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The Hidden Coast

November-December 2017

The Last of Old Florida

Chiefland Christmas Festival & Parade See Page 12 for more info!

Lone Cabbage Reef Restoration Pg. 6 Old Florida Celebration of the Arts Pg. 18-19 Workout on Waterfront WOW Pg. 22

Cedar Key, Steinhatchee & All In Between!

Opening in November... 11846 State Rd 24 Cedar Key Florida. (Inside the Sunset Isle RV park) 352-477-0494 Opening with Breakfast and Lunch. Chefs choice dinner coming soon after. Come sit on our idyllic deck and enjoy a great glass of wine and some unique gastronomic food flights of fancy. From local seafood, to southern staples,to whatever the chefs feel inspired to make.

A unique place, with an 1800’s feel. Come and sample what a tavern might have been like back in

“Old Florida”. Levy County Quilt Museum 11050 NW 10th Ave. Chiefland, FL 352-493-2801 Open Tuesday-Saturday 10 – 3 Free Admission | Free Parking RV’ers  Welcome | Large Parking Area

6470 SW 80th Ave • Trenton (352) 463-0800

Over 600 Acres of Natural Beauty in Gilchrist County

RV & Tent Sites, Cabins • Electric, Water & Sewer •Heated Pool Hiking Trails •Suwannee River Access • Meeting Facilities Boat Ramp Nearby

2 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

OUR MISSION: To provide news and information of the Cedar Key area “of the people, by the people, for the people.” • 3


The Hidden Coast

The Last of Old Florida

November 2017

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4 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

The Luraville Locomotive being removed from the Suwannee River where it had rested since 1898.


By: Toni Collins

On January 19, 1979, James Lancaster of Luraville, a small community in Suwannee County on the east bank of the Suwannee River, mounted a drive to retrieve a relic from the river. Remembering the engine’s location from early boyhood, Lancaster financed the venture to bring to the surface a 130 year old locomotive from the river bottom.

The second more detailed story is that the engine had been moved by barge from the east to the west bank of the Suwannee to tram logs to the riverside south of the present day community of Day. The tram rails it was supposed to run on proved too weak to hold it, so the engine was to be moved back to the east bank. While being lowered down a bluff on a temporary track leading to the barge, it broke the restraining lines and freewheeled completely across the barge and into the water. The engine stood upright on the bottom for many years but eventually was washed over onto its side.

Despite missing the bulging smokestack and wooden parts, the engine was displayed near Mr. Lancaster’s home at Luraville for several years. In 1982, businessman, Jack Goyke of Jacksonville purchased the engine and presented it to the State through Commissioner of Agriculture, Doyle Conner. Today, the restored work horse stands proudly on public view at the Florida Department The eight-wheeled engine was built sometime of Agriculture and Consumer Services between 1850 and 1855; however, extensive Laboratory Complex in Tallahassee as a research failed to disclose the name of the reminder of the state’s early logging days. manufacturer. In the 1890s, the engine was acquired by the Bache and Hagen Lumber Want to learn more? Readers can go to levycountyhistorical Company and hauled logs to the company’s to learn more about riverboating and also historian and author, Toni C. Collins. You may also email her sawmill at Luraville. directly at

The career of the Luraville Locomotive abruptly ended in 1898 when it plunged into the Suwannee River. There are two stories of how this happened. The first is simply that it jumped the track at a curve and wound up in the river. • 5

