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April 2018

Our Founder and Advocate

Hello, Beautiful! It is my desire to see you “Flourish” to your fullest potential; because I love seeing others succeed. Over the past twenty five plus years I have gained valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge from my corporate career within the International Telecommunications area. I specialized in building successful business to business relationships; and setting core strategies for driving client-customer based initiatives. During my tenor in Global Communications, I have managed and supported large teams in the US, UK, Canada, South America, Asia, Australia, and other amazing places across Europe. The scope of my role as Global Director was to create and maintain end to end processes to support the overall implementation of new products and services for the world's largest carriers. Beyond my corporate career, I have led and founded several non-profits, held several offices within the inspirational support arena, and delivered countless motivational speeches. Most recently in 2015, I founded and built an amazing Networking Organization for Women which has grown rapidly to over twenty chapters in several states. I am also the founder of a Business Advocacy and Development Company that supports women entrepreneurs. In addition, I have held several top-level positions in a few Network Marketing (MLM) companies building my teams from the ground up in very short timeframes. I've held a spot in Success from Home Magazine, and led my team to the Millionaires Club with one of the past companies in just six months. My passions are my faith, family, inspiring others, supporting community efforts, and philanthropy. I want to share both my passion and experiences with other women to help them reach their fullest potential in every area of their lives. I am excited for what’s on the horizon with The Flourish Network, Ardia’s Hope, and iFlourish Magazine. Get ready… we have some amazing things coming your way! I can’t wait to see you flourish and I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Here’s to your success!

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Flourishing on Purpose

Because we choose to do things differently, lives are being changed not only within our network as a whole, but in our communities as well and that’s the beauty of it all. Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of others and reach beyond the normal practice of just networking for business. We take pride in the fact that we grow our network organically. What this means is that we don’t attend other groups to market our networking organization. There’s no need for us to do that because we allow our vision, passion, and energy to attract those individuals that are called to be a part of our network. Our goal is to break past the status quo of what is perceived as “normal networking”; because it’s much bigger than that! We flourish on purpose for a purpose. We admit… we are different, we love it, and are perfectly OK with that. We strongly believe that every single person, business, and organization has their own specific purpose and calling. Because of this, every single person, business, and organization is unique and should have their own unique business strategy that is specific only to them. When everyone flows in their designated path for their purpose and calling this eliminates all forms of competition and aggressive behavior. We understand that no one can ever fulfill another’s purpose because it is unique to that individual or business and that’s exactly how we FLOURISH. Since our beginning in March of 2015, we’ve purposed to hold tight to our vision and plan of doing things differently and operating in integrity. In doing so, we’ve always made it a point to respect all other businesses and networking organizations by not overstepping any boundaries that could possibly be a conflict with any form of their vision, purpose, or business model. We are very proud of our stance as it is a demonstration of both integrity and respect on our part. Sometimes, we get a little push-back from doing things differently, but that is to be expected when you go against the grain of what is considered to be “the norm”. Stepping outside of the box of the norm opens new possibilities and gives a freshness that we feel is needed to provide an atmosphere to truly FLOURISH. We are so excited about all of the wonderful things that are happening in our amazing organization. Get ready for an amazing 2018 as we unveil new offerings that will cause us to FLOURISH to new heights. Come, FLOURISH with us @

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bloom on purpose. for purpose. Š Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Bye Bye Complacency written by Linda Barbour, Founder of The Flourish Network

