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Getting to know Alex Lugar Snake River Hare Scramble

On The Cover: FTR President, Randy Faul, proudly shows off the 2019 AMA Off-Road Organizer of the Year Award that was presented to FTR. PC: Jamey Purdue

ATTENTION Florida Trail Riders is closely monitoring all statements regarding the novelcoronavirus (COVID-19). The well being and safety of our members is our primary focus. In response to the rapidly changing conditions, all remaining events for the 2019-2020 race season are postponed until further notice. We will continue to monitor all updates and reschedule as many events as possible.

Don't forget to update your transponder at the FTR sign up Trailer if you have changed classes and/or numbers.


Area #1: Don St.John Counties: Out-of-State, Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton, Holmes, Washington, Bay, Jackson, Calhoun, Gulf, Gadsden, Liberty, Franklin, Leon, Wakulla, Jefferson, Madison, Taylor, Lafayette, Dixie Area #2: Larry Roberts Counties: Hamilton, Suwannee, Columbia, Baker, Union, Bradford, Nassau, Duval, Clay, Putnam, St. Johns Area #3: William Toreki (352)372-1135 Counties: Gilchrist, Alachua, Levy, Marion, Citrus, Sumter, Lake Area #4: Joe Carrasquillo (386)295-8428 Counties: Flagler, Volusia

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Area #6: Mike Belle Counties: East Hillsborough, Polk Area #7: Bill Jenkins, Jr. (407)282-6056 Counties: Seminole, Orange, Osceola Area #8: Mark Bordelon (321)794-0993 Counties: Brevard, Indian River Area #9: Ron Thomas (941)232-9562 Counties: Manatee, Sarasota, Hardee, DeSoto, Highlands


9 Old School Dirt Riders Ben Kelly-Sarasota,Fl (941)650-1473/(941)650-1474 10 Palm Beach Track & Trail Randy Rash (954)931-5709 11 Perry Mountain M/C Glenn Hollingshead-Selma.AL (334)872-0619 12 Nature Coast Trail Blazers Rob Swann (813)731-5552 13 River City Dirt Riders Barry Miller-President (904)613-6572

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The Prez Say’s

FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS Be the Best that we can be Those words take on several meanings and it really drove that point home at the Big O event. Being new property with lots of uncertainties, a new landowner and the fact that this is the third Okeechobee event makes it even more interesting. The FTR membership showed what we are all about and left a very positive image of who we are in front of the most important people ever, the landowner and his family. Providing a stellar event was the Big O club from down south and what an event it was. This was a true hare scrambles and those that missed it you really missed probably one of the best varieties of trail that has blessed us in a long time. I also understand that next year they will have more property to add to the existing acreage. Along with the continue increase of memberships and entries, comes more opportunities of support as FTR has really become the series to be involved with. As I write this, there are several companies that have reached out with interest and want to be involved next year with our series. Along with the our great sponsors now like Moose Racing, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, Engine Ice and the manufactures contingency support, look for another major well known company to come on board next year. Let’s finish out the season on a strong note as our main event is coming up on July 11, so get ready for one huge event as the plans are already being worked out for our banquet. We only have a few more events to go and a couple enduros are also

coming up so take advantage of the riding while we can now as we are winding down for the summer break. Thanks for listening Randy Faul


FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS ur FTR family continues to amaze and impress me. The level of sportsmanship and caring between the riders demonstrates the heart of our sport. At every race I hear of riders, many times leading their classes, choosing to stay with an injured rider until the safety crew is able to reach them. This self sacrifice and love is truly what our family is all about.

