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Quad B Open Racer Dalton Ellis

President Randy Faul (863)244-3709 Vice President James Hill (941) 812-1247 Secretary Shaun Foutch





Treasurer Kevin Vaughan (941)426-5122

Hare Scrambles Randy Rash (954)931-5709 Enduros Allen Pearce (352)339-5644 Enduros George Tolson (863)698-3837 Hare Scrambles Dan Aitken (407)461-8595 Associate HS Ref Pete Rose (941)270-1189

Magazine Editor Dave Dekmar (941) 356-7796

Specialty C/Women Jimmy Pitts (321)632-3456

Hare Scrambles B/C


Timothy Campbell

Specialty A/B Peter Magee (352)-472-6932






Specialty A/B Danny Kittell (727)244-7299 cell (727)786-8922 home

Specialty C/Women Kerri Chambers (863)956-9140

Saturday Classes Kurt Lucas (786)385-7771

Quads Pete Rose (941)270-1189


Hare Scramble Brandon St. John (912)729-1089 hsscore@

Enduro Calvin M Smith (941)228-4140 enduroscore@

Electronic Scoring Maintenance Tim Nordle

@floridatrailriders ftr-floridatrailridersmagazine floridatrailriders magazine


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ON THE COVER: Quad B Open Racer Dalton Ellis

FROM THE RULE BOOK Single arrow indicating trail to be ridden straight ahead.

Down pre-turn arrows indicating caution, a major left turn just ahead.

New Hare Scrambles Pre-Entry Website FTR has contracted with a new company for Hare Scramble pre-entries.

Down arrows indicating caution, a turn or hazard area is ahead.

Arrows indicating a major turn to the left.

The website is: •You can sign in to this website and build your profile. •You only have to do this once. •You will use the Username and Password you set up to access your account for the pre-entry. •Pre-entry will open approximately 10 days before the race weekend.


Area #1: Spencer St. John (912)674-8871 Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie Area #2: Larry Roberts Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns Area #3: William Toreki (352)372-1135 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake Area #4: Joe Carrasquillo (386)295-8428 Counties: Flagler, Volusia Area #5: Mike Belle (813)963-0657 Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Hillsborough Area #6: Dale Ellis (863)551-1598 Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. (407)282-6056 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola Area #8: Mark Bordelon (321)794-0993 Counties: Brevard, Indian River Area #9: Steve Nutter (941)915-5547 Counties: Manatee, Sarasota, DeSoto, Highlands Area #10: Luis M Rodriguez (772)871-6385 Counties: Okeechobee, St. Lucie, Martin Area #11 Peter Rose (941)270-1189 Counties: Charlotte, Glades, Lee, Hendry, Collier Area #12: Alyssa Mieszczenski Counties: Palm Beach Area #13: James Agate (954)562-2500 j i m @ a g a t e m o r t g a g e. c o m Counties: Broward, Dade, Monroe

1 Apollo Motorcycle Club Mark Bordelon (321)794-0993 voice and text 2 Azalea City Motorcycle Club Gary Wyatt-Interlachan,Fl (386)684-2698 3 Big Scrub Trail Riders John Hawkins-Tavares,Fl (352) 516-6903 4 Central Florida Trail Riders Dave Nagle (407) 222-0050 5 Columbia Enduro Riders Ricky Dennis-Columbia,SC (803)786-0051 6 Daytona Dirt Riders Shaun Foutch (386)214-4878 7 Family Riders, Inc. Johnny Thomas-Hanahan,SC (843)553-1463 8Greenville Enduro Riders Chris Poole-Laurens,SC

CLUB Glenn Hunt- PR Chair (678)231-4100 14 Sarasota Area Dirt Riders Scott Bryant (941)223-9014 15 Sarasota Area Quad Riders Amanda Fronckowiak-Venice,Fl (941) 223-6974 16 Southeast Florida Trail Riders Fra n k Ca m p b e l l -We s t p a l m Beach,Fl (561) 951-3732 17 Sumter Enduro Riders Johnny McCoy-Sumter,SC (803) 481-5169 18 Suncoast Trail Blazers Brian CoughlinTampa,Fl (813)841-2160 19 Sunrunners M/C Dale Ellis-Auburndale,Fl (407)467-1196 20 Tallahassee Trail Riders Steve Tomicich-Tallahassee,Fl (850)556-6784

