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Be Compassionate

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Relationships | Respect | Reponsibility | Resilience C������ L���, ��� M������ D����, S����������, S������, 2128 T��: +27 (0)11 807 5315 | E����: ����������@���������������.��.��

Contents INTRODUCTION Headmaster’s Report . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Chairman & Rectors’ Annual Review . . . . . . . . . 4 Council Members & 2018 Milestones . . . . . . . . 6 Leavers’ Dinner • Toast to St Peter’s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 • Toast to the Leavers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 • Toast to the Teachers . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Grade 7 Leavers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 2018 Staff Notes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Staff Photos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Farewells & Welcomes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Obituaries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 2018 New Interns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25

Grade 5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Grade 5 Camp to ATKV Resort, Buffelspoort . . . . . 74 Grade 5 Market Day, STEM & FLP . . . . . . . . . . 75 Grade 6 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 76 Grade 6 Camp to Dimalachite River Lodge, Parys . . . 78 Grade 6 House Plays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Grade 6 FLP Science Expo . . . . . . . . . . . . . 79 Grade 7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 80 Grade 7 ‘Keys Camp’ to Waterberg Game Lodge . . . 82 Grade 7 Market Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 83



Senior Prize Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 Chapel Awards & Scholarship Winners . . . . . . . 29

EdTech at St Peter’s Girls Prep . . . . . . . . . . . 87




Grade 7 Production ‘Treasure Island’ . . . . . . . . St Peter’s School of Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . Mandela Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Book Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Chapel – Gallery Section Added to the Chapel and New Shelter at the Tennis Courts . . . . . . . . . . 30

JUNIOR PREP Head of Junior Prep’s Report . . . . Grade 0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grade 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grade 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Grade 2 Service of Thanksgiving . . . Mums and Daughters Craft Morning . JP Days of Exploration . . . . . . . Book Week & Mandela Day Initiative . Sports Day . . . . . . . . . . . . Swimming . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Chapel Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 94 St Peter’s Day, Servers and Bell Ringers . . . . . . . 95

SPORT Swimming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 96 Tennis & Equestrian . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 97 Hockey . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 98 Netball . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 99 Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 100 Cross Country . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101

MIDDLE SCHOOL MADD Evening . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58 Grade 3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60 Grade 3 Day Camp to Serobe Adventures . . . . . . 63 Grade 3 Market Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Grade 3 Dads & Daughters Morning . . . . . . . . 65 Grade 4 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 66 Grade 4 Camp at Kloofwaters Outdoor Centre, Buffelspoort . 69 Grade 4 Market Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 Middle School Celebration of Achievement . . . . . 71 1

CAMPUS CAMERA . . . . . . . . . . . . . Old Girls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dads & Daughters Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . . SPEET Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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PA EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS . . . . . . . . ST PETER’S FOUNDATION . . . . . . . . . . ART . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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Headmaster’s Report Once a week, Jean Macleod and two of our Grade 7 girls have conducted tours of our school, for prospective parents. As part of my welcome, I always remind the parents that this is not an official Open Day with choirs and speeches, but rather an opportunity to get a sense of our school as it is every day. An experience of a certain something that differentiates us from other schools – something that cannot easily be described. Yet for the purposes of compiling this magazine report, I will attempt to identify the factors that could contribute to this ‘certain something’: I would have to start with the Church, Father Richard and the values that guide who we are, where we are going and the decisions we make. Next would be a sense of people loving what they do at St Peter’s! A definite sense of purpose and teamwork for the ultimate benefit of our girls. Together, Everyone (definitely) Achieves More! This starts with Heather Kissack and her JP Team – who have achieved so much this year: Our Time2Read Programme, a focus on problem-solving Mathematics, various exciting initiatives such as Cardboard Day, Coding and

Robotics, our new JP Sports Day and numerous trips to exciting places. Most important of all, is a genuine commitment to the best interest of every Junior Prep girl. Special mention must be made of Lerato Mafatla, who was our first black Grade 0 teacher, appointed from our Intern Programme. And what a wonderful year she has experienced. A part of our ‘certain something’ has to be our Intern Programme, currently numbering 23 staff across both schools. These young ladies and gentlemen have added tremendous value to our educational process, on so many levels. The concept of giving is the essence of who we are at St Peter’s. Our Outreach Team once again, added significant value to Sefikeng School, this year. Every week, our JP teachers and Interns have visited Sefikeng to assist with their Reading Programme. This, together with many other initiatives, has been a wonderful support for them. The next phase, our Middle School Team, under the watchful and caring eye of Rachel Amm. A special mention must also be made of Thobile Kizito who has done an incredible job in her first year of class teaching. This team has really achieved significant success, this year. They have undertaken numerous Inquiry-Based Pro­­jects, prepared for Market Days, achieved some wonderful results on the sports field and produced the most phenomenal MADD Production in the Trinity Term. The nurtur­ing approach of the Middle School teachers has undoubtedly prepared our Grade 4s for the final three years of prep school. Pam van Gass has continued to guide our entire Academic Programme and has paid particular attention to our Upper School. The 2

DARREL WEBB Headmaster

Upper School (Grade 5, 6 & 7) team is a group of teachers totally com­ mitt­ed to getting the very best out of every girl before they leave us for high school. To this end, every effort has been made to develop the concept of Personalised Learning. Our Grade 6 and 7 girls have been allocated mentors and there has been a deliberate process to teach leadership qualities and skills. This, together with our rigorous academic programme, the Market Days, Grade 7 and Grade 6 Productions, Grade 5 Chapel Skits, Camps, Inquiry-based Projects, StudentLed Conferences – the list just goes on and on... With this in mind, it is always sad when we need to say goodbye to teachers who have left: Cathy Linnell, Leigh Tennant, Jane Ritchie and Chris Tomsek. We thank them for their incredible commitment to our school over the years. Other teams which add to our ‘certain something’ include: Our Girls School Transformation

team. This team has undertaken ­numerous initiatives this year. Staff have attended weekly isiZulu lessons to ensure the correct pronunciation of names and the learning of some basic isiZulu phra­ses. Rose Nkomo has been promoted to the position of Head of Curriculum ­Diversity and Transformation. She has ­already started to review our class readers and resource material. Most important of all, is that Rose has become a conduit to many courageous conversations that have taken place this year. Our IT Team, led by Kerryn Schmidt, has taken IT to new heights. This team has introduced a Coding and Robotics Curriculum into our school from Grade 0 through to Grade 7. St Peter’s has hosted the first ever Inter-schools Coding and Robotics event. This academic initiative has resulted in over twenty visits from surrounding schools, including a visit

from the Head of Lego, all the way from Denmark! Our newly established Aca­ demic Support (ASU) Team, led by Carmen Whitfield, has provided significant academic support for our girls and their teachers. This team also includes and celebrates the amazing work of our Academic Support teachers, Speech, OTs and Remedial Therapists, as well as our Physiotherapist. Chris Tomsek, in an acting position, ably led our Sports Team. The success in this space has been noteworthy. We reviewed our Sports Policy and in so doing, provided far more clarity in terms of processes and procedures for parents. Our overall sporting results have been phenomenal, including a second place at the annual Prestige Athletics Meeting. Our Pastoral Care team, led by Cara Eggett (‘Mrs Eggie’) has provided essential emotional support for our girls all year. She has been ably supported by all our class teachers. Our Music team: The amazing Marguerite Schmitt has led this team to achieve numerous objectives that they set for themselves for 2018. We have our first orchestra with numerous ensembles. We have more girls than ever before

learning instruments and taking theory lessons. This has resulted in an inordinate number of certificates from the Royal School of Music. Thank you too, to Hugo Roodt and Jacques van der Walt for the endless hours that they spent rehearsing and fine-tuning our Choirs. Our Choirs most definitely have that ‘certain something’. Our team of Class Reps, PA Committee, Lost Property Moms, parents who assisted in the library, our CC Moms and every parent who helped at Hot Dog Days. Our team of parents, grand­parents and guardians: packing lunchboxes, driving here, there and everywhere, supporting as many events as possible, undertaking homework activities, listening, advising, supporting, loving and caring. Without a supportive team of parents, we could not have achieved anything! None of what has been accomplished this year would have been possible without the work done by our administrative team, including Marketing, as well as our Grounds and Cleaning Services. Four ­ladies have added to our ‘certain something’ in this space. Remember Rabali in the JP, Sis Non in the SP (who welcomes each girl by name every morning), Nurse Nosipho (who looks after those who don’t feel well) and my PA, Paula ­Gouveia who takes the concept of hospitality to a whole new level. And finally, the leadership teams (Council, Exco, Exec and Manco) with special mention of Greg Royce (Gramps) and Rob Macaulay. The wisdom, support and guidance from all these teams has been so appreciated and has ensured we have done everything possible to provide a world class education for our girls. So after all – it appears I can describe this ‘certain something’!! Darrel Webb – Headmaster


Chairman & Rectors’ Annual Review It is worth noting the areas of influence of the constituents of the school. • It is Council’s role to sustain the school into the future. Their focus is on their children’s children rather than their own. • The PA should seek to fulfil the needs of the present constitu­ ents • The Old Boys and Girls should work to preserve the best of the past


Masses were held in celebration of St Peter’s interns and Old Girls prior to the commencement of matric exams. A Bereavement Group was established by the Chaplain for pupils who have lost parents. He is supported by the school psychologist. The Group serves to allow the children to share their feelings and derive support. It also assists the school in exercising sensitivity in its programmes.


During the course of the year, the Central Support Services unit, serving both the College and Prep was dismantled with individual units established for both schools. Over time, the College had separated a number of functions, including Music, IT, Marketing and HR. Only 2 functions remained. Given the expansion of the College and Prep, it was felt that separate support services would best meet the needs of the growing schools. We are delighted to confirm the appoint­ ments of Moira Hodgson and Ndi Nengovhela as Prep Business Manager and Finance Manager respectively.


A substantial storm water drain was installed to capture water from the new multi-purpose surface on Brecknock field. The volume of run-off was un­ antici­pated and had flooded the Girls Junior Prep on 2 occasions. The Kitchen at the Girls School was refurbished. Providing lunch on-site at the Girls School will save valuable time at both schools. A gallery and further renovations to the Chapel were donated by two families. The former D & T Room in the Boys School was converted into an Innovation and Design facility, while a new OT adventure course was donated by a St Peter’s family. The planned establishment of an Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD/ Pre-Primary) was delayed to allow for a more thorough due diligence.

has completed all out­standing requests, over 100 of which are received each month. This is a first in 20 years. The catering team under Sharon Rabilal has twice been able to reduce costs over the course of a year and still managed to serve a varied STEVE DU TOIT Chairman of Council menu of delicious and highly nutritious meals in line with the recommendations of profes­ GREG ROYCE sion­al dieticians. In addition, the Rector catering team has, on 2 occasions this year, received A+ ratings for hygiene OPERATIONS from unannounced inspections by the Greening – during the year, the school Johannesburg Health Department. partnered with an engineering company, JG Afrika, to assist it with the roll-out of its The grounds and cleaning teams are greening plan. The intention is to reduce both BEE companies, established by the impact on the environment and expendi­ school, which are wholly Black-owned. ture on energy and water consumption. The compost produced by Muchachari Following a baseline assessment of energy Garden Services continues to save and water use, JG Afrika recommended considerable amounts of money on the most cost-effective changes. These chemical fertilizers and has reduced the included a stepped conversion to solar amount of irrigation required to keep energy and the increased use of grey and the fields green and operational. Honey harvested rain water. Waste is already was again made available for sale from being sorted to assist with recycling while the school hives this year. compost production will be increased. Njilo’s Cleaning continues to offer outThe plan will be implemented over the standing service and has taken over the next few years. maintenance of the swimming pools. Traffic – Access and eg ress: two costly National Occupational Safety Associa­tion traffic studies have shown that the school (NOSA) – an audit this year confirm­ed the 4-star safety rating, just short of a has done everything possible to optimise school’s th 5 star. The NOSA auditing protocol is traffic flows on and off campus. The real problem exists in the high volumes of based on industrial standards. As such a traffic on Witkoppen Road. We have also company is penalised for the number of investigated the construc­tion of an recorded injuries. In the case of the access road from Main Road but this is schools, pupil injuries are counted as if impossible. Our hope lies in the eventual they were employees. We feel that where construction of the K60 which will run schools are concerned, not only from the Witkoppen/Main Roads inter­ preventative measures, but the school’s section to the Pick ‘n Pay Centre at Chilli response to pupil injuries should be Lane Shopping Centre. This has been judged. NOSA has agreed to look into this. planned for some years now but, as is the Security – the camera system was up­ case with many government projects, graded with additional cameras added, has been delayed for various reasons. making this a total of 94. An additional Recent indications suggest that it will guard was appointed to secure the Boys School kitchen carpark. happen within the next few years. In the meantime, the school has pur­ ACADEMICS chased a speed camera for use on Maths Conference – arranged by Mike campus and is working with eblockwatch Clackworthy, this Conference was and the City of Johannesburg to enforce attend­ed by 150-odd delegates from compliance with the rules of the road at schools in South Africa as well as choke-points close to the school. neighbouring states. In addition to Grounds, maintenance and catering – international speakers, many St Peter’s our large campus and its many buildings, staff presented workshops to substantial some of which are aging, require an acclaim. enor­mous amount of maintenance. Rela­ Pupil progress reports – a new format tive­ly small teams attend to this. Under was introduced to reflect the school’s the new maintenance supervisor, emphasis on values and character Lourens Rudman, the maintenance team development. 4

Character development – the school strengthened its focus on intentional character development and the under­ standing of values. This is especially in response to the global phenomenon of many youth being more aware of their rights than their responsibilities. The programme was further informed by the Boys School involvement in International Character Development Research (the only prep school in Africa to participate) as well as a study by the Music Department on the effect on selfconfidence of mastery of a musical instrument. Improved teaching – further training and targeted implementation saw the increase of Personalised Learning or evidence-based Personalised Learning in Flexible Learning Programme and Inquiry-Based teaching techniques. This was encouraged by feedback from senior schools and past pupils affirming their success in coping with senior school academic programmes.


Zulu lessons were offered to the staff of both Boys and Girls schools. The first tranche of support staff attend­ ed a 3-day STEPS programme, facilitated by Siphiwe Mulaudzi (HOD: isiZulu). STEPS is an effective self-development course and the school funded the training of Ms Mulaudzi to enable her to provide the course. The results were gratifying: many have staff have commenced studying, some for matric, while others have established small income-generating enterprises in their spare time. Diversity enrolments Pupils YEAR


2018 % 2017 % 2016 % 2015 % 2014 % 2013 % 2012 % 2011 % 2010 % 2009 % 2008 % 2007 % 2006 %



























Staff YEAR




2012 %



2013 %



2014 %



2015 %



2016 %



2017 %




2018 %




A graduate of the school’s intern pro­ gramme, Lerato Mafatle, was appointed as a Grade 0 teacher. A further intern was appointed to commence in 2019. A teacher of colour was promoted to the Management and Executive committees of the Girls School.


Budgeting Total expenditure is broken down below, with the bulk directed towards main­ taining a high quality product: Expenditure  Teaching and Aftercare  Catering  Grounds, Maintenance, Security, Cleaning, Utilities  Administration, HR, Insurance & Marketing  Finance, Operations




13% 6%

68% PA

A highly successful Mothers’ Lunch was organised for the first term. The PA supported the donation of a much more comfortable guardhouse for David Senze, the Girls School security guard.


The Exco commenced a course in Design Thinking at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) through the 5

kind offices of the Dean, Professor Nicola Kleyn, a former board member.