God by rising from the grave. He is alive, waiting on you to open your hearts to His forgiveness, peace and love. “The Good Race” joy service is every Saturday night from 7:30 to 7:45 pm. We meet at the CMA tent on vendor’s row. Bring a chair and come join us! Blessings on and off the road, Jim and Betty Edleston CMA

Jesus demonstrated his love for us in the same way. In John 15:13, Jesus said,”Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. As we are in the Easter season, we all need to remember that Jesus chose to lay His life down for us on the cross. He paid the price for us. He freed us, forgiving our sins past, present and future. Our sin debt is paid completely once and for all, forever! And with that forgiveness comes a new life here and hereafter. On the third day, Jesus proved He is the Son of

Starting Line to Checkered Flag… “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7





Neck Braces – why are you not wearing one? By Donnie Richardson


hether you are an “A” rider or just starting out as a newbie, crashing can and will happen at some point in your riding career. These crashes can be minor where the only thing that hurts is your pride as your buddy laughs at you or very severe causing any number of significant injuries and pain. Pain doesn't discriminate when crashing and having the proper gear could minimize a painful experience from a get off or crash. We all know that it is not a matter of if it will happen but when it will happen. Riding / racing can be dangerous, we all know that, but we don’t let that stop us, so why not do all we can to protect ourselves. Yes, I realize that these pieces of equipment can be expensive and when buying gear for a family of racers it can add up very quickly. However, let me ask you this, what is more important than you and your family’s safety? You wouldn’t send a racer out on his motorcycle with a front tire that's ready to fall off, that’s dangerous. So why would you send a racer out without the most protective gear possible? You will spend thousands of dollars on a bike, hundreds of dollars on the latest coolest pants/shirt/gloves gear but none of that will matter if you don’t spend dollars to protect yourself and suffer an injury that ends your riding career, puts you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life or is even fatal. Now I am not here to try and scare anyone from riding/racing. Riding / racing is a passion, a love that never gets old. Most of us will agree that we are going to ride until we are physically unable to. It is in our blood. But let’s get back to talking about how to prolong that riding ability by protecting our important parts. Yes, we have many and all of us would agree our head is important thus we wear a good helmet. So, what’s next? Your neck. For those that already wear neck braces I say kudos to you. For those that do not, I ask why? Is it the expense? Have you thought about the expense of a multiple week stay in an ICU followed by a week or more on the regular floor ……then add to that the months or years of rehab……. you think a neck brace is expensive. Can you say hundreds of thousands of dollars? Or maybe its because it is uncomfortable……. well with many brands and styles available today and experts to help you with proper fit, that excuse is just that an excuse. Now to my favorite one “it causes broken collar bones” which is nothing more that a myth. The premise of a neck brace is to redirect some of the forces that stress the neck onto other parts of the body. This is known as axial loading. An example of this would be going over the bars and landing on you head. Braces also work to limit the extreme range of motion in the neck during a crash


known as hyperextension or hyperflexion. Your cervical spine has 7 stacked bones called vertebrae, labeled C1 through C7. The top of the cervical spine connects to the skull, and the bottom connects to the upper back at about shoulder level. It supports the head and its movement. The cervical spine handles a heavy load, as the head weighs on average between 10 and 13 pounds. In addition to supporting the head, the cervical spine allows for the neck’s flexibility and head’s range of motion. The most common cause of cervical injury is trauma. Yes, that means we are at risk when we take dirt or tree samples.

These cervical injuries can be the result of flexion, extension, rotation, and contusion or compression of the spinal cord. Yes, you can have severe spinal damage without having a fracture. Spinal cord injuries are described as either complete or incomplete. In a complete spinal cord injury there is complete loss of sensation and muscle function in the body below the level of the injury. In an incomplete spinal cord injury there is some remaining function below the level of the injury. In most cases both sides of the body are affected equally. No device can prevent all injuries and nothing in life is perfect, however I hope that after reading the following information you will understand the facts of how important utilizing all available safety gear is, specifically a neck brace. The following are results from actual patient data taken over almost a 10-year period. It is proof that neck braces are providing the results intended since their creation. 8529 patients broken down into either yes wearing a neck brace (3803 patients) or no, not wearing a neck brace (4726 patients). The statistics do not lie.

