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C250 Racer Seve Le Roux FTR RACE PICS PHOTO

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ON THE COVER: C250 racer Steve Le Roux is on the gas on his way to a 4th place finish at the Dade City Twister HS. Photo: FTR Race Pics


Franco Ferrerya


Area #1: Spencer St. John (912)674-8871 Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie Area #2: Larry Roberts Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns Area #3: William Toreki (352)372-1135 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake Area #4: Joe Carrasquillo (386)295-8428 Counties: Flagler, Volusia Area #5: Mike Belle (813)963-0657 Counties: Hernando, Pasco. Pinellas, West Hillsborough Area #6: Dale Ellis (863)551-1598 Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. (407)282-6056 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola Area #8: Mark Bordelon (321)794-0993 Counties: Brevard, Indian River Area #9: Steve Nutter (941)915-5547 Counties: Manatee, Sarasota, DeSoto, Highlands

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The Prez Say’s


in the pedal. What, no way that can’t be. Just as I was about to go get the wrenches and adjust the pedal and thinking I will never live this down, I see something dark up and around the adjuster bolt. It’s a piece of broken off wood or branch or something. Are you kidding me, knocked it out and the pedal had free play. Off I go to try and finish before I hour out. Made the three laps and finished goal number 2. I had a great time, didn’t have any pressure and fulfilled my goals. Sometimes it’s good to unplug for a little while and come back refreshed as now I have to set some more goals and work on achieving those. Even though I’ve been doing this a long time, sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics and be realistic about the entire picture. Going back to our youth, help them apply the Fun factor first and set a goal. It doesn’t matter how small it is, teach them to be honest with themselves and take small steps in reaching for the stars. Work on the fundamentals that will help your rider be proud that he or she can accomplish a goal; it will make a better rider and a person out of them when they feel they have accomplished a task. Thanks for listening, Randy Faul

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y March article touched on a few different things like our youth and one special young man that picks on me every chance he gets. I also mentioned coming off the couch and wanted to start showing up on the line again with a different perspective with putting the word “Fun” at the beginning of the thought of riding again. I came up solo to the Natural Coast event on Friday as Teresa had to work a half a day on Saturday. So if I was going to ride, I felt she needed to be there. So off I went on a five hour adventure to go back home and pick her up along with the dog and make it back before sign up closed. I figured since I went to all that trouble I had better get signed up before I procrastinated as I have been known to do and talk myself out of it. As I always bring something to ride with either my tagged XC-W500 or a 300, something told me to bring the smaller of the two. As I drank water from Tuesday until race day I felt I had a small chance of not getting dehydrated and might be able to at least finish. Practice came and I hooked up with my ole pal and we rode together for almost all of practice. It was good step in the right direction for me as I felt comfortable riding with him and actually had me grinning. (Thanks Tim) Came back after practice and felt pretty good with my timing and line choices. Did the usual bike prep and off I went to the start. Look down the line and see all my fellow riders still here even after a couple years off, plus a few new guys so I feel pretty comfortable .I’m thinking instead of standing here for 10 minutes go ahead and sit on the bike to save these legs that’s probably going to be the first thing to go. Teresa arrives to hold the bike and I’m starting to get that feeling, you know that churn and something called butterflies. As my buddy and team mate Dirty Mike rolls up, first thing he says, “Really” you’re racing, let me get a picture of this nobody going to believe it. Thanks Mike, you really know how to make the ole guy feel it. As we get down to a few minutes, I have some fun time with my friends on the line, I forget what I need to be doing and realize I don’t have a start box as I loaned it to Amanda as she is the row ahead of me. My man Bradley got it back to me in time so I was good. I came into this to have fun but also had two goals I wanted to achieve, one was to get in the top three off the start and the other was to finish. I applied the technique I use on our team members in setting up their bike for their starts. Jerry, Harry and J.A. always seem to get good starts with holeshots both on Saturday and Sunday so I figured I would try it. Horn goes off and I hear someone yell Run Forest Run, so somehow I manage to get to my bike without falling down and not kick my wife silly with my boot. Behold, the bike fires right up and off the line I go and there’s nobody in front of me! Guess the guys are feeling sorry for me and will stuff me in the first corner as I hear the roar coming. Amazingly I go into the woods first, goal one completed and no there is no pictures so you will just have to believe me! LoL Feeling pretty good and know Robin is right behind me so I try and relax and tell myself just ride and have fun. That lead didn’t last but a few miles as he found a better line and off he went. All was still good until something started feeling a little funny with the rear brake; in the mean time I’m feeling some more heat from Dave J. and Randy G. and they get by me before the first lap. Went to back the rear end around in a corner and no rear brake, can you say off the trail I go. Made one lap and back to the pit for some water to try and cool off the caliper. As I sit there trying to cool the thing off, I see there is no free play