• 5 bursaries were offered, 3 at the prep and a further 2 prep graduates at the College. • 22 interns were hosted at a cost of over R2.5 million. • The Foundation manager raised just over R1.5 million. Were it not for the generous pledges of some parents and a local business, we might have had to reduce the number of 19 interns in 2019. • Over 40 staff and parents are now monthly contributors to the Founda­ tion. • Several collections, including books on Mandela Day, were held.


Reading and pupil and teacher support programmes continued at Sefikeng and Diepsloot Schools with volunteer parents taking on even greater roles. School training and workshops were again offered to teachers from our twinned schools. Benefiting charities included CHOC, the SPCA, Hearts of Hope, Hospice, the Smile Foundation and the Making a Difference Campaign.


The marketers focused particularly on a new disturbing phenomenon. It has become increasingly apparent that many people in the catchment area believe that it is impossible to be accepted into St Peter’s Prep Schools and therefore do not even apply. The marketers reviewed and changed correspondence and communication protocol in order to dispel this view.


The Engage management information system was introduced over the course of the year to replace PencilBox to increase efficiency. The Business Mana­ ger negotiated a substantial discount from the parent company in London, the benefit of which other South African schools will now enjoy.


A new member commenced during the course of the year: Mrs Yolisa Pasipanodya, MD, Meropa Communica­tions and parent at the Boys Prep. Yolisa is responsible for the Marketing portfolio.


The 2008 Leaver Group arranged their own 10-year reunion on 6 July. GREG ROYCE, Rector STEVE DU TOIT, Council Chairman

Council Members STEVE DU TOIT Chairman

Rt. Rev. STEPHEN MOREO Bishop of Johannesburg

LWAZI BAM Without Portfolio


ROBYN DOAK Joint Chair – Parents’ Association

THANDI CHAANE Transformation



WILLIAM MZIMBA Foundation Chairman



MALOPE MABIZELA Joint Chair - Parents’ Association





MOIRA HODGSON Business Manager: Prep DARREL WEBB Headmaster: Girls Prep RUI MORAIS Headmaster: College


NATHANIEL RAMUTHAGA College Council Chairman 6

Milestones 2018 GENERAL • We have launched an Alumni Newsletter • Employed Development Programme results in increased studies in entrepreneurial ventures • Indigenous trees on campus are labelled for easy identification • Inter-house soccer was introduced in the Girls Senior Prep • A more comprehensive Junior Prep Sports Programme was introduced in the Girls Junior Prep • First String and Woodwind ensemble created • Ukuleles introduced to the Music Curriculum • First Inter-school Robotics League hosted • Hosted 21 schools who came to visit our EdTech Department • Girls coded Robots for dads at the Dads’ and Daughters Orientation Morning • Developed relationship with LEGO Denmark. St Peter’s Girls Prep is considered a flagship school and a prototype of a new Coding product being launched in 2019 was tested at our school • Published electronic version of School Magazine on website • Designed and erected new user friendly campus map signboards in new places on campus • Website update with new information, easier navigation for Admissions and Tour bookings, with an online application form • Kitchen continues to receive AAA+ in hygiene audit

ACADEMICS • 7 Scholarships awarded to 6 High Schools • 100% of girls were accepted into the High School of their first choice • First black teacher appointed onto the Management Team and as Head of Transformation and Curriculum • JP and SP teachers were invited to present at the National Maths Conference • St Peter’s staff member was invited to be a judge at an International Robotics Competition in Thailand • 4 additional teachers of colour appointed • Introduction of weekly isiZulu lessons for staff • First Educational Psychologist appointed to lead the Academic Support Unit • New report system in line with character development, core skills and critical life skills for parents to follow their daughters’ learning and growth • Robotics and Coding, scaffolded from Grade 0-7, included as part of the curriculum • 24 Girls were part of the first Formation of the Robotics Club that competed in World Robotics Competition • Girls School Bantams take up residence!


A Toast to St Peter’s A very good evening to all of you: Mr and Mrs Royce, Mr and Mrs Webb, Fr Richard, staff, parents and our precious Grade 7 Leavers, in whose honour we are gathered here this evening. So, let me start by telling you that I already know that the weather forecast for next Saturday is good. I’ve been tracking it for a few days, as I have every year around this time, because you see next Saturday is St Peter’s Sunset Carols, and Sunset Carols has come to be one of my favourite events of the year. It is always held on the last Saturday before the end of the school year and for me it signals the time when everything starts to slow down. Extramurals have ended, exams have been written and the relentless rush to meet the next commitment is over. Finally, I can start to B-R-E-A-T-H-E. On the day, I am always up early to deliver the chorister in our household to the final rehearsal. I bring my picnic blanket along and meet my picnic buddies, as pre-arranged, so that we can book our spot. Most years, I find an excuse to hang about, often enjoying the leisurely business of decorating tables, having nothing else whatsoever to do. Later, there’s the excitement of the Christmas Market and then the event itself. The singing, the beautiful singing, the excitement of having a guest artist in our midst and always the moment of high drama: last year that moment when Mr Roodt turned around to face the crowd, pointed his baton to the far end of the field, and signalled the bagpipers to start piping and making their way towards the stage. Always, too, the chance for the crowd to get up and have a sing and dance. Looking across and seeing hundreds of people enjoying the same moment, has always filled me with enormous pride in this school and in all that it does. This small but remarkable school has worked its way into my memory and my heart and I will forever look upon my time as a parent here with gratitude and with fondness. I have been a St Peter’s parent – and a St Peter’s fan – for ten years. My earliest memory of the girls’

school was eight years ago, when our girls were starting Grade 0. Before I get to the story, let me explain that at the time, half of us had only had sons at the boys’ school, where standardissue, practical and no-frills are the order of the day. Back to my early memory: I must confess that I don’t actually remember what the occasion was, but what I can tell you is that there was tea afterwards and the tables were beautifully bedecked with floral overlays and fresh flowers. Forget anything else that you did that year, Mrs Blackhurst, all it took was floral overlays and fresh flowers and the moms, at least, were smitten! My most recent memory was of sports day, held just four weeks ago. Sports day is another favourite event of mine and – no-one tell Serena – but the actual races are only half of the thrill! A big part of why I enjoy the day is the group of parents that has, for the past few years, gathered on the bank right up from the finish line. For a few hours, we get to sit in the sun and catch up with other – something that the busy-ness of a normal day doesn’t allow for. This year our banter centred on the intricacies of the round-the-world obstacle course. How could there be so many girls, doing so many things, on the track at the same time? How do you allocate house points to the Grade 5s – I think it was – who ran the whole thing in mixed house teams? And – as one very astute mom among us pointed out – if each team is running fifty gazillion laps, shouldn’t the team running in the outside lane get a really big head start? This would give rise to the wonderfully bizarre situation where the gun would go off and only one team would start running. Something to confound next year’s parents, and begin the whole cycle again. Memories, memories. Great times with great people. Sadly, though, our girls’ St Peter’s story is drawing to a close. In two weeks’ time, we will drive them out of these school gates in their St Peter’s Prep uniforms for the last time. Tonight, we celebrate the happy times they have had here and pay tribute to all who have contributed to making their time at St 8


Peter’s so memorable. First, I’d like to acknowledge the backstage crew – the parents in this room – who have enjoyed all the fun, yes, but who have always been quick to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in when there was work to be done. We have, in our midst, several parents who have served on Council, the Parents’ Association, the Transformation Committee and the Foundation. Parents who have helped with the various outreach programmes at Sefikeng Primary School. We have a parent who co-ordinated hot dog day for several years, and another – particularly saintly – who took on lost property. One who for several years has arranged the paver plaques – permanent mementos of our girls’ years at the school. We had Supermom – I’m quite certain she wears a red lycra suit under her clothes every day – who in addition to having a hand in much of the aforementioned work, also co-ordinated the project to build the new guardhouse chosen by our girls as their Leavers’ Gift. We had a group of dads who built what must be the best set ever seen on an amateur stage. We had parents who turned up to sell hotdogs on Hotdog Day, to apply makeup before school productions. Parents who made a plan so that they could come and watch their

daughters at galas, netball and hockey matches and athletics meets, despite their punishing schedules. Girls, your parents have volunteered hours and hours to support you – won’t you give them a round of applause to show your appreciation? On, now, to the stars of the show – our Grade 7 Leavers and the St Peter’s staff who have taught, guided and shaped them. Girls, over eight years, we have watched you transform from eager Grade 0s to accomplished Grade 7s. Much of your time has been spent in the classroom, mastering what Mr Webb calls your core skills: English, Maths, Languages and the like. Many of you have done so seemingly effortlessly, consistently achieving high scores in subjects across the board. Others among you have found the rigours of the academic programme more difficult, but, encouraged by your teachers, have doggedly chipped away at whatever challenge lay before you. We are extremely proud of each one of you. You have always been a group that showed tremendous depth of talent on the sports field and have delighted us in the swimming pool, on the athletics track, on the netball court and on the hockey astro. Some of you have played very competitively and have impressed us by breaking records, scoring the winning goal and triumphing over teams that you hadn’t expected to. Those of you who have played less competitively have been equally inspiring: having a good laugh and shouting words of encouragement to the team-mate who missed a shot, and grinding out that tough 800m race, determined to get to the finish line. Since your Junior Prep nativity plays and your Middle School Madd Mornings, you have shown yourselves to be a group that just loves to perform. So many of you lit up the stage when you performed your Grade 6 house plays that we knew the drama teachers would have quite a job on their hands, trying to allocate the lead roles in your Grade 7 production. Settling on a play that had many lead parts, with most of you on stage most of the time, was a stroke of genius, and Treasure Island was easily

one of the best school productions many of us have seen. Congratulations, girls, on achieving such high standards in Drama over the years. And then there’s all the music! Choir girls, you have enthralled not only us, but also our surrounding communities, when you have sung at Community Services. At Singing Sistas, held annually at St Mary’s, our choir always takes up the most space on the stage, and it’s easy to see why: the annual mashup – a medley of contemporary songs, is such fun to watch and must be even more fun to sing. When you are on-stage performing it, I think every St Peter’s parent in the room sits up a little taller and simply beams. The Legacy vocal ensemble gets better and better every year. At Sunset Carols, we’re always moved at the range of pieces and performances, and always proud that our small Prep School is capable of staging such a world-class production. As musicians, you thrilled us in this year’s two Musical Show­cases. Many of you have excelled in activities outside of school: we have in our midst a rhythmic gymnast who represents South Africa, and girls who excel at ballet, Irish and modern dancing. In these past eight years, each of you has, in your own way, taken on the challenge of exploring the many opportunities given to you and begun to create the collage that will one day be your life story. Of course, this has not been a solo exercise. We thank the St Peter’s academic staff for teaching our girls not only what Mr Webb calls the three r’s: reading, writing and arithmetic (clearly Mr Webb didn’t learn to spell at St Peter’s) but also the importance of grit and a growth mindset. We are grateful that St Peter’s has always been 9

at the forefront of adopting innovative techniques that enhance the experience of the individual learner. Thinking skills, personalised and flexible learning, and exposure to emerging disciplines such as robotics will prove invaluable preparation for the fast-changing world where our girls will continue to learn and grow. In addition, we thank: • the sports department staff for striving to ensure that each of our girls will leave St Peter’s with a love

of sport at whatever level she has chosen to play, and for the new developments this year, including the first netball tour, much appreciated and enjoyed; • all staff involved in the drama productions, for channelling the natural talent that brims over in many of our girls, and for bringing out the latent talent that I’m sure many others were excited to discover; • the art department, i.e. Juffie, a teacher so skilled in art technique that I think all our girls – regardless of their level of natural ability – have come home with beautiful art, worthy of being displayed; • all staff in the music department for your enthusiasm and commitment, for inspiring and encouraging our girls to experiment and for sparking a love of music that I suspect will stay with them for a lifetime. If I was pushed to pick the one thing that I admire most about St Peter’s, it

A Toast to St Peter’s (continued) would be this: St Peter’s is a school with a stated aim of making all who come here – girls, staff, parents and visitors – feel welcome and valued. It would be impossible for the school staff to do this on their own. In making this commitment, the school acknowledges that in addition to educating you, it has a responsibility for shaping each of you individually and for shaping the community where you learn and play. In the Junior Prep, your teachers modelled character with the help of the Blue, Green, Yellow and Red Bears, and encouraged you to invite anyone sitting on the Buddy Bench to come and play. Over the years, you have spent many hours in Chapel being instructed by Fr Richard and Mr Kotsi. At Senior Prep, you have been guided by Mrs Eggett – and indeed by all your teachers – on a daily basis, in how to be good stewards of the talents with which you have been blessed, how to be respectful to your parents and other adults, how to be a genuine and caring friend and how to serve the people in your community. You have made sandwiches for children in less privileged communities. Your have read with the children at Sefikeng Primary. You have been part of a leadership programme that has challenged you to clean the science and art rooms, do scholar patrol in the car park, supervise younger girls during break and at hot lunch and take prospective parents on tours around the school. You have had the opportunity to serve in the Chapel. And last term, when you were asked to vote on your Leavers’ Gift, you chose the guardhouse, which now has pride of place at the entrance to the school because “David comes to work before the sun rises and he goes home after the sun has set. He should have an extended part of his home at school.” In Matthew 16:18, Jesus says to Saint Peter “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Girls, the kindness, generosity and willingness to serve that you have shown at this school, named after the rock on which Jesus built His church, have humbled us.

As you move on, never forget the impact that you can have on the lives of those around you and on the communities in which you live. Well, folks, we are nearing the end and our treasured Grade 7s are about to leave. They are accomplished and delightful young people on the verge of entering High School. Girls, if I have any advice to give as you head off towards the exciting but often emotionally challenging years ahead of you, it is to remember Fr Richard opening his arms wide and in his booming voice saying, “And so good morning, Miracles!” Remind yourself often that you are the miracle that Fr Richard always said you are. You have this gift of a life that is unique and yours – only yours – to craft. Remember, too, however, that Father Richard didn’t


just turn to you when he said this. He opened his arms wide and included all of you. So, remind yourself also, that you are a miracle among miracles. Celebrate other people’s achievements as you invite them to celebrate yours with you. Support and encourage those who are struggling as you ask them to support and encourage you. Know that your own life will be enriched when you share it with others, and when they share theirs with you. To my fellow parents: many of us have formed valued friendships that will continue long after we drive out of these school gates at the end of the year, so this is not goodbye. To the St Peter’s staff: we entrusted our daughters into your care eight years ago and could not have imagined the length, breadth, depth of what you had in store for them. You are masters of your craft and we are deeply grateful for your passion and dedication. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And to our beloved daughters: each of you is a credit to both your family and this wonderful school that has educated and nurtured you. Each of you will be an asset to whichever school you have chosen to move on to. Congratulations on achieving this milestone. May God continue to guide and bless you as you continue your journey. Please would you stand, now, as I propose a toast: To St Peter’s!

