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Welcome... our Lenham Focus. We have now had a lot of feedback from our readers on the new look and I’m pleased to say that this has all been very supportive and constructive. We have tried to take on board as many as we can. We hope all the tweaks have improved the magazine even further. Please keep your comments coming in as we are always trying to improve the magazine. We would also like to congratulate Annie, who is in charge of our advertising, who has just had her first baby. We all wish her the best and look forward to her return to the team.


In this month’s issue the Parish Council are looking for a new Councilor. If you think you can fill this role please get in contact with Margo. Please take some time to look through the dates for your diary section as there are some good events this month. Including the Autumn Fair to support MacMillan Nurses in the Egerton Millennium Hall.


James Collett Focus Editor 01622 850608

Lenham Focus Volume 15 Issue 9 | September 2013 Circulation 2000

SEP 13 Editor: James Collett 01622 850608 | Advertising: Annie Drylie (On maternity leave) Please contact James | Treasurer: Sue Marchant 01622 858511 | 07788163828 | Distribution: Gez Clark 07784 447200 Proof Reader: Jane Hewish Social: Jemma Cockell Printed by: MD Printers


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Your Focus Team We are the team behind the Lenham Focus, we build the magazine from start to finish every month. For you.



Our people From left to right: Annie Drylie and James Collett (More to come in next issue!)


Photography: Elliott Round Elliott is a student who has just graduated from Maidstone Grammar School. He has been providing his photography to Flowbox for around a year now. His style is normally contemporary studio weddings. For this magazine, Elliott was commissioned to produce a high-quality, focused and creative set of photographs that embraces the new Lenham Focus brand, and the village ethos.

Flowbox. 07

Writing: James Collett

Design: Will Beeching and Ed Craddock

Although James is not, and never has been, involved in publishing he works on the Focus to ensure the village is always up to date with events and to provide local businesses with a low cost publication to advertise in. As with all the team he gives up his time in between work and family and is always grateful to the contributors who make the job so much easier.

Flowbox are an innovative young creative agency based in Maidstone. Established in 2012 they have been providing the Focus with their time and design services for free. Flowbox works with all sorts of clients from one-man bands to huge corporations. If there’s something you’re after, get in touch! Visit Follow us @lenhamfocus

Borough Council Corner Report from Councillor Tom Sams What fun we all had! It was good to see that many of the summer events went off so well. From bike rides/runs to rounders tournaments, from litter picks to ragwort pulling mornings all were different and each gave something back to our community. The volunteers and organisers are to be applauded for their efforts, well done. 08

The council re-organised its recycling which of course including the extra glass bottles is excellent, but it did appear that it wasn’t brilliantly communicated to residents and hopefully will be ironed out. We even came across a bin that had fallen off the food waste recycling lorry which a motor cyclist was moving to a safer spot of the road! I know in principal residents want to recycle more and this gives us an opportunity to do this. Time will tell how successful it is.

Borough Council Corner

Cllr Tom Sams Harrietsham & Lenham Ward t: 01622 859412 m: 07718173329

Finally can I applauded the public safety event organised principally by our PCSO Dave Rowley in cooperation with Martin Sherwood our community warden. It was advertised extensively and unfortunately was not attended as much as they would have liked. I and others know the work both David and Martin put in. It’s immense and by working together they are an effective force of good for our community.


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The White Horse Sandway ~ a traditional public house ~

Tuesday to Friday Lunch including Tuesday evening: 2 courses for £10.50 / 3 courses for £13.50

Wednesday night Steak Night 8oz steak for £12.50

Christmas Party + Christmas Day Menus Available Now

Live music 1st Friday of the month 01622 859511 Lenham Heath Road, Sandway




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Lenham Parish Council Public Participation: Members of the public who wished to speak; Mr. I. George enquired about the closing of the recycling site in Old Ashford Road.


The Clerk informed I/G that the site will be closed by MBC later this month/early next month, and the land would then be an issue for the owners to fence off. Cllr Barr advised that the LPC should contact the Land Registry Office to make sure the land had been transferred to the LPC ownership by the previous owner, before any action is taken by the LPC; the Clerk will contact the LRO to make sure the land is owned by the LPC. I/G also enquired about the Railway clean up, i.e. the weeds along their pathways etc. The Clerk advised that the railway company had responded to her e-mail about the problem and had supplied a reference number against the work to be carried out, the Clerk agreed to contact the railway company again to remind them that the work was still outstanding. Boro Cllr. T Sams had been informed that Swadelands School buses had been advised to divert the journeys via Lenham Square as opposed to using Ham Lane off the A20, because of safety implications, the LPC members believed this chosen route to be more hazardous than the original route; Cllr. Greenwood who is a Governor at the School will investigate further the need for the changing of the route. The

Lenham Parish Council

Meeting held: 7th August

Chairman advised T/S that no work had yet been carried out on clearing the public footpath that runs along the North-side of the A20; from the Texaco garage to East Lenham Farm. The Clerk advised that she had contacted MBC, but Councillors believed that the pathway was the Kent Highways Services problem; the Clerk is to inform KHS of the problem as well. PCSO Dave Rowley read out the monthly reported crime figures; there were a total of 8, 5 more than last month with no pattern. D/R also advised that the Home Safety event which took place on the 27th July between 10-00 am and 1-00 pm at Lenham Community Centre, was poorly attended, although welladvertised. The PCSO said he was not put off by the poor turnout and will continue to put on other events; the Chairman thanked D/R for all his hard work in organising the event and was sorry the event was not better attended. D/R advised that the police had a number of calls relating to nuisance vehicles around McColl’s; D/R said he would monitor the problem more closely to try and identify the offenders, who he can then issue with a Section 59 warning which could lead to the individuals having their cars seized. D/R reported that the KCW and he had had success in stopping a scam against an elderly gentleman in Old School Close, whereby the Trading Standards became involved and between all the agencies the scam was prevented.

KCW Martin Sherwood reported that he prevented a bogus person selling dusters by the way of knocking on doors. M/S reported that when he began to question the person, a vehicle drew up and picked the man up and then drove off, with an occupant of the vehicle making a rude gesture to M/S as the car went off; M/S did manage to get the cars registration number and hopefully the culprits will be identified and dealt with by the police. KCC Ward member Jenny Whittle had given her apologies for not attending the meeting due to being on holiday, but advised that the Old Ashford road pot holes will be dealt with ASAP but the road will not be re-surfaced, because of lack of KHS funds. The Faversham Road/A20 junction alterations, was still on KHS list of to do’s. The Chairman opened the main meeting: Matters Arising: Telephone Box: The Parish Clerk had written to MBC to advise them that LPC wished to adopt the kiosk, and would the MBC advise British Telecom of its decision. B.T. is now communicating with MBC over the adoption of the box to LPC. WC’s lease: It was agreed by full Council to have the water leak repaired at a cost of £800 plus, also to look into the extension of the lease that MBC has agreed to offer; from 3

years to 15 years. It was also agreed that Cllr. Greenwood would investigate other options of where the public toilets could be situated and the possible costs. Funding of a Church Youth Outreach Worker for Lenham and the surrounding Parishes: The Chairman advised that he had attended a meeting on the above along with the Reverend Dick Venn, Jenny Whittle and Nigel Baker in Maidstone Sessions house. It was agreed that KCC would contribute £2k and J/W would further contribute £1k, also donations from all the parishes involved would be asked for; LPC has agreed to contribute £250, the funding 15 is for a 4 year period. Should all the funding be found then it is hoped that the new youth worker would be based in the Lenham Youth Centre, and the centre would be open for a third and possibly a fourth night. A further meeting with Head-teacher of Swadelands Mr. R. Baddeley will be held in the autumn to discuss the project further. Reports & Committees/ Spokespersons: Finance & General Purpose: The Chairman asked if anybody wished to bring any items on that agenda up at full Council. Cllr. Greenwood said he still had to find quotes for concrete ramps at the BMX Park as opposed to the wooden equipment presently in situ

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Cont... Planning: Cllr. Huggens had distributed his reports and asked if any Councillors had any questions on his written reports on the Planning meetings held on 17th July/5th August 2013; Cllr. Barr enquired on the response letter concerning the Public Inquiry about the proposed creation of a motocross track. The Chairman advised that Cllr. Newman had drafted a letter of response advising that the LPC were opposed to the development of the motocross track, and the full LPC had endorsed the draft letter to be sent in to the Public Inquiry, and will be read out at the appropriate time at the inquiry.