9 Old School Dirt Riders Ben Kelly-Sarasota,Fl (941)650-1473/(941)650-1474 10 Palm Beach Track & Trail Jim Agate-Hollywood,Fl (954)562-2500 11 Perry Mountain M/C Glenn Hollingshead-Selma.AL (334)872-0619 12 Nature Coast Trail Blazers Paul Ladouceur (352)279-4911


13 River City Dirt Riders Barry Miller-President (904)613-6572

21 Treasure Coast Trail Riders Luis Rodriguez (772)801-9777




The Prez Say’s


ope everyone had a great time at this year’s awards ceremony along with all the activities surrounding the area, I know it was good to see everyone and hang out for a long weekend. This year’s ceremony was made possible by one of our women racers, Lacey Nordle. With help from her family and friends, she took on the challenge and did an excellent job! The bar was set high from the previous years but that just made it more challenging and fun to accomplish her goal. I will have to say that the determination and drive produced a great result as everyone had a great time. To all the vendors that supported this effort and to all the volunteers that gave so much of their time, FTR Thanks You. As of this writing, it looks like we will be able to go back to Daytona next year on August 4, 2018. zAs our summer is in full swing and so is the FTR with our first few races just weeks away. Everyone is holding their breath that we stay on schedule but you know how this weather is in Florida and how things can change. We have a full 15 H/S events along with 8 enduros this year so having

the opportunity to ride an event just got a little easier with this many races or in some cases, just became harder that now there’s so many to chose from. Some of us have been riding all through the summer with trips out west, up north and to your favorite spot away from all this heat and rain. No matter where or what type of riding you do, it’s always better than a day at work or doing chores at the house! Of course as long as I keep the yard mowed, vehicles maintained, stay under the radar and stay out of trouble, I’m golden. I would like to wish our FTR members that are competing in the GNCC series this year ‘Good Luck’. Riders like Jesse, Dylan, Ben, Jerry, Cash and anybody that I missed all came out of FTR and are always running at the front. FTR is very proud to have these riders representing us at the national level with several on the verge of capturing a national championship this year. Thanks for listening, Randy Faul

Go to to download and print your Rider Information Sheet.


Product Review

Fasst Co. Flexx Bars: Better Bars For A Better Ride


hether you're a casual rider looking for a more comfortable ride or a hard core racer looking for a way to reduce fatigue,ride longer, and charge harder the Fasst Company Flexx handlebars are a solid investment to your arsenal. Established in 1997, Fasst Company has one goal in mind, to make products to allow for a better day of riding. Their Flexx Handle bars are innovative, tunable handlebars designed to absorb impacts, vibration and other abuses commonly experienced on the trails and racetracks; the kind of things that fatigues a rider and leads to the dreaded arm pump. The very first thing I noticed about my experience with Fasst Co. is their awesome customer service and commitment to the sport. I dealt with Jason Parsons, a self proclaimed ergonomics expert, and his experience and knowledge was top notch. He ask some questions and sent me the 12° Moto setup that I think fits me and my riding style well. The 100% American Made bars are constructed out of 7000 series aluminum using the latest tech in CNC machining and extruding methods. These bars are sturdy and look bulky but they're not. Once you get all of the controls mounted and the bar pad on they feel like any other bar. The concept of the Flexx bar is that the handle never makes metal to metal contact through the use of fiber bushings at the pivot point where the handle meets the cross bar. With the help of the elastomers this reduces a lot of the vibration that makes its way to the rider. Under the handles are the compression and rebound elastomers.