A Toast to the Leavers Good evening Mr and Mrs Royce, Mr and Mrs Webb, colleagues, parents and the leavers of 2018. It is my honour tonight to address our Grade 7s and to bid them farewell. A while ago I watched a TED talk by Reshma Saujani, an American lawyer and politician who speaks about the very real phenomenon of teaching boys to be brave but teaching girls to be perfect. As a society we tend to encourage boys to be risk-takers, to be daring and not to show fear. We are more protective of our girls and, as a result, they are more cautious. Girls tend only to approach tasks in which they know they can succeed. Boys on the other hand have no such inhibitions. I hope, that at St Peter’s, we have taught our girls to explore, to investigate and to experiment boldly and fearlessly. I hope, girls, that we have taught you to be brave. There is a vast and exciting world out there, just waiting to be discovered by you. Go out and conquer mountains, and I mean that quite literally. Find what you are passionate about, what makes your heart sing. There is nothing you cannot be and there is nothing you cannot do. Each and every one of you has limitless potential, if you are brave and put your mind to it. Being brave is not something you either are or aren’t, something you are born with or not. It is a choice. Being brave isn’t easy but it is something you can learn, if you practise it. Don’t avoid risk and failure, embrace it. Do things that scare you. It’s easy to say no to something you think you might fail at. And the more you say no, the more you avoid the challenge, the easier it gets to say no. But I’ll tell you a secret: if you say yes, if you confront and attempt the things that scare you, it gets easier to say yes too. Attitude is what will make the challenges in your life either trials, or journeys of discovery. Life may not be a fairytale but it is definitely an adventure. The adventure for our class of 2018 began, once upon a time, in a land not so far away, called St Peter’s, where the girls were brave and the teachers

adventurous. Or was it the other way around…? Either way, Sydney Pollock is always ready for an adventure and has no need of a knight in shining armour as she has her very own white horse on which to gallop off into the sunset! Kelsey also has a taste for adventure and is all set to explore the Great Lakes and the hills of Wisconsin. We hope you meet Ariana Grande, Kels! At St Peter’s we hold our values very dear to our heart and encourage our girls to be compassionate, respectful and resilient amongst other things. Alec is a role model for the compassion we encourage our girls to demonstrate. Hayley’s best friend and protector, she was always close by to lend a hand. Owami knows the value of a kind gesture when someone has had a long day. A helping hand to take the weight off someone’s shoulders can mean more than you know. Emma Barron is

another empathetic young lady with a true heart of gold. Not everyone knows that she volunteers in an orphanage most weekends. Tshepi is our statue of Peta come to life – a true blue example of our values – always respectful, resilient and honourable. Of course, we are only human and cannot help but make mistakes. Admitting our wrong doings and making amends for them is also important. Just ask Olivia – the ‘Big Mama’ of contrition. I’m sure the boys loved your apology Olly, but Mama M might need more time to forgive and forget! A cheerful demeanour lets us know that as teachers, we are doing our job right. If Mia was a Little Miss character, 11

JANE RITCHIE it would be Little Miss Happy! We hope you have fun being a ‘Real Saint’ next year, Mia! Anna has the appearance and disposition of an angel but Mrs Eggie thinks otherwise. Show us your evil face, Chuckie! Emily has broken almost every bone in her body, but she soldiers on bravely, recounting ‘war stories’ to rival even Mr Wilson’s history lessons. Servant leadership is a concept we nuture in our girls and, while I believe that all of you have the potential to guide and inspire those around you, some of you have been quite enthusiastic about the idea. Lauren Els for example, has fantastic leadership qualities. However, I’m not sure how many followers she has left after leading her tribe straight into a mud pool on camp. Our girls are not only great leaders, but inclusive too. Thanks for letting me join the Sushi gang, Hollie. I was very honoured to be a member, not to mention well-fed! In our quest to develop well-rounded, accomplished young women, we have exposed our girls to a variety of extra-curricular activities. We are so proud of their widely diverse skills and talents. Eryn Glover is a real live wire and has enjoyed creating sparks on the robotics team with her dishy partner. Caitlin, with her incredible IT skills, could be CEO of Apple one day, if she doesn’t eat the apple first! Despite being smaller than the big bass drum, Cassie certainly knew how to make a noise in Marimbas. Frances may be quiet but I have it on good authority that it’s because she is an expert spy, having watched every James Bond movie ever made. Zena was a dedicated server, or was it football player, when her shoe fell off mid-aisle in the chapel and she had to kick it down the red carpet in front of her. Jaime-Rose could charm the birds out of the trees but Mrs Schmitt was less than enchanted

A Toast to the Leavers (continued) when Jaime tried to leopard crawl out of the music room. Sydney Thokoane, I am expecting Golden Circle tickets to your first performance when you are famous one day. I promise to turn up my jeans just the way you taught me, for the event. Earlier this year the girls produced Treasure Island with the help of Mrs Aspeling and Mr Thackwell. All of the girls rose to the occasion but some deserve special mention. Heidi was a fabulously whiney pirate which is so different to her usual quick grin, and effervescent sense of humour. Sienna’s big brown eyes and long lashes only hint at the Italian blood in her. But her operatic declaration for her love of cheese on toast was hard proof! Lebone literally bent over backwards to make the show a success with her gymnastic display. While, it can’t be said that Izzy was the life and soul of the production but she certainly made her death the centre of attention! Andile fell over

At St Peter’s Girls Prep we pride our­ selves on preparing our girls thoroughly for high school and the academic challenges that await them. Pelo aspires to be a doctor and with her brains and compassion she is sure to reach her goal. Thiko takes pride in her work and she is the neatest Grade 7. She is especially proud of her dad’s neat Porsche. Danny loves school so much she is always first to arrive and last to leave. Gina is no rebel but travels the straight and narrow, a diligent student if ever there was one. Clare, like Lewis Hamilton’s car, is driven! We are sure she’s going to set the world on fire, just like her beautiful hair. Meg Eagle, contrary to her name, is not a large ferocious bird of prey but a cross between a gorgeous bird of paradise and a highly intelligent parrot. Nonnie, such a friendly, social young lady, has won many prizes in English. Mostly for non-stop talking. Tyler is well on her way to winning a Booker prize and I

herself to make the play a success, her tipsy performance had us all in stitches. Lauren Fox is a talented girl – being brainy, singing, dancing and playing evil pirates is all in a day’s work to her. Tawana, keep dancing to the beat of your own drum and thanks for getting the rest of us in rhythm. And speaking of keeping us dancing in rhythm, we have Meg Baxter to thank for the choreography that kept the budding actresses in line. Zoobie is excellent at learning parrot-fashion, and she’s pretty good at problem solving too. Unfortunately, I’m a little concerned about the direction Romy’s stage career might take, after she revealed all during a production practice.

think her English teachers are hoping for a mention in her first published work. Gemma knows more about children’s literature than most librarians. Now, if only she knew where her glasses are. School life wouldn’t be complete without sport. Our girls are talented and highly competitive. I have first-hand, and very nerve-wracking, experience of Hanna’s killer hockey shot during the teachers versus Grade 7 game, where she was kind enough to miss me but put the ball neatly in the goal. Adina is described by her friends as having incredibly happy energy. She proved them right by channeling this energy to make it into the touring team for netball. 12

Meg Yates is such an impenetrable hockey defender that Mrs Eggie calls her ‘The Brick’, but her friends know her better as Crazy Dancer. Speaking of crazy dancers, Mikyla is the guru on hip hop and has all the latest moves. Emma can really go the distance, but please don’t Kruse into anymore hot urns, Emma! Serena has sprinted to the finish line of Grade 7 with outstanding results and a place on the provincial team. We must not forget our 5 Gs – Greeting, Grounds, Gratitude, Grit and Grooming. Our Grade 7s this year have taken the last one most seriously. Erin Mommsen became our resident hairdresser, ensuring that every girl had the latest hairstyle. Larissa is always perfectly turned out and we wouldn’t be surprised if she one day graced the covers of a magazine. We think Kyla is beautiful enough and there was no need to go to such extreme lengths to plump up her lips on hockey tour. Collagen is a better option than nuts in future, Kyla! When I think of Meg Smit I am reminded of Rapunzel with her eye-catching braids carefully crafted every morning. Kissing Kate is far too pretty for lipstick but Mr Wilson says ‘don’t be late, Miss Kate!’, even if it is because you are in endless Science lessons. Well girls, the long wait it over and Summer is here. With a sunny smile and a warm hug, not to mention plenty of swimming. And so, our time at St Peter’s draws to a close as we look to the next chapter. There are so many incredible new places to see, people to meet and experiences to enjoy. So many new adventures to be had. Don’t let anyone discourage you. Don’t let them convince you that you can’t do what you have put your mind to. They don’t know what’s inside of you, they don’t know what you’re made of. Girls, you know my favourite saying – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. So plan, girls. Plan to be brave, plan to adventure, plan to be extraordinary. Believe in your incredible possibilities, your infinite talent. There will be many times in the future when you are unsure, when you doubt your decisions or choices, when you don’t know which way to turn. My advice to you is: be brave and choose the adventure. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand while we toast the leavers of 2018. Girls, in the words of the singer, Sara Bareilles: ‘Show me how big your brave is!’

A Toast to the Teachers LEAVERS SPEECH

Good evening, Father Richard, Mr & Mrs Royce, Mr & Mrs Webb, Staff, ­Parents and a very warm welcome to the Grade 7 class of 2018. It’s astounding, Time is fleeting Madness takes its toll But listen closely, Not for very much longer I’ve got to keep control. The teachers are constantly reminding us to keep control until the last day, we think we have lived up to their expectations. Only a couple of days and the madness can take its toll. It’s been the best eight years with these special girls, some left, some joined along the way, but we will remain for­ ever connected by our St Peter’s roots... And social media of course. It hard to believe that eight years ago we burst into St Peter’s Junior Prep and life here has never quite been the same. There have been rocky roads and some horror shows. Fond memories of Mrs Buck’s fairy garden, where we all thought we were in some faraway land. Back then, we all had some kind of fairy friend now, some of us have boyfriends instead. When we had baking day, the excitement to lick the bowls clean was astounding. Or the bird bath, where we would make potions or soup and only that one crazy girl was brave enough to try them, Hollie. Special efforts, where we would do just about any pointless task to receive one. We moved up to Middle School, where we thought that we were so important. We had a Grade 7 buddy plus an oversized house shirt, which today could pass as a crop top however, mom wouldn’t buy another. Under the loving care of Mrs Amm, Mrs Haas, Mrs Ireland and Mrs de Bruyn, Middle School days were nurturing

and fun. They allowed us to spread our wings and not just fly, but soar. They always believed in us and the places we could go, yet they never left our sides. We experienc­ ed MADD. No, Mrs Ireland, the production, not your classroom... The excitement of our first camp but to the disappointment of Mrs Amm who had to share her room with a bunch of hooligans, Eryn. 2016 saw us joining the Senior Prep. We thought we had made it, only to discover that, once again, we were the little fish in the big pond. The Grade 6s and 7s made sure we knew our place in the pecking order. Luckily for us, we were under the close protection of Mrs Mayne and Mrs Aspeling. Mrs Mayne has a nurturing personality and is someone with whom we can share our problems. Have you heard that saying, ‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart?’ Mrs Mayne definitely portrays this saying and we all know that no one messes with Mrs Aspeling. Grade 6 flew by in a flash, thanks to the amazing times with Mrs Schoemie and all her humorous jokes and Mrs Tennant who we all admired for her beautiful voice. Not to mention Miss Stockers, for the fun E & L lessons. Before we could blink, we were embarking on a Grade 7 adventure and it was off to ‘Keys Camp’. Here our bonds were strengthened even more and memories made that will last a lifetime. Parents have you ever done CROGA before? We know you have done yoga, but CROGA? You could always ask Fr Richard for a demonstration. Father, maybe you can teach Mr Kotsi. Mr Thackwell reads too many novels. He actually believed he was the troll from the 3 Billy Goats Gruff, when he hid under the bridge on ‘Keys’ and scared us all as we tried to cross! Seriously though, Mr Thackwell just LOVES silent reading. The water fights, where Miss Holm thought she was as quick as Serena, only to see on camera that it looked as if she was running in slow motion. The walks with Gramps, who knew everything about anything. It can only be at a school as incredible as St Peter’s that you get 13

NCHOANA LIPHOKO AND MIA JACKSON to call the Rector, Gramps. Gramps, thank you for your incredible vision for our school. Who could forget when you kept dropping the host during Eucharist and you made poor old Emma eat about 20. We will certainly miss your booming, singing voice in chapel and all your incredible stories, even if some of them were made up. On some of our many tours this year, we also have a few stories to tell. Tennis/netball tour when Meg encountered a few boys in her tiny towel, OOPS sorry Mike, we thought you knew. Hockey tour saw us collide with the St Peter’s Po Po as we were caught redhanded. The Morse code can only work if you don’t bang it out on the teachers’ bedroom door. If it wasn’t for the Popo we could have gone clubbing and come back at two in the morning and still Miss Clarke wouldn’t have woken up oh, Miss Clarke, she loves her sleep. Speaking of the police, Mrs Schmidt, we haven’t known you for long, but robotics has opened our eyes... to a world of boys. On a serious note, we loved Edtech, but when we saw you coming along with Mrs Eggie, our hearts dropped. We all rush to wipe our screens clean. Speaking of Miss Eggie, “helloooo boys”, thank you for being like a mother figure to us and always helping the many hypochondriacs. I can’t remember a time where you weren’t there for each one of us and all your jokes where we would often not understand but pretended to laugh along anyway. From being a sports teacher, to teaching the birds and the bees, to being the guidance counsellor, you are truly the best. On Choir tour, Miss Eggie secretly said we could stay up till two in the morning, but Mr Shawn did not agree and told us to go to bed. Knowing us, we obviously did not listen and about an hour later, we thought he had come back and Zoobie’s little comment ,”Sorry Mr Shawn”. He replied,”I’m not Mr Shawn, I’m the Meneer with the beard.” How lucky were we to get to swim with a giraffe and a frog. Never fear, Mr Roodt and Van Der Walt,

A Toast to the Teachers (continued) we have been taught well what goes on tour, stays on tour. Treasure Island is where some found their voices. Mrs Aspeling’s passion and youthful determination inspired us all. Her dedication to all that she does is incredible. You are such a strong woman and we admire and salute you. Who can remember that one scene where Lauren was as scary as Mrs Van Gass, but on the night not even the little children found it scary. Just kidding Mrs Van Gass. Backstage, during practices we would do anything but behave, yet Mrs de Bruyn, Miss Clarke and Miss Holm, still put up with us. Andile, with her tipsy character, played it so well you would almost think she wasn’t acting. Talented Mrs Schmitt seemed to play five instruments all at once, and still the music lifted the Royce Hall roof. The backdrop was just amazing thanks to Juffie and all her co-workers, including Mrs Rishworth. Juffie, not to mention all your help bringing out the little artist in each one of us. Our personal paparazzi, Mrs Macleod, we really appreciate your beautiful photos that you have taken along the way. All the nicknames over the years that have stuck, ‘Chucky’, with her evil look, ‘Muchie Gutchi’ and her cute cheeks, ‘The Brick’ from the hockey field. These nicknames will stay with us for years to come.