Lone Cabbage Reef Restoration

By: Mandy Offerle

On October 26, 2017, some fifty Cedar Key areas residents, including watermen, business owners, academics, and other interested parties, learned about the history-in-the-making effort to restore Lone Cabbage Reef to the vibrant oyster reef it once was. “In less than 30 years, 3,000-year-old oyster reefs off Florida’s Big Bend coastline have declined by 88 percent, according to University of Florida/IFAS researchers. For residents who depend on the fishing grounds and other coastal resources protected by these reefs, it’s a worrying trend,” is just one of the attention-getting facts that drew the audience to hear principal investigators Bill Pine, Peter Frederick, and Leslie Sturmer present information about altering the anxiety-provoking trend. The Lone Cabbage Reef Restoration Project goal is, “to restore the entire Lone Cabbage reef chain, with the expected benefit of buffering the nearby coastal habitats from salinity fluctuations and erosion,” states the project website, Hosted by the University of Florida Institute for Agricultural and Food Sciences at the Cedar Key Community Center at 7 pm, participants listened to Bill Pine’s presentation about how Suwannee Sound and Lone Cabbage Reef area have morphed over time, more radically in recent years. Pine stressed the estuarine environment so beneficial to many species and, of course, humans. Pine was followed by Frederick, who detailed the Lone Cabbage Oyster Reef Restoration Project. He explained plans to restore the reef by bringing in materials upon which oysters can attach themselves and recreate a living, productive reef. Frederick further explained how local people will be critical to the operation as using lime rock boulders will form the reef base, and shell as the top. The UF contract administrator Kevin Heinicka spoke briefly about the many sub-contracting opportunities. The project’s extensive website, http://www.wec.ufl. edu/oysterproject/restoration.php, states that, project funding comes from the “National Fish and Wildlife Foundation using the Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund, one of the pots of money that comes from the Deepwater Horizon settlement. The GEBF fund is separate from funding that comes directly to Levy

6 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

Map courtesy:

County from the Restore Act. The county funds may be used to rehabilitate oyster reefs for harvest.” The project will endure eight years. Starting in 2017, the first year will consist of surveying the Lone Cabbage Reef complex for extant elevations and oyster beds, meetings designed for public input, engineering drawings production, and permitting. The second year will focus on construction of the reef ’s lime rock base and the shell topping, with the hopeful goal of completion in late summer or early fall for oyster spatting. The third year will complete the entire reef construction and continued monitoring of the oyster colonization and water quality. The forth through eighth years will monitor progress of the oyster population. Sturmer, Pine, and Frederick invited further questions and concerns and promised that the participants would be “seeing a lot of us,” as the trio plans to be consummately accessible. © Mandy Offerle, The Cedar Key News

Light Coats & Small Boats

Cool weather fishing in Steinhatchee

Fall and winter is a wonderful time to visit the shallow flats of Steinhatchee. The cooler weather pushes schools of redfish and trout close inshore in some of the highest numbers of the year. The weather is generally very comfortable and at most requires a light jacket due to Florida’s sub-tropical climate. This time of year is a prime time to bring the family on a outdoor bonding trip because of the ease of the cool weather bite. There are some things that should be taken into consideration before you make your way to the flats. The tide during this time of year is a very important piece of information for your trip. This time of year the tides can get so low that you may get trapped in that fishing hole. So before you come make sure to check your tide charts and plan your fishing times accordingly. Bait selection this time of year is also worth taking a little extra time to prepare for. During cooler weather the metabolism of the fish slows down and they become a little lethargic and thus are less willing to put in an effort to chase your bait. So at this time of year you want to work your bait especially slow. As soon as you think you are working it slow enough, cut that speed in half. Slow suspending baits of any kind become the bait of choice for the avid angler. Slow suspending artificials and live shrimp under a popping

By: Capt. Kyle Skipper

cork tend to be the most effective. Fish tend to hold in deep pools of warmer water with a darker bottom in cooler weather so check those creeks and channels. If the day you choose to visit is one on the warmer side of the cooler season don’t be surprised to see huge schools of redfish roaming the flats. Another point to consider is the wind. The winds become variable this time of year and will be mild one day and slightly less comfortable the next. The wind can be a tricky thing to predict but marine forecasts are very easy to find online and tend to give a good description of what you could potentially encounter for that day. Another nice aspect of the Steinhatchee area for winter fishing is the family friendly amenities. Steinhatchee has plenty of local comfortable lodging and a wide selection of restaurants for you and your family to choose from. If you wanted to give the fishing a try but your boat isn’t quite agreeing with you, the local marinas have rental boats that can easily accommodate your crew. If checking the weather and tides and picking out the proper bait and tackle just isn’t your thing, a great selection of local guides are available that would be more than happy to show you around and put you on the fish. Steinhatchee is a top notch fishing destination year round but there is something special about the flats of Steinhatchee while wearing a light coat in a small boat.