Groom-Way Development: The Chairman advised that the sale of LPC land in Groom Way was still on-going. Neighbourhood Plan: The Chairman advised that there had been no further progress had been made on the NHP, but LPC were looking to working together with MBC Planning Department on some form of presentation showing the suggested SHLAA sites that have been identified in the Parish, and consideration made by the Lenham Parishioners on the best sites for expansion of the village in the future. Highways and Transportation: Cllr. Bone advised that he would contact the KHS steward and ask why there were still a lot of outstanding work that still had not been completed although they had been on the list of to do’s for months.


Law & Order: The Chairman reported that he was disappointed at the public turnout to the PCSO’s event in the community centre, but praised both PCSO Dave Rowley and KCW Martin Sherwood for all their efforts to put on a great event, of which it was. Environment: Cllr. Greenwood went through a priority list that the working party had identified the work needed to be carried out at the cemetery; it was agreed that most of the work that had been identified could be carried out by Simon the Parishes Handyman, and grass cutting contractor. Cllr. Greenwood also reported that a large limb had broken away from a tree near Forge House; he would get a quote to remove it. Reports from outside meetings: Cllrs Younger and Greenwood gave verbal reports on the meetings they had attended. Cllr. Younger attended the Harrietsham Parish Council meeting and Cllr. Greenwood attended the Boughton Malherbe 4/5 year planning for the parish meeting. To Report correspondence received: The Chairman advised that he had received an e-mail from the KALC Maidstone Area Chairman which advised parishes not to sign their Parish Service Scheme agreements at this moment in time, further advice will be given soon.

UGANDA Recently, Chris and I went to Uganda to see the charity work Chris’s sister is doing. We visited two primary schools, with a view to linking them to schools in the UK. In one class 220 beautifully behaved children were being taught by one teacher. We took out books to give to the schools. We saw an orphan project overseen by Moses. He had 80 children, who were placed in families. They are given shoes, uniform, books, mosquito nets etc and a live goat or turkey for the family. Once a month they are taught skills like mending shoes, making jewellery, rope-making etc so that one day they can earn some money. We went to an Anglican service, which was packed with people, with others standing outside and which would be followed by another service to accommodate more. It was a moving experience.

If you would like to get in touch with the parish council please don’t hesitate to contact:

We visited a technical school and saw their woodworking department. We took some saws for them, but they needed more tools. We met an 18 year old girl called Miriam who could not go back to school because her mother could not pay the fees. We helped her and she was able to return to school. Primary schools are free, but secondary education is not. The rain has been disappointing both this year and last, so some crops have died and there is no money to buy more seeds. 80% of Ugandans are poor. Despite 17 this they laugh and smile readily and dress in smart, clean clothes. When you see how little they have and how much we have, it is very humbling. If you are interested in this charity work, you can find information about it on a website www.dolen-ffermio. My sister-in-law’s group is called dolen Llanbrynmair, but it is a young group, with no website as yet. Both come under the aegis of Wales for Africa, sponsored by the Welsh Assembly. Mary Parkinson

Mrs Margo McFarlane Parish Clerk 13 Mercer Drive Harrietsham ME17 1AY Tel: 01622 859682 Website:

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Visit Follow us @lenhamfocus

Dates for Your Diary



Autumn Fair in Aid of Macmillan Nurses Egerton Millennium Hall 10:30am 20



Emilia’s Little Heart 80’s Disco The White Horse, Sandway, 7:30pm





Lenham Family Festival Public Meeting Lenham Community Centre 7:15pm

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning St. Mary’s Church, Lenham 10:00am - 12 noon

Messy Church St Mary’s Church, Lenham Royal British Legions Women’s Section Meeting Lenham Community Centre 2:30pm



60+ Young at Heart Late Lunch



Friends of St Mary’s Barn Dance Tithe Barn

Dates for Your Diary

The Friends of St John the Baptist’s Church, Harrietsham Barn Dance Saturday 9th November 7.30pm: Harrietsham Village Hall. A date for our diary: The Friends of St John the Baptist’s church, Harrietsham will be holding a barn dance as above to raise funds for the upkeep of the church building. Dance to the excellent Rattle the Boards ceilidh band. Bring your own food and drink and have fun! Tickets and further details in October. Paul Wallace, Secretary


6.00pm Sunday 29th September Egerton House, Egerton, TN27 9BD



Royal British Legion Annual Meeting Lenham Social Club 8:00pm


Messy Church Ulcome Village Hall



The programme will include songs from Strauss’ Rosenkavalier as well as Italian and English Songs. Both Bryony and Heather are winners of the internationally renowned Strauss-Kennedy Prize from the RNCM.

Flu Clinic Lenham Surgery 8:30am - 11:30 am


Tickets £12 (members £10, children free) From Egerton Village Shop or 01233 756254/756259

Royal British Legions Women’s Section Meeting


Bryony Williams – Soprano Heather Lowe – Mezzo soprano Piano – Jonathan Fisher



Egerton Music Club Song Recital Egerton House 6:00pm





Flu Clinic Harrietsham Surgery 2:00pm - 5:00pm

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Letter from a previous editor We had a first look at the ‘new look’ August edition of Lenham Focus today and both Tom and I would like to congratulate you and your team on the first edition of the ‘new look’ Focus. The presentation is first class and reflects the growth of Lenham, with younger residents coming in which will revitalise the village.


Your younger new readers may (or may not!) like to know the origins of Lenham Focus. Originally the village had a very small church magazine called Outlook, which I volunteered to take on for the then vicar, Revd David Wright. Shortly after that, John Philpot started a further new village magazine – Lenham Focus. It did seem at the time that we were publishing the same or similar events and articles in both magazines and after some discussion; we agreed that the magazines should be merged. John remained as the Editor of the combined magazine Focus and I became Deputy Editor for a short time. I was, as they say, ‘computer literate’ and John found the technology not to his liking. People were beginning to submit articles and advertising electronically and change became necessary in both the content and style of the magazine, including setting up our first Website – as indeed 10 years later you have done now. I then took over as the Editor and my

Letter from a previous editor

husband Tom took over the finance, advertising and distribution. Together we ran the publishing for some nine years. Eventually we asked for help, which was not forthcoming and the Parish Council was desperate for the magazine to continue to be published. Thankfully, James stepped into that breach and took on the Editor’s role and Sue took on the finances and advertising. Gez Clark took responsibility for distribution, with his band of helpers. We think it is very healthy for magazines to update themselves from time to time and bring in ‘new blood’ with enthusiasm and fresh ideas. We originally produced both Outlook and Focus in black and white. It was very home-spun with local articles drawn out from old villagers who had lived in the village, ‘man and boy’ as it were. The original Outlook was printed using a black and white photo copier and Focus was printed by a local Lenham printer based in a tiny place behind the old Lenham Ironmongers on a very old-fashioned litho printer. We had some odd instances of misprints and missing or double pages!! This was eventually refined and the professional photographer David Worsley who, until last month, did all the assembly and advertising artwork. We were motoring!! Will and Ed have now brought the mag up to date with full colour, using all the latest printer and computer technology and it looks

great! If there is just one comment we could make, it is that we would like to see the print size in the articles to be a little larger, to assist some of the older folk, but I’m sure they will refine it further in time. Both Tom and I wish you and your new team every further success – a wonderful asset to the changing face of Lenham. The Lenham Focus is our main village communicator, we wonder what next….perhaps a talking magazine? The new personal smartphones are getting there. Sheila Lee

Have you been to Messy Church yet? An hour of games, messy construction, paint, glue and glitter. Activities for boys and girls, babies and grandparents, toddlers and teens. Then a chance to gather round for songs, story and prayer. And finally a slap up tea for all the family. Church for families but on a Saturday afternoon at a time that suits you! So what are you waiting for! Here are our autumn dates and venues: 14th September Lenham church 12th Oct Ulcombe Village Hall 16th Nov Harrietsham School 14th Dec Lenham church Hope to see you soon!

