANDO MAHLASELA ... that none of my family got Coronavirus.

ALLIE MILLER ... for my teachers being so helpful, with online learning.

REATLEGILE MOKHOU ... that we all tried hard to get rid of Coronavirus.

TSHEGOFATSO MPAKATI ... that I had a chance to experience homeschooling. 60

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


KAILAH-ROSE FRAZER ... for school and my friends.

ALLEGRA GILBERT ... for wonderful friends.

TAWANA DUBE ... for being safe and alive.

SIBUSILE DLAMINI ... that my parents work so hard for me.


LUYANDA-JAANAI GIMANI-MPATSI ... that my family has not suffered.

LILA HATTINGH ... to be able to see friends at school.

KATE HOLDING ... for the iPads and the computers, so that we could learn during the Coronavirus.


COURTNEY HOWES ... that my parents could keep their jobs.

SOPHIA ISRANI ... for my teacher.

BULELA JEZI ... for St Peters.

NEAVE JUTZEN ... for still being able to come to school and learn.

TEBOGO KGALEMA ... for doctors who have helped the sick people.

KAEYA VANDAYAR ... for my family.

JEMMA VAN DER MERWE ... for my granny.

ALISHA TSUNGA ... that no one in my family got COVID-19.

ANGELINA SALT ... that we could come back to school.


MORGAN WRAIGHT ... for friendship and kind teachers.

TAYLA REID ... for my cousins, who ended up visiting for seven months.

KERATILWE NHLAPO ... for the health of my family and that no one got COVID-19.

TSHEGOFATSO MPHAHLELE ... for doctors, who have helped the sick people.

ZIYANDA MKHWANAZI ... for being able to play with my friends.

AMANTLE KHAMA ... for a big family with a rich history.

CATHERINE LONG ... for being able to play with friends.

TSHIAMO MACHELE ... for being able to be with my family.

SAMARA MANIKUM ... to have made new friends this year.

MUDANALWO MATODZI ... for seeing friends and learning new things.

LUNGA MBALULA ... that I had all the resources to continue learning this year. 62

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


SARAH ADAMS ... for my teachers, friends and being back at school.

GIULIA ASTENGO ... for my mom and my whole family for helping me.


LILY CAREY ... that I got to work online and that no one in my family got sick.

CHERYL CHIMWANDA ... for my family who have supported me this year.

ISABELLA INGHAM-BROWN ... for my family, my friends and being able to watch TV.


CATHERINE KIRKWOOD ... for my teacher. She has taught me to be resilient.

MELISSA LAROQUE ... for my friends and being able to see them again.

ORIFHA MANGALE ... for being able to learn at home during COVID-19 and for being cared for at school.

SONAM MARRIE ... for my family. They have kept me safe.

BERNADETTE MOALOSI ... for my teachers. They tried hard to teach us during COVID-19.

TAYLOR VISSER ... for a supportive, loving family & for God giving me a spirit of faith and love.

SARAH-JOY SPENCE ... for my teacher.


BRIGITTE WATTAM ... for having a school to go to and teachers to teach me.


ADRIELLE SOORIAKUMAR ... for my family and friends.

SITHOLE ... for my caring friends.

EMMA SAMPSON ... for the nurses and doctors that helped during lockdown.

JESSICA RAMSAY ... for all my friends and the amazing school I go to.

ELLA PORTER ... that my family is safe and that everybody is healthy.

LUCY PONTING ... for my whole family for looking after me.

CHISHAMISO MUTANGARA ... for my family who looked after me.

MINCILI NKONYENI ... that my friends and family are healthy and that I got to spend a lot of time with my family.

PIPPA PEARSE ... for my teacher.

HANNAH PETERSEN ... to my mom. She was there when I needed help.

AMARA PILLAY ... for my friends for supporting me.

JULIANA POLLA ... for my family, my friends and for clothes.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



LILY BARLOW ... for having a great teacher and school.

HANNAH BRITS ... for having an amazing class.

EDEM AFORDOFE ... for being alive.


ERIN DRIVER ... for a house, family, friends and a school.

JORDAN EDWARDS ... for being healthy and that I don t have the Coronavirus.

LAIHA GOVENDER ... for having a teacher like Mrs Mohamed this year.


ISLA HUGHES ... for still being able to play with my friends.

KIARA JANSEN ... for school.

TYLA JENNINGS ... that I am getting a baby sister.

CHLOE LAI ... for the great teachers.

SAMANTHA LINNELL ... for amazing friends and teachers.

ISABELLA VENKATESAN ... for the best teacher.

JEMMA-KATE SPENCER ... for the amazing teachers in this school.

ONGEZWA SISHUBA ... that none of my family have been sick this year.

KELLY RITCHIE ... for my mum and dad s safety, while going out to get groceries at a very dangerous time.


ALICE WALKER ... for making it into Kids Got Talent S.A.

GABRIELLA PON ... for the online learning.

EMILY O NEILL ... for my teacher.

MIMANGALISO NKONYENI ... for a wonderful teacher like Mrs Mohamed.

WANJIKU NGANGA ... for SPEET WEEK and for all the work our St Peter s staff have done.

ZURI LUTCHMAN ... for having a roof over my head.

SCARLETT LUTGE ... for my teacher, my friends and family.

KOPANO MAHLANGU ... for all my friends.

RYLEE MCGHEE ... for being in Mrs Mohamed s class this year.

TADIWA MURADZIKWA ... for my teacher.

MAYITA MUTANGARA ... for having such a kind teacher and for being able to go to school. 66

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


DANIELLE COUVARAS ... for my teacher.


ALEXANDRA EHLERS ... for all the doctors who are helping the sick.

EMILY FUTSELAAR ... for being here.

AURORA GILBERT ... to have someone who loves me.


NOZIPHO HLONGWANE ... for my teacher.

SARAH LESS ... for life.

GABRIELLE LORDEN ... for my teachers and online work.

PALESA MOTLOMELO ... for my teachers, my family and friends.

SANAA MUTUA ... that everyone survived the Coronavirus.

ABBY VAN VUUREN ... for my family that took care of me, for friends that stayed strong and helpful.

MIKAYLA VAN ASWEGEN ... that I'm alive and I have my friends.

ZOE STOCKILL ... for my amazing teachers and friends.

REEHA SITA ... for going to school and still having fun.


KIRSTEN WOLTER ... for our teachers and how much pride they put into their work.

SHEURA SHAO ... that I have a dog, parents, a brother and my teachers.

EVANGELINA SCRIBANTE ... for the teachers that I have.

RILEY SCOTT ... that school re-opened.

RACHEL ROMANIS ... that I was safe at home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

WANJIRU NGANGA ... for our school's facilities and for our wonderful teachers.

LETHABO NKADIMENG ... for all that I have.

HADARAEL NYIRENDA ... that I'm healthy and did not get sick with COVID-19.

ISABELLA PENDLETON ... for my friends at school.

RENDANI PHALANNDWA ... for lockdown because I got closer to my family.

SIENNA PRETORIUS ... for friends and teachers.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



SIYAMKELWE BELLE ... for getting time to myself to get to know myself a bit better.

ILAH BOTHA ... for spending a lot of time with my family during lockdown.

GRACE ANDERSON ... for having lots of friends and family that care about me.


IMOGEN DEL FABBRO ... for being with my family during lockdown, and the opportunity to learn at home.

TEAGAN EAGLE ... for online learning and our hard working teachers who help us learn in the best way possible.

HAYDEN FORD ... for not getting COVID19, being healthy, having a home and a bed to sleep in at night.


MIRAYA GAJATHAR ... that we could go to school during this pandemic and spend more time with family.

COURTNEY HIBBERD ... for my family for working really hard and being very supportive to each other.

NONKULULEKO HLANGU ... for the school allowing us to do online schooling.

MIA JOYCE ... to be able to come to school during this very difficult time in the world.

LESEDI KGALEMA ... for having my family during this time and getting to spend more time with them.

GABRIELLA VAN DEN BERG ... for spending lots of time with my family, as I didn't have as much time before!

LETITIA SUN ... for all my teachers, who were working hard during lockdown.

GABRIELLA STEYTLER ... for all our teachers giving us good work to do during lockdown.

MAKHAUTA RAMORITING ... for being able to go to bed with a full stomach and a family who love me.


ZARA VAN DER MERWE ... for lockdown, because it has brought me closer to my family and my friends.

HOLLY PAGE ... to go to school during these difficult times and for online schooling.

BUHLEBENKOSI NXUMALO ... for the privilege of sanitisation, screening and to be able to see my friends during this time.

KEITUMETSE NGCONGO ... for my school, family, friends and that I am safe.

OTYLIA NEJTHARDT ... for my family, friends and lovely teachers who have helped me.

NICOLE LITTEN ... for my family, my friends and for homeschooling.

MOITHERI MACHELE ... for my family because during lockdown I got a chance to reconnect with them.

CHANTÉ MAKOFANE ... for the lessons the Coronavirus has taught us.

KYLA MAKOMVA ... for my family, because if I didn't have family, I would be hungry now.

NTEBOGENG MANYAKA ... for my teacher.

IMAN RANI MOULVI ... for my amazing family, a roof over my head and the most amazing school ever!

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



AIMEE BOYD ... to be back at school after COVID-19.