Complacency can rob individuals of their destiny. Resting on past accomplishments and having a lack of movement is never a great place to be. Nothing ever evolves from a current state because of a comfort zone. Far too often dreams are never realized because of complacency. Success in anything requires steady movement and consistency. Without those two components, one becomes stagnant. In order to move effectively to the next level, complacency must be dealt with. Change can be overwhelming, but it is required in order to move to the next level. Success requires tenacity, and an unwavering ability to resist moving beyond what makes you uncomfortable. Don’t be afraid to fail, be afraid not to try. Say Bye Bye to Complacency and take bold swift steps towards fulfilling your dreams. You can do anything that you set your mind to. Complacency often comes after someone experiences a measure of success, or sense of accomplishment. If not put in check it can spread quickly and reduce future success significantly for an individual. But! It can be defeated and here are a few tips to assist you in saying Bye Bye to complacency. Acknowledge and Recognize. The saying “the first step in knowing that there is a problem is to acknowledge that it exists” holds true for complacency as well. Believe it or not, it can start with quiet confidence, and slowly become a problem if it goes undetected. Although, having confidence is a positive thing, it can easily to turn into “pride or arrogance” if not kept in check, and this can cause someone to become complacent if there’s no movement or change as it pertains to fluid achievement. What are your habits? Are you grounded in and by gratitude? Have your actions changed from what you did that led to past successes? © Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Put it in full perspective. The reality is that complacency won’t likely occur until there’s a manifestation of some success present. Don’t be mistaken… it comes because of the success! Celebrate the success for a moment, and then push past the complacent thoughts and actions. Do not ever rest on past accomplishments. Always remember the feeling that came with the success that way you can emotionally connect to that feeling, then you can use that overcome complacency and get focused on the next achievement. Keep reaching for new goals. Once a goal has been met, or you are on the cusp of achieving the completion of a goal, and there aren’t new ones set, then you have a problem. Keep adding to your existing list of goals, and create them with the same excitement and anticipation you did in setting the past goals you have met. And… most importantly, make sure the new goals are challenging enough to inspire the energy to combat and overcome complacency. Have clear vision. What’s your why? It is your “why” that will truly drive your discipline to achieve your goals. Talk about your purpose often, write it down and keep it in front of you. Create a Dream Board. When you connect the dots between “why” and “purpose”, you will then have what it takes to drive you to succeed and achieve every goal that you set. What’s even more exciting is that you will find that it happens with ease before your expected time. One day it will be a vision in your mind and before you know it, it becomes a tangible reality. Create healthy competition with yourself. You can combat complacency with creative competition. Create ways to help you compete with yourself, or against the goals that you surpassed last year, or beyond. Then, watch what happens. There is something about proving to yourself what you are made of, and that you can achieve anything that you set your sights on! Say bye bye to complacency! When you choose to attack it before it spreads in your mind or business the tips above will help prevent being stuck in a place of frustration and with consistent effort eliminate your current outbreak. Complacency strikes everyone at different times in our lives. However, you have the power to defeat complacency, and in the process you will achieve greater results in the future than you


ever have

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Do not hide your gifts and talents for purpose in the closet of complacency when you have GREATNESS within you. © Copyright 2018 Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women © Copyright 2018 TheThe Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Jennifer Griffin Studios in Atlanta offers fine art photography and fairytale photography services. Her background is in interior design; and she has always loved making things, and using her hands. Jennifer has used many different mediums to express herself, canvas painting, clay sculpting, sewing, paper crafting, mix media, photography. Years ago, after she had her first child she started designing hair accessories, costumes, fabric toys, bow ties and flat caps for her kids. That led into creating for other people and thus her Etsy shop opened which offers unique one of kind artisan jewelry and accessories. After a few years she started blending her love of vintage and antique finds with the items she was making. She then moved from designing for children to designing for adults. brides, costumers, cosplayers, and festival goers. Now she is designing not just for the children but for everyone, specializing in fairytale, tribal fusion and steampunk generas. There are several sources that Jennifer looks to for inspiration; literature, nature, her Celtic roots, the ocean, to name a few. One of her favorite stories is Through the Looking Glass - What Alice Found There and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The fantasy and whimsy found in these sources of inspiration have always influenced her. It shows in her work with her use of natural color palettes, Victorian fabrics and prints, a hint of her Celtic roots, as well as the myths all combined flavor her pieces, art, and photography. Jennifer pours a little bit of her heart, soul and history into everything she creates. Her business is small and albeit, obscure, but you can be assured you are getting a one of a kind, well made, loved art pieces and unique vintage finds, as well as excellent and unique fine art photography services.