Messy Mums Messy Mums has been going for 9 months now - quite a significant time for mums and mums to be! We meet on a Wednesday morning in Lenham church from 10.30 to 12.00 and despite its name it’s for mums, dads, grannies and carers! Babies enjoy looking around and learning to socialise with other babies. Toddlers enjoy different toys to play with and space to run around. Mums enjoy the chance to meet other new mums and swap tips and ideas, make new friends and relax a little. There’s time too for music and story time when we discover what’s in the story bag and enjoy shaking and rattling along with the songs. Do come and join us when we start back in September when the schools are back. And it’s only £1 per family for fresh coffee, tea and biscuits.


Messy Church is back for the autumn term

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REMIX FRIDAY FILM CLUB, HARRIETSHAM VILLAGE HALL FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 20TH 2013 NOW SHOWING ON OUR NEW STATE OF THE ART SCREEN Afternoon Matinee organised by Harrietsham Fish scheme. Doors open at 2pm for refreshments, prompt 2.15 start Les Miserables Cert PG In 19th-century France, Jean Valjean, who for decades has been hunted by the ruthless policeman Javert after he breaks parole, agrees to care for factory worker Fantine's daughter, Cosette. The fateful decision changes their lives forever. Starring Helena Bonham Carter and Russel Crowe


Admission ÂŁ3 for members U18 need to be accompanied by an adult Contact Marjorie on 850657 if you require transport Youngsters Film at 5.30pm Brave Cert U Since ancient times, stories of epic battles and mystical legends have been passed through the generations across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland. In "Brave," a new tale joins the lore when the courageous Merida (voice of Kelly Macdonald) confronts tradition, destiny and the fiercest of beasts. 7.50pm for refreshments, prompt 8pm start. Hugo cert U Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton. Starring Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone, Jude Law, Christopher Lee and Frances De La Tour. Directed by Martin Scorsese Admission ÂŁ3 for members U18 need to be accompanied by an adult Contact Janetta Sams on 859412 or email See


Lenham Cricket Club Saturday 6th July saw the League side travel to Betsham. The two sides met in early June with Lenham coming out on top. With the two sides, sitting at the time in position 1 and 2 in the league, it was a big game. Unfortunately the result achieved in June could not be replicated on this occasion. Lenham lost the toss and were put into bat. The Lenham batsmen found it hard going and were bowled out inside 43 overs for 137 runs - it could have been considerably less had the opposition not bowled 28 extras. The batsmen to get starts were Pete Humpies 28 and Nick Rutledge 29, although neither could push on and convert this into a meaningful score. Betsham never looked in danger of not reaching the modest target and cruised home for the loss of just one wicket (taken by Tom Curtis) inside 27 overs. The following day the Sunday side made the short journey to Egerton to kick off their festival week. Egerton won the toss and opted to bat first. They scored 260 off their 40 overs. Lenham used 8 bowlers to try and restrict Egerton but in the Sunday heat it proved to be in vain. Egerton lost 6 wickets with Jack Gracie picking up 2. The total always looked a little steep for Lenham as it proved, dismissed for 178. The runs were shared around with a few getting starts, Howard Nurden 24, Dan Russell (22) Dave Seales (28), James Nurden (31).

The following week the League side were back to winning ways, entertaining Rumwood. Rumwood won the toss, and chose to bat first. They scored 184 off their 45 overs, with extras again contributing more than the Lenham side would have liked. Dave Gardner took 3 wickets and Adrian Longley 2. In a measured run chase Lenham chased down their target with an over to spare. Alan Barr 67 and Pete Humphries 48 the batsmen of note. With 10 players the Sunday side travelled to Sissinghurst. Lenham won the toss and chose to bat first. Lenham were dismissed for 163 inside 37 overs. Martyn Smith 35 and Phil Gracie 33 were the pick on the Lenham batsman. Sissinghurst knocked off the runs inside 30 overs for the loss of 6 wickets. In a sporting gesture a couple of the Sissinghurst middle order batsman retired. Tom Curtis took 3 wickets and Ken Obbard 2. Next up for the Saturday side were Headcorn away. Headcorn scored 152 runs. Tom Curtis picked up 2 wickets but the star of the Lenham bowlers was Jack Ambrose who took his maiden 5 wicket haul, or as Jack calls it his first fiver! In the run chase Pete Humphries continued his good form carrying his bat, 76 not out, Steve Horton 30 and Dave Bunch 29 provided good support.


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Cont.. The Sunday side played host to East Sutton. Lenham won the toss and chose to bat first. On a roasting hot Sunday Lenham piled on the runs, scoring 251 in their 40 overs. A solid opening partnership between Tom Curtis 75 and Matt Revitt 49 got Lenham off to a good start, Ken Obbard also chipped in with 51. East Sutton never looked like getting the required runs as wickets fell regularly. Simon Humphrey picked up 6 wickets for 31 runs! Like Jack the previous day his first 5 wicket haul. Brian Tree picked up 2 wickets. But it was the Simon Humphrey show!


The Saturday side travelled to the quant setting of Milstead for their next league fixture. Milstead were bowled out for 127. Tom Curtis took 5 wickets for 33 runs. Pete Humphries once again carried his bat, 48 not out, Alan Barr, Adrian Longley and Dave Bunch each chipping in with scores in the mid to late teens. No game for the Sunday side on 28th July, instead it was the ‘LCC Fun Day’ The sun shone and people turned out in their numbers to support the day, thank you each and everyone of you. Thank you also to all those who helped out on the day by baking cakes, donating raffle prizes and running refreshment stalls. There are too many people to thank to name them all individually here but you know who you are! I will however single out Alex Gray for his organisation of the whole event, George Gray for manning the bouncy castle plus Mel & Rosie who ran the BBQ from start to finish, and


Mel for loaning us her bouncy castle for the day, thank you! There were a total of 7 teams who entered on the day. The final was held between Abby’s Dwarfs and The Millers. The Millers came out on top! I hope everyone enjoyed the day! Whilst there was no game on the Sunday Lenham had a fixture on the Monday to kick off Newington’s cricket week, for the second season. The fixture was held at Bobbing Court. LCC fielded a team of 9. Lenham batted first and scored 171 off 40 overs. Three knocks of note, Pete Humphries 42, Tom Curtis 50 and Dave Seales 25. Newington knocked off the runs inside 37 overs Tom Curtis and Brian Tree each picked up two wickets. The last league update of the season saw Lenham entertain Linton Park. Lenham won the toss and decided to field first. Linton Park scored 203 off their 45 overs. Alan Barr was the pick of the bowlers taking 4 wickets. The extras once again could have cost Lenham the game with 47 being bowled. A well timed run chase saw Lenham reach their target with 1 over to spare. The main stay of the Lenham batting were Alan Barr 63 and Tom Curtis 76. The Sunday side met Murston at home in the last update of the month. Murston won the toss and decided to bat. Lenham had Murston 128 for 9 wickets and seemed to be well in control. However a damaging last wicket partnership took the Murston total to 183. Dave Gardner bowled well and took 4 wickets for 21 runs.