Wow, we remember nicknames, but will we remember the academics that we have been taught? Of course we will, from languages to Mathematics, we know it all. Juffrou Schoemie you always make our lessons more exciting and always brighten up our day. From slime to squishies – you love it all. Thanks to our dear friend Izzy for always bribing Juffrou­ with her biltong to ensure our

lessons are fun. Baie baie dankie Mevrou Schoemie en Mevrou Coetzee. Mevrou Coetzee continues to run from classroom to classroom with her little basket, our very own little Red Riding Hood. Nkosikazi Nkomo, all the jokes you make about things being ‘dry’ (cough, cough Summers lips) never fail to make us laugh. Your extraordinary personality is one we will never forget. Thank you for making us laugh and for always helping us with our problems. Ngiyabonga, Nkosikazi Nkomo noNkosikazi Kizito. Miss Ritchie, thank you for making our lessons more interesting by going completely off topic and telling us all about your personal life. Somehow, you can interact in our conversations and understand our problems as if you are a 13-year-old girl with the same problems. You suprisingly just get us. Mrs Jones, your love for algebra is insane but we would have never managed to learn it without you. Your daily funny faces never fail to make us laugh. Mr B, we would have never made it through Grade 6 without your amazing ways of teaching. All your crazy words you make up always bring a smile to our faces. Thank you for always believing in us. Mr Wilson, all the people on the left? (Wakbamboogie) All the people on the right? (Boogaloo). Your exciting way of teaching is phenomenal. We will never forget Wilbur with all his exciting adventures being a refugee and finding the Guptas and all the crazy costumes. We will miss your hysterical jokes and stories and how you always wind us up and we scream, ‘Stiiiiring.’ When it’s bright and early and we’re all tired the first smiling face we see is Sis Non’s. You will never understand how much you mean to us and for all that you do for the school. You are so hardworking and it’s amazing how you 14

are always smiling, even when the many silly girls want to phone their parents when they’ve left their pencil at home... You are truly a lifesaver. Thank you to all our sport coaches who’ve kept our bodies in shape and oh yeah, kept us fit too. Mrs Makola you’ve shown us a few tips and tricks and we’ve achieved great results. Mrs Fleming thank you for interacting in our swimming lessons even when you were in your wedding dress. Miss T, we love your sassy attitude and your wonderful fashion sense, which includes your beautiful nails and long eyelashes. Mr Tomsek we haven’t known you for very long but you have been a great addition to the St Peter’s family. Some call him DW, others call him Spider. When you see a Mini Cooper coming, no it’s not Mr Bean, it’s... Mr Webb. But don’t worry, Mr Webb, we’d never have the cheek to call you Spidey or sticky note your Mini Cooper. We love your energy and optimism. You have brought so many great qualities to the St. Peter’s family. You know each and every girl personally. Thanks for always supporting us in all that we do. You never miss any of our events. Making you proud, is what drives us. Cool Bananas and yelling PAAAUUULA, are phrases we now know well. Your heart is full of kindness and you were like a kid in a candy store, when we celebrated your 50th! We are certain that pretty soon, the girls of St Peter’s will be calling you Gramps too! OOPSIE. Our friendship bond has truly grown stronger this year and we speak for all of us when we say we are devastated to leave this place that we grew up in, our home away from home. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened! Please stand and raise your glasses to OUR SECOND HOME and all the incredible staff. To our TEACHERS

Leavers 2018 NAME SURNAME HIGH SCHOOL Emma Barron...............St Peter’s College Isabelle Barrow..............St Mary’s School, Waverley Meghan Baxter...............St Stithians Girls’ College Anna Beart.................St Mary’s School, Waverley Hollie Brown...............Roedean School (SA) Caitlin Celliers..............Afrikaanse Hoër Meisieskool, Pretoria Adina Chabana............St Mary’s School, Waverley Daniella Cross.................St Stithians Girls’ College Cassandra Dare..................St Stithians Girls’ College Daniella de Villiers..........St Peter’s College Megan Eagle.................St Peter’s College Kelsey Elliott.................Wisconsin - USA Lauren Els.....................St Peter’s College Lauren Fox....................St Stithians Girls’ College Eryn Glover...............St Mary’s School, Waverley Mia Jackson.............St Stithians Girls’ College Frances Jandrell.............St Peter’s College Clare Keegan..............St Mary’s School, Waverley Emma Kruse.................Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown Sienna Lenci.................St Peter’s College Emily Lidgey................St Peter’s College Nchoana Liphoko.............St Stithians Girls’ College Alexandra Lockley..............St Peter’s College Thikho Matakanye........St Peter’s College Zenande Mbatsha............St Mary’s School, Waverley Pelonolo Moerane...........St Peter’s College Keotshepile Moleah.............St Peter’s College Erin Mommsen........St Mary’s School, Waverley Tawananyasha Muchineripi......St Mary’s School, Waverley Mikyla Mutangara........St Stithians Girls’ College Romy Myers................Herschel Girls School Kyla Pestana.............St Stithians Girls’ College Gemma Pettitt................St Peter’s College Larissa Pillay.................St Peter’s College Sydney Pollock..............St Mary’s School, Waverley Kate Potgieter...........St Peter’s College Leago Ramafoko..........St Peter’s College Gina Rebel.................St Peter’s College Megan Smit...................St Mary’s School, Waverley Olivia Sorour...............St Mary’s School, Waverley Jaime-Rose Standfest...........St Peter’s College Andile Tekana...............St Stithians Girls’ College Sydney Thokoane..........St Stithians Girls’ College Lebone Tshetlo..............St Mary’s School, Waverley Summer Tucker...............St Stithians Girls’ College Heidi Viljoen...............Fourways High School Hanna Wannell.............St Mary’s School, Waverley Serena Wolfenden........St Mary’s School, Waverley Tyler Wratten.............Diocesan School for Girls, Grahamstown Megan Yates.................St Mary’s School, Waverley 15

2018 Staff Notes ACADEMIC SUPPORT UNIT Lisa Human Speech & Language Therapist Micaela Laois Learner Support Specialist Sue Garner Academic Support Fiona van der Zee Occupational Therapist Saskia Leenstra Occupational Therapist Kathryn Tarlton Occupational Therapist Samantha Schultz Physiotherapist Wendy Wentzel Educational Psychologist Carmen Whitfield Head of ASU

RECTOR Greg Royce HEADMASTER Darrel Webb EXECUTIVE Pam van Gass Heather Kissack Cara Eggett Rachel Amm Marguerite Schmitt Chris Tomsek Jean Macleod Remember Rabali Kerryn Schmidt Catherine Holm Rose Nkomo Hugo Roodt Fr Richard Wossler Cecilia Neto Esty Christodoulou Vijay Maharaj Paula Gouveia ACADEMIC STAFF Julia Aitken Melanie Aspeling Alyssa Barberis Tony Blackhurst Janet Buck Wilna Coetzee Ingerid de Bruyn Kerry Glass Shelli Golden Megan Haas Chloe Hall Colleen Ireland Lauren Keeve Zanele Kekana Thobile Kizito Boitumelo Ledwaba Leigh Lidgey Niki Mayne Kelsey Mohamed Catriona Montagu Charmaine Ndzwane Bronwyn Peake Jane Ritchie Ronel Schoeman Sheena Steyn Ron Thackwell Belinda van der Watt Robyn van Ginkel Leigh van Rooyen Rick Wilson

Deputy Head: Academics Head: JP Girls Director: Pastoral Care Director: Middle School Director: Music (Acting) Director: Sport Marketer HOD: Admin HOD: EdTech HOD: Organisation and Administration HOD: isiZulu, Head of Curriculum Diversity & Transformation Director: Choirs Chaplain Operations Manager HR Director Deputy Head: Campus Compliance PA to the Headmaster

ADMINISTRATION/CENTRAL SUPPORT Kelly Bongers Admissions Officer Trevlyn Bunting Operations Administrator/PA Verginia Canale Payroll Supervisor Maureen Eyres Debtors’ Clerk Connor Fraser IT Administrator Dieter Gloss IT Manager Dalys Radloff PA to the Rector Ndivhuwo Nengovhela Financial Manager Jenny Hugo Archivist Kamohelo Kotsi Assistant Chaplain & Administration Emma Makinta Music Administrator Duduzile Malinda HR Administrator Lee-Ann McCleland Payroll Administrator Bonolo Morena IT Support Engineer Moira Hodgson Business Manager Lizelle Nel Debtors’ Clerk Nonhlanhla Majokane Receptionist Monique Pheiffer Creditors’ Supervisor Jenny van Wyk Debtors’ Supervisor

Grade 3 Teacher HOD: Drama Specialist Teacher: STEM, Drama & E&L Master Teacher: Maths Lead Teacher: Literacy Afrikaans Teacher Grade 4 Teacher Grade 2 Teacher Grade 0 Teacher Grade 3 Teacher Grade 0 Teacher Grade 3 Teacher Lead Teacher: EdTech JP Librarian Grade 4 Teacher isiZulu Teacher Lead Teacher: Community Service Grade 5 Teacher IT Teacher Grade 2 Teacher Teacher Assistant Lead Teacher: Thinking Skills HOD: Thinking Skills HOD: Second Language Afrikaans Lead Teacher: Numeracy Master Teacher: English Art Teacher Grade 1 Teacher SP Librarian Master Teacher: English

MEDICAL Nosipho Makhaya

FOUNDATION AND COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP PROGRAMME Monica Sloane Foundation Manager Debbie Little Foundation Co-ordinator CATERING Sharon Rabilal Valarie Kariwo Thandi Xundu

Catering Manager Assistant Catering Manager Girls Prep Caterer

Shop Assistant Shop Assistant Book Keeper

SCHOOL SHOP Lesley McMurchie Nadia Thompson Cynthia Wheeler

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMME Trish Attlee Aftercare Manager Barbara Millar Aftercare Assistant Manager Maggie Molefe Aftercare Supervisor Mercy Shereni Aftercare Supervisor Lungile Khanyile Aftercare Supervisor Dorcus Mothapo Aftercare Kitchen Supervisor and Assistant

PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Toni Clarke-Buchanan Sport Teacher Tshego Mashabela Sport Teacher Leanne Fleming Lead Teacher: JP Sport Keitumetsu Makola Sport teacher Charne Badenhorst Biokineticist MUSIC Jessica Da Silva Lara Rishworth Erna Knoetze Faye Prinsloo Janet Bottomley Mareli Roodt Marwileen van Zyl Olga Korvink Ute Liebenberg Shirli van Vledder Sidney Joseph Leon van Zyl Julia Patrascoiu Jacques van der Walt

Staff Nurse

MAINTENANCE/SECURITY/TRANSPORT Lance Camphor Security Manager Lourens Rudman Maintenance Manager Eddie Maeteletja Maintenance Assistant Patrick Makebe Maintenance Assistant Shepherd Masocha Maintenance Assistant Plaki Ramonyai Maintenance Assistant Caiphus Serema Maintenance Assistant Lucky Shongwe Maintenance Assistant Arthur Mathole Driver

JP Music Teacher, Theory, iPad Band & Marimbas Music Administration Piano and Flute Piano Piano Piano Piano and Voice Violin Violin Clarinet and Saxophone (Woodwind) Drums and Percussion Guitar Cello Percussion and Choir Master


Intern Mentor

GIRLS PREP SCHOOL INTERNS: Mesha Sithole Minadia Tinambo Jo Harmse Penny Thantsha Lerato Mohapi Lydia Teleki Itumeleng Kumalo Phumzile Makwela Phumla Mochoeni Kabelo Magale Thandi Mramba



EXEC COMMITTEE Back: Kerryn Schmidt, Chris Tomsek, Hugo Roodt, Jean Macleod, Cara Eggett, Catherine Holm, Fr Richard Wossler Front: Paula Gouveia, Rose Nkomo, Remember Rabali, Pam van Gass, Darrel Webb, Heather Kissack, Marguerite Schmitt, Vijay Maharaj

STAF F SE NI OR PR EP orena, Kerryn Back: Bonolo M tt, Toni Clarkege Eg ra Schmidt, Ca , da van der Watt Buchanan, Belin , as Ha h, Megan Angela Goodric ny lleen Ireland, To Co k, se m To Chris Blackhurst , Niki igh van Rooyen Le e: dl id M , an Schoem Rick Mayne, Ronel ell, lm, Ron Thackw Wilson, Cath Ho e, hi tc Ri g, Jane Lauren Aspelin zee itt, Wilna Coet hm Sc ite er gu Mar g, lin pe As er, Mel Front: Sue Garn rrel Da a, ei uv Go a ul Rose Nkomo, Pa o, zit Ki ile ob n Gass, Th Webb, Pam va Bruyn de rid ge In , ed Kelsey Moham

JUNIOR PREP STAFF Back: Janet Buck, Tshego Mashabela, Remember Rabali, Leanne Fleming, Chloe Hall, Leigh Lidgey, Lauren Keeve, Kerry Glass, Catriona Montagu, Jessica da Silva Front: Bronwyn Peake, Sheena Steyn, Lerato Coulter, Darrel Webb, Heather Kissack, Lerato Mafatle, Zanele Mbatha, Robyn van Ginkel, Jaya Govender


Greg Royce St Peter's Prep Schools Rector


GIRLS PREP ADMIN STAFF Back: Remember Rabali, Kelly Bongers, Lauren Aspeling, Front: Nosipho Makhaya, Paula Gouveia, Nonhlanhla Majokane, Lerato Coulter

GI ABOVE: (back) RLS SCHOOL INTERNS . Itu Jo Harmse, Lydimeleng Kumalo, Lerato Moh api, a Teleki, Phum (fron zil June Tromp (In t). Phumla Mochoeni, Minade Makwela tern Mentor), ia Tin am bo, Charm BELOW: Thandi Mramba, Meshaaine Ndzwane, Kabelo Magale Sithole, Penny Thantsha

IT TEAM Connor Fraser, Dieter Gloss, Bonolo Morena

Jean Macleod Marketer

THERAPISTS Saskia Leenstra, Lisa Glover, Carmen Whitfield, Fiona van der Zee, Sue Garner, Kat Tarlton, Micaela Laios

ST PETER’S FOUNDATION STAFF Monica Sloane and Debbie Little


Staff CLEANING Back row: Pete STAFF r Ruphus Seho Modisane, Malanga, Tshe di, Doctor po Danial Senam Thambo, Rantho, Bismara, Tumisho k Murulane Middle row: Flo Mojela, Salam rence Mekoa, Shilah inah Tlokwe, Busisiwe M Lebogang Kom ahlangu, ape, Patricia Mampane, Confi dence Ramalamula Front row: Nanc Tebogo Koman y Hlaku, Legodi, Athalia e, Tebogo Ko Lidia Sebati, Jo mane, Mashapa, Gethhana ruth Machete.

AFTERCARE TEAM Back: Mercy Shereni, Lungile Khanyile, Barbara Miller Front: Dorcus Mothapo, Trish Attlee, Maggie Molefe

CENTRAL SERVICES Back: Monique Pheiffer, Moira Hodgson, Trevlyn Bunting, Jenny van Wyk Front: Verginia Canale, Ndivhuwo Nengovhela, Duduzile Malinda GROUND STAFF Back row: Nyala Nkomo, Proud Ndebele, Banele Ndlovu, Silence Makhwiting, Tobias Moyo, Patrick Lehobo. Front row: Matron Ndebele, Francis Honde, Nkosinathi Ndlovu, Proffesor Dube, Meshack Ngwenya, Luvo Gozongo, Simba Ndlovu, Mongezi Somyalo.

