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WHAT LEGENDS ARE MADE OF ROGER DAULTRY - PERFORMING TOMMY @ SEMINOLE HARD ROCK SEPT.13 When I was 12 i saw the WHO and was inspired to become the musician that I am today they were well The WHO. I had to see Daultry do TOMMY and he was incredible, his voice was in great shape hitting every note. The band was very impressive Pete Townsands brother Simon playing quitar. They did the complete opera and then another hour of The Who and Daultry's originals. In classic Daultry style he threw his head back and belted out like he was a 20 year old simply amazing the entire show, he truly to this day is one of my hero's. ANIMAL


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What can you say ??? These guys kick AXX, billed as one of the heaviest bands around, when they take the stage they ‘re like are a machine that mows you down. WHO WAS I toured in Europe's Tolman Slovania' 2010 Metal Camp 10 playing the main stage with the best metal bands in the world and in the U.S. veniews like the House of Blues and the Hard Rocks. They say there a bunch of heavy metal Melbourne good ole boys (Darwood - vocals, Stevie natural - guitar/vocals, Stocephas guitar/vocals, Bill "Roche" Rose - bass, Aaron "DD drum killer") playing a unique style of KENTUCKY DEATH GRASS???? These guys are a must see for any metal fan. ANIMAL