Lenham eventually fell 21 runs short of their target. A few batsmen got starts but could not push on. Dave Seales 34 and Dave Seaman 30 the main contributors. Our next few fixtures are as follows; Saturday 07th September Sheldwich away, Sunday 08th September Hartley away, Saturday 14th September Otham home, Sunday 15th September Harrietsham home, Saturday 21st September TBC, Sunday 22nd September Smarden away, Saturday 28th September TBC, Sunday 25th September Sissinghurst home. This game sadly will conclude LCCs 2013 season. If you’re interested in joining the club, please contact us at lenhamcc@ and remember, visitors are always welcome on match days – bring a picnic and enjoy this glorious sunshine!

installed and the area to the right of the gates has been tidied up. Thanks must go to sponsors who provided the water supply (A W Court Funeral Directors) and Cllr. T Sams. The benches were purchased using funds from the budget of County Councillor J Whittle. Special thanks to the trustees of the James Hatch Charity who contributed towards the water supply and undertook a major overhaul and improvement to the large Hatch Family Burial Plot, they also regularly keep the area next to the plot tidy. Needless to say the War Graves Commission keeps the military graves in splendid condition. If visitors to the cemetery remove old floral displays and keep the area around their plot tidy it will help improve the environment for all. If you need any information regarding the cemetery please contact the Clerk; Margo McFarlane on 01622 859682. Thank you.


Cemetery Works Lenham Parish Councillors recently met at the cemetery to produce a schedule of works. A report has been produced outlining the improvements which we hope to undertake in the near future (subject to funding) Visitors to the cemetery may have noticed several enhancements to the site already in situ. The water supply is now connected and situated near the shed at the end of the drive, no need to store water in unsightly plastic containers or leave the containers on site, please remove after each visit. Two new benches have been Visit Follow us @lenhamfocus

We can print + deliver your loose A5 insert Get in touch for more details!




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Fire Safety advice for rural communities Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is working with rural communities to raise awareness of fire safety risks associated with country living. The service has been talking with parish councils and local groups about some of the challenges faced in rural areas while highlighting the free advice and services available to residents.


Safety in the home Fire can occur at any time without warning and can spread very quickly, particularly in older, timber-framed buildings. Just three breaths of fire smoke can render an occupant unconscious, so it is vital that homes have working smoke alarms fitted on each floor to provide valuable early warning. As the cooler evenings set in, Chimney fires become a common occurrence in rural homes, generally caused by a build up of soot from open fires or wood-burners used for heating. Such fires can put both your life and your property at risk, so it is important to make sure chimneys are swept and checked regularly and that flues are correctly fitted and in working order. Free advice and services KFRS offers free safety advice and, where needed, its community safety team can provide free home safety visits. These take around 30 minutes and include advice on escape routes, night time safety routines and fire hazards in the home and, where required, the fitting of free smoke alarms.

Fire Safety advice for rural communities

Often those most in need of help are older residents or those with health issues, who perhaps live alone in more isolated communities. KFRS’s vulnerable persons team provides specialist advice to help people stay independent in their own homes for longer and equipment for residents who are more at risk. Help might include providing items such as fireproof bedding and fire retardant materials for immobile smokers, safety gadgets such as cooker switches for dementia sufferers who have become forgetful about turning the cooker off and smoke alarms designed for visually and hearing impaired people. Eligibility for a home safety visit is assessed on an individual basis and takes into consideration age, health, mobility, lifestyle and other risks. If you know someone who may need fire safety advice or specialist help please call KFRS (free from landlines) 0800 923 7000. Bonfires It is tempting to have a bonfire at this time of year to burn off garden waste, but they can easily burn out of control, cause pollution and become a nuisance to neighbours. Composting is a much safer, greener solution for getting rid of garden waste. However if you do have a bonfire the advice is to take extra care and never use petrol or other accelerants on it. Ensure

any fires are built well away from any buildings, sheds or fences and never leave a fire unattended. Road safety With the darker evenings setting in fire crews are also urging motorists to take extra care on the roads. With more leaves and debris on the roads, coupled with poorer visibility, the advice is to check your tyres, ensure your lights are working properly and to keep your windscreen clean. Also, always take into consideration the road conditions, check your speed and ensure you keep a safe distance from other road users.

Hospice, and are trying to find a way to live with the uncertainty of a life-limiting disease, then do join us. We plan to have discussions about topics of interest, and visits from members of staff from the Hospice such as the Occupational Therapist, Complementary Therapist, and the Community Nurse. This group will be facilitated by a member of the Family Services Team from the Hospice, and the agenda will be led by those who attend. We want to meet your needs, both as patient and carer.

For further free safety advice please visit


Friends of St Mary’s Lenham

Join Us!! – at The Heart of Kent Hospice Drop-In Fortnightly on a Tuesday morning from 10:30 -12:30 am - next meeting is on 3rd September.


The Village Barn Dance And

Annual Tug ‘o’ War Competition Contact Alex Grey on 07760132803 to enter your Tug ‘o’ War team Dancing to

The Heart of Kent Hospice has just started a group for patients under its care, which will meet fortnightly at Len Valley GP Surgery in Lenham. The aim of the group is to meet the needs of those who live at a distance from the Hospice, who may find it difficult to access the services that are available for patients and their carers at the Hospice. If you are under the care of the

‘Whistling Skirmish’ In the

Tithe Barn, Lenham Courtesy of Val and John Arthur

Saturday 21 September Tug ‘o’ War starts @ 5.00 pm Barn Dance starts @ 7.30pm

Tickets: £8.00 per peson Bar supplied by the Red Lion Either bring you own nibbles or order from Mario’s Fishbar    

Tickets can be purchased purchased from either: Len Valley Newsagent, High St, Lenham St Mary’s Church’s coffee morning 10.00am every Saturday Red Lion Or, Contact Lyn Fuller on 01622 851538

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Š Andy Flood Photography This photo was supplied by Andy Flood, a photographer based on the outskirts of Maidstone.

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We had a splendid walk around Hothfield Common on a lovely sunny evening on a Common that has been grazed for at least 2000 years if not 5000. One of the only sphagnum bogs (type of moss) in Kent. The presence of a Common is interesting. According to the Chronicles of St. Augustines Abbey (circa 1070⇒ 1260) the Monks gave the vicar of Lenham a field called Langbregge that was near Markwell and they also had a Windmill. None of these places have been located and the windmill of Mill Close was some 600 years later. Langbregge means Long Brake as it had hedges down each side. Amy Myers and I went walking and found that Longslip (marked on the 1841 tithe map) is still there but over a mile SW from St Mary’ s and quite near Leading Cross Green. If Markwell is split into Mark and Well it could be a field that it was a common for a mark means “a tract of land that was owned by a village community.” One wonders if it had a well? The next field west of Longslip is Harps and it at present has a mark that is parching out ….could that be the position of the well or the windmill, as the land slopes down to Lower Winder field? Winder can

