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Richard Hopkins Producing Artistic Director Welcome back! Every night, we gather in the theatre to better understand our existence. We gather to laugh at ourselves, to enjoy the foibles of others, to share our human pain, to probe the dark as well as the light. In short, we go to the theatre to understand what it means to be alive. If COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that we are social animals. And that our need for human connection is profound. We all witnessed this personally during the pandemic shutdown. And afterward, the reunion of people returning to the theatre was emotional and joyous. It was like seeing an old friend who had been absent for far too long. At FST, we know that theatre occurs when the actor meets the audience. We know that without the artist, art does not exist; that without the audience, art is irrelevant. That, when mixed and stirred, artist and audience form the ancient alchemy that we call "theatre art." At FST, we do theatre because we love the art, we love the audience, and mostly, we love the third thing that happens when art and audience come together. With your support, we will continue to pursue our collective Mission: • To produce theatre that challenges with as much gusto as it entertains. • To make theatre accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. • To create a public forum for the issues of our day that will foster positive change in our community and beyond.

• To operate within and for the public trust. Our goal as artists is to find the universal truth in the play. One of the over-riding mandates of our approach to theatre at FST is to remain open to all people and all points of view. We pride ourselves on our pursuit of equity, diversity, and inclusion. We also pride ourselves on our willingness to share diversity of thought. This theatre is a great place to test ideas; to see how our neighbors and others respond. To present all sides of an issue without choosing favorites. And we know that in the end, every person in the audience will react differently according to their own belief system and according to their own values. And we know that every play will either challenge or confirm your values. Sometimes, maybe a little bit of both. And sometimes, the play will make us rethink our values. Where did those values come from and why are we still holding to them? This promises to be a great season, filled with conflict, challenge, laughter, and the warmth that comes when we embrace our differences. This year, FST will challenge with as much gusto as we entertain. This year, the audience will return as a community, filled with joy and camaraderie, as we seek together to find all that is good and true and honest in the American Theatre. Welcome back.

Richard Hopkins, Producing Artistic Director

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diverse programs Theatre, as we know it, originated with the ancient Greeks. They held that the purpose of theatre is to explore an individual’s relationship to Self, an individual’s relationship to Others, and an individual’s relationship to God (or Nature). They believed that the theatre is a vital source for the community to rediscover Self.

experiences to both challenge and confirm the world’s diverse values.

In sharing these beliefs, Florida Studio Theatre holds the following Mission:

1) Clarity

• To make theatre accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. • To present theatre that challenges with as much gusto as it entertains. • To create a public forum for the issues of our day that will foster positive change in our community and beyond. • To operate within and for the public trust. We uphold this Mission all while respecting a wide range of human experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. FST is a professional, LORT theatre company composed of five intimate performance spaces and multiple educational programs designed to speak to a variety of artistic needs and desires. Through the lens of contemporary theatre, FST provides its patrons with a myriad of engaging

FST was established by artists, and continues to flourish because of a dedicated commitment to its core values. FST’s core values are clean, simple, and provide context for all that we do on a daily basis. They include: 2) Integrity 3) Effectiveness Over the past 48 years, FST has built a following of patrons and supporters who join us every year for an artistic journey. We are a theatre company that is alive and thriving in the heart of the historic theatre district of downtown Sarasota. We reach over 230,000 attendees each year through our diverse programs: • The Mainstage Series • The Cabaret Series • The Stage III Series • New Play Development • The FST School • Children’s Theatre • FST Improv Welcome to FST, Sarasota’s Contemporary Theatre since 1973.

From left: Sarah Ellis, Meredith Jones, Alexander Stuart and Lawrence Evans. Photos by Matthew Holler.

mainstage theatre Florida Studio Theatre was founded in 1973 by artist Jon Spelman as an alternative touring group, reaching out to isolated and underserved audiences in nursing homes, migrant farms, and prisons. When Richard Hopkins was named Producing Artistic Director in 1980, he founded FST’s Mainstage Series with a modest 106 subscribers. Over the years, the Mainstage has seen dramatic growth. Today, the Mainstage is FST’s flagship program, with more than 11,000 subscribers to the four-play Winter Season, and over 4,900 subscribers to the three-play Summer Season. Housed in the historic Keating and Gompertz Theatres, our Mainstage Series produces the best in contemporary American theatre—from new works to the latest Off-Broadway and Broadway hits—that speak to a living, evolving, and dynamically changing world. Over the course of its 48-year history, FST’s Mainstage has produced more than 30 world premieres and more than 90 regional premieres. FST audiences have the first opportunity to see contemporary works they might not see elsewhere. Plays such as Arthur Schnitzler’s classic La Ronde (1982), which sparked controversy with audience members who shouted “stop this filth” one night until the play was stopped for several minutes on stage. Plays such as The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

(2019), which swept up five Tony Awards and seven Olivier Awards, including Best Play. And plays such as the critically-acclaimed Broadway hit, American Son (2020), which reflects challenging issues surrounding race, privilege, parenthood, and nuanced differences of the American experience. FST’s Mainstage embraces a diverse range of contemporary plays that speak to FST’s mission “to challenge with as much gusto as we entertain.” Through these challenging and entertaining plays, the Mainstage continues to speak to an ever-evolving audience, providing a platform for contemporary issues and ideas both on the stage and within the community. Another key aspect of FST’s mission is “to make theatre affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.” This means staying affordable in price and accessible in thought. This means bringing you the best actors, designers, directors, and artists from around the country. From one of the most successful Rock & Rock musicals of all time, Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story and the World Premiere of America in One Room to the Olivier Awardwinning comedy The Play That Goes Wrong and the touching and outrageously funny OffBroadway hit The Legend of Georgia McBride by Tony Award-winning playwright Matthew Lopez, this Season’s Mainstage brings you the very best of today’s American theatre.

mainstage c

From left: Alayna Gallo, Chris Anthony Giles, Jannie Jones, and Nathaniel P. Claridad. Photos by Matthew Holler.

cabaret theatre In 1987, FST was asked by The Paradise Café, a local restaurant, to provide evening entertainment in the form of musical acts. In doing so, FST would embark on what has become one of the theatre’s most popular artistic endeavors: The Cabaret. We found two things happening in these performances. First, the audience was different. In those early restaurant performances, the faces in the crowd were not the same as those that regularly graced FST. The Cabaret format found a new audience. Second, in addition to reaching new people, we were inspired artistically. Performing in the rough and tumble of a restaurant setting took the “preciousness” out of the artistic process and put the fun back into the show development. We were able to be freely inspired by musical artists across genres, from Gershwin to Billy Joel, in order to create a relaxed artistic atmosphere that is fun for everyone—artist and audience. Today, FST’s Cabaret series serves more than 13,000 subscribers to the Winter Season, and 6,000 to the Summer Season. FST’s Goldstein Cabaret had its inaugural season in 1996, opening with An Evening Wasted. Now in its 26th year, this 109 seat turn-of-the-century Parisian-style Cabaret houses entertaining musical revues and sketch comedy. In 2012, the inaugural show, Urban Cowboys, premiered in the John C. Court Cabaret across the street from the Goldstein Cabaret, which it mirrors in style and layout.

In 2014, FST introduced its Summer Cabaret Series, a series of fully-produced shows created by musical performers from around the country, presented by FST in our two Cabaret spaces for Sarasota audiences. Popular music of all forms has come to life over the past 27 years on FST’s Cabaret stages. In investigating and celebrating the popular music of the past hundred years, we are giving new life to the lyrical poets of our day. The Cabaret Series has seen more than 71 original Florida Studio Theatre musical revues. Sophie Tucker: The Last of the Red Hot Mamas premiered in the Cabaret in 2000 to soldout houses, has since returned three times to FST, and is continually being produced regionally in places like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. In 2019, Unchained Melodies broke all previous Cabaret attendance records with over 20,000 attendees in its 21-week run. FST brought the show back in 2020, due to popular demand, and it is now going on to other theatres. Great musical revues performed by the best performing artists have given life to FST’s Cabaret Series. Terence Fugate, arts writer for SCENE Magazine wrote, “If you have never attended a show at [FST’s] Cabaret Theatre, you really don’t know what you’ve been missing. The architectural atmosphere alone is worth the price of admission. But when you include all that with beautiful, inspiring music, and the wonderful talent to back everything up, guaranteed pleasures are yours for the asking.”


From Left: Michael Stewart Allen and David Perez-Ribada, Harrison Bryan, Cedric Cannon, and Rachel Moulton. Photos by Matthew Holler.

stage III

Theatre is like a library. A good library puts all the books on the shelf. In similar fashion, a good theatre puts the breadth of human experience on the stage. In both cases, the public has the choice of what to read and what to see. With Stage III, we seek to offer a broader selection of shows and, hence, a wider array of thoughts and ideas. Part of FST’s mission includes the charge “to present theatre that challenges with as much gusto as it entertains.” Stage III speaks to both sides of this mission. Plays such as Robert Askins’ Hand to God, Markus Potter and David Holthouse’s Stalking the Bogeyman, and Jennifer Haley’s The Nether push the envelope with provocative content, whereas Toxic Audio and John Cameron Mitchell’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch offer up new forms. On the other side of the coin, plays such as George Brant’s Grounded, Will Snider’s How to Use a Knife, David Gow’s Cherry Docs, and Jeffrey Sweet's Kunstler offer bold entertainment that is deeply rooted in enlightening ideas and poignancy. In Stage III you will find humor, passion, and fresh perspectives. In Stage III, you will find gusto. Stage III speaks particularly to the adventurous theatre-goer and reconnects

FST to its roots. When Florida Studio Theatre first found its home in Sarasota, FST was known for breaking new ground in both content and form. Originally touring to prisons and migrant camps, plays like Peter Handke’s Self-Accusation spoke to prison audiences who did not attend the theatre, but who were intimately familiar with the play’s themes. Equally, Kate Alexander toured Ruth Draper Monologues to local community clubs and organizations, speaking to a broader audience. Today, this work to tell the challenging and diverse stories of our time lives on in FST’s three-show Stage III Series. Stage III finds its home in FST’s Bowne’s Lab, home to all things experimental. Having a theatrical home in Bowne’s Lab where the series can continue to explore and push the fringes of the artistic spectrum is invigorating for both FST’s artists and Sarasota audiences. FST is committed to speaking boldly to all spectrums of humanity and to making theatre accessible to as many people as possible. This series is especially appreciated by those who crave theatre that shows the uncommon human experience and reflects both our personal and collective humanity.

From left: Devon Ahmed, Todd Licea, Maya Lynne Robinson, Robinson, and Sam Mossler. Photos by Matthew Holler.

The purpose of FST’s New Play Development Program is to find new plays for our audience. In theatre, the “process” is spoken of with the highest regard as an essential component of creation. The playwright has a process that is much longer and more solitary than any other theatre artist, often taking years of rewriting and reimagining. FST recognizes that need. FST’s Playwright Collective is designed to provide an artistic home for its current 15 members during the artistic process. FST hosts playwrights in residence, allowing them to workshop their new plays with support from FST’s artistic team, while deepening relationships between the theatre, audience, and fellow playwrights. FST also commissions the writing of new plays. In 2020, unable to produce plays for live audiences, FST commissioned 33 of the country’s top playwrights, sketch comedy writers, and musical theatre developers as fulltime staff writers through The Playwright's Project to develop new works for the FST stage. Today, this program has generated over three dozen brand new works.. In 2018, FST also commissioned four accomplished playwrights to write brand new plays as part of The Suffragist Project, FST’s community-wide artistic celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. You, the audience, get to see some of the fruits of New Play Development during multiple New Play Festivals and reading series throughout the year.

new plays New Play Development is not only for adults. FST annually produces Under Six and Seven Up, two anthology plays by writers in kindergarten through the sixth grade and seventh grade and above, respectively, during our Young Playwrights Festival. As every playwright will attest, the object of this intensive process is a fully-staged production. FST is committed to getting writers’ work to the stage, and is proud to share this commitment with an alliance of theatres across the country with a similar mission. FST is a member of the National New Play Network (NNPN), a vital force in championing the development, production, and continued life of new plays. FST’s audiences have seen many recent examples of plays that have benefited or originated from New Play Development. In 2018, FST mounted the World Premiere of Sarah Bierstock’s Honor Killing. This play has already gone on to be produced at the Athena Project, Cherry Lane Theatre, and Pioneer Theatre. This past year, FST commissioned the writing of Mark St. Germain’s Eleanor, which made its world premiere at Barrington Stage in September of 2021. This Season, audiences will see the World Premiere of America in One Room by Jason Odell Williams on our Mainstage. Through New Play Development, FST is at the forefront of contemporary theatre. By continuing to invest in new plays in process, we work to keep the theatre art form growing, evolving, and always relevant for our audience.

From left: Participants in The FST School. Photos by FST and Daniel Perales.

fst school The Florida Studio Theatre School is dedicated to nurturing individual creativity. We see students not just as individuals, but as creative individuals. Through the FST School, students both young and old gain a deeper understanding of theatre. Ultimately, students come to realize that, as Edward Albee said, “theatre teaches us what it means to be alive.” Founded by FST's now Associate Director At-Large Kate Alexander, the FST School has grown from its modest beginnings of just 11 students to reach over 1,700 students each year. Our professional theatre classes for youth offer an original training method developed from over three decades of experience. Based in the same Stanislavski Method taught in the best acting conservatories all over the world, our classes teach each student to connect with real emotion and portray truth on stage. Through year-round class offerings as well as spring and summer theatre camps, young students gain an understanding in all aspects of theatre creation — from acting, music, and dance to playwriting and improvisation. The FST Theatre School also includes a VIP Performing Arts Program for special needs youth, serving students who have physical challenges, mental challenges, developmental delays, and emotional or

behavioral challenges. FST’s Teen Acting Students help teaching artists instruct these classes and work hand in hand with VIP students to create a memorable end-ofsummer performance. All 45 VIP students attend the class free of charge to ensure that FST makes theatre that is “accessible and affordable to as many people as possible.” In addition, FST partners with Tidewell Hospice to offer Blue Butterfly, a theatre program for young people processing bereavement. FST’s newest offering, The Puzzle Project, is designed for students on the Autism Spectrum, teaching them to build lifelong communication and interpersonal skills through the art of theatre. Our FST School for Adults offers a creative forum for exploring human and artistic potential in four key areas: Theatre Performance, Improvisation, Theatre Writing, and Theatre Appreciation. Theatre Performance and Improvisation offerings give adult students opportunities to express themselves through voice, body, and emotion. Students perform in end-ofsession showcase performances and are invited to submit their work for a weekly curated student showcase. With classes for students of all ages and experience levels, the FST School educates the minds and hearts of the theatregoers of today and tomorrow.

From left: Davion T. Brown in Robin Hood, Hood, Brooke Emmerich in Pinocchio Pinocchio,, Emily Hardesty and Olivia Wilson in Peter Pan.Photos Pan.Photos by Matthew Holler.

children’s theatre

FST’s Children’s Theatre Program is a twopronged program, designed to reach families at the theatre as well as youth in the classroom. The first prong of the program, our weekend Children’s Theatre series, makes theatre accessible, affordable, and fun for the whole family. This four-show subscription series opens with a new take on the timeless classic Cinderella and continues with Deck The Halls, celebrating the holidays Florida-style. In January, attendees will enjoy Hare and Tortoise, a whimsical retelling of Aesop’s fable. The season closes with The Grandma That Eats Everything, an anthology of winning plays by young playwrights. In the summer of 2021, FST launched its free family series tour with the show On The Road Again, which travelled to parks and community centers throughout Sarasota and Bradenton counties and as far as Arcadia, Florida. With over 30 performances, the show reached 2,500 attendees. The second prong of the program reaches children in the schools. Launched in 1991, FST’s WRITE A PLAY program is an awardwinning arts-in-education initiative, providing students with the example, the inspiration, and the skills to write their own original plays. In the first of this three-part series, participants experience “The Play That Sets the Example.” Thousands of students experience a professional production performed as a field trip to FST or on tour to their own school.

In the second part of the program, students experience “The Play That Inspires.” FST’s team of “Playmakers” tour to classrooms throughout the state, where they perform a collection of award-winning plays by former participating students followed by a playwriting workshop. The third and final installment is “The Play That Celebrates Young Playwrights.” Every spring, participants return to FST for the annual Playwrights Festival where they see a production featuring that year’s winning plays brought to life by professional actors. Hundreds of students, their families, educators, and prominent theatre artists travel to see and celebrate these outstanding plays. In the 2020-21 school year, unable to have students join us in person or to tour to their schools, FST pivoted to offer WRITE A PLAY virtually. FST will offer both in-person and virtual streaming options for the 21-22 school year. Now in its 31st year, WRITE A PLAY reaches schools across the state of Florida and nationally as far as Camden, NJ and Woodstock, IL. In partnership with The Sister Cities Association of Sarasota, WRITE A PLAY also hosts programs internationally in five countries to include Israel, Scotland, and the United Federation of Russia. Today, WRITE A PLAY reaches an average of 47,000 students annually, and has inspired over one million students to date to write plays throughout its 30+ year history.

Dream / drēm / verb

the world we make from the one we’ve been given

Together with Tidewell Hospice, we’re bringing hope to our community. With research-backed grief counseling that reduces trauma for kids and families. With art, music, and pet therapy that relieves pain and creates new memories. All thanks to our generous donors, who care enough to make a difference. Special thanks to Florida Studio Theatre for the Blue Butterfly Summer Theater Program, where local kids were able to express their grief through an original performance for family and friends.

