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Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A. Immigration, International, Corporate, Real Estate Law

Genilde Elite Guerra Attorney at Law 800 Brickell Avenue, Suite #701 Miami, FL 33131 - U.S.A. Phone: (+1) 305-372-0222 Facsimile: (+1) 305-372-0400 Email: Personal Website: Company Website:

PROFILE Genilde E. Guerra is a Partner at the Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A., Miami, Florida. A BrazilianAmerican born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Ms. Guerra obtained her Jurist Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law. She is licensed to practice in Florida and Washington D.C., the Superior Courts of England and Wales and its Commonwealth Jurisdictions. Admitted to the Florida and Washington, D.C. Bar, she also holds a Bachelor Degree in International Trade from Barry University and various extension degrees in International Law, European Union Law, International Commerce and Marketing from institutions such as Harvard University, Tulane University, Oxford University and the University College of London. She is also a fully licensed Attorney of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, which gives her the right to practice in most Commonwealth jurisdictions throughout the world, such as Hong Kong, Canada, and the Caribbean. Attorney Guerra is also licensed to practice law in Federal Courts, United States District Courts and the Southern District Court of Florida. Ms. Guerra is fluent in five languages including her native Portuguese, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

EDUCATION Jurist Doctor from the University Of Miami School Of Law. Admitted to the Florida Bar, she also holds a Bachelor degree in International Trade from Barry University and various extension degrees in International Law, European Union Law, International Commerce, and Marketing from schools such as Harvard University, Tulane, University College of London, Oxford University School of Law and Political Science.

PROFESSIONAL Ms. Guerra is the managing partner in the Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A. in Miami, Florida. The law firm assists the international community in matters related to International Law, Business and Commercial Expansions, Immigration, Global and Business Planning, Real Estate, Commercial Contracts and Negotiations, and others.

Attorney At Law Genilde Elite Guerra, Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, Updated November 5, 2013

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LANGUAGES Ms. Guerra is fluent in five languages including her native Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish and French, having been educated in Switzerland.

EXPERIENCE A frequent lecturer at prestigious international meetings, she has joined former Florida Governor Jeb Bush on key trade missions and commercial summits in England, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Dominican Republic. She has met directly with the Presidents and cabinet members of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile in the last year. More recently, she participated in a diplomatic mission targeting cultural and commercial exchange with the countries of Eastern Europe, speaking at meetings with highlevel government officials in Turkey and Jordan, and in the past months has accompanied current Florida Governor Charlie Crist on a fact-finding mission to Brazil, focused on alternative energy solutions. Further, she has been consistently involved with the United Nations Association’s – Brazil Sustainable Development Meetings with President George Bush Senior in 2007, and President Bill Clinton in several occasions, most recently in 2008. Concentrating on developing all-encompassing business plans for companies expanding their activities to the United States, she has lectured extensively on the issue, and has been published in both domestic and international publications. In addition to her Miami offices, Ms. Guerra maintains a base in Monaco, visits frequently, and enjoys many Social and Professional ties contacts within the Principality, and the European community in general. Genilde also received “The 2006 Women of Virtue in Justice Award. Among other activities, Ms. Guerra dedicates time to the televised media, participating as an international expert in several radio and TV programs in the United States and Latin America. One of her most recent TV appearance was on GenTV for an interview following the progress of a Deferred Action case. For further information about her involvement in that area, please visit Nominated an outstanding Miami Entrepreneur in 2000, Ms. Guerra has a clear focus: “Globalization is inevitable. The entrepreneur who is conscious of this fact controls the key to future success”. This phrase demonstrates how entrepreneurs guided by the Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A. can have a valuable partner in business ventures in the U.S. Given her experience in business negotiation and contract law, Ms. Guerra has naturally converged with Entertainment Law. Being a member of The Florida Bar “Entertainment, Arts, & Sports” Law Section, she has been very engaged in wide-ranging Entertainment projects around the world. Ms. Guerra has been actively involved in cases related to Music, Film, TV Production, Aspiring Talents, Fine Arts, Theatre, Visual Arts and Advertising, Sports, and other Entertainment arenas.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS & ASSOCIATIONS Miami Association of Realtors® French-American Chamber of Commerce Florida Venezuelan-American Chamber of Commerce Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce French-American Chamber American Immigration lawyers Association Florida Bar Association Florida Sister Cities Realtors Association of Greater Miami Attorney At Law Genilde Elite Guerra, Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, Updated December 3, 2013