Clubs, Societies, Organisations and Gatherings

mean a wind mill. Abbotsmell and Slakke were two water mills in that western part of Lenham but no one is sure where. So if those names mean anything to you let me know. I have printed off the 1841 tithe map from a disc that I purchased from Centre of Kentish Studies and using the list of Apportionments have typed on the map all the old field names . If anyone would like the map for their area please ask me for it. I showed the Old Ham Lane section to the owner of Lenham Storage and he said “That’s interesting”, for the last field he purchased from William Pitt (then of Lenham Court) was Little Two Acres. That field stands next to Chapel Field and had a covenant on it that declared he could not build anything except a church of chapel! He got the covenant rescinded from the Church commissioners. Which church? I asked. “Oh don’t be silly, Lesley “a friend of mine said it cannot be Catholic, it has to be C of E. But Eureka! It was the RC diocese of Southwark. Then I remembered Carol Brazier had said something similar about a section of land closer to Lenham Court. That too had this same covenant and that too was rescinded quite recently. Even so the Little Two Acres is still not built on, it is the car/lorry park behind the new wooden fence. Not that its ever

going to be dug up …but one wonders what is under the car park! Why I said eureka! Is that I have been looking for proof west Lenham was owned by the St Augustines. The Manor itself (Lenham Court) was seized from them by Henry VIII and later given to William Cecil, Lord Burleigh by Queen Elizabeth I. So did some snippets of land get returned to the R C’s? It would seem that that might be so and I have written to the Archivist at Southwark to enquire when, and if this happened, when did they hold it first? If it goes right back to before the Norman Conquest there is the proof! It then makes it quite possible that before “1297 when Lenham Church burnt down “there was a church or chapel on or near Chapel Field on Old Ham Lane. Kent Archaeological Soc has the Wotton estate on it’s web site. There are at least 8 manors that Wottons owned in Lenham, try researching that site for your selves to find out more. Strangely, the covenant seems to be in place in 1270 for the Chronicles say:“Lenham for your refectory ….we do ratify the same and fortify it with the protection of this present writing, strictly inhibiting your whole body by our apostolic writings that you presume not to convert that church and its appurtenances to other uses or to transfer it to any secular person contrary to our decrees.” When it says “Lenham for the refectory” I do not think that it means there was a refectory building at Lenham. The refectory completed is most likely the one at Leeds Priory. The “utensils” in another section of text refer to food produced on the Lenham land. I may be wrong in this assumption and as soon as I am able I will get a copy of the original Latin text and ask someone to translate it again with the knowledge behind them that

there were likely two Lenhams and two separate churches. Thus the somewhat confusing Latin might make more sense. It says at one point that the St Augustines were to give an offering of wax to Lenham Church “likewise 2lbs of wax which the prior and convent of the church of St Gregory, Canterbury, ought and are accustomed to offer annually at the great altar of the afore noted church.” It seem clear from other evidence that the reason the St.Gregory monks “ought” to offer the wax is because the church at Lenham was first and foremost the one they had care of i.e. it was “East” Lenham church owned by the Archbishop . To verify this theory one can now trawl the Kilwardy Survey of the Archbishops lands and that too is on the KAS web site. At first sight you may think I am wrong because Lenham does not seem to be listed, but Calehill Hundred came right up to Lenham Church so it will be listed under Charing. Confusing? I told you before, studying the origins of Lenham is confusing! But read my articles in our last journals and it may become clearer. For anyone that‘s interested please get busy doing research! Lesley Feakes 01622 850275 606@


Lenham Gardening Society July was a busy month for LGS, early in the month about 50 members and friends went to Hever for the day. The weather was excellent, hot & sunny and the gardens and house were marvellous. During the afternoon we had a Cream Tea which most people, including our visitors, maintained was the best they had tasted this year. Later in the month we held our Pimms & Strawberry evening which was a great success. 76 members enjoyed Visit Follow us @lenhamfocus



the event, good food, excellent raffle & tombola and the Chairman’s simple!! quiz. Not only was the occasion enjoyable but we were able to raise funds for the Society which helps keep the costs down on our outings. For September we welcome back Mr Filmer who will give a talk on the history of ‘Hop Picking’. An appropriate topic for us as Kent was famous for its hops. Please come along and support the Society, new members and visitors always welcome. The competition will be ‘Five Dahlias of the same Variety and/ or Five Onions of the same variety’ Reminder that November will be our AGM to be followed by a Cheese & Wine social, this is a members only event so please make a note in your diary. If you wish to stand for office or to join the committee please let our Secretary know. Happy Gardening. Keith Varney Royal British Legion The Annual General Meeting of the Lenham & Harrietsham Branch will be held on 8 October 2013 at the Lenham Social Club at 8 pm when the future of the Branch will be the main subject under discussion. All members are urged to attend and take part in the proceedings. Lenham W.I. Our July speaker, Julia Davies, proved to be very interesting and informative


with her talk on ‘Silks and Cottons of India’. She transported us to a very different environment, and we were surprised that, in many circumstances, such primitive working conditions and processes could produce the beautiful results shown in the scarves and saris she allowed us to see and handle. These caused quite a bit of envy among our members!! Our August speaker, Sue Hollings was making a return visit. She has previously spoken to us on ‘Italian Cooking’. Her subject this time was: ‘My Life as a Couture Dressmaker.’ As usual she guaranteed us a very entertaining evening. September’s speaker is Neil Arnold on ‘Mystery Animals of Kent’. I am reliably informed that cats of some description figure in this, so, the Members competition is ‘Bring along something Feline’. In October Mrs. Frances Penberthy will be speaking about ‘Living and Eating Well’. As you can see we have an extremely varied selection of talks!! Our members have decided that we will return to having a January meeting and no August meeting next year. Gill Simes er subject, Silks and Cottons of India. Members are asked to bring along a piece of exotic material, clothing or embroidery. In August, Sue Hollings will be talking about her ‘Life as a Couture Dressmaker’.

Any ladies are welcome to come along and visit to see what we get up to!! Gill Simes 60+ YOUNG AT HEART CLUB We were all very sad to hear of the passing of our dear friends Maureen our sandwich queen who died after being in and out of hospital for several months, also Wendy who has been ill for some time now with Motor Neurone Disease a battle bravely fought but unfortunately lost on Thursday 20th June 2013. They will both be sadly missed. Our deepest sympathy to both families August 15th is our Strawberry Tea in the Tithe Barn. Our thanks go to Val and John Arthur for hosting this day for us which is from 2.00-4.00pm. Please make sure Jenny has your name if you wish to come. Our next meeting will be September 19th when we have our “late lunch” of Fish and Chips provided by our friend Les. If anyone requires a lift please contact Jenny on 01622859208 Jenny, Olive, Martin, Tom, Sue, Zoe and Nina

and a few of us enjoying a “glass of wine”. There was a lot to see and hopefully we can have a repeat trip next year with some sunshine! Our next meeting will be 01/08/13 at the Social Club 2.00-4.00pm. A mystery afternoon?? We look forward to seeing everyone next month. From all the Age UK Team Martin, John, Tom, Jenny, Zoe and Nina Barbers Competition Sweeny Todds Barbers would like to congratulate the following winners of their prize draw:


Pete Russell, Lenham – Meal Alex Downie, Harrietsham – Cream tea, Ken Hallam Lenham, – Haircut, John Bennett, Lenham Heath – Wine, Moses Smith, Lenham Heath – Wine, Tyler Nicholson Lenham, – Sweets,

HUB CLUB AGE UK Our trip on the Allington Belle was great. The weather could have been kinder but we managed to sail down the Medway eating our fish and chips

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Š Peter Bailey This photo was supplied by Peter Bailey.


'FLU CLINICS Lenham Surgery SAT 5th October 8:308:30-11:30 AM Harrietsham Surgery Wednesday 16th October 2-5 pm Shingles immunisation will be available for patients aged 70 OR 79 between 2 Sept 2013 and 1 Sept 2014

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Climate Change is happening Pat Crawford provides the HADLOW COLLEGE COMMENT AND ADVICE COLUMN Most people have a general understanding of the phrase ‘food security’. The most succinct, easily understood description of what is really involved originated at the World Food Summit way back in 1996: ‘When all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life’. Implicit within the term is recognition that affordable is a vital factor, sustainable another and geographic access another. 46

What is interesting is that, rather than be seen as a complex issue that is already affecting a large part of the globe, ‘food security’ is often relegated to a concept - something that might matter somewhere in the future but which has nothing to do with life today. Yet earlier this year global predictions for this year’s harvest were pretty appalling. We’re not out of the wood yet but the predictions concerning many crops have been reversed and in some cases bumper harvests are being recorded. It sometimes seems that, as consumers, the implications of food security only hit home when there is a real threat of shortages - and prices on the shelves rise. Overindulgence and wastage in some parts of the world - scarcity, hunger and starvation in other parts - it seems we simply cannot get the balance right.