Capt. Kyle Skipper Marker One Flats Charters 352-317-1654 • 7

Fall is coming in FAST Fishing has been really good this fall and it seems as though the winter will continue to produce. The fish are moving in to the shallow bars and shell bottoms seeking warming water and abundant bait. We have been catching Redfish and Trout all along the shorelines and points and on some of the outer shell bars. If you are so use to catching fish on a Cajun thunder with a Gulp or live shrimp on the end and dare to try other methods now is the time. Swimbaits, suspending lures are a great choice to try. The fish are very aggressive and nothings compares to the feeling of a big Trout or Redfish hammering your bait as you are retrieving it in, and it should stay that way until the water temperature gets cold enough and causes them to become lethargic and head to the deeper holes in the creeks. We have been catching great numbers of Redfish, some days catching as many as 20-30 fish. Trout bite is good also, your shell bars are holding fish and inshore flats. The Trout and Reds have been mixed up and sharing a lot of the same water. This is the first weekend I have been able to fish since the storm and hope to gather some more intel over the next week or two. This is the best time of the year to go fishing. The bite is hot and fish are very plentiful. Incoming tide is my favorite to target, but both cycle should be great over the next month or so. Try to get on the water three to four days after each cool front comes in. This seems to be one of the better times to go.

8 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

By: Captian Tom Cushman, Runnin’ Out Fishing Charters Hopefully the weather will continue to treat us fairly. Fishing just before these cold fronts and waiting on the 3 to 4 day warming pattern after these fronts pass through seem to be the best times to fish.

Until next time, keep the wind to your back and lines pulling drag. Come visit us down in Horseshoe Beach. It’s a great place to spend the day or the weekend. If you need any accommodations call, Give us a call and we will help put you in touch with the right person.u

Runnin Out Fishing Charters Captian Tom Cushman 386-623-0243

Horseshoe Beach From the Mayor’s Pen

This morning was the first cool morning of 2017. The change of season from summer to fall has started here in Horseshoe. As I look out from my deck over the Gulf waters, I can see God’s great hand of creation in the beauty of the sky, the gentle lapping of the Gulf waters against my dock and so many different species of birds including brown pelicans, terns, cormorants, rails, grey herons, white herons, ospreys, and our local pair of eagles. Horseshoe Beach this time of year is truly awe-inspiring. We have had a great 2017 in Horseshoe. The scalloping was great, fishing was better than I can ever remember and we had the best tourist season in many years. Many of these folks bought property here and have become part of the community. The state is replacing the old culvert on the main canal next month which will give us much better access to the south side of our marina. Our full-service marina now has opened a small ACE Hardware Store and expanded the mini-market. Hats off to Dennis Buckley! Mr. Buckley has also started preliminary plans to turn the old Shrimp Boat Restaurant into an open-air market. What a great addition this will be to our town. I can hardly wait!

The Marina 262 3rd St. • Horseshoe Beach Florida’s Last Frontier

We also offer Rental Properties!

The Angler Inn 22 Main Street


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Sleep up to (8) People, Docks, Fish Cleaning Sinks, Fire Pit, Bikes, Crab Traps, Fishing Poles, A/C, BBQ...

Looking back at 2017, it has been a wonderful year for all the good folks and businesses here in Horseshoe. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

All Units Are Non-Smoking. Call Dennis Buckley 386-235-3633 or 352-498-5986

I would like to extend an open invitation to everyone reading this article to come visit us. We would love to have you!

Fish or Crab off of Your Own Deck!

God Bless, Mayor Talmadge Bennett

Spectacular Sunsets! See Back Page For More Information! • 9

A Local Perspective

CAROL McQUEEN Director Levy County Tourist Development

The Hidden Coast is... one of the most beautiful, undiscovered places in Florida that is just waiting for visitors to find those ‘Off-the-Beaten-Path’ hidden gems. While you are here... you must take time to relax in our cool, crystal- clear spring waters, any season is just right to explore. This part of Florida has the largest concentration of fresh water springs in the world. They should be on everyone’s MUST see and experience list! One of my favorite things... is to explore the Light Station (lighthouse) on Seahorse Key, part of the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge, when it is open to the public on specific days throughout the year. Locals know... Levy County is famous for its abundant production of delicious Cedar Key CLAMS and its’ World Champion Clam Chowder at Tony’s Seafood Restaurant.