These are used to dampen the effects of jarring hits to your upper body transferred through a conventional handle bar like rocks, roots, square edge ruts, etc. The affect of the dampening elastomers keeps your bike tracking in the right direction. The kit comes with 4 compression and 3 rebound elastomers so that you can tune your bars to your own preference. I had the same thought about the Flexx bars as a lot of people, "Doesn't it feel weird with the handle bars moving up and down in your hands while you're riding?" The Flexx bars design allows them to work in unison with your forks meaning that you never feel them moving. My first ride with these bars was at the whooped out trails of Croom and I actually forgot they were mounted. I did notice that I was riding smoother, faster and not getting fatigued. The Flexx Bars install was as easy as mounting a standard bar. They offer different crossbars to fit steering dampeners, dashes to hold GPS systems, and will work with many different brands of hand guards. As long as you have a 1 1/8" bar clamp you can transfer the Flexx bar to any bike making them a long term investment. The only negative I could find is that they weigh about 2 lbs more than a standard bar. So if you play the weight game then this is something to consider. I've been using the bars for a while now and I'm sold on the Flexx system. If you ride with any kind of nagging injury give them a try. Fasst Company set out to make sure we have a better day of riding and I think they hit the mark. Contact the guys at Fasst Company or check out you're local dealer if you want to give these bars a go on your bike or ATV. You won't regret it.


Around The Pits So on Sunday July 9th, 2017 We took a trip up to Croom in Brooksville ,Fl. My husband, Joel May, was riding the trail and came across a Go Pro, so I (Lisa) decided to see if there was anything on it. So I found a few videos and saw one video of him riding a KTM 333c so I decided to reach out to FTR because my husband races figured that would be the best way to finding its rightful owner knowing Go Pros aren't cheap! We are glad to say, we find the right owner! -Lisa Tran & Joel May

We want to hear from you . send your letters and race reports to Its a great way to share your excitement and appreciation for the sport you love.

FTR's Jack Chambers competed in the 2017 MX Masterkids in Verdun, France after being selected to Team USA. " Stocked going into the Main events in the #1 qualifying position with 4,1,1 Moto finishes." Jack said on his Instagram page. Unfortunately due to a serious crash in practice the event organizers and the Masterkid committee decide to cancel all racing. Congratulations Jack on your accomplishments. FTR is proud of you.

Jack posing with some fans.

CONTACT RANDY FAUL (863)244-3709

DO YOU WANT TO ADVERTISE WITH FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS MAGAZINE? Request a rate card at or call 941-356-7796. Deadline for new ads is the 15th of each month.





CREATINE 101 Disclaimer: This post contains recommendations, opinions, and facts that I’ve gathered from my personal evaluation of the research available. This is by no means the only interpretation of the research. Take any supplement carefully, and do your own personal research before trying anything. Speak with your doctor if you have any health concerns, which might cause complications with taking any supplement. Supplements are NOT essential, but are used to supplement healthy nutrition and daily exercise.


ne of the questions that I get asked pretty frequently is whether or not creatine supplementation is effective and safe. In this post, I want to break down what I know about creatine, how I recommend taking creatine, and the best sources of creatine supplementation. This will be a quick overview of the subject, but if you have additional questions, email me and I’ll be happy to take a swing at them! Let’s begin with a brief introduction into creatine and what it does for our body. Creatine is found in protein sources like red meat, some types of fish, and pork. If inadequate amounts are ingested, the body can produce upwards of 1-2/grams per day. By eating 1kg of steak, we can get approximately 4g worth of creatine (Grande, 2005). By the way, 1 kg of steak is over 2 pounds. Let that sink in. By supplementing with creatine, we can provide a much larger dose of creatine than we would normally be able to eat through dietary means alone. So, in summary, your body makes creatine, and you can get creatine from the food you eat. So why would you need MORE creatine, and what exactly does it do? Let’s be clear, I faked my way through bioenergetics, but I can try to explain in the simplest of terms, how the process works. Our muscles use an energy source called ATP. The body has a limited ability to store ATP to use as a quick and easy energy source for the muscles. Creatine has a lesser negative charge and is less dense which means that the body can store up to 4-6 times the amount of creatine than ATP (Grande, 2005). As creatine is ingested, it passes through the blood stream and combines with phosphate to create phosphocreatine (PCR). This process allows for a very rapid regeneration of ATP to replenish what has been used by the active muscles (Grande, 2005). So in short, creatine acts as a mechanism to replace the energy