Jennifer Griffin Studios

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Ann Cicconi

Chapter Leader Johns Creek, GA Congratulations, on your one year anniversary with The Flourish Network, Anne Cicconi! Anne launched the Johns Creek Chapter in February 2017 and her chapter has become one of the fastest growing chapters within The Flourish Network. Anne is the owner of White Horse Interiors and Renovations, LLC; and also a recipient of the Houzz best of service award for 2018. “It is the attention to detail and the cohesiveness of elements that make the difference between good and great. If done thoughtfully and well, it only has to be done once. Great design and quality are classic – they are always on trend.” –Anne Cicconi Anne’s Dad advised her to earn her Business Degree first – “a great foundation for anyone”. Her love of homes and interiors led her to get her second degree in Interior Design – a valuable combination for running your own design firm. This is how Anne approaches her projects with careful analytics (the mechanics) and an innovative eye (the aesthetics).

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Anne honed her skills in several Design Build firms in the Northeast, Southwest Florida and Georgia. She has successfully executed designs throughout the East Coast and Hong Kong. After helping many evolve their companies, she finally made the decision to fulfill her lifelong dream of opening her own firm. Her hallmarks of quality, refined design, personal service and impeccable taste are constantly praised by her clients. “She is the most creative person I know,” says one, “She truly cares about her client and the end result,” says another. “She is so approachable and easy to talk with, you forget she hasn’t been your lifelong friend” finishes another. White Horse Interiors and Renovations, LLC will be happy to discuss any New Construction, Renovation or Interior Decoration project you have, in or out of state. They have carefully curated artisans and the resources to handle all projects, large and small. “My sincere love of people led me to Residential Design. I love to make people happy. I have found that a space that functions well for the individual and feeds their personal style makes life easier. Don’t we all need that?” Thank you, Anne, for all that you do. We love your heart and passion for others, and we love you! It's because of fabulous leaders like you, that so many lives are being touched. We are honored to have you as a part of our organization.

White Horse Interiors and Renovations, LLC

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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flour¡ish To grow well or luxuriantly; thrive. To do well, prosper. To be in a period of highest productivity, excellence, or influence. To make bold, sweeping movements.

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When you are in a dark place, you sometimes tend to think that you’ve been buried. When actually… you’ve been planted.

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FairPriceLabs offers online services that provide a way for customers to purchase labs at a discount online, and then schedule their lab draw at any one of Quest Diagnostic's 2400 locations throughout the US.

Finally, there is an easy way to take control of your own healthcare and healthcare spending! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the critical diagnostic lab work done and by-pass that first doctors visit just to get the order? You know those visits require taking half a day off to get there, park, wait 2 hours to see the doctor for 2 minutes, pay the doctor, reschedule to come back for results, pay for parking and only to sit in traffic again. FairPriceLabs provides diagnostic insights to know what’s going on inside your body. It’s important to know when you purchase lab work through traditional channels you are paying upwards of more than 40% to 400% more than buying direct with FairPriceLabs. Our MD has prepared bundled panels to help you understand what is going on with your symptoms, weight issues, hormones, heart health, etc. These panels contain multiple tests that the customer's primary care physician or other care providers can utilize to determine treatment. If there is an irregular result a member of our Care Team will contact you to communicate what is out of range. Depending on the level of severity our Care Team; being a Doctor, PA, Nurse Practitioner, or nurse will communicate the level of concern and direct you to seek further care. We do not provide a diagnosis, we communicate what the test results are indicating, and point you to the appropriate specialist to address the results and obtain treatment.

Save up to 80%. No Insurance needed. No expirations. No fees. No obligations. Just Savings!

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Stop paying too much for your lab work!

2400 Lab Locations Available © Copyright Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women © Copyright 20182018 The The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Self-Care is the Best Gift by Linda Barbour

Self-Care is the best gift that you can give yourself.

Know your worth: Self-care is

important to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself as it produces positive feelings and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. As women we are so busy taking care of others that we fail to take care of the most important person in our lives which is ourselves.

Practicing self-care strategies in

your free time can help you come back stronger, healthier, and in a more peaceful headspace not to mention they make life that much more enjoyable. Self care is care provided “for you, by you.” It's about identifying your own needs and taking steps to meet them. It is taking the time to do some of the activities that nurture you. Self care is about taking proper care of yourself and treating yourself as kindly as you treat others.