WELCOME TO THE ISLAND! Small Town Realtors Big Time Results Caryn Stephenson, Broker Ann Young & Julie Vandegrift, Realtors Phone: 352.543.5581 598 2nd Street, Cedar Key Cedar Key, FL 32625

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The Deer Camp

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306 S. Main St., Chiefland Open Thurs. - Mon. 10am-6pm

10 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

331 Dock St. Cedar Key, FL (352) 543-9992 (Pet Friendly)

Steamboat Louisa.


Steamboat Belle of the Suwannee.


Mail Route by Steamer Steamboat Sam Pyles off Cedar Key, circa 1900. State Archives of Florida.

By: Toni C. Collins

25 October 1845 - The St. Augustine News carried a story about a proposed mail route by steamer from the Cedar Keys to Fort White via the Suwannee River. The steamer would connect with the stage which would then carry the mail on to the St. Johns River. The steamboat Orpheus, a sternwheeler built in Pittsburgh in 1841 and registered at St. Marks, was one of the first vessels to run the route. The vessel was 136 feet in length, had a draft of 5 feet, and was fitted up in fine style with eighteen staterooms. The proposed schedule was to carry not only the mail but passengers from the Cedar Keys to the new town of Santa Fe on the Santa Fe River and also to the flourishing town of Columbus located about 180 miles above the mouth of the Suwannee. Columbus was located on the east side of the river at the fork where the Withlacoochee River joins the Suwannee. The round trip was made once a week. In addition to mail and passengers, the vessel also carried freight, mostly cotton destined for Savannah or Charleston, from the large and flourishing plantations scattered along the banks of the Suwannee River.

When the Orpheus came into service, Augustus Steele had already applied for and received authority from the U.S. Postal Service to establish a post office at Atsena Otie. Steele had previously served as postmaster at Tampa Bay. In the spring of 1846, Thomas C. Love, a local landowner, established a post office at Fort Fanning and in 1847, George H. Tresper established a post office at Clay Landing. The Orpheus remained in operation until 1847 when she met her end in some manner on the Suwannee River. One of the newspapers of the day advertised an auction for her remains where she lay. Although her reign was brief, the Orpheus opened the door for what many called the “Golden Age” of Suwannee River steamboating which lasted until the 1920s. Photos for the article include Steamboats of the Suwannee River. There were no photos of the Orpheus found. Want to learn more? Readers can go to levycountyhistorical to learn more about riverboating and also historian and author, Toni C. Collins. You may also email her directly at • 11

14th Annual Chiefland

Christmas Festival Saturday, December 9th, 2017 *Across from Train Depot Park on US 19

Schedule of Events: 8am: Registration begins for Rudolph 5K Run 9am: Rudolph 5K Run begins! 10am-8pm: Chiefland Christmas Festival: Craft and Artisan vendors, Food Vendors, Rock Climbing Wall, Bungee Jump, Pony Rides & Petting Zoo, Bounce House and more! Purchase Great Christmas Gifts from our craft vendors! 11am: Performance by Suwannee Valley Players on the Event Stage. 1pm: 2016 Harley Davidson motorcycle raffle drawing, benefitting Another Way, Inc. 2pm: Musical Performance provided by Drama Free Productions on the event stage. 2pm-5pm: FREE photos with Santa Clause! 4pm: Holiday Concert provided by Chiefland Middle High School Band 6pm: Lighted Christmas Parade down Main Street!

*For more information, please contact the Chiefland Chamber at: or (352) 493-1849

Great Fishing and Scalloping in Steinhatchee By: Capt Mike Farmer. Salt Addiction Charters

