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NOV. 2008

The Election Issue Candidate Profiles for FPA Offices Inside

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VOL. 71 | NO. 11 NOVEMBER 2008 the official publication of the florida pharmacy association


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FPA Foundation News 2009-2010 FPA Candidate Profiles

FPA News




FPA Calendar 2008-2009



19-22 ASCP Annual Meeting New Orleans, Louisiana

1 New Year's Day FPA Office Closed

27-28 Thanksgiving Holiday FPA Office Closed


December 6

Wholesaler Education Conference - at the Hyatt at Sarasota Bay Sarasota, Florida

6-7 Law and Regulatory Conference, Hyatt at Sarasota Bay Sarasota, Florida 9-10 Florida Board of Pharmacy meeting Fort Lauderdale 24-2

Christmas Holiday FPA Office Closed

Martin Luther King's Birday FPA Office Closed

Mission Statements: of the Florida Pharmacy Today Journal The Florida Pharmacy Today Journal is a peer reviewed journal which serves as a medium through which the Florida Pharmacy Association can communicate with

31 Last day to submit election ballots

the profession on advances in the sciences of

31-2/1 FPA Consultant Conference Sandestin, Florida

pharmacy, socio-economic issues bearing on


Board of Pharmacy Meeting Jacksonville MARCH

3 Legislative Session Begins 15 Deadline to Submit Resolutions

pharmacy and newsworthy items of interest to the profession. As a self-supported journal, it solicits and accepts advertising congruent with its expressed mission.

of the Florida Pharmacy Today Board of Directors The mission of the Florida Pharmacy Today

18 Florida Pharmacy Health Fair Florida Capitol - Tallahassee

Board of Directors is to serve in an advisory

17-19 Legislative Days

tive editor of the Florida Pharmacy Today

21-22 FPA Committee and Council meetings

capacity to the managing editor and execu-

Journal in the establishment and interpretation of the Journal’s policies and the management of the Journal’s fiscal responsibilities. The Board of Directors also serves to motivate the Florida Pharmacy Association members

For a complete calendar of events go to CE CREDITS (CE cycle) The Florida Board of Pharmacy requires 10 hours LIVE Continuing Education as part of the required 30 hours general education needed every license renewal period. Pharmacists should have satisfied all continuing education requirements for this biennial period by September 30, 2009 or prior to licensure renewal. *For Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Application, Exam Information and Study materials, please contact Ranada Simmons in the FPA office. For More Information on CE Programs or Events: Contact the Florida Pharmacy Association at (850) 222-2400 or visit our Web site at CONTACTS FPA — Michael Jackson (850) 222-2400 FSHP — Michael McQuone (850) 906-9333 U/F — Dan Robinson (352) 273-6240 FAMU — Leola Cleveland (850) 599-3301 NSU — Carsten Evans (954) 262-1300 DISCLAIMER Articles in this publication are designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with respect to the subject matter covered. This information is provided with the understanding that neither Florida Pharmacy Today nor the Florida Pharmacy Association are engaged in rendering legal or other professional services through this publication. If expert assistance or legal advice is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. The use of all medications or other pharmaceutical products should be used according to the recommendations of the manufacturers. Information provided by the maker of the product should always be consulted before use.

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to secure appropriate advertising to assist the

Journal in its goal of self-support.

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The President’s Viewpoint by Fritz Hayes GUEST COLUMNIST

Membership, Membership, Membership!


or successful real estate transactions, the adage is “location, location, location.” For professional associations to achieve success, “membership, membership, membership” is the key. Therefore, the Florida Pharmacy Association’s (FPA) Organizational Affairs Council has embarked upon a campaign to understand what motivates members to become part of the organization, and what barriers inhibit others from joining. Less than 20 percent of the more than 17,000 licensed pharmacists in the state of Florida are members of any state association. What is the cause of such low participation, and what can be done to motivate more pharmacists to support their professional association? Increasing membership is particularly important to the FPA for a variety of reasons. First and foremost is the financial support provided by member dues. External funding sources are more limited today and sometimes redirected to other areas of healthcare. Revenuegenerating programs that the FPA can create and implement have limited life spans, as private companies with greater resources frequently move in after the Association demonstrates the viability of the program. Second, membership numbers command attention and demonstrate the level of pharmacist involvement and resolve. Strength in membership is important not only in the legislative and regulatory processes, but also in communicating with the public on societal health concerns, assisting in overall positive patient health outcomes and in reinforcing the value-added service provided by pharmacists. Knowing that the FPA’s work has

helped pharmacy and pharmacists and that it provides a collective voice for its members doesn’t seem to be enough to motivate most pharmacists to pick up their checkbook or credit card. Even though membership costs only 53.4 cents a day (less than a cup of coffee) and represents less than 0.2% of the average income, the majority of our fellow pharmacists do not join.

Less than 20 percent of the more than 17,000 licensed pharmacists in the state of Florida are members of any state association. Organizational Affairs has been charged with analyzing membership factors, developing a strategy to increase membership, and communicating with members and non-members alike regarding the benefits and value of supporting the FPA. The overall membership campaign has three components: 1. Find out what is valued in an association by member and non-member alike. Understand the barriers to joining and concerns affecting non-members. We have developed a survey that can be utilized by leadership, staff and current members to both gather and provide information. This will enable us to be consistent in collecting the information we need to develop and provide the most desirable services we can.

Fritz Hayes, Chair, Organizational Affairs

2. Utilize the survey and get association members prepared to go out into the general pharmacy population and talk to their peers at CE programs, workplaces and through personal networks. The Association exists for one and only one reason: to benefit pharmacists and pharmacy. Ensuring the profession remains an active contributor in healthcare and that pharmacy is an integral team member in the future will require two-way communication. Without the collective voice of the Association representing and leading us, our profession could be at risk, and we could be saddled with regulations and common practices that inhibit our ability to function professionally. However, it is just as important for the Association to listen to the membership to ensure that real value is offered. 3. Include feedback from pharmacy support staff and future professionals. We want technician participation and feedback, and we have active stuNOVEMBER 2008



United Drugs – Pharmacy Today

Stretched to the


We’ve got a Net! Where everything is possible.