REBECCA BRAMWELL-JONES ... for a place to call home and a school to learn at during lockdown.

SAMANTHA AITKEN ... for my family because they helped me a lot during COVID-19.


GEORGIA DAVIES ... having a roof over my head.

ZOË DUBE ... for my friends who always have my back.

SHY-YU HSIEH ... that my family is safe from the COVID-19 fiasco.


KATELYNN JUTZEN ... for my family and pets, I can tell them everything and they will not tell anyone else.

GEMMA LANCASTER ... that I am privileged that I can have an iPad and go to such a wonderful school.

ANNA LYON ... for my family and my school, both are amazing and supportive!

SANHA MAHARAJ ... for having access to technology because I could still do my school work during lockdown.

ROPAFADZO MANIKAI ... for going to school, having friends and my family.

MIA WILLSON ... for my friendly community and loving friends.

SKYLA VISSER ... for the amazing teachers and friends, they have been amazing warriors and role models.

LEAH VILJOEN ... for my family and my teachers were very helpful during lockdown.

LIA VAN DEN BERG ... for my amazing teachers, they have been role models, they are always improving and helping us.


AMY WILSON ... for my family and friends, that we could be online during lockdown.

NOA THOMAS ... for having an iPad to work on at home and not fall behind on work.

CHLOE TAKAWIRA ... for my family, because they always help me when I need help.

TAYLA RAMSAY ... that I had the privilege to work at home during lockdown.

CAMRYN OWEN ... for my family and that they are all healthy.

MIKAYLA MOODLEY ... for the teachers and ground staff, that put so much effort everyday to keep us safe & alive.

JESSICA MOON ... for all the teachers and that I have an amazing school to go to.

OLIVIA MORRIS ... for the privilege of going to this school and for friends.

MIKAYLA MRINGI ... for my family, friends and my school.

ANASHE MUSUNGO ... for being here today.

MBASA NODADA ... for my family and friends, they are always there for me when I am happy or sad.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



CHLOE BRADSHAW ... for my amazing teacher Miss Horak and for my best friend.

AVA COUVARAS ... for my teacher.

MICHELLE DU PREEZ ... for my friends, family and school.

LILY COLTHAM ... for my family, this school and Miss Horak.


KAYLIN EAGLE ... for my friends, family and pets.

REBECCA FRASER ... for my friends, family, teachers and books that helped me to get through lockdown.

KHENSANI HLONGWANE ... for my teachers, friends and family.


ELLAH JACKSON ... for my friends, family, my school and my amazing teacher, Miss Horak!

CAYLEE JACOBSZ ... for the fact that I have the opportunity to learn at this school.

CAROLINE JOUBERT ... for my family and teachers, they have made this year amazing for me!

ALWANDE KOTA ... for my friends, family and for the fact I have online school is a blessing.

MILA LIEFFERINK ... for wifi, so I can see my friends and for my supporting parents!

MINENHLE SIBISI ... for having medical aid and being able to see my family and friends.

MAITA SHAMU ... that we are all safe and healthy.

DINEO SEOTSANYANA ... for my teacher Miss Horak, she never gave up in these hard times.

KELLY ROHLAND ... for the school's hard work.


ANELE ZIKALALA ... for my wonderful amazing school and friends!

KIRSTEN PHILLIP ... for my parents and this wonderful school!

ISABELLA NEW ... for devices and for the Harry Potter books!

MARANG MOTSOHI ... for my friends.

TSHIAMO MOTSAMAI ... to be back at school with my friends and teachers.

MILANI LUSU ... that I had a device to do online learning and for the teachers who organised Zoom meetings.

SIMONE MABUZA ... that I could go to school for the last stretch of the year.

NEO MAKINTA ... for my mother's hard work and the care she has given me during COVID-19.

PABALLO MAKORO ... for being able to strengthen my friendships and make new ones.

MAHLOHONOLO MALIE ... that I didn't get COVID-19.

WANKOKA MAREMA ... for being able to text old friends while making new ones.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



GEORGIA ALSTON ... for my family, friends and teachers.

NIKIWE BAM ... that I got closer to my family and God.


MUDIWA CHIPUNZA ... for my friends, family and for a good education.

JESSIE EARLAM ... for my family, that provides safety, happiness and the education that I am so lucky to receive.

PAIGE EDMUNDSON ... for my family, friends and teachers.


ERIN HASLAM ... for my friends and family who are always supportive of me and that I reached my goals.

MEGHAN KLEYNHANS ... for my family and friends and that we could be together during this difficult time.

KELLY KLINTWORTH ... for an education, my teachers who have helped me though this difficult year, and for my friends who I can laugh with!

THADINA MADINANE ... for my friends and family.

GOMOLEMO MAGOMOLA ... for my friends and family who always have my back.

OLIVIA WARD ... for being able to go to school, be with my friends and for the teachers who endured challenging circumstances.

ELLA VAN SCHOOR ... that I achieved all my goals, even if the year did not go as planned.

THATOHATSI TSHWALE ... for all the things I have that other people don't have.

CASEY SHORT ... for the amount of effort my family, friends and teachers put into making me happy.


CARA WOLTER ... for family and friends and for all the laughs we ve had!

BAILEY SANDERS ... for my teacher.

ISABELLA PEREIRA ... for my friends, family and the school I go to.

STORM OSBORNE ... for my loving family and supportive friends.

BROOKE NELL ... for all the new memories, for my friends and family that stood beside me during these hard times.

AMOLEMO MAKHUBO ... that I got a distinction in my voice exam!

TIFFANY MBIZI ... for my family, friends and the school I go to.

ALEXANDRA MORGAN-FIZELLE ... for all the love and support of my family and friends and for all the opportunities in my life!

GRACE MORRIS ... for all the time I spent with my family during lockdown and for the teachers who have taught us so well.

KATLEGO MPHAHLELE ... for being able to come to school everyday.

JENNAH MYNHARDT ... for being able to do the extra-murals activities that I love and enjoy.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



AMY ARMSTRONG ... for being able to sleep-in during lockdown.


GISELLA ASTENGO ... for my friends, family and teachers who taught us online and kept us safe from this virus.

RACHEL BADHAM ... for my friends, who were my sunshine on a gloomy day!

EMILY BALL ... for lockdown, because I wouldn't be friends with the people I am today.


JESSICA BLUMENTHAL ... for going to an amazing school and making awesome friends!

MADISON EDWARDS ... for the achievements I have worked for, in the academic and sport areas.

TESSA HAYWARD-BUTT ... for my family, they were there for me during lockdown when I was unhappy and missing my friends.

KYLA HEGLAND ... for being able to do what I love even through the hard times.

TAMARA-LEE HOGERZEIL ... for my friends, family, and thanks to the teachers who helped me throughout the year.

JAMIE TURNER ... for my puppies, family and friends, for keeping me sane and sticking by my side during lockdown.

ALEXIA SMEDMOR ... for progress in both sports; running and cycling.

AADYA SHARMA ... for where we all finally stand, after the preposterous year we have all endured.

OLIVIA PETTITT ... for the teachers, who figured out how to still teach us through the year.


KATE YAMAN ... for my family and the amount of sleep I have caught up on this year!

PRIYAL PARACTJEE ... for my teacher.

TAWONGA NKOSI ... for starting to hike once a month, with my family.

KIARA NAGAYA ... for God, my Heavenly Father, for his blessings in this world.

SHARANIA MOODLEY ... for my friends, teachers, Tennis coach's and family as they gave me a lot of support and inspiration.

ABIGAIL HUGHES ... for my family, as they helped me through this crazy year, to overcome obstacles along the way.

IMANI KIZITO ... for the wonderful experiences I shared with my friends, even though we were separated for six months.

ZENZI MADONDO ... for my Bff's that add colour to my funniest days and the teachers that inspire, and add value to my life.

GONTSE MALEBACO ... for my friends, who have kept me sane throughout the lockdown and my sister who keeps me going each day.

MBALIYETHU MAQHEYANA ... for my parents who sacrificed everything for me, thank you, I appreciate it so much!

RETHABILE MATHE ... for my family that have supported me during this crazy year! 78

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


GEORGIA-ANN ALP ... for all the privileges, that I'm am lucky enough to have.

STORM BADRIAN ... for family bonding time and getting to wear civvies to school.


CAITLIN BARBOUR ... for my friends, family and my teachers.

KAYLIN CONNOR ... for my best friends, the class I'm in for 2021, and my loving family.

MAHAYLIA DAVID ... that I was able to get through exams, and for being able to be with family.


LAYLA BELLA FARQUHAR ... for my teachers helping me in lockdown, my family and friends.

JAMIE FRAYNE ... that we are all back together at school and that there are no more Zoom meetings.

KIRA HANNAN ... to be at school with my friends, and not be online anymore.

CAITLIN HAYWARD-BUTT ... to be back at school with my friends, and for all the teachers who were able to teach us online.

ASHLEY HEMPHILL ... that we still got to do school work from home, and see our friends on messages.

ANGELINA WANG ... for my friends, my teachers and all that I have learned.

JADE VAN DER MERWE ... for the school I go to, and for all the things I have.

BELICIA TSHIDIBI ... for my teachers because they helped me through the year.

TEAGAN MCVEIGH ... for being able to attend such an amazing school and make such great friends!


DAKOTA WRATTEN ... that we are now allowed to be back at school.