Climate change is happening

Questions posed by some member states of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as part of a much longer document, put the complex issues into perspective. What is the net impact of the further liberalization of food and agricultural trade, considering the widely differing situations in developing countries? To what extent can domestic economic and social policies - and food, agricultural and rural development policies - offset the diverse (and possibly negative) impacts of international policies, such as those relating to international trade? How can the overall economic gains from trade benefit those who are most likely to be suffering from food insecurity? Do gains “trickle down” to enhance economic access to food for the poor? How can food and agricultural production and trade be restrained from the over-exploitation of natural resources that may jeopardize domestic food security in the long term? How to ensure that imported food products are of acceptable quality and safe to eat? If we could answer only some of these questions, much of the inequality concerned with food security would disappear. The truth is that we are unable to give an entirely satisfactory answer to even one question.

Your countryside needs you The Heaths Countryside Corridor is looking for volunteers to help safeguard and maintain local areas of the countryside near you. The HCC sites were purchased to help conserve greenspaces for local people. If you can spare a couple of hours once a month we’d love to hear from you.


Spend a morning outside doing something worthwhile in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The kind of things we will be doing include, coppicing, keeping paths clear and making sure the HCC sites are safe for everybody. All tools will be provided as will drinks and a light lunch. The group will meet on the first Saturday of every month between 10am and 2pm. Tree guards Chilston Ponds 7th September Pond clearance Chilston Ponds 5th October 2nd November Scrub clearance Hurst Wood 7th December Coppicing Hurst Wood

For more information please contact Mike Phillips on 01303 815170 or

Cycle & Run Event


On Sunday July 14th, On a very hot day, Lenham pulled together and WOW.... over 50 cyclists took to the road to ride a hilly 18 miles from Lenham Square through the scenic route covering Grafty Green, Boughton Malherbe, Pluckley and Egerton and back to the square again. Some riders had trained for the event, many had not been on a bike for many years. yet with the persuasiveness of Dave Flisher they battled through the heat to raise money for the six chosen charities. British Heart Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Society, Cancer Research UK, Demelza Hospice care for children and Kent Air Ambulance Trust The scenery was wonderful with spectacular views over the valleys and so many historic building to see. The water stops from pubs along the route were greatly appreciated by all riders. The cyclists set off in two groups, the first departing at 11am and the

Cycle & Run Event

next following 10 minutes later. Some completed the ride swiftly and easily with hardly a sweat from their brows, others struggled, some taking a further scenic route...LOST! but battled through to the end where they returned to congratulations from family and friends at the Social Club to be treated to cold drinks and a BBQ and the dulcet tones of country singer Billy the Kid. Over beers, barbeque, bouncy castle, face painting and the raffle much discussion was had on the route and how the event could be made a bigger and better and an on-going yearly event for the village. At 6.15 that same morning two loan runners with not enough padding in their nether region for cycling set off to run the route on foot. The course was hard going, with many hills and warmer by the minute. Drinks had been hidden the night before and were taken on gratefully along the route. With legs muscles wearing thin along with their socks they returned with enough time and just enough energy to cheer on the cyclists at the start. Thanks go to Phil Jarvis for his changing room facilities.

Thanks go to The Queens Arms, The Blacksmiths, and the George. Sue and Pat for the cold water, to Bob and Mad Micky Moore for help with the signage. Billy the kid for his music, Chris for the bouncy castle, Jessica’s face painting, Gavin and Kev the cooks. Dave’s mum for running the raffle. To Maz for supplying food, Ian for acting as a treasurer, The Lenham Social club for their hospitality and for St Johns Ambulance for being on hand for any incidents Almost £4000 has been raised so far. Anyone wishing to add to the funds can sign and donate to the 7 foot Memory Heart currently with 300 names at the social club . Or can call Dave on 01622 850659

Lenham Village Store Newsletter We hope that everyone has enjoyed the summer holidays and also good luck to all the school pupils in their new year at school. We have started making homemade fudge that some of you may have already tried, It’s all made by Jemma and her team at The Little Country Garden (next to the news agents) They make new batches most Thursdays so do feel free to pop in and see how it’s done. It is £2.25 per 100g or we can do taster boxes of Eight different flavours for only £7.50, they make great gifts! As an special offer to all the Lenham Focus readers Just pop in and mention this offer and we will discount the cost to £1.95 per 100g! Also We would love some suggestions on people’s favourite flavours, so please do let us know. Last month we had the great suggestion of making fudge with Smarties in... It was fab so a BIG thank you to Jack for that suggestion. As always please do not hesitate to pop in and see us, if there is anything you need we can do our best to get it in for you. We still offer free local delivery to people who need it so do let us know if this is something we can help you with, our number is 01622 858318. Finally a very Happy Birthday to Jackie at Lenham Village store who is celebrating a special ‘big’ birthday this month! Happy Birthday Jackie!!!!


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Interview with James Trimmer where in 2008 he was put forward for a Try Angle Award, whose stated purpose is raising the profile of young people in the community. He not only made it to the top in the local awards in the Young Carers category, presented by the Maidstone Borough Council, but went on to win the top Try Angle award in Kent that year.


James Trimmer is 19 years old, Lenham born and raised and has already packed a lot into his remarkable life. His public service began at age six when he became a ‘young carer’ in the ‘Crossroads Care’ network (which has merged with ‘The Princess Royal Trust for Carers’ to form the ‘Carers Trust’), caring for his brother, sister and mother. Today James has moved on but is still a volunteer helper for the Carers Trust. His long-running connection with Crossroads brought him to national attention when, in November 2012, he was selected to be one of the six principal riders to take part in Pudsy, the One Show/BBC Children in Need telethon charity bike ride from North Wales to London – a 400 mile ride over eight days. Their efforts raised over £1.6 million for a variety of charitable causes. James attended Lenham Primary School, and then Swadelands School

Interview with James Trimmer

After Swadelands James went on to attend Canterbury College where he obtained a level 3 diploma in motorsport engineering. He has now started his motorsport-related career as an assistant in the customer care department of a local Mini-BMW dealer. What next for James? Well, he’d like to get into some form of motor racing…are you listening, Ferrari? Text and (1) photo by Jim Myers

Rogue Traders & Duster Sellers We have recently had incidents involving a Rogue Trader and a pushy Duster Seller in Lenham. I spotted the Rogue Trader fairly early on in his work of cleaning a drive. The Police and Trading Standards attended and the resident did not part with any money. The trader did not provide written notice that the resident had seven days to cancel nor did he obtain the residents written consent to undertake the work there and then.

The duster seller was reported by a resident who had a yellow ‘No Canvassers or Cold Callers’ sticker displayed. The man was seen a short while later getting into a vehicle near the square. I recorded the registration number and informed the Police. In most cases, if the cost is over £35 you must be given written notice that you have 7 days to cancel. If you are not, the seller could commit an offence. If you are approached by traders ask to see identification or in the case of a duster seller a Pedlar’s Certificate. Do not sign anything or agree to purchase anything without discussing it with someone first. This could be family, friends or neighbours. You are welcome to ring me too. If you do need to call the police do so at the time. Obviously

you should not put yourself at risk, but a description of the people and any vehicle involved would be a great help. If you need to contact traders please use the ‘Buy with Confidence Scheme.’ Details can be accessed online or through Citizen Advice Consumer Service on 08454 040506. Thank you, The police non-emergency number is 101 For full details please contact: Mark Sherwood Kent Community Warden Tel: 07977981993 51