Play a role that brightens lives. TidewellFoundation.org

Left: Sarasota Improv Festival. Photo by FST. Right: Ariel Blue, Will Luera, Natasha Samreny, Christine Alexander, and Charles Gooch. Photo by Matthew Holler.

fst improv

Founded in 2001 by FST's now Managing Director, Rebecca Hopkins, FST Improv has grown into a robust year-round program, offering never-before-seen shows week after week. FST Improv celebrates the full spectrum of improvisational disciplines, going beyond game-focused Short-Form improvisation as seen in programs like “Whose Line is it Anyway?,” to also incorporate Long-Form, Musical, and Free-Form styles. Popular shows like FST Improv Presents: Comedy Lottery draw from set games and prompts that drive the night’s comedy. Shows like FST Improv Presents: Treble in Paradise and When X Meets Y weave storytelling and music together to create a fully-improvised musical live on stage. While it may look like these artists are completely “winging it,” there is an underlying structure that they have thoroughly studied and practiced, which supports the improvisers much like a trampoline net supports a tightrope artist. Called “Hilarious” by Sarasota Herald-Tribune, this weekly comedy show by the cast of FST Improv is popular with locals and tourists, alike. FST Improv has also toured internationally, leading improvisational workshops with groups as far as England, Latvia, and Saudi Arabia. Here at home, FST Improv also offers its signature corporate training package. FST Improv seminars engage business teams through fun and interactive excercises

focusing on such topics as creative thinking, transforming conflict, public speaking, and more. Through these hands-on experiences, participants build skills they can immediately put into action back at the office, in the board room, or duing their next sales pitch. FST also produces the annual Sarasota Improv Festival, bringing the best improv troupes from across the country and around the world to Sarasota each year for a whirlwind weekend of spontaneous art. Today, the Sarasota Improv Festival is the premier festival of its kind in the Southeast United States and is a destination event bringing many attendees from beyond the state to Sarasota. In 2015, the Sarasota Improv Festival began to expand its roster, bringing select international troupes to the Festival each year. To date, the Festival has featured groups from such countries as France, Spain, Canada, and Mexico. From the Off-Broadway hit, BLANK! The Musical and New York City’s Baby Wants Candy to The Smother’s Brothers, and improv guru Joe Bill, this annual event features both shows and workshops by the best improvisers from around the world. Those looking to try their own hand at improvisation can test their skills in several improv class offerings at the FST School. Featuring over six track levels, and a wide range of styles, students have the opportunity to grow from the beginner improviser to the advanced, cultivating listening skills, imagination, team-building, memory skills, and confidence along the way.


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Legacy Circle planned giving makes a difference

“FST has been a part of the fabric of my life and my families’ since I was six-years-old. I feel it is important to give back as much as you receive, and I want to encourage others to be as generous!” - Cole Caruso – Legacy Society Member

“When you leave a legacy, of any amount, you will be assured that your favorite theatre, FST, will be benefited.” - Gaele Barthold –Board Trustee and Legacy Circle Member

Our Legacy Circle members are donors and subscribers like you who have made a commitment to provide for FST’s future. FST relies on the support and thoughtful planning of donors to ensure the long-term financial stability and continued growth of all its programs you have enjoyed year after year. Pledging a gift to FST in your will or estate plans makes a meaningful impact on the mission and future of our theatre, while maximizing tax benefits of your donation for you and your family. Gifts of any size will benefit the mission of FST. Here are a few ways you can easily provide for FST’s future through a planned gift: • Bequest in your will or living trust • Charitable Remainder Trust • Gifts of Stocks and Bonds • Life income gift • Retirement plan beneficiary designation

• Life insurance policy beneficiary designation • Life estate gift (remainder interest in real property)

Please contact Melody Mora-Shihadeh, Director of Individual Giving at 941-366-9017 x326 to start planning your legacy with us today.

FST Legacy Circle members share a spirit of generosity and a strong commitment to the future of FST. Members have included FST in their financial planning, pledging a future planned gift. Please join us in thanking them for helping to support the art of the theatre now and into the future. Anonymous (8) Kate Alexander Jane Baisley Gaele Barthold Carol Beeler Donald & Barbara Bernstein Francine J. Blum Martin & Barbara Bowling Les & Carol Brualdi Patricia & Roger Courtois James T. Bruen & Jane R. Plitt Harriette Buckman Cole Caruso C. Beth Cotner Joel Cuba Mr. & Mrs. William Davis Jim Fellows

Carol Lee Gilbert Shirley Gossett Thomas R. Hayes Richard & Rebecca Hopkins Freida & Raymond Johnson Paul R. Kaufman Patricia Kordis Joan & Dr. Bart Levenson Barbara J. Lupoff Tom & Kathy Macdonald Daniel Mandelker & Marlene Harris Steve & Nancy Mayer Louise Mazius Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy Bill McGrath Lela McLeod Wilda Q. Meier

Jennifer Michell Sue Lehmer Morey Jim Nilon Gene Noble Marcie Rose Sheila Rose Sonya & Jerome Rothstein Marcia Sandground Jack & Priscilla Schlegel Susan Fromm Shimelman Lucinda T. Spaney Norma Wanegar Edith Winston Kenneth Wolford Carol B. Williams Tom Wilson & Patrick Crimmings Fred & Ann Wurlitzer

FST fondly remembers those who left a bequest or in whose honor, a memorial fund was established. Their love of theatre and for the FST organization is an example to us all. Tom Beeler Carol Poteat Buchanan Fred Buckman Richard S. & Betty O. Burdick Bill Burgunder Doris M. Carter Mr. & Mrs. E.T. Collinsworth Deborah M. Cooley Sandy Cuba Danuta Dorozynski Joanne Dowell James Durante Max K. Eisenbarth

Ronald Gossett Eleanor Green Lola G. Hannah Janet Hevey Jimmie & Emil Hess Dr. Gertrude Hight Mr. & Mrs. Harry B. Hopkins Lela D. Jackson Dr. Herb Karol Dr. Morris E. Katz Sam Mossler Helene Noble Nikki Nilon

Muriel O’Neil Jules Rose Sue Safford Helen Schlueter Eileen Steinman James V. Sparrow Walter M. Steppacher Duchess Tomasello Dr. Alan Turow Ted Van Antwerp Lucille C. Wallace Herb Winston Alger Zapf

The FST Endowment ensures that we can serve our community for many seasons to come. Named funds listed below were established during lifetimes, for the continuous lasting support of beloved programming beyond their years. Richard S. Burdick New Play Endowment EdExplore SRQ Fund for FST of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Florida Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture Cultural Endowment Program Fund Gluck Family Endowment for Co-Producing Hegner Family Foundation Fund for WRITE A PLAY Dana Helfrich Scholarship Fund for the FST School Jimmie and Emil Hess Fund for WRITE A PLAY Morris E. and Freda Hillson Katz Endowment Sam Mossler Scholarship Fund for the FST School James W. and Anne H.S. Nethercott Endowment for Underwriting Muriel O’Neil Fund For The Performing Arts of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Jane & Tom Rattigan Endowment for the FST School’s VIP Program Betty Schoenbaum Fund for Florida Studio Theatre of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Two J’s Scholarship Fund, in honor of John Jacobsen and John Sandefur William James Foundation Endowment for the FST School

friends of FST “It is more than a theatre company. It is an organization that recognizes it is part of the greater community — and it reaches out to that community in positive, productive ways.” -Georgia Court, Board Trustee Florida Studio Theatre is celebrating its 48th season as Sarasota’s contemporary theatre. FST and its programs have grown throughout the years thanks in part to many important people – the FRIENDS of Florida Studio Theatre.

Listed in this section are FRIENDS contributions from October 1, 2020 September 30, 2021. If you would like to become a FRIEND of FST, please contact the Development Office at 941366-9017 Ext. 316.

FRIENDS of Florida Studio Theatre help FST impact more than 225,000 children and adults each year. You can play an important role in our season by becoming a FRIEND of FST with a tax-deductible contribution of $35 or more.

FRIENDS giving levels

By becoming a FRIEND, you help FST keep programming affordable and accessible, to as many people as possible, so we can continue to serve the wide range of audience members in our extraordinary community. FRIENDS contributions help to make up the difference between our lowticket prices and the actual costs of operating all our programs.

Friend Sponsor Patron Sustainer Benefactor Grand Donor Backer Co-Producer Underwriter Silver Underwriter Gold Underwriter Platinum Underwriter

$35 $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $15,000 $30,000 $45,000 $75,000

lifetime friends In special recognition of the individuals, organizations, & agencies that have given in excess of $100,000 through lifetime giving, over the course of many years. $1,000,000+

Georgia Court The State of Florida, Division of Arts & Culture Leila Gompertz Hegner Family Foundation Ed & Susan Maier Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy Patrick & Mary Mulva Anne H.S. Nethercott • Sarasota County Arts Council, Sarasota County Tourist Development Council & Board of County Commissioners William G. & Marie Selby Foundation Arnold Simonsen & Ronda Montminy U.S. Small Business Administration Charles O. Wood, III & Miriam M. Wood Foundation The William James Foundation •

$500,000 - $999,999

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County Robert & Wendy Grady Gulf Coast Community Foundation Robert & Bonny Israeloff Keating Family Foundation Kresge Foundation Ernie Kretzmer, In loving memory of Alisa Kretzmer Muriel O’Neil Fund For The Performing Arts of Community Foundation of Sarasota County • The Patterson Foundation Jules & Sheila Rose The Shubert Foundation Roberta Leventhal Sudakoff Foundation Carol B. Williams

$250,000 - $499,999

Bank Of America Client Foundation Gaele Barthold Joan & Larry Castellani The Exchange of Sarasota Beatrice Friedman The Goldsmith-Greenfield Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Goldstein Sydney Goldstein & Elster Foundation Ruth & David Gorton Janet Hevey

The Jennifer Michell Charitable Gift Fund • Dick & Betty Watt Nimtz Laurence Saslaw Ina Schnell Dorothy Waldron

$100,000 - $249,999

Gerri Aaron Jane Baisley Bank Of America Foundation Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation Cordelia Lee Beattie Foundation William and Dale S. Berkowitz Family Foundation Bill Bordy Cookie Boudreaux & Dennis Hassell Les & Carol Brualdi Richard S. & Betty O. Burdick • Ed & Judy Christian Max K. Eisenbarth Trust Shirley Fein Florida Winefest and Auction Frank & Anne Folsom Smith Dr. Ty Gardner & Liza McKeever-Gardner Ruth Gluck • Shelley & Sy Goldblatt • Eugene & Toby Halpern Herald-Tribune Media Group Jimmie and Emil Hess Fund • Jane’s Trust and Mrs. A. Werk Cook Harold & Valerie Joels Patricia Kordis Barbara J. Lupoff Daniel Mandelker & Marlene Harris Esther M. Mertz Charitable Trust National Endowment For The Arts New Amsterdam Charitable Foundation Jim & Nikki Nilon Jane & Tom Rattigan • Robbie & Mary Ann Robinson Gail & Skip Sack Tana Sandefur Alan & Lois Schottenstein Susan Fromm Shimelman Mildred Stein David & Lois Stulberg Family Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation Wells Fargo Tom Wilson & Patrick Crimmings Ann & Fred Wurlitzer

Sally Yanowitz

• Recognizes our Legacy Underwriters & Co-Producers for their commitment to FST, establishing an endowed fund to help support cherished programs for many years to come.


The Exchange has been a proud supporter of the FLORIDA STUDIO THEATRE since 1975.

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The joy of shopping The joy of giving The joy of recycling The joy of supporting students and the arts in our community

se urcha This p support d helpe 021-2022 ’s FST 2 t Season e Cabar


539 S. ORANGE | 941-955-7859 | M-F 9-4 & SAT 10-4 sarasotawex.com

Bookstore1Sarasota Downtown Through 2021 at 12 S. Palm Beginning 2022 at The Mark 117 S. Pineapple www.sarasotabooks.com 941-365-7900


the Community

C O N T R I B U T I N G TO Important


C E L E B R AT I N G All of You S I N C E 195 7

Sarasota Scene proudly supports Florida Studio Theatre. BE INFORMED. BE ENTERTAINED. Be Scene. 1834 Main Street, Sarasota, FL 34236 // P: 941.365.1119 F: 941.954.5067 // scenesarasota.com

trust & foundation friends The grants FST receives from Corporations, Foundations and Charitable Trusts play an essential role in our growth and mission both on the stage and in the community. Claude A & Blanche McCubbin Abbott Charitable Trust Scott B. and Annie P. Appleby Charitable Trust The Arts & Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County Bank Of America Foundation Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation Cordelia Lee Beattie Foundation Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation Harold C. & Jacqueline F. Bladel Foundation Boscia Family Foundation Citizens For Florida Arts Collinsworth Family Foundation of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Community Foundation of Sarasota County Court Family Foundation Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation Deborah M. Cooley Charitable Trust Elno Family Foundation Elster Foundation Embracing Our Differences The Exchange of Sarasota The Glenridge Charitable Foundation Alfred and Ann Goldstein Foundation, Inc. Leila and Steven M. Gompertz Fund in Memory of Michael Gompertz of Community Foundation of Sarasota County David and Ruth Gorton Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Greenfield Foundation Gulf Coast Community Foundation Hegner Family Foundation Ruth R. Hoyt & Anne H. Jolley Foundation Inc. William Huch Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Jelks Family Foundation Inc. The Jewish Federation of Sarasota-Manatee

FST associations

Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies Keating Family Foundation Kresge Foundation Lazarus Foundation Leopold-Robbins Arts Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Manatee Community Foundation Daniel R. Mandelker & Marlene N. Harris Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Jack A. and Bernice E. Meyers Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh The Jennifer Michell Charitable Gift Fund National New Play Network National Philanthropic Trust Olson Family Foundation The Patterson Foundation Charlotte and Charles Perret & Family Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Eluned & Edward Russell Charitable Foundation Betty Schoenbaum Fund for Florida Studio Theatre of Community Foundation of Sarasota County Clifford E. Scholl and Thelma J. Scholl Fund of Kosciusko County Community Foundation William G. and Marie Selby Foundation The Shubert Foundation Steelcase Foundation Mildred and Donald Stein Charitable Fund Steinwachs Family Foundation David and Lois Stulberg Family Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation Suncoast Credit Union Foundation Theatre Communications Group The Jay K. Turner Fund of Manatee Community Foundation Wells Fargo The William James Foundation Charles O. Wood, III & Miriam M. Wood Foundation

local business friends ABC 7 – WWSB Alderman Oaks Aloft Amazon Smile C. Alan Anderson Architect Art Ovation Art to Walk On At Large Aviva Bank of America Beneva Flowers The Bijou Café Blue Line Inc. BMO Harris BookStore1 Brick’s Smoked Meats Brown & Brown Sarasota Cafe Amici Caragiulos Clasico Italian Chophouse Cove Cleaners Des Champs & Gregory, Inc.

Designing Women Boutique Downtown Sarasota Alliance Dreamweaver Collection The Exchange of Sarasota Glenridge On Palmer Ranch Google Gulf Coast Eagle Hampton Inn & Suites Herald Tribune Media Group Hotel Indigo Hyatt Regency ICORR International Properties Lakewood Ranch Cinemas Manasota Medical Group Maximillian’s Café McMahon Fur Storage Co. Melange Home Noela Chocolate Nothing Bundt Cakes The Northern Trust Company Oasis Garden One Palm Patrick’s 1481

The Players Theatre Plymouth Harbor Publix Super Markets Reese’s Chevron Ringling School of Art and Design Sally Trout Interior Design Sarasota Bay Club Sarasota Magazine Sarasota-Manatee-Originals Sarasota Opera Sarasota Sister Cities Association SCENE Magazine Southeastern Guide Dogs Spotlight Graphics Springhill Suites State College of Florida-Music Sue Ellen’s Floral Boutique Terry’s Plumbing and Air Tito’s Handmade Vodka Tsunami Wells Fargo Bank Westin Hotel

MATCHING GIFT ORGANIZATIONS If you are employed or retired, your current/past employer may match your gift! A special thanks to the following companies for enhancing the value of our donors’ charitable contributions. Aetna Foundation Inc. AIG American Express Amerprise Financial Amica Companies Foundation AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals AT&T Bank of America Foundation Becton, Dickinson & Co. Big Lots Blackbaud Giving Fund Caterpillar Foundation Chevron Texaco Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation Dow Corning Corporation Eaton Corporation

ExxonMobil Foundation Facebook Foundation Federated Department Stores Fidelity Investment FPL Group Foundation GoodCoin Foundation GE Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Foundation H.J. Heinz Company Foundation IBM Corp J.M. Huber Corporation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Johnson Controls Foundation Lumina Foundation for Education Merck Foundation Merrill Lynch

Morgan Stanley New York Times Company Foundation Paypal Giving Fund Pepsi Bottling Group Foundation Pfizer Foundation Pierce Contracting, Inc. Pitney Bowes Foundation PPG Industries Foundation Prudential Foundation SBC Target Foundation Thomson Reuters UBS Financial Services United Health Group USG Foundation Inc.

government friends

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Arts and Culture and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture, and the State of Florida, and is paid for in part by Sarasota County Tourist Development Tax Revenues.

friends of FST Recognized here are those individuals whose donations were received from 10/1/20 to 9/30/21 # + * **

denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

PLATINUM UNDERWRITERS $75,000 Bill Bordy** Robert & Wendy Grady*+# Ed & Susan Maier*+ Dennis & Graci McGillicuddy** Patrick & Mary Mulva+ Sarasota County Board of County Commissioners Sarasota County Tourist Development Council** U.S. Small Business Administration Carol B. Williams**+ Charles O. Wood, III & Miriam M. Wood Foundation**+ GOLD UNDERWRITERS $45,000 Gaele Barthold**# Joan & Larry Castellani*+ Ed & Judy Christian** The Community Foundation of Sarasota County** Georgia Court** Florida Department of State** Gulf Coast Community Foundation** Robert & Bonny Israeloff**+ The Shubert Foundation**

Sydney Goldstein & Elster Foundation**+ Shirley Fein**# Dr. Ty Gardner & Liza McKeever-Gardner* Dr. Philip & Suzan Gaynes* Ruth & David Gorton**+ Jeff Hotchkiss & Betsy Winder* Ann Rainey & Victor Kaufman* Susan & Jim Ogle Gail & Skip Sack**# Ina Schnell** Susan Shimelman** Arnold Simonsen Family Charitable Foundation* David & Lois Stulberg Family Fund of Gulf Coast Community Foundation** Sallie Carter Tyler* Dorothy Waldron** Tom Wilson & Patrick Crimmings**# CO-PRODUCERS $5,000

Scott B. & Annie P. Appleby Charitable Trust* Jane Baisley** Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation Tom & Carol Beeler* In Memory of Marilyn Berman** Gerald & Sondra Biller Brad & Lynda Blaylock* SILVER In Loving Memory of Fred UNDERWRITERS Buckman** $30,000 Lee & Nancy Buechler** Donald Clements Greenfield Foundation Larry Coleman*# Patricia Kordis*+ Collinsworth Family Anonymous* Foundation of the Community Foundation UNDERWRITERS of Sarasota**# $15,000 Joel & Sandy Cuba** J. Robert Donnelly & Mary Bank of America Client Jane Donnelly Charitable Foundation, Bank of Fund America, N.A., Trustee** Max K. Eisenbarth Cookie Boudreaux & Trust**# Dennis Hassell** Tom & Celina Forrester** Les & Carol Brualdi**+ Carol & Lou Furlong

