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Backyard Breeders Making a FAST buck at an animal’s expense is WRONG

Safe Summer Fun with Pets Brad Pattison shares tips for safe outdoor pet fun

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July - December 2011

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6 Safe Summer Fun with Pets Enjoy the outdoors safely with your dog

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THE COVER SHOT We show a caged dog to get the point across about the conditions that backyard breeders will stoop to for their goals. Featured pet for adoption is Maurice from Humane Society of Broward County please call them at (954) 989-3977 or visit

A Word from our Publishing Pup Can you believe that 2011 is almost half over? Actually by the time you read this it will be. Time for a mid-year check-up on what’s going on in the pet world and how we can continue to make a difference. I still can’t believe our first issue was over six years ago. We’ve seen plenty of pet magazines come and go in that time and we have seen lots of change. Some for the better but other problems continue.

This month we take the time to talk about something that many people to choose to avoid and that is the backyard breeder. We talk about their motivation, about the ways they make life horrible for animals just so they can make a fast buck, and we look forward to the day they are all shut down. We hope this little expose will help enlighten people just a little bit and make them realize that their local shelter has tons of pets available that would really appreciate it if you would give them a chance to bring a little light into your life.

Always Faithful and Responsible, Louie G. Pup

The Florida Pet Book Newsletter is FREELY available at local pet establishments and it is always printed on recycled paper. The Florida Pet Book Digital Edition is available 24/7 via the World Wide Web at and 1 From Our Publishing Pup

Barkyard Breeders Making a FAST buck at an animal’s expense is WRONG Sometimes it is really hard to understand how some people sleep at night. How they can continue to rationalize how its perfectly fine to breed dogs to death just so they can line their pockets with cash. If you haven’t guessed who I am talking about yet then let me tell you the story about the horrible practice of backyard breeding and how it just needs to be stopped. Now just to be clear, no one is singling out all breeders here. Many will take their time and breed pets

at regular intervals and will take their time to make sure the pets they do breed are healthy and well cared for and find loving homes. Unfortunately the backyard breeder doesn’t care about any of those things they are just the part of our society driven by greed and much like Cruella De Ville of dalmations fame they could care less about the dogs they are hurting in the process. They don’t care if the dogs are blind or deaf or sick with a variety of diseases or defects.

Have an article idea? email Backyard Breeders 2

Say NO to Backyard Breeders They will breed dogs till they die idea either. In Miami-Dade call because they just see the poor dogs 3-1-1. as nothing but a paycheck and this Only by educating the source is just digusting. can we stamp out the problem. We Quite frankly there should be have to remember that a backyard laws that prosecute this short of breeder only hurts the industry behavior severely rather than helping it. since this really is “...let’s face it there They do it all for the a form of animal will always someone money and don’t go abuse and cruelty. looking for a pure through all the steps To anyone backyard breed yorkie or needed to assure that breeding out there Italian greyhound... their dogs or cats are consider going legit there is zero chance healthy. and doing things the of forcing everyone Granted right way or maybe to not buy pure breed there will be the just stop altogether dogs and cats ” temptation even and give the poor once you find out dogs a chance and get about their less than yourself a day job that’s honest. reputable breeding practices to For the pet buyer out there “help or save” the animal in their the best thing you could do is be care, but stop for a moment and a curious buyer and ask lots of think about the vicious cycle questions before you purchase. Ask you are contributing to. You buy that pet store where they get their that yorkie and tomorrow they pets from. Ask to see paperwork get another one from a backyard and if they refuse to show you proof breeder to replace it. As long as of who supplies their pets then vote they see a profit from their behavior with your wallet and refuse to give they will never stop. them your patronage because let’s face it they don’t deserve it. And What are some good and solid while your at it a call to your local ALTERNATIVES for future pet Animal Services wouldn’t be a bad owners? 3 Backyard Breeders