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Parish Clerk’s Report


PLANNING APPEAL Parishioners may be interested in attending the Public Inquiry to be held at Oakwood House, Oakwood Park, Tonbridge Road, Maidstone ME16 8AE on Wednesday 18th September starting at 10am. At which, at the Inspector’s discretion, you may be able to give your views concerning the creation of a motorcross track on land southeast of Runham Lane Sandway ME17 1HT. The Parish Council will be represented at the inquiry and have submitted a full and detailed report highlighting concerns relating to all aspects of such a development. These views will be considered by the Secretary of State when determining the appeal. The appeal is by Park Valley Leisure Ltd. More details are available by contacting 01622 859682 or email margo.mcfarlane@btinternet. com CEMETERY WORKS SCHEDULE A working party from the Parish Council recently undertook an extensive site visit of the cemetery and identified areas which could be improved. Needless to say all works can only be undertaken subject to funding. Countrystyle Recycling have kindly offered to donate the use of a skip to remove debris from the area, for which we are grateful. If any parishioners would be interested in joining a working party of volunteers probably during late September early October then please let the Clerk know your availability. THANK YOU

Parish Clerk’s Report

PUBLIC TOILETS Apologies for the recent closure of the public toilets in Maidstone Road, unfortunately a water leak from the meter to the building meant the supply had to be cut off until repairs were undertaken. The repairs are now complete and the facilities available once more. The Parish Council are discussing improvements to the facilities and are in the process of obtaining quotes as to ascertain the viability of upgrading the toilets, subject to the lease agreement with Maidstone Borough Council. KCC FAULT REPORTING Street lighting faults can be reported directly to KCC by telephoning 08458 247 800 or email Missing or damaged street signs are the responsibility of Maidstone Borough Council on 01622 602750 or BMX RAMPS The skateboard ramps at the William Pitt field were recently upgraded and repaired. The works included repainting the equipment and fixing new birch wood surfaces. A new larger litter bin has replaced a smaller damaged bin and quotes are being sought for further improvements. The CCTV is also being upgraded and improved. This area is a popular well used facility and the Parish Council have ongoing works schedules in place.

Councillor Vacancy THANK YOU To the very busy working party who cleared the area to the rear of St Marys Church. Large amounts of debris from the recent new installation of the toilets was removed and overgrown vegetation cut back. The area looks much improved and all your hard work is much appreciated. Thanks are also extended to the group of volunteers who worked so hard to improve the memorial cross on the downs. The cross looks superb and is a real credit to those who undertook the task. Thanks also to the trustees of the Hatch Charity who funded the works and made the completion of the task possible. LENHAM FAMILY FESTIVAL The next public meeting for the Lenham Family Festival will be held at the Community Centre on Thursday September 26th at 7.15pm to discuss the events which are planned for the three day event. We are particularly interested to hear from local toddler/ nursery groups, representatives from the school PTAs and user groups of the Community Centre. We would like the festival to be as inclusive of all sectors of the community as possible and we thank those who have already pledged to join the event and help organise the attractions. If you are unable to attend the meeting in September there will be a meeting in October. If you would like more details or would like to offer your help please contact Margo 859682 or email margo. THANK YOU

If you are interested in helping to shape the community you live in then perhaps you should consider joining the Lenham Parish Council. The council actively work towards improving the environment, ensuring the parish is kept in good order and planning for the future of the parishioners. Lenham is a large parish and includes Sandway, Platts Heath, Lenham Heath, Woodside Green and Warren Street. With all the changes being considered in the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan it is even more important to keep abreast of developments and keep a watchful eye on plans which may affect our community. The commitment to being a parish councillor would involve being able to attend a monthly meeting of the council on the first Wednesday of each month (except September). This meeting is held at the Community Centre in the Osborne room at 7.30pm. There are sub-committees which deal with planning, finance and general purposes. You are not obliged to serve on a committee but obviously if you have a particular interest, planning for example, you would be welcome to join a sub-committee. These committees meet on the first Monday and third Wednesday of each month in the Appleton room at the Community Centre. The parish council encourage councillors to partake in training seminars and conferences (not obligatory). If you would like some more information call Margo on 01622 859682 for an informal chat or email I look forward to hearing from you!


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Safety & Security

Cramp Most people will have at sometime suffered from cramp, with its intense agonising pain. Strenuous exercise, such as running, football, swimming etc causes excessive loss of salt and body fluid through profuse sweating and heat exhaustion. Sitting for long periods in a bent position, such as on long coach trips, long plane journeys etc, can also result in cramp. Try to avoid this by rotating your feet, stretching your legs and if it’s possible get up and walk about. Car drivers should after a few hours, stop and

stretch their legs. Cramp often occurs in bed but can be relieved by stretching the affected article, i.e, pulling against the muscle and bringing it back to its previous position, (as straightening the leg) also massage will be a tremendous help in this situation. N.T.Colbran SJAB


AVAILABLE NOW The new book by Lynn Stephen

Computing For Beginners Windows 8 Explained In Plain English

Priced at ÂŁ9.50 (plus p&p) Obtain your copy now by contacting Lynn on 01622 745654 or online at Copies also available to pick up at Bearsted Computer Solutions, The Green, Bearsted. Also available on Amazon.

Safety & Security

Computing for Beginners Local Business woman Lynn Stephen has just published her third book which focuses on Windows 8. Lynn has previously written two books “Computing for Beginners – The Basics Explained in Plain English”, published in 2006, which covers the basics of computing and “Computing for Beginners – The Next Step”, published in 2007, which goes a step further into digital photography, wordprocessing, and more. Lynn has concentrated in her new book on the new operating system, Windows 8 which again is aimed at the complete beginner. However, she is confident that this book will also benefit those who are already computer literate but who are new to Windows 8. Lynn recovered from a ten year battle with ME in 1999 and decided to re-train in computers. She went on to obtain various City & Guild qualifications and in 2002 set up her computer training business, “Computing for Beginners”, which offers one to one computer training and more recently iPad training to beginners. This training is carried out in your own home.

Lynn offers patient one to one training - there is no pressure on you to learn in a specific time - you learn at your own pace. Everything will be explained in plain English - no jargon. One to one training is the best and possibly the quickest way to learn. Learning in a group has its disadvantages, not everyone is at the same level. While one person will pick things up and progress quickly others may have difficulty grasping the subject and struggle to keep up. With one to one training you will not encounter this problem. As iPads are becoming more and more popular, Lynn is now offering iPad training as well as computer training. Lynn will set up your iPad and will explain the various apps, explain how to browse the internet, use email, how to use the cameras, read books, watch live TV and much much more.


Lynn will also take the stress out of setting up your computer as in addition to training Lynn will set up your computer or iPad so that it is ready to use. She will also set up your broadband and printer. She can give you advice on anti-virus software and install this for you. Lynn hopes to shortly bring out a new book covering the iPad for beginners.

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Thoughts & Reports Christian Message September 2013 Calling occupants for interplanetary, most extraordinary, craft


For those with a taste for adventure and the unknown, a Dutch company is planning a one-way trip to Mars and hoping to build a community of settlers on the planet. Mars One has already received thousands of prospective applicants, who must be resourceful and work well as a team. There is no return because during the sevento-eight month journey, astronauts will lose bone and muscle mass and it would be almost impossible to readjust back to Earth’s gravity. Solar panels will supply energy, water will be extracted from soil and the explorers will grow their own food. It will cost about £3.8bn to send the first group and the project will be televised worldwide. Many questions have been asked about whether individuals could live on Mars, which is thought to be hostile to life as radiation levels are higher and temperatures vary. And what of the moral issues? If God set us down in a beautiful world with plenty to eat and drink, should we not be doing more to care for our own planet rather than leaving for new environments? If we were meant to live on Mars, would he not have put us there? The people leaving are likely to be young as the company will want the most they can get for their money, so are they ‘playing God’ in choosing which people