Carol Gilbert & Matty Matheson**+# Sandy & Jim Goldman** Budee Jacobs & Stan Horwich**# Gene & Kathy Jongsma The Junior League of Sarasota, Inc. Elaine M. Keating** Steve & Beth Knopik**# Virginia Lipton** Barbara J. Lupoff**# Manatee County Board of County Commissioners Dennis and Tammy Matecun Jeff & Barbara McCurdy Jim Meister** Matthew Mercurio, In Memory of John Mercurio Lawrence W. Milas** Jonathan & Michelle Mitchell Martie Moss & Paul Rubin* National New Play Network Dick & Betty Watt Nimtz** Muriel O’Neil Fund for the Performing Arts of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Kenneth & Rob Pierce** Pamela & Scott Reichardt* Bob & Sharon Reitsch** Glenn & Deborah Renwick Steve & Marilyn Rothschild Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation* Richard & Gail Rubin** Jack & Priscilla Schlegel** School Board of Broward County, Florida In Memory of Donald St. Clair Suncoast Credit Union Foundation Sally & Bob Theis* G. Richard & Elizabeth Thompson** John & Mary Lou Toal* The Jay K. Turner Fund of Manatee Community Foundation** United Health Group Ron & Carolyn Vioni** Ann & Fred Wurlitzer** Joan & Jim Zawacki**

BACKERS $2,500 Justine Baran Donald H. & Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation** Helga & Jerry Bilik* Betty Black** Mr. & Mrs. Martin L. Bowling** Murray Bring & Kay Delaney Bring** Dennis & Rita Campion* Bob & Sue Coyne, The Lewis Foundation** Douglas & Dianne DeLong** Anita & Kelly DeVine**# Roger & Sally Effron* Leon & Marge Ellin** Jim Ericson** Barbara & Tony Franke Bette & Arnold Hoffman** Ginger Judge** Thekla Kahn** Anonymous Carlene Lebous & Harris Haston Tom & Kathy Macdonald# Bill & Elaine McClure* Mark & Linda Nordenberg* Linda Poteat-Brown & Allen Brown Prudential Foundation** Publix Super Markets Charities** Nancy Wolk & Michael Ritter Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schaal** The Betty Schoenbaum Fund for Florida Studio Theatre** Toby & Noel Siegel** Bob & Chris Stout** Suncoast Black Arts Collaborative, Inc. Drs Richard & Phyllis Yonker* GRAND DONOR $1,000 Linda Albert** Georgia & Terry Anderson** John Andrews Alexandra Armstrong & Jerry J. McCoy* Stephen & Jill Bell Dee & Mike Bennett** Jeffrey & Beverly Berger*

Willa & Bob Bernhard* Karen & Tom Bernstein* Richard Biller Mary Ellen & Tom Bleakley** Frederick L. Bloom, MD* Susie & Mark Bossard, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Gilbert B Bosse Jr* Bonnie & Mike Brunett* Mr. & Mrs. Donald S. Bruno** Scott Bushey** William & Debra Buttaggi** J. & K. and the Caplin Family* Richard P. Carroll, MD Elaine Charney Beth Cotner & Jack Alogna** Patricia & Roger Courtois**# Meredythe & Clayton Daley, Jr** Mary G. Davenport Ph.D.** Esther & Harlan Domber** Tom Dougherty Susan Dweck & Elno Family Foundation** Edward & Annette Eliasberg Douglas & Kathleen Engebretson* Ms. Susan Erhart** Facebook Payments Inc. Ellie Fishman** David & Ellen Flatow* Josephine Franz & Russ Gill** Anonymous Don & Amy Friedrich Rukmini Ganeshappa Patsy & Ed Garno Susan Ghezzi* Julia & Steve Goldberg Donald F. & Alice P. Goldsmith Charitable Fund** Horace & Dorothy Gordon** Charlie & Jean Gorham Paul Graves* Marvin & Anne Marie Greene** Jeffrey Hamblin MD & Mark Alan Temp Hamilton* Karen & Bert Harris** Rev. & Mrs. John H. Hartley* Chehalis Hegner & Arthur Ganson John & Rebecca Hegner Charitable Fund Pat & Dan Helpbringer** Penny Hill, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Anonymous

Doug & Carolyn Ann Holder** Richard & Rebecca Hopkins** Ann & Robert Jackson Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County The Jelks Family Foundation** Barbara Jennings** Mr. & Mrs. Steven Jenson The Ruth R. Hoyt-Anne H. Jolley Foundation Inc. William & Carol Jolley Leslie Juron & Jay Price Robert & Marian Kaiser* Merle & Judy Kalkwarf** Dr. Sidney Katz Mark & Irene Kauffman** Rob & Carole Kay* James & Pauline Kennedy** Patricia Kennelly & Edward Keon* Mary B. & Gerald F. Kilanoski* Chuck & Betty Koch** Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Landau** Paul & Stephanie Lang** Dorothy Lawrence** Leopold-Robbins Fund of Community Foundation of Sarasota County** Joan & Dr. Bart Levenson** Ann Z. Leventhal & Jon Newman* Burgess Levin & Mary Saily Gordon & Marla Levine* Nessa & Richard Levine** H. Lee Levins** Marlene & Hal Liberman** Kate Lorenz Reid & Linda MacCluggage** Susan & Randy Mallitz** Daniel Mandelker & Marlene Harris** Steve & Nancy Mayer* Jack & Linda McCoppen** Jay & Elizabeth McHargue* Mike & Jan McHugh Pat & Cecy McKeough* Jamie & Meg McLane Anonymous**# Ronda Montminy* Sandra & Mike Moore* Mickey Mossler, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Dr. Mike & Terry Mossler, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Gini Mulkin** Fred & Geri Nelson Gene Noble**

Ingrid Nutter** Anonymous Alan & Sunny Pervil** Dixie & DeWitt Platt** Bonnie Platten** Andra & Irwin Press Lorie & Paul Rabin** Barbara Raphael** Michael Richker & Joan Blum** Richard & Leslie Rivera Frank & Emilie Robinson* Paul & Jeannie Rogalski Gerald & Maureen Ronning* Robert & Lynda Safron Mr. & Mrs. Don Sayer* Michael & Judy Scharf* Dr. Jeffrey & Alison Schillinger* Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Schmergel** Jeryl Schriever & Alex Huppe** Carole & Mal Schwartz Penny Sijatz* David & Barbara Smith** Michael & Sandy Sobzack, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Robert Soeder Lucinda T. Spaney** Joy & Robert Stone** Hadassah & Martin Strobel** Janis & Skip Swan* Nanci Talpas & Cecil Trumbo** Sam Mossler Coast 2 Coast Virtual Voyage Challenge# Toledo Jewish Community Foundation Bruce & Janet Udell* JulieAdele Vreeland* Leon & Mary Sue Wechsler, LRWL Inc.** Gail & Paul Weller** Wilson F Wetzler, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Art & Judy Whitson** Jack & Margaret Ann Willey* Ken & Carolyn Woodworth* James H. Wright* BENEFACTOR $500 Malouf & Therese Abraham** Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Richard Amesbury** Barbara Archbold Shari & Stephen Ashman Bayshore Animal Hospital, In Memory of Sam Mossler#

Tom & Loretta Beaumont** Stanley & Donna Ber* Fred & Janet Bishop* In Memory of Gary Blakeman* Cookie Bloom** Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Bridgford** Bruce & Elaine Burton* Beverley Byers-Pevitts and Robert Pevitts Emily Carrier** Sharon Casaburo* Edith & David Chaifetz** Richard & Carol Clark* Bob & Val Cloutier Dean & Sharon Cofield* Natalie Cohen Rob & Annie Cohen* Dr. Stanley Cohen** Neal Colton & Sharon Prizant* Keen & Judie Compher Joyce Cooper, In Memory of Sherman Cooper** William H Cooper* Richard & Carol Correnti* Nanette Crist* Marcia & Michael Cuttler**# Shirley Dabringhaus** Donna Day, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Judi Day* Toby Deutsch* Thomas & Mary Dudar Edythe Kenner Foundation Bruce & Joan Erickson** Susan & George Evans** Dick & Jean Evers** Karen Farrell Barbara & Frank Fleischer** Joyce K. Fletcher* Wallace & Judith Flury, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Mark Foreman* Bill Forester** Mr. & Mrs. R. Gerald Fox** Andy & Albie Frank* Barry & Suzan Friedman Tom & Darlene Furst Anonymous Melvin Gang & Nancy Chanus** John & Toni Gartner** Claudia George** Susan J. Girese* Renea M. Glendinning** Joyce & Jerry Goacher Alan & Lynn Goldbloom* Sue M. Gordon, In Memory of Sam Mossler**# Joe & Leslie Grabowski Stephen & Elaine Graham* Hanford & Kitty Gross

# + * **

denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Dr. & Mrs. William B. Grubb, Jr.** Jan Grunwald** Nicole Hancock, In Memory of Sam Mossler# William & Jo Haraf John & Betty Herr** James W. & Mary R. Heslin* Henry & Kitty Heusner, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Dave & Helen Hoke** Michael & Laura Holland The India Benton Lesser Foundation Barbara Jacob* Pat Janssen** Madeline & Daniel Joy Judith Kahn** Richard & Keke Kahn** Jack Kallis & Mary Kovach* Ron & Elaine Kennedy* Alden & Ginny Keyser** Christine Killorin Diane & Barry Kirschenbaum Marlene Kitchell** Catherine & William Klettke Drs Douglas Kuperman and Maureen Maguire Tony & Dorid Lamb Susie Lamy* Jon & Gina Landsberg* Bryan & Sylva Langton** Lucie & David Lapovsky* Lou & Sandy Levy** Barry & Mary Livingston Stephen & Britt Lundgren Colleen Maguire John Markham** Donald Markstein Lou & Carolou Marquet** Joan Mathews** Sarah A. Matis William & Katherine McComb Wilda Q. Meier** Mrs. Richard Mitchell (Betty)** Hester Mulak Marcia S. Nalebuff* Chuck Nehls Roy & Virginia Nevans Dr. Michael & Dr. Janice Novello** Terry Occhiogrosso & Bill Velez John & Charline Oelfke Pat & Joe Ondrick** Kathleen & Bill Pickering Larry Prohs* In Loving Memory of Richard & June Raskin*

Sally & Adam Ratner, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Susan Rawson** Bonnie & Nate Richards* T. J. & Susan Richardson Sally & Melvin Ross** Willie Ruff** Peter Rutherford, In Memory of John W Carrier** Evan & Natalie Salmore** Joe & Barbara Sander** Gary & Mel Howard Schmidt** Bill & Vicki Schrimpf Anne & Bruce Shackman** Jennifer & David Shane Jane Shannon & Paul Lewis** Ellen Sichel Mark Silverstein Ronald & Mary Skweres** Nancy & Jack Sneider** David F. Sobey** Roger & Marjorie Sonstroem** Judi Stern** G&B Sharon Strassfeld & Michael Ramella* Cyvia & David Snyder* Dr. Alex Teed, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Richard Tichenor* Dan & Nancy Tidrick** Anonymous* Roy & Paige Titterton, In Memory of Roy Nevans Glen & Marilyn Townley* Bill & Bev Van Duzer Edris Weis** Mr. Larry Weiss* Joan & Peter Wells, In Memory of Rebecca Wells Linville* Robert Westpheling Wilhelm Brothers, Inc.* Rosemary Williams Ruth Ann & Richard Young** Stanley J. Zielinski** Amy Zinna, In Memory of Sam Mossler# SUSTAINER $250 Alison Aaron Francine Alexander* Robert & Grace Allen* Viveca Altobelli Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Andracchio** Ken & Lana Andre** Dolores Andrew**

Elizabeth AndrzejewskiWilson, Sovereign Masters Pam & George Arfield* Michael & Missy Asen Neil Avison & Susan Loprete Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baer** Sara & Jim Bagley** Bennett Balmer & John Olivo* Anonymous Major Walter Bansley, USMC (Ret) Sumner & Donna Baum** Rhana & Eugene Bazzini# Ruth & Jerry Beck** Nea & Rich Beckerman** Anonymous* Glen Behrendt & Lenore Shapiro, In Memory of Everett Behrendt Marc Behrendt, In Memory of Everett Behrendt** Bob & Lynne Bennett** Mark & Sara Berrier** Robert & MaryAnn Betagole** June & Stewart Beyer Michael Bille, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# B. Alice Blanchard & Arthur Siciliano MaryAnn Bloomer** Carolyn Blum* Patricia Bourke & Dr. Robert Downie Terry O. Brackett** Maura & Jay Breen* Mark & Laura Briefman** Dr. & Mrs. F.R. Brofazi* Sybil & Irwin Broh** Sam & Roz Brott** David A. Brubaker Fred & Jan Burtnett* Dick & Bonnie Buten* Janet Beaumont* Mr. & Mrs. David Carlson** Patricia Cerefice** Milly Chaykin* Laurel Cohen & Axel Traugott* Steven Cohen Dr. Jay & Syma Cohn** Jeanne E. Corbin Shary Costello Bill Cotter, In Memory of Linda Cotter** Jack & Pauline Coury** Marvin Crepea* Mary Ann Cross* Charlie & Cindi Culkin** Bill & Bet Cummings* Joe Cyr

Richard & Deborah Daigle Ann & Todd Davidson** Rosalie Davis Bob & Gretchen Dawson* Loretta Deacon-Goetze** Lon & Leslee Deckard** Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Dionne** Bill & Vicki DiPaolo* Beverly Dixon** Bradford Dlouhy Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation** Anonymous** Kimberly Dorgan Thalia Dorwick* William & Mary Downs** Ann Dutton* Alan Earhart Thomas & Eleanor Everitt* Gary Farner Carole Feiger Fran & Gary Feldman Jim & Pam Ferry, In Memory of Sam Mossler* Deborah B. Fineman & T. Michael Logan Sandy Fink* Anne & Hugh Fiore Julia & John Flaherty** Ronald Fletcher* Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fleurant** Michael and Rosanna Flury, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Warren & Rosalind Foer** Dudley & Priscilla Fort** Phyllis & Phil Fox* Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fradkin** James Frauenberg Robert & Delores Fuller** Kathy & Tom Gable* Mr. & Mrs. Gadiel Ted & Anda Gagnet, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Patricia Gaines* Janice & Jim Gallogly* Tania Galloni Paree Gardner Everett Gendler Mr. & Mrs. Robert Germain** Fred & Elaine Gewirtz** Barton P Gifford Sr.* Margaret (Marty) Gillis Dona & Francis Ginty** Lynne Giviskos Joanna McClelland Glass** Mike & Mary Glynn* Susan & Steve Goatley* Marlene & Sandy Goldberg Grace M. Goldstein** Sue & Howard Gorham** Jay Greenblatt & Robin Green** Ane Grethe & Rory Delaney Doug & Trish Griffith

Ann Gundersheimer* Dr. & Mrs. Garry Gutterman** Lynne Haf** Andrew & Felicia Hall Jan & Don Hand Lorna Hard Stan & Jamie Harper Nancy & John Harris** John & Grace Hartnett** Ricki & Ralph Harvey William Hatz* Dodie & Dan Headington* Judy & David Helgager** Don Helgeson & Sal Shepard** Bob Hemingway* In Loving Memory of Janni Hill Beth & Marc Hirsch* Allen & Stephanie Hochfelder** Barbara Horowitz Dr. George Hutter & Eugene Gumbert* Intel Foundation, In Memory of Dick Rubin Tom Jeffs Garry & Nancy Jerome Denise & Bob Johnson** Dr. & Mrs. Larry R. Jones Stan Jones* Patricia Junko* Joan & Jerry Kagan** Annette Kaplan** Valda Kaye John & Barbara Kerwin** Dr. Martin & Cindy Kodish** Dr. & Mrs. Marvin Kofender** Warren & Rebecca Koontz Philip & Nancy Kotler** Mr. & Mrs. Robert Krambeck** Art & Julie Kupersmith* Barbara Kupferberg** Jean Kydd** Brenda Lee Landry** Martha & Larry Larkin* Linda Lee, in Memory of my Beloved Spouse Carol J. Herbert** Tom LeFevre Frank B. Lenz Christine & Darryl Levine Melvy Erman Lewis** Phyllis & Gordon Loewengart** Ray & Bobbi Lombra Rudolph & Lois Lucek** David & Sharyl Lyon Robert MacDonald** Michael & Lynn Madden** Tim & Chris Madigan David & Lee Manchester Kenneth & Barbara Mannino Deborah Margolis* Lawrence Markin**

Michelle Marquis* James & Ann Martin* Suzanne Martin* Gary Massel Martin Max** Joe & Rene McCarthy* Henry McFarland & Gail Jerome** Bev Meadows & Garo Partoyan** Mary & Norman Meunier*# Alan & Nancy Milbauer** John & Connie Miller Donald & Carol Milling* Gwen Mitchell & Dick Paulsen Norman Monhait & Marcia Halperin Sandra Montgomery** Susan Morin & Harvey Small** Sandra & Peter Morris* Rhoda & Paul Morrisroe** J. Mosley & D. Macaulay* Anthony Tim Mourad Jean E. Muccini** Dr. & Mrs. A. M. Muniz Mr. & Mrs. Robert Newman** Kathryn Nichol** Diane Nielsen* David Novak & Sue Gilchrist** Officer 222 & Chakoo** Beth & Andy Olwert Fran & Wiley Osborn* Karen & Barry Oshry Alan & Judy Papernick** Roger Parent & Will Trimmer** Lorelei Paster* John & Nora Patterson** David & Gigi Payne** David & Susan Payne* Richard & Rosalie Pears** Ron & Susan Clark Pellman** Mikki & Joel Pertofsky, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Susan Pfaff* Julie Planck** Robert Ploussard & Mary Lou Loughlin** Richard & Karen Pohlman** Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pound* John & Maria Price Pripet Landing Charitable Foundation Kathie Prosser# Bert Rapowitz & Lauri Pollack* Rick & Caroline Ratner, In Memory of Sam Mossler# W. Lawrence Ream** James & Deborah Reda* Cash & Snookie Register**