CARREY MCCREEDY ... for my friends, family and teachers.

TANAKA MATAMBO ... for all the experiences despite the pandemic, that my family and friends are healthy.

TARYN MASHOKO ... for my health, my family and for passing Grade 6!

LERATO MALOPE ... for my friends, family and that I'm alive and have food!

CHLOE JACOBS ... that my family, friends and teachers were able to help me through lockdown.

MASHADIKANA KEKANA ... for all the teachers who made things happen during lockdown.

KAIYUSHKA KISTEN ... for all of the teachers who helped us all during lockdown, and for my friends.

KAYLA KLOPPERS ... for being able to learn via Zoom.

LULIBO KOZA ... that my family was able to be together during this pandemic.

EMMA LOCKLEY ... for the time I spent with my family during lockdown, and that I was able to come back to school.

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020





St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



St Peter s Girls Prep is a proud member and host of the Inter-Schools Robotics League (ISRL). There are 15 schools across Johannesburg who belong to the league. Each year, we usually hold one event per term. The Mindstorm EV3 robotics challenges are designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, effective communication, and problem solving.


Some of the highlights from our Grade 6 and 7 STEM year were:

Electrical circuits with conducting playdough which concluded in the girls having to create a closed circuit to form a Christmas Tree with lights.

Created a video to teach their peers about rotation and revolution of the Earth. Investigated the carbon cycle and the effects of adding and removing parts of the carbon cycle. This was done through a roleplaying activity where the girls acted as the parts of the carbon cycle to determine the effect of the addition or removal of another part of the cycle.


Vaccination inquiry where they learnt about the global race to manufacture a vaccination for COVID-19. The girls learnt what a vaccination is, how it works and the different methods used to create the vaccinations.

Grade 7s designed and carried out a bacterial investigation titled:

Are detergents as effective as they claim to be?

Applied the design process to create an educational toy as well as a device which could measure 30 seconds. Our exam was a design pressure test where the girls had two hours to plan, build and reflect on a parachute designed to carry a marble to the ground as slowly as possible.


PE Practice makes


Keep yo u on the r eyes BALL!


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


de We mawn our o s for crosseunday. Palm S

them RSA annge... challe


During the six month interlude, happily shared with my beautiful wife, the workload increased somewhat, when schools were remotely in session, but we enjoyed many unusual diversions, especially when officially holidaying, with lighter preparation duties, and during cherished weekends. Sans employees and friendly builder, who enjoyed economically secure home holidays, we reconnected with plant life, household chores, old tracksuit bottoms and, eventually, the couch and emergency wine racks. (I have to confess I daily tested the couch before my wife, having earlier also fulfilled more of a supervisory and quality control role. I did make the fires.) The washing and ironing interludes ensured we wore clothes for longer than normal and zooms meant we could wear whatever was or wasn t, comfortably, without fear of embarrassment over coffee stains and cat hair. Indeed, ties were strengthened with Clem, our ginger stray, and Tigger, who first appeared from under our bedspread when we returned from holiday a few years ago.


A baking projec


On the rare occasion that I ventured out in my car - perhaps six times in the first four months - I afterwards inevitably bumped into furniture that had seemingly ventured bravely where no such chair or table had gone before such is my dear wife s penchant for spaceconnected activities that are, apparently, not just brought about by spring fever. Autumn, I learned, does not just bring new tree colours and winter has its own need for the winds of adjustment, even before August. The cats, to their chagrin, discovered that they could not always rely on a particular wing-back being closer to the fire. They were forced to seek

A Detto l experim ent...

new comfort zones and scratch pads on a regular basis. Incidentally, one such rare outward bound adventure involved my car s first annual service. Having clocked just 3 300 kilometres, I frowned at having to mask its toing and fro-ing! On the technical front, all teachers and humans were forced to push boundaries who had zoomed or been asked to look like a Bitmoji before? I, an early baby boomer, was finally forced into online banking, and missed the friendly Naledi. In addition, to satisfy my growing stomach s culinary needs, counter the restaurant withdrawal symptoms and restock reading material, Patti and I awakened to new lap-top based, less demanding, expenditure effort. (Fooey to the screen blue light warnings!) Latterly, as both of us are thankfully still gainfully employed, doing what we love, and so is a nephew, our builder friend has been able to drive me and said nephew insane with banging again, and our employees once more deserve lifts to taxi ranks. Not just in retrospect, a huge negative, on which to end, was that we were only comparatively recently able to hold the tiny hands of one of our three new grandchildren. However, we have two wonderful reasons to travel, to end this extraordinary year! Oh, did I mention we took my mother-inlaw in, the day before Lockdown for a comparatively brief period? Oops! Reached my word limit! Anthony Blackhurst Specialist Maths Teacher

YUMMY!ay! Hot Dog d

F inger lic

king good


Working o with dad..ut .


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


Grace gets her braces off - even during Lockdown - and all by herself as mom was not allowed to be in the same room as her and her orthodontist!

BEST BUDDIES! Chloë and Aimee on the last day of the term. Chloë loved coming to school everyday for moments like this that she could see her best friend even if it was at a distance. Thanks for doing an amazing job of making this such a positive experience for the girls under the circumstances. Regards, Candice Bradshaw

Making history by being the first grade back at school Mia Jansen (Grade 7).

Kiara Jansen (Grade 4) choosing a mask to match her dress up outfit.

HOME SCHOOL IS COOL! Home learning is actually fun! We each take turns to be the 'mini-teacher' of what we have learnt, and loved doing our art lessons at home!

Strike!a! pose

Ella doing some of the garden chores, there were a lot of leaves in April! Ella and Riley helped to set the Easter table and decorate it - the 87 napkin bunny ears was their idea!

LO Lockdo VING our wn Pro jects...

ning Online lenar lesso s...


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


We DIG this!!


a Jerusalem nge! alle h C e c n a D


Just for. KICKS..


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


ST PETER S EXTENSION AND ENRICHMENT TIME (SPEET) At St Peter s, the end of the academic year is always celebrated with SPEET Week (St Peter s Extension and Enrichment Time). Traditionally, this is a programme organised by the staff, which aims to broaden the girls educational experience to include speakers and exposure to activities which aren t conventionally part of the formal curriculum. This time is

always a hive of busyness and fun and the girls benefit greatly from the high quality interests on offer. There is also time allocated towards relaxing hobbies, as a refreshing opportunity, to reconnect after the academic routine of exams and classwork. This week was particularly enjoyable, this year, as the girls had some light-hearted time away from iPad screens. G r makinagde 3 girls g the Graames with de 7s.

stmas Our Chri econes. in p r e e reind Natur e walk


The Grade 3 girls had an absolute blast during SPEET Week! Energy levels were high and the sound of happy and cheerful little girls filled the air. In the true spirit of St Peter s, our underlying theme for SPEET Week was compassion and the Christmas spirit. To set the tone for this, the children s first activity was to choose a secret friend that they would make feel extra special for the week. They wrote little notes, placed flowers on their secret friend s desk and showed other kind and thoughtful gestures. The smiles of the children on the receiving end were priceless. Sticking with the true meaning of Christmas, the girls listened to an inspirational and inspiring talk from a true humanitarian, Andrew King, who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro barefoot in support of raising funds for various charities.


With this powerful kick off to SPEET Week, the girls showcased their artistic side with various art and craft activities. Some of these included transforming pinecones into reindeers, making Christmas wrapping paper and finger puppets. To keep the energy and enthusiasm levels high, the girls

competed in an Amazing Race Challenge. They showed grit, resilience and team spirit and cooled off the day with some sprinkler fun. Just to ensure that all the girls had a chance to show off their unique talents, we held a Grade 3 s Got Talent show. The performances were very entertaining and allowed the girls to show off their unique personalities. Some girls shone on the stage as if they were made for entertaining. Included in our SPEET Week programme, was our Celebration of Achievement function and the much-anticipated Interhouse Gala. Pyjama Day was also a hit! The girls came dressed in their cute nightwear and brought popcorn to snack on while their watched a Christmas movie. In preparation for Grade 4, the children wrote letters to their Grade 4 teacher, introducing themselves and sharing their hopes and dreams for the following year. SPEET Week was such a great end to the COVID-19 year. It allowed the girls to let their hair down and have some of the best medicine on offer fun and laughter!

SEW cool!