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dent representation on the Organizational Affairs Council. We have initiated a student version of the survey and a communication plan as well. Student concerns, values and ideas will drive pharmacy’s path and need to be considered now. Once we have compiled the information from these efforts, we will seek ways to include the valued services and programs to the Association’s offerings. The success of these membership efforts is dependent on YOU. We need you to communicate on behalf of your association, to utilize your network contacts and to actively bring new members into the Association. While your Association provides you with many benefits, it can only be effective with your support and participation. Without membership we won’t have an Association, without an Association we leave the profession unrepresented and its existence at risk. Most people have many things going on in their lives, and their ability to be active in an association changes over time. For most of us, however, an unchanging fact is that our profession provides the income that supports our busy lives. Even if we can’t always commit our time, we can all demonstrate commitment through joining. Isn’t making a small financial investment (Association dues) in your profession worthwhile? We are thankful that the thousands of you reading this article have made the commitment to invest in our profession through sustained membership. Perhaps we all can work together to spread the word to nonmember pharmacists to encourage them to affiliate with an organization whose primary mission is the profession of pharmacy. n Fritz Hayes Chair, Organizational Affairs

Executive Insight by michael jackson, RPhPresident and CEO By Michael Jackson, FPA Executive Vice

Preparing for Florida’s New Pharmacy Technician Laws


arlier this year, the Florida Legislature reviewed several proposals to address the status of pharmacist technicians. Several bills were filed seeking to identify and credential individuals assisting pharmacists in their efforts to provide patient care. Senate Bill 1360 was found favorable by both the Florida House and Senate and signed by Governor Crist (see the June 2008 issue of Florida Pharmacy Today and the May 1, 2008 issue of Stat News). Prior to the passage of Senate Bill 1360, Florida Statutes 465.014 provided the definition of what technicians are and what they are permitted to do. This section of Florida pharmacy law allowed pharmacists to delegate certain tasks as long as they are not considered the practice of the profession of pharmacy as defined in F.S. 465.003 (13). Those tasks in 465.003 are mostly functions that require the professional judgment of either a licensed pharmacist or a registered intern under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Technicians can, however, initiate or receive communications with a practitioner, or her or his agent, regarding refill authorization requests if doing so under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. They cannot receive a new prescription from the practitioner’s office and should refer such communication to either the supervising pharmacist or to an intern under the supervision of a pharmacist. For example, if a technician is receiving a refill authorization request and the prescriber changes the dosage, dosage form or frequency of administration, then this should be considered a new prescription and handled by the pharmacist on duty.

Florida state laws allow pharmacists to supervise one technician, however, you can increase the pharmacist to technician ratio to 3:1 if the pharmacy files a request before the Florida Board of Pharmacy. Such requests should be in writing and should include the name and address on the permit, the permit number, and the name and license number of the prescription department

There were no requirements for technician training, registration or credentialing in Florida law prior to the governor signing Senate Bill 1360. manager. Rules 64b-16-27.410 and 64b1627.420 provide additional guidance on pharmacist technician duties and responsibilities. There were no requirements for technician training, registration or credentialing in Florida law prior to the governor signing Senate Bill 1360. The only requirement to be a pharmacist technician in Florida was that this individual had to identify themselves as a pharmacist technician by wearing a name badge that includes their name and rank as “Pharmacy Technician,” or in the case of a telephone conversation, verbally identify themselves as a pharmacy technician. If the technicians are communicating by fax or any other means, it is highly recommended that they include their name and the desig-

Michael Jackson

nation “pharmacy technician” on the fax, e-mail etc. What’s new with Senate Bill 1360? This legislation added new requirements to Florida Statutes 465.014 for pharmacies that have technicians working in them. A review of these requirements is as follows: ■■ It directs the Florida Board of Pharmacy to write rules on the registration process for pharmacist technicians. ■■ It requires pharmacy technicians to register and pay a fee no greater than $50 with the Florida Board of Pharmacy by January 1, 2010. ■■ The minimum age for registered pharmacist technicians will be 17. ■■ It exempts pharmacy technician students enrolled in Board-approved training programs from having to register. ■■ It exempts pharmacy technician students from having to register as pharmacy technicians. ■■ It requires 20 hours of technician continuing education for registered NOVEMBER 2008



FPA Staff Executive Vice President/CEO Michael Jackson (850) 222-2400, ext. 200

Director of Pharmacy Services Tian Merren, ext. 120 Director of Membership Gillian Nolden. ext. 110 Controller Wanda Hall , ext. 211 Pharmacy Services Admin. Asst. Ranada Simmons , ext. 121 Pharmacy Services Office Asst. Stacey Brooks , ext. 122 Communication Services Admin. Asst. Leroy Smith , ext. 220 Receptionist/Meeting Planner Catherine Walker , ext. 230 Florida Pharmacy Today Board Chairman................................................... Dick Witas, Odessa Treasurer...............................Stephen Grabowski, Tampa Secretary.........................Stuart Ulrich, Boynton Beach Member..................................... Joseph Koptowsky, Miami Executive Editor.........Michael Jackson, Tallahassee Managing Editor.........................Dave Fiore, Tallahassee

This is a peer reviewed publication. ©2008, FLORIDA PHARMACY JOURNAL, INC. ARTICLE ACCEPTANCE: The Florida Pharmacy Today is a publication that welcomes articles that have a direct pertinence to the current practice of pharmacy. All articles are subject to review by the Publication Review Committee, editors and other outside referees. Submitted articles are received with the understanding that they are not being considered by another publication. All articles become the property of the Florida Pharmacy Today and may not be published without written permission from both the author and the Florida Pharmacy Today. The Florida Pharmacy Association assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions made by the authors to the Florida Pharmacy Today. The Journal of the Florida Pharmacy Association does not accept for publication articles or letters concerning religion, politics or any other subject the editors/ publishers deem unsuitable for the readership of this journal. In addition, The Journal does not accept advertising material from persons who are running for office in the association. The editors reserve the right to edit all materials submitted for publication. Letters and materials submitted for consideration for publication may be subject to review by the Editorial Review Board. FLORIDA PHARMACY TODAY, Annual subscription - United States and foreign, Individual $36; Institution $70/year; $5.00 single copies. Florida residents add 7% sales tax. Florida Pharmacy Association