Here are a few simple tips on self-care that will cause us to

FLOURISH in both our bodies and our minds.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Breathe - Try to practice 4-7-8 breathing [breathe in for four seconds, hold your breath for seven, then exhale for eight] a couple of times every hour to help reduce stress and regulate the nervous system. Be Your Own Biggest Fan - View self care as an opportunity to be a better version of yourself, to build yourself up, and let your strengths guide you, while looking at weaknesses with a sense of compassion. When you focus on you, you’ll become stronger, and isn't that the point? It's so much more satisfying to push yourself to the tune of ‘yes I can’ than to be afraid of failing or feeling like you're somehow not good enough if you don't perform the way you wanted to in your day to day life. Your mental game affects how you feel emotionally and how you perform physically, so always make sure your inner voice is pumped up, ready to rise up to a challenge, but is ready to celebrate every moment of personal time that you spend on you taking care of yourself. Stay Hydrated - Practice self-care through giving your body the proper hydration. Practice having water at all times to stay hydrated. As simple as this may seem, it will have a lasting impact on how you feel, think, and respond. Give your body what it needs and it will perform as it was designed to perform as well as heal itself. Unplug - The most important self-care action you can take is to let your mind relax and be uncluttered. In today’s world Social Media and online tasks clutter our minds.

Create a rule so that you are not responding to emails, checking social

media, or replying to texts when you are focused on family time and personal “me time”. If you can escape and truly enjoy your personal and family intimate times, your life becomes more fulfilling. Unplug and take care of your best assets.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Eye on the Why - Be all about the whys behind the vision: why am I doing it, what will be achieved and how will it make me feel? Try not to be side tracked by little trivial things that cause distractions that take you off of your goals. Rather, focus on the income producing and goal oriented tasks that will make your “why” the focus. Remember, the fullest plate doesn’t always mean it contains the best nutritional value. It’s the plate that has the proper portions with the proper food groups that provide the best results. Do only what aligns with your “why”, it’s OK to say NO and set boundaries when it’s needed or required. Tune In - The best way to practice self-care is be conscious and listen to your inner promptings. Don’t ignore the signs of your inner gut when something doesn’t feel right. That’s your compass; follow it to stay on course Look Good Feel Good - Be mindful of what you wear. That may sound silly, but when you feel good in your clothing and are wearing the right pieces for the day you will be more confident and focused. If you are wearing something that doesn't fit well or does not make you feel good, then you will be distracted and out of sorts the entire day. Show up for results, even if you work from home. Look Good + Feel Good = more productivity and confidence. Try it and watch what happens. Meditation Destination - A consistent meditation practice in the mornings and evenings can help keep things balanced. It is critical to work on internal dialogue as a reminder to speak lovingly and in a supportive manner to both yourself and others.

When the mental attitude is in balance it helps live a happier life and

accomplish more each day. And your body thrives on it. Three Little Things - Write in a gratitude journal every single morning, listing three things that you are thankful for from the past 24 hours. Adopting this simple daily task will help you feel a lot calmer before jumping into busy days. © Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Be Orderly - Keep your work and home environments clean and orderly. Keeping things free from clutter has been proven to keep you on track and better at maintaining your goals. Sunday Check In - Every Sunday, ask yourself: “What am I doing to take care of my mind and body this week? Can I add something to my daily routine that will rest or refresh me? Can I take something out that is no longer serving me?” Then adjust according. Eat well - Watch what you eat.

Striving to eat healthier is so important to your

overall health, energy levels, mental functioning and clarity during your busy days. Do Something that Brings you Joy Daily - Watch a good movie, a funny cartoon, do something that reminds you of your childhood, take a bike ride, or maybe even go out and take some photos.

But… make sure to incorporate some activity in your

day-to-day that brings you joy and fulfillment. Wake up with the birds - During the week, set your alarm 45 minutes to one hour earlier than you actually need to get up so that you can enjoy some quiet time drinking fresh-ground coffee, enjoying a healthy breakfast, and writing in your journal. Being business owners, wives, and mothers, our days can be long and sometimes a little chaotic.