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Centro Cultural Brazil USA Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Italian Chamber of Commerce

CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS Liga Feminina de Combate ao Cancer in Porto Alegre, Brazil The Cancer Society of Porto Alegre Zoofil do Brazil- Rio de Janeiro, Animal Rights Society. Fisher Island Philanthropic Foundation Committee Member United Way of Miami Miami Heart Research Institute Miami International Visitor Program Bal des Etoiles International Executive Committee (U.S. representative) United Nations Association - Brazil Sustainable Amazonas Foundation 14th Annual Toy Drive

SEMINARS, LECTURES, CLASSES TAUGHT Ms. Guerra has participated in several noteworthy seminars and lectures throughout Florida, and around the world including: Great Britain, Germany, Chile, Turkey, Jordan, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and others. She has lectured on the topics of immigration, citizenship, international law, corporate law, real estate law, entertainment law, and international expansions, including: The Florida Bar CLE Class for Lawyers on International Law The Florida Bar CLE Class for Lawyers on General Studies The Seminars at the Kaplan International Center The Broward County Library Immigration Seminar Series Brazilian Forum 2005, 2006 and 2007 in Florida, on Immigration and Legal Issues Miami Association of Realtors® Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce French-American Chamber

PUBLISHED ARTICLES/ WORKS “Investment Through EB-5 Program” - Forbes Brasil, Achei USA “Validity of Same-Sex Marriage” - Florida Review Magazine “Accidental” Americans Still Owe Income Tax - “Your Property Title Deed Questions Answered” “Divorce in Florida” - “Americans renouncing Citizenship to avoid paying taxes,” - “What is Estate Planning?” - Attorney At Law Genilde Elite Guerra, Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, Updated November 5, 2013

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“What is a Will?” - Haute “How to Buy Real Estate in Florida,” Tendance and lifestyle International Magazine “Compra de un Inmueble Cuál es el Primer Paso?” Hispanic Target “Conheca os Principais Pontos da Reforma Imigratoria,” 3 News USA “Compra de un Imovel nos EEUU. Qual e o primeiro passo?” Momento Brasiliero “Refinanciamiento de Imoveis,” Momento Brasiliero “Como esolher melhor financiamiento para comprar su casa,” Momento Brasiliero “Imigración saturada y complicada,” Dinero America “H1 Visas,” Mercado de Dinero “Religious Visas,” Imigrante Cristao “Extensao de Estadia,” Momento Brasiliero “Mudanca para os Estados Unidos,” Florida Review-Brazil Magazine “Deportacion,” Gente Latina “Acta de Ciudadania infantil,” Gente Latina “Operativos de Inmigracion,” Hispanic Target “Visa E-2 Para Inversionistas,” Hispanic Target “ESTA,” Imigrante Cristao “J-1 Vistos,” Imigrante Cristao “Attorney’s Role in Closing,” In Focus “Corporations-Visas for Foreign Entrepreneurs,” In Focus

ABOUT LAW OFFICES OF KRAVITZ & GUERRA, P.A. The Law Office of Kravitz & Guerra, P.A. is a comprehensive international law firm. It is focused on Immigration, Real estate, Business law, Entertainment law, and all related needs of the foreign national. Staff members are available to render assistance in several languages including Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. Areas of concentration include U.S Immigration Law, Real Estate, Business Organization, International Contracts, and Negotiations. The firm has assisted, and continues to assist more than 5000 clients worldwide, both corporate and private.

Attorney At Law Genilde Elite Guerra, Law Offices of Kravitz & Guerra, Updated December 3, 2013

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