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Florida Pharmacy TodaY

pharmacy technicians (four hours must be live and two hours must be related to medication errors and pharmacy laws). ■■ It gives disciplinary authority to the Board of Pharmacy for technicians who violate certain provisions of 465 and 456 F.S. ■■ It requires technicians to have either completed a training program approved by the Board of Pharmacy, worked as a pharmacy technician for at least 1,500 hours under a licensed pharmacist or has been certified by a program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. ■■ It makes it unlawful for a person to hold himself or herself out to be a registered technician if not in compliance with this law. Florida’s Board of Pharmacy is now beginning rulemaking to implement the changes directed by the Legislature in Senate Bill 1360. It is our understanding that the Board may be looking at more than 40,000 pharmacy technician records that will be created over the next several years. This includes an implementation plan for grandfathering in technicians currently employed in pharmacies. While various versions of rules are being drafted and brought to the table, of interest to the membership is what to expect over the next few years. We anticipate that by the fourth quarter of 2009 the rule should be finalized and the application process for pharmacy technicians to be opened. By January 1, 2010, pharmacy technicians should be registered and be at least 17 years of age. All “registered” technicians, whether certified or not

by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB), should plan to do 20 hours of continuing education, of which four hours are live and two hours are related to medication error CE, before they renew their registration. We suspect that the technician renewal period will be on a biennial basis, so it is highly possible that technicians will renew every other year unless the Department of Health chooses to establish a different schedule. In looking at the new law, it appears that pharmacy technicians wishing to register with the Department will have to show evidence that they have completed a training program by January 1, 2011. There is a grandfather exemption that would allow registration of pharmacy technicians who either completed a Board-approved training program, have been certified through a credentialing program accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or have demonstrated having worked under a licensed pharmacist for 1,500 hours. We cannot determine at this time if these training program exemptions are allowed beyond January 1, 2011, though both FPA and FSHP are in discussion with the Department of Health during rule development. As these provisions move forward, it is highly recommended that our membership stay informed of any changes. These rules will most likely be discussed at the next Board of Pharmacy meeting in Fort Lauderdale on December 9-10, 2008. We will be publishing additional information on the FPA Web site and in Stat News when it becomes available. n

Attention FPA Members This is a reminder that online journal issues are posted to www. by the 20th of every month. Budget limitations are preventing the mailing of reminder postcards on the months in which there is not also a printed journal, but you will receive notice through the FPA’s Stat News e-mail newsletter.

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The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go Kenneth Norfleet, Florida Pharmacy Foundation President, Retires After 42 Years of Pharmacy Practice by PATSEY J. POWERS FOUNDATION EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT After 42 years practicing pharmacy, Ken decided he and Mina should enjoy more leisure time and work on building a home in Mountain City, TN. Ken sold his business, Sunshine Wellness Center, Brooksville FL, to his niece, Jennifer Bridges. Jenni, a pharmacist, has been working in the Center for several years. In appreciation to their many customers, Ken and Mina held a barbecue party, a farewell and “thank you” for nearly 200 guests at the Tom Varn Community Park, Brooksville. There was food galore, helium balloons decorating all the picnic tables, a DJ playing an assorted number of songs and kids running around everywhere. Many customers and friends took the time to thank Ken for his caring nature and the commitment he gave to providing better healthcare for his customers.


ABOVE (L-R) Manning the registration desk Kristen Norfleet, daughter, and Mina’s best friend Kim Brown. Your nametag was your ticket to the barbecue of chicken, pork ribs, shredded pork, coleslaw, baked beans etc. ABOVE RIGHT (center) Ken greets his daughter, Courtney and son-in-law, Jamie Saranko. LEFT Three generations of the Winslett family: (far left) Bertha Winslett, mother, Farrah Badger, daughter, and (r) Felecia Thomas granddaughter enjoying good ole Southern barbecue.



Florida Pharmacy TodaY

ABOVE Friends of pharmacy, the Miller family: Bob, Lynda and daughter Katie, came to wish Ken and Mina well with their new lifestyle. ABOVE RIGHT (L-R) Mina and Ken Norfleet with Pat and Jim Powers enjoying the activities. BELOW Clara and John Morton, longtime customers, take time out to thank Ken for the loyalty and personal care he gave them.

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2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 F P A CA N D I D A T E S

FPA Candidates for 2009-2010 PRESIDENT-ELECT


April Brown, Pharm.D. April Brown is a 2005 graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, cum laude. She completed rotations at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore; Cedar Sinai, Los Angeles; Mayo Clinic Hospital, Phoenix; Homeland Security BioWatch, Washington, D.C.; Patrick AirForce Base, Florida. She has experience with professional association work, pharmacy retail and administration activities, and independent clinical services and currently is working in Corporate Development, Clinical Programs & Initiatives for Sweetbay Supermarket (Network Coordinator for 10 City Challenge (Manatee), student rotations and preceptorship, and development of MTM services program training and binders. April is Immunization and BCLS certified and serves as a Reviewer for Annals of Pharmacotherapy and JAPhA (MTMS). And, most importantly, she is a super-big fan of the FPA and her FPA family of colleagues. She is previous FPA Director of Pharmacy Services, has worked with the Academy of Pharmacy Practice and created an education track for APP Meeting. She has served as Network Coordinator for 10 City Challenge (Pinellas) as well as director of AHCA’s Medicaid Retrospective Drug Utilization Review Program—FPA subcontract service. Current development of ‘proposed’ Florida Immunization Binder for all pharmacist practices. ■■ Annual Medicare Part D Presentations to various retirement communities (since 2005). ■■ Development of Immunization program for upcoming flu season to serve Hispanic communities in Naples, FL. ■■ Advisory Board Member for Pharmacy Technician school—support for curriculum content, campus speaker, and student development.