MAINTENANCE TEAM Back Row: Patrick Makebe, Plaki Ramonyai, Lucky Shongwe, Capheus Serema Front Row: Eddie Maeteletja, Lourens Rudman, Shepard Masocha

phor SECU RI TY TEAM nga, Lance Cam te, Joseph Mala aluleka, Michael Makubyana he at M s le ar M Ch s e: er ov Liv Ab abasa, ntse, Hlengani M Below: David Se

DRIVER Arthur Mathole

SC HO OL SH OP TEAM Lesley McMurch ie, Nadia Thom pson, Cynthia Wheel er



Fortunately, although saying goodbye to Cathy was sad and hard, she was not going too far away. She started teaching at the Boys Prep from the start of the Trinity Term 2018. Cathy started at the Girls School, back in January 2010 and soon proved herself to be a most dedicated teacher. Cathy commits herself entirely to the children she teaches and knows her pupils very well. Cath’s motto must be ‘go big or go home!’ I learnt to be very nervous of the words ‘I have an idea…’ coming out of Cath’s mouth. Eskom Science Expo, making the Science lab entirely self-sufficient both for water and electricity, various Staff Variety skits and off the charts ideas for tours and outings were all pitched to me starting with that phrase - and I wasn’t always successful in distracting her from her new schemes! Keys Camp is one such initiative, which grew from a small idea


Daniel joined St Peter’s Prep as a driver on 1 September 2008. It is sad to say goodbye to Daniel who has contributed significantly to the school and many schoolchildren. Daniel has been exceptionally reliable, conscientious, committed and trustworthy and it was


Jane commenced at St Peter’s in September 2013. Her teaching subjects are Maths and Science. Jane is an intuitive and intelligent person who works hard to ensure that she is an expert in her field. Jane is a dedicated and loyal colleague for whom nothing is too much trouble. She readily volunteers to take

into a rich and thoroughly rewarding programme, unique to our Girls School. Cath put an incredible amount of work into every detail of this camp and she leaves this as a legacy for the girls. Cathy is always prepared to take on new tasks, from projects to committees, task teams or just plain old boring jobs that need to get done. She doesn’t know how to say ’no’! From driving the eco-schools accreditation to HOD Science, HOD Culturals and many other positions, Cath did it all with seemingly boundless energy, never satisfied with anything on a small scale! We wish her much happiness in the Boys Prep and hope that she will pop up and visit us often! (Since this article was written, Cathy Linnell and her family have moved far away – to New Zealand. We wish the Linnell family everything of the best in their new country)

always reassuring to know that any child in one of the school vehicles he was driving, would be well looked after. We wish Daniel well as he prepares for the next stage of his life and enjoys the company of his family, especially his grandchildren, whom he adores.

on extra work, despite a heavy load. She is always happy to go out of her way to help colleagues. When team initiatives such as FLP are being mooted – Jane is more than prepared to drive the process for her colleagues. Her pupils regard her very highly and they speak of her compassion, patience and dedication. 20


Chris Tomsek (Acting Director of Sport) matriculated from King Edward VII in 1996. He studied an H.Dip Ed at Wits University (JCE), specialising in physical education and sport. A keen follower of sport psychology, he completed his Psychology and Stats modules with Wits University whilst taking up a position at Redhill School as a Phys Ed teacher. Chris then secured a teaching role at St Benedict’s College for 10 years. Chris took up the challenge to diversify into the commercial world and started his own business in Ballito, KZN for a few years. He missed education however, and soon put the business on the back burner. Chris took on the acting role of Director of Sport at St Peter’s Girls Prep - where he has once again, been in his ‘element’. Chris enjoys running and has completed several trail runs and halfmarathons, with the goal to run the Comrades Marathon in the not too distant future. We say farewell to Chris as he leaves to take up a role at King Edward VII School, as a Cricket and Rugby specialist, Mathematics/Geography teacher and boarding housemaster. Go well, Chris!

Jane is a wonderful single-mom, ably coping with rearing her two beautiful daughters. Emma and Lucy are fortunate in that Jane has provided every possible opportunity for them. They are a close-knit family with plenty of fun and adventure built into their lives. Colleagues and girls alike will miss you, Jane. Your St Peter’s ‘family’ wishes you and your girls all the very best as you move to Grahamstown.



We wish Liz well in her new endeavours as we say farewell to her. Liz has a wealth of experience in the field of Sport and she has made a wonderful contribution to the Sports Department at St Peter’s Girls Prep. Thank you, for all your hard work, Liz; the School, staff and girls are very grateful and we wish you all the best for what lies ahead. We know that you are going to enjoy being a ‘stay at home mom’! How lucky, your son Drew is – he is going to thoroughly enjoy having you at home!

Maureen joined the St Peter’s Schools family at the College in 2003 where she worked in the College shop assisting the shop manager selling clothing, books and managing the shop account collections. Maureen proved to be a talented collections resource and was quickly moved into both the College and the Prep fee collection role on a permanent basis, in 2008. We wish Maureen an exciting retirement filled with travel and family, she will certainly be missed by the St Peter’s family.


Maureen joined St Peter’s in 2010 as an intern in education. In 2013, Maureen joined the finance team in a creditors role and during this period, she completed her B.Com degree in Economics. Maureen is married and has a delightful young son, Mulweli. We wish Maureen all the very best in her new role at St Peter’s College. We will certainly miss her.


Best wishes and go well!


Plaikie grew up in Segwashi in Limpopo and arrived in Johannesburg at the age of 29 where he worked at the Indaba Hotel for five years. He joined St Peter’s in 1983 as a full-time Gardener and part-time Cleaner. Over the years, he became known as the reliable painter in the Maintenance Department. As Plaikie closes the St Peter’s chapter of his book, we wish him well as he returns to Segwashi to farm vegetables and be with his family. May God be with you, Plaikie.


Tshepo joined St Peter’s in 2004 as an intern in the Finance Department. Whilst at St Peter’s, Tshepo completed a B.Com degree through UNISA and assumed the role of Accountant from January 2015. Tshepo enjoys cooking, health and fitness and is always impeccably dressed. We wish Tshepo all the best in his new role at the College. We will miss him.


Zuzi joined St Peter’s as Operations Assistant on 2 June 2015. During her tenure, she assisted in setting up the Maintenance Helpdesk function and ensured that Health and Safety procedures within the Operations Department 21

During her short stay with us, Vanessa proved herself to be an extremely efficient, reliable and supportive colleague. Vanessa’s responsibilities, in the Foundation, included coordinating the Community Projects initiatives. Her empathy, compassion and understanding helped her success in this area of work. Her attention to detail and managing deadlines were exactly what the position called for. Vanessa’s husband was transferred to Abu Dhabi and, sadly, she tendered her resignation. We will miss her bubbly personality, enthusiasm and big smile and wish her all the best with her new venture.

were being adhered to. In the short time that Zuzi has been at St Peter’s she defined herself as a strong administrator who was dependable, sincere, hardworking and fun. She will be sorely missed. We wish Zuzi and her family every success for the future.




Micaela Laios (Remedial Therapist and Inclusion Specialist) matriculated from Brescia House School in 2010. In 2014, she completed a B.Ed degree in Early Childhood Development and Foundation Phase at the University of Pretoria. In 2015, Micaela completed her honours degree in Learning Support (cum laude) at the University of Pretoria. During that time she was a Grade 3 remedial facilitator at St Peter’s Boys Prep School and an RAD ballet teacher. Micaela taught Grade 2 at Cedarwood Preparatory for two years. She enjoys yoga, cooking and visiting the bush with her family.

Leigh joined the Girls Prep staff in 2016 as a newly married teacher. She and Ronel Schoeman formed the Grade 6 ‘Team’. Leigh’s methodical planning, attention to detail and easy-going personality made her a pleasure to work with and popular with the girls and staff alike. Leigh provided numerous opportunities for fun and laughter, such as her nervousness on camp; hiding behind her friend, when terrified by the (enclosed) lion’s roar and hilarious ‘new mum’ stories, which she related in the staffroom. We will miss Leigh’s valuable contributions to the St Peter’s family. She was always willing to help colleagues and never too busy. An insightful, collaborative person who copes well under pressure and has an excellent command of the English language. We wish Leigh, Dave and little Sophie all the best for their new adventure ‘down under’. We ask God to grant them safe passage as they travel to Australia and happiness in settling there. We will miss you, Leigh!


We welcome Leigh van Rooyen to St Peter’s Girls Prep, as Librarian. Leigh lived in West Africa for seven years and taught art at the British International School there. She recently completed her B.Ed degree, specialising in English and Psychology. She is passionate about English – motivating girls to read, in particular. Leigh is a potter and she loves to read and garden in her free time. Leigh is married to Vernon, they have two children – Michael, who is studying B. Com Economics at Tuks, and Kiara is at St Peter’s College where she begins matric in 2019. Welcome, Leigh!


Robyn van Ginkel is a passionate foundation phase teacher with a particular interest in Remediation. She began her studies at UCT. Thereafter, she undertook a PGDM at the Wits Business School. She did a PGCE through Unisa, which she completed in 2009 and began working as a Grade 2 class teacher at Rivonia Primary School. After four years of teaching her own class, she realised that she particularly enjoyed finding innovative ways to help children learn, especially those who were finding academic tasks challenging. In 2014, she completed her Postgraduate Diploma


Stanley joined St Peter’s in January 2018 as a cook. He has spent over 19 years in the food industry. His last employment was at Bateleur College, where he held the position of chef for 10 years. He has two children, 22

in Inclusive Education: Learning Difficulties through Unisa. In 2015, she worked a locum position at St Katharine’s School for Girls in Parktown, and thereafter returned to Rivonia Primary in a parttime Remedial Therapist capacity. In 2017, she began work at St Peter’s Girls Prep in a part-time Remedial Therapy role and then subsequently accepted a full-time teaching position in the Girls Junior Prep. Robyn is married to Robin and they have two children. Her daughter is, Cameron Jade and her son is called Michael James. Welcome, Robyn!

Martha and Saziso. Stanley has fitted in well and he has brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the St Peter’s kitchen. He is passionate about cooking and always eager to try out new recipes. We hope that Stanley will spend many happy years at St Peter’s.


We welcome Arthur Mathole to St Peter’s Prep Schools as a driver. Arthur comes with a wealth of experience in driving, having spent the last 10 years at Wendywood High School as driver there. Arthur is married to Bontle and they have two children, Karabo aged eight years and Mohau aged seven months. In his spare time, he enjoys playing cricket and tennis and enjoys listening to gospel music. Arthur has a contagious smile and has settled into St Peter’s Prep very easily.


Boitumelo Ledwaba (Grade 3, 4 and 5 isiZulu teacher) started her schooling at Brescia House School, in Bryanston and later matriculated at The Kings School, Linbro Park. She began studying B.Com Finance at the University of Johannesburg and later followed her passion into teaching. Her early experiences in teaching were at an Early Childhood Development centre at Reddam House, Waterfall and in the Intermediate Phase at Jan Celliers, in Parkview. Boitumelo is continuing to study further. She enjoys watching movies, listening to music and spending time with her family. Her dream is to travel internationally in order to explore the world and its diversity.


Carmen joins St Peter’s Girls Prep School as the new Head of Academic Support Unit. She started her career after completing her B.Ed general teaching degree and Honours in Remedial Therapy at the University of Stellenbosch. She then moved to Johannesburg where she worked as a remedial therapist whilst completing her Honours in educational psychology at Wits. Carmen then completed her Masters in educational psychology followed by her internship, at St Mary’s School, Waverley. She continued to work at St Mary’s as one of the educational psychologists at the school. Carmen is passionate about supporting the individual needs of every pupil in the school. We are sure she will be extremely happy at St Peter’s Girls Prep.



Charne matriculated in 2009 where after she decided to take a gap year to ‘find herself’. In 2011, she pursued her studies in Human Movement Sciences at the North West University and she graduated in 2013. Charne was accepted into Biokinetic honors in 2014. She has a passion for Biokinetics and loves to work with and help people. She has a keen interest in sports rehabilitation and she loves to play netball. Charne’s family, fiancé and friends mean the world to her. Her mantra in life is: ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.’

Debbie Little joined the Foundation in May 2018. She has a degree in English and Political Science and has worked in America and the UK in sales, IT support and web design. She owned her own business in the hospitality industry, which she sold in 2014. She has had experience in event management, on a voluntary basis, for St Peter’s since her son, Oliver started at the school in 2015, as well as for charities and causes, including RAG at University. In her time at St Peter’s, we have benefited from her enthusiastic and energetic personality and she is proving to be a great asset!


Keitumetse Makola is a mother of two boys, Thakgalo and Tlotlego. She has been married to Thabo Makola for 12 years. Tumi (as she is affectionately called) is qualified in the field of Sports Management and Science and is currently doing a second qualification, in education, through UNISA. She has been 23

in school sport for 12 years, having started at Waverley Girls High and then going on to become Sports Director at Wendywood High School where she spent eight years. She was delighted to be offered a position in the Sports Department at her dream school, St Peter’s Girls Prep. Welcome Tumi!


Nigel Sloane was Headmaster of the St Peter’s Boys Prep School from January 2009 to December 2012. He passed away at home on 3 December 2018, after a courageous battle with cancer. Throughout his final year, he continued in his role as Headmaster of the Pecanwood Preparatory School, as cheer­fully and positively as ever, with the support of his very loyal staff. Wherever he worked, Nigel was referred to as the perfect gentleman ­ and a caring man of great integrity who believed in delivering the best possible well-rounded education to each child. As a headmaster, he could be found greeting each pupil as he or she arrived at school, acknowledging each by name, and adding a pertinent message when he saw the need. Nigel valued open communication. At St Peter’s, we recall how he always made himself available to parents who wanted to discuss school matters or their own sons’ progress. Most after­ noons he could also be found on the side lines of the sports fields, encouraging the boys, learning to know them better, and chatting to more parents. Nigel always ensured that he ­provided the necessary support for his teachers and coaches, so that the school’s high

academic and sporting standards were not just maintained but further pro­ moted. During his tenure here, several physical improvements were also ­ ­effected to buildings and to sporting ­facilities. Nigel will always be remembered – at Uplands Preparatory School, White River, where he was Deputy Head; at Thomas More Preparatory School in KwaZulu Natal, where he took up his first post as Headmaster; and at St Peter’s Boys and Pecanwood; and by his many friends – as a man to be respected for who he was and his many


invaluable contributions, not just to the schools in his care, but the individuals who populated them. The many tributes paid him at his well-attended memorial service at St David’s emphasized that he would be missed by all who had worked and played with him throughout his years. Nigel is survived by his wonderful wife, Monica; daughter, Jess, who wrote matric in 2018; son, Michael, who was in Grade 10; and by his stepdaughters, Tamaryn and Natasha, their husbands, Moritz and Michael, and their children, Liliya, Pippa and June.

on the English model with classes from Grades 0 to 8. He was the first Headmaster in South Africa to establish an on-site academic support centre with remedial and occupational therapists. He was a tough Head and a stern disciplinarian who had very high expectations of the boys. The Staff Variety Show, too, was his inspiration. Many Old Boys will remember him with affection. Anthony is survived by his wife, Fiona, and his children, Giles and Julia.

In April this year, we learnt with sadness that Anthony Parnell, the fourth Headmaster of St Peter’s, had passed away. Anthony led the Boys School from January 1981 to July 1995. He was truly a renaissance man: a gifted sports­man, amateur dramatist and singer. He also taught English to the Standard 6s (Grade 8). In those days, the Prep was based


2018 New Interns KABELO MAGALE

I was born and raised in Daveyton, Eastrand. I began my school career at Kgalema Primary and later went to Laerskool Montanus. I was chosen as a chairperson in Grade 7. I attended Hoerskool Diversity and during my Grade 10 year, I went to Rivoni Secondary School, where I completed my high school career. At the age of 15, I became a Sunday School teacher. That’s where my passion for working with children began. Before furthering my studies, I worked as a cashier at Spar for two years. During that time, I realised I love working with people. I was always happy and commu-

nicated very well with everyone. In 2016, when I was 22, I began with my tertiary education at the University of South Africa (UNISA), enrolled in B.Ed. I met Mrs Monica Sloane at a conference in Sandton. That’s where I heard about the St Peter’s Internship Programme. I applied and was accepted! I want to be a teacher because, I am very passionate about working with children, I am sociable, love sharing my knowledge with other people, confident, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile. I appreciate being part of the St Peter’s family! It is not every day in life where you get such an opportunity.