Guest Contributer Mike Sleeter


f you own a KTM you know there isn’t much that you can do to make it better than how it comes out of the crate as the bike is truly "Ready To Race". I may have bias opinion, but the bikes are virtually flawless in performance and reliability.

With that being said I wanted share a very key component that I have been using for years. In 201617 some riders are having problems with there rear brake spring snapping of the brake pedal causing a very dead feel on the break pedal. Fasst Company out of Utah has been making a brake spring bucket and spring that goes under the master cylinder. On this brake spring the pedal resistance can be adjusted by how much preload is placed on the spring. In the earlier KTM models there wasn’t a problem with the rear brake springs braking so I used it for improved feel I had on my foot when breaking because I am hard on the rear brake. Believe it or not I have recycled a brake spring for almost 3 years with virtually no wear and tear. The Return Spring Kit also minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder as well

as eliminating the stock return spring that attaches to the pedal. Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit consists of spring, spring bucket and nut. The Spring Bucket contains the spring as well as seals the master cylinder with the stock rubber dust boot. This key component is also available for Japanese models if you are riding one. The Rear Brake Spring retails for a very reasonable $19.99.

•Tuning the rear brake. Creates tunable pedal resistance and improved feel. •No more on/off. Minimizes the ON / OFF feel of most rear brakes. •Adjustable spring preload. Spring pre-load determines level of resistance. •Keep it clean. Minimizes debris from jamming master cylinder.

Zoee Grzech got a little cross training in at Orlando MX with a 1st place finish Girls 9-13. Way to represent!!

Spring Break Beach Brapping for the Bartlett Brothers.

Aiden Klucinec.. "He did as we asked with perfect attendance at school and AB honor roll all year. He has been so good helping our elderly neighbor and with chores at home. His reward....a YZ 125!"

She thinks his tractor is sexy....Alyssa Thrift with her Pit Bike Assassin date Cameron Beebe on their way to the 2017 Prom at Baker County High School.


Ran out of trophies so I get to keep the trophy girl !


Rick Graley hangs out with a friend from Down Under Tayla Jones. Tyla is a Australian champion and is leading the GNCC women's Pro class.

Mike Youmans walked his daughter, Alexis, down the aisle on March 31st,2017 at the Maitland Civic Center. Congratulations Alex and Alexis from Florida Trail Riders Magazine!!

Congratulations to Art Whitney and his new grand daughter , Elliot Marie Tyson.



Start Grid Procedural Update

Following an FTR insurance review, the following procedural changes will go into effect immediately. These changes are dictated by FTR's insurance carrier: a. Silt/Snow fence, or equivalent, barrier must enclose the start grid on three sides with a single entry/exit point. Ribbon is insufficient as a barrier. b. Racers will be provided a unique “Start Grid” arm band at sign-up for one person to wear as an assistant on the start grid. c. Hosting club must provide a member to monitor and enforce the start grid entry/exit. d. No one is permitted on the start grid except for the racer, one support person and FTR Officials. These procedural changes have been communicated to the club representatives of the upcoming events.

We want to hear from you . send your letters and race reports to Its a great way to share your excitement and appreciation for the sport you love.





