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Here is an example of a good faq web page. I believe it is a good one because it answers the questions and provides links believe the link below is not as good a faq web page it doesn’t really answer the question asked and doesn’t provide links to help the person

FAQ about File sharing Q1: How will web collaboration help my business? A1: I believe it will help your business because you can connect quickly with your employees even at home online. You can share files, make announcements, answer and ask questions, work on projects together, make comments and posts. Q2: Does it cost money to sign up? A2: Depends which site you go with. Some offer a trial and begin charging after a certain amount of time always make sure you read the details carefully when signing up. There are free ones out there. Q3: Do a lot of companies use this? A3: I’m sure a lot of them do and if you decide to sign up you probably will have a great experience with it. Q4: How often should I be checking and posting on this site to keep a good handle on it A4: I would probably check in frequently. I would say at least every other day if not every day. Q5: Can you provide me a couple of websites to choose from? A5: Sure here are some links to check out


This provides a faq information