The year is almost gone already and we have had some great fishing and scalloping this year here in Steinhatchee. If you haven’t had the time to get away and take part in all of the amazing things happening then don’t despair. The year may be almost faded away but one of the most spectacular fishing times is just beginning. Our waters are very season sensitive and bring quite a bit of movement and transitions to the fishing game. All according to what happens to our weather we could see November and December fishing holding very much the same type of patterns or these two months could be like night and day. November will continue to hold traditional Fall fishing patterns until the first hard cold front hits. This normally happens during the week of Thanksgiving but has held off well into December. These unpredictable weather patterns are one thing that makes late Fall and early winter fishing tricky at times. Basically during these two months you can just toss the calendar out the window and rely more on what the weather does. November normally begins with lows in the high 40’s to low 50’s for the most part and highs in the 60’s and 70’s. With this scenario you should plan on finding plenty of Speckled Trout out on our vast grassy flats. Focus your efforts in waters with good grassy or spotted grassy bottom as shallow as 18” and depths on out to 4 or 5 feet. The Redfish will be found in much of these same areas especially if there is any rock or shell bottom so don’t be surprised if you find them as you are on the hunt for a limit of Trout. Try using a rattling style cork with about 24-30 inches of fluorocarbon leader material below. Attached to this could be a number of things that will work well during this time of year. Natural baits such as cut baitfish or shrimp are always a great choice. Most of the year shrimp are tough to use as bait while our grass flats hold abundant amounts of pinfish residing there during the warmer months. These little fish will devour shrimp and rob them from your hook as fast as you can bait your hook and toss them another one. But once the waters begin to cool the pinfish leave and move away until the spring. During this time shrimp are returning to the shallow waters and therefore become a primary food source. If you don’t like using live baits then soft plastics such as Saltwater Assassin baits or Gulp will work quite well fished under a cork also. After Mother Nature brings in the cold then we will start to see changes happening. Once we start experiencing nights with lows falling into the 30’s or lower into the 40’s the Trout will begin to transition into more of a Winter pattern. Expect to see fish moving

from the flats on up into the Steinhatchee River and the many nearby creeks. This transition isn’t exactly a mass exodus with all of them leaving at once but a few will move then eventually more and more will make the move. It all depends how long the cold weather hangs around. At times the temperatures will travel up and down like a ride on a roller coaster. This ride isn’t nearly as fun as a theme park ride though. It leads to groups of fish being scattered all in between and makes it hard to find anything consistent. Consistent weather either hot,warm or downright cold leads to consistent fishing patterns. Once the Trout have moved into the river and creeks you will find them in the deeper holes during lower portions of the tide. The best days are the ones that bring a low tide in the early morning. The shorelines and shallows where the water has receded will warm up as the sun comes up. These areas absorb the sunlight and then as the water levels rise with the tide they become much warmer than the surrounding waters. Fish the deeper areas with a 1/16 oz jig head baited with a soft plastic bait or a shrimp. Let the bait fall and retrieve it back with a slow bouncing motion, as slow as possible while still keeping it out of the vast limestone rock bottom that covers our river and creeks. When moving up into the shallows try using a suspending bait such as a Mirrodine or the Rip n Slash or Shrimp Bait from Unfair Lures. Cast these baits up into the shallows and just keep your retrieve simple. A straight steady SLOW retrieve usually works the best. When you think you are reeling slow enough, slow down a little more. I hope you will visit Steinhatchee and join in on some of the great fishing it has to offer. There are plenty of places available for lodging to suit your budget and taste. Several Marinas and boat ramps to launch your boat as well. If you aren’t familiar with the waters then I suggest hiring a guide for at least your first trip. As a matter of fact I would love to have you on board with me. Weekends book up well in advance so plan ahead or try to make plans for a weekday trip when things aren’t quite as crowded. I hope to see you soon.

Capt Mike Farmer Salt Addiction Charters 352-210-1551 • 13



Steaks, Seafood & Buffet

1306 SE Riverside Dr. | Steinhatchee, FL (352) 498-7427

Donuts and A Whole Lot More! 510 2nd St, Cedar Key, FL (352) 477-5022 The Pink Building

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Jake’s Waterfront Lounge At The

The Marina

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Horseshoe Beach


14 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

YOUR BUSINESS HERE! Restaurant & contact information


LocalFlavor 1-352-498-8088 7022 SW 358 HWY Steinhatchee, FL

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Serving Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner! 213 10th Street • Steinhatchee, FL • 352.498.8115 Open 7 Days A Week • 6am-2:30pm



Tiki Bar We’re the closest marina to the Gulf of Mexico in Steinhatchee!