My name is Lydia Teleki. I was born in Johannesburg and I grew up in the Free State, in a small town called Dewetsdorp. I started school at Witkoppen Primary in Johannesburg and continued my school career the following year in Dewetsdorp at Nkgodise Primary School where I stayed until the end of Grade 7. I began high school in the same town at a school called Metsimaphodi Secondary school where I did Grade 8 and 9, I then finished the


I was born and raised in Johannesburg and attended Bordeaux Primary School. I then went on to Greenside High School. I was inspired to become a school teacher while volunteering as a tutor at a children’s home. The St Peter’s Intern Programme has enabled and has equipped me to invest in this vision and grow this dream.


I am grateful for the mentors who help to groom us to become the best future teachers.

rest of my high school years in Randburg, Johannesburg at Ferndale High school. I completed high school in 2014. In 2015, I went to PE to pursue a degree in Town and Regional planning at NMMU. Due to financial constraints, I did not complete that course and returned to Johannesburg where I found a teacher’s assistant position at a psychiatric school called H. Moross Adolescent School at Tara Hospital. This is where my passion for teaching developed.

2018 New Interns (continued) MINADIA TINAMBO

I grew up in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal and attended Addington Primary and Overport Secondary School. After matric, I relocated to Johannesburg to try to find work and earn money to pay for my university studies. I was fortunate to get the St Peter’s Prep internship and the journey has been amazing.

PHUMLA MOCHOENI I was born and raised in Johannesburg and matriculated from the High School for Girls Potchefstroom in 2013. I furthered my studies at the University of Pretoria. Whilst doing my Bachelor of Arts, I got involved in the St Mary’s boarding house, which

made me realise my passion for working with children. Being part of the programme has given me valuable experience and has geared me with the skills to work in various environments. My goal is to become a qualified teacher and work with NGO programmes.

PHUMZILE MAKWELA I was born and raised in the rural villages of Limpopo, Ga-Mothapo. I went to a Catholic school from pre-school to high school (St Benedict pre-school, Subiaco primary school and St Bede’s High school). I was raised by my maternal grandmother while my mother was working in Johannesburg to make ends meet. I did a one year course in Logistics and supply chain management through Oxbridge Academy after my Matric. I have always wanted to be a teacher growing up and one day open a learning centre in Limpopo as I wanted to see change and growth within my community. The Isematholeni internship programme happens to be the perfect start I need. With the phenomenal experience and skills I’m getting, my dream of being a great teacher is close to becoming a reality.


I was born and raised in the Eastern Cape. I came to Johannesburg to finish my high school and attended Itirele Zenzele Comprehensive High School in Diepsloot. I was raised by my granny. My mom is a domestic worker in Fourways and has been employed for 20yrs by Father Michael Olifant and his wife. They are extremely supportive. My mom never had money for me to further my studies and then this awesome opportunity came along. It has offered me wonderful opportunities and has taught me so much. This internship is a blessing, a dream come true because from a young age my dream was to be a teacher. I’m so grateful to St Peter’s for giving me the opportunity to do what I love. 26

Annual Awards for Grade 5 to 7 GRADE 5 AWARDS

Outstanding Academic Achievement Grade 5MA Hanna Aitken Georgina Grota Layla Hancock Aobakwe Machailo Grade 5NM Ella Hegarty Grace Langton Khumo Mochela Ella Watling Consistent Academic Achievement Grade 5MA Sejal Menon Yamani Pakade Kate Stobart Emily Walker Grade 5NM Angelina Barrow Sophie Lidgey Avheani Mutepe Sarah Thompson Consistent Academic Improvement throughout the Year Eve Corbett Iona Gibson Isabella Horwood Academic Progress Tyler Boyd Tamia Makomva Erin Osborne


Academic Colours are achieved in Grade 6 for an overall average of 80% and above. Emily Alston Jessica Barrow Nina Coetzee Cayla Dhaeyere Kate Dracatos Gabrielle du Toit Zoë Earlam Lara Gasson Megan Gaunt Lucy Jewell Kaitlyn Kruiskamp Ruby Logan Kganya Mabizela Aarya Maharaj Chloe Mocke Almaaz Mudaly Tayla Paton Georgia Parker Zethu Simelane Annabelle Villet Grade 6 Academic Subject Prizes are awarded to the girls who received the top result in each subject: Mathematics, English, isiZulu and Exploration and Learning Zoë Earlam Afrikaans Nina Coetzee STEM: Almaaz Mudaly Grade 6 Academic Improvement Certificates are awarded to the girls who improved the most in each of the subject areas English and Mathematics Georgie Pearse Afrikaans Zoe Jackson


Colours Re-awards are presented to the girls who achieved Academic Colours at the end of Grade 6 and have achieved 75% or above this year in Grade 7. Emma Barron Lauren Els Lauren Fox Eryn Glover Clare Keegan Emma Kruse Emily Lidgey Keotshepile Moleah Erin Mommsen Gina Rebel Olivia Sorour Hanna Wannell Tyler Wratten New Colours Awards: Isabelle Barrow Holly Brown Caitlin Celliers Daniella Cross Megan Eagle Mia Jackson Sienna Lenci Nchoana Liphoko Pelonolo Moerane Romy Myers Megan Smit Sydney Thokoane Serena Wolfenden Megan Yates Grade 7 Academic Subject Prizes are awarded to the girls who achieve the top results in each subject. STEM and Exploration and Learning Clare Keegan English Erin Mommsen Mathematics Olivia Sorour

isiZulu and STEM Bandile Tapela Exploration and Learning: Chloe Inwani Jamie Joyce Abby Turner STEM Jessica Barrow Cayla Dhaeyere Lucy Jewell

isiZulu Pelonolo Moerane Afrikaans Caitlin Celliers Art Sienna Lenci Tyler Wratten Drama Holly Brown


Annual Awards for Grade 7 (continued) Academic improvement: Certificates are awarded to the most improved achiever in each subject. Mathematics and isiZulu Gemma Pettitt English Cassandra Dare Afrikaans Romy Meyers STEM Mia Jackson Exploration and Learning Megan Smit Art Leago Ramafoko Drama Andile Tekana Bilingualism Awards are presented to the pupils who receive the top average across two languages - for English/Afrikaans Keotshepile Moleah - for English/isiZulu Erin Mommsen SPORTS AWARD for 2018 The 2018 Sports Award is awarded to the sportswoman who has earned Provincial Colours in swimming and dancing. She has also achieved St Peter’s School Colours in swimming, netball, hockey, athletics and cross-country. She played in five sporting codes for the 1st team of which she held a leadership position in three. The recipient of the 2018 Sports Award Isabelle Barrow. Cappella del Coro Trophy In appreciation of outstanding and dedicated participation in the Chapel Choir.

Clara Schumann Trophy Outstanding achievement and excellence in Music Tawananyasha Muchineripi Senior Instrumentalists Awards Serena Wolfenden Tyler Wratten The Inter-House Trophy of 2018 is awarded to the house which won the netball, athletics, cross-country and tennis Inter-house competitions. The 2018 Inter-house winners are Waveney. Trish Attlee Awards The recipients of a Trish Attlee Award demonstrate consistency in their performance and are widely involved in school life. They are enthusiastic and have a positive attitude towards all facets of school. They show humility in their dealings with others and support and encourage fellow pupils. This award is nominated and voted by the Grade 7 teachers on a point system. Recipients of this award: Anna Beart Mia Jackson Daniella de Villiers Keys Awards The recipients of these prestigious awards are recognised for their commitment to excellence, demonstration of intrinsic motivation, and diligence and effort over a significant period of time. These girls uphold the values of St Peter’s at all times and are an asset to the school. They have, therefore, shown true leadership potential. This award is decided on a points system. Recipients of this award: Emma Barron Megan Eagle Emma Kruse

Lauren Fox


Dux Scholar Award The Dux Scholar has received the highest promotional mark average for her final Grade 7 report. This award is given for top academic achievement. Congratulations to: Clare Keegan Council Award The Council Award is presented in recognition of outstanding all round excellence. The recipient demonstrates sincerity and an exceptional attitude to every activity she undertakes. She must hold Colours in at least 2 areas of school life. It is an award of merit and is awarded by the School in appreciation of the contribution the recipient has made to life at St Peter’s. This year’s worthy recipient is: Isabelle Barrow

Chapel Awards & Scholarship Winners O’CONNELL AWARD The recipient of this award is optimistic and determined. She has shown resilience and strength of character in her daily life at St Peter’s.

HUGO AWARD The recipient of this award shows humility, graciousness, inner strength of character, courteousness, a dignified attitude and upholds the values of St Peter’s. She has proven to be an outstanding ambassador for the school.



Owami Ramafoko O’Connell Award Andile Tekana O’Connell Award

Pelonolo Moerane Hugo Award


Pelonolo Moerane Hugo Award


Kate Potgieter O’Connell Award

Lebone Tshetlo Hugo Award

Back: Pelonolo Moerane, Clare Keegan, Hanna Wannell, Isabelle Barrow Front: Romy Myers, Darrel Webb, Keotshepile Moleah 29

New Spaces – Tennis shelter

& Chapel alterations

New stained glass window in the Chapel: The window portrays the context in which the school is placed. It evokes the mission of the school to prepare children for life in Africa and the world, within the loving care of God’s presence.

Chapel - window donated by the 2017 Grade 7 Leavers. An image of the Coptic Cross.

Chapel - gallery section added to the Chapel

Extension to the Royce Hall kitchen

New shelter at the tennis courts


Head of Junior Prep’s Report I began my journey at St We can’t begin to Peter’s in 2014. I was still imagine what it will be fairly naïve about what like for our girls in the St Peter’s offered. I future? What will was quickly made their daily lives and aware that we experiences be were to build a like? What will a new, 21st Century school day hold? school. A school What jobs will they that would reflect the do? How can we at St future world of work. I Peter’s prepare them have had the time of my for a future of work and life; I believe strongly that life in general? teaching and learning goes There are so many HEATHER KISSACK hand in hand with the questions that start to environment we create emerge pondering this critical scenario. Whilst reading an article and environment we work in, both in the Guardian about the world of work physical as well as the attitudes, mindset our children are entering, I was struck by and focus we create, are instrumental in how important it is for parents to know helping facilitate teaching and learning that at St Peter’s we are constantly looking – we have done exactly that and I am so forward and trying as educators, to very proud! The Girls JP is built on a footprint of facilitate the safe passage of our pupils (and their parents, too!), into a world that the original boy’s school and like a strong, is uncertain and unpredictable. The resilient seed; it has grown from the dust, trepidation that this conversation brings and boasts the heritage of its pre­ to all of us, as educators and you as decessors and the progressive approach parents, is tangible. We want to be able to to education St Peter’s is renowned for. provide the right of passage for our The buildings and playgrounds were children, guide them and take them designed to support our educational forward as successfully as possible, philosophies. The school celebrates the making sure they are prepared for the big joy of spaces both in and out of the world, as best we can. But how, you ask? classrooms that offers opportunities for I am often heard saying that the girls independent and colla­borative leaning in at St Peter’s are in our care very briefly pause areas, the use of glass to evoke and that ultimately, you are their long- transparency, central spaces and play term mentors and guides. Not to say that areas that have been skillfully designed you are not in it with us as a team, whilst to engage our girls in learning that is both in our care. It seems appropriate as I collaborative and flexible. Each aspect of the school in its totality, prepare to venture into new territories, that I take this opportunity to share some was carefully considered, and the of the highlights of the many initiatives individual pupils’ needs and instructional and ideas that lead the JP to create the goals are paramount. It may be the case environment that supports a progressive that people need to consistently retrain learning approach and some reflections to keep up-to-date with the latest on what we are already doing to facilitate technological advances, as jobs are this daunting, but exciting new world. I increasingly automated and made will also share some aspects we will still redundant. The idea of a “job for life” will need to engage with and hopefully help be well and truly passé. “There will be constant new areas of work, people will you navigate your journey forward. In order to bring some calm to what need to stay on top of.” (Guardian) We have looked at Curriculum with a would otherwise be overwhelming, I began to reflect on initiatives that we critical eye. Staff began using an Inquiry have instituted at the Girls Junior Prep in approach to developing Units that the past 5 years that since joining the supported individual learning interests, school, and how just these small actions and teachers began engaging in Assess­ are facilitating the transition to the world ment for Learning through both summative and formative assessment. of work we all know is critical. 31

We introduced a new Phonics approach through Time2Read, as well as creating a new and original Leadership structure at the JP. Lead teachers this year included: Numeracy (Sheena Steyn) and Literacy (Janet Buck) Diversity and transformation has been a critical focus and therefore an important curriculum development at the JP. Together with the teaching of 3 languages; English being the core language, isiZulu and Afrikaans are taught now from Grade 0. This programme is rich in oral tradition, with focus on cultural understanding, cele­brations and traditions. Ultimately discussion, a focus on similarities and difference and our need to develop tolerance and perspective are all included in language as it is across the curriculum in general. Heritage day, and a focus on one national holiday a year also adds to support this essential learning area. The appointment of a Diversity HOD: Rose Nkomo, this year has also supported a focus on curriculum and how we are presenting and supporting healthy transformation. With a concern with leadership for girls and building a culture of safe learning and opportunity, the need to establish a common language and curriculum was essential. Together with making learning visible, the Responsive Classroom approach has been a critical aspect of building this culture and all the teachers have worked on developing the focus on learning about one another, teaching social and emotional skills, being intentional about goal setting (hopes and dreams) and integrating the year of the woman, direct diversity conversations, bringing in role models to share their stories and this year a focus on the values and expectations of behaviours that reflect these. We have had an intentional focus on the concept of Personalised Learning over the years, supporting differentiation to this important comment on the future of work. In order to provide both individual­ised learning and differentiated practice, building on the concept of collaboration, Micaela Laios (Academic Support special­ist) was employed in January and more recently Carmen Whitfield (Educational Psychologist and Head of Academic Support), support social and emotional needs, as well as

