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She Breathes Fire Sometimes we meet certain individuals that without knowing can touch our lives and give us something so special that carries on into greatness. A couple of years ago a man named Matt Herring had just that opportunity when by chance he met a venue owner who handed him a CD and says, “Kid, this is what I did when I was young once like you.” It turned out that this certain individual with that special greatness turned out to be Billy Spunke from a Chicago-based band names Blue Meanies. Matt had been waiting on the moment when the right personalities and talents would fuse together to make the right opportunity. Then in 2010 he finally found himself in a situation where people like Taylor Gates, who wails on the drums, Daniel Spayde who slaps the bass, Cole Shuffield on guitar, Seth McBay screams and Catie Fortner sings lead and Matt plays guitar and sings. What a new found family! And so with six special talents SHE BREATHES FIRE was born. Their loyal listeners refer to them as bad-ass metal rock but also including modern and alternative. She Breathes Fire is fairly mainstream but also incorporates subtle hints of sub-styles from other genres with inspiration from Trent Reznor (NIN) Maynard James Keenan (Tool / APC) and Saul Williams. It didn’t take long for the band to become popular. They found themselves traveling out of state to record professionally and still continue to grow and accomplish things in a short amount of time. I asked them if it is hard on the road with so many people together at one time. I found the reply heartfelt and definitely could tell there was love for one another when they said, “Even though it’s important to choose talent over friendship when putting together a band that you plan to become successful with in the music industry, it’s just as important to develop lasting relationships with every member of the band that you put together. As with family, you’re always going to have your quarrels. We do have our days when it’s hard to get along, but those days are generally few and far between. When conflicts do arise, they’re generally trivial and short lived because underneath it all we each care about the same thing and that is the music.” Matt writes and so does Catie their words relate a message of perseverance. Life struggles and strife but coming out of the turmoil as well, stomping off the shit from our shoes and carrying on. Most writers and a majority of music does have its everyday complaints filled in the chorus with constant whining and bitching of how much life sucks and bleeding hearts and yadda yadda yadda. However, there is something special whenever you can sing the words to a

tune that actually offer some optimism, and that’s what makes She Breathes Fire so magnanimous. We as humans do get tested every day in life and as humans it is in our nature to carry on. As a writer of music Matt sits down and becomes one with his material immersing himself completely in his work. His life philosophy is “You have to break your back to make things happen for yourself, they are not going to happen on their own.” Kind of reminds me of Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck, by Prong. He has met celebrities during his time on the road, Celebrities like Drowning Pool, Saliva, and Crossfade. Which just makes his yearning for success more powerful. They just finished their 2011 EP at Starlight Studios in Orlando and will be back in Florida in January. You can purchase their songs on ITUNES. You can find an array of their tittles like Alone in Hell, Misfits, Dead Planet, Angel Eyes, Electric and Not Enough. All of them are very popular and everyone seems to be on the She Breathes Fire kick. If your pocket is low and you still want to be in the mix go onto shebreathesfire and hear them there. The website www.shebreathesfire is very popular and of course so is the cyber city of the world Facebook. They have a bangpage where they repay loyal fans that come up with new ideas and help expand their network. So go check it out get rewarded with some awesome music and goodies see all the exciting stuff they have to offer. This is one band you don’t want to miss and we will be seeing them in January until then keep rocking!


lived because underneath it all we each care about the same porates subtle hints of sub-styles from other genres with inspiration from Trent...

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