• A Critical Cervical Spine injury is 89% more likely without a neck brace. • Death is 69%+* more likely (due to Cervical Spine Injury) without a neck brace. • A Non-Critical Cervical Spine injury is 75% more likely without a neck brace. • A Clavicle (collarbone) fracture is 45% more likely without a neck brace. There were 443 collarbone fractures without a neck brace vs 291 with a neck brace. • A Cervical Spine injury of any kind is 82% more likely without a neck brace.

So, tell me again why you do not wear a neck brace? I’ll wait………. Now get off the couch, grab your helmet, head to your favorite MX shop and start trying different styles of brace until you find yours……you will be thankful you did when you have your next ‘Oh crap” moment that ends with you in the dirt. Thanks for reading. I am always available for any questions you might have. See ya at the track Donny Richardson Rider Safety Coordinator RN – EMT/P

. . . . . ow

kn o t ing




KEN HILL PHOTO to support a great photographer

Alex sends it at the 2020 Big Buck GNCC.


hen you hear talk about the future of the Florida Trail Riders there is no shortage of names to add to the conversation, but Alex Lugar is one of those names that stands out in crowd. The 18 year old Orlando native has come a long way to become a force to be reckoned with in the FTR Hare Scramble and Enduro series as well as the GNCC series. FTR Magazine got a moment to catch up with Alex and get to know him a little bit more.


et’s start at the beginning. How old were you and how did you get into dirt bikes?

So I was six years old when I got my first bike. I got into it through some neighbors, I saw a bike go by and after that I wanted one for my birthday. The racing didn’t start until I was 11 though, I got into that through the Parsons who also live in my neighborhood. So I definitely had some good influences... lol.

What was your first bike and do you remember the feeling you had when you got it? My first bike was a Hensimn 50, I actually still have it, it just doesn’t run. But that bike didn’t last long, I got a TTR 50 shortly after. I don’t remember much about it either but I do remember I used to just rip up and down the side of the road for hours on end because my parents wouldn’t let me go very far.

Have you always had the number 30 on your plate and what’s the significance of it?

My first numbers were just my age, but when I had my first race I went with the number 30. I got it from the Parsons because they gave me number plates with numbers to run at my first race so I just went with it from there. So there’s definitely some significance as all the Parsons grew up running the number. They all changed it once they got into AA and started racing GNCCs so I felt it was right for me to do the same.

When did you start racing FTR?

I did my first race in the 2011-2012 season in Mini C at the end of the season but my first full year in 2012-2013

Do you remember that first race? How’d it go?

Yea my first race was at Gatorback, I ended up second in Mini C. I think I was leading at one point so I’d say it was going great but I remember falling and getting caught up in vines for a couple minutes. I also remember how intimidating the track was and when I’d go through the chicane it would beep to signify my transponder working and I thought it was someone blowing a horn at me each lap... hahaha.

You’ve been on Yamaha’s for a long time and now you joined Sherco. Why the switch and how do you like the Sherco so far? Was there much of an adjustment?

Yea I’ve been on Yamahas since my 125 and I also rode them from my TTR50 to TTR90 then I switched to Kawis when I got an 85. So this year I signed with a new team, it’s called Right Coast Racing, it’s the Factory One Sherco east coast support team. So far I really like the bike, it’s definitely been a big adjustment and it’s taking a lot to get used to but so far I’ve been super impressed with it. It really is much better then I expected so I’m really excited to get it dialed in and see what I can do on it.

How’s it feel racing in AA? If I’m right, you finished 4th overall last season and 1st in A250 so is it much different starting on the first row?

So far it’s been great racing AA, it’s a huge challenge and makes it a lot more fun then last year. Most races last season I spent it alone after the first lap, it was fun but it was tough to try and get a good overall starting on the third row. So it’s been much better starting on the front row because usually I don’t have to go through anyone on the first lap and it’s a lot more competitive which is nice.