Head of Junior Prep’s Report


the essential academic skills individuals need. This to further enhance the amazing and collaborative teaching style our teachers have em­ braced over the past five years, and an intentional approach to Inquiry, research and reflection. We also revamped our report process each year to align with curriculum initiatives and conversations around best practice, resulting in our most recent Report Card with a new process too: 2 reports a year in 2018 with a settling in conference at the end of the first term. To further enhance personalised learning, the Intern Programme, that started in the JP in 2015, has added significant value to teaching and learning in the classroom. These young students have been invaluable in raising the teaching practice at the school as well as growing our Community Outreach Programme with June Tromp and Lead Teacher, Leigh Lidgey. The Community outreach has grown from strength to strength and reading ages in Grade 1 are up significantly. The JP facilities are equipped with furniture that supports the philosophy of collaborative learning, group work and guided discovery. All furniture is movable and multi-functional, allowing teachers and students to change their learning spaces with ease. Classrooms are fitted with multi-touch promethean boards and the playgrounds offer a multitude of learning experiences. ED Tech integration has also become a reality at the JP, and our Lead Teacher in Ed Tech – Lauren Keeve has been instrumental this year in integrating technology and life type problem solving into the classroom and has introduced coding from Grade 0. In order to facilitate the best learning opportunities, the timetable at the JP has been adapted continually to suit the girl’s needs as far as their time in and out of the classroom, time spent in creative play and time spent solving problems and learning Core Skills. This again speaks to making sure that we are meeting the girls’ needs developmentally and making the most of every moment, every day. Having an intentional outcome that supports a Growth Mindset is critical. “One of the most powerful truths we can offer our children Is the knowledge

that we’re all still learning. None of us have arrived; we all have room to grow. This frees our kids from expecting perfection of themselves – Or anyone else – because they know that life is a journey, from day one on.” Erica Layne We have been very focused on integration of Music throughout the JP and have scaffolded the programme to meet the individual needs of all the Grades. In Grade 0 we start with the Nativity play, that highlights the girls ability to become acquainted with music and movement and culminates in Grade 2, where the girls are exposed to wind instruments (recorder) and strings (violin) and dance. They also learn to read music, understand rhythm and tempo (to name a few), and play a range of percussion instruments. Jessica Da Silva creates a love of music in all its forms and has built up an astounding Grade 2 Choir. This year also saw a focus on the physical development of our girls. From the traditional Sport Programme, we intro­duced Leanne Fleming, and with the support of Master Coach, Tsego Mashebela, we really took the Pro­gramme to another level. Highlights include: the Perceptual Programme in Grade 0, the scaffolded approach to competition, the very intentional Swim­ming Programme, the newly formatted Sports Day, Netball round robin, Hockey demonstrations and the new reporting on progress. This need for flexible and multitalented and creative problem solvers in the future work place is highlighted in the following quote: “Workers of the future will need to be highly adaptable and juggle three or more different roles at a time,” says Anand Chopra-McGowan, head of enter­ prise new markets for General Assembly. So ongoing education will play a key role in helping people develop new skills. To address this, the Days of Exploration or days of creative play was initiated this year to support this critical life skill. Each term saw development of the concept where the timetable was scrap­ped, a problem was set and the girls built, created and explained their process and the results were a great success. ...the workforce is more likely to shift towards more part-time, freelance-based work, says Julia Lindsay, chief executive 32

of iOpener Institute. “Employers won’t think in terms of employees – they’ll think in terms of specialisms. Who do I need? And for how long? Future work may also be focused around making complex decisions – using creativity, leadership and high degrees of self-management.” Our Lead teacher in Thinking Skills, Bronwyn Peake has lead both the imple­ mentation of Thinking Skills through the curriculum, but also during the planning of the children’s ‘inventions’. More recently, the process of distilling our Value System (based on Saligman) comes to mind as a vehicle to perhaps crystalize all these strategies and hold them in a framework that is meaningful to us for now. We all need the resilience, responsibility, to be respectful, com­passio­ nate, honorable and collaborative. The girls have really responded so well to these expectations and our Inspiration assemblies allow for the girls to reflect these values in daily examples and form the framework of developing a strong Leadership Model. As indicated by Anand ChopraMcGowan (Guardian): “I think increasingly we will start to value the journey a human has been on, their personal struggle for achieving something great, even if a robot can do it better. For example, with a musician, we will value how long it took him to learn to produce such amazing music. It’s that human journey and struggle which will become important.” And so as I prepare to launch into 2019 and take further initiatives to support the future world of work such as: Maths (a constructivist approach), Growth Mind­set, Positive Education and of course taking Girls Leadership to a new level. I will continue to mentor and lead the girls, teachers, Interns and parents to my last day. I wish to thank the girls, staff, management, Council and the commu­ nity with sincere gratitude for the journey I have had over the past 5 years. I have been so engaged, excited and energized by the experience and it has certainly given me an opportunity to model what leadership can be like here and beyond this wonderful place that will forever hold my love and respect. In the words of Dr Seuss: Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Heather Kissack

First Day of 2018


Welcome to St Peter’s Girls JP

Gr 0 JB


Chloe van der Merwe and Amandla Luthuli Kimberly Munilall and Coco Scribante

Mamello Tshankie and Hayley Adams Isiphile Dyodo and Allie Horwood Inathi Nkuna and Ayahluma Mkwana

Mila Bester and Isabella Parreira

Rebecca Aitken and Aimee Ntsebeza

Arabella Nethersole and Mia Hermanson

Jessica van der Merwe and Morgan Butterworth


Vivian Orpen and Tayamika Banda

Gr 0 SG


Ikhasi-Lothando Mazwana and Christine Pon

Lunga Mungwe and Sinovuyo Sowazi Ntokozo Zulu and Rosie Hall Jessica Enderwitz and Zoe Gumbo

Megan Marriot and Cailyn Morgan

Courtney Kruiskamp and Kerry Montagu

Olivia Erasmus and Olivia Holding

Ella Parry and Emma Buckley

Ava Proksch and Muma Temba


Brooklyn Lutge and Ashley Howes

Gr 0 CH


Harriet Pearse and Riley Lotter

Francesca Neil-Boss, Leabetswe Letshwiti and Matilda Espinoza

Kemi Mulira and Amy Willson

Megan Ritchie and Chuma Fatyi

Isabel Judd, Khanya Nkuna and Kiara Choga

Chiara Reeve, Mikayla Cross and Sibabalwe Mlonzi


Morgan O’Neill, Alyssa Murray, Kerryn Wallace

Siddhi Maharaj and Jaimee Helyar

Gr 0 LM


Christina Strauss and Chelsie Romanis

Ava Dickson and Liyanda Nhleko

Lotana Charles and Ella Bailey ChloĂŠ Goodson and Pheladi Ntsoane

Emily Kruiskamp and Emily Bodley Olivia Steyn and Kitana Vijendranath Langelihle Mnyani and Emilia Nejthardt

Maya Mogale and Ongeziwe Holomisa

Olivia Klein and Xinlin Liang


Vutshila Mabunda and Madison Ho

Grade 0 Activities


Grandparents Day


Nativity Play

Cindy Lou and The Whos Angel Gabriel with the throng of Angels

Cat in the Hat with ‘The Things’!

Horton Elephants

Fox in Socks

Inn Keepers

Joseph and Mary

Red fish, Blue fish The Grinch



Shepherds Sam I Am

Three Kings


Gr 1 LL

LEIGH LIDGEY Amantle Khama

Seanna Kandasami and Oratile Hlongwani

Jessica Garden, Hazel Matema and Tshegofatso Mpakati

Maya Kingston, Gemma Bruinders and Kirthanya Naidoo

Zoe Mvulane, Glorious Ngorima and Esthea van den Heuvel

Sienna Jackson, Amelia Beukes, Charlotte Alston and Tawananyasha Buruuru

Jody Glass, Alyssa Brueton and Chloe Freemantle Unathi Nkomo and Georgina Sithole


Sibusisu Dlamini, Daniella Tindall and Catherine Long

Shreya Redhi and Jamie Haas

Gr 1 SS

Erin Bygate


Hannah Saunders, Helena Papas, Morgan Wraight

Alessandra Georgiades

Isabella Redfern, Unabo Nkomo, Rebecca Strauss

Tshegofatso Mphahlele Isabella Benjamin, Lunga Mbalula

Kaeya Vandayar, Ziyanda Mkhwanazi

Sienna Holmes, Sibabalwe Zulu, Ashley Thwaits

Siana Alwar, Allegra Gilbert, Sibongisiwe Mlilo Megan Dijkstra, Matlotlo Seotsanyana

Sophia Israni, Luthando Mahlasela, Tayla Pitman


Tayla Reid, Alma Pettersson, Reatlegile Mokhou

Gr 1 RvG


Allie Miller and Kate Holding

Farrah Naude and Mudanalwo Matodzi

Keratilwe Nhlapo, Luyanda-Jaanai Gimani-Mpatsi, Tawana Dube Courtney Howes and Jasmine Lang

Jasmine Lang and Riley Venter

Jemma van der Merwe and Gemma de Villiers

Samara Manikum and Yatika Pillay

Maxine Robertson, Angelina Salt and Natalie Peake

Samara Manikum, Lila-Rose Hattingh and Mia Harris

Olivia Belford and Saskia Berry

Taylor White and Bella-Rose Simmonds


Tshiamo Machele, Alisha Tsunga and Samantha Hutchins

Yatika Pillay and Rofhiwa Tshikhudo

Grade 1 Activities


Gr 2 KG

KERRY GLASS Gabrielle Lorden and Zuri Lutchman Taylor Visser and Evangelina Scribante

Hannah Brits and Zoe Stockill

Chloe Lai, Amara Pillay and Sheura Shao

Princess Mtambo, Lolontle Mudeme and Jordan Edwards

Orifha Mangale and Kirsten Wolter

Zanetta Mtshaulana and Kayla Munilall

Melissa Laroque and Rachel Romanis


Palesa Motlomelo, Laiha Govender and Gabriella Pon

Mincili Nkonyeni, Georgia Bain and Edem Afordofe

Juliana Polla and Erin Driver

Gr 2 CM


Noella Carlin and Kymaera Steyn

Campbell Baxter and Jessica Barbour

Jordyn Holmes and Usiphile Sithole

Lucy Ponting and Brigitte Wattam

Lily Barlow and Kiara Jansen Riley Scott and Bernadette Moalosi

Emma Sampson, Danielle Couvaras and Rendani Phalanndwa

Mayita Mutangara and Mimangaliso Nkonyeni

Isla Hughes and Sarah-Joy Spence

Aurora Gilbert and Giulia Astengo


Anne Claasen and Sanaa Mutua

Pippa Pearse, Ella Porter and Sienna Pretorius

Wanjiku Nganga

Gr 2 BP


Mikayla Van Aswegen

Sam Linnell and Emily O’Neill

Lily Prowse and Georgia Pattrick

Tamira Pillay and Rylee McGhee Pia Parbhoo, Lily Carey and Georgia Bongers

Kopano Mahlangu, Isabella InghamBrown and Lethabo Nkadimeng

Chichi Mutangara and Alex Ehlers

Alice Walker and Jemma-Kate Spencer

Wanjiru Nganga

Sarah Adams, Ongezwa Sishuba and Jessica Ramsay

Catie Kirkwood , Amy Ellis and Sonam Marrie


Kelly Ritchie, Abby Van Vuuren and Sarah Less

Grade 2 Service of Thanksgiving


Mums and Daughters Craft Morning ‘Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes’ On Saturday, 12 May, we held our annual ‘Moms and Daughters Craft Morning’. It was lovely to see that so many moms and daughters had made a huge effort in dressing up, according to this year’s theme – ‘Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes’.

Delicious eats were arranged on the beautifully decorated tables. The hall had been transformed into an undersea wonderland ... The girls and their moms spent the morning making two games: ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’ and ‘Story Stones‘ – we hope these will provide many hours of fun. Thank you to all the

volunteers who so generously helped with the setting up and cleaning up afterwards. Thank you, Claudia Pharboo, Carike Laroque, Carol Spence, Kefilwe Mudeme and Stacy Mogale for being part of the organising committee and all the volunteers who helped to make it happen!

Such a fun activity - making games with Mom

Pretty Mom and Daughter pairs!

Thank you to the hard-working committee who arranged the day


JP Days of Exploration This idea that play matters is not new. However, with the increasing pressure on schools to educate for a growing technological and ever-changing world, as well as the need to develop 21st Century skills, the concept of play has been seen as a luxury children don’t have time for. Play’s contribution to learning is not new, but at St Peter’s we have become increasingly aware of the contribution of play to learning.

The importance of play in a person’s (especially a child’s) life cannot be under­ estimated. The passion we feel in a subject, playing with ideas, and working to find solutions are what drive people, and any time you can combine the three, life becomes good. In our Days of Exploration, we attempted to make the importance of learning through play better understood and the value of passion and the concept of work come together.


It is clear that these days were a tremendous success! “Love, work and play are three inborn drives that power human thought and action throughout the life cycle. Play is our need to adapt the world to ourselves and create new learning experiences.” David Elkind

Book Week Dress-up Day

Grade 1 RvG Grade 0 CH Grade 2 BP

Grade 0 JB

Grade 1 SS

Grade 2 KG

Grade 2 CM Grade 0 LM

Grade 0 SG

Grade 1 LL

Mr Webb thinks we look amazing!


JP Mandela Day ‘Book,Ball and Biscuit’ Initiative Mr Mandela spent 67 years making the world a better place. We asked you for 67 minutes this year. By devoting 67 minutes of your time on Wednesday, 25 July, you made a small gesture of solidarity with humanity and a step towards a global movement for good. This year we wanted to provide each child in Grade 0, 1 and 2, at Sefikeng School, with a children’s book, tennis ball and pack of four Oreo biscuits – for Mandela Day. We requested that parents, businesses and corporates assist us on the day. So what did they do? 1. Purchased/donated a book (suit­ able for young children), a tennis ball and a pack of four Oreo biscuits. 2. Parents were invited to join us at Sefikeng for 67 minutes (with their daughter) Read your book to a child and play ball. 3. Returned home with a happy heart This initiative was a first at the Girls JP as far as taking 150 girls to Sefikeng, where 450 books were distributed to pupils at the school! This initiative was support­ ing Mandela Day and 67 minutes of service. The excitement, the sheer energy and joy was uplifting in itself. This was truly a team effort. We look forward to making this a new tradition in the Girls JP.


Gr 0 Sports Day


Gr 1 & 2 Sports Day


BB 5574 St Peter’s School ad 2018

Grade 0 Swimming Demonstration

For affordable style visit us:

Grade 1 Swimming

Grade 2 Swimming


Middle School MADD Evening

Grade 3

Well done, Mrs Rachel Amm!


Middle School MADD Evening

Grade 4

Thank you for the music, Marguerite Schmitt!


Gr 3 JA


Simone Mabuza and Mia Joyce

Lily Coltham, Morgan Segar, Miraya Gajathar and Makhauta Ramoriting

Anna Law, Skyla Visser, Mia Willson and Chante Makofane

Caroline Joubert, Keitumetse Ngcongo and Chloe Bradshaw

Oratile Mmolawa, Zara van der Merwe and Olivia Morris (top to bottom)

Caylee Jacobsz, Anna Lyon, Dineo Seotsanyana and Rebecca Bramwell-Jones

Amy Wilson and Sanha Maharaj


Lia van den Berg, Ava Couvaras, Kyla Makomva and Kaylin Eagle

Gr 3 MH

Ntebogeng Manyaka and Siya Belle


Camryn Owen and Gemma Lancaster

Madison Gershaw and Ellah Jackson Michelle du Preez and Kirsten Pharoah

Chloe Takawira and Aimee Boyd

Letitia Sun and Paballo Makoro Khensani Hlongwane and Tyra Sibisi

Alwande Kota and Milani Lusu

Anele Zikalala and Mila Liefferink

Ropa Manikai and Jemma Murray

Mbasa Nodada and Mikayla Moodley


Tayla Ramsay and Noa Thomas

Jessica Moon and Marang Motsohi

Gr 3 CI

COLLEEN IRELAND Courtney Hibberd

Olivia Bortolan

Gabriella Steytler, Mikayla Mringi

Georgia Davies, Haydn Ford, Mahlohonolo Malie

Moitheri Machele, Teagan Eagle, Holly Page, Grace Anderson

Rebecca Fraser

Tamsin Geyve

Kirsten Phillip, Kelly Rohland, Riddhi Maharaj

Nonkululeko Hlangu, ZoĂŤ Dube, Imogen Del Fabbro, Gabriella van den Berg


Neo Makinta, Nicole Litten, Tshiamo Motsamai

Samantha Aitken, Maita Shamu, Otylia Nejthardt

Grade 3 Day Camp to Serobe Adventures


Grade 3 Market Day


Grade 3 Dads & Daughters Orienteering and Coding morning


Gr 4 RA

Grace Morris & Georgia Alston Kira Hannan & Isla Gibson

Jamie Turner & Amy Armstrong


Paige Edmundson & Carrey McCreedy Kate Linnell & Jessie Earlam

Tamara-Lee Hogerzeil & Abigail Hughes Karabo Magagane & Madison Edwards

Megan Kleynhans & Isabella Palk

Caitlin Barbour & Caitlin Hayward-Butt

Tawonga Nkosi & Georgia-Ann Alp

Jade van der Merwe & Tyla du Preez Thatohatsi Tshwale & Tatum Pratt

Tanaka Matambo & Storm Osborne


Gr 4 TK

Kelly Klintworth

Georgia Wright

Mahaylia David, Belicia Tshidibi, Cara Wolter


Dakota Wratten , Katlego Mphahlele, Kate Yaman Jamie Frayne, Emma Lockley, Angelina Wang