SPEET Week for the Grade 4s was filled with a variety of fun-filled activities. The girls started off with an outreach activity where the girls made Christmas crackers and educational toys for underprivileged Early Childhood Development Centres. Mrs Mohamed set a challenge where the girls had to build the tallest tower using only spaghetti and one marshmallow. The Sports department taught our girls a variety of indigenous games on the field. Wool and paper plates were provided to teach the girls

Pyramid Cardbo

how to sew Christmas patterns on paper plates. A fun lesson from Mrs Van Rooyen also taught the girls how to make their own grass heads . On Friday, we had a Christmas themed day where the girls dressed up in Christmas attire and watched a lovely movie and made creative Christmas cards. The girls ended off their SPEET Week with a nature walk to the St Peter s Apiary and they had a chance to float their recycled Titanic boats, culminating in a relaxing swim in the pool. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with the girls, seeing them outside of the academic classroom and expressing themselves creatively. Spaghetti & Marshm allow


ard Challenge

The Grade 5 girls were in for a whole bunch of fun during SPEET Week where a wide range of activities were arranged for the girls. Some Christmas spirit was invited into the week as the girls created toys for children at underprivileged schools as well as Christmas gifts for children at Sefikeng. As our Grade 5 girls are blooming into mature young ladies, a growth talk was also provided and the girls had the opportunity to ask relevant questions relating to their growth. This was followed by some girl time fun where they learnt basic techniques to paint their nails and they even had a practical session to put their knowledge to use. The girls also took part in a Study Skills course and spent some time cooling off in the pool. The popcorn came out during our movie slot where the girls watched Invictus which tied in with our focal theme, The rising of the Rainbow Nation, and our setwork books Journey to Jo burg and A Long walk to freedom. Thankful Thursday gave the girls time to share their appreciation as they reviewed the year, sharing their biggest highlights and achievements in a presentation. They were also excited to make thank you cards with little notes of hope. We closed off the week with our Celebration of Achievement ceremony where the girls got to go home early to enjoy a Funky Friday . Our Grade 5 SPEETERS are ecstatic for the week ahead!

! :)


We made Christmas gift s!

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



Try to look at everythin through the eyes of a chi g ld..


SPEET Week for the Grade 6s was filled with a variety of fun-filled activities. The girls started off the week completing a Minecraft challenge where they had to recreate anything around the school. The ideas ranged from recreating the school pool, the school logo, the amphitheatre, their teachers and the chapel. These girls are incredibly creative! Christmas beading packs were provided to make Christmas decorations as well as making wooden craft Christmas angels. A photography course was offered by the talented Mrs Horwood who taught the girls to look for light, lines and shadows to make a more interesting photograph. Maths patterns were explored and they created the most incredible geometric drawings with Mr B. Watching the movie Holes , their setwork book, was also a definite highlight as well as a poetry workshop hosted by the talented poet, Ruth Everson. Miss Morey also created

Making sensory toys for children with learning difficulties...

a poem for their girls Celebration of Achievement ceremony and the girls had so much fun learning and practising it with her! For the Grade 7 girls Market Day , the Grade 7 girls created an activity for our girls in which they could choose something to make for themselves, ranging from bracelets and stickers to door hangers and quack quacks . Fun was also had in the pool, on the soccer field and presenting a talent show. The girls ended off their SPEET Week with a nature walk with Gramps and an outreach activity where the girls made educational toys for underprivileged Early Childhood Development Centres. This culminated in a relaxing picnic on the field. The teachers thoroughly enjoyed spending this time with the girls, seeing them outside of the academic classroom and expressing themselves creatively.

with Gramps! Nature lesson



Photography Co

Geo drawinmetric g ith Mr B..w .

Creat g toys fo underin r pr childreivileged n...

The Grade 7 SPEET Week had a focus on making memories. The programme commenced with the girls building their EMS website from which the other grades could choose which EMS craft they would like to create. After finishing off their How to... videos, the girls spent a special morning with their Grade 3 buddies helping them to create the EMS craft which they had designed. The girls were also given the opportunity to reflect on their exam results and the close of their academic year.

Painting Magazine the Cover!

On the first Saturday of SPEET Week, the girls attended their Leavers Dinner where many memories were made. Mr Thackwell wrote a song which mentioned every girl in Grade 7 while keeping in time to Neil Diamond s Sweet Caroline .

Our last gala...

The girls enjoyed creating toys for underprivileged children out of recyclable materials. An open discussion about their feelings and expectations, about high school, was held during an activity called The Couch . The girls also tested their debating skills as they watched the Netflix documentary called The Social Dilemma . The girls debated multiple topics, which were raised in the documentary, all of which had the aim of exposing the girls to realworld information and the importance of their personal privacy whilst using technology. Our greatest day of making memories was our Camp-out Day where the girls participated in lots of activities, ranging from water games to making St Peter s bracelets, based on our School s values, to just having a good time together. The girls also had a creative day during SPEET week where they all bought a white shirt which they then tie-dyed using colours and patterns that they wanted. This activity was followed by a beading session where the girls created Christmas stars and Christmas trees. Finally, a little dance fun was had as they practised their surprise item for their long awaited Prize Giving. Our crafty theme continued into the final week where the girls decorated mugs using handmade stencils and learnt a few exciting tips about photography.

T shirtsie-dye w h , and upsing coloite atter urs ns.

SPEET Week also included some fun Interhouse activities which included soccer as well as their last gala. In a very special service, the girls Prep School journey was concluded with a Eucharist and a special send-off from the rest of the school. 94

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



The recipient of this award is kind, loyal and compassionate to all. She is a trustworthy listener, considerate, friendly and makes a contribution to the social interaction of the girls. She shows the utmost respect and care when interacting with others and always displays integrity.


One night the St Peter s chickens stayed up late To discuss the school s COVID-19 fate. They had heard the talk of moving online The playground now empty, it was a worrying sign! How could the chickens maintain social distance When keeping warm required some assistance? And so, Lockdown passed with boredom and same Chasing each other was not the most exciting game. No classes to visit or lunch boxes to explore No lessons to join in or rules to ignore. When would the Grade 3 girls ever come back To bring life to the playground and bags to unpack?


And so, the chickens experienced a repetitive same No sandwiches to sneak just the usual chicken grain. Soon they began to forget what had been The excitement of playtime just a memory unseen. The gardens grew back, no pathways defined As an emptiness echoed, the plants intertwined. And then, one morning, the chickens awoke To a cacophony of sounds, Gandalf almost did choke! Warming their little hearts, yes, the girls had returned To chase and claim back their space, so well earned. Great lunches arrived to be pecked and shared Traffic to obstruct and baby chicks to beware. All settled back into Corona regulations Sanitising and spacing, the new stipulations. Masks did cover the smiles on the girls faces But eyes glowed back at the once familiar spaces. For the chickens, well, new chicks arrived in plenty St Peter s, once again, embraced close on twenty.


This year, life in Grade 3 has been far from dull Our Grade 3 girls have experience life to the full. Resilience and determination have marked this year Post Lockdown experiences have been taken with good cheer! To our Grade 3 girls, whose spirit and tenacity has been most remarkable to observe. Thank you! Love the St Peter s chicks and teacherswith admiration so well-deserved!





The recipient of this award is kind, loyal and compassionate to all. She is a trustworthy listener, considerate, friendly and makes a contribution to the social interaction of the girls. She shows the utmost respect and care when interacting with others and always displays integrity.



A YEAR OF CHANGE As the New Year arrived and our diary showed 2020 No one knew that we would need to adapt plenty. But change can happen and trying new things can be fun Who would suspect Lockdown meant no more runs! For a while travel stopped no traffic or pollution Staying at home became the best solution. Board games and movies, Amaven outside Class meetings on Zoom helped us look on the bright side. Time was spent dancing, reading, baking and more The online programme gave us plenty to explore! Returning to school was a little unnerving But we soon adapted to this new way of learning. We now wear a mask while for a vaccine we wait Sanitising and social distance the routine daily fate. Our experiences of COVID-19 have taught us to value The little acts of kindness we share and react to. One thing we have learnt from this year therefore, Is to appreciate that giving less can mean more. Our parents and teachers with extraordinary ability Have taught us that spreading kindness and love is our responsibility. And so, dream big for tomorrow and all the things you will do Our wish for you is that your dreams may come true. Continue to make the world a better place Christmas is the perfect time to share kindness in your space!




St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



ACADEMIC CLASS PRIZES Academic Progress · Buhlebenkosi Nxumalo · Gabriella Steytler Consistent Academic Achievement · Chante Makofane · Grace Anderson · Ilah Botha Outstanding Academic Achievement · Imogen Del Fabbro · Gabriella van den Berg · Lesedi Kgalema · Makhauta Ramoriting · Zara van der Merwe



ACADEMIC CLASS PRIZES Academic Progress · Olivia Morris · Lia van den Berg · Mbasa Nodada

ACADEMIC CLASS PRIZES Academic Progress · Isabella New · Michelle Du Preez · Neo Makinta · Rebecca Fraser

Consistent Academic Achievement · Camryn Owen · Zoë Dube

Consistent Academic Achievement · Dineo Seotsanyana

Outstanding Academic Achievement · Anna Lyon · Mia Wilson · Sanha Maharaj · Skyla Visser · Tayla Ramsay

Outstanding Academic Achievement · Caroline Joubert · Khensani Hlongwane · Maita Shamu · Milani Lusu · Simone Mabuza




The recipient of this award is kind, loyal and compassionate to all. She is a trustworthy listener, considerate, friendly and makes a contribution to the social interaction of the girls. She shows the utmost respect and care when interacting with others and always displays integrity.




