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a particular day? First, as we mentioned before, don’t feel like you have to post on social media if you have nothing to say. That said, you don’t want to go weeks without posting, either. If you don’t have anything of your own to post, comb through social media and look for relevant content to share. We don’t recommend sharing your competitor’s content, but a cool infographic, a fun (but brief) video, or even a motivational quote can act as a good buffer during posting lulls. 6. DON’ T Forget Your Other Accounts There’s a lot of social media out there, and we’ve already mentioned the big ones. As a small business owner, you may get some momentum going on your Facebook profile and then get sidetracked with other responsibilities. Your Twitter or Google+ pages sit stagnant. When you make a post on one account, you have to do so on all your accounts. Again, automation software can really help here. You can copy content from Facebook to Google+ and back again. When it comes to Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube though, you have to share your content through different media per platform. 7. DO Tread Lightly if Covering Popular News You know what really gets people talking? The news. In fact, Facebook and Twitter both have trending sections on their respective platforms that let you see what people are talking about. You may want to get in on this and make a related post. This will certainly catch people’s attention, and you may get some new customers out of the deal, too. While this can work sometimes, this tactic can also backfire. You have to tread very, very lightly. Here’s what I recommend if you’re going to chime in on popular news stories: -


No personal opinions, unless you want the comments section to turn into a flame war. Avoid posting about national tragedies unless someone in your company was personally affected. Don’t talk about politics. It won’t end well. If you hear that a popular mega star’s makeup product has just surpassed two million dollars in sales, it can be tempting to try to shoehorn your own product into that story. If you’re a brewery though, that makes no sense. Instead, try to find big stories relevant to your industry. Say you’re a small makeup company, for example. Then it’s perfectly acceptable to mention the mega star’s makeup news and use it as a launching point to discuss your own products.

The bottom line is that you need to be smart about how you use the news. One misstep in this area could be a huge PR nightmare.

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August 2018