Humberto S. Martinez, B.Pharm.,R. Ph.,M.D. Humberto S. Martinez is an alumnus of Florida A&M University, School of Pharmacy and graduated with an M.D. degree from CETEC University in the Dominican Republic. He is currently the Pharmacy Manager at Navarro Pharmacy #4 in Miami. In the past, he was an owner of his own independent pharmacy for over 12 years and has experience in working with a major chain pharmacy for over 11 years. He has received certifications in Pharmacy-Based Immunization Delivery and Mass Antibiotic Dispensing. He also has been trained as a Technical Specialist in Pharmacy for the Florida Department of Health ESF8 and as a Medical Reserve Corp volunteer for Miami-Dade County Department of Health. Currently, he is a member of the FPA Public Affairs Council. Also, he is Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Miami-Dade Health Fair and the FPA liason to the Florida Department of Health in Emergency Preparedness. In the past, he has been the Chair for the Public Affairs Council, Professional Affairs Council, and the Organizational Affairs Council. Also, he has been Vice-Speaker and Speaker of the FPA House of Delegates. He has served has a member of several other FPA councils and committees. On the local level, he is currently the Chairman of Interamerican Pharmacists Association (IPA) and a member of the Dade County Pharmacy Association Executive Committee. He has twice been President of the Interamerican Pharmacists Association and Dade County Pharmacy Association. He has been the IPA C.E. Program Director for the past 20 years. In the past, he has chaired several committees in both associations and been an active member on others.

Position Statement ■■



My priorities will include: Provision of a complete Florida Immunization Binder for use by Florida pharmacists to implement immunization programs (for independently-acting pharmacists and employed pharmacists (community & hospital). Work with educational affairs council for special CE programming to include: Immunization ‘gear-up’; CLIA waiver testing requirements & training; Managed Care entities and the pharmacist provider; Unraveling the structure and departments within Medicare & Medicaid; and Discover FPA—a presentation of the Association by department with explanation of the various offices and duties. |

Florida Pharmacy TodaY

Position Statement

The decision to run for President-Elect of the Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA) is an important decision that is not taken lightly and it requires a commitment of three year’s dedication to work on behalf of all its members. I am prepared to take on this commitment to the association and I ask for your vote. Through all the years that I have been actively involved with the association, I have been inspired by the strong and visionary leadership that we have had. Working across the spectrum of the organization and applying those experiences with my leadership style has made me ready for the work to

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04480 Hensley/RX Relief Florida Pharmacy Today—1/4 pg ad (3.5”x4.75”)

Are you “In the Loop?” Don’t miss the next issue of the . all-new StatNews, the FPA’s official e-mail newsletter. Open it. Read it. Know it. StatNews is a member service of the Florida Pharmacy Association. For membership information, contact or call 850222-2400 and ask for Gillian.




2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 F P A CA N D I D A T E S be done in the future. I feel the time is right for me to complement the efforts made so far. Many of you that know me, already know the dedication that I have for this association and have seen that I have the ability to accomplish what has to be done. I have a persistent attention to where we need to go and am always ready to face the challenges and obstacles that need to be done to make things happen. I’ve always felt that we can only forge ahead as a profession, by listening to each other and understanding our needs and then acting on our collective goals. I certainly understand the critical challenges the Association faces in the future: ■■ Increasing membership ■■ Increasing non-dues revenue ■■ Fighting for pharmacist cognitive reimbursement ■■ Staving off the legislative attacks that limit or saddle pharmacy with increased burdens These are serious and real threats. I am not one to spend much time on talking and worrying. I find my time is better spent listening and acting. I have some ideas and thoughts on how we can work through these challenges. But I firmly believe that this can be done with the help and involvement of us all. My work in mentoring and getting others involved by financially supporting student involvement programs such as Adopt-A-Student and local and state committee participation has helped me understand the value of listening to pharmacy students – by working with and encouraging involvement of pharmacy technicians at the state and local level. And also, listening to their workplace issues and ensuring that their CE programming needs are met has helped me to better understand the vital role and value that pharmacy technicians bring to the profession. I attended my first FPA convention in 1984 as a delegate for my local pharmacy association. Before that I was only active in my local association, but that convention hooked me on the FPA’s mission. At that convention, I volunteered to be a member on my first council and served on several others after that. Since that time, I have chaired three of these councils. I really enjoyed serving as the FPA Vice-Speaker of the House of Delegates and as the Speaker. During my time as an officer of the FPA, I was always ready to serve in whatever capacity that was needed. I have always said that I am here to serve and to listen to all the members. I am driven by the principles that we can always do better in: ■■ Communication between the FPA and local units ■■ Listening to all the members to understand their needs ■■ Helping the pharmacy students as they become practicing pharmacists ■■ Listening to the concerns and involving pharmacy technicians. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the FPA in many leadership capacities. I would consider it an honor to have the opportunity to 14


Florida Pharmacy TodaY

humbly serve as the members President-Elect. I would appreciate your consideration and support in the upcoming election. I am here to serve and thank you!

TREASURER Anita Thompson Anita Thompson has been a hospital pharmacist at St. Vincent’s Medical Center for 22 years. She is a native Floridian and has fond memories from all areas of the state. Growing up in south Florida, her family moved from Stuart to Key West then to Miami. After graduating from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy she worked in Pensacola and Orlando before settling down in Jacksonville. Her late husband, Harry Thompson, was also a pharmacist, and through the years they owned three community pharmacies in Jacksonville and raised three sons. To encourage the children she was active in Boy Scouts as treasurer of the troop committee, and chair of many P-TA committees including president of their high school P-TA. She has been active in her parish church as president of the parish council, chair of the finance committee, and in the wider church community as president of the St. Augustine Council of Catholic Women and several committees of the Florida Council of Catholic Women including the audit committee. At UF she was president of Kappa Epsilon and received the Audrey McCann Woman Pharmacist of the Year award in 1991. She is currently a member the UF College of Pharmacy Advisory Committee. She has been active in the Duval County Pharmacy Association as secretary and president. She served on the Florida Pharmacy Association Public Affairs and Organizational Affairs Committees and has represented Region 3 on the FPA Executive Committee for many years. POSITION STATEMENT

Among my many blessings, I count my decision to enter the profession of pharmacy as one of the most important and beneficial choices I have made. There are few professions in which you can feel that your input really makes a difference in the quality of the lives of others; pharmacy provides that. And the financial rewards are an added plus. Outside forces, insurance carriers, government, etc. are constantly trying to reduce those financial rewards and interfere with the autonomy of the practicing pharmacist. That is why it is important to support FPA, APhA and other professional organizations who lobby on our behalf. That is why we must all be vigilant when the legislature is in session and contact our leg-