Give yourself a little “me time” in the morning, it will

allow you to start the day off a little slower.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Do the body good…

Delicious Kale Salad       

1 bunch organic curly kale juice of one lemon 3 tablespoons good olive oil 2 teaspoons raw local honey salt and Pepper to taste 1/3 cup dried cranberries pine nuts, pecans, or chopped walnuts (optional)

Instructions Rip the leaves of the kale from the stems and then tear into bite-sized pieces, Place in a large bowl. Dressing: Whisk together the juice of one lemon, olive oil, honey, and salt, pepper to taste. Pour about half over your kale and, with your hands, massage into the leaves until they're a bit wilted (they will look a little less curly but will taste a lot better and will be easier to digest).

Black Bean Lasagna 

Two 15-ounce cans black beans, rinsed and drained

8-ounces lasagna noodles

1 12-ounce tub of Ricotta Cheese

One 28-ounce can fire-roasted diced tomatoes

One 12-ounce can tomato paste

1 tablespoon dried oregano leaves

2 teaspoons salt, plus more for pasta

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1 small onion, finely chopped

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. In a saucepan combine the tomatoes w/ juices, tomato paste, garlic powder, salt, pepper, oregano, onions and black beans. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat, and then reduce the heat and simmer, uncovered, for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the lasagna noodles Cook until tender. Drain the noodles well. Spread 1 cup of the prepared sauce in a 9- by 13- by 2-inch baking pan. Make three layers each of noodles, sauce and Ricotta. End with the sauce and make sure the noodles are completely covered or they will dry out during baking. Bake for 45 minutes, uncovered. Allow the dish to stand for 15 minutes before cutting into squares and serving

Add a bit more dressing at a time, to taste, and then toss cranberries and nuts, if using. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Yum! Yum!

Giving back and offering support to others is the core of who we are as an organization, and it has had a major impact in the lives of others since we started The Flourish Network. Based on that, we are now even more passionate about philanthropic efforts than ever. With that said, we have launched a sister non-profit entity to work alongside The Flourish Network in order that we can make a greater impact. The organization is called Ardia’s Hope. The name Ardia is a very special and sentimental name because it was the name of our founder’s grandmother who made such a difference in the lives of so many. Now, through the vision of both The Flourish Network and Ardia’s Hope we can keep her legacy “flourishing”. The name means "Powerful and Complete” and that’s what we desire to see fulfilled in the lives of both of our recipients, supporters, and those that attend our Flourish meet-ups. – We want everyone to have Powerful, Complete, and FLOURISHING lives in every area. We are confident that through Ardia's Hope we can... Be More. Do More. Reach More. The organization will support a wide range of efforts such as helping in the transition of women and children that have experienced domestic violence, and individuals in the sex-trafficking industry from specific safe house programs. We will also foster entrepreneurialism for teen girls, as well as empowering women and girls with disabilities. There are also offerings to support female veterans and other causes that impact both women and children. We will also create amazing events for community involvement and to bring awareness to causes that will make a difference. The non-profit entity will allow us to extend our reach into a wider area in order to offer support to more individuals and see them FLOURISH.

Be More. Do. More. Reach More. © Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Happenings Come, Flourish with us! We are growing leaps and bounds, and we’re excited about that! We want you to join us at one of our meet-ups, mixers, or through our iFlourish Projects. We love meeting new ladies and welcoming them into our network, so we encourage you to come take part.

Local Chapter Meet-Ups We launched The Flourish Network in March of 2015 and since that time we’ve touched the lives of those that attend, as well as women and their children in our communities that may need a loving hand up. We have several existing locations and are sprouting chapters in several new areas. All of our meet-ups are a safe and loving atmosphere that are non-aggressive; and void of things that turn many people away from networking. We created it that way on purpose for purpose. In addition, we believe that when we help others “flourish”, we all grow by default. Find a Flourish Network chapter near you. It’s true, our businesses are what bring us together, but we are far more than the status quo of “typical networking”. We have offerings that will cultivate social relationships, build solid friendships, support business development, and touch the lives of many others beyond our network.