Awards Expo

ttention racers, family and friends… it's that time of year again! We started the planning and preparations for our 2016-2017 Awards Expo. FTR merchandise will be sold at the Hare Scrambles in order to help out the funding and keep ticket prices low. The Awards Expo will take place on July 15, 2017 in the arena at the Daytona Beach Ocean Center. Currently, we still have some details to work out regarding beginning and ending times for the day of, but we do have hotel and food information as follows. The Hilton located across the street from the arena will serve as our preferred hotel again this year with rooms costing $104 per night. The food at the Awards Expo will be concession style but is NOT included in your ticket price. However, you will have access to the concessions throughout the day. When time gets closer we will have open and closing times for the concession stands. Further details to come.

ver the last 3 months I have been through what some would only consider foolish. I have been over weight my entire life, I have tried fad diets, weight loss clinics and much more. All the while continuing to race dirt bikes because no matter how big I was, racing is my passion and I felt good doing it despite the size or shape I was in. After many failed attempts at weight loss on my own and watching my 3 year old grow and learn to ride, I realized I was very out of shape and would never be the parent that could chase him around the pee wee track next season. June 2016 I decided to take the plunge and start the beginning steps to weight loss surgery. After 6 months of classes I was able to have the gastric sleeve on December 29 2016. This journey has been nothing but amazing! I started the process at 257 lbs. I am now down to 190 lbs. I feel amazing not only in my home life but on the track as well. It has not been easy learning to muscle my 2017 KTM 450 XWC through the woods again but it has been fun! My first race back was L-Cross in February. I was so eager to get back out there not paying attention to the changes in my body or taking it easy, I made

some riding errors and ended up breaking my thumb an knee cap within the first mile. Not knowing exactly what was injured I kept riding and brought home a 3rd place. Allowing myself to heal and strengthening my core muscles a bit more before jumping back on the bike, I decided my next ride would be the Alligator Enduro. It was 60 grueling miles of fun trail with a little bit of everything from sugar sand, palmettos, mud, and woops. I felt back to normal again, I felt like I was in the best shape I've been in for years! I raced the Women elite class and brought home a 4th place! I never fell once it was a great ride! From this experience I have learned that if you have a goal no matter how much negativity you could get from it, always chase your dreams. Throughout my life changing journey not only my family and friends have been supportive but over the years of racing FTR I have met some really great people that I consider my "FTR family" who have been supportive and said very kind words or encouragement! I Look forward to finishing out this Season in the Women A class where Holly, Alyssa, and Myself have a pretty good 3 way battle for the championship! -Kelsey ODonnell

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Ft.Myers Hare Scramble circa 1980's




Step-Ups !



et's face it; step-ups aren't nearly as sexy as box jumps. But that doesn't mean they should be excluded from your programming. The opposite is true, and the addition of step-ups can build some serious strength and help out in a lot of other ways, too. In this post, I want to break down the step-up and try and convince you to add it into or back into your program. It may not seem like the most complicated of movements, but the technique here is really important. The very first step (pun intended) is to find something to step-up on. The height of the object will be dependent on your prerequisite strength and mobility. I like to use a box that is 18 to 20 inches high most of my step-ups. I'm 6'3" and while height will make a difference, limb length is also very important. To check and see what you're working with, just put one foot up on the box like this: From this position, you can see that the thigh is pretty much parallel with the ground and this height for me is equivalent to a parallel squat depth. You can use smaller boxes if you like to or even stairs or small retaining walls. Standard chairs are usually 18" and work pretty well. Office chairs with wheels on them do NOT work that well. After getting your box ready to go you'll need to step up to the top. Since this is a unilateral movement meaning it works each leg independently, you'll want to pay close attention to a few things. The first is where your knee is relative to the foot. You'll see in the photo above that the knee is directly over the foot and the shin is vertical. Stepping up from this position is ideal because we don't want unnecessary force placed on the knee. You also want the knee tracking outward slightly over the last couple of toes. This is to allow you to use primarily the glutes to begin the stepping up process. Try to avoid jumping off with the back leg. The leg with the foot on the box is the one making the money right now! Once you are on top of the box, make sure you stand all the way up and get your balance before returning to the ground. I like to perform all of my repetitions for each leg at once before switching legs. This increases the stress placed on the muscles and is also less confusing to count reps. Slowly lower yourself back to the ground making sure you have your balance and that you are set up and ready for the next rep. Rinse and repeat. Ok, so I know this isn't the most exciting exercise, but there