Zenzi Madondo, Talia North, Rethabile Mathe Ella van Schoor Lulibo Koza, Keitumetse Rankoe

Olivia Palk, Holly Dijkstra, Gomolemo Magomola

Casey Short Kayla Kloppers , Taryn Mashoko


Brooke Nell

Gr 4 IdB

INGERID DE BRUYN Isla Elphinstone

Bailey Sanders, Ira Fick and Kyla Hegland

Caitlin Miles, Imani Kizito and Aadya Sharma

Leelu-Maya Myburg, Olivia Pettitt and Genevieve Egger

Mogethwa Masilela , Amolemo Makhubo and Chloe Jacobs Storm Badrian, Tessa Hayward-Butt and Gisella Astengo Emily Ball, Fayfay Sun and Alexia Smedmor

Nikiwe Bam, Mbaliyethu Maqheyana and Thadina Madinane

Shernelle Holmes, Madison Baxter and Alexandra Morgan-Fizelle


Grade 4 Camp at Kloofwaters

Outdoor Centre, Buffelspoort


Grade 4 Market Day


Middle School Celebration of Achievement


Gr 5 MA

Sejal Menon and Scylla Govender

MEL ASPELING Hanna Aitken and Kate Stobart

Cara Formby and Georgie Grota

Isabella Horwood and Layla Hancock

Mia Jansen

Hayley Schubach and Yamani Pakade

Tshiamo Mogale

Iona Gibson and Grace Potgieter

Thagallo Zonke, Mukumela Netshitangani and Tafadzwa Nkomo

Jamie Hardy and Emily Walker

Allison Phillip

Mulalo Ramabulana and Caitlin Thackwell

Eve Corbett and Caitlin Langton

Aobakwe Machailo and Siphesihle Mahlangu


Gr 5 NM

Ella Hegarty, Emily Tannenberger

NIKI MAYNE Angelina Barrow, Khumo Mochela, Sophie Lidgey, Grace Langton

Leah Thompson

Naysa MboliMadimba, Kyra Lancaster, Erin Rice, Avheani Mutepe

Ella Watling, Tyler Boyd, Erin Osborne, Mackenna Ward

Emma Gordon, Sheila Rabali, ZoĂŤ Makhanda, Tamia Makomva

Mbalienhle Mzimba, Tayah Morgan, Adanna Nwaoshai, Afezekile Ngcaba

Sarah Thompson, Annabelle Roberts


Rachel Rostron, Sarah Diack

Grade 5 Camp to ATKV Resort,



Grade 5 Market Day

STEM activities & Flexible Learning Programme The Grade 5 girls researched and found that carnivorous plants cannot drink tap water because there are too many additives. They decided to design and make rain catchers in STEM. This linked with


a recent talk on the Cape Town drought and ideas on how to transport water to help. Many girls asked why we don’t all harvest rainwater in our gardens since ‘it’s so easy’ and would help save water globally?

Gr 6 RS

Georgie Pearse, Almaaz Mudaly


Abby Turner, Chloe Mocke

Bandile Tapela, Kate Backman Aarya Maharaj, Chloe Inwani

Kganya Mabizela, Jessica Barrow

Grace van der Merwe, Abigail Edgar

Jaimie Joyce, Mia du Plussis Zethu Simelane

Ella Page, Georgia Parker

Kaitlyn Kruiskamp, Emma Cassidy

Samantha Martin, Gabrielle du Toit

Rofhiwa Mangale, Madison Wagner

Nina Coetzee, Lara Gasson


Alex Barry, Arya Ramkissoon

Gr 6 LT

Ruby Logan Cayla Dhaeyere

Daisy Lennox, Tamlyn Martin and Tannah O’Neil

Jessica Buttle, Lucy Jewell, Kate Dracatos and Sophia Baynes

Tayla Paton, Zoe Earlam, Megan Gaunt and Annabelle Villet


Kayleigh Craig & Sophie-Mae Farmer Kananelo Maqheyana and Diopelo Mahlagare

Zoe Jackson and Bianca Morrow

Sophia Palk & Emily Alston


Tanna McCreedy and Keneilwe Ntjilo

Téa Piper, Joleen Alves and Alyssa Schumacher

Grade 6 Camp to Dimalachite River Lodge, Parys


Grade 6

House Plays Aladdin and the Magic Pickle Jar – performed by Waveney House

Queen Midas – performed by Founders House

June Bug and the Flea – performed by Oliver House

Jack and the Giant Sunflower – performed by Founders House

The Three Silly Goats Gruff – performed by Oliver House

Thaddeus and Faddeus Thumb – performed by Waveney House

FLPScience Expo


The Pig who cried Wolf – performed by Founders House

The Elves and Young Stubaker – performed by Oliver House

Gr 7 RN


Kate Potgieter, Lebone Tshetlo, Alexandra Lockley, Hanna Wannell

Mikyla Mutangara, Jaime-Rose Standfest, Thikho Matakanye, Tawananyasha Muchineripi

Cassie Dare, Owami Ramafoko

Megan Yates, Olivia Sorour, Serena Wolfenden, Lauren Els, Clare Keegan

Hollie Brown, Larissa Pillay, Megan Eagle, Meghan Baxter, Frances Jandrell

Erin Mommsen, Heidi van der Watt, Tshepi Moleah, Sienna Lenci


Gr 7 JR


Sydney Thokoane, Zoobie Cross, Lauren Fox

Kelsey Elliott, Tyler Wratten, Emma Kruse, Gemma Pettitt

Summer Tucker, Andile Tekana, Nchoana Liphoko, Eryn Glover

Romy Myers, Zenande Mbatsha, Emily Lidgey, Meg Smit, Danny de Villiers

Adina Chabana, Emma Barron, Gina Rebel

Anna Beart, Isabelle Barrow, Sydney Pollock, Mia Jackson

Kyla Pestana, Caitlin Celliers, Pelonolo Moerane


Keys Camp to Waterberg Game Lodge

Grade 7 girls assisted in eradicating the water lilies in the dam


Grade 7 Market Day


Grade 7 Activities

English class 2018 Grade 7 Hoodies

Bridge testing by an engineer

Grade 7 FLP


isiZulu Helpers’ tea

Skype interview with Martin Ganda, author of, ‘I will always write back’


2018 Grade 7s Gift to the School

Presentation of the Leavers’ gift to the school - a beautiful Guard House

Last Day at St Peter’s Girls Prep

JPs form a tunnel for the Grade 7s to walk through Last Chapel service as a St Peter’s girl

Off they go . . .


EdTech at St Peter’s Girls Prep EdTech is the use of technology in the form of devices, programmes, appli­ ca­tions and tools, to enhance learn­ ing, pedagogy and instruction within the school. The EdTech curriculum is comprised of several components: Digital Citizen­ ship, Information Technology Skills, Coding and Robotics and the integration of technology in the class­room. This curriculum is implemented from Grade 0 through to Grade 7. Digital Citizenship forms the foun­da­tion of our programme as we recog­nise the importance of our girls learning to

use technology in an appropriate and responsible way. Basic ICT skills are covered during ICT lessons and we are actively committed to integrating these skills into class­room activities. We are particularly excited about the Robotics and Coding elements of our curriculum and there is a strong understanding and commitment to the importance of learning Coding as a life skill going forward. St Peter’s is one of only a few schools that offer Coding and Robotics as a formal part of the standard curriculum for all girls from Grade 0 to Grade 7.


The school has implemented a 4-pronged approach, which encompasses computer-based coding programmes; unplugged, kinaesthetic activities; Lego robotics and a strong focus on integration – into other subjects with­ in the curriculum such as Maths, Sciences and Languages. St Peter’s Girls Prep School is determined to prepare our girls for the future and provide them with the knowledge and skills they will need to flourish in our technological world.

Grade 7 Production 'Treasure Island'

Mel Aspeling Director

Being a pirate can be lots of scary fun! So glad to see that your arm is better, Roger!

We’re off to the barricades!

There they are, the Benbow Inn Dancers.

There’ll be plenty of singing and dancing at the Benbow Inn!

Don’t worry, I won’t shoot you!


We are ready to sail into the sunset!

Mother look, here come those nasty pirates!

Arrrrrgh shiver me timbers, watch him walk the gangplank!

We’re off to the Benbow Inn!

There are skeletons near the buried treasure!

‘Thank goodness we found Benn Gunn, Jim,’ says Long John Silver.

Pirates can also be gentle!

So Squire Trelawney, can you do the Benbow Jig?

‘The scurvy scum must die, Mr Merry,’ yelled Long John Silver

What I would give for a little bit of cheese on toast!

Land Ahoy!

Find the boy! Hunt ‘im down!

Thank you and well done, Girls!


St Peter’s School of Music


Gr 2 Recorder group

Chapel Choir

Gr 4s playing the Ukuleles for the first time!

Grade 4 Clarinet group class Grade 4 Cello class

Gr 4s using body percussion to represent the different note values.

JP choir under the green lights!

JP choir Festival Cadet choir


iPad Band Musical Showcase

Orchestra Grade 6 Marimbas

SP Choir Festival


Mandela Day at St Peter’s

‘What is Leadership’ - on the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth

Book collection for Mandela Day

Nelson Mandela memorial service on 18 July


Book Week Dress-Up Day

The Pied Piper leads the parade


Chapel Events & Blessing of the

New Additions to the Chapel

Induction of Head Server, Pelonolo Moerane

Head Chorister, Lauren Fox

Grade 4s at their First Holy Communion

Bishop Steve Moreo blesses the new balcony in the Chapel

Bishop Duncan Buchanan’s mitre is donated to the St Peter’s Chapel


St Peter's Day, Servers and Bell Ringers

Chapel Servers Bell Ringers with Rachel Amm

St Peter’s Day Eucharist with Bishop Steve Moreo


Middle and Senior School’s

Individual Galas

Relay Gala

The moms, traditionally, jump in the pool after the gala!



Inter-house Tennis

Tennis Championships

Congratulations, Madison Edwards




Staff versus Girls!

Oliver does their thing! Waveney House Founders House cheer

House Captains make a speech

Founders House


Thank you for distributing the prizes, Mom!


Captains’ speeches Congratulations, Waveney House!

Thank you for presenting the prizes, Celeste!

Girls versus the Staff!



The Athletics Team that achieved second place at the Prestige event!



Founders doing their war cry!

‘Helping’ Mr Webb over the finish line!

Grade 3 girls to cross the finish line first

Grade 5 leaders Go Waveney!

Grade 7 - first three in!

Oliver House!


Grade 4 - leaders well done girls

Grade 6 first, second and third!

Campus Camera

Welcome to 2018 - first day!

Baden Powell Day

Bantams join the Girls Prep family

Chess Club

Christmas box collection for charity

Congratulations Téa Piper! She won a gold and a silver medal at the Taekwondo World Championships for colour belts

Delicious delivery from the kitchen!


Earth Hour - ‘turn off the lights’ reminders!

Feeding the Bantams!

Happy Mother’s Day - SP staff and their daughters

General Knowledge Quiz particpants

Kids Lit Quiz Marketing the CHOC initiative

Hot Dog Days - were stopped for a while this year owing to the Listeriosis outbreak

Our girls love the swings!


Campus Camera (continued)

Support Staff Appreciation Tea Role Model talks by moms here Mrs Candice Segar

Tyler Wratten, won the Kaloza Books Youth Month 2018 Writing Competition, for an essay entitled ‘What will your legacy be’. Congratulations, Tyler!

The School Values, beautifully displayed in the JP

Pyjama Day - for Georgie and CHOC

Soccer ‘World Cup’ on St Peter’s Day!

Student-led Conferences


Happy 50th Birthday, Mr Webb When you first came to our school we knew that you’d be great We knew that you were meant for us and your being here was fate We knew you’d be amazing and that you would do well That you would be a great headmaster and you would excel

You support and join in on all the fun be it on the hockey field or tennis court We think that you’re the very best And know how to have fun And how to make us love coming to school And be sad when the day is done

And from the second that you came and stepped into our school We thought you were incredible and really very cool

So we’re sorry to say but you’re stuck with us And you’re in with us for the long run We’ve caught you in our spiders webb (Please excuse the pun)

You proved to be the person that we had that hoped you would be And made our day in every way you were our cup of tea

We would like to thank you For helping us along the way And for being a great headmaster So we would like to say

You make us laugh each morning when you talk to us at prayers And at the same time teach us how to be a friend that really cares You try so hard to come to events and watch us play our sport

Hipp hipp hooray It’s a great day So go on your way And have an awesome birthday

Tyler Wratten


Happy 50th birthday Mr Webb

Old Girls Tea

Wonderful to see these lovely, familiar faces

Matric Old Girls Service

We wish you well in your Matric exams and we pray for your success in life


Dads & Daughters Dinner









2018 Ladies Lunch 'Botanicals & Bubbles'!

The popular Gin Bar!

Well done on a wonderful event, ZoĂŠ van Onselen!


PA Fun’draising Events

‘My Story’ Evenings

Winter Warmers

St Peter’s Prep PA Golf Day

Family Soccer Day


Community Partnerships

Grade 0s host Sefikeng Gr 0 friends and watch a play together Grade 1 outing with Sefikeng Grade 1s

Grade 2s to Sefikeng to get to know the Gr 2s there

Grade 3s visit to Honeydew Mazes with Sefikeng friends


Grade 4s make sandwiches for those who need lunch

Grade 5s make soup to feed hungry children in winter

Grade 6 do ‘Buddy Reading’ with Sefikeng Gr 2s

Grade 7s host a Christmas Party for the Sefikeng Gr 1s


St Peter's Foundation Events 2018 St Peter’s Prep Interns with Mentor, June Tromp

Blessing of the Interns, service

St Peter’s Foundation Donors’ Evening


2018 Sunset Carols

The Heads with Bishop Steve and his wife

Old Girl, Sarah Thornton-Dibb one of the soloists

The Christmas Market



Almaaz Mudaly Gr 6 Bandile Tapela Gr 6 Alec Lockley Gr 7

Heidi van der Watt Gr 7

Gabrielle du Toit Gr 6

Jessica Buttle Gr 6

Erin Mommsen Gr 7

Kate Dracatos Gr 6 Kate Backman Gr 6 Pelonolo Moerane Gr 7

Sienna Lenci Gr 7

Sophie Lidgey Gr 5

Tamlyn Martin Gr 6


Tyler Wratten Gr 7

DSG Reflections on a school journey Looking back at my first year at DSG, I realise how strong a foundation St Peter’s has provided for me. With its top-of-therange modern technology and excellent teachers, the school equips its girls, former and current, with the right skills to build a bright and sustainable future. Like seasons, we all have to make a change at some point in our lives. For some, that change can be difficult, but St Peter’s has made the change from junior school to high school significantly easier. DSG has given me many new opportunities and experiences - I can’t wait to spend my next four years of school in such an amazing place. I could not be more grateful to St Peter’s for building me up to be the person I am, and I can’t wait to see the person I become at DSG. Megan Barrow (Grade 8)

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