Anthony Ricciardi Becky & Bud Rives** Edna M. Robinson** Robert Roggio** Perry Romano Irene & Marty Ross** Stan & Rona Ross** Terry & Sam D. Roth** Stanley & Laurel Rothbardt* Beverly Rothenberg Elaine Rothenberg** David, Adrianne, & Jordan Rubin Fund Tom & Jane Rudbeck* Sue Rupp and Josh Ingojo Greg & Louisa Rutman** Sharon Ryden* Barbara & Alan Saabye** Joyce Sambursky** Lillian A Sands** Marjorie & William Sandy** Cheryl & Rick Scheid* Patti & Norman Schimmel** Ed & Carolyn Schmith** Jim & Kathi Scholler* Ms. Barbara Schwartz & Mr. Jerry Flum** Marcy Schweizer Julianne & Richard Schworm* Gerald Shaikun & Laurie Smith** Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Shanley* James & Adele Shea Ted & Susan Sherman* Wolf & Betsy Shindlebower** Marlene & Art Silverman** Barbara Simon & Richard Enslein** Christine Sloane Jeffrey R. Smith & Kathleen Heinicke** Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Smith* Cynthia Smyth* Jerry Soble Annette R. Sokolash* Steve & Susan Solomon* Spotlight Graphics Mimi & Steve Stambler** John & Rita Steele Duane Stewart* Peggy Stitzenberg Barry Strauss Barbara J. Struth** Thomas Stuebe Ted Sturman* Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sugg** Anne & John Sullivan Terence & Carolyn Sullivan** Anne Summers** Leonard Tavormina*

Jim Taylor** Laurie & Barry Taylor** Dr. Dawn F. Thomas** Sig & Lora Tobias* Catherine & Paul Tomass Donna & Bill Townsend* Suzanne Twerdochlib** James & Carolyn Uliana Mr. & Mrs. Richard VanBlerkom** Karen Vereb & Bud Blanton* Jim & Shirley Waddell* Amy & Peter Wallis Richard Wasieleski & Diane Fichter* Ann Weingartner* William I. Weiss M.D.** John & Elaine Wells** Anne & Jim White* Steve & Mary Wiltse* Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Witt** Barry & Donna Mackman Wolfson** David & Margaret Young* Mary A. Zabin** Jetty & Richard Zarfos** Sheree & Larry Zaslavsky Ned & Denise Zechman Dodie & Harry Zehnwirth** Mrs. Anita L. Zeman** Jack & Anita Zwick** Dr. Edwin & Susan Zysko PATRON $100 Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Aalst** Jamie Abele Mr. & Mrs. Leslie D. Aberson** Frances & Roger Abrams* Jay & Sheri Abramson** Joanie Abramson & Peggy Miller Richard & Jeanine Abruzzi John & Melinda Adams* Martin & Eve Adams* Jerry & Sue Ellen Addicott** Jean Adelson** Pam Akins & Barry Levinson** Jane Albaum** Cecile Alexander** Donna Alexander* Kate Alexander, In Memory of Sam Mossler# John Allison Mary Alterman Lois Altman & William Lakin** Judy & Eladio Amores Judy Anderson Norman & Kathleen Anderson* Rose Antrim** Bruce & Carla Ardinger*

# + * **

denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Dr. Norman Armstrong Elliot L. Aronin Michael & Judi Arum* Laurel Ash Scott Ashby Bud & Janet Aspatore* Anonymous** Anonymous** Beverly Austgen** Nitza Avni* Sandy & Steve Ayers* Linda & Jim Babcock* George & Nancy Bacall* Arnold Baer & Marilyn Lapidus Russell & Barbara Bahner** Ray & Janet Baker Thomas Baker Ron & Sue Balazs Peter Balint & Marilyn Zittel Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Ball** Cindy Balliette* Edward & Judy Balmer** John & Kathy Baran The John C. & Caludia Barnett Family Fund of Manatee Community Foundation** Linda Baron Sandy Baron Isaac & Margaret Barpal Andrew & Nancy Barr Barbara Barstow* Theresa Barth Bill & Laralee Bash Jim & Ellie Baudin Lucile & Klaus Bauer* Marilyn Bauer Marc & Nancy Bazilian** Monti & Cheryl Becker* Ken & Elsa Beckerman* Tom & Becky Bedford Carole L. Beebe* Vic Behar & Dr. Toby Behar Charles F. Behler Patricia & Richard Belford* Ellen & Jeb Bell* Richard Belle & Marie Pogozelski Carol & Steve Belok** Linda & Lee Bendel Ron & Doris Benice** Hillel Bennett Jo Anne Bennett, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Pat Benson** Thomas Bercal Peter & Madalyn Berendt Roberta Berger**

Lee Berkowitz, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Charlotte & Richard Berman* Robert Berns & Barbara Pressman** Sonia Berrio Derek Wilson Billib* Cynthia Biltoft Jerry & Sheila Birnbaum** Joy Bishop Blood* Kim & Annette Black Marvin E. Black** The Blackbaud Giving Fund David & Janis Blackman** Dr. Edward & Lynne Blackman** Susan & Arnold Blaylock* Richard & Sylvia Bloom** Elaine Blum** Susan & Alan Blum** Audie Bock Laurie & Hans Boerma Bob & Sally Bogle Michele Bomont* Karen Booth Susan Boston** James Bounds Diane Bourlier Boxser Diversity Initiative* Gay Boylston** Judy & Don Brand* Fran & Jack Braverman** Lenoire & Barry Bredt** Leanna Breese & Alec Vance* Gil & Susan Brinckerhoff** Ken Brinker* Lyle & Elaine Brion* Barbara Brizdle** Fred & Lee Brockmann** Pete & Me** Rod Brogan, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Judith Bronstein** David & Linda Brookes Mike & Ellen Brosnahan* John & Renee Brosnan* Ilene & Ron Brotman* Arthur & Debby Brown Kay Brown Larry & Beverly Brown** Moss & Patricia Brown Susan Brown* John & Susan Browne* John & Barbara Brugel* Jerome & Barbara Bruns* Janice Brunts Gary & Mary Buckingham Jeffrey Bummer Rex & Ruth Burgett**

Judith Burgis* Richard Burke Janice B. & Tom Burne* Sarah Burns** Anonymous# Joseph & Christine Butch* Ann Butler-Rogers Robert Byrne & Karen Kaiser Diana Cable** Joe & Kathy Caltagirone** Carol B. Camiener** David & Sandy Campbell Bob & Mary Lu Cannon, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Dr. Alan Canonico** Miles & Barbara Capron* Alice & Jack Carden* Virginia Cardozo Roger J. Caron** Janice Carper** Don Carr Jim Carrico Angela Carrubba* Lisa Carter Tom & Catherine Casey** Irene & Alec Cass** Donald G. Cavern* Deborah Cavness Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Cersosimo** Richard Chais & Lenore Redler** Jan & Mary Ann Chalfant Carol Chance** Mr. & Mrs. Michael Charles** Diane Craig ChechikTemple** Bruce Cherry* Jan L. Chester** Denise Chimbos Merle & George Chorba* Margaret Churchill & Paul Oversmith** Jill Cicciarelli, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Barry & Madeline Cilman** Al & Pam Clark Anonymous** Glenn & Debbie Clark* Joseph Clark* Bill & Andrea Clarkson Ron & Pat Claussen** Edward D. Cohen** Fran & Jeff Cohen* Drs. Herbert & Anita Cohen** Kenneth M. Cole III Joe & Kay Coley** Neil & Teri Comber

Steven & Kathleen Combs* Dennis & Bonnie Connolly John Conroy & Mary George* Don Cook** Marvin & Leah Cook* Susan & Phil Cook* Ken & LuAnn Copenhaver Mr. & Mrs. CoppinPolking Elliott & Dana Corn* Jack Costello Mr. & Mrs. Tom Costello** Wendell & Burnette Coulter** Elizabeth Cox Dr. & Mrs. Mark Cramer* Betty & Fred Crane Eleanor Crawford** Ed Crego & Sheila Smith David Cromwell & Bart Lutes** Jeremiah Cronin* Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Crootof* Craig & Denise Crossley** Rod & Joann Crotty** Linda & James Crouse** Andrew Cullison Dana Cunningham Christine Ann Curry Mary Alice Czerwonka* The Daniels Family, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Henry & Julie Danielson** Mel & Margaret Davis Ron & Patty Davis** Shea Davis Norma Dayton** Jane D. Dean Robert & Judy Decker** Robert DeFillippi* Ailsa D. Deitemeyer* Nancy & Brian Delaney** Michael & Sharon Denomme* Philip & Gail Derick** Alice DeSouza Mr. & Mrs. Antonio L. Diaz Guy & Nancy Dicicco Ted & Penny Dickinson** Joan & Bob Dickson Paul & Marianne Diczok George & Sandra Dietrich* Jessica & Richard Dill* Nancy R Dillard** Hilda Dillman Thomas Dillon Laura & Marshall Dinerman Lance & Pat Disley* Fred & Lynda Doery** Linda Dolan** Teresa Dolan Lindy & Terry Donahue* Michael Donaldson*

Maureen Elizabeth Donnelly* Martin & Barbara Donner** Dr. Bruce & Lori Dorman Gary & Carol Dornbush Dennis & Dawn Doughty* Bob & Laurel Dove* Winnie Downes & Carl Denney** Christine Downey* Judith Drachman Jo Anne Driscoll** Basil & Lynn Dubrosky D. Dennis & Suzanne Dudley Mark & Marilyn Dues Anita Dunlap Daniel P. Dunn Leslie Durant Peter & Judith Durant* Andrew & Karne Durette** Wooley Dutton Pamela Dziewiontkowski* Donna & Fred Ebeling Audrey & Bill Edelman* Mr. & Mrs. Martin Edelman** Barb & Mike Edgecomb* Nancy Traylor & Jim ** Marcia & Richard Eisenberg* Rabbi Michael & Nancy Eisenstat** Larry & Mary Ellis Donna Elmore** Donald Emery Dianne Emmermann* Mr. & Mrs. Walter C. Eppard Lorene Erickson* Rod & Shari Erickson** Thomas Esposito Bill & Patricia Evans George & Joan Evans* Micki & Gene Evans** Michael Evans Virginia Fabbioli-Marsten Euan & Dorothy Fannell Margie Farber & Peter Sykes Clayton & Joan Farrell* Robert & Kathleen Faulisi Bruce & Ellie Feldman** Maurice & Jo-Anne Feldman** Harvey & Barbara Feltquate Frances Fergusson Bobbie Fernander* Anonymous** Monsignor Joseph A. Ferraro* John W. Ferreira* John Ferro Robin Fetsch Gerda Fife Susan & Irving Fink**

Barry Finn Cherie & Jeff Finn Lynne & Art Firester* Lois Fisch & Bill Gotwald* Tovaand William Fisch* W. Donald & Marilyn Fisher** Nancy L. Fisher** Kathleen Fisher McKown* Sara & Nelson Fishman Carolyn Fitzpatrick* Anonymous Dr. Bert Fivelson & Marcia Frankel** Martin Flacks Rosalyn Fleischer* Rudi Floyd Edwin Folts** Valerie Forsythe** Wally Fortner* Arlene Fortsch** Shirley Foss** Mr. & Mrs. James Fox Julius & Susan Frager Stephanie Fraim Carl & Damaris Frank* David & Jackie Frankel Joan E. Frankel** Philip Frankel Vicki Franks** Jacqueline & Rocco Frascella** Gretchen Freed & Raymond LeBeau** Michael & Jean Freed* Barbara D. Frey Steven S. Frick** Aviva & Dean Friedman* Jeffrey & Patricia Friedman** Dee & Steve Frisbie** Betty Frostad* Bud & Sandy Fulkerson** Stephen & Lisa Funsch Carol & Phil Fuoco** Jim Fusco Barbara & Dennis Gahry** Lynn Gale* Wendy & John Gambling Chris & Michelle Gangemi* Esther & Harold Garfinkel* Sue & Gordon Garrett* Linda & Ron Garvin* John & Donna Gary** Robert and Karen Gary* Lydia Gattanell* Mary Gearhardt* Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Geller** David & Karen George** Naomi Gerbarg Michael Gerich* Gail & Ravi Ghai** Claudette & Alan Giever** Ann & Fenn Giles* Larry & Letha Gillis* Susanna Gilmore Dr. George F. Gitlitz**

Michele Glazer & Norman Powers** Dianne Gleeson* Glenridge Charitable Foundation Rita & Paul Glosser** Andrea & Steve Goff Marilyn Gold & Tom Gerson* Nancy A. Gold** Jessica Goldberg, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Margaret Goldberger Judye & Bob Goldblatt* Ellen Goldman Judith Goldman* Jane & Robert Goldsmith** Producer, Jeff W. Goldstein Dennis Goloveyko Emoke Gomez** David Goodman** Elliott & Sybil Goodman** Larry & Christine Gordon* Robert & Terry Goss* William & Linda Grabel* Judy & Denny Graf Judi & Jeff Graff* Gary Graham Drs. James & Betsy Granite* Mr. & Mrs. Richard Graven** Marilyn Graves Ann Gray* Mark Grebler & Kathy Grogan* Greta & Melvin Green** Tom & Barbara Green** Barbara & Merrill Greenberger** Anonymous** Helen Griffith Janet Griffiths-Webb** Abby & Edwin Grinberg** Mr. & Mrs. Grippaldi Esta Grocer** Michael Groff* David & Ellen Gross* Don & Liz Grozis Ken & Chris Gumbiner John & Rosemary Gurski* Jim & Karen Gutelius* Kenneth Guy Arnie & Ellen Gwirtzman** R. Bonnie Haber & Sven Mohr* Dr. George Hafitz & Nancy Levine** Ed & Linda Hagen** Bill & Donna Hall** Leslie & Pauline Hall* Robert T Hall Kathleen Halliday Susan & Harold Halpern* Anonymous# Sue & Jim Hanes* Marshall & Nancy Hanley

Carolyn Hansen* Mary Harper* Julie & Barry Harris* Nancy Harris** Robert Harris** Anonymous* Mr. & Mrs. L. Hasselbring* Carleton R. Haswell** Rick & Judy Haugh* Richard & Dicksey Hawkins** Hal & Peggy Hayden** Terry & Sandy Hayden* Ray & Maryanne Hazen Mr. & Mrs. T. Healy Richard & Andrea Hearn* Robert Heck Carolyn Hedstrom* Jack & Fran Heller** Jim & Jean Henry** Linda Henry* Beverly Herbert** Ed & Jane Herzig* James Herzoff Jeanne C. Hickey** Allen & Linda Higginbotham** Lynn Hippensteel** Dr. & Mrs. Robert Hirsch** William Hoag & Karen Hoovler** Karen Hoblock Jeanne Hobson* Charlotte & Robert Hodes* Judy Hoerr** Linda Holland Paul & Paula Hollinger Daniel Honig Andrea & Byron Hoogwerf Christine Hopkins, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Moshe & Kathy Horowitz* Cecelia Miller Horwitz & Floyd Tucker Erwin & Sheila Horwitz** Joel Howard, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Pat & Steve Howell Bernette Hoyt Linda Hull* John & Rita Hummel Ellen Hunt** Joseph Hunter* Richard & Camilla Hurd R.J. Hutchinson** Anonymous** IBM Corp** Margaret Ida Jane Ince Robert Ingraham Steve & Teri Ingram** Delores Jacksland Cynthia Jackson* Peggy Jackson* Judy M. Jacobson* Ann Jakielaszek A.J. Janson

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denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Anonymous** Rob & Karen Jennings Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Fraser & Joan Johnson Russell Johnson Johnston Family Fund Cal Johnston Ed & Irene Johnston* Michelle Johnston & Byron Williams* Clarance & Maureen Jones, In Memory of Sam Mossler**# Francie Jones Jacqueline Jones** James & Deanna Joyce Charitable Fund Jay & Deanna Joyce Stanley Juczak Anonymous* Nancy Kaari-Bowman Lyn & Ed Kahn** Susan A. Kahne** Karen Kaiser Terry & Sally Kall** Bruce Kalt Ida, Marvin, Dennis & Theresa Patricia & Michael Kane Richard & Linda Kanner** Roberta & Joel Kaplan** Sherrill Kaplan, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Sheila & Rabbi Peter E. Kasdan** Betty Katzin** Gary Kauffman Herbert & Maija Kaufman** Maryann & Herb Kaufman Roger & Kristin Kaufman** Phyllis Kautter* Marilyn Kay* Jerry & Mickie Kaye** Steven Kaye Robert & Marie Keehn** Ann Kegerreis* Anonymous* Ruth Keller & Dr. Larry Bunnell** Gerard Kelly Peter Kelly Bruce & Barbara Keltz* Allan Kersten** Maureen & Denis Keyes** Arthur Keyser & Ellen Kramer** Kay Kibbey & Peter C. Kauffmann** Fred & Donna Kimber Kathleen King* George & Julie Kinney Jr.