are MANY reasons why you should be doing step-ups. Don't just look at step-ups as a scaled option for box jumps. I've used step ups to rebuild my squat after an injury. Lunges are great, but if you have junked up hip flexors like I do, sometimes they aren't very nice to you. Step-ups, however, can help you rebuild you squat and balance out some dysfunctional muscle groups. Here are a few of my favorite reasons to do step-ups: 1.They provide a good variety and can performed on a lot of difference objects if you're limited with gym space. 2.Easy to learn and work immediately. Once you get the basics down, you can ramp up the volume pretty quickly. 3.Easy to scale. They can be scaled both up and down! Do them on a shorter box or while next to a rack for stability and balance, or do them while holding weight to make them harder. There's lots of variation with step-ups. 4.They can help to balance out weak musculature. One of the main reasons I brought back the step-up was to help and strengthen the gluteus medius and help the bottom of my squat to be a much more stable and safe place to hang out. 5.They are transferable! They can build some skills and strengths that translate very well to athletics and fitness. If you're learning pistols for example, the step-ups is a great place to start. They help to build a lot of unilateral strength and balance too! So there you have it! It's time to step-up and add these bad boys into your workout arsenal. You'll be glad you did. As always, make sure you visit and for more information and educational content. Get Better, Coach

FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS This is what FTR is all about...

Getting to know Steve Le roux A story by Steve Laroux


ate on a gloomy South African Sunday afternoon I heard our new neighbors arriving home. Being a curious 8 year old, I put my Rambo play time on hold to investigate who was over the fence. That's when I laid eyes on one for the first time... a mud soaked, fresh off the track motocross bike! I was instantly in love! Never before had I seen something so rugged and so beautiful! I knew at that moment I wanted to race dirt bikes! With much convincing (especially from mom), my folks agreed to get me a bike. We had an open field across the street that Dad would take me to every other afternoon. Unbeknown to me at the time, he was fueling my biggest and deepest passion! Fast forward 15 years and I was a 23 year old Masters graduate who also had a healthy career at a state and national level for hare scrambles and hard enduro, along with a curiosity for travel and a hunger to explore the big world. In 2013 I decided to sacrifice being near to my family (which is still the most difficult part of leaving South Africa) and my fiery passion for racing to pursue a life in the States. Obtaining residency, establishing myself in a career and planting my roots in new soil meant accepting that dirt bikes were not to be in my life for the time being, in order to pursue a life in a first world country. This carried the potential to unlock opportunity and lifestyle unheard of in South Africa. This was large and bitter pill to swallow. We can all relate to the thrill and sparks that course through our veins each time we swing a leg over our bike and fire up the sleeping beast! To have that feeling and sensation fade over 3 years, felt like a wild animal being kept caged up; nothing to hunt and forgetting the sensation of a kill.