2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 F P A CA N D I D A T E S islators when our professional advocates raise the alarm. Because of letters, e-mails and phone calls by grassroots pharmacists many privileges (RPh immunization) and adverse restrictions (negative formulary) have gone in our favor in the legislature. It is also incumbent upon us to stay on top of new trends in pharmacy and to take advantage of new opportunities. The many and diverse continuing education opportunities offered by FPA allow us to do that, it is our choice whether to take advantage of these offerings and advance the practice or to sit behind our counters and fill in the blanks on a mail-in CE test. I chose to attend these courses, to become a Consultant Pharmacist and continue the ever-evolving practice of pharmacy. In these difficult economic times it is imperative that we at Florida Pharmacy Association make the best use of our available resources. I have been involved in formulating and monitoring budgets for my family, our 3 community pharmacies, my children’s school P-TA, various church organizations and as chair of the finance committee of my church. We should continue to encourage our colleagues to join the premier pharmacy organization in the state, and we should also monitor our expenditures and continue to get the best value for our dollar. I will be honored to serve as your treasurer and promise to work for the best interests of the members of FPA.

Aderiane Hames-Lynch, PharmD Aderiane Hames-Lynch, PharmD, is Owner and CEO of Hames Healthcare, Inc., a Pharmacy Staffing and Consulting Agency, founded in 1999. She has practiced pharmacy in retail and managed both hospital and home healthcare pharmacies. Aderiane spent five years working with The Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA) serving on the Florida Medicaid Retrospective Drug Utilization Review (RDUR) Committee and currently provides diabetes education to The Pinellas County Sheriff Department with American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) Diabetes Ten-City Challenge, facilitated by FPA. Aderiane has participated in many community activities including Pinellas County Great American Teach-In, Channel 10 News WTSP "Help Line: Ask a Pharmacist? Drug Interaction with Vitamins/Herbs" and writer of the former column, “Healthy Medicine” in St. Petersburg Weekly Challenger Newspaper. Dr. Hames-Lynch currently serves on Revealing Truth Ministries of St. Petersburg Beach Finance Committee and is Vice President and Co-Owner of Q Properties, LLC Real Estate Investing. Other leadership positions held by Aderiane include President of Southside Christian Academy Parent and Teacher Organization, Vice President of Rho Chi Pharmacy Honor Society, Gamma Zeta Chapter; and Secretary of Mo’ Money Investment Club. Dr. Hames-Lynch earned her Doctor of Pharmacy degree

at Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy graduating Summa Cum Laude in 1996. In addition to being a Florida Consultant Pharmacist, she holds Certificates from both The American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) in Pharmaceutical Care for Patients with Diabetes and The Texas Pharmacy Association in Phytomedicinals and Alternative Medicine. Aderiane is the FPA 2008 recipient of the Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award. Position Statement

I am honored to be nominated for the position of Treasurer for The Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA). It is my desire to take an active role in The Florida Pharmacy Association continuous effort aimed at improving the practice of pharmacy. Over the past couple of months, I have had the opportunity to speak with several members of the FPA and a past President who encouraged me to run for this position. My interest in the position is primarily centered on my experience as a successful business owner and my ability to handle finance and manage money. My qualifications for the position include several leadership and financial roles as a business owner, pharmacy manager and member of the finance committee at my church. Being prepared, confident, and positive has helped me succeed in these previous mentioned positions. I also believe these roles have equipped me to take on a position of Treasurer with FPA. In this time of unparalleled changes in healthcare, we need leaders who can blend clinical pharmacy knowledge with business experience. Most importantly, we need leadership that can inspire passion in our current and future generation of pharmacists. Our current Treasurer, Michael Mone’, has done an excellent job and I will have big shoes to fill, however I am confident that I can do a great job. Fortunately, I have been blessed with opportunities throughout my career in pharmacy and business to strengthen my financial skills. The ownership of two successful businesses has greatly increased my knowledge of business operations and management. I am excited about the future of The Florida Pharmacy Association and look forward to the prospect of serving, representing and assisting Florida Pharmacists to advance the profession and the practice of pharmacy.

Don Bergemann Don Bergemann is a native of Illinois and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Illinois-Chicago. He earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Florida in Tampa. Don has enjoyed a very diverse professional career. He has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare. That experience includes 18 years of active pharNOVEMBER 2007



2 0 0 9 - 2 0 1 0 F P A CA N D I D A T E S macy practice including management positions in hospital, home IV, and retail pharmacy. He also has 15 plus years of experience in the medical information systems field, 10 years as a clinical systems analyst and the balance as a consultant. Currently, he is president of Bergemann Consulting Enterprises, Inc. He has done consulting work in the following areas: retail pharmacy salability analysis, customer attractiveness, valuation analysis, start-up feasibility, location analysis, and medical information systems. Mr. Bergemann has been and continues to be actively involved in professional organizations. He has held numerous offices and committee appointments within pharmacy associations at both the local and state levels. He is a past treasurer, a past Speaker of the House of Delegates, and is the immediate past president of the Florida Pharmacy Association. He has also been very active in the Medical Information Systems Association (a TDS/Eclipsys users group). He has chaired the annual meeting planning committee and has served as the Treasurer. Don has given presentations in both the pharmacy and medical information systems fields. He has also written articles for pharmacy journals and newsletters. He has received numerous awards and award nominations within the field of pharmacy. Position Statement

I served as treasurer of the FPA a decade ago. At that time I stated that as cultural, economic, or technological environments change so must organizational design change to keep pace and that those same dynamics may also impact an organization's financial position. At that time, many state pharmacy associations, historically considered bastions of independent pharmacy owners, were experiencing the reality of the marketplace. As the number of independent pharmacies dwindled; so too did monetary contributions above and beyond membership dues for legal and political action purposes. That continues to be true today. We were also beginning to experience a decrease in donation and grant dollars from the pharmaceutical industry as mergers and consolidations were taking place — dollars that helped support functions that took place at our annual meeting. Those dollars will continue to decrease as PhRMA’s new voluntary code of conduct will begin to change how the industry will market drugs. Today we are faced with another reality of the marketplace, the loss of retrospective DUR programs brought by the state changing their fiscal intermediary. Thus, we must now go forward with significantly less non-dues revenue than we were accustomed to. We need to reevaluate our financial dynamics. Until we can identify new sources of revenue consistent with the association’s mission statement, we must operate on a much tighter budget. As a pharmacist who has also earned a Masters Degree in 16


Florida Pharmacy TodaY

Business Administration (MBA) from the University of South Florida and has previous experience as treasurer of this organization as well as others, I believe I have the background necessary to help this association deal with these financial challenges. I hope that you will give me the opportunity to do so by voting for me.