Angelo & Kim Kircos & Sharon Amin, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Eileen Kirk** Dennis & Valerie Kirshy** Mr. & Mrs. Harmon Kirson** John & Susan Klayman Ellen P. Klein** Jayne Klein* Paul Klein & Betty Perlmutter** Phil & Marcia Kleinschmidt** Robert Kleinschmidt* David & JoAnne Klement* Pat Klugherz* Barbara Knode** Carolyn & Albert Koch Anonymous* Helene Koles Walter & Debra Konetsco Alexis Kopperman Deborah Kostroun, In Memory of Robert Kostroun** Koz & Carolyn Kozlowski Paul & Iris Kraft** Ed Kramer & Margaret Henkel Anonymous Joel & Laurie Kramer Christine Kratzer Irv Krauledis & Jerry Travis Carolyn Krauss Lissie Krauss** Joel Kreiss & Arlene Stolnitz** Rosemary Krimbel Chidambaram Krishnamoorthy Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy Dee Kropf** Richard & Kathy Krotseng John & Barbara Kruis Stephanie & Milton Kruk* Raymond Kuceyeski* Phil & Judy Kuebbeler** Lauren Mazer Kurnov, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Irving & Enid Kushner* Laurie Lachowitzer Barbara & Hal Laeger* Maxine Lambert* Trevor Lambert* Peggy Lammers Barbara Lancette* Colin & Joan Lane, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Andy Lang Ken & Kathy Lang** Chuck & Cathy Langlois* Robert Larosa*

Craig E. & Susan Larson Theow Lau Nancy Laudando** Audrey Laue** Arthur B. Lawrence** Patricia Lawrence Jan & Jerry Lazar** Denise Leach Philip Leber & Laurel Rund* Nick & Jean LeGrand** Bill & Terry Leland* Steven Lenz* Janet & Fred Leonberger Brian Lepacek Arthur & Donna Lerman Arlene Lerner & Evan Paisley** Denise Leschinski & Lucy Ford* Karen & John Lesky** David Levi, In Loving Memory of His Wife Susan Levi Arthur & Marcella Levin** Gail Levin** Marion Levine** Jerome & Brenda Levy* Cathy & Robert Lewis** Ginger Lewis* Richard & Rosalie Lewis* Bonney & Len Libman* Roberta Lichtenstein** Morton & Linda Lichtman David Liehr Stacy Liljeberg** Helen & John LiMarzi* Nancy Lindeman** Peter & Monika Lindemann** Gail Lindenberg** Ken & Carol Lindholm** Rodney & Terrie Linford** Bill & Leona Lingley** Pat & Larry Linton** Steven Lipman** Dona J Lippert** Karen Lippert** Charles & Susan Long** Anonymous Lois Libien Lowsky* Susan Lowy & Rob Harlan** Michele Lubrano & Deborah Stein Anthony Luciano* Pat & Bill Lucke** David & Judy Lutes* Rita & Thomas Lynch David & Rebecca Lyons* Greg Lyttle, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Ruth & Andy Maass** Dick & Kathie Maclndoe* David MacIntyre

Dr. & Mrs. Sanford Mackman** Carol & Bob MacPhee** Fran & Bill Magness John Downs & Sharron Mahan** Frank & Elizabeth Maher** Barbara Mahoney* Addie Maier** Flora Major** Catherine H. Malear Carole Maloney Michael & Carol Malott** Ronda Manasse** Joel & Carolyn Mangel** Dick & Lyn Manning** Thomas Michael & Barbara Mannion Richard Mantyla & Vicki Swenson** Marilyn Manzer* Anonymous* Julius & Kay Marcus* Paul Marentette** Carl Margolies* Jeff & Roey Margulies* Mr. & Mrs. Craig Marion* Sandra Marks** Martha J Marlow Bruce & Martha Marsette Debby & Dick Marshall* Dr. & Mrs. David Martin* Anonymous** Adrienne Massanari, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Aldo Massara** Jacqueline Massari Bill & Deb Masser* Kathie & Mike May** Barry & Rita Mazer# Louise Mazius** Jane McCormack Ramona McGee** Carol McKeone* Toni & Mike McLaughlin Mary McLaury Anonymous Bob & Carol McManus Ann Marie & Eugene McShea Barbara Mehnert** Jan & Lynda Menuez* Bruce Mergel* Christine Merkent** John C. & Mary Metz** Mary & Richard Meyer** Janet Michael Marlys Miinch** Ruthann Milam Bob & Peggy Miller** Dan & Glenda Miller* Jinny & Ron Miller** Lawrence Miller Nathan & Winifred Miller** Howard & Nancy Mills** Jamie R. Mills Linda & Larry Mills Shirley Mink**

Daniel & Toni Minnick Irving W. Mishkin* Linda Mitchell* Mary J. Mitchell Patricia Mitchell Heather & Tom Mlot Kathleen & Paul Mlotok* Micki & Joe Moccin** Dr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Moffat** Carter & Barbara Montross* Michael & Dana Moore** Patricia Moore** Carol Moran Sharron Morgan** Mary Morreale* Carol & Alex Morris** Cindy Morris Michelle & Michael Morris Dr. Victor & Barbara Morrison* Priscilla Morse Gary & Mary Ann Mosca* Peter & Martine Moscovita* Barbara & Jay Moskow** Helen Mossler Herman, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Richard & Susan Mougalian* Mount Holyoke College Club of SW FL Mary Muller John Munroe Andi & Bob Munzer** Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Muraca* David & Anelisa Murphy* Kris Murphy, In Memory of Brian Murphy** Mike & Nancy Murphy** Daniel & Carol Muss** John & Carolyn Mutz, Lumina Foundation** Alan & Doris Myhal* Bill & Cathy Naabe** Cindy & Michael Nash* Ronald & Georgia Neri** Network for Good Frank & Hannah Neubauer Robert & Kathleen Neudorfer** Barbara & Laurance Newman Carol Newnam** Dr. & Mrs. Nigel Newman** Stanley Newman Valerie V. Newman** Binh Nguyen* James Nichol* Kerstin Nicholson Anonymous Patrick & Mercedes Nicosia Bill & Mary Nipper Bernice Niss** Dr. & Mrs. George Noble*

Suzanna Norbeck* Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nowak Bob & Cheri Nugent* Marilyn Nunan** Sally Nunemaker* Geraldine Nussbaum* Andrew & Elaine Nutlay** Susan Nye Bonnie Ochiltree** Bob & Edeli O’Connell* Patricia O’Donnell* Nicholas O’Kulich** JoAnne Olian Janice Olszowy Jan O’Neil Jennifer Ose John & Pat Oswald* Calvin P. Owen** Joan Pabian** Jeannette Paladino Sheldon & Joyce Paley** Palm Aire Country Club Thomas & JoAnn Parente** Phillip Parham & Nettie Pepe-Parham, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Dr. Bruce & Carol Parker Craig Parker* Dr. & Mrs. James Parker Steve & Jeanie Parker** Larry Parr & Bob Bernotus** Dan & Patti Parsons Robert & Nora Partenheimer Peggy Passino* Karen Pasternak** Veronica Pastore, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Jessica & Jon Patella Don & Mary Beth Patterson Donna & Lewis Patterson* John Patterson Rosemarie Pauli Nora Pena & Dick LaRoche* Leon & Phyllis Pendleton** Arthur & Ruth Penn* Barbara & Tom PenneyLinnell Richard & Marilyn Pereles** Dennis & Jane Perrault** Anonymous* Anonymous Jon C Peterson** Ron & Judy Peterson* Charles & Vicki Phaneuf Dr. & Mrs. David Phillips** Jim Phillips** Richard & Joyce Pierce Brad Piersma* Farley Piper Carol & Robert Plenge* Kjell Plotkin**

Deborah Plummer Dr. Marc & Carol Pohl* Allen & Betty Polon Mr. & Mrs. Jules Porchey** Alan & Nancy Port* Toby Port Anonymous John & Kathy Potvin** Steve & Mona Poyta John Thomas Priar John Primavera Dick & Margaret Prinstein* Dr. & Mrs. Theodore Probst** Barbara Pryor Carol Pulvino** Colette & Terry Purcell** John W Quinn Muriel Quinn* Daisy & Daphne Quintal, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Beth Ramon Nanci Rand** Jill Ramsey Ernie & Maureen Ranft* In Honor of Mildred Ransom** Susan Rauch & Phyllis Pfalzgraf* Dr. Jacqueline Ray Ron & Helen Rayevich** Nancy Raymond** Marilyn & Richard Reese** Richard Rehmeyer Jerry & Carole Reid Roger & Carol Reimers* Joan & Joe Reinhardt, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Anonymous Artie & Sue Reiss** Howard & Barbara Relles** Steve & Marty Remis** The Renaud Family* Ronald J. Rench* Janice Renella Amy & Barry Renninger* Harriet Resnick** Richard Reston & Brenda Griffiths Robert & Penelope Rezendes Linda Rhault* Andrew & Diane Rhoades Pete & Gretchen Rhodes Fay & Geoff Jay & Marilyn Richey Kathy & Ken Richmond* Mary Riley* Judith Rhinehart, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Tatyana Ringland* John & Terry Rixse* Paul Robbins & Barbara Lowenthal* Bruce & Lynne Robertson

Anonymous Eli & Sandie Rochlin** Jane Rodgers* Roger & Janet Roess* Linda Rogos** Kathy Romanella* Chris & Linda Romero Joan Romero* Grace Rosa, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Charles Rose & Sandra Ayers-Rose** Shirley Rose** Judy Rosemarin, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Bernie & Bev Rosenthal** Gloria & Phil Rosen** Marvin Rosen & Sheila Namiot** Sharman Rosen* Arlene Rosenblum* Sylvia Rosenfeld** Sorley & Irving Rosenthal** Robert Rosinsky & Ruth Williams** Barbara Rosovsky* Dr. Ira & Annette Ross* Nicholas Rossi** Pat Rowe* Susan Rowe* Dick & Gela Rozic** Dr. Brent & Ricki Rubin** Roz & Herb Ruderman** Vicki Rudnitsky* Judith & Ron Ruff Doreen Ruppert* Joe & Sandy Russell, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Janice Rutkowski* Denise Ryba, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Anonymous Karen Saar* Gloria Sabin** Edith & Barnet Sack** Loretto & David Sadkin** Deane & Barry Safir* Georgia Salaverri* Julia & Dave Salerno Robert & Hedria Saltzman** Arlene M. Salzberg** Sylvia Sanchez Chris Sancin Richard & Cynthia Sand** Marge Santella* Sharon Sargent Joan Sarmiento Bill & Diane Sarnat Harlean Satin & Bill Wilson** Ken & Dona Satir** Anita Sauers Judy & Elliott Sauertieg** Ronald Sawyer** Catherine & John Saynor Richard & Rose Scantlebury** Mary Ellen Scarborough

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denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Harriet & Jules Schaeffer* Norma H. Schatz Maxine & Elliott Schiffman** Nancy K. Schlossberg Suzanne Schlott Dorothy Schmidt** Margo Schneeloch* Dr. Barry R. Schneider & Dr. Patti A. Dolan** Ronnie & Steven Schnoll David & Marion Schoenborn Sharon Schreiber Janis Schroeder* Brad & Susan Schuchat Felice Schulaner Ruth Ann Schumeister** Pamela Schuneman Honey & Marty Schwartz** Marsha Schwarz & Ken Rovine John & Pat Scibak* Laura Scott & Whalen Dunn* Robert Scott Gerald Seck & Candace Campbell Joseph & Carole Sedita Erwin & Carol Segal* Thomas & Donna Seith** Ero & Linda Selander David Shanahan Michael Shannon Debbie Shapiro Larry & Barbara Shapiro** Larry & Nan Shapiro** Nancy & Barry Shapiro* Ronald Shapiro* Mary Joann Shaw Marla & Marc Shefman, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Marcia S. Shepard** Marty Shoemaker Deb Shoss & Libbie Sherman* Leslie Shriberg** Susan & Steven M. Shubert Deborah & John Shucart Susan E. Shucker Marilyn C. Shuman Steve & Joan Shuster** Cade Sibley Leon Sickles* Lila Siegel** William Siegel Dr. & Mrs. Burton Silbert** Sue & Larry Silton* Jan & Lynnie Silverman Teresa & Bob Simmons Anita Simon & Ruth Leventhal*

David & Ellen Simon** Ronald & Chelle Simon Sherry & Jerry Simons* Marilyn & Fredric Sirasky* Robert Sirgant** John & Marjie Skalet Bernice Skirboll** Dr. David & Ruth Skole** Anne & Alex Smith* Blaine & San Smith Douglas & Janet Smith* Douglas J. Smith Jim Smith** Marie & Michael J. Smith, Jr.** Melissa Smith Michael & Kathryn Smith** Paula & Steve Smith** Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Smith** Joel & Sara Smith, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Smolin** William & Theresa Snow Myra & Dave Snowise Anonymous Rose Sobol Gregory & Debra Sokolik Janet & Lewis Solomon Stephanie Sonnabend & Gregory Ciccolo* Drummond Sorbo** Roxanne & Bill Soth* Betty & Tom South* Peter Spalthoff* Spanky & Bubbles Anthony & Melissa Sparacio Martin & Susan Spector* Jerry & Helen Spindler** Ronald & Joan Alexander Spinney Mr. & Mrs. Michael Spring** Barbara Squadere* Carol Staitman & Marshall Rose* John & Susan Stam Louis J. Stanek Anonymous Adam & Barbara Stanzak** Joyce Stedman** Steelcase Foundation Donald & Barbara Stein* Louise Stevens Wayne T. Stevenson Beth Stewart* Jim & Kathie Stewart** Bob Stewart** Stephen & Linda Stewart Gae Stewart-Dudley & Ron Dudley**

Dan & Mary Stone Ruth Stoner Jane Storm Janet Strand* Graham & Sandi Strange** John Strasser Robin Strauss* Max & Pat Streibel Roger & Joan Streit Joseph Strosnik & Judy Wing Kenneth & Wendy Stuart* Joanne & Sam Sudman** Adrea & Jack Sukin** Anonymous* Bonnie & Harvey Sussman** Willis Sutherland* Jack & Barbara Swan* Lynn Swan* Richard Swanek** Barbara J. Swartz Mike & Karen Swofford Martin Taffel*# Sue Tankersley Larry & Jan Tanner* Sally Ann Tauber* Anne Taylor* Marilyn Taylor Jeanne Tee Dr. & Mrs. Richard Tennenbaum* Daniel Terry* Arthur R. & Susan E. Thevenin** Frederick & Judith Thibault** Bill Thomas* Daniel & Cheryl Thomas* David Thomas Helen Thomas* Gayle Thompson Mike & Linda Thompson Anonymous** Dick & Mary Lou Thrush* Janet R. Tolbert, In Memory of Sam Mossler**# Boots & Dick Tolsdorf** Cathy & Neale Tomkinson In Memory of Suzie Tryon* Becky Tracy Phil & Penny Trego* Robert Trenner Bryan & Diane Troutman** Joyce Tucker* Dr. Martin Tucker* George Turdik* Jenny & Carl Tursi Dr. Michael & Cynthia Twerdochlib Walter & Carole Ulin**

Dr. & Mrs. Furman Updike* Sharyn Van Epps* Judy Van Patten* Suzanne & Phil Van Sant* Al & Bette Van Tieghem Sr.** Mr. & Mrs. Joe Vandine, In Memory of Janni Hill* Sandra Van Langen** Lottie & Marty Varano* Asja Vasquez** Sam & Barbara Vendemia* Frank & Lucy Venditti Michael Venuti** Michael Veon* Nancy Vertuno Lee Vickman Barb & Greg Viola Michael & Jacqueline Vlaming* Nancy R. Vogelsang Margrit Vogler Peter & Miriam Vollweiler* Carol Vonspeegle Mary Lucinda vonWaldner Donald & Carol Vos* Friends From Venice Ron & Evelyn Wainscott Claire E Walker Michael & Jennifer Walker** Richard R. Walker* Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Walker** Jessie Walsh Sandra Walsh Herbert & Miriam Waltzer** Bill Ward C.J. & Mary C. Ward** Grace Colwell & John Ward Denise R. Watermeier, In Memory of Dick** Diana & Tony Watters Judy & Theodore Weihe** Rabbi Edgar & Yvonne Weinsberg** Nancy & Peter Weir** Ernest Werlin* Mr. & Mrs. Art Wessan** Carol Westerman** Patsy Westover, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Sharrene & Rick Wheeler Dan & Peggy Whitaker Catherine White Sid & Maryann Whitman* William & Susan Whitman* Dianne Whitten** Conrad & Wendy Wicks* William & Nancy Wieland Mr. & Mrs. Bob Wiesner** Bonnie & Skip Wilder** Dr. & Mrs. Charles P. Wilkinson* Anne Wilkinson

Hon. Charles E. Williams Joe & Kay Williams** Linda Williams* Martha & David Williams* Marcia Williams & Judy Applestein* Sandra Williams & Emily Poriss* Scott & Carol Williams** Fred & Maureen Williamson* Larry & Pat Williamson* Joan & Bob Wilson** Len & Flo Wilson* Madri Gretchen Wilson** Neille & Alan Wilson** David & Sharon Winkler** Ernest Winn, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Margaret F. Winsper Dr. Roy & Sondra Witherington** Thomas M. Wittenschlaeger Gail Wittig & Dwight Mead* Bart & Jill Wolfe Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wolfe* Kenneth Wolford** Mandy Wolfson, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Carol & Jerry Wood** Joan H. Wood Christine Woodruff* Connie Woods, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Robert & Mary Woods* Ruth Ann & John Worden* Tamara Wright Mr. & Mrs. David A. Yaegers** Gary & Sandra Yakes* Anonymous* Frank Young & Patricia Oxley Young* Mary Jo Zaksas** Charles & Patricia Zaledonis* John Zappala* Lea & Saul Zatz* Bruce & Amy Zeitlin** Nick & Janet Zennario* Sandy & Sam Zians Mr. & Mrs. Zilberman James & Lindsey Zink, In Memory of Janni Hill* Anonymous# Lou Zona Mr. & Mrs. William Zuk** Barb Zych SPONSOR $50 Robert & Susan Aaron* Margaret Acheson, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Roger Adams Lea & Nick Aeschliman* Kay Aidlin Mr. & Mrs. George Albino* Carol Alden

Leah and Joe Alea Bruce Alexander Jo Ann Ali Tom Allshouse* Jana Almeida Robert Altfillisch** Michael Altschuler** Barbara Amato* Nancy & Jay Amberson Jim Anderson Robert & Eleanor Anderson Karen & Gary Androphy Betty Anthone** Joan & Sal Antonicelli* Richard & Gwen Arcara Sandy & David Arnold Linda Aronson** Mr. & Mrs. John Arreola** Patricia Arter Fred & Ellen Ausnehmer** Patricia & Mark Averbach & In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Barbara & Bill Axline* Melanie & Ken Babineau Larry & Michele Bachman* Pattie & Gary Baigrie, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Bernard & Monica Baker* Phillip & Bette Balk** Michael & Deborah Bangser Charles Barber Judy Barde Anonymous** Judy Barno Mary & David Barry William Bartholomay Bill & Laralee Bash Robert and Barbara Bashevkin Carol Basi Mr. & Mrs. Irwin Bass* Pam Bawden* Caren Beattie* Mr. & Mrs. Derry Beck** Mr. & Mrs. Edward Becker** Maxine Becker George & Carol Beddie John & Cynthia Beeman** Judy & Ted Beilman Harold Bell Carol Belmont* Barry & Suzy Benjamin Barbara K. Bennett** Sue & Bruce Bergman Reina Berman** Rita Berman & Bob Neuman* Barbara Bernier** Barbara Bernstein Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. George Betor** Nancy & Frank Bibbins** Rich and Lucretia Bigler Wally & Anne Bishop** Tom Bissell Anonymous Ronald Blainey