GRADE 6 ACADEMIC SUBJECT PRIZES Afrikaans, STEM & Exploration & Learning: Sharania Moodley

ACADEMIC COLOURS: · Abigail Hughes · Jessie Earlam · Angelina Wang · Kaiyushka Kisten · Brooke Nell · Kate Yaman · Caitlin Hayward-Butt · Katlego Mphahlele · Cara Wolter · Kayla Kloppers · Chloe Jacobs · Kiara Nagaya · Dakota Wratten · Kira Hannan · Ella van Schoor · Lulibo Koza · Erin Haslam · Madison Edwards · Georgia Alston · Olivia Ward · Gisella Astengo · Paige Edmundson · Grace Morris · Sharania Moodley · Jamie Frayne · Tanaka Matambo

English, Mathematics & Exploration & Learning: Cara Wolter

ACADEMIC AWARDS Academic overall average of 80 % or above.

isiZulu: Lulibo Koza GRADE 6 ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT Afrikaans & Exploration & Learning: Amy Armstrong English & Exploration & Learning: Storm Osborne Afrikaans: Meghan Kleynhans

English: Aadya Sharma Thatohatsi Tshwale Exploration & Learning: Ashley Hemphill isiZulu: Amolemo Makhubo Grace Morris Tanaka Matambo Mathematics: Rethabile Mathe Taryn Mashoko STEM: Angelina Wang Imani Kizito


The recipient of this award is kind, loyal and compassionate to all. She is a trustworthy listener, considerate, friendly and makes a contribution to the social interaction of the girls. She shows the utmost respect and care when interacting with others and always displays integrity.







ACADEMIC AWARDS Academic overall average of 75 % or above. ACADEMIC COLOURS RE-AWARDS: · Isabella Horwood · Angelina Barrow · Aobakwe Machailo · Jamie Hardy · Juhi Baboolal · Avheani Mutepe · Khumo Mochela · Cara Fromby · Rahini Pillay · Ella Hegarty · Sarah Diack · Ella Watling · Sarah Thompson · Emily Walker · Sejal Menon · Erin Osborne · Sophie Lidgey · Eve Corbett · Tamia Makomva · Grace Langton · Tyler Boyd · Hanna Aitken

BILINGUALISM AWARDS FOR THE TOP AVERAGE ACROSS TWO LANGUAGES English & Afrikaans: Juhi Baboolal English & isiZulu: Khumo Mochela

· Avheani Mutepe · Erin Osborne · Hanna Aitken

GRADE 7 ACADEMIC SUBJECT PRIZES English & Afrikaans: Juhi Baboolal

Mathematics: Ella Watling Art: Erin Osborne STEM: Dhiya Govender GRADE 7 ACADEMIC IMPROVEMENT Afrikaans & Exploration & Learning: Angelia Ferreira STEM & Art: Shelia Rabali English: Rachel Rostron Siphesihle Mahlangu isiZulu: Sophie Lidgey Exploration & Learning: Avheani Mutepe Kyra Lancaster Mathematics: Emily Tannenberger Luvuyo Sondlo STEM: Caitlin Langton

· Mbalienhle Mzimba · Angelina Barrow · Aobakwe Machailo · Rachel Rostron · Sheila Rabali · Ella Watling · Emily Tannenberger · Sophie Lidgey · Tafadzwa Nkomo · Grace Potgieter · Tyler Boyd · Kyra Lancaster · Mackenna Ward KEYS AWARDS Demonstration of leadership skills, uphold the values of St Peter s, recognition of commitment to excellence, display of intrinsic motivation, diligence and effort over a significant period of time:

NEW COLOURS AWARDS: · Mackenna Ward · Dhiya Govender · Emily Tannenberger · Tafadzwa Nkomo · Yamani Pakade · Georgina Grota · Kyra Lancaster

isiZulu & Exploration & Learning: Khumo Mochela

TRISH ATTLEE AWARDS Humility and kindness in dealings with others as well as a consistent, enthusiastic and positive attitude towards all facets of school life:

SPORTS AWARD Achievement and excellence in Sport as well as an exceptional attitude and dedication in many sporting disciplines: · Emily Walker INTER-HOUSE TROPHY Awarded to the House that won the Online Challenges and performed consistently in all the 2020 Inter-house sports events: · Attlee House

DUX SCHOLAR AWARD The Dux Scholar has received the highest promotional mark average for her final Grade 7 report. This award is given for top academic achievement: · Khumo Mochela PETA AWARD Embodiment of the St Peter s values of responsibility, compassion, collaboration, respect, honour and resilience: · Isabella Horwood · Sarah Diack COUNCIL AWARD The Council Award is an award of merit and all-round excellence which is awarded in appreciation of an exceptional attitude and contribution to life at St Peter s: · Khumo Mochela O CONNELL AWARD The recipient of this award is optimistic and determined. She has shown resilience and strength of character in her daily life at St Peter s: · Emma Gordon HUGO AWARD The recipient of this award shows humility, grace, inner strength of character, courtesy, a dignified attitude and upholds the values of St Peter s. She has proven to be an outstanding ambassador for the School: · Khumo Mochela · Tyler Boyd

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



JUHI BABOOLAL ... for staying resilient during these tough times and that I have grown as a student.


ANGELINA BARROW ... for the schools organization and effort that they have put into making sure that we can come back to school during the time of the pandemic.

TYLER BOYD ... for the effort our teachers have put in, they have gone over and above a million times just so that we can get the most normal education.

ANGELIA FERREIRA ... for getting back into my netball. I ve missed the feeling of running around on a netball court.

SCYLLA GOVENDER ... for my friends, family and that they were all safe during quarantine. I also thank God who protects and guides me everyday of my life.

ELLA ROSE HEGARTY ... for still being able to laugh with my friends, either through a screen or when we 99 returned to school.

GRACE LANGTON ... for my support system through all the struggles. The highs and the lows of this year.

SOPHIE LIDGEY ... for the amazing teachers at St Peter s, that spent their time making sure that we were able to learn during lockdown.

SIPHESIHLE MAHLANGU ... for the opportunities the school has given me and the gift of waking up every day.

SEJAL MENON ... for my friends and the lessons I ve learnt.

KHUMO MOCHELA ... for my parents who love and protect me, the way they educate me about the world, and how they sent me to a place that aligns with those values.

ELLA WATLING ... for being able to come back to our spectacular school and to spend the last of my Grade 7 year with my friends.

MACKENNA WARD ... for all the mistakes I ve made, because each mistake helps me become a better person.

ON SARAH THOMPS le ... for the peop me co ve that I ha across and interacted with this year.

EMILY TANNENBERGER ... for the time I got to spend with my loved ones during the Coronavirus.

LUVUYO SONDLO ... for the amusing and sympathetic friends I have, and the supportive and committed teachers who have helped us!

RACHEL ROSTRON ... for the amazing people guiding me through the dark, surrounding me with love, and made this year so special.

LI SHEILA RABA the chance ... that I gotck school to come ba mytofriends and to see pandemic. during the

RAHINI PILLAY ... to have the most extraordinary and unique life, with the best teachers and the most amazing family.

TAYAH MORGAN ... for my teachers and friends at St Peter s and the opportunities I am able to receive.

MUKUMELA NETSHITANGANI ... for not loosing someone extremely close to me, due to any serious sickness or dangerous situation.

OMO TAFADZWAleNK ng ... for the arsniand opportunitie ve built I ha friendships r s and for at St Pete wh o have r s he the teac e thus far. m ht ug ta

ADANNA NWAOSHAI ... for all my friends and family because they re the reason I still try hard in school and do my best.

ERIN OSBORNE ... that during lockdown I realised how much my friends, teachers and school mean to me.

ALLISON PH ... for ha ILLIP friends withving my for teachers me, and help and supporto t me with my sc hool. 100

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


THAKGALLO ZONKE ... for the amazing friends that I have made over the last 8 years, I will miss them so much!



HANNA AITKEN ... for the fact that I am surrounded by people that love me and for the food that I am blessed enough to eat.

EVE CORBETT ... that I am privileged enough to come such a wonderful school and I can learn new things everyday.

SARAH DIACKwho ... for the teachers tra put in all the exco me effort, helping us d of to school, insteado ing staying at homeling. homeschoo

CARA FORMBY ... for my friends, family and teachers. They have helped to make this a year to remember!

EMMA GORDON ... for having the time to learn more about my family and about myself.

DHIYA GOVENDER ... for having such amazing teachers, friends, classmates and all the girls from the other grades.

GEORGINA GROTA ... that my teachers provided me with a safe and healthy environment where I could experience 101 my Grade 7 year.

JAMIE HARDY ... for the people around this me, we all survivedhav year and I couldn t m.e made it without the

ISABELLA HORWOOD ... for the gift of our amazing school, which continues to always put it s girls first, even in the toughest of times.

MIA JANSEN ... that my parents still have their jobs to afford schooling and that school opened and it is doing well.

KYRA LANCAS R ... that this yearTE has been full of fun an surprises and howd well the school handled everythi ng.

CAITLIN LANGTON ... for my friends and family's love, support, kindness and all the fun that they offer!

CAITLIN THACKWELL ... for being able to do online school on my iPad, because some schools can t.

HAYLEY SCHUBACH ... for having the most breathtaking friendships.

GRACE POTGIETER ... for technology, so we were able to work during lockdown and for all teachers that work so hard, making Grade 7 so special.

YAMANI PAK ... that this year has ADnE a year of opportunity and bee adv ure, for my teachers who ent hav worked extremely hard, ande the support of my family.for

AFEZEKILE NGCABA ... for the experiences this year taught me, contributing to how much I have matured and grown.

MBALI MZIMBA on ... that we got toango we Leaver's Camp bodnd got to really . together as a grade

AVHEANI MUTEPE ... for my family and friends, 2020 has been an odd year, I ve had some personal issues, however they were always there to lift me up!