REGION 7 DIRECTOR Kim Murray I completed my B.S. Pharmacy Degree from Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois in 1999, and currently am the Pharmacist In Charge at BioScrip Pharmacy. Over the past 3 years, I have served as the President Elect for the Palm Beach County Pharmacy Association and currently serve as the Secretary for that Association. I have been a member of the Florida Pharmacy Association for 4 years and served as the Region 7 representative during that time. Currently, this is my second year serving on the Organizational Affairs Committee for the Florida Pharmacy Association. Position Statement

The Profession of pharmacy is facing an exciting and challenging future. Pharmacists are now in a position to serve in more dynamic roles, enabling more effective and efficient patient care. We are now being viewed for our important role among the health care team as educations, immunizers and medication therapy management specialists. It is important to be able to utilize our skills and knowledge to further the advancement of our profession and receive compensation for doing so. Also, it provides better healthcare to our patients. Our profession is growing at a rapid rate and we must advocate to move forward. Recent legislative changes have supported pharmacists’ efforts for immunization but we must continue to fight for support for the betterment of our patients, healthcare, and our profession.

FPA NEWS Third Party Programs Auditing for Compliance with Legible Prescription Law The FPA has learned that insurance program auditors are checking pharmacy records for compliance with Florida’s legible prescription law. During the 2003 legislative session the Florida legislature revised laws governing health professions in general by creating Florida Statutes 456.42.  That law states as follows: A written prescription for a medicinal drug issued by a health care practitioner licensed by law to prescribe such drug must be legibly printed or typed so as to be capable of being understood by the pharmacist filling the prescription; must contain the name of the prescribing practitioner, the name and strength of the drug prescribed, the quantity of the drug prescribed in both textual and numerical formats, and the directions for use of the drug; must be dated with the month written out in textual letters; and must be signed by the prescribing practitioner on the day when issued. The law was amended in 2006 to address emerging technology surrounding electronic prescriptions. Similar language was inserted into Florida Statutes 893.04 (2) (d) during the 2007 legislative session. Auditors are examining hard copy prescription records to see if the month is written out in textual format. For example if the prescriber writes 11/3/2008 as the date written on the prescription instead of November 3, 2008 then the prescription may be considered invalid and not eligible for reimbursement because it does not meet the standard of law articulated in 893.04 (2) (d) or 456.42. This is troubling as the physician prescribed the medication, the pharmacy dispensed the product according to the prescriber’s order and patient received and signed for the medication to treat a medical condition. For now members are urged to review received prescriptions and or verify with prescribers. F.S. 893.04 allows pharmacists to verify the prescription with the prescriber and make notations on the prescription to make it compliant. MQA Files Annual Report – Licensees to Renew On-Line The Florida Department of Health Division of Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) has released its annual report on health care licensure activity. This report includes comprehensive data on pharmacy and pharmacist licensure as well as activity within the other health care professions. You can view this report at http://

pdf.  Members should also be aware that the licensure renewal program is changing at MQA. In an effort to reduce the costs associated with mailing renewal applications to the over 427,000 licensees under MQA you will begin seeing a post card reminder rather than an application. The program was first initiated for the nuclear pharmacist licenses and has now been expanded to consultants whose licenses will expire on December 31, 2008. When you receive your postcard you will see instructions on how to go on-line to the MQA web site to renew your license. Before doing so make sure that you have satisfied all of your continuing education requirements for your consultant licenses. All licensed pharmacists should see their renewal post card notices prior to the “PS” licenses expiring on September 30, 2009. Toll-Free Number for Reporting Adverse Events The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is issuing a final rule that confirms the interim final rule entitled ‘‘Toll-Free Number for Reporting Adverse Events on Labeling for Human Drug Products.’’ This rule directed the Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services to implement a proposed rule in 2004 related to adverse event reporting. This rule when implemented would require pharmacists and other authorized dispensers to distribute information that includes a toll-free number and advises that the number is to be used only for reporting side effects and is not intended for medical advice (the side effects statement). Releasing this information would be necessary if the medications dispensed do not already list the manufacturer’s contact information. The FPA has determined that this may be done one of five ways: ■■ On a sticker attached to the unit package, vial, or container of the drug product; ■■ On a preprinted pharmacy prescription vial cap; ■■ On a separate sheet of paper; ■■ In consumer medication information; or ■■ In the appropriate FDA-approved Medication Guide that contains the side effects statement. The final rule was noticed in the October 28, 2008 Federal Register . The rule takes effect November 28, 2008, with the compliance date set at July 1, 2009.




Accreditation Requirements for DMEPOS Providers Existing providers of durable medical equipment, prosthetic orthotic services (DMEPOS), with the exception of certain eligible entities that are enrolled in the Medicare program are required to obtain and submit proof of accreditation to the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC) by September 30, 2009. The NSC will revoke a DMEPOS supplier’s billing privileges on October 1, 2009. Unfortunately pharmacy providers are not one of the entities that are exempt from the DMEPOS accreditation requirement. A list of DMEPOS accreditation organizations is available on the CMS web site. The accreditation process may take up to 9 months to complete for an enrolled DMEPOS supplier that submits a complete application to the accreditation organizations and has no deficiencies to correct after and onsite-survey. All enrolled DMEPOS suppliers, except those eligible entities will need to submit a complete accreditation application to the accreditation organizations by January 31, 2009. This is to ensure that the DMEPOS supplier will receive an accreditation decision (provided that they meet the all the accreditation requirements) by September 30, 2009.  An FPA independent pharmacy ad hoc group facilitated by FPA member and Past President Theresa Tolle will be meeting at the December 6, 2008 Sarasota Law conference to discuss this issue as well as other matters affecting independent pharmacy. A coalition of national pharmacy organizations is also examining this issue with plans to appeal for an exemption for pharmacy providers. Medicaid DME providers for Florida will have to be accredited by January 1, 2008, however in the Florida provider manual for DME providers there is an exemption for pharmacies providing DME services from within the pharmacy. The accreditation requirement appears to be for free standing DME providers. Officials from Florida Medicaid will be available to answer questions during the FPA law conference in Sarasota. IRS Requires Inventory Information Approval Systems by January 1, 2009 (From APhA) Beginning January 1, 2009, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will require pharmacies to operate an inventory information approval system (IIAS) when using health benefits payment card transactions [such as flexible spending accounts (FSA) and health saving accounts (HSA)] that allow for point-of-sale deductions from a debit card for qualified medical items. Pharmacies will also need to obtain certification for IIAS. Certification will ensure that a pharmacy can accept all