Say NO to Backyard Breeders Your Local Shelters or Animal Services - Consider your local shelter first when you want a pet. And remember if a rescue group has a “hold” on a pet in a shelter you should demand that you have precedence as a future pet owner to get that pet first. Remember that a pet that goes to a rescue has not found their final home and they deserve to go to a loving family and home first rather than a place where they will wait more for a new home. Some Shelters have a match-apet program which means they call you when the breed you want gets to the shelter. As for me I’d love a mutt just as much as a pure bred any day of the week, but to each his/her own. Reputable and certified breeders with solid positive references - Some will say that all forms of breeding are evil and it’s very easy to take a black and white approach to this question as it is very polarizing. But in actuality it’s really not fair to blanket label all people who breed pets as part of the problem. Of course you want

to do your homework and make sure the person does a good job and ask to speak with a list of other people who have gotten their pets from them. And watch their body language when you ask for that list. Did they hesistate to answer or provide it? Be choosy as this is your future furry family member we are talking about. When it comes to people that take their time and dedicate their days and lives to raising healthy animals you really need to step back and not pigeon-hole them with the rest. These aren’t people that breed by night and work at the office during the day and ignore the pets. These are people that take the time to do things right and let’s face it there will always someone looking for a pure breed yorkie or Italian greyhound. And since there is zero chance of forcing everyone to not buy pure breed dogs and cats I would much rather have the practice be tightly monitored and standards upheld rather than have people breeding dogs and cats in their basement or yard without training, experience, or knowledge. Backyard Breeders 4

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Safe Summer Fun with Pets by Brad Pattison Summer is a fun filled time of year for people and their dogs! As the morning sun warms the day we need to be aware of a few safety issues for ourselves as well as our pet. Applying sunscreen on your own body is important, but did you know that some dogs require sunscreen on them? White or pink coloured noses may need some extra TLC. Speak to your veterinarian or local pet store for approved sunscreen for use on your pooch. While strolling along the sidewalks we need to recognize the temperature difference in the pavement. Black or dark grey roads are much hotter than a light coloured sidewalk. Next

time you’re out on a hot day, bend down and place one hand on the dark pavement and the other on the light pavement or sidewalk so you get a feel of what your dog’s paws touch. Our feet are protected when flip-flops and other footwear are worn, although our dogs do not have this luxury. Please be aware of the dangers that we walk on and the protection we take for granted. Dog paws can feel the heat and this can cause pain if the pads are not conditioned. Slowly build up the time your dog is exposed to walking on warmer surfaces like pavement and over time the pads will condition themselves to the environment. You can also walk your dog along the grass Safe Summer Fun with Pets 6

Safe Summer Fun with Pets when possible. FYI: The temperature at side walk level is vastly different then it is at our head height. Make sure you watch your dog for excessive panting and stop when possible for water. Pasty, white lines running horizontally across your dog’s tongue is an indication that they need water as well. Rest yourself and your dog in shade and take your dog into air-conditioned stores when permitted. Tips: Do not leave your dog in the car alone, the heat rises very quickly even with the windows open. P our cool water on your dog’s head and scrunch it in to penetrate through the fur. Apply 3 times. Offer water often - a collapsible water bowl for dogs is great to have on hand. Do not use plastic bottled water due to many known poisons and toxins. For more information visit By: Brad Pattison Author of Best Selling book BRAD PATTISON UNLEASHED now available in the USA!

7 Safe Summer Fun with Pets

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Pet Loss and Grieving I wanted to share a little story with you that all started in 1998 I got a puppy off the rough streets of Miami his name became Louie G Pup and was a Chihuahua. I found him on Valentine’s Day – after that every year we celebrated his birthday that day. He was caring, loving and wonderful – if that wasn’t enough he was my best friend. He died of kidney failure in 2008 and my heart was broken in too many pieces to even think I could ever survive losing him and his love. I know this topic is not a happy one when you speak of loss or grieving for a pet. I found it so difficult to really function without 11 Florida Pet Book

thinking of him and wondering if I could have done anything differently that would have saved him. I thought people would think it would be “silly” “crazy” or they would not acknowledge my feelings of grief and getting over losing such a wonderful friend and pet. I wanted to share my loss with you and celebrate the life he gave me with his love. I am also want to let you know you’re not alone grieving the loss of a pet is a natural process and many feelings and reactions are similar to those of losing a person. The healthiest thing one can do in this terrible situation is