N 2913.602 W 08257.144 6991 SW SR 24 Cedar Key, FL | (352) 543-5051

End your day at Steinhatchee with a cold beverage! Open during scallop season and special events only

322 Riverside Drive Steinhatchee, FL VHF Channel 09 • (352) 498-3008

331 Dock St. Cedar Key, FL Great selection of local clams (352) 543-9992 and oysters! The grouper (Pet Friendly)

sandwich is excellent!

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DECEMBER 1-3, 2017 It has been rumored that Jean Lafitte, the famous privateer, had buried some treasure somewhere in Cedar Key. He is coming back to town under cover of darkness, with pirates from all over the eastern seaboard and a small armada of ships. A contingent from the St. Augustine Garrison has been sent to Cedar Key to help protect the townfolks and try to keep some semblance of order. It is rumored that the pirates will be setting up camp in the city park and taking over Dock street until the treasure is found. Come, celebrate with the pirates. See how they lived on land when ashore. Learn from some of the finest re-enactors on the East Coast. Watch and listen as the pirates set up an outpost in the city park, complete with trade and commerce. Come and purchase wares and clothing from foreign lands. Listen to rousing, toe tapping sea shanties. Prepare for the parade Saturday morning. All the scallawags in town will be in attendance. For the Little Pirates, a treasure hunt with Bloody Sam Rackham, Face Painting, a costume contest and an all-day search for the most infamous pirates in town. The Wanted Poster will be inside your program found around town and at the Info Booth. (see full schedule) For the adult pirates, sample piratical libations all over town, be entertained by the finest pirate musicians in the land, find treasures beyond measure at the thieves market. for more information and daily schedules

Chiefland’s Newest and Largest! Gated/Fenced and well lit A clean professional facility We offer a wide range of storage unit’s sizes RV-Boat covered and uncovered Clean Dry and Safe Long Term or Temporary Fully paved Open 365 Days a Year Climate Controlled and Conventional Units Video Surveillance


1635 NW 27th Ave. Chiefland FL, 32626 (Across from Chiefland Dodge/Chrysler) 16 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

Donuts and A Whole Lot More! 510 2nd St, Cedar Key, FL 32625 (The Pink Building)

(352) 477-5022

Family owned and operated since 1991 11951 SW Shiloh Rd Cedar Key, Florida, FL (352) 543-6268 Hours 10:00AM - 4:00PM

A Local Perspective

WENDY NEWELL Owner Salty Shoe Apparel Store

The Hidden Coast is... A perfect laid back Florida get away. This gem of a town known as Horseshoe Beach warrants an overnight stay if not a weekend stay! While you are here... Enjoy spectacular sunsets, fresh seafood at our local restaurant, The Shrimp Boat. You can also do some shopping at the Salty Shoe Apparel store. Horseshoe Beach offers a great real estate company Compass Realty and a library. Stop by The Marina and the Florida Cracker Shrimp and Bait Co. before enjoying a fun filled day of fishing on the Gulf. One of my favorite things... Are all the wonderful people I get the chance to meet from around the world! And of course gathering around the dinner table with great friends. Locals know... The Shoe (as the locals call it) is a peaceful and quite place to bring your family for a fun filled weekend. Whether it’s watching the local shrimp and crab boats leaving the docks, catching your dinner for the night or just sitting around enjoying the weather! Come enjoy a beautiful weekend with us!

Cedar Key Country Store 598 2nd Street | Cedar Key, FL | 352.543.9697 Hours: 10-5 Thur, Fri, Sat, Mon, 11-3 Sun

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2018 Old Florida Celebration of the Arts

Design Contest Winners Selected The Old Florida Celebration of the Arts (OFCA) is proud to announce the winners of the 2018 Festival Design Contest based on the theme “What Float’s Your Boat?” The Design Contest panel had over 40 pieces of artwork from 28 different artists to choose from and the selection of a winner was difficult. In fact, after several rounds of voting, the competition ended in a tie. Congratulations to winners Clint Eagar, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, for his entry “Floating” and Miriam Novack, Gainesville, FL for her entry “Float My Boat.” The Cedar Key Arts Center is honored to have these talented life-long artists representing the Old Florida Celebration of the Arts. While Gainesville resident, Miriam Novak, may be familiar to some since she has been participating in Cedar Key’s Spring Arts Festivals for over 15 years, Clint Eagar, a relative newcomer to Santa Rosa Beach, FL only discovered the OFCA last year when the fair was recognized as one of the Top 10 Art Fairs in America.


