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FloridaUAV Announces Availability of DJI S1000 Octocopter in Stock; Used for Aerial Photography FloridaUAV has recently announced the availability of DJI S1000 Octocopter in stock for people who are crazy about aerial photography. They have done regular inspections and the manufacturer from Florida UAV ensures that the Octocopter can be used with perfection without complications. Additionally, one can find integrated state-of-the-art GPS systems that ensures the exact positioning and navigation of the Octocopter.

FloridaUAV ensures to provide the best customer service, responsive advice and the best products available at the most affordable price. Their team of knowledgeable professionals has experience of R/C users who grew up in the industry. One could say that FloridaUAV is an exception in the field of technology, among other UAV companies.

Florida UAV is leading in UAV’s custom build, if one is looking for a fun hobby quadcopter or searching for something influential for a perfect professional look. They are experts in terms of every product that they deliver to customers and provide impeccable quality that one will applause for over years.

Florida UAV has also custom built a number of sky hero spyders a product listed in the stock of new arrivals giving a new turn in technology. A representative from Florida UAV mentions, “We will show you products that are new in our industry and provide examples of people all over the world who are putting this technology to good use. With 20 years of government and private experience,

Damon (FloridaUAV Founder) fully appreciates the opportunities that lie ahead with the safe and responsible use of UAV technology.”

About FloridaUAVFlorida UAV was founded by Damon Young, who has been building and flying all types of R/C aircraft since the early 80’s. Raised on a family farm in Virginia, Damon’s career path first led him to state, then Federal law enforcement before he moved on to private sector investigations. FloridaUAV is an online retailer; their goal is to create a website that one can use as their primary source of information. Most importantly, FloridaUAV will show customers where to find the most up to date safety information and updates on the laws regulating UAVs. For more information, please visit- Contact Details2415 Pine Island Court, Jacksonville, FL 32224 Phone: (210) 870 - 9570

Floridauav announces availability of dji s1000 octocopter in stock; used for aerial photography