We are more than just “networking” it is much more than that! Leadership Opportunities We are getting a lot of buzz about our network, and this means we’re expanding! We are truly honored by the support and interest we are receiving. We are looking for amazing women with a true heart and passion to see others grow. Our leadership program is about “selflessness”, as we understand that when we support others we then grow by default. Our desire is for every single area that wants to flourish with us has a chapter location that is accessible to them. If you’d like to be a part of something awesome… we’d like to chat with you. For new chapter leadership information please visit us @ Leadership.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Chapter Locations The Flourish Network is not just your average networking group, we network with a purpose. Our chapter meet-ups occur once a month at each location. Each of our meet-ups has been designed to build your business, connect you with wonderful women of purpose, and make an impact in the lives of others. We strive to offer a "selfless networking" environment that is completely void of all competitive, aggressive, hard selling tactics, as well as overbearing business practices. Our goal is to provide a safe place to grow, as we support each other in the spirit of love and integrity. We strive to be different on purpose for a purpose. California Launching Soon! Florida Brandon Cooper City Clearwater Ft. Lauderdale Lakeland Ponte Vedra St. Augustine St. Petersburg Tampa Wesley Chapel Zephyrhills

Georgia Acworth Buckhead Buford Canton Cartersville Cumming Dallas Dunwoody East Cobb Hiram Kennesaw Marietta Peachtree Corners Town Lake Woodstock Suwannee Villa Rica Vinings

Kentucky Covington Florence Lexington Louisville Missouri Springfield New Jersey Launching Soon! North Carolina Charlotte Greensboro Ohio Launching Soon! Pennsylvania Launching Soon! Tennessee Launching Soon!

Come, Flourish with Us!

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I've Started… Now What? An iFlourish Virtual Business Development Event

Who should attend? New Business Owners and Direct Sales Entrepreneurs

March 27th @ 1pm (est) April 17th @ 7pm (est)

Cost | $26.00 ** This event will fill fast and has a limited number of spaces. **

Register @

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Stella & Dot is celebrating its 10th anniversary and has recently partnered with All Woman Project to embrace and celebrate the true beauty of all women. Stella & Dot offers jewelry, accessories, bags, and most recently, tops in order to fulfill their mission to give every woman the means to style her own life. Laura is an Associate Director with Stella & Dot and has been a stylist with them for a little over a year. She started her side gig as a way to have a little adult time away from her 3 young kids, but it has turned into so much more. It has given her back her identity as well as connections with women she never knew that she needed in her life. She loves empowering women by offering something that makes them feel beautiful as well as a relationship with a personal stylist.

Laura’s Website Š Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Susan Kennedy – Health and Lifestyle Coach

Everyone wants a summer body!

But, let’s be honest, Who actually “summarizes”? © Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

iFlourish Magazine


Let’s be honest…

It takes dedication to look and feel good and the majority of us

miss the boat from time to time when it comes to taking care of ourselves. But, it is totally worth it though. With summer fast approaching, time is of the essence to prepare and get into that much-desired shape for our bodies, and that glow for our skin and hair. Sporting a bikini is not something all women feel comfortable with but, you can look good from head to toe if you will follow some of the tips shared, you will definitely enjoy the confidence that comes with making your body summer ready. Here are a few easy ways to your body summer ready:

Mustard Oil Massage Mustard oil rejuvenates your skin and, when performed on a regular basis, it can restore its natural glow. In addition this is also one of the best and most recommended home remedies for arthritis. So, if you also suffer from this condition, you will actually hit two birds with one stone. A massage with mustard oil can stimulate blood circulation and reduce inflammation at the same time. To increase its efficiency, you can also combine mustard oil with eucalyptus oil.

Cardio Workout We are now in the early days of spring; it is time to get to moving! Cardio workouts are excellent for the body, especially after such a long winter. What matters is that you get your heart rate up and that you focus on becoming accustomed to physical effort once more. Types of cardio workouts can include walking, running, jogging, cycling, rowing and swimming. Do not be afraid to mix them up, enjoying the benefits of express workouts at the same time. And, yes… have fun, as physical activity should not be seen as something mandatory or boring.