source used by the muscles so we can exercise harder, longer, and also recover more quickly. This process makes creatine a valuable supplement for strength athletes, athletes doing high intensity workouts, bodybuilding, and those doing repeated bouts of high intensity exercise. There isn’t much research on the effectiveness of creatine with aerobic athletes, but I personally don’t think there is much of a detriment if hydration and excess weight gain are addressed. With that said, do you need to supplement with creatine? I think so. According to Burklen et al. (2006), the supplementation of creatine has shown to have benefits in cognitive function, increased memory and learning potential. There is research that supports the use of creatine supplementation for Alzheimer’s patients, and those with Parkinson’s disease. In addition, creatine has been researched quite extensively since it started to gain some popularity as a supplement. The only real side effects that can be validated by the literature that I can see are GI distress in some athletes and weight gain. Weight gain is likely due to increased water retention, and the fact that urinary volume sometimes decreases with creatine supplementation. There is some anecdotal evidence that this could lead to muscle cramping, but if adequate hydration levels are maintained, you’ll be just fine. Next to protein supplements, creatine is probably one of the most researched supplements on the market. Ok, so now what to get and how do you take it? This is my favorite part. All you need is creatine monohydrate. This is one of the few supplements where the cheapest form, works the best. You don’t need micronized creatine or anything other than pure creatine monohydrate. You can easily get a month’s worth for under $15.

Most manufacturers will suggest a loading phase where you take your creatine with some form of high glycemic carbohydrates. There isn’t a lot of evidence that supports MANDATORY loading phase. I believe that 5g per day is plenty of creatine, and after a few days you will have sufficiently loaded as much creatine as you need. I also don’t believe you have to take your creatine with high glycemic carbs, but it does help. I seldom do because I am typically trying to control by carbohydrate intake, but during bulk phases, it’s a good idea. There also isn’t really an optimal time to take your creatine, just take it every day and you’ll be fine. Many people suggest taking it immediately after your workout for better recovery. I take mine in the morning so I don’t forget. Do what works for you. What about pre –workout supplements that have creatine in them? I won’t bash the pre-workouts…at least not in this article, but I don’t really think they are the most advantageous for many athletes. What you want from your pre-workout is creatine, and caffeine. I think you’re better off making your own concoction. There’s so some evidence that the ingestion of caffeine with creatine may have detrimental effects in regards to the effectiveness of the creatine (Vandenberghe, 1996). You’ll have to try this for yourself to see how you respond. In this particular article, the caffeine dose was

5mg per kg of bodyweight…that’s a lot! (Vandenberghe, 1996). So, do I recommend using creatine as a supplement to your healthy nutrition and exercise program? Yep. If you want to give it a shot, it’s a minimal investment, and very safe. Here’s how to make it work the best for you: • Get plain creatine monohydrate (it’s bitter so mix it with a flavored water or make a 1-2 ounce shot out of it) • Chase it with a bottle of water and make sure you stay hydrated (drink 1/2 your bodyweight in ounces of water per day!) • Don’t worry about the loading phase, just take 5g daily • Experiment with creatine during some of your practice riding sessions to make sure you don’t have any issues with cramping or arm pump. If you do, avoid using creatine on race day. I personally have never had an issue, but you will need to do your own experimenting! • If you experience some weight gain and that bothers you, take about 4 weeks on, then a week or two off and see if you lean out some. Most of the weight will be water retention, but you should be building some muscle in the process!

Good luck! Let me know if you have questions. Send us an email at Visit and for more articles and information!




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With plenty of tables available, this years expo was a relaxed affair that allowed plenty of opportunity for some bench racing.

Championship bikes were on display.

Everyone knows who's behind this First Place Plate.

High Point A Champ Ron Commo walked away with this custom Snap on tool box.

Can anyone stop the Hell's Canyon Race Team?

Congrats to Master B Champ Chris Goodale!

Lauren Neidenfeuhr and Ted Brauns Championship Quads were in the house. Yea, this Klim Tactical Pro Jersey is holding up a 260lb Honda!

Matt Batchie was missed but was there in spirit.

Monika Blaháčková took her turn on the Alta Motors Elctric dirtbike.

Congrats to Mini A racers Andrew Foster and Franco Ferrerya on a great season

Jesse Ansley wore his MC shoes this year and did an awesome job.

Congrats to Women A Champion Kelsey Saltar.


Pit Bike – Gunner Williams Bicycle – James Hill Rekluse – Eric Berard Yeti – Eric Berard Harescramble Quilt – Deborah Cain Enduro Quilt – David Settle Scalloping Trip – Bobby Munro Congratulation to all of the raffle winners and thank you to all of our sponsors that donated the prizes. VP James Hill took home the Specialized Bike courtesy of The Super Cool Bike Shop.