Thoughts & Reports

go and is it responsible to leave the elderly and needy behind? Can it be right to spend billions on a project that may not work out when the world has serious economic issues? On the other hand, God made us naturally curious about the unknown. Thanks to a desire for adventure and knowledge, explorers have made great discoveries from which we have benefited, often despite great danger: In 1776 Captain James Cook set sail to the Pacific Ocean and mapped the New Zealand coastline; In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin landed on the moon. Throughout history, people have travelled in search of a better future: In Exodus we learn how God led the Israelites out of a life of hardship and slavery in Egypt to Canaan; in 1629 the Pilgrim Fathers set sail for America to secure religious freedom for their families and descendents. Many have travelled to share their beliefs: In the Acts of the Apostles we read that Paul travelled through Asia Minor, preaching throughout the region; and Augustine visited Kent in 597 AD. All prayerfully took a leap of faith, into unknown, and sometimes hostile, territories. ‘By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place … .. obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going.’ Hebrews 11: 8 Nasa astronaut Stan Love Said “We’ve been dreaming about this (Mars) for 50 years. The moon was just supposed

to be a stepping-stone to Mars… … Exploring our world, and now beyond is what humans do, it’s in our genome. The settlers’ dream of going to Mars will come true.” As well as satiating our natural curiosity, there is a more serious side to such a project. With a current population of over seven billion, we need to think carefully about the resources available to us all: Food prices are tipped to treble in the next 20 years; the first person to live to 1,000 is calculated to have already been born; and by 2050 there are likely to be over nine billion of us. We are told that we will need to change our diet as less animal protein will be available and rely on a higher ratio of vegetable matter. If we can provide more room and sustainable resources for our descendents on neighbouring planets, all part of God’s creation, surely it seems an option worth investigating. I take my hat off to those brave enough to consider “boldly going where no man has gone before”. Here in Kent, in the Len Valley Benefice, such projects might seem irrelevant or far-fetched. We may not feel up for such extreme adventures as Mars One but we can all rise to the challenge of taking a leap of faith in our everyday lives. With God to guide and protect us we can prayerfully put aside our personal concerns about the unknown in the pursuit of improving life for those around us. It’s alright if, as we face each challenge, we feel scarred or make mistakes along the way: ‘for His power is made perfect in our weakness.’ 2 Corinthians 12: 9 So go ahead: The ‘one small step for

man’ that you make, may just turn out to be ‘one giant leap for mankind.’ Pamela Cuerden Just for fun and with permission to share: Whilst on holiday and talking about this article with my family, one of my daughters remarked “You could mention Robin Cook who discovered New Zealand in the 1970’s”. Ho hum! Informal Service Come along to our September informal service where we will be studying the next line of the Lord’s Prayer. This month we will be considering: For thine is the Kingdom, the power and the glory. 63

There will be an informal communion. The service will be at St John’s Church, Harrietsham, on Sunday 29th September, at 6.30pm. Please bring your families and friends and join us for praise and worship. Refreshments will be served afterwards. If you would like a lift to Church, please telephone 01622 859442. Everyone is welcome to join us in worship and praise! If you would be interested in joining the planning group and contributing to the worship at future services, then please do let me know. Pamela Cuerden

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Church Services in Len Valley Benefice Services in September 1st September – 14th Sunday after Trinity 8am Lenham BCP Holy Communion 8am Harrietsham BCP Holy Communion 9.30am Harrietsham Family Worship 9.30am Boughton Holy Communion 11am Lenham Holy Communion 11.15am Ulcombe Family Worship 8th September – 15th Sunday after Trinity (Blessed Virgin Mary) 8am Lenham BCP Holy Communion 9.30am Harrietsham Holy Communion 11am Lenham Morning Worship 11.15am Ulcombe Holy Communion 6.30pm Boughton Choral Evensong 64

15th September – 16th Sunday after Trinity 8am Lenham BCP Holy Communion 9.30am Harrietsham Morning Worship 9.30am Boughton Holy Communion 11am Lenham Holy Communion 11.15am Ulcombe Morning Worship 22nd September – 17th Sunday after Trinity 8am Lenham BCP Holy Communion 9.30am Harrietsham Holy Communion 9.30am Boughton Family Worship 11am Lenham Family Worship 11.15am Ulcombe Holy Communion 29th September – Michael and All Angels 8am Lenham BCP Holy Communion 10.00am Ulcombe Benefice Praise Service with Holy Communion 6.30pm Harrietsham Informal Service

Church Services in Len Valley Benefice

Prize Crossword Please leave your completed crossword entry at LENHAM LIBRARY on or before the 20th of the month Answers to last months crossword on page 66


Across clues

Down clues

1. Common name for the clavicle. (6,4) 6. They are moved by the biceps and triceps. (4) 9. Type of sugar. (5,5) 10. Greek cheese. (4) 12. Unforgiveable (obs.). (12) 15. What a joke is meant to give you (1,5) 16. Frenzied emotional state. (8) 18. Condition that may need insulin injections. (8) 19. Manner. (5) 21. Becomes used to a new environment. (12) 24. To rain heavily. (4) 25. Meal with many ingredients all cooked the same way. (5,5) 26. Old Testament Book. (4) 27. In a nervous and restless way. (10)

1. The back of the lower limb. (4) 2. You stand on them. (4) 3. If this, metals are not attracted to each other. (12) 4. A sweet French white wine. (6) 5. At the present time. (8) 7. Went aboard again. (10) 8. What you might need if something breaks down. (5,5) 11. A kilogram is one of these. (4,2,5) 13. Conductor of a set of musicians, often in a park. (10) 14. The crease between the buttocks. (5,5) 17. Being good. (8) 20. Most learned. (6) 22. A cause of embarrassment! (4) 23. Potters use it. (4)

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1/4 page: 60.7x91.6mm 1/8 page: 60.7x44.9mm 66

Last months crossword solution Last months winner was Jenny Fairhall, of Lenham.

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We’ve already started planning 2014!

Success comes from working together.

I’m not sure about this feeling that time is going by even faster now that it seemed to before. Is it a sign that we are enjoying ourselves or we are working too much? In just 4 meetings time it’ll be 2014 - that can’t be right!

Here’s the line up for the rest of 2013: • Tuesday 3 September at The Holiday Inn Hothfield, speaker Hazel Harper from Let’s do Business on “Enabling Kent Business”. • Tuesday 1 October at The White Horse, awaiting speaker confirmation. • Tuesday 12 November, update from John Foster, Regeneration and Economic Development Manager for Maidstone Borough Council at The Oak in Charing, we’re back there now it’s under new ownership. • Tuesday 3 December, Combined meeting with South Maidstone Business Association at Chilston Park Hotel, Sandway, Lenham. In 2014 the networking will be on the first Tuesday of every month except January (when it will be the second one), and June when it will be replaced with the last Wednesday of May so we can combine with South Maidstone Business Association - all subject to change without notice, of course. Our speaker list will be relevant, interesting and business based as always but we are keen to listen to members points of view. We have already booked Emily Chapman from Loud Monkey for two events in 2014. 67 Our venues will be within our membership area, rough triangle from Harrietsham to Charing to Ulcombe so if you are a venue, now would be the right time to approach us about you hosting a networking evening. Usually 25 to 35 people seated in theatre style.

If you don’t want to receive the member benefits but still want to know what’s going on you can register to receive our emails, look at our website, join either, or both, of our Facebook opportunities - page or group, all for free. And while we are talking about ‘free’ you can come to up to two networking meetings without obligation before being asked to pay. We are confident you’ll not only like the events but you’ll enjoy yourself too. You no need do anything you don’t want to, you can bring your partner, wife or husband too quite a few do! So, 01622 820 841 to talk to me, Alan Reading LVBA Chairman and organiser or email me on (it is a new email address). I look forward to hearing from you. Keep up to date (& to join) or call 01622 820841 Visit Follow us @lenhamfocus



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Impressive Five Bedroom Detached House Three Reception Rooms 36ft Kitchen/Family Room Ensuite Shower Rooms To Bedroom One And Two Double Garage Energy Efficiency Rating D


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Lenham Focus | September '13  
Lenham Focus | September '13  

The September issue, containing all the latest news and interesting articles from the heart of Lenham.