TAYLOR LUTGE ... for the privilege to attend this wonderful school, I ve learnt so much which has helped me grow as a person.

AOBAKWE MACHAILO ... that we got the chance to come back to school and enjoy the rest of this year with our friends.

ZOË MAKHANDA ... for the amazing friends and family that I have.

TAMIA MAKOMVA ... for my fitness, discovering my true friends, my health and my teachers.

TSHIAMO MOGALE ... for the support throughout the year and that I got to bond with my family more due to the lockdown.

ANESU MUSU O ... for my family NG being there for me even when I wasn t there for myself. 102

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


EMILY WALKER ... for the teachers' incredible efforts, working many hours and making this year joyful and great!

MULALO RAMABULANAng ... for this amaziat school with grefor teachers and e spending tim with my friends.


Best Buddies!

have These girls ERS! SUPER POW




Sociali We LOVE

LOVE is all that matters!

D for FRAMEYOU! loving

the SpreadE... LOV


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020

LEAVERS DINNER - A TOAST TO ST PETERS_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION Good evening, Greetings to Mr Royce, Fr Richard, Mr Webb, his Management team, the staff here today, the Parent Body and, lastly, most importantly, to our Grade 7 girls of 2020 the OGs . Being asked to speak tonight, on behalf of the Parent Body, is an epic way to end this journey. I am here tonight together with my husband, Tshililo, and my daughter, Mulalo. The journey started in 2013. What do we remember about 2013? 2013 can be remembered because that is the year we lost our beloved Father and world icon, uTata, Nelson Mandela. Also significant was the death of former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Obama was also beginning his 2nd term of office. There were also life-shattering events such as the Westgate Mall shooting in Kenya and the Boston Marathon Bombing. Back home in SA, the Nkandla and the fire pool stories were flooding our media alongside the Western Cape toilet saga fresh poo being delivered across the Mother City as well as stories of GBV. I remember, distinctly, hearing about Anene Booysen s mutilated dead body being discovered in the news whilst driving my then 6-year-old daughter to school.

Grade 5 & 6 were our makings of greatness. We steadied into those years with grace and stellar performance across a range of areas:

Sadly, we lost more revered souls, namely Zindzi Mandela, daughter of Nelson and Winnie Mandela, Radio DJ Bob Mabena and, recently, musician Mshoza, Andrew Mlangeni - political activist, Chadwick Boseman - Black Panther actor, Kobe Bryant - Basketball s darling, the Supreme Judge - Ruth Ginsburg and, for a certain calibre of music lovers all over the world, Kenny Rogers.

Our girls bagged second place in Prestige Athletics, under the leadership of Mr Tomsek, at the end of Grade 5. Tennis, as a non-compulsory sport, got some time in the sun. Our girls confidently competed against boys schools in swimming galas even pacing them at almost all the strokes. Our team sports, notably netball and hockey, provided us with the platform to show off not only our talented girls, but our sociable, very loud and cheerful Parent Body that was never embarrassed to shout out, praise and celebrate every goal scored. We enjoyed their musical talent and instrumental prowess as they started making their mark in the orchestras and singing performances, notably that of Singing Sistas . Year after year, we raised the bar so high that we left others aghast, believing that we had spent days leading up to this singing night and day. Our girls showcased that they are indeed legends in the making. To the Music Department Marguerite, Hugo, Jacques and teams that support you thank you for your ethic and passion. A few of our girls, in 2019, demonstrated grit and resilience during the Robotic Olympiad, achieving a third-place finish, and even managing to represent the school at a national level. Our participation at the Inter-School Maths competition was also noteworthy and exciting for all those who took part. We also fondly remember how much heart and soul we put into the various fundraising events: Movie Night, Winter Warmers, the famous Carnival and the world-class Sunset Carols, which I am happy to say we get to experience one last time. Thanks to the PA and the various fundraising and volunteer structures.

My speech is in three parts, some reflections that I will highlight as key pardon my bias in terms of what I choose to mention. Some thought-provoking insights that I will invite us all to ponder over and the obligatory words of thanks and acknowledgement of our appreciation.

Nothing could have prepared us for 2020, its disruptive forces halted our efforts at soaring higher into the clouds. We were destined to host a world-class production in July (to Mel we will not see your face beaming with pride, but we thank you for the hearty way in which you teach and nurture the girls).

Earliest reflections, most significant, are being welcomed by Patti Blackhurst. Every day she would meet us with a reassuring smile, or chat, as we managed drop off. Drop off was a thing in those days. I am reminded of how she once assured me that, as a working mom, I had a place in the school and there was room, even when I didn t think so, for me to participate. This message was echoed over the years and remains the ethos of this school.

I am also confident that we would have clinched many more notables finishes in all the competitive sports in which we participated. We missed various Sports tours a worthy experience and honour for the girls. Thank you to Mr Steyn, Miss Makola, Miss B, Miss T, and rest of the coaches, for what you have all poured into the coaching as well as the motivation you invest in our girls. They will experience all sports as truly memorable.

Our JP school days were blissful the girls being anchored by that inclusive we are one vibe that the Grade 0 teachers drilled into us all religiously. We even managed to squeeze in a term, breaking ground in the new JP building.

The girls have also missed out on making a valuable contribution towards improving the literacy levels of Sefikeng girls and boys. The Community Partnership provides them with a chance to impact the lives of less privileged children and they can witness their progress

Today, 8 years later, here we are in 2020. We have Trump battling to accept defeat, we have some measure of hope in the form of Kamilla Harris, under Joe Biden s presidency. GBV is still a frightening, alarming reality. The corruption scandals are incessant. Zondo Commission is now a popular reality show. We are hanging onto our levels of consciousness as we make sense of COVID19 and the impact it has had on our lives, plus what it means for our tomorrow. #BlackLivesMatter, MeToo and many other significant campaigns, call us to action and invite us to resist the urge to resume to the normal ways of being.


Grade 4 was, by all counts, a steady year (again I might be biased here). I sense that we were not polarised yet, wired-in inequalities were not evident. The essential good, and potential, towered over everything. We were getting ready to move to the upstairs block . By moving upstairs , and once we started claiming to be Seniors in Prep School, we would also be exposed to the evil that is mean girl tendencies . What we don t realise is that this is a thing, and as much as we, as parents, don t like it either but quietly wish it away. What we need to acknowledge is that it is possibly linked to the period/time in our girls lives when they lose their self-esteem and confidence.

over time. The girls are probably sitting here thinking that they missed out on the opportunity to travel with the boys on the bus to Sefikeng that being the area of interest at the moment.

perception, that exists about parents and the school belonging to different camps . We are in this together and, only together, can we forge a better way.

Tough as this year has been, we, as parents, have demonstrated that we trust the school wholeheartedly sending our kids back in the height of paranoia and growing cynicism surrounding the spread of COVID-19. As soon as the school gates were opened, we ushered in 65% of the girls in the first week. Thereafter, we rallied together to salvage what we could. Together, with the school, we continued, behind the scenes, to ensure that we could squeeze in as much as possible so that we could minimise the nostalgia of not having the coveted GRAND final year.

In conclusion, I want to thank the gracious and committed Parent Body that I represent here today. I must admit that I don t know enough about all of you to be confident that I have represented you well today. I apologise profusely for the matters that don t resonate and are less significant to you that are harped on and have been made the focus of my speech. Ncesini , I say in my siSwati to display the sincerity of my apology.

If COVID-19 has been effective, it has taught us that when the world does not respond to the need to change, we are forced to change. Our girls have persevered through the turbulence that is this year. We acknowledge and recognise the challenges it presented. I believe it is an indication of tougher times that lie ahead. We build resilience to be braver and bolder in life not to seek refuge in the comforts that existed before the tragedy. In the face of growing racial tensions and persistent cries for an end to any form of discrimination, these girls need to be the ambassadors and proponents of equal access and inclusion. They must hold their own confidently. Even when those around them are biased, and only willing to safeguard their own privileges, they can be the much-needed agents of change. The education sector can contribute significantly to building the capacities that our structures in society need. This country desperately needs proponents of justice and fairness who will champion social and economic change. There are too many people in the world that serve themselves and have little regard for the rest of mankind. Have we built a sense of responsibility in our girls to fight this treacherous beast? Girls between the ages of 8-13 will lose their self-esteem and selfconfidence. Self-esteem relating more to how they see themselves, in their own eyes, and less about how much, or how often, they are praised by their parents, or teachers, or how many social media posts they rack up. It s probably around the time when competitive sport starts where the pecking order gets established we start to notice who is faster, quicker, more sturdy or nimble. Academically, we also begin to showcase those that consistently produce outstanding marks. Some start being afraid to speak out rather blending in the crowd. They can t carry their weight when pitted up against others. I am not prettier, nor smarter nor faster, nor popular - where is my place in this school? It s their self-esteem and confidence we need to develop. They need to be taught and supported to embrace their individuality just be yourself, a phrase we hear now more than ever. We need to instil this earlier on. The narrative about girls in Grade 7 desperately needs to change. I believe change is a product of provocative and earnest dialogue between parties and stakeholders whose commitment to change is exceptional. This lot of parents, I believe would have engaged wholeheartedly about matters that would, ultimately, lead us to a better place. I don t believe we have taken full advantage of their commitment, trust in the leadership of the school and sentimental attachments to the brand St Peter s. In the months and years to come, my invitation to the school is that they consider beginning a journey invested in finding new ways and new pathways for the tomorrow girl who needs to be more conscientious, more deliberate and more impactful in every sphere and arena in which she comes into contact. Sadly, the leaders of tomorrow are burdened with the need to do things very differently from how their parents and grandparents have navigated thus far. So, I urge and appeal to the school to be mindful of the gap, or the