Fruits and Veggies Even though this might sound like the obvious thing to do, you need to educate yourself and switch to a healthy diet. Combined with the physical activity, this will definitely help you get in shape for the summer. Eat more fruits and veggies that are in season, as these offer the highest amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Here are some examples of great ones to incorporate: strawberries, zucchini, green beans, corn and raspberries. Also, consume more nuts and seeds, as these are good sources of healthy fats, not to mention some of the best brain foods. So, you see, they are useful for both the body and the mind, as long as they are consumed in moderation.

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Avoid the Bloat Carbonated beverages, refined sweets and dairy products are among the most common food products/beverages you should avoid. This is because they lead to bloating, which is not only uncomfortable but also unaesthetic. Replace carbonated beverages, sodas and even diet drinks with water, as this guarantees the best hydration and also helps your skin to stay beautiful. Avoid refined sweets and dairy products, replacing them with fresh fruits and veggies.

Mask Your Hair Coconut Oil is a wonderful thing! What’s amazing is that our bodies love it, especially our skin and hair. Applying a mask to your hair made with coconut oil, honey and apple cider vinegar will make your hair stronger, shinier, and well conditioned. Apply the mask starting at the roots and move to the tips of your hair. Once you get a section done, massage your hair with your finger tips to really get it in. Put your hair into a bun and let it sit for 15-20 minutes, and then wash with a mild and natural shampoo, rinse and style. For deeper conditioning you can leave on overnight with a plastic cap. (Mask Recipe: Mix 2 tbsp of Organic Coconut Oil, 1 tbsp of Local Honey, 1 tbsp of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.

Pretty Hands and Feet To keep hands and feet soft and beautiful throughout the summer start a regimen of exfoliating them 3-4 times a week. Also, use coconut or olive oil as a moisturizer wrapping your hands and feet in plastic wrap for 20-30 minutes, or while you sleep. Use your favorite color polish to keep a beautiful look throughout the summer. Remember to use a creamy cleanser when cleaning hands and feet to prevent drying.

Look good and feel good… Summarize your body from head to toe!

© Copyright 2018 The Flourish Network & Flourish Networking for Women

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Business Advocacy and Strategy Optimization

Image. Strategy. Creativity.

If it can be visualized‌ it can be realized!

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Color Street is the creator of dry nail polish.

Lexi Whitlark 765-404-2387 Visit Lexi’s Facebook Page

100% non-toxic, gluten-free nail polish strips. Base Color and Top Coat All-in-One for an easy application. Lasts up to 14 days and easily removed with polish remover. We offer a uniquely different entrepreneurship catering to the entrepreneur AND consumer.

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Want to share a product? We can do that! We are elated to offer iFlourish Magazine to wonderful women in the U.S. and abroad. Our goal is to inspire, motivate, and provide a platform to feature amazing women entrepreneurs and their businesses. Cost-effective advertising options are available in the iFlourish Magazine. Our publication features editorial coverage that is meaningful and relevant for today’s business women and female entrepreneurs. We will offer you the opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. We also promise to present your brand’s specific message in a big, bold and beautiful way so that you can flourish to another level in your business.

Want to share your services? We can do that! Want to be featured? We can do that! Want to inspire and motivate with your gift of writing? We can do that!

Whether you choose feature or standard advertising we can meet your needs and spotlight your business and services.

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Our desire for you is that you Flourish well and prosper. Flourish as you Come. Flourish as you Go. Flourish in your Body. Flourish in your Mind. Flourish in your Spirit. Flourish in your Family. Flourish in your Business. Flourish in your Finances. Flourish in your Relationships. We declare that everything you are involved in will FLOURISH with FAVOR and INCREASE. You are amazing. You are beautiful.

We appreciate you! The Flourish Network, Inc.

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April 2018 issue  

A publication by The Flourish Network - Flourish Networking for Women.

April 2018 issue  

A publication by The Flourish Network - Flourish Networking for Women.