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What & How You Wear It: Jewellery YXE Text by Sarah Dorward and Paul Miazga Saskatoon-based jewellery designers have begun to establish themselves on the local market over the last few years, creating vibrant, playful and sharp pieces that are accessible and eye-catching in equal measure. Names such as The Gypsies Veil, Oneiro Designs and Artifacts might not have the name recognition of Hillberg & Berk, but they’re attracting attention—and buyers—all the same. Look in almost any independent local retailer today and you’ll find a variety of locally made earrings, bracelets and statement necklaces. Some have a very bohemian flare, using upcycled ceramics, unpolished bronze or even old shoe buckles, but just as many feature gemstones, freshwater pearls and even precious metals in jewellery that can be worn at even the most formal of occasions. Designers such as Mary Lynn Podiluk (a member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council), for example, turns jewellery design into high art that’s still wearable. In addition to using gold, platinum and diamonds in her craft, Podiluk also works with alternate materials such as thread and dried resin to produce soft, delicate statement pieces, plus engagement rings and wedding bands. As for how to wear what you’ve got, one trend that’s growing in popularity is to choke longer necklaces and let the excess dangle across the bare back. Also encouraged is to weave traditional bracelets with feather-weight necklaces to draw attention to wrists while not burdening them unnecessarily. It’s about a 360 look without all the clutter.

Select local jewellery designers

Photo by Diane Herron Make-up by Vamp Make-up Model: Matana H. Jewellery supplied by Tonic, Anthology and Luna+Hill.

28 f low JUNE/JULY 2016

Artifacts ( . Durand's Footwear (255 2nd Ave. S) . Green Ark Collected Home (212 20th St. W) The Gypsies Veil (on Facebook) . Anthology Home Collection (126 20th St. W) Mary Lynn Podiluk ( . void gallery (312 Ave. B S) . Affinity Gallery (801 Broadway Ave.) Oneiro Designs ( . Luna + Hill (208 3rd Ave. S) Pika & Bear ( . Tonic (122 2nd Ave. N) Soulfari ( . Spank Clothing (105 21st St. E) . Tonic

On Matana: silver pluma feather earrings (Pika & Bear); “choked” turquoise and pearl necklace with silver feather (The Gypsies Veil); “Isla” bracelet with turquoise, “Labyrintha” gold bracelet and “S.M.O.P.” gold necklace with inlaid mother-of-pearl (Oneiro Designs).

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Superb Summer #YXE  

Saskatoon's premiere city guide with local everything: festivals, events, fashion, food, features and more!