Vic & Diane Block** Debbie Blotner Garry & Doreen Blount* Maxine Blumenthal Marilyn & Yale Bobrin** Ruth Bogenberger James & Maria Boglioli Gerald Boisits Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bondeson** Rose Ann Bonelli Mr. Leonard Borgida** Patricia Boruff Richard Bosler Jeff & Sharon Boss** Michael Bossio* Eric Bouchard* Bill and Chris Boulanger* Joan Bower Jerry Bowles Carol & Ed Boxer* Linda K Boyd** Patricia Boyer Kevin and Janet Boylan* Anonymous Linda Brent Anonymous Bill & Terry Brodrick Mary & Bill Brown Stephen & Eileen Brown** Sunny S. Brownrout** Jay & Judy Brungo* Anonymous Mustafa & Patricia Bulut** Mr. & Mrs. James Burr Elinor Burstein** Don & Sandi BuswellCharkow James E Buzzard Philip Cabibi Craig Caldwell Sue and Harvey Camins Douglas Campbell & Joyce Krasner* Peter & JoAnn Campisi** Barbara Campo Serena Cannarelli Cheryl Capistrant* Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cappas James & Barbara Card* Mr. & Mrs. Carickhoff* Cookie Carlson* Annette & Dean Case* John & Darlene Casson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Castine** Michael Catalano Ruth Cawein* Patricia & John Cesare** Fredda & Alan Chalfin Lynn C. Chancer* Mrs. Kathy Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Art Chiodo Robert Chod Eileen Christman Michael Cichon Charles & Sue Clack* Paul & Beverly Clapper** Jeanette Clark Kathleen Cleveland Leslie and Richard Cobin*

David Coe & Donna Gannon** Carole & Howard Cohen* Laurel Cohen Steven Cohen* Peter S Cohoon Robin Colamarino* Barbara Colburn Jacques & Sue Collaud* Margaret Collin Marty Collins Lawrence & Jane Colyer Diane & Tom Combs** Pamela Wall Condello Judy Connell George Constantine* James & Ruth Conway Linda & Joe Cook Bette Lou Cookson** Glenn & Evelyn Cooper Vicki & Allen Cooper* Daniel L. Corey Aileen Cornbleet* Nancy Cornell Mariana Cotten Van & Marion Coufoudakis** Angelena Craig* Mark & Laurie Criden The Croshiers** Theresa Curry Rob & Jacki Custer Robert Cutler Mary Dailey Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Daley** Carol Davella Rebecca Davies** Anna T. Davis** Wes & Cynthia Davis Mary Dawson Donna & Clint Day* Renee & David Dean** Elizabeth Deane Virginia deBuys* Joseph & Maureen DeCiantis** John & Mary Jo Deckro** Mr. Michael Delich Stephen & Susan Delman Lynn Denno Anonymous Tanya DeWitt Diane Di Benedetto Diana Dibari Jennifer Dirrigl** Luci Scott* Janice Docking* Fay K. Donaldson** Dick & Pat Donegan* Susan and Allan Donn Melodee Dougherty Blair & Chris Dowden Gary & Carolyn Doyle Chris & Suzanne Drake** Mary Drugan* Marv & Shirley Dubin* Anonymous Bob & Joan Duvall* Susan Dybvig Dan Earnest*

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denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Mike & Bev Easton* Robert Eberley* Carol Eckenfelder Arthur Edgerly** Stanley Eding Harriet Edwards June & Lee Egrin* Benjamin Eisenberg** David and Jean Elliott Cris & Sharon Elliott Fred & Nancy Emshousen** Robert & Sandra Endres* Reba D. Erb** James & Joyce Erceg** Marianne Erdelyi Richard J Ertel James & Barbara Evans** Ann & Jack Fabozzi* Betty & Herb Fanz David Farrington Art & Mary Fazio* Ms. Sharon L. Feeney Peter & Delane Ferrucci** Tom & Sue Fields Bernard & June Fineman* Pat Finnegan June E Fiorelli* Gary & Patricia Fischer* Joe & Millie Fischer Robert Fish* Wendi Fogelson* Marilynn Foley Ms. Terry Forney Michael Fox & Marcella Schuyler* Fran Frederick Richard Freedman & Barbara Barnow* Gail Freeman* Newell & Virginia Freeman Dean & Diane Fried Melodie Friedebach* Ann R. Friedman* Lois Friedman* Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Friedman** Rose Fullerton Thomas & Judith Fulton Ken Gaasch Orlando Gallegos Benjamin Garrett Susan Garrett** Mike & Rosemary Geelan Ellen Geraghty Larry Gibbs Gary & Bobbie Gibson** In Honor of Jessica Levy Goldberg# Virginia Gifford Joe & Cathy Giglio** James Gillings Dominique & Susan Gimbert Madelaine Ginsberg

Dorothy Gioco Gary & Nina Gitomer* Susan K. Gleeksman** Linda Glover** Marlies Gluck David Gold & Doreen Nation** Norma Goldberg* Jessica Levy Goldberg# Larry & Barbara Goldberg, In Honor of Mark & Linda Nordenberg Terri & David Goldbloom* Stuart & Marilyn Goldfarb** Bruce & Cheryl Goldhirsch* Daniel Goldman, Ph.D. Jane & Steve Goldner* Bob & Joan Goldschmidt** Albert Goldsmith** Marjorie R. Goldstein Alice Goodman Stanley & Susan Gordon* Kerry & Ken Gorman Beth Gotthelf Leon & Linda Gottlieb William & Barbara Graf* David & Beverly Graham* Joan Graham Judith Grant** Kathryn Grace Graper Sharon & Ron Greene Dan Gregorio Gloria L. Grenier** Linda Greytak Ollie Griffith K. Grimaud Bill & Sandy Grimes* Susan Groarke Nancy Groff Barbara Grossman* Shelly & Paul Grossman* Katherine Guilmette Helene & Al Gupp** Kathy & Marty Gurvey Charles & Luella Gustafson Irwin Gustow** Carol Hagglund Miriam Halfon Gail Hall* Bill & Jean Halter Bonnie J. Hamilton Judith Hanson** Robin L. Hanusa Dr. & Mrs. Howard Harris Molly Harris** Bill and Claire Harrison* Beth Hartman* Donna Hartung* Don & Debbie Harvey** Bob & Madeleine Havlick* Jan & Richard Haynes** Jack & Georganna Hazan** Lael & Giuliano Hazan**

Jan & Dan Hazewski* Dana Heacock Patricia Heath* Stephen & Marcia Hefler Nancy Hendrickson Janet M. Henry* Peter Herman** Julie Herndon, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Charles Herrmann Barbara Hess Arthur Heyer** Mr. & Mrs. M.L. Higgins** Patricia Higgins* Donna High* Eric & Angela Hissom# Sharon & Alan Hite Mary Jo Hixon* Mark & Diane Hoagland Robert Hoaglund Sarah Hoffman** Frank Hogan** Marilyn Hogan* Judith Thornton Holmes Kathy Holzmann* Betty Hood Mr. & Mrs. H. Lorenz Horn** Steven Horton* Mr. Doug Houston Dr. & Mrs. Hugh Howarth* Jim & Diane Howe Robert & Marybeth Howley Steve & Diane Hoying Norma Hughes Anonymous** Lynn Hunt* Judy & Jack Hunter Susan Hunter* Beth Hurley, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Michael and Ginger Hyde Ira & Jessica Hymoff Margaret & Stanley Imbriaco* Ellyn & Geoff Ingalls Anonymous Carole & Paul Istock Allen & Mary Ivey** Pat Jackson, In Memory of Janni Hill Matthew Jacobs Mrs. Marty Jacobsen** Mari & Merrill Jaffe* Penny Jans Anonymous Fred & Colleen Jeans Christine Jennings** Shelley Jennings* Barbara & Richard Johnson** Barton & Lynn Johnson Nancy J* Neil & Susan Johnson* Anita Johnston*

Bonnie Johnston & David Moran* Mr & Mrs Allyn Jones Kathie & Tom Jones Tito & Tessie Jose** Jayson Juraska Pauline Kabcenell** Merrill Kaegi Deborah Kalb** Barney Kaplan** Katherine Kaplan* Janet Kaplan Janet & Mickey Kapostasy John & Norma Kasten* Allen & Rhoda Katz** David & Susan Katz Michael & Leatrice Katz* Gerald & Linda Kays* Albert Kelley* Thea Kelley Allison Kellogg Cathy Kelly Arlene Kelpsch Michael Kelsey* Barbara Kemp* Brian Kennedy Susan Kennedy** William & Susan Kennedy* Thomas & Regina Kennelly Kris Kesling-Hays Paula Keup Nancy Keverian* George & Niki Keyser Angeline Kiamos* Peter & Kristine Kilmartin Anita Kincade** Henry King Mr. & Mrs. John Kingma** Dr Jon & Sue Kinne Jennifer Menchini Kirby Paul Kirkham & Cynthia Fearn Joseph and Nancy Kish Gargiulo Ken Kisida* John L. & Anne Kittle** Mr. & Mrs. Chester Kloka Linda Klonsky Judith Klug George Kole & Judy Zuckerberg** In Memory of Rose Marie Kopec Dottie & Charlie Korbuly Peter Kourasis John & Gail Kovach** Ted & Karla Kovacic* Bryane & Karen Kowalewski Kathleen Krafft* Marleen & Richard Kramer Carol & Michael Krasnow Benjamin Kravitz* Marilyn & Tom Kruze* Diana Kryszak Bob Kulaga Judith Kulju** Robert & Sylvia Kupferman** Stephen Kutikoff*

Walter & Janet Kuziel Jeanne Laabs** Michael & Patti LaBue* Carol Lafortune* Charles E Lally Arline Lane Marianne Lauria In Memory of Z.P. Laven* Jo Ann White Lawall Judie & Jerry Lax Helena LeBlanc Ginger Lee Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Leibowitz** Bev & Katy Leidel** Nelson Leidel** Linda Lemieux Calva & Joel Leonard* Donald Leonard Iris Leonard Anthony Lepre Pepi & Kim Levene Michael & Sandy Levitan* Ted & Florence Levy** Ursula Levy* Lois R. Lewis Eunice Lieberstein** Carole & Larry Lieving Mike & Sandy Lindheimer Joan Lino** Mary Litle** Mike & Jean Livingston* Sandra & Irwin Livon** D’Arlene Llewellyn** Maria Llovio & Catherine Randazzo, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Ken & Joan Lodge* Alan & Judy Loew Jean Lolli Meg Loomis* Santo & Carol LoRicco** Jacqueline LoRusso Greg & Marie Lough Jim & Pat Ludwig* Rahye Luke Mary Lunkes* Suzanne Lutkoff** Joan Lyon** M. Gordon Lyons** Carolyn & Del Mack Donna K. Maddox Pat Magennis* Caryl Magnus Lori Maguire** Frank & Laurie Mahady Eloise Malinsky* Barbara Mandel Ms. Mary Mandl William Manley** Douglas & Stephanie Mann* Mr. & Mrs. Frank Manno** Hal & Bettianne Marcus Peggy Marcus** Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Marsala** Scott & Melanie Martin Richard & Ann Martorano Mr. Peter Martucci

Irving & Marsha Mason* John Masters Robert & Alice Matanky** Katherine Matheney Bob Mathews Bruce & Maureen Mathews Francis Matthews Kurt and Judy Maurer** Thomas Maxfield Joseph & Elaine May** Judith & Paul May Dr. & Mrs. Ben Mayne** Joyce & Bob Mazurek* Frier & Tweedie McCollister** Dennis & Mary McCrumb Lana McDonald Mary Ann McGee* Frank & Sue McGowan Dick & Carole McLaughlin James & Vickie McLaughlin** James McNulty Mary Beth & Tony Mediavilla** Joe & Rose Ann Melosh Bruce & Kathryn Menchetti Margo Waite & Robert Menson* Alice Mercer* Anonymous Kathleen Merlino-Depew** Elsie Merrill Steve Merriman** Dennis Merritt* Diane & Charles Messina** Jayne & Joe Meth* Cynthia Metzler Stephen Meuler Fred & Sylvia Meyer** Donna & Richard Meyers* Brenda Micali** Ellen Michelson Charlotte & Alan Miller Henry & Karen Miller Ilene & Mel Miller Robert & Marcia Miller Mr. & Mrs. Royce Miller** Mrs. Sharon Miller**# Sheril D. Miller Tom & Sue Miller Wayne Miller Sally Millice Irina Milligan Dr. Roger D. Mitchell** Sandy Mitsch Ileane Mizes** Carol Mohrman* Mary Ann Molfino* David Moore* Nancy Moore** Kent & Susan Morgan* Mary Jane Morgan Dr. & Mrs. Randall C. Morgan Jr.** Royce & Teresa Morris* Gerald Morrow Judge Marvin & Betty Morse David Mortimer*

Mary Lou Morton** Jill Mudge* Nancy Mundorf Anne & Tony Murfin Debbie Murphy Murphy, Veronica Joan D Murray* Margaret Murray Stephen Murray, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Jane & Bill Muzenski* Glenda & Ron Myers** Tillie Myers Denise & Charlie Nagelschmidt Donna & Jack Nash* Wendy & Edgardo Nebrija* Arthur Nelson Linda & Alan Nelson Susan Lamb & Terry Neubaum* Bob & Jean Neumeister** Bill Newman** Mackenzie J. Nilsen, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Kathleen Nixon Ann Nohl* Jim & Bobbie Nolan Kevin & Valerie North Kate O’Connell** Leslie Odell Patricia Olin Richard Olin** Madeline Oliver* John Ollsen Karen Olson Corri Oster, In Memory of Sam Mossler*# Tom Ostrosky Dale Otterman* Ann Paige & Barbara Zigras Bill & Susan Palace* Margaret D’Auito Palacio Shari Paler* Derrill Pankow Katherine Patten Orion & Judith Patton Douglas & Phyllis Paulin* James & Carol Pawlus* Ken & Susie Pearson** Dennis Pease* Ray & Lynn Pecharich Mr & Mrs Robert Peck* Erik & Margaret Pedersen Robert & Adeline Peklo** Lee & Carla Pelham Dick & Patricia Pelino* Dean Pennebecker* Janice Perry Nelson* Kris Perry Ms. Carol Peschel** Susan Peter & Friends* Patricia Ryan Peters* Barbara Peterson** Carol Peterson* Nancy Peverley Marlene & Allan Phillips Patricia Pierce

Norman & Janice Pillman** Andrew Pless Sandra Plette Ruby G. Plummer* Dr. Carol Poll Dr. Lee D. Pollan* Tom & Nancy Pollock* Pat & Norman Pomfret Joy & John Pond Dr. Mary Porter** Susan Porterfield Karen Post* Regina Pound Claire & William Power Liz Power and David Havasi, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Liz & Bob Pozen Claudia & Jerome Praszek* Phillip Price James Prior** Christine Prokosch Robert Pruette* Christine Purij Michael D. Quinlan* Debra Quinn Judy Rabette* Anonymous# Garry Randolph Arlene & Gene Ranney Morris & Cindy Raymer** Michele D. Redwine** Bill & Susan Reed Robert J. Reeder* Reese Service Station Michael A Regulbuto** Mr. & Mrs. Renda Jessica Rhoads, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Fred and Ann Riddle Anne Ridings Gail & Paul Riemer Donald & Nora Rilla* Carol & Jim Ritz** Emily Rizzo Dave & Leslie Robbins* Mary Alice Roberto Dr. Juan Robles Maria B. Robles* Anthony & Grace Rocci Norma Roembke** Judy & Zvi Rogovin** Sharon Rolle* Helene & Doug Romine James Rooney Martin & Sheila Rosen** Barbara Rosenberg** Joseph Rosenberg Marcia & Paul Rosenberg* Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Eleanor Rosenthal** Judith & Ira Rosner* Joseph & Mary Rossmeier Anonymous Daryl & Tom Rowland* Dr. Jack & Nancy Rozance Philip Rubel Shelley Rubin Rainer & Ann RubinHentschel

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denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Cheryl Rudin & Maxine Bobys Bill Runft Mary Russo Dr. Judith Ruzumna* Will Ryall** Dora L. Ryan Jan Ryan Kathy Rylander Ann Sablosky** Ellen Sakamoto** Anthony Salotto** Robert & Susan Salzman* Melanie Sammons David Sanders Steven & Susan Sanderson Mrs. Myra Sandler Bill Sanford** David and Ann Saunders** Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Saunders Phillis Saunders* Jan Schaberg* Alan Schatzle Janet & Marc Schein Kathleen Schena Alice & Len Schiller Ellen Schleicher Ruth & Ernie Schlenger* Erik Schmakel Albert Schneider** Donald Schneider* Marilyn & Jerry Schneider* Rita M. Schneider* Shirley Schneirov** Greg & Joanne Schnesk Drs. Don & Kathy Schoenhals** Jane Schroeder** Nancy & Jeff Schulman* Winnie Schulman* Francine & Robert Scwartz Darrell & Joan Scott* Kevin Scott Troy & Elke Scott** Mr. & Mrs. Donald Seager Patricia Seftel** Jerome Segal Melissa Seigel & Quin Newton** Micki Sellman Connie Shaffery Dr. & Mrs. Shagrin** Mr. & Mrs. Norm Sharrit Barbara Shaver** Mrs. Carol Decker Shea** Renee Sheade & Dr. Bob West** James & Lavonne Shedivy** M & M Sheridan* Jim & Mary Jo Sherman* Harvey Shifrin Lynne Short Paul & Sandra Short

Paul Shulick** Linda Siggia Harris & Micheline Silverman Sis Silverman* Rabbi Howard & Rona Simon Nicky & Dave Sine* Tom & Margaret Sivertsen* Arlene & David Sjosten* Ann Sledz Cookie & Bill Sloat** Mellonie Smicklas* Barbara & Richard Smith Eleanor T. Smith** Gary Smith Lester Smith & Raymond Murray** Linda Smith* Tom & Mary Lou Smith Amanda & Dick Smoot* Margaret Smullen* Brian & Regina Sneed, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Don & Beth Snively* Ms. Winnifred Sochacki* Manuel Sousa** Anda South Mr & Mrs Jim Spatz Martin & Cindy Spector Dorothy H. Spelman** Cynthia M. Spencer, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Pat & Arch Spencer* Martin Spinelli Nancy & Dan Spohn** Linda & Jerry Spoolstra* Jerome & Mary Squatrito Mr. & Mrs. Robert Squatrito** Patricia Stachel Maureen Stadnicki Ted E Stark Hillary Steele Janet Steele** Jack & Shauna Stevens Kathleen & Fred Stewart Sandy Stewart** Jack Stillman** Susan Stobo* Kenneth Stock** Dianne Stockbauer Judith Stratton** Eileen Strauss Igor Strugatsky Robert & Arlene Sueter Barry & Carol Sukoneck* John Sullivan* Linda H. Sullivan Garry Sumerix* Burton & Roberta Sutker* Anonymous* Robert Swiatek** Valerie Swigart