Most importantly is that I want to applaud you (the parents) for the many ways in which you have shown unwavering support to the school. This, here, is a group of parents that is always willing to volunteer and give of their time, energy and ideas. Not once did a request for volunteers fall on deaf ears. Families have opened up their homes for us to celebrate year-end parties and store whatever goods and supplies we need to keep for the numerous events that were organised. Umusa wenu muhle. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you to all those whose daily role is to ensure that our girls are safe, well cared for, they are taught and supported to be the best they can be. I will never be able to mention you all individually. You matter and are highly regarded. Your humility and good nature is encouraging and reassuring. I find that almost everyone in this school does what they do, not because they will be noted for it, but because they care. To the leadership of the school: Greg, Darrel, Fr Richard, Pam, Rachel, Trish and various other teams, the more you give, the more we demand! You are appreciated more than you will ever know. To every single teacher, from Mrs Golden, Buck and Baker through to Mrs Nkomo and Mrs Gordon, that has passionately poured out their talents and love for our girls every single year. To those that support the teaching staff, providing management and administrative support. We never see but our children witness and experience the hearty efforts you have poured into making the lessons work out the way they should. To Cara for being the one who is constantly facing up to the numerous challenges and uncertainties that plague our community. You, who painstakingly endeavours to safeguard the wellbeing of our girls. To Kerryn, Nthabeleng & Remember our interactions with you might be limited but your value and contribution is highly appreciated. To Paula, Nonhlanhla and then Nwabisa, Nurse Nosipho the love, dedication and passion go unnoticed! To Sis Thandi, Aunty Lebo and Patricia, Bhuti Dolphin and rest of the Njilo team who serve and wait upon the basic needs of our girls, seeing them rise to the challenges of COVID-19 as well as providing us with the assurance that efforts to keep the virus at bay are their biggest priority. To Buti David, Joseph and the rest of the security team, it's humbling to hear you call out the names of all the girls as they scurry past you daily. It was heart-warming, when we drove into the school in June, to be met with your eager smiling faces and a sure sign that we were missed. I thank you all for listening and for the journey we have embarked on collectively! Phetsile Dlamini


BYE! 106

St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


SWEET ST PETER S GIRLS Written and sung by Ron Thackwell to the tune of Sweet Caroline

Where it began was in the Grade O classroom This was their time to shine and bloom It was a year of making friendships Learning to draw and count to ten Friends, meeting friends Reaching out, helping me helping you Sweet St Peter s Girls Always giving of our best We re moving on Live our lives with honest zest and courage Look at TK always running around In her desk she s never found Sophie Lidgey and Zoe Makhanda Strictly dancing their lives away One Scylla G Happy laughs, Grace Langton and she! Questioning Q Is there another question? Tyler hopefully not from you Ella H it s the submit button Took her months but now she s on queue Em, Formula One Yes, I know, it s Charles le Clerc Yes, You and he are one! CHORUS Tamia and Juhi Bright shining examples You girls are both so smart Sarah D with her flair for figures Equations off by heart The sisters three Adanna, Tayah and Ali P BEE the BESTself! Swinging, swinging ur version of yo Oh so merrily! Jamie Hardy On her hands she s standing Is she confused or having fun? Smiling Sheila Always bright and joyful Shines just like the morning sun Kyra L Guitarist we know Strumming away One day she ll be a pro! CHORUS


Hanna agrees Men are greater than women But Kumi s in Gucci all the time

Let s have a go, At Mia and Angie Barrow Reliable, yes we know

And Rachel R Will be the next Wonder Woman She s certainly gonna be a star Girls don t hold hands No, Rahini - keep those germs away!

Dhiya s on line In touch, in control Academic success is her goal Issy was stung, wasps to blame But bravery is her second name!

Georgie can t dance But Legacy becomes her, With Sej, Hayley and Afezi And Caitlin T Has celebrity crushes Tik Tok rules yes that s me More Legacy girls Melodious sounds Tafy and Emily T!

E anything You can BE t to BE! you wan

CHORUS Emily Walker can swim record breaker In the pool she s number one Erin wears goggles, fashion apparel? Or is it the dazzling sun? Avheani - those articulate words Flowing oh, oh, so beautifully!

Cheerful girls Angelia and Taylor Luvuyo shows sweetness and content Comedians two, Sihle and Anesu Keep those blues away Friends, meeting friends Reaching out, helping me, helping you! Sweet St Peter s Girls Always giving of our best We re moving on Live our lives with honest zest and courage Sweet St Peter s Girls!

While in the loo Khumo s hobby is knitting Could Mulalo analyse that case too Maths is so boring Tshiamo was caught snoring No, no that just won t do Mbali - triplets all three She gives a helping hand A practiced mom you ll be! CHORUS There s Sarah T - general knowledge whiz kid Knows it all from A to Z Ella trots in, horses are her thing Watermelon runs down her chin Birthday ring Come on lets sing Mackenna s ice-cream s all over her face! Caitlin s long hair Is mom going to cut it? Not if she as her way Cara and Eve and the wise old owl Aobakwe Sensible girls, they will be Gracie P amazing Grace Sweet and calm And Yamani has the charm! CHORUS


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020

LEAVERS DINNER - A TOAST TO THE STAFF_ ARCADE OF EDUCATION Good evening Mr Royce, Mr Webb, Parents, Teachers and Grade 7 girls. We are so honoured and thankful to be thanking the most amazing people who have made the last 8 years of our lives memorable and magical! Some of you might find it unfortunate that you can t AOBAKWE MACHAILO predict the next chapter of your life that you can t edit parts you wish weren t going to happen in our uncertain future. I certainly wish I knew exactly what my high school career had in store for me, I m sure a lot of you think the same. But then I thought about my past; the past we didn t choose; the past we didn t predict at the time; the parts we wish never happened. However, the past 8 years that have taught us that living in every moment, rather than predicting it, is the only way to make the best of an experience. So, let s put the last 8 years in rewind: COVID-19, values, Inter-house sports, exams, Anesu versus the glass door at camp, new friendships, Adanna s Korean Pop music addiction, excitement, tears, Mr Webb not knowing AKA, Photo Day, plays, Music exams, Chess matches, finger art, rewind a couple of years, right back to the first day. When the gates of the school never looked more enormous and grand. When the play equipment never looked so tangible and new. When the teachers looked upon us, the new generation of the St Peter s family, with hope (little did they know what they were in for). When we were the ankle biters , according to Gramps. And when we had such little understanding of the amazing school we had just entered. The JP was our first real taste of St Peter s as a school, the beginning of our time at St Peter s, and the start of our St Peter s timeline, with the guidance of Mrs Buck, Mrs Golden and Mrs Baker. These 3 teachers arguably had the coolest names in the school, playing in the dress-up box and baking our treats every Friday was definitely all the girls favourite part of their time here. The role models we were introduced to in Grade 1: Mrs Lidgey, Mrs Hall and Mrs Dickson, who showed us that being responsible and reading our readers were the key aspects of Grade 1 and life. But they also showed us how to have the best time, standing on our chairs, singing from the top of our voices to shake it off. With the positive mindsets of Mrs Montagu and Mrs Glass, we were able to find the fun in learning, whilst also thinking critically of solutions to problems. The Nativity Play brought all the tears and excitement, whilst the Junior Prep brought our grade together. As it was time to ascend to the Senior Prep Middle School, we had a whole new set of new eyes watching over and protecting us. Those of our buddies, those of Mrs Haas, Mrs Ireland, Mrs de Bruyn, Mrs Amm, and those of a whole new