Florida Pharmacy TodaY

types of FSAs and HSAs and allows retailers to identify products in their inventory that can be deducted as a qualified medical expense. The Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (SIGIS) is a voluntary industry standard solution designed to help meet the IRS requirement. SIGIS certification requires the completion of an application as well as a $250 annual certification fee. In addition, some pharmacy card readers may need to be upgraded in order to connect to the IIAS system. For more information, visit SIGIS Web site at http://www. APhA Names New Executive Vice President and CEO The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has named Thomas E. Menighan as its new Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Designate. This follows the announcement earlier this year that John A. Gans, PharmD, the current CEO, would step down as EVP after nearly 20 years of service to the organization. Menighan will begin his transition into the role of APhA CEO-Designate in the first quarter of 2009 and will assume the position of CEO on July 1. Menighan received his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSPharm) in 1974 from West Virginia University School of Pharmacy and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 1990 from Averett College. Mr. Menighan is President of SynTegra Solutions Inc., in Germantown, Maryland. The company provides supply chain and chargeback auditing and consulting in risk management, 340B Systems, anti-counterfeiting, and the technology of medication information. Menighan founded SymRx, Inc., and developed CornerDrugstore. com. FPA Launches Version 3.0 of The Florida Pharmacy Association has released its third version of our Web site This new Web design contains significant new technology and Web blog publishing features for our membership. In addition to posting blogs, members can download files published online other than PDF and participate in forum discussion groups. We also have available a more robust calendar capable of notifying members when updated of upcoming events. Our navigation and search capabilities have been enhanced along with page hit counters. Looking for this year’s issues to Florida Pharmacy Today? You will find them online. The site is best viewed using Mozilla Firefox, which is available as a free download at http://www.

MEMBERSHIP MATTERS! Email/Fax Network Hotline Receive up-to-date and up-to-the-minute information on Legislative Developments, Board of Pharmacy changes and other topics affecting the profession of pharmacy. Call FPA Member Services at (850) 222-2400 ext. 110 – gnolden@

Florida Pharmacy Association In keeping with a tradition of offering our members real benefits, the Florida Pharmacy Association (FPA) is proud to announce the introduction of sponsored Discount Benefits Program. These vendors are dedicated to providing an excellent value to all FPA members and associates. To take advantage of benefits contact the vendors directly at the numbers listed below and identify yourself as a FPA member and have your membership ID number handy.

Tax Resource Provides defense and protection of your assets when you are audited. Tax Resource will defend their clients for any income tax audit, Federal or State, for any tax year. Tax Resource pioneered the tax audit service business, and is the largest audit defense firm in the United States. Call (800) 92-AUDIT (800-922-8348). Atlantic Coupon Redemption Center Receive payment in 25 working days of coupon’s face value plus a rebate of 1/6 cents based on store volume. Call Meredith McCord (800) 223-0398. Florida Commerce Federal Credit Union The chief objective of a credit union is not generating profits for stockholders, but to provide service to its member. The members benefit by getting attractive returns on savings, loans made at fair rates of interest plus enhanced and expanded services. This is probably one of the best deals around. Call (850) 488-0035.

Other Member Benefits  Discounted Continuing Education

Programs  Monthly Issues of the Florida Phar-

macy Today Journal ITC Deltacom Offering FPA members exclusive association discounts on telecommunication services including local services, long distance, data networks, telephone systems and dedicated internet access. Call 850701-3200 or visit Pharmacy Resource Materials FPA provides the most recent and relevant resources necessary to meet your pharmacy’s law and regulation needs. This includes the Florida Pharmacy Law & Information Manual, Continuous Quality Improvement Manual, Controlled Substance Inventory Booklets and Pharmacy Signs. Please call FPA Members Services for more information: 850222-2400 ext. 110. FPA Website Visit our FPA Website at ww.pharmview. com. The site, launched in December 2004 and revised in October 2008, includes a members only section. The website offers a secure server so that you can registers for CE programs, renew your membership or purchase resources materials with your credit card.

Collection Services For past due accounts call I. C. System, Inc. Call (800) 328-9595. Bank of America Platinum Mastercard Quality for FPA’s Platinum MasterCard with no annual fee and low interest rates, offered through MBNA. Call FPA Member Services at (850) 222-2400.




C a l l

f o r

Wyeth Bowl of Hygeia Awarded to a pharmacist for outstanding community service above and beyond professional duties. The use of the following selection criteria is required: ■■ The recipient must be a Florida licensed pharmacist and a member of FPA. ■■           ■■ T recipient has not previously received the award. ■■                 on its award committee or an officer of the association in other than an ex officio capacity. ■■   has compiled an outstanding record of community service, which, apart from his/her specific identification as a pharmacist, reflects well on the profession. James H. Beal Award Awarded to the "Pharmacist of the Year." The criteria established for this award is that the recipient be a Florida registered pharmacist and a member of FPA, who has rendered outstanding service to pharmacy within the past five years.





Candidate must be a member of the Florida Pharmacy Association for at least 2 years. Candidate must have demonstrated contributions and dedication to the advancement of pharmacy technician practice. Candidate must have demonstrated contributions to the Florida Pharmacy Association and/or other pharmacy organizations. Candidate must have demonstrated commitment to community service. Candidate is not a past recipient of this award.

R.Q. Richards Award This award is based on outstanding achievement in the field of pharmaceutical public relations in Florida.

