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MAKE A UNIVERSAL STYLE STATEMENT WITH YOUR LEATHER BAG People have myriad reasons to love the leather bag. Sometimes, they do not even need a reason, because leather itself is a material that attracts attention automatically. Leather bags for women are a rage because every member of the female species considers the wardrobe incomplete without this addition. So what is the reason behind this perpetual romance with everything to do with this material? People give varied opinions such as:

I love its smell!

I love how it feels!

Leather bags are so durable!

It is a versatile piece of accessory!

Whatever your personal reason for loving leather, one thing is for sure, these bags make a fantastic style statement, and you do not even have to lose much sweat for achieving this. Today there is an enhanced awareness and consciousness regarding fashion. Resultantly, people are always looking for the trendiest and the latest accessories. Simply wearing designer clothes and shoes is not enough, it is important to complete the look with top-of-the line bags and naturally, leather fits the bill quite accurately.

Besides being the ideal instrument for making a style statement, leather bags are also a practical choice for its functionality in various scenarios. For example, one can use them as office bag to exclude elegance and sophistication or even as a shopping bag if you are so inclined. It is possible to divide leather bags for men or women into THREE broad headings based on the type of leather used. These are as follows.


Full Grain Variety


Suede Variety


Top Grain Variety

Full grain type of leather is completely free from imperfections of any kind. Top grain on the other hand, is fuzzy on one side and smooth on the other. These varieties come with certain imperfections, but it is possible to correct them without much problems. Finally, there is suede, which stands out due to fuzziness covering its complete surface.

Handling leather is quite easy because you can cut them as you wish and sew of them effortlessly. Since designers can cut them in various shapes and designs, you come across so many different types of bags and similar accessories made from this fantastic material. It is one of the very few items, which is UNISEX, it is hard to distinguish between male and female bags and what works for one gender is quite suitable for the other too. Nowadays, the appeal of leather as the key is tremendously because manufacturers and designers are dying them for bringing out different colors and effects. It is interesting to note that from time immemorial, the importance of leather and its exclusivity has remained intact across the globe; rather it has increased in the modern age.

So whether you own leather tote bags or any one of the numerous other varieties available, flaunt it with aplomb and you are sure to get appreciative glances your way. After all, one simply cannot go wrong with LEATHER! Those who want to know more about making a style statement with leather bags may visit the website

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