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So, what exactly is real self-care, then? Sure, sometimes it can be indulging in that amazing massage or finally making a night out with your friends actually happen. Or maybe even planning a trip to someplace you’ve always wanted to go — with just your special someone. But if you always try to make self-care about these big, costly events, you’ll end up even more stressed than you already are. The best self-care routine features small steps taken on a daily basis — with the bigger stuff maybe making a cameo every once in a while. Genuine self-care is doing little things regularly that fill you up, rejuvenate you, and make you smile. It’s taking five minutes to stop and enjoy your surroundings. It’s remembering what you’re thankful for. It’s giving yourself permission to just breathe. Practical Self-Care Tips Try a few of these ideas for simple, practical ways to practice self-care: • • • • • • • • • •

Take a bubble bath Go for a walk around your neighborhood Read a good book Trade a bag of chips for a serving of veggies Keep a gratitude journal Study the Bible Pray or meditate Paint your own nails Have a date night at home with your spouse Dance with your kids in the living room

So there you have it: the truth about self-care. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or compete with other women to practice genuine self-care. You can relax and stop playing the “comparing” game (go ahead, breathe that big ol’ sigh of relief!). Taking small steps every day can help you become happier, stronger, and more at peace with your life. Isn’t that what we all want?

Emily Paige Skeen is an author, blogger, and freelancer who lives with her husband and two children in a small town an hour south of Atlanta. She has been traditionally published three times and continues to write whenever possible. These days, that means when both of her kids are fed and occupied, her house is clean, the laundry's done, and all the stars align juuust right. As an author, Skeen writes Christian fiction with a southern flair. When she's not dreaming up stories or chasing after her youngsters, Skeen helps fellow "mamapreneurs" (and other businesses) get found online through her content writing and editing services. Currently, she serves as the Chief Editor for a successful marketing agency based in New York. Learn more at!

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