Criteria: ■■  recipient must be a Florida reg-

istered pharmacist and a member of the FPA. ■■   has displayed outstanding achievement in the field of pharmaceutical public relations in Florida. Frank Toback/AZO Consultant Pharmacist Award

Criteria: ■■ Candidate must be an FPA member,

■■   must be a Florida reg-

registered with the Florida Board of Pharmacy as a consultant pharmacist in good standing. ■■ Candidate should be selected based on their outstanding achievements in the field of consultant pharmacy.

Technician of the Year Award Awarded annually to a Florida pharmacy technician who is recognized for his/her outstanding performance and achievement during his/ her career. Criteria:



Criteria: istered pharmacist and a member of the FPA. ■■   has rendered outstanding service to pharmacy within the past five years.


N o m i n a t i o n s

Florida Pharmacy TodaY

DCPA Sidney Simkowitz Pharmacy Involvement Award

Presented annually to a Florida pharmacist who has been active at the local and state pharmacy association level in advancement of the profession of pharmacy in Florida.


Criteria: ■■ A minimum of five years of active

involvement in and contributions to the local association and FPA. ■■ Candidate must have held office at local level pharmacy association. ■■ Member in good standing for a period of at least five years in the FPA and must have served as a member or chairman of a committee of the association. ■■ Candidate must have been actively involved in a project that has or could potentially be of benefit to members of the profession. Pharmacists Mutual Companies Distinguished Young Pharmacist Award Awarded to a young pharmacist for their involvement and dedication to the practice of pharmacy. Criteria: ■■ Licensed to practice for nine (9) years or less. ■■ Licensed to practice in the state in which selected. ■■ Participation in national pharmacy association, professional programs, and/or community service. IPA Roman Maximo Corrons Inspiration & Motivation Award Interamerican Pharmacists Association created this award to honor the memory of Roman M. Corrons who inspired and motivated countless pharmacists to participate actively and aspire to take on leadership roles in their profession. Roman was always there with guidance and support that motivated pharmacists and encouraged visionary leadership, approachable active membership and succession planning. This award recognizes the motivators among us who inspire others to continue to advance the profession. Criteria:


2 0 0 8 - 2 0 0 9

The recipient must be a Florida Licensed Pharmacist and a member of the FPA. ■■ Candidate should motivate others to excel within the profession by encouraging them to be leaders. ■■ Candidate is not necessarily an association officer, but guides, supports and/or inspires others. A brief description on the candidate’s motivational/inspirational skills must accompany the nomination. ■■

The Jean Lamberti Mentorship Award

The Jean Lamberti Mentorship Award was established in 1998 to honor those pharmacists who have taken time to share their knowledge and ex-

perience with pharmacist candidates. The award is named in honor of long time FPA member Jean Lamberti for her effort in working with pharmacy students. Criteria ■■ The recipient must be an FPA mem-

ber. ■■ The recipient must serve as a role

vative pharmacy practice resulting in improved patient care. ■■ The recipient should be a practicing pharmacist within the geographic area represented by the presenting Association. Qualified Nominee: A pharmacist practicing within the geographic area represented by the presenting Association.

model for the profession of pharmacy. Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award

Awarded to honor practicing pharmacists who have demonstrated innovation in pharmacy practice that has resulted in improved patient care. Criteria: ■■ The recipient has demonstrated inno-

Deadline FOR NOMINATIONS: February 28, 2009 F P A A W AR D S N O M I N A T I O N F O RM I am pleased to submit the following nomination:

Nominated by:




Date Submitted: Signature:

For the following Award: (Nomination Deadline February 28, 2009)  Wyeth Bowl of Hygeia Award  James H. Beal Award

Please describe briefly below the nominee's accomplishments, indicating why you feel he or she should receive this award. (Attach additional sheets if necessary.)

 R.Q. Richards Award  Frank Toback/AZO Consultant Pharmacist Award  DCPA Sydney Simkowitz Award  Pharmacists Mutual Co. Distinguished . Young Pharmacist Award  Academy of Pharmacy Practice Practitioner Merit Award  The Jean Lamberti Mentorship Award  IPA Roman Maximo Corrons Inspiration & Motivation Award  Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award  Technician of the Year Award

Mail nominatons to: Annual Awards, Florida Pharmacy Association, 610 N. Adams St., Tallahassee, FL 32301 (850) 222-2400 FAX (850) 561-6758 DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS IS FEBRUARY 28, 2009




CALL FOR RESOLUTIONS TO THE 2009 HOUSE OF DELEGATES The House of Delegates Board of Directors will meet in March 2009 to review and approve resolutions for the Annual Meeting. The deadline for submitting resolutions is March 15, 2009! PLEASE NOTE THIS DEADLINE.

The following information will be needed when submitting resolutions: 1. Name of organization: The name of the organization submitting the resolutions(s); 2. Name and telephone number of individuals: A contact in the event clarification Or further information is needed; 3. Problem: A statement of the problem addressed by the resolution; 4. Intent: A statement of what passage of the resolution will accomplish; 5. Resolution Format: (please type and use double spacing) Title of Resolution Name of Organization Whereas

, and



Therefore be it Resolved (that the FPA or Subdivision of FPA)

Contact name and phone #: Problem: Intent:



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PHARMACY CONSULTANTS HCC Pharmacy Business Solutions Bob Miller (800) 642-1652 Hayslip and Zost Pharmacy Brokers LLC (713) 829-7570 (727) 415-3659

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FREQUENTLY CALLED NUMBERS AHCA MEDICAID PHARMACY SERVICES 2727 Mahan Drive Tallahassee, FL 32308 (850) 487-4441 pharmacy AMERICAN PHARMACISTS ASSOCIATION (APhA) Washington, D.C. (800) 237-2742 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEALTH SYSTEM PHARMACISTS Bethesda, MD (301) 657-3000 Drug Information Center Palm Beach Atlantic University (561) 803-2728 DRUG INFORMATION CENTER Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy (800) 451-3181 UF College of Pharmacy Gainesville, FL (352) 395-0408 FLORIDA BOARD OF PHARMACY 4052 Bald Cypress Way Bin #C04 Tallahassee, FL 32399-3254 (850) 245-4292 FLORIDA POISON INFORMATION CENTER NETWORK 1-800-282-3171 pcc/fpicjax.htm National Community Pharmacists Association 100 Daingerfield Road Alexandria, VA 22314 703.683.8200 703.683.3619 fax

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