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Why Should You Get The Techcraft Bernini Series BG4020 42-Inch Flat Panel TV? The drawing room is one of the most important rooms of a house, which will be viewed and critically appraised by everyone who visits your place. There you need to keep it modern, well furnished and comfortable. The design should also complement the construct of your house. The TV in drawing room is a major attraction. Bigger the TV, more attractive it is and lends more authority to the room. However it needs to be arranged in the right way to make the most of its eye candy. What you need to do just that is to get the right mount for your LCD or plasma TV. Techcraft Bernini Series BG4020 Flat Panel TV Stand is one those stands that looks good and functions better. It can support a TV of size 42 inches or less with ease and can sustain television weights up to 200 pounds. The metal frame of the stand is strong and will serve you well for a long time. The stand comes with storage shelves, which can accommodate DVD players, blue ray players, play stations and games and other discs. The frame is sleek black with powder coat color and texture, while the shelves are constructed with black tempered safety glass. One thing that most TV stands don’t take care of, are the wires. The wires are often visible and this reduces the good looks of the television. The Techcraft Bernini is not like others. It has slots installed in its frame, that hides the wires and enable easy cable management. You can forget about the cluster that is a characteristic of most TV stands. Techcraft Bernini LCD tv stand is made for quality. It allows the screen to be mounted at varying heights. It also comes detailed instructions, which makes it easy for anyone to setup their TV. It will only serve to add to the beauty of your house and no matter how heavy your TV is, it will hold.

Why Should You Get The Techcraft Bernini Series BG4020 42-Inch Flat Panel TV?  

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