ithout a doubt the most exhilarating start to a race ever! My toes and fingers twitching as the "TEN SECONDS" is yelled. It felt like hours! The horn sounded and the race was on! The tight forest sections reminded me of the pine and gum forests in South Africa. But the sugar sand! Man that stuff gets rough quick. The deep ruts and loose berms had me grinning the whole way through the race! The rough open sections took getting used to and I learnt quickly that the only way to get through it on a cheeky 2 stroke was to wring its neck! I love the soil in SoFlo, you can lean low and trust the hook up will always be there! My fitness felt great throughout the race and the training in the gym, mountain bike, running and consistent nutrition was proving priceless. We spend hours and thousands of dollars dialing in our machines, giving it the best oils, fuels and performance parts. The same applies to our bodies. You can't piss in the gas tank and expect it to perform like a jet engine!! I was please with my physical and mental state throughout the race. The old smoker didn't skip a beat and my 2 man team helped me to a 2nd place finish for the day. The result felt great, but the satisfaction of lining up to race, giving my absolute everything and honestly riding to the best of my ability on the day was the most satisfying feeling of all. I loved every aspect of the race, the time keeping, the organization and most importantly, the welcoming community and the sense of family from the few individuals I've befriended so far. That's really what it's all about right? People that share the love and passion for an amazing sport, coming together and sharing it! I'm currently extremely close to buying my own bike (FINALLY!!!) whereby you'll be seeing my wife and I at ALL of the FTR events. My goal is to work towards being a contender in the 250A class. And you better believe I'll work my fingers to the bone to get there; because hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!! I'd like to thank my amazing wife Megan, who believes in me and supports my love and passion! Nick and Frank Leon for getting me to my first race, Andrew and Tony Frezza and the CrossFit Palm Beach community for their continuous support through my journey into the USA, Chris Clinton and Travis Berry the advice and help leading up to the race. Finally James Agate and Randy Rash for being so welcoming and hospitable into the FTR community. If you hear a funny sounding foreigner in the pits, come say hi, I'm always happy to meet people who share the same passion! I look forward to a racing career in the greatest country in the world! Yours in Braaaaaap Steve le Roux

FTR Race Pics Photo

Nick Leon Photo

Nick Leon Photo

y persistence prevailed and in August 2016 I received a single text message from a friend that reignited a dormant flame that had been dwindling for so long. "Hey, do you want to ride dirt bikes this afternoon?" It was that single text that not only refueled my passion and love for this sport, but also inspired hope, knowing that the universe was brining riding and potentially racing back into my life. My buddy Nick and his Dad Frank generously loaned me a bike to re-feed my hunger that I honestly thought I had lost along the way. The last bike I owned in South Africa was a brandnew setup and dialed YZ250F. The bike I was borrowing: a 2001 bone stock CR250R. The smile on my face: the biggest known to man kind. The time off the bike and away from racing brought a new found appreciation for finding what you love and making the best out of any situation. I didn't need anything fancy or state of the art. Having a full tank of gas and space to ride was the most satisfying sensation in years! Within a few months I had befriended riders, race organizers and community members of FTR, and in the blink of an eye it was race day for the first time in over 4 years. On a 15 year old borrowed bike with 0 setup and little idea of what was ahead of me. Okeechobee set the stage for the 8th HS of the season, but the first in Steve's USA race. A cold, over cast, rainy day. My favored race conditions! Things couldn't get better!! Upon arrival I was blow away with the magnitude of a local race!! A good turnout in South Africa would be 100-150 riders. The weekend saw 637 competitors!! This is insane for a wide-eyed African! I arrived with my ever-supportive wife and buddy Nick, a pop up tent, cooler and bike. Ready to go. Unsure of my level of competition compared to the other riders, I entered the 250C class for the Sunday pm race. Prepped with green and white duct tape, ready to slap some numbers together. To my delight, I was given #79. The same number I raced with for 4 years in South Africa! This has GOT to be a good omen!! With smooth and helpful

organizers, before I knew it, we were lined up and ready for action.




