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Sapphire (Formerly Florikote™)

Product Description Florikan® is committed to providing high performing and cost effective controlled release fertilizers. The development of Florikan® Sapphire is designed to increase the development of the blue flower color in blue Hydrangeas. Florikan’s patented polymer coating technology sustains the release of nutrients to reduce the potential nutrient runoff and leaching into the environment. The controlled release technology also reduces the need for multiple applications.

100% Controlled Release Aluminum Sulfate Available in 90 Day and 180 Day Release About Florikan®

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Florikan® is Solution Driven A Proven Performance Leader A Proud Family Owned U.S. Manufacturer

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GAL-XeONETM is used under license from JR Simplot company

Sapphire (Formerly Florikote™)

Guaranteed Analysis Sulfur (S) 12.0% Combined Sulfur (S)


Derived From Polymer coated Aluminum Sulfate ALSO CONTAINS NON PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT(s): 15.0% Aluminum derived from Aluminum Sulfate* *12.0% slow release Sulfur and 15.0% slow release Aluminum from polymer coated Aluminum Sulfate. Potential variables to be taken into account when choosing from the suggested rates. Topdressing:

•Minimize contact of the fertilizer with the plant stem. •With overhead irrigation it is always suggested that you spread the fertilizer over the entire surface of the growing media. •With drip irrigation or spray stake irrigation ensure that the fertilizer is close to the emitter.

Low Rate: It is suggested that the low rate be used if -

• Plants being fertilized are in an area of reduced air flow (closely spaced plants, cold frame, greenhouse, etc.) • Plants being fertilized are very young. • Media pH is lower than 6.0. • If flood irrigation or recycled irrigation water is utilized. • If low volume irrigation methods are used (cyclic, no leaching of containers). • If irrigation occurs less than 3 times per week - such as late winter/early fall. • If peat based or other high water holding media are used. • If Aluminum Sulfate has been applied previously in either granular of liquid form.

High Rate: may be consider if-

• Plants being fertilized are well established and are grown outside. • Plants are being grown in a bark based media. • Media pH is higher than 6.0. • Irrigation occurs more than 3 times a week - such as late spring/summer

Conversion 5 Grams = 1 Teaspoon | 15 Grams = 1 Tablespoon

AL-SO4 180 Day

AL-SO4 90 Day Top-Dress Rates (Grams / Per Container) LOW 7 9 20 35 60

2 Quart 1 GAL 2 GAL 3 GAL 5 GAL

Top-Dress Rates (Grams / Per Container)

HIGH 10 15 30 50 80

2 Quart 1 GAL 2 GAL 3 GAL 5 GAL

Incorporation Rates HIGH 10


Average Median Temperatures 60°F 150




Average Median Temperatures 70°F


HIGH 20 30 70 120 175

Incorporation Rates LOW 7


LOW 15 20 45 70 115

80°F 4


Longevity in Days & Months (up to)

60°F 3


70°F 8


80°F 7


Longevity in Days & Months (up to)