Both Miriam and Clint were aware of their passion for art early, and, had the opportunity to begin their formal education in the arts at a younger age than most artists. Both artists were inspired and encouraged by family members to pursue art. Clint applied and was accepted to the Johannesburg School of Art in 8th grade and Miriam attended Erasmus High School in New York which allowed her to graduate with a Major in Fine Arts beginning in middle school. Clint completed his Fine Arts Education at the Fashion and Arts Institute in Dallas, Tx after immigrating to the States in 1981. Miriam graduated with Honors in Art from Brooklyn College of the City of New York in the early 70’s.

18 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

After teaching art to middle schoolers out of college, Miriam moved with her husband to Florida in the 1974. Her focus at that time was wood sculpture, but she also enjoyed and won awards for her photography, and fell in love with outdoor art festivals as a way to share her art and interact with and be inspired by visitors to her booth. After having her home destroyed in Hurricane Andrew and there was nowhere to do her sculpture, she discovered a renewed love for painting returning to the circular themes that had enchanted her since childhood. In 1992, she won Best of Show at the South Miami Art Festival, in 2007 she had a one-women show entitled “Evolution” at the Thomas Center Main Gallery and she has been the design contest winner for the Downtown Gainesville Art Show (2006) and Winter Fine Arts Festival in Tioga (2014). More of her work can be seen on her website at Clint’s career took off soon after graduation, when his talents were recognized by production art company based out of Miami with retail galleries in Florida and Texas and he was given the opportunity to open his own Design Studio in Dallas, which was followed by work with Frontline Graphics and Figi Graphics in California. As a graphic design artist his work became popular around the world and at the age of 23 he established his own Design Consulting Firm in Taiwan designing, manufacturing and distributing gifts. After returning to the US in the mid-90’s his work expanded to Industrial Design Products where he designed and distributed for familiar names such as Disney, Kirkland, JC Penny, and Pier I and most recently worked with Golf and Fitness designing training aids for large sporting retail stores like Sports Authority and Dick’s Sporting Goods.


Several years ago, Clint decided it was time to step away from Production Art and “return to his roots.” He has opened a studio in Santa Rosa Beach ( His work has been recently featured in Home Accents Today (2017) and, if you are a NetFlix fan, you may have seen several of his pieces featured on Grace and Frankie, Season 4. Both artists were inspired by the theme, “What Floats Your Boat?” Miriam’s love of Cedar Key had inspired a series of paintings a couple of years ago, but she said when she heard this year’s theme she knew it was right up her alley and created Floating My Boat especially for the competition. Clint has fallen in love with his new coastal home and had been recently working on boats. In his artwork entitled Floating he worked in layers to create the appearance of old wood, painted over and over, peacefully resting on calm waters. Plan to see additional pieces of artwork from these and over 100 other invited artists at the 2018 Old Florida Celebration of the Arts in Cedar Key, March 24 & 25. For more information check out our website at or contact us at Submitted by: Bev Ringenberg, Advertising and Promotions Committee, Old Florida Celebration of the Arts. Contact: 352-543-5400.

Photo Credits 1. Miriam Novack, Gainesville, “Float My Boat.” 2. Clint Eagar, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, “Floating.”

Annual Spring Arts Festival March 24–25, 2018

Cedar Key Florida

120 Fine Artists & Craftsmen

Artist Demonstrations, Food, Music, & Kids Activities. Free and Pet-­Friendly

Small Town Hospitality in the Center of Florida’s Nature Coast | 352-543-5400 Sponsored By

Proceeds benefit the Cedar Key Arts Center and Local Non-­Profit Organizations • 19

20 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

Serving The Hidden Coast for Over 35 Years!

SPANN’S Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.


Sales-Service-Installation Hwy. 129 between Chiefland and Trenton

• Manual D&J and Energy Forms Voted Levy County’s Best Heating & A/C Service, • Mobile Homes/ Houses/Businesses 2010-2014, 2016 & 2017 Licensed & Insured | RA 0029414 Serving the Tri-County Area Since 1975

Troke Realty, Inc.