Geraldine R. Swormstedt** Mary Synor Cheryl & Richard Talbot* Cheryl & Mel Taub** Ann Taylor* Vicki Taylor Roland & Linda Tetrault* Chris Therrien Linda K Thomas-Frank, Esq* Randolph & Charlotte Thomas Joan Thompson & Kent Kneisel* Linda Thurston* Michael & Donna Tighe Leslie & Richard Timme Nada & Dale Tindall** Elizabeth Tishler Frederick & Carroll Tobin Susan Meier Tomkins** Jim Torpie* Ruth Towler* Joanne & Alan Trachtenberg** Jane F. Trame* Vincent & Marilyn Tropiano* Barbara Tucker Lynne & Richard Tucker* James Tygh Anonymous Victoria Urban* Gerald R. VanHoose Jane Vargas Delores and Richard Veitch Vincent Viespoli* Robert Vigder* Dan & Lisa Vincent Alberta and Frank Viola* Robert & Sonya Virant* Carmine Vitolo** Miriam Vittert** Michael & Elena Vizvary** Donella R. Vogel* Tom & Wendy Voigt Madeline & Dennis Wachter* Dee Wadel Rick & Dee Wadel* John & Adrienne Wagner** Donna Wainright* Seymour & Sandra Waldman** Claire & Raymond Walker Sue Walker Dr. James P. & Marcia Wallace* Jack Wallick Norman Walter** Franklin Ward Sandy & Jack Ward** Diane and Joe Waronka** Jackie Warschaw**

Shirley Washburn* Victoria Anne Watkins Jodie & Joe Watson Marie Watts & Bill Beckmeyer** Cary Weaver & Gloria Lundy** Pamela Weaver & Ken McCleary Carlotta Jean Webb Mike & Jann Webster Kim & Tripp Weeks Clarke Weigle, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Natalie Weinstein Conrad M. Weiser* Richard Weissfeld & Barby Comins** Betty Welch** Toni Welicki Arnold & Susan Well** Bill & Fran Welling Mr. & Mrs. Colin Wendell** Irwin & Eleanor Werbowsky* Frederick J. Werling** Sue Wertman Laurie West & Rick Price John & Dottie Westerberg* Barry Westergreen Myra Whatley John Whidden III* John & Theresa Whitehead* Anonymous* Brian & Joan Wides Carol Wight* Richard & Dorothy Williams* Sandra Williams Marlin and Sharon Winans Satya Winkelman Robert & Linda Winter* Anonymous Robert J. & K. Bevertly Witkop Shirley Wittine Beverly Swain Wood** Richard A. & Sally Wood Diane Woodrow Gary & Linda Woodward Emilie Wozniak** Barbara Wurst John & Mary Lou Wynne Iris Yob & Estelle Jorgensen Anonymous Barbara Young Joyce Zacarchuk* Andrew & Lynn Zacharias* Casey Zacker, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Dr. S Jerome & Sandra Zackin** Dr. & Mrs. Herb Zaretsky** Victor & Virginia Zell* Phil Zimmerman* Sherry Zinsner* Robert & Allyne Zorn Mike & Sandy Zostant**

Michael & Jane Zuckerman* Dr. Elaine Zwelling** FRIENDS $35 Dale Abbott Robert & Shirley Adams** William & Mary Lou Adams* Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Ahearn Suzy & Ron Albus Doug & Marcia Alexander Charles Alkire Barbara Allvin Helen Alspector Ulf Andersen Barbara Anderson Linda Andrews Anonymous Richard Antoine & Dorothy O’Brien Joe Anziano Janet Apple John & Diane Arch Judy Armano Wolfgang Armbruster Gladys & Richard Arnold** Anonymous Richard & Delyse Axinn Darnell Bacon Linda Baglio Steve Bailey Donald G. Baird Elaine Bankoff* Richard Barber* Daniel Barboza Amy Barkin Dixie Barnes Judith V. Barnhart David & Claire Barone Sandra A. Baros & Craig B Warner Linda Barrett** Leigh Bass Orit Batey Carol Bauer Anita Bavol* Andy Bawden Susan F. Beane Patricia Bearup Henry Bechard* James Beck Martha Bedsole* Peggy Beene & Brenda Belsky Mr. & Mrs. Clyde & Joanne BeHanna** Jerry Belair Tom & Marie Belcher Michael Bell Barbara Bellamente Mr. Oscar Belle Mr. & Mrs. P.R. Benequista Herb & Rhoda Beningson* Jeanie Benson** Norman Bergeron Mary Berhang

Jill Berry David & Phyllis Bertenthal* Bev Betz Robert Billick Charles Bingham Suzanne Blair Mark & Karen Blazey Samuel & Helen Bliman Annette Blum & Dr. Samuel Landa Judy & Neil Blume** Phillip Blye Robert Bonanno Dorothy Bondurant* Chris & Sharon Bonnet* Mr. & Mrs. William Boos** Barry & Arlene Borden* Don Borden Robert & Linda Bouland* Arminee Bowler Boynton & Raines Barbara Bradley Julie Ann Brady James Breidster Ilene & Monroe Brett* Don Bridgeman Ruthann Bromley Claudia M. Brooks Karen Brown Mohr Deb Brown* Jack Brown Joanne & Richard Brown in Memory of Ruth Gluck Lucinda Brown The Browns Helen Browne* Linda Brunke Judy Bryant Daniel Buckley Anonymous Gail & Vincent Bunce Mary & Rick Burgermeister Ellen Burgess Anita Burke* Bob Burke Mrs. James Burke** Nancy Burnside Bob & Darlene Burton** Marilyn Burysz* Richard & Barbara Bush* Victor & Jaynie Starnes Bush Mrs. Regina Bussing Mary Butts Carol Buzilow* John Byrne Richard Cacciato Chris & Eileen Cadigan Susan Cairo David Callahan & Susan Shucker Marlene Campanaro Helena Cao Joseph & Brenda Carfora* Carolyn Caringi* Allan & Marge Carle* Kathryn Carr

Donna Carrillo Ivelaw H. Carrington Enrica Carroll The Carroll Family John & Linda Carson Jill Caruso Joan Casarella Jean Casa-Rinaldi Patricia Case Lynn Cassell Peter E. & Joan Catalano* Beverly & Art Cavazzi Patricia Cerrato Leslie Chandler Lucille Chapman** Marsha Chappelow Joan Charischak Leo & Elaine Charizione* Linda Charnes** Marti Chartier** Laurel Chase** Carol J. Chawkins Anonymous Kathryn & Jerome Chesley* Michael Chester Barbara J. Chin Joan Chinitz Ms. Bonnie Chisling** Sandra Chlopecki David Christian Frank & Judy Christman Sandy Ciampa* Dennis Ciborowski Patricia Clark Nora J. Claudias Marianne Koerner Dot & Warren Cohen Dr. Michael & Joan Cohen* Nancy Cohen Frank & Susan Coleman Permanent Makeup by Suzanne* Judith Collier* Dr. Richard Collier** Nina Collins** Dr. & Mrs. William Collins Joyce Collis-English** Margaret Combs Tom & Debbie Comer Janice Cook* Sherry Cook Richard & Carlotta Cooley** Edward & Judy Copland* Mr. & Mrs. Tony Carrado Pat Corsello Amy Corso Howard & Rachael Coshak* Tom & Elizabeth Courts* Jeanne Cowan John Cowan** David & Judith Cowden** Ann & Sidney Cramer** Judith Crawford Marlene & Tom Culligan Mr. Norman Cummerson Patricia A. Cunningham

Thomas A. Curatolo Betty L. Curnow* Ron & Sylvia Cwirko Susan Dahne Cathy & Whit Daily* Bob & Lynn Dallesandro Michael Damore Wendy & James Damoulakis Judith A. D’Angelo Judy Dannewitz* Carolyn Darby Brent & Carol David* Mary H. Davidson Susan Davidson* Janet C. Davis Kay Davis** Susan Davis Raymond Day** Tom & Ingrid Dean** Kate Debevoise & John McElwee MaryAnn Dedricik Joe Defano Anonymous Rory Delaney Barbara Delgato* Jean DeLitta Catherine Dellos* The Delpero Family* Karen Demboski* Dan & Hilda DeRoner Geraldine Destefano Deborah Deuter* Ellen & Paul Devine Capt. Thomas J. Schnell Richard & Linda Diamond Jan Dibsick Mike Dickerson Barb Dietz* Larry Dillon Paul & Lori Dioszeghy* Sandra DiPasquale* Henry & Mary Disciullo Helen & Roy Diton* Mrs. Nancy Dobras Marilyn & Joe Fogerty* Norma G. Dolbee** Celeste Doliner Bonnie & Robert Dombrosky Mr. & Mrs. John Donoher* Richard Doolittle Jay Dor Roger & Stephanie Dordick Helen P Dotson* Ms. Jeanie K. Douthitt Jan Dowd Tekla Dragan** Chester Drake* Phyllis Dreyfuss* Madelynn Drimmer* Robert Ducatelli Rick Dudek George Duditch Sherry Duhaime William Duhn Fredric Dulin

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denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Timothy Glen Dumas Michael Duncan Vicki F. Dunning Edward Dweck* Karen E. Dybing & Gary L. Montesano Barry & Diane Eckhold** Brian & Victoria Eckl** Wendy Edelson Richard & Terry Edgerton Joel & Rosalyn Ehrenpreis** Lawrence & Carol Eichert* Lynda Einspar** Frederic Elias Robert & Ellen Elie* Dana Ellerbrock* Howard & Barbara Ellfeldt** Dorothy Ellis Jean Ellis* Kathleen C Ellis Janice Ellison** Mrs. Jan R. Ember* Anonymous Joan Emrich Estrella & Jim Engelhardt** Robert & Adam Engle Elaine Enoch** Charles M. Epperley** Barbara Epperson* Arthur & Dina Epstein* Vicki Ernst John Ertl Fiona Ertugrul Joan Evans Linda Evans Tom & Judy Evenson** Joseph & Jill Faccenda Fahrenback Family Lynn Fajardo Joann & Harry Falk Theresa O. Farese** Donald & Susan Farrell* Joan Faucher Erika Faulk Cesare Favia* Robert & Eileen Felice* Sarah Fereno Patrick and Lorane Ferguson Wenda Ferraioli Mary Lou Ferrari Marie Festa Janet Fieldman Doug Finkel & Jody Gray** Elaine Fitzer** Don & Linda Frizzell Pamela Flanagan Bill & Mary Lou Fleming Teresa Fleming Judy and Earl Fletcher

Robert & Barbara Flory Dorothy Flynn Joe Fogerty Mr. & Mrs. Carl Foltz Tina Fontaine Jane Forgey Kay Forte Joan Fox** Joan Welsh Fox** Larry Francis David & Susan Francisco** Anonymous Carol Franklin** Shirley Fretti George & Leonor Friedman Carolyn Fuquay Barry & Joan Gaberman Don & Ronda Gallehue* James & Patricia Gardella** Marilyn V. Garland Renee Garr Douglas & Vicki Garton Gary & Sue Gates Jacqueline Aranoff Gaudio Dee Gaylord Charles Geidner Jennifer Gemmeke* Merry A Gerber* Bill & Patricia Gerould* Patricia Gersh Mr. Thomas Giannico* Joseph Giarracco* Mrs. Elizabeth Gies Judy Gilbert Susan Gilbert** Arlene Gilligan Anne & Gene Ginsberg Judith Glass Joe & Judi Gleason* Jane & Marvin Glusman** Donna Godfrey Muriel Gold Poole Sharlya Gold; in honor of the actors and administrators** Catherine Goldberg* Judy Goldberg* David & Dale Goldheim Richard & Leslie Goldstein Nancy Gorden Elana Gordon** Michael & Rachel Gordon Sue Gordon & Marvin Levitt Ivan Gould Sandra Gould* Bonnie J. Granatir Marilyn L Graves** Kimberlee Green M. Green, F. Milotte, Carol Barr, Pat Shafello & Janet McLennahan

Marlene Green Ronald Greenberg Judith Greene Mr. Marc Greene Marcy Greenspan Mr. & Mrs. David N. Greenwood Ms. Stephanie Gregorie* Anthony & Nancy Grello Kathie Griffiths Sonya Grodberg Nancy & Bob Groeninger Joel & Juanita Erosch Janet A. Gross* Ned Grossman & Shelly Lazarus Frank Grote Cindy Guest** Patti Guido Gisela & Ed Guszkowski Barbara & Robert Haber Merle Haber* Gary Hackenberg Richard Haddon Peter & Marian Hainsworth Deb & George Halak Kay Hale** Fran Hall Anonymous Marsha & Paul Halpern** Marilyn Halsted Carol Hamilton** Dr. Edward & Roberta Hamilton** Linda Hampton, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Jeff Handler** Betty & Rick Hann Christine Hannafin Eloise Hanner* Bridget Hannibal* George Hansen** Bonita C. Harbottle Susan Harley Patricia L Harmon Leo Harrington Barbara E Harris Linda Harrison Diane Hart Lynda Hart Eric & Cathy Harvey Marge & Jim Hass Mariann Haugh* Richard Hauswald Ellen Hawley** James & Laura Heald Dolores Hearn Mark Hebert Cindy Hecker* Kathy Heidermann Milton Heinowitz** Beverly Helton Gary & Kathy Hendricks Carol Henry*

Robert Heron M. Herman & B. Donelson Madeline Hess Daniel & June Hessel* Jack Hillman Helene Hirmes** Ernie & Karen Hirn Susan Hirsch Ken Hoey Jeffrey & Fern Hoffman* Stephen Hoffman Anne Marie Hogan Gayle Hogenson* Beatrice Holden* Jermaine Holden Cindy & Terry Holinsky** Donn and Leslie Holland John D. Holtzermann Donna Holzapfel Linda Hopson Katie & Richard Horan Marshall Horwitz* Pam Houfek Randall House Gregory Hover Wayne D. Howard Nancy Huber Bonnie Hudson Willard Hull Adelaide Hurst* Dr. Philip & Adrienne Hutt Patricia Hymes Ron Ianieri Laurie Iannucci Sheila Ingorvaia Eleanor Israel Barbara & Ronald Ives** Dr. Florence A. Jackson* Richard & Linda Jackson* Diane Jacobitti Stan Jacobs & Coralie Werking Allen Jacobson Barbara Jacoby** Elaine Jarchow Robert Patrick Jardin Sally Jaret* Hamlet Jennings Susan Jennings Dale & Barbara Jensen** Patricia Jirus** Beth Johnson* Susan K. Johnson** Janice Jonassen Janet Joseph Lenora Jost* Patricia Jung Helmine Junger Marie & James Jurek* Albin & Ardis Kaczmarek** Jacki Kaiser Barbara & Siegfried Kaiter Fay Kardon** Robert & Patricia Karz** Barbara Katz** Barbara J. Katz & F Lowell Curtis* Howard Katz* Wilbur Kawaski

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keagy Kathleen Keck Judith & Mel Keifer* Andria Keil-Bilan* Ms. Donna Keith Virginia Keller Dianne & Robert Kelley Joe Kelly Diane Kemp Susan Kennedy* Sherry & David Kerber Mayer Kersun* Edward Kerwood Rosalind S. Kessler** Faith Kibler Dennis King Victoria King Marj Kirchner* Albert Klein Kathleen & Jay Klein Sarah Klein Dr. Martin Kline** Patricia Klump Mr. & Mrs. Ron Knox** Cindy Throne Kodish Bernie Koenig Kristine Koetje Joyce Kohn Henriette Kolombatovich* Anne Komisar Laura Kommick Sandy & Michael Koolkin** Mr. & Mrs. Al Koral** Al Korba* Harriet Koren* Pete & Joyce Kottra Marv Kowalewski Dale Kowalyk* William Krafchik Joan Kramer* Sergei Kravets Carole Krieger* Gene Kucharski** Kevin & Terry Kumanga Robert M & Victoria Kupec Sandy & Jerry Kuskin** Anonymous Chester Kuziemko Stanley Kwasiborski Mary LaBarge** Ron & Jerri LaCivita** Darlene LaForge Elizabeth A LaFrance Richard & Geraldine Laino Marlene & Alex Lancaster Don & Pat Lane Wayne Largent** Edward Larsen* Lynn Larson Judy Lasman Laura Lavelle** Nora Lavelle Kathleen Leach Betty M. Lederman* Eleanor Lee* Linda Lee Tom & Mary Lou Lefferson**

Mary Leflar Bernard & Maureen Legenski Jay Leiserson Ann Lenk John Leonard Sarah & Curt Leonard* Dorothy & Bob Lerman* Bruce Lerner Joan & Peter Lesser Muriel B. Levesque** Judith Levine** Stuart Levine* Lisa Levinson* Carl Levy William Levy* Georgia Lewis & Micki Durkin Carol & Maurice Lewis Ronald Lichtenwalner David & Paula Lickfeldt** Andrea & Howard Lieb* Pat & Larry Liedel* Armando Linde Richard Linden Donna & Eric Lindenberg* Barbara Link Barry Lipoff Dr. Micheal & Lynne Lipson Joseph Lisciandro Sherrill Lisle Eileen Lisook* Ms. Linda Litke** Barbara & Mort Litt* Claudette Litz Rona Loewenthal Milly Lombardo* Diane Long Barbara A. Longenecker* Wayne and Anne Loomer Robert Lorentzen Jan & Adrian Lotherington Jerry Lotz* Anonymous Denis E. Lowry* Delores Lustig** Lorena Luts Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Lynch** Lowell & Jean Lynch Dr. Will & Joyce Lyons* Margaret Lynne MacAdam* Hugh & Mary MacDonald Mr. Ray MacDonald Leonor Machado Robert Macintosh Patricia A. MacMillan** Mona MacPhail** Carol & Tony Maddaloni** Jeanne Madden* Doris Madsen** Jackie Maggin Audrie & John Magmer* Charles Maguire Barbara Maier Elizabeth Malden Carole & Jerry Maltzman Rose Mancino

Joan B Mangan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Manghillis Bonnie Marcuson Barry & Kathy Marder* Ed & Julia Marian* Ed & Rose Markel Carol Maroon Donald C. Marshall* Audrey Marten Frank Martin Scott Martin Debra Martz** Jeffrey & Judy Marvin* Vince & Betty Masciovecchio** Bill & Linda Mason* Carol & Jo Massa Margaret Mastro Joanne Matses Martha Maxim Lynne Mayhew Dianne Mayled Mr. & Mrs. William Mazzola** Charlotte McAleer Ms. Maria McCabe* Dan McCarthy Ron McClure Joella McCoy William & Janice McCracken* Barbara McDermott & Jeffrey Parsons Terry McDonald Ms. Susan McDonough* William & Barbara Mcelwain* Linda McGiffert* Charles & Kathleen McGowan** Nancy and John McGraw Dennis McIvor Mrs. Carol McManus* Clarence McMerty** Barbara McMillan Joan McNally Albert J. McNash Edward McSweegan* Tobie Meisel Bill Mendes Sandra Mercurio Sarah Metcalf Mr. & Mrs. John Meyer Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Mezzatesta Laurie & Bill Michael* Robert Miedlar Marjorie J. Miele Beckie Miller Betty & Murray Miller Ronny Miller Sandy Miller** Alvin & Barbara Milner* Robert Miron John Mitchelides Anthony & Joan Mitola Ray & Cathy Modjeski** Anne & Jeff Mohl*

