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What Is Florikan® Controlled Release Amshield™? Florikan® Controlled Release Amshield™ is polymer coated ammonium sulfate with a 20% Nitrogen content and 22.8% Sulfur. Amshield™ is designed to give a professional the peace of mind that the investment they make in fertilizer is protected from the elements and available to the plant when the plant needs it. Ammonium Sulfate is highly soluble and prone to leaching. Amshield™ greatly reduces this loss of nutrients and provides a greater ROI for farmers and turf professional.

Applications of Amshield™ Amshield™ is used in the nursey, golf course, turf management, and specialty agriculture industries as a growth and greening agent.

Why Use Amshield™ Homogeneous product distributes the perfect ratio delivers readily available sulfate sulfur and ammonium nitrogen. When released from the coating, the ammonium nitrogen is immediately available for uptake. Greatly reduces the probability of nitrogen loss from leaching, denitrification, and volatilization. Helps condition alkaline soils to allow uptake of immobilized soluble micronutrient salts. Generates greater root growth, improved plant quality and greater recovery from drought when frequent Iron applications are supplemented with Nitrogen applications.

Release Characteristics: Controls the release of Ammonium Sulfate for up to 60 days. Also available in 90 and 180 Day Release. Amshield™ can be blended with other fertilizer products to make a complete formulation. Not affected by high rainfall or excessive irrigation. Release based solely off of ground temperature.

Packaging & Physical Properties: Custom Blending Amshield™ into conventional fertilizer blends available through select regional distributors 50 Lb. Bags 2,000 Lb. Super-Sacks Bulk Trailer Available in 100, 150, 220, and 300 SGN

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