Flossiphy Look Book - Season Two Autumn/Winter

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Season Two - Autumn/Winter 2021

Who is Flossiphy?

The name Flossiphy comes from a mixture of “Floss”, my childhood nickname, and the word philosophy, an important word for the basis of my life. My philosophy is to love and be loved and all the while enjoying nature.

I’ve always looked at Water Colour Art and thought: “Wow, but never thought I could paint even a simple flower or leaf”. I’ve loved doing craft over my lifetime and when our family was facing some huge challenges I found that depression started to take the joy out of my crafting. I wondered if I should be spending the time doing these things but soon found out how important it is to create little pockets of joy and started painting with my kid’s old watercolour paints and brushes. It has been a really beautiful journey of discovery.

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Collections Merlot Life Single Buddies BLUE ROSE Autumn Feels Graced Creative Circle
Poppy Fields Blue Christmas Alphabet Soup
Celebrating carnations

Merlot Life

We have a beautiful old Magnolia tree amongst other trees and when she is in full bloom it is worth celebrating. This old girl just keeps getting better with age, just like a fine wine.

Ashes Umbrella Kobus Anise Sweetbay Saucer Star Magnolia Mingle Flower Field Tree Line Magnolia Mingle Foliage Fling Merlot Cluster

Single Buddies

My single friends are very precious to me and I have a few of them. Each one of them stand alone but are not alone.

Each one is strong and also frail. Each one is unique and holds a special place in my heart and always will.

Sunrise Midnight Dawn Sunset Evening Tossed Beauties All Together Rows of Love Beauties Stand Together Girls Together
the Single Girls


Naturally Blue Roses dont exist because rose DNA doesn’t contain the blue pigment. In some cultures there is a belief that those who attain a Blue Rose will have all their wishes come true.

Blue Roses Jade Blue Roses Navy Blue Roses Sky Blue Roses Slate Blue Roses Vivid Blue Roses White

Autumn Feels

It’s an amazing time of the year when there are fresh mornings and cool evenings where we can snuggle up with an old familiar blanket. The colours of the leaves are turning and the last buds of the rose bushes match the colour of the crisp fruits, ready for us to enjoy.

Ripe Persimmons Twiggie Knit my Heart Snuggle Knit Autumn Bouquet Clotted Cream Autumn Bouquet Eggplant Autumn Bouquet Fall Autumn Bouquet Lichen Autumn Bouquet Olive Autumn Bouquet Persimmon Autumn Bouquet Pumpkin Autumn Bouquet White Autumn Knits Cozy Blanket Fallen Leaves Full Autumn Bouquet


Graced is a collection of elements that were gathered on my desk after walking and collecting bits of nature, being blown by the wind. Taking the time to look closely at each piece of nature Grace changes how we see everything.

Clay Geranium Golden Navel Moor Graced Bouquet Poise Charm Beauty Adore Polish

Poppy Fields

Traditionally the poppy symbolises Rememberance Day the world over. In our family poppies also gives us memories of my Mother-in-law who was born on Armistice Day.

Poppy Fields Grass Poppy Fields Poppy Poppy Fields All Black Poppy Fields All White Scattered Poppy Grass Scattered Poppy P oppy Scattered Poppy All Black Scattered Poppy All White

Creative Circle

Knit one, purl one - I can still hear my Grandma saying that and the clickityclack of her needles as she lovingly knitted another precious item for someone she loved.

Knit One Stocking Love
Black Blue Green Magenta Orange Purple Violet Knitting Circle Having a Ball Chain Stitch Knitted Leaves Point it Out

Blue Christmas

Last year, - 2020, we had a family conversation about a having a real Christmas tree.

From that conversation I got thinking about some of the things I’d like if we lived somewhere there would be snow.

Coal Starry Night Icicles Pine Needles Red Nose Snow - A-Round Wreath Christmas Table Oh Christmas Tree Pine Snow Pining for You Tree Flakes Baubles

Alphabet Soup

Behind all poems, stories and the basis of all understanding is our A B Cs.

This range started by individualling painting each letter which are available as prints via my website.


Blackboard Green Soup Chalk Green Soup Charcoal Green Soup Green Chalkboard Green Soup White board Green Soup Blackboard Pink Soup Chalk Pink Soup Charcoal Pink Soup Green Chalkboard Pink Soup White board Pink Soup

celebrating Carnations

Carnations are such a tradional flower and the scent of the old varieties reminds me of cloves. These delicate crinkley flowers are making a comeback and it’s so nice to see them in all the new colours as they’re so robust and versatile.

Black Baccara Black Forest
Overcast Bridal Flower Tartan Ol’ Fashion Flowers T rellis
English Lace Usher