Landon Lynn


Looks like you will be wrapping up another awesome season again. Where are you in the point standings for each of your Hare Scramble and Enduro classes? Enduro (Season is Completed): KTM 300, A Open: 1st and A Overall: 1st Harescrambles: Premodern: currently in 1st and A Open: currently in 1st At the Dade City Twister your team, Pit bike Assassins, took home another win. Tell us about your team and your strategies that make you back to back champions. Is that right? The Pit bike Assassins team consists of me and my buddy, Cameron Beebe. Our team was founded at the SADRA pit bike event last race season and yes, we are back to back champions. Our strategy is simple "pin it to win it!" Looking back over this year what was your favorite memory and what would you change? My favorite racing memories this season so far has been battling and swapping the lead back and forth with Chance Hazeltine (great guy & solid racer!) My favorite non-racing memories this year so far has been free riding pit bikes in NW Georgia with my friend, Cam, tubing, and going to the springs. The thing I would change would be starting my training with GE217 sooner. Jackets in July? Yes, the championship jackets are great trophies that you can wear with pride. What has changed more this year in your riding program vs last year? Everything has changed really. My training is harder, my mental conditioning is stronger, and my bike is amazing. All of these things combined allows me to perform at my best. How did you get involved with one of FTR's superstars training programs? I knew that he was wanting to get into training riders, we approached him, and have been committed ever since. Does he do a lot of rider training? He has worked with other riders before, mainly riding schools. He has tons of knowledge and approaches obstacles on the track differently than most. As of right now, I am his only full time student, but we hope to expand and get more people involved. What does your training consist of? It's tough and requires full commitment. Garrett has a tailored workout each day for me where my sets are timed and recorded. Cardio is also always a focus and we have incorporated a lot of mountain biking. On the bike training, consists of an hour of instructional and 30 min. motos. What is the one thing you have learned the most from GE217? The thing I have learned the most from Garrett is how much your physical conditioning can improve and how much it can benefit your riding. What one thing surprised you that he taught you that has

really changed your riding ability? How much your physical conditioning contributes to your mental strength. When you train as hard as we do it gives you the confidence to excel and believe in yourself when you pull up to the starting line. How often do you train with Garrett? 2-4 days a week. What is the one thing you have learned about Garrett that impressed you the most and wish more people knew. How hard he actually works at his physical conditioning, how goal oriented he is, and when he sets his mind to something he gives 100%. What are your racing goals for next year? At the end of this years FTR season, I am going to be racing farther north in GNCC, NEPG, & SORCS getting used to different terrains preparing myself to go after a national title next year. I also plan on giving back to the youth of our sport next season by helping some of the younger riders gain the necessary skills to help them with their confidence and allow them to enjoy racing even more. Who would you like to thank? Central Florida Powersports, TF Racing Suspension, Fly Racing, Moose Racing, Track Side Treats, Spy Optics, SIDI, and most importantly my Dad & Mom. Closing Thoughts: I've learned a lot in the past year. My Beautiful sister, Haley, has taught me each day is a gift and to live it to the fullest!! #115AlwaysinOurHearts!!





Apollo Motorcycle Club Proudly Presents the

Astronaut Trail Hare Scrambles

Saturday Race Schedule

7:30 AM - 10:30 AM Signup & Tech Inspection Peewee A&B Practice 9:00 AM - 9:05 AM Peewee C Practice 9:05 AM - 9:10 AM Peewee Quad Practice 9:10 AM - 9:15 AM Sup Peewee Quad Practice 9:15 AM - 9:20 AM Practice (Big Track) Quad Jrs & Adults 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM Mini, Jrs & Adult Bikes Race 1 Peewee A 9:25 AM - 9:50 AM Race 2 Peewee B 9:55 AM - 10:15 AM Race 3 Peewee C 10:20 AM - 10:35 AM Race 4 Quad S. Peewee A 10:40 AM - 11:10 AM Race 5 Quad S. Peewee B 11:15 AM - 11:40 AM 11:45 AM - 12:05 PM Race 6 Row 1 - Quad Peewee A Row 2 - Quad Peewee B Big Track Riders Meeting at Starting Line 12:00 PM 12:15 PM – 1:45 PM Race 7 Row 1 - Mini A Row 2 - Mini B Row 3 - 65A Row 4 - Mini C, Mini Girls Row 5 - 65B Row 6 - 65C, 65 Girls Race 8 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Row 1 - Evolution A Row 2 - Junior A, Sportsman-2 Race 3 - Pre-Modern

Row 4 - Junior B Row 5 - Evolution Senior A Row 6 - Evolution B Row 7 - Junior C, Junior Girls Row 8 - Vintage, Evolution Senior B Row 9 - Sportsman-1 Row 10 - Beginner Sunday Race Signup 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM and Tech Inspection Race 9 3:45 PM - 5:15 PM Row 1 - Quad AA Row 2 - Quad A Row 3 - Quad B Open Row 4 - Quad +30, Vet Quad Row 5 - Senior Quad Row 6 - SSR Quad Row 7 - Quad C Open Row 8 - Women Quad, Quad 0-400 er Quad Row 9 - Women Vet Quad, Master Quad Quad Utility Open Row 10 - Quad Junior uad