730 E Wade St. Trenton FL 32693 Tel. (352) 463-7075 | Cell (352) 493-3539

What are the tides looking like today? Scan the QR Code to Check Tides Anywhere on The Hidden Coast.

“Our Customers Come First” -Comfort Plus Dealer-

Welcome to Inglis & Yankeetown! At the mouth of the Withlacoochee River.

Mar 31st, 2018 2pm-8pm

For more event details: Elvis Presley Was Here!

Follow That Dream is a 1962 musical film starring Elvis Presley made by Mirisch Productions. Filming began July 6, 1961 in the summer heat of Florida. It was filmed in Citrus, Marion, and Levy Counties, specifically Inverness, Ocala, Yankeetown, Inglisn... (To read more go to • 21





Saturday, February 24, 2018 in Cedar Key, FL Coastal Heritage 5K

Runners of all ages can follow a route winding through downtown Cedar Key and along the historic waterfront. Race starts 9 a.m. at Lil Shark Park (192 2nd St) in Cedar Key. Register at in advance or day of race at 6:30 a.m.

Atsena Otie Kayak Challenge

For kayakers ages 18 and above. Starts at the beach in downtown Cedar Key at 10:15 a.m., runs around and through Atsena Otie Key and back to the beach.


invites all ages to build your own boat from recyclable materials and enter the race at G Street and 3rd Street starting at 11:15 a.m. (Boats with children require 1 adult).

Lunch and a silent auction will be held at noon. Proceeds from this event will support a new aquarium at the UF/IFAS Nature Coast Biological Station, Support to Cedar Key School and International Coastal Cleanup scheduled fall 2018.

Register at:

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Pirate Invasion December 1-3, 2017


A Cedar Key Christmas Saturday, Dec. 9, 2017

Monday - Saturday 10-4 Sunday 11-3

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22 • Florida’s The Hidden Coast

We have something for everyone on the list!

Capt. Tom Cushman | 386-623-0243

Runnin’ Out Fishing Charters

Cedar Key Marina II & “Hooked Up” Charters

Faraway Inn

847 3rd Street Cedar Key, FL 1-352-543-5330 Pets Welcome!

12780 SR 24, Cedar Key, FL LGBTQ


Faraway Inn is set within a quiet, attractive residential area, but within a short 5 minute walk past Victorian and traditional Cracker homes to restaurants, bars, convenience stores, shops, boat launches, the public beach and the city dock.

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WiFi~Canoes~Kayaks~Bicycles~Covered Pavilion Cable TV~Movie Channel~Grills~DVDs~Games Books~Free Local Calls~Golf Cart Rental On-Site Vehicle and Boat Parking


Any Bait

$50 off

Labor on any Boat Repair

Boat Rentals • Lodging Boat Repairs • Boat Storage All Your Fishing Needs Authorized Yamaha & Key West Boat Dealer! AUTHORIZED DEALER All accommodations are ground floor, spread out over half of a city block of shaded flowered gardens.

KEY WEST BOATS | Email us at

• 7 Wildlife Management Areas • 9 Public Boat Ramps for small boats and kayak/canoe launching • Phenomenal Fishing and Scalloping • Restaurants, lodging, gift shops, grocery, hardware & boat rental • Year round events and more!

We offer guides for fishing & scallop season, vacation rentals, sleeping accomodations and restaurants for both Jena and Steinhatchee.

Photo Courtesy of: Kim Kennedy @simplysteinhatchee

Christmas in the Park December 1 - December 3

The Community Center grounds are decorated and all the lights are up for the arrival of Santa Claus. Area children lineup to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Claus, have hot dogs and hot chocolate, and go home with a Christmas stocking! (Lights remain up until after New Years Day)

Steinhatchee is the place to settle for a night, a month or longer. • 23

The Marina

262 3rd St. • Horseshoe Beach We offer good rates an You’ll see nature in Florida’s Last Frontier d great hospitality! all it’s beauty! (352) 498-5405

Featuring Jake’s Waterfront Lounge and marine gas. Now open Fri. and Sat. 4-12 with live music weekends.

We also rent kayaks, bicycles, golf carts, fishing poles, crab traps plus a full line of scalloping supplies. Kayak Our Beautiful Shoreline!

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The Only Boat Lift in Horseshoe Beach!

November, 2017  
November, 2017