Just like no two people are alike neither are two pets Dedicated In Loving Memory to: Louie G. Pup & Loca the Cat to mourn and let all those feelings ready to bring this new pet into out. Deal with the anger, loneliness, your life but know they will never emptiness and even guilt that you replace the space that your original could have done more. pet had in your heart. “The healthiest Please give yourself If you feel that you thing one can do the time to cry, to yell need more help please in this terrible and to be upset that reach out and contact situation is to your best furry friend 954 266 6848 – they mourn and let all is gone. I know that are a support group I have and I still see those feelings out. ” for pet loss & grieving. feel his loss. Again, For pet friendly events you’re not alone and when the time where you can find your future pet comes to get another pet or save a to save and love please go to: pets safe by adopting – remember not to pick a pet just because he or Louie’s final wish is that if you she looks like your decreased pet. want a pet you adopt one and show Remember that no two people are them all the love in your heart. alike and neither are two pets. Be Have a Pawfect Day! Florida Pet Book 12

No Backyard Breeder or Puppy Mill Ads in the Florida Pet Book. Join us in supporting Pet Adoption as the BEST solution. (786) 709-9966

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FLORIDA PET BOOK Calendar for July - December 2011 Animalia Pet Expo - Animalia Pet Expo is a two day public event scheduled for August 27 & 28th at the Miami Beach Convention Center, benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Miami. feature over 100 booths, educational and interactive seminars, demonstrations, contests, giveaways, adopt-a-pet, advocacy groups, kennels & clubs, and much more... 2011 International Best Pet ExpoYour Pets Always the Best! Bring him out and show him off or come and see someone else’s “Best Pet” October 12-16 at the IPC Polo Grounds in Wellington, FL. Pet Rescues, Celebrity Appearances, Entertainment, Pony Rides, Kid Activities, Petting Zoo, Bounce Houses, Contests, Classes & Demonstrations, Health & Wellness, and much, much more

Happy Paws Pet Expo - Welcome to South Florida’s newest, most diverse and most exciting pet lover’s event ever! Happy Paws is a pet-lovers paradise - twofull days of non-stop family and pet entertainment at the Bergeron Road Fair Grounds. Admission includes complete access to all areas of the Happy Paws Pet Expo, including the live entertainment. 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday November 12/13

South Florida Pet Expo Mar 24,2012 The Ultimate Pet Event! Saturday, March 24 Indoors at the Expo Center at the South Florida Fairgrounds. Free Admission - Free Parking - Pets Welcome 10AM - 6PM Free Admission * Free Parking and Bring Your Pet! Shop * Learn * Play * Adopt Tons of Exhibitors Humane Society of Broward County - Meow Meow Basics A FREE Seminar for All Cat Lovers Held Quarterly tips for issues like: Litter training,Scratching, Marking/spraying, Stalking, Fearful cats, Counter jumping, Climbing, Hiding, Biting, Cat fights

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Una seccíon especificamente para la communidad latina y sus mascotas.

Lista De Suministros Necesarios Para Animales En Preparación Para Un Desastre Miami-Dade Animal Services

Temporada Ciclónica: 1ro de junio - 30 de noviembre


Alimentos • Suministro para dos semanas • Abridor manual de latas Agua • Suministro para dos semanas Platos • Para la comida y el agua que se anexen a la jaula Transportador portátil • De tamaño suficiente para que el animal se pueda parar y dar vuelta.

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• Cada animal debe estar en una caja o jaula separada. Identificación • Collar,chapa y cadena • Microchip (inscrito con base nacional de datos) • Foto reciente de todo animal CON SU DUEÑO (para probar que el animal es suyo) Botiquín de Primeros Auxilios • Libro guía de primeros auxilios • Rollos de vendas • Tijeras • Gaza • Crema antibiótica • Medicamentos • Historial médico (metido en un recipiente impermeable o bolsa de plástico con cierre