Entry Fees: Peewees $20 All others $50 Gate Fee $20 - Good All Weekend Gate Opens at 3 PM Friday

April 22 & 23, 2017

Spark Arrestors are required for all competition machines, except Peewees. 96db MAX sound limit for all Tether switches are required for all Quads YOU WILL BE INSPECTED NO PASS, NO REFUND! FTR transponders are required for scoring. They are available at signup for $5

New Food Concession all Weekend NO PIT RIDING Signup & Tech Inspection 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Practice Riders Meeting at Starting Line 10:15 AM Race 1 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Row 1 - Vet A, Senior A Row 2 - Super Senior A Row 3 - Master A, Silver Master A Row 4 - Vet B Row 5 - Senior B Row 6 - Super Senior B, Women A Row 7 - Golden Master A Row 8 - Master B Row 9 - Silver Master B, Women Vet Row 10 - Vet C Row 11 - Senior C Row 12 - Super Senior C Row 13 - Golden Master B, Class 66 Row 14 - Master C, Women B Race 2 Row 1 - AA Row 2 - A Open Row 3 - A-250, A200 Row 4 - +30 Row 5 - B Open Row 6 - B-250 Row 7 - B-200 Row 8 - C Open Row 9 - C-250 Row 10 - C-200

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

DeLand 1.8 M

Exit 249


New Smyrna Beach


N28 59.081 W81 04.355

Follow the Arrows



475 State Road 415 New Smyrna, FL 32168




Questions? Contact Mark Bordelon - 321-794-0993 E-Mail:

Ri d e r s a r e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r c o r r e c t c o l o r s , n u m b e r s a n d l e t t e r s - s e e c h a r t a t r i g h t . Ri d e r s a n d g u e s t s a r e r e s p o n s i b l e f o r fo l l ow i n g a l l FT R r u l e s .

FTR MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED - AVAILABLE AT SIGN UP!! Name__________________________________Class_____________Bike#__________ Address______________________City___________________State_____Zip________ FTR#____________________


Make M/C____________ cc_________

Plate Ltr Ltr & Nr Color Color Saturday Junior A (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) Black A White Junior B (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) B Black White Junior C (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) Black White C Junior Girls (86-200cc 2 stroke 126-250cc 4 stroke age13-16) G White Black Mini A (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke Black 17”-19” age 9-14) A White Mini B (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke B 17” age 9-14) Black White Mini C (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke 17” age 9-14) C Black White Mini Girls (0-85cc 2 stroke 86-150cc 4 stroke 17” age 9-14) G Black White Green 65 A (51-65cc age 8-12) A White 65 B (51-65cc age 8-12) B Green White 65 C (51-65cc age 8-12) Green C White 65 Girls (51-65cc age 8-12) Green White G A Black White Peewee A (50cc auto thru age 8) B Black Peewee B (50cc auto thru age 8) White Peewee C (50cc auto thru age 8) C Black White Beginner (0-Open cc age 13+) White Black Blue Blk or Wte Sportsman-1 (0-Open cc age 13+) X Blk or Wte Sportsman-2 (0-Open cc age 13+) Blue Quad Junior (91-200cc 2stk/91-300cc 4stk age 13-15) Black White Quad Super PW A(51-90cc 2stk/52-125cc 4 stk age 6-12) Green A White Quad Super PW B(51-90cc 2stk/52-125cc 4 stk age 6-12) Green White B Quad Peewee A (50cc ages 4-8) A Black White Black B White Quad Peewee B (50cc ages 4-8) Classes, numbers/backgrounds, bike sizes and requirements here are for reference only. The rule book takes precedence and is the complete authority and should be referenced to ensure all rules are being followed. If you ride in a class above you are NOT allowed to ride on Sunday White Black V Vintage (pre 1975 age 13+) Evolution Classes (pre 1988 air cool drum brakes) Evolution A (age 13+) Yellow Black A B Black Evolution B (age 13+) Yellow Evolution Senior A (age 40+) A Green White Green Evolution Senior B (age 40+) White B Pre-Modern Age 13+) Red White Quad AA (age 16+) White Red AA Quad A (age 16+) A Black White B Black Quad Open B (age 16+) White Quad Open C (age 16+) C Black White Black Quad 0-400 (age 16+) Yellow Red Quad +30 White Red White Veterans Quad (age 35+) V Senior Quad (age 40+) Black White Black Super Senior Quad (age 45+) X White Master Quad (age 50+) Green White X Black Quad Utility (age 16+) White Women Quad (age 16+) Blue White Blue V Women Vet Quad (age 35+) White Class

