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Product Forms Pelargonium Syngenta Flowers® offers a unique range of product forms. These have been selected to support the individual requirements of our customers. Our sales team can assist you when deciding what form best fits your needs.

URC Unrooted cuttings originate from our southern mother stock facilities in Kenya and Ethiopia. Every cutting is compact with short internodes and is the basis for a well-branched young plant.

Quickstep® In the 2019-2020 season, our rooted cuttings of Poinsettia and Pelargonium from Africa will be packed and shipped in improved packaging. The new product form, Quickstep in a tray holds plants more securely, preventing damage. It also offers growers the opportunity to unpack the cuttings and leave them in their trays for 24-48 hours before planting giving growers more flexibility. Quickstep in a tray offers a much improved way to transport them safely. It will ensure plant quality is maintained during long-distance transport.

Jiffy/Paperpot This young plant product is a compact, well-branched and well-rooted cutting in a 30 mm Jiffy- or paperpot. It is ideal for use in potting machines as well for planting by hand. It is the guarantee for a good start to the crop and a perfectly shaped finished plant.

Xtray® The Xtray® system from Syngenta Flowers® sets the standard for the young plant market. For Pelargonium you can now take advantage of the Xtray®. The Xtray® gives faster extraction and root protection of young plants as well as the option to use robots to pot the young plants.



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