This has got to be the easiest job Uncle Bill's had in a long time.

Gunner Williams sits on his new Yamah TT-110 he won with just one ticket bought. That's how you do it Gunner.

Tim Campbell, Brandon St.John, Levic and Danitta, Angel Mendez, and Teresa Faul.

Eric Berard not only won this Yeti Cooler he also took home a Rekluse Clutch. Way to go Eric! Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped out with the raffles and other events.

TF Racing handed out their annual TF Most Improved Awards to Don Chriss, Korbin Dinkel, Avery Ennis, and Amber Trapnell. These four showed amazing drive, commitment and passion for their sport and those attributes resulted in a noticeable improvement in their riding and end of season finishes. Congratulations to all.

PIT MOM OF THE YEAR: Darlene Riggs

A honor well deserved for her dedication to her grandson Min B 2nd place winner Dennis Riggs. SPORTSMAN OF HE YEAR: Hunter Pierce


Don't Forget to Support Those That Support The Florida Trail Riders



Florida Panhandle Trail Riders


September 10, 2017

Sign up opens August 10, 2017 Entry Fees

Gate Fee $5/person under 10 free Pre-entry $42 Received by Sept 15 Post-entry $52 & Kids $15 Post-entry and kids sign up at race Use Official Entry Form (both clubs)

Row Assignments

Club will assign the nearest available row requested No riding on another’s row or entry fee No requests will be taken by phone/email Start control format with Livelaps scoring will be used for this race.


AMA Membership required or 1 day pass - $20 SERA membership or 1 day pass - $5 FTR membership or 1 day pass - $25 US Forest Service Approved Spark Arrestor

LiveLaps electronic scoring transponder is required: available @ race site Information: ALL TIMES ARE CENTRAL TIME ZONE Sign-up: Saturday 12-6 pm, Sunday 6:30-8 am Riders meeting: Sunday 8:30 am, Key time 9 am Sign-up information: Gi Wiggins (850) 496-3472 or Track questions: Dexter Leadbeater (850) 527-0615 Concessions available

The Suncoast Trail Blazers Proudly Present:

The 41st Annual

Orange State Enduro October 1, 2017 Registration & Packet Pickup

Above Ground Campfires Only!!!

Saturday - 2:00 to 6:00 PM at Axis Powersports at entrance to the Croom Motorcycle Park

GPS Coordinates – N28.52325 W82.23966 Croom M/C Park, 6420 La Rose Rd, Brooksville, FL 34602 NW corner of I-75 and SR 50/US 98 (Exit 301) For more information, contact Cary Hunt – 727-638-6228

Sunday - 7:00 to 8:30 AM at the main pavilion within the Croom Motorcycle Park

All riders entering the event will be given a one-day forestry permit to be placed on the front plate. Non-event motorcycles cannot enter the Croom M/C Park without a valid OHV permit.

Riders Meeting ............. 8:30 AM Start .............................. 9:00 AM

Campsites with full facilities are available at the starting area on a first come, first served basis. Call (352) 797-5759 for camping information.

Inspection Requirements

AMA, FTR, and SETRA Sanctioned

Pre-Entry - $70 (includes $20 Forestry Permit) All pre-entries are on-line through MotoTally Pre-entry opens Sept. 1, 2017 at 8 PM Preentry closes Sept. 24, 2017 at Noon Single event membership will be available at the event signup for $20 All riders are encouraged to pick up their rider packets on Saturday (9/30/2017) to avoid delays and confusion on race day.