As of HS 9 you’re in third place overall behind Garrett and Landon. What’s it going to take to catch them? Going to take a lot of work! With Garret wrapping up the championship this last round, it leaves the door open for Landon, Scott, and I to make up a lot of points on each other. So I think if I can grab some wins before the end of this year it’ll put me in great position to hopefully land on the podium! Either way I’d be happy with my result, these guys are no joke! 13

Your Enduro season is going great too, 1st overall so far with a comfy lead. How much different is it for you racing Enduros compared the faster hare scrambles?

I love them both to be honest. Enduros are a great challenge and I think a lot more people should get into them. They offer much more technical riding which I feel like is where I need to improve. Especially for GNCCs and future races.

Do you have a preference between the two?

I enjoy hare scrambles more but that’s just because I’m not a huge fan of super tight trail. Mainly because I’m not that good at it.. lol.

Do you want to make a career out of riding dirt bikes? What other career could you see yourself pursuing? Yea for sure! I think that’s every dirt bike riders dream. Though, if that doesn’t work, anything I can do in the industry and still make a living would be sweet.

Who was your childhood influence/ hero growing up and why?

I feel like I had a lot, the Parsons were huge influences in my racing growing up as well as my previously mentioned riding coach Donald who I’ve been with since I started racing way back. Nobody really specific but those guys were a huge part of my racing startup.

Favorite FTR track?

Probably Mondon Hill because it’s got so much and it’s so different even though I can never seem to do good there.. lol.

Favorite FTR memory?

Ken Hill photo

How’d the first GNCC of 2020 go for you? Do you plan to do the whole series?

It went alright. My finish wasn’t so good but I had some good speed and am super excited to get back down to the sand here for round two. I’ll be doing the whole year as long as everything pans out so hopefully I can get some good results and keep improving as the year goes on!

Where do you see your racing career going in the future?

Well I’m hoping that in a few years I can go pro, but this sports crazy so I know anything can happen. In an ideal world though I’d like to be able to get into XC2 as soon as possible, but I obviously don’t want to go up before I’m ready.

Is there any other form of off-road racing you’d really like to try? (Trials, Endurocross, Baja, etc.) I’d love to try some hard enduros even though I’m sure I’d do terrible, but I think it’d be super fun.

What’s your training routine like?

I have a program I’m on with my trainer Donald Solley (Xcel Trainer), I usually just do whatever he sends me. Typically it consists of cycling a couple times a week and going to the gym as well. I also just try and ride as much as possible, nothing beats good ole fashion seat time.

You’re considered one of the youth that’s grown up in FTR, do you every see yourself taking a leadership role in the organization someday?

I’d love to some day. FTR's done a lot for me so to be able to give back one day in the future would be nice. Not quite sure what I’d do but I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.. lol.

What would like to add or change in FTR?

any specific complaints. Except enduro scoring, they really need to invest in proper timed scoring.. lol.

I think FTRs great as it is. Maybe adding more into the tracks for spectators and what not but that’s ultimately up to the clubs. I mean there’s always room for improvements but as of right now I don’t have

Honestly there’s so many good ones I don’t know. I feel like I make great memories every race and even at the banquet. I just love being able to hangout with everyone on the weekends more then anything so I’d say those memories are my favorites.

Best tip for young riders coming up?

Just ride as much as you can and stick with it! It’s tough and you might not always be the best but you just gotta keep at it and keep it fun.

Just for fun, what’s one thing people don’t know about Alex Lugar that they would be surprised to find out?

Honestly I feel like there’s not a lot people don’t know. I mean like I said I didn’t start racing until mini C in 2012, I never owned a 65 went from a TTR90 to an 85. I play a lot of video games when I’m not training and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at most of them but that’s really about all I can think of.

You’ve got some great support behind you with your family, how important has that been to you? It’s super important, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am right now! Everyone who’s helped me in the past to everyone who’s helped me now have been amazing for sure.

Finally, Who would you like to thank?

