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A Fresh New Outlook A new year brings a fresh sense of hope and anticipation. We set ourselves a number of New Year’s resolutions and look to the future with a renewed sense of vigour. Fresh Flowers for a New Year Nothing says 'fresh and new' like a beautiful floral arrangement, or a bunch of beautifully fragranced flowers styled into a vase. Not all of us have the perfect gardens to enable us to keep freshly cut flowers in our homes all the year-round. That’s why you need a great florist Brisbane. Our staff at Flowers on Oxford can help you to keep your house fresh and vibrantly filled with flowers for the entire year to come. We have a number of innovative and gorgeous arrangements on offer. We select the best quality flowers from reliable suppliers to ensure that you get the best available value. Our professional team of florists, create beautifully styled bouquets and floral arrangements. You can base the style and colour of your bouquet on your own personal preferences, or you can choose from our great range of various designs in store and online. Best of all, our flowers can be delivered directly to your home, if desired. Care of Cut Flowers The most important rule when it comes to cut flowers is to ensure that they have enough clean, fresh water. For flowers in a vase, make sure to change the water every day. A teaspoon of bleach added to the water will inhibit the growth of bacteria that can cause the water to deteriorate. Do not use sugar, copper coins or other detergents within the vase water. The common belief that these items will prolong flower life, is a myth, and in fact does not ‘pro-long the life’ or ‘feed’ the cut flowers at all. You should make sure that the stems of the flowers and foliage that are going to be submerged in the vase water are stripped of all leaves, or else these will start to rot in the water, thus creating a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Where you place the flowers will also affect how long they last; flowers placed in direct sunlight, or warmer position inside the home, will not last nearly as long. We advise our clients to remove wilting blooms as quickly as possible – some flowers naturally last longer than others and removing the dead blooms will freshen up the entire bouquet and help to inhibit the growth of bacteria. It is also extremely important to properly clean out your vase with bleach once the flowers are have been removed. Using a perfectly clean vase will help keep any new flowers fresh.

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A Fresh New Outlook  

A new year always brings about a sense of anticipation and hope. Freshly cut flowers can help you to maintain that sense of anticipation thr...

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