Sunday Race Schedule

Phone number_______________


THIS IS A RELEASE _____________________________________ SIGNATURE OF PARTICIPANT


CLUB USE ONLY APOLLO $______ FTR $______ TRANS $______ T-SHIRTS $______ TOTAL $______

Sunday AA (age 13+) A 200 (age 13+) A 250 (age 13+) A Open (age 13+) B 200 (age 13+) B 250 (age 13+) B Open (age 13+) C 200 (age 13+) C 250 (age 13+) C Open (age 13+) +30 (age 30+) Vet A (age 35+) Vet B (age 35+) Vet C (age 35+) SR A (age 40+) SR B (age 40+) SR C (age 40+) SSR A (age 45+) SSR B (age 45+) SSR C (age 45+) Master A (age 50+) Master B (age 50+) Master C (age 50+) Silver Master A (age 55+) Silver Master B (age 55+) Golden Master A (age 58+) Golden Master B (age 58+) Class 66 (age 66+) Women A (age 13+) Women B (age 13+) Women Vet (age 40+)

Red Black Green Yellow Black Green Yellow Black Green Yellow White Red Red Red Green Green Green White White White Blue Blue Blue Silver Silver Black Black Black Yellow Yellow Yellow


JO 2/14/17

White White White Black White White Black White White Black Black White White White White White White Black Black Black White White White Black Black White White White Black Black Black




Enduro #1

Big Scrub Trail Riders


Enduro #2 Little Brown Jug

Union, SC


HS #1

Ormond Beach, Fl


Enduro #3 Chipley

Chipley, Fl


HS #2

Central Florida Trail Riders

Bartow, Fl


Enduro #4

Suncoast Trailblazers

Brooksville, Fl

10/08 /2016

Hare Scramble Committee Meeting


HS #3

Azalea City Motorcycle Club

Palatka, Fl


HS #4


Bartow, Fl


Enduro #5 Perry Mountain

Maplesville, Al


CANCELLED Treasure Coast Trail Riders


12/03 2016

Hare Scramble Committee Meeting

Punta Gorda, Fl


HS #5

Old School Dirt Riders

Punta Gorda, Fl


Rain Date


HS #6


Brooksville, Fl


HS #7

Sarasota Area Dirt Riders

Punta Gorda, Fl


Enduro #6 River City Dirt Riders


HS #8

02/11 /2017

Hare Scramble Committee Meeting

Okeechobee, Fl


HS #9

South East Florida Trail Riders

Okeechobee, Fl


Enduro #7

Central Florida Trail Riders

Richloam, Fl


CANCELLED Big Scrub Trail Riders



Enduro #9 Alligator Enduro

Ormond Beach, Fl


HS #10

Nature Coast Trail Riders

Dade City, FL


HS #11




Hare Scramble Sanction Meeting

Samsula, Fl


HS #12

Apollo Motorcycle Club

Samsula, Fl


HS # 13

Big Scrub Trail Riders



HS # 14

Big O Trail Riders

Okeechobee, Fl

Daytona Dirt Riders

Lochloosa, Fl

Seville, Fl

Palm Beach Track & Trail Riders Okeechobee, Fl

FTR Magazine April 2017  
FTR Magazine April 2017