The whole Right Coast Racing team, Sherco USA, Kyle Turnis at Moto4play, Donald Solley from Xcel trainer, HBD, Ol red racing, Fly, Scott, Gaerne, Community Off-Road, Level 10 Powersports, Double D Powersports, Kenda Tires, Randy Faul and Seat Concepts, and all my friends and family who help me out! Also the whole FTR community for everything they do for us all, it means a lot to have such a great series to call home! Also Kurt Lucas (I know he’d be upset if I didn’t mention him) and thanks Dave for letting me do this interview!

CONTACT RANDY FAUL (863)244-3709


Hare Scramble #8

2020 Snake River Hare Scramble





Dylan Rash hooked Hayes Cassidy up with a Blake Baggett signature.

PHO TOS The Bartlett's and some guy named Chad Reed! FTR was well represented at the Tampa Supercross.

Practice, practice, practice until you're the best...

Dynamic duo...Uncle Bill and Bradley! 23

FLORIDA TRAIL RIDERS 2020 KLIM XC Gear Review by Monika Gilliam


t the beginning of this year I broke my leg at the Mondon Hill Hare Scramble. With riding being out of the question for 9 weeks, I finally decided to pursue my dream of becoming a YouTuber. Each week I post 2-3 videos ranging from product reviews to race/ lifestyle vlogs. In my most recent video I made sure to highlight the new 2020 Klim gear release. Klim released several new designs in both their women XC Lite line and the mens XC Lite and Mojave gear lines. My favorite color combo is the women’s set in hot sauce. I specifically love the fit of the women’s line, probably because it was designed by a woman for women…and the pants have pockets. If you are on the hunt for gear that is made for Florida weather and the aggressive summer heat, look no further than the Mojave gear line. The entire jersey torso is made of an open mesh made specifically for maximum air flow! (Jacob is wearing the vivid blue color in the photo). We have both been pleased with the quality of Klim gear and think the brand is super under rated. If you haven’t checked them out yet, be sure to do so!

2020 Men's XC Line

2020 Women's XC Line


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A crowded first turn. Cody Thomas, Kurt Lucas, and Fernndo Davila get it going at the SADRA Hare Scramble.

2019 2020


Enduro # 1 GERA Little Brown Jug


Hare Scramble Committee Meeting -7:00 pm


HS #1

Central Florida Trail Riders

Garrett Edmisten OA


Enduro #2


Garrett Edmisten HP


HS #2

Azalea City Motorcycle Club

Garrett Edmisten OA


HS #3

Sarasota Area Dirt Riders

Garrett Edmisten OA


Enduro #3 Perry Mountain

Ron Commo HP


Enduro #4

Big Scrub Trail Riders

Alex Lugar HP


HS #4

Big Scrub Trail Riders

Garrett Edmisten OA


Hare Scramble Committee Meeting -7:00 pm

Punta Gorda, Fl


HS #5

Old School Dirt Riders

Garrett Edmisten OA


HS #6

Daytona Dirt Riders

Garrett Edmisten OA


Board of Directors Meeting

Brooksville, Fl


HS #7

Jack Chambers OA


Enduro #5 River City Dirt Riders- CANCELLED

Seville, Fl


HS #8

Palm Beach Tracks and Trails

Landon Lynn OA


HS #9

Treasure Coast Trail Riders

Scott Gawler JR OA


Hare Scramble Committee Meeting -7:00 pm



Central Florida Trail Riders - RESCHEDULE Richloam, Fl


HS #10

Big O


Enduro #6 CERA Sandlapper

Garrett Edmisten HP


Enduro #8 Apollo Motorcycle Club-POSTPONED



HS #11

Dade City, Fl


Enduro #9 Daytona Dirt Riders- CANCELLED

Ormond Beach, Fl


Apollo Sanction Meeting -7:00pm



HS #12




HS #13

Sunrunners -POSTPONED

Bartow, Fl


HS #14

River City Dirt Riders -POSTPONED



Enduro #6

Central Florida Trail Riders - POSTPONED Richloam, Fl


Suncoast Trail Riders

Nature Coast Trail Blazers-POSTPONED


Grant Baylor HP

Indiantown ,Fl Landon Lynn OA

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FTR Magzine March 2020  

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