(checked at start) Spark Arrestor – all bikes Forestry Permit on front plate

Post Entry (weekend of event) - $75

Course Information Complete course is approx. 60 miles Restart Format - NO Timekeeping Ample Resets Rideable for Beginners Challenging for A Riders Start, Main Gas, & Finish are all inside the Croom Motorcycle Park All Trail - NO Roads

Croom M/C Park Entrance Gate


(Includes $20 Forestry Permit)

230 Rider Cut-off!!! No Free Camping. No Pets or Firearms allowed

9 Miles Brooksville

0.1 Miles

Exit 301

Motels Quality Inn .............................352-796-9481 Microtel Inn ............................352-796-9025 Days Inn.................................352-796-9486 Hampton Inn ..........................352-796-1000 Holiday Inn Express ...............352-796-0455


Check Your Class

Name ____________________________Class __________________ Row Request _______

AA A-Open A-250 A-200 B-Open B-250 B-200 C-Open C-250 C-200 Women A +35 B +35 C +35 A +40 B +40 C +40 A +45 B +45 C +45 A +50 B +50 C +50 A +55 B +55 A +60 B +60 +66 +70 Evolution Beginner

Address ____________________________ City ______________ State______ Zip ________ Phone # ____________________

Age ______ Make M/C __________________ cc_______

FTR # ___________________ AMA # _________________ SETRA # __________________ THIS IS A RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT – READ IT BEFORE SIGNING

I, for myself, my executor, administrator and assignees, do hereby release and agree to hold blameless, the Florida Suncoast Trail Blazers Motorcycle Club, Inc., the Florida Trail Riders, Inc. (FTR), the Southeastern Enduro and Trail Riders Association (SE&TRA), the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), the Florida Division of Forestry and the officers, directors, officials, representatives, agents, and employees of all of the above from all liability, loss, claims and demands that may occur from any loss, damage or injury (including death) to my person or property in any way resulting from or arising in connection with this event, whether while engaged in the competition or preparation thereof, or while upon entering or departing from said event for any cause whatsoever. I have voluntarily entered an FTR/SE&TRA/AMA co-sanctioned event, the Orange State Enduro on October 1, 2017. An FTR/SE&TRA/AMA co-sanction indicates that this event is listed in the organization’s official calendar. The officials for this event have not been trained or accredited by the FTR, SE&TRA or the AMA. Motor sports are dangerous. You should take part in this event on your own assessment of your or your child’s abilities. The event will traverse public land and roads. The promoter is not responsible for their conditions or the actions of other individuals using these premises. You are responsible for the condition of your or your child’s motorcycle and protective apparel. We urge you not to compete in motor sports without adequate personal medical coverage as the promoter does not provide medical insurance coverage. The Suncoast Trail Blazers M/C, FTR, SE&TRA, AMA and the Division of Forestry are not experts in laying out and sponsoring an Enduro and I know the risk and danger to myself, so I voluntarily and in reliance upon my own judgment and ability, assume all risk for loss, damage or injury (including death) to myself and my property for any cause whatsoever. The course is dangerous. Not all obstacles may be marked, so ride carefully.

THIS IS A RELEASE ________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT

THIS IS A RELEASE ________________________________________________________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PARENT (REQUIRED OF ALL PARTICIPANTS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE)


CLUB $ ____________ MEMB $ ___________ T-SHIRTS __________ TOTAL $ ___________



Enduro #

Little Brown Jug

Out Of State


HS #1

Daytona Dirt Riders

Ormond Beach,Fl


Enduro #2

Florida Pan Handle Trail Riders

Chipley, Fl


HS #2

Sarasota Area Dirt Riders

Punta Gorda, Fl


Enduro #3

Suncoast Trail Riders

Brooksville, Fl


HS #3

Central Florida Trail Riders

Bartow. Fl


HS #4

Azalea City Motorcycle Club

Palatka, Fl


HS #5


Bartow, Fl


Enduro #4

Perry Mountain

Out Of State


HS #6

Treasure Coast Trail Riders



HS #7

Old School Dirt Riders

Punta Gorda,Fl


HS #8

Suncoast Trail Riders

Brooksville, Fl


HS #9

Palm Beach Tracks & Trail Riders Okeechobee, Fl


Enduro #5

River City Dirt Riders

Seville, Fl


Enduro #6

River City Dirt Riders

Seville, Fl



Big Scrub Trail Riders



HS #11

South East Florida Trail Riders

Okeechobee, Fl


Enduro #7

Central Florida Trail Riders

Richloam, Fl


HS #12

Big O

Okeechobee, Fl


Enduro #8

DDR Alligator Enduro-Tentative



HS #13

Nature Coast Trail Riders

Dade City, Fl


HS #14

Apollo Motorcycle Club

Samsula, Fl


HS #15

River City Dirt Riders

Ocala, Fl

Rain Date




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