Anthony Mollica Karen Monaco Cynthea R. Moore Joe Moore Marcy Moore* Lawrence Morell Miriam Moreno Capt. Gary Thomas Morgan Karen Morgan* Nancy Morgan Priscilla Morgano** Jim & Robin Morr Christopher L. Morris Anne Morrison Penelope Morrison Jamie Moseley Carol W. Moser* Lewis Moyer* George E. Mueller Nancy Mueller-Truax & Steve Truax Trudy & Jerry Mulvey Keith & Susan Munroe Leonard Murphy Ronald Murray Martha Music Stuart & Janet Nagourney Sharon & Barry Napshin** Mr. Rafael Nariman Diana & Van Neely* Cantor Neil & Saranee Newman** Janet Neitlich* Mark Nelson Michelle Nelson Patti & Bob Neubauer Alice Newlon & Tom Skoloda Gail Newman Robert Newman* Gail Nichols Jeffrey & Judith Nickse Bruce Nielsen Jay Norman Dr. Natalie Norton Jim Nortrup Barbara & Danny Noto* Brenda Nusbaum Robert Nusbaum Jr. Fuad & Sandie Nuwaysir* Deborah Nyman Pat & Linda O’Brien** Dianna Ochs Ilene Oconnell* Diane & Joe O’Connor** In Memory of Jack O’Dowd* Julie Okeefe Anonymous Sharon O’Keefe* Mr. John O’Leary & Mrs. Patricia O’Leary* Karen Olivadotti Norman Olshansky Mr. and Mrs. Olson Gary & Ann Olson** The Opal-Levine Family Gerry & Mary Orris

Mark & Maggie Sharff** Neil Sheehan Arthur & Barbara Sheridan* Wanda J Short* Jeff & Celia Shulman Fletcher & Karen Shurley* Mr. & Mrs. David Osborn* Nora Rainone Ned & Lynn Rule Steven Shwartz W. Terry & Regina Barbara Ramp Ms. Janet Runci Marianne & Andrea Sibille/ Osborn* Carolyn M. Ramsey Karen Rush & Paul McGiffin* Dimitrova Evie Osterman** Aaron & Regina Rand** Earl Rust Sue Sica & Dave Little** Sue Owen Cherrie Randall Sidney & Marcia Rutberg* Anonymous Susan Pace Darlene Ratai Gerald & Eileen Rutkowski* Jill Siebenheller Daria Pacosa Mary Rau-Foster Gary & Elaine Rutledge Coots & Mort Siegel Karen L. Pallies Gloria Reber Roger & Patricia Rutz** Sandra R. Siegel* Sallie Palm Jim & Muriel Redifer Jeffrey Ryder Lisa Silberman-Smiga Elaine Panitz Sue Reese Ms. Joan Sable Kathy Silletti Anonymous John R. Regan Aimée Saccone Anne & Steve Silverman** Tamalie Paradis Raymond Reich Nelson Salabarria Cheryl Simard Carol Parke Bill Reiter Sasha & Annette Saltzberg** Jean & Jim Simes Susanne Parker** Attilia Ren David & Marcy Sampson Stephanie Simmons** Tom Parlette Raymond Rettberg Jonathan Samuels* Ken & Mary Ann Simpson* Jean Paruolo Ms. Margaret Revere Connie Sanders and Carl Robert & Charlotte Simpson Elena & Howard Pascoe Donna Kirby-Reynolds Koenig Linda & Mort Sinkoff** Anonymous Suzanne Reynolds* Ellen & Wayne Sanderson David & Janet Slabaugh Bonnie Pattee** Elaine Rhoda Anonymous Charles Slade* Laurie Pawlicki Patricia Rhode Morris & Selma Savren** Turbi & Paul Smilow Judy C. Pearson & Paul E. Frances & Peter Rice Nancy & Jerry Sayles* Beverly Smith Nelson Marcia Richmond Joanne & Al Scafati* Denise Smith & Gary Bacon Michael & Nancy Pehan* Marilyn Ridgway** Diane Scala Dewaine & Bob Smith Michael Peikoff Mr. & Mrs. John T. Riley* Henry & Ann Schaab* Patricia Smith & Hannah Virginia Peltz Janice & Jack Ritchie Bernadette Schaffer Blum Bill & Joy Pendergast** Ernest & Loretta Ritz* Laci & Oliver Schaible Lee & Mary Ellen Snell Michael & Katharine Barry & Toni Robbins Don & Julie Schalekamp* Esta Snider** Pepper Linda Robbins Marcia Schaper Peggy & Paul Soentgen* Helene Peretz** Stephen & Trish Robbins** George Schedler Anita Solov & Jerry Roslyn G. Perler** Deb & Michael Robertson Cheryl Schiavone Goldberg Mike Perlman** Dan Robinson Joy Schierer Sheila Southorn** Kay Perrin Frances Robinson Ms. Agnes M. Schipper Michele & Sidney Spector Patricia Peters** Ernest & Patricia Robinson* Rodney Schlaffman Mr. & Mrs. David Speir Charles & Dorothy Sandra Robinson Janet Schmidt Guy & Ann Spencer** Peterson Warren E. Robinson Kathleen Schmidt* Barbara & Don Speyer** Barbara & Paul Petrus* William Robson Robert Schmidt William & Susan Spielberg Maurice and Sheila Pickard Kim Roden* Wayne Schmidt Madelyn & George Spoll** Kenneth Piegari George Rodriguez Sheila & Mel Schmittel Joan Springer Joan Pilver* Mike Rolph David and Greta Schofield Mrs. Sylvia St. Germain Heather Pinkernell Richard & Beverly Romansky Elena Schook, In Memory of Ray & Mary Anne Stabilito Debbie Pinkus Sandra & Richard Romley** Sam Mossler# David C Steffen Patrick Poehlman** Tom & Susan Rongitsch* Ronnie Schroeder Diane & Richard Jill Pokorn Courtland Root Marilyn Schugg* Steinbrink* Edward & Eve Pokornicky Mary Rosasco Rolla Schuh* Joseph Stellato Barbara Pollack, In Dr. William C. Rose Robert & Rita Schwanke* Marjorie Stem Memory of Sam Mossler# Cynthia Rosen Mr. & Mrs. Hal Schwartz** Sharon & Russell Stephens* Lorraine Pospisil Christine Rosenbach Naomi Schwartz* Robert & Barbara Stepleman David & Mary Potter* Mark & Pamela Rosenblum* Judy & Marc Schweiger Linda Stewart Jacque Potter* Ann & Joseph Rosenthal** Jackie Sciarrone Keith Stockwell** Phyllis Prager* Ms. Sheila Rosenthal Mr. & Mrs. P. Sciortino Ellie Stoll Genevieve Price Eileen C. Rosenzweig William Scott Susan Strahs Nancy Price Julie Ross* Elaine Seamon Mary Strevel Marilyn Probst Karol Ross Joe Seek** Jerry & Martha Strickler Diana Profant Lois Ross** Jean Seelye* Wayne & Barbara Strife** Suzanne Purpora & Joseph Joanne Willaredt* Bob & Barbara Segal* Elwood J. Suereth** Galligan* Corinne Roth Joe & Debbie Sellers* Carla & Dan Sullivan* Linda Pursley* Nancy Roucher** Louis & Carol Senatore** Nancy Sullivan** Kari Queen Nancy Roucher Susan Serling & David Pam Sullivan Bill & Dee Quigley* Gerry Royle Kessler** Stanley Sunshine Linda Quinn* Ivy L Ruark Rosalie Shackelford Lori Sutton Paula Quinn Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Rubin* Ron Shafer Mr. & Mrs. Martin Suydam Jacky Radcliffe** Kelly Rubino Kathy Shambe Joan & Jim Symons** Etta & Howard Raiken** Marsha Ruddy Brian Shapiro Arthur Taber Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ruth Ruderman Judy Shapiro** Loraine Tafel Rainey* Selma Rudin Lester Shapiro Mr. & Mrs. Les Tamboer**

# + * **

denotes patrons who have contributed to FST’s Endowment Campaign denotes patrons who have contributed to this year’s Capital Campaigns denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 5 years denotes patrons who have been Friends consecutively over the past 10 years

Rosemary Tantalo Mary Taylor Robert & Susan Taylor** Ruth Taylor Willard Taylor* William L. Tyler Vince & Nancy Telesco* Stacy & Rusty Tellone Thomas & Susan Teteak Roger Thibault Jerry & Doris Thier** Carolyn Thompson* Carolyn Thompson Susan R. Thompson Edward Thorgersen Ray & Sally Thornhill Ms. Bonnie Thornton & Ms. Lana Bruce Libby Thornton Nancy Thrasher & Michael O’Block Susan & Tim Timmons Brenda Tipper Maria Todd Ms. Margaret Tonn* Rita & Gary Trammell Pamela Treadwell** Mr. & Mrs. Carl Trembicki** Joan Trent Zelia & Martin Trueb Linda Trzaskus Sandra Tulenko Sherry Turtle Ms. Mary L. Unfricht

Bill & Maggie Urban Steve Van Duzer* Dirk & Janet VanOppen* Peter & Nancy Van Roekens** Jane Vandenbergh Lee D Vandermark James C. Venter Jr. Ralph Verdino Jane Verloop Sorina Vigoda* Ruy Villela Barbara & Rafael Viton Andy & Marci Vitkus Betty Vogel** Herbert A. Vogel Dotti Volgenau* Roger & Karen Vowles* Wanda Wade* Bill & Karen Waitt Sandi & Donald Walker Jean Walker* Tom & Cheryl Walker** Andrea E M Wallack* Barbara Ann Walsh Louis S. Walton Virginia & Richard Waring George & Muriel Warren** Gene & Ellen Wasson** Joyce Waterbury* Deborah Waterman John & Judy Wavro Ronald Wayer Kenneth Webber*

Wanda Weiner* Robert Weingartner Debra Weinsberg, In Memory of Sam Mossler# Penny Weinstein Robert Weir Richard & Judy Weisenfeld JoAnn & Dan Weiss** Norma & Stephen Weitman** Louise Werbelow* Dean & Cris Wertz* Anonymous Mark Whitcomb Elinor White* Ruth White Marjorie whiteman Paul Wilkinson* Lois Willard** Kimberly Williamson Eileen Williams* Jean L. Williams Lin Williams** Linda Willner Mark & Jane Wilner* Frank Wilson Gary & Emmy Wilson Jason Wilson Jay Wilson* Jim & Joan Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wilson**

Tom & Sherry Wilson Murry & Patricia Winkleman* Ms. Janet Winkler Mr. & Mrs. Edward Winnick** Ann Winters Robert Wisniewski Anonymous Bruce & Cindy Witte* Drs. George & Norma Wohl** Margaret Wojciechowski David Wright* Lynne Yeannakis Jim Yoder Kathleen & James Yohman Mr. Herbert Young* John & Cindi Young* Patricia Young* Suzanne Young Tanya K. Young Joan Zaroff Mary Anne Zatina Nancy Zeman* Roberta & Harold Zimmerman** Robert Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. Mike Zinn** Arthur & Ellen Zipin** Ellen & John Zoller Robin Zuckerman Carline Zumbano*





We are a proud supporter of live theatre in this community. It’s the right thing to do.


history of theatres What was once one small building that served the community of Sarasota is now a thriving campus of five distinct theatres: The historic Keating and Gompertz Theatres, the Parisian-style Goldstein and John C. Court Cabarets, and the steam punkinspired Bowne’s Lab. For over fortyfive years, these buildings have been a foundation to help create the Florida Studio Theatre you know today.

KEATING THEATRE The Keating Theatre, formerly the Sarasota Woman’s Club, is amongst the oldest surviving buildings in Sarasota. Founded in 1903, the Sarasota Woman’s Club eventually set out to create a meeting place to house social events, activities, and forums. On January 1, 1915 the cornerstone was laid at the corner of Palm Avenue and Park Street (now Cocoanut). It served as the town’s first library and hosted numerous club and public committee gatherings. The Woman’s Club also maintained a census and birth registration, an area Keating Theatre today. Photo by Sarah Haley.

PTA, and a Red Cross Auxiliary.

Construction of The Woman’s Club of Sarasota.

The Sarasota Woman’s Club relocated in 1976 and the building became slated for demolition. In short, realty agents planned to tear it down and create a parking lot. Marian McKenna, a patron and supporter of the arts, did not want to see the building and her memories destroyed. She purchased the building and later sold it to Florida Studio Theatre. At that time, FST was a traveling theatre troupe that performed at prisons, mental institutions,

Goldstein Cabaret today. Photo by Sarah Haley.

nursing homes, community centers, and migrant camps. With the purchase of the Sarasota Woman’s Club building, FST had a space to call its own with offices and a 72-seat theatre. In 1982, FST began the first of many renovations to the theatre, updating the seating capacity to 120. In 1985, the Sarasota Woman’s Club building was added to the National Register of Historic Places. After completing more renovations to the historic building in 2003, the theatre was renamed the Keating Theatre in honor of Ed and Elaine Keating, and in 2004, additional lobby space was built in the theatre—the Bea Friedman Room. From the first production, Cons in 1979, to the powerful plays Metamorphoses and Thurgood, to last year’s Straight White Men, the Keating Theatre now seats 173 and remains a cultural center of Sarasota.

GOLDSTEIN CABARET FST’s Cabaret Series began in the late 1980s when FST started producing musical revues at the Paradise Café. By 1995, FST had expanded its programming to include education outreach through its award-winning WRITE A PLAY program and Young Playwrights Festival, a week-long New Play Festival, and an additional Summer Mainstage Season. In order to maintain this ever-growing company, a new support facility was built. This new space was created to house the scene shop, rehearsal and classroom space, and production offices. That following year, FST opened the doors to its Cabaret Club. It was the first FST theatre dedicated solely to cabaret performances. In 2003, the Cabaret Club was renamed The Goldstein Cabaret in honor of Ann and Alfred Goldstein. From the first production of The Jazz Club to last year’s hit Cabaret Guitar Girls, the theatre has been home to over 71 productions.

history of theatres GOMPERTZ THEATRE In 2003, FST purchased the Gompertz Theatre. The building was originally the Park-Seventh Movie House in the 1920s. Due to the Depression, the movie house shut its doors and became an empty venue. During its predominantly vacant period in the 1940s, the

Park Seventh Movie House, circa 1920.

theatre hosted a variety of road shows and performers, including Tom Mix and his Wonder Horse and the All Girls’ Orchestra. During this time it was known as the Garden Theater, and later the Art Theater, before becoming known as the Palm Tree Playhouse in 1951. The Playhouse closed again in the 1960s. In the mid 1970s, Asolo Theatre purchased the space for production purposes and their Stage Two Theatre program. It was subsequently sold to Anita Katzman and reoccupied

by Siesta Key Actors Theatre and Theatre Works in the 1980s. The building was acquired by Florida Studio Theatre and renamed the Gompertz Theatre in honor of Mrs. Leila Gompertz, who made the lead gift enabling the purchase.

HEGNER THEATRE WING In 2011, FST initiated a campaign to raise money for the Gompertz Theatre renovation and the addition of the Hegner Theatre Wing. On October 12, 2012, the fundraising goal was met thanks to wide community support and lead contributors: Georgia Court, Richard and Betty Hegner, Dennis and Graci McGillicuddy, and others. This allowed for the theatre to expand and create two additional spaces, The John C. Court Cabaret and Bowne’s Lab Theatre.

JOHN C. COURT CABARET The Court Cabaret was named in loving memory of Georgia Court’s late husband, John Court. Today, it’s been home to over 12 original musical revues including Unchained Melodies (2019), Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves (2017), and Laughing Matters vol. 5 (2016).

The Hegner Theatre Wing. Photo by Greg Wilson.

BOWNE'S LAB THEATRE Bowne’s Lab Theatre was named for the maternal side of John Court’s ancestor—John Bowne, who is widely considered to be the founder of religious freedom in America. Less than two years after the announcement, Bowne’s Lab opened in January 2014 as a space for all things experimental. Today, Bowne’s Lab Theatre is home to FST Improv and Stage III. Thanks to the Hegner Theatre Wing renovation, Florida Studio Theatre was able to open its doors to many new and exciting opportunities. FST Improv now has a permanent home to perform shows every

week, FST students get to perform for live audiences, and Mainstage and Cabaret productions have the opportunity to reach more audience members than ever before. Since its small beginning as an alternative touring company in 1973, FST has grown to reach over 225,000 people each year. With five intimate theatres and six core programs to serve audiences, FST offers something for everyone. Hip and historical, entertaining and challenging, FST brings vitality to downtown Sarasota, and has become an endless spectrum of possibility, growth, and culture, for the Greater Sarasota community.

Transform, Together. We envision thriving communities with opportunities for all.

GULFCOASTCF.ORG | 941.486.4600

Photo: Ryan Gamma

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The Hermitage brings the world’s leading theater artists to Sarasota for free public programs...

13 Pulitzer Prize Winners, plus Tony, Oscar, Emmy, Grammy Winners, and more! “Because of the Hermitage, some of the most beautiful plays have been written, and the most beautiful music has been made.” – Emily Mann, Playwright, Director, and Tony Award Winner

“An organization that does more for artists than any I have encountered.” – Craig Lucas, Tony Award Nominee & Hermitage Greenfield Prize Winner

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JANUARY 15 THROUGH APRIL 10, 2022 Embracing Our Differences is a nonprofit organization that uses the

power of art and education to expand consciousness and open the heart to celebrate the diversity of the human family. It accomplishes this through an annual, large-scale, juried art exhibition and a comprehensive series of educational initiatives, programs and resources designed for teachers and students.

Embracing Our Differences’ annual outdoor exhibit is at the heart of a year-round program of activities designed to use art as a catalyst to create awareness and promote diversity.

“I am always so impressed and enlightened by this thought provoking, exceptional project!” Exhibit Visitor

Embracing Our Differences is proud to partner with Florida Studio Theatre to bring vital arts education programs to thousands of students in our community.

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