set of Sports Coaches ready to mould us into dedicated athletes! And of course those of Mrs Eggie, as she continues to protect us to this day. Opportunities started presenting themselves, left and right, in Middle School. The opportunity to compete and perform for our school, and ourselves, was something all of us wanted to do- whether we liked to admit it or not. MADD was such an enjoyable time thanks to Mrs Coetzee and Miss Ledwaba who spent endless hours teaching us our Afrikaans and isiZulu poems. And who could ever forget Mrs Amm s renowned high heels and the appearances they made throughout rehearsals. Receiving support and recognition for doing something we excelled in felt satisfactory, but nobody other than Mrs Makola herself, really showed me first hand, while having one of her delightful pep talks, that a desire for a reward at the end will only get you so far. You have to want to excel to some degree, and if you want something you re willing to fight for it. Grades 5 and 6 were the grades we had to show a level of responsibility much higher than the previous grades. We were expected to arrive promptly at 07:00, for Choir practice, or email Miss van Zyl or Mrs da Silva, teachers who dedicate so much passion toward music. The passion these teachers, Juffie and Mr Steyn, show towards their cultural and sporting subjects is incredible. Mrs Schmitt, you have the most amazing gift with your girls and, of course, your music. We are all so grateful for having such an amazing role model in our lives. The sounds of girls singing and playing musical instruments will always be a heartwarming memory. Thank you, Mr Roodt and Mr van der Walt for always showing off every child s musical talent. We also had to show responsibility for our friendships and academics throughout the course of those years. We were warned those years were much bigger steps towards high school, and that responsibility was expected, but if had not have been for the kindness and understanding of Mrs Mayne and Mrs Aspelling, and the thorough and patient teachings of Miss Morey, Mrs Nkomo, Mrs Schoeman, Mr B, Mrs Ellis, Miss Holme and Mrs White, we probably would not have been able to tackle those responsibilities or today s responsibilities. Of course there were laughs and giggles along the way. I mean, who could forget Mr B s silly jokes and the fact that he burnt our Game of Life board! Cupcake Friday with Miss Morey, and Creativity Monday with Mr B, was every girls favourite part of the week! Juffrou Schoeman s unmistakable laugh ringing through our hallways each morning was definitely the best alarm to wake up to. Grade 6 was definitely full of excitement and valuable memories we will all cherish. Finally, Grade 7. The year that continuously toys with our emotions and our definitions of normal. Obviously no pandemic is normal, but we thought Mrs Gordon and Mr Ziqubu creating a Maths website to compile all the online work was normal. We thought Mrs Ellis implementing a whole new section towards vaccines to sooth our inquiry about the virus was normal. We thought Mr Wilson and Mr Thackwell becoming two of the most tech-savvy people we knew was normal. We thought that Miss Bardenhorst and Mrs Nkomo allowing us access to every additional worksheet to help us was normal. We thought Mrs Van Rooyen creating a virtual

library was normal. And because we considered those things normal, we took them for granted. When in actual fact, everything that the teachers have done for us, from day one, have not been in the least bit ordinary, they have always been done with extreme understanding and care. The pandemic only helped us realise their endless creativity and dedication that they show to their craft. I know this year may not have planned out the exact way we all imagined it. We missed the grand play, sports tours and captains, Music concerts and being the proper role models of the School. But just remember what we did get to experience: Keys Camp wow, what an experience! Our grade has always had its moments but that camp really showed us what mattered in life. I m sure Mrs Eggie is very tired of our crying sessions, but I know she was always secretly crying inside with us too. During Lockdown, we got to lead our Houses via Flipgrid in all the House challenges. The most important thing we showed, every other grade, was that perseverance and grit can get you where you need to be when you work together and take responsibility. Thank you to Father Richard for his inspiring devotion to the Chapel and every miracle of God sitting before me. Thank you to every single educator who has been involved in our St Peter s career. Thank you to all the staff who ensure we learn in a clean and beautiful environment, and to the staff who continue to ensure our school is kept stunningly green and clean, which is a subtle reminder that we also have a role in keeping it that way. To the staff who bless every girl with the most delicious meals, and those unforgettable chocchip cookies. To the Security Guards, who spend endless hours ensuring our safety. This is a thank you to those who continuously put effort into tasks that are not often recognised and appreciated. To Sis Nwabisa, Nurse Nosipho, Auntie Thandi, Sis Non, Mrs Gouveia and Mrs Nhlapo who are constantly caring to make every detail right and perfect. We really appreciate everything you do for us and for our school. To Mrs Schmidt and Miss B, thank you for always coming to our rescue when we were in need of a tech emergency. Thank you to all the interns for sharing their experiences and whose passions in the classroom are inspirational. Mrs Eggie, the teacher who is forever sorting out other people s problems, we are honestly so extremely grateful to you for putting up with us over the last eight years. We know how hard we have been on you and we are so sorry for all the pain we put you through. To the Heads of our schools, how can we put into words how much everything you do for us has changed our lives and what an impact you have made on us too? As we arrived in Grade 0, Mrs Blackhurst was right there to welcome us and, even though our journey with her was short, we still appreciated everything she did for us in our first year. Mrs Kissack, the bubbly, kind, fun-

loving head, who took every girl under her wing and showed us how fun and serious life can be. Mrs Attlee, the leader of the school, who always put her girls before anyone else. To Mrs Van Gas, thank you for your determination and dedication in ensuring our academic achievements. Gramps, thank you for everything you do for our amazing school. You have created the most incredible environment for each and every girl to learn and excel in please just know how much you are appreciated. And last but not least, Mr Webb, who is always there for every single St Peter s girl. Your lessons, activities, jokes and your unmistakable green Mini have brightened our days and have taught us the most amazing life lessons. Looking back on all these memories shows us everything we have learnt, not just in the classroom, but in sports, music and in life. This school has provided every girl with everything they need to know to excel in high school, and further into life, as strong, independent women, no matter if they have been here for eight years or one. One thing this year has taught many of us, is how much we take for granted, and one thing I think not only the girls realise, but the parents too, is how much work our teachers dedicate to every lesson, every song, every game and most importantly every girl! Throughout our many years at St Peter s, we have had the best of the best teaching us to become the girls we are today, and the women we will become in the future. The blessing of representing every one of these amazing individuals, sitting in front of us, dressed in grey skirts, tight blazers and stuffy masks is phenomenal. The privilege of growing up, side by side one another, at this amazing school is something that we should all be most grateful for as we approach the end of our journey at this School. We ve had our excellent days, the days where we could do no wrong, the days we were bonded like one unit. And we ve had our questionable days, the days we faltered and received punishment for it, but, nonetheless, we still remained as one unit. We may not be the quietest, most well-mannered, or the best behaved grade known to St Peter s, but we have bonded through an experience like no other, and that is what the year of 2020 will be remembered for. To every teacher, parent and member of staff, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And to the girls, thank you for the days we were blessed with your presence. Even though soon we might not wear the same uniform anymore, just remember what wise, old Mr Webb said, Once a St Peter s girl, always a St Peters girl . Thank you.

Prayer by Aobakwe Machailo Toast by Isabella Horwood & Khumo Mochela


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020


Leaver totallys Camp was TUBUL AR!

away BLOWNol camp! o c r u by o



Heartfelt HUGS!

SPLASHing out on our last day!


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



SARAH DIACK HR Closed Academic Scholarship

SCYLLA GOVENDER Closed Sports Scholarship

ERIN OSBORNE Visual Arts Scholarship

EMILY WALKER Headmaster s Scholarship

ISABELLA HORWOOD Closed Wahoo Scholarship


KHUMO MOCHELA All Round Scholarship

EMILY WALKER All Round Scholarship


SARAH THOMPSON Music Scholarship

ISABELLA HORWOOD Academic Scholarship

ANGELINA BARROW Academic Scholarship



GRACE LANGTON All Round Open Scholarship


TYLER BOYD Academic Scholarship


SARAH THOMPSON Academic Scholarship

EMILY WALKER Sports Scholarship

ELLA WATLING Academic Scholarship



Hanna Aitken Juhi Baboolal Angelina Barrow Tyler Boyd Eve Corbett Sarah Diack Angelia Ferreira Cara Formby Emma Gordon Scylla Govender Dhiya Govender Georgina Grota Jamie Hardy Ella Hegarty Isabella Horwood Mia Jansen Kyra Lancaster Grace Langton Caitlin Langton Sophie Lidgey Taylor Lugte Aobakwe Machailo Siphesihle Mahlangu Zoë Makanda Tamia Makomva Sejal Menon Khumo Mochela Tshiamo Mogale Tayah Morgan Anesu Masungo Avheani Mutepe Mbalienhle Mzimba Mukumela Netshitangani Afezekile Ngcaba Tafadzwa Nkomo Adanna Nwaoshao Erin Osborne Yamani Pakade Allison Phillip Rahini Pillay Grace Potgieter Sheila Rabali Mulalo Ramabulana Rachel Rostron Hayley Schubach Luvuyo Sondlo Emily Tannenberger Caitlin Thackwell Sarah Thompson Emily Walker Mackenna Ward Ella Watling Thakgallo Zonke

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St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020



Mandela Day Food Parcel Donations.

We spent 67 minutes putting together food parcels / bags of hope for 20 people. Ella and Riley both contributed their pocket money to buy the food.

Makhosi Boyede (Headmistress of Shining Stars Junior Academy) with Monica Sloane (St Peter's Foundation Manager).

Our children honoured homeless people at robots today, by giving them a sachet of instant E pap.

Morgan and Aurora donated their pocket money to make Mac & cheese for a kids home in JHB. Bought food and spent time at the SPCA.

Hanna & Tristan Aitken taking sandwiches and oranges to give to those who are hungry.

In the spirit of giving, Antony and Lila Rose Hattingh spent their day handing out oranges.

Lunga delivering a few bags of hope at one of the Community Angels drop-offs.

Emilie joined a BNI BizMasters initiative to make sandwiches for those in need.


St Peter s Girls Prep I 2020





and PRAY..


SCHOOL PRAYER_ Almighty and everlasting God. We give thee hearty and humble thanks for thy servant, Peter. We know that when we seek to stand in our strength, We too, like him, will forsake thee. Bestow upon us, we pray, the courage to admit our failings So that, in the renewal of thy forgiveness, We may fly again on the wings of angels. Grant us strength and steadfastness So that we, with Peter, may stand as the rock On which thou hast built thy church. Fill all who enter this school with compassion and love, Shelter them within thy bountiful grace And send us forth as messengers of thy truth. In the blessed name of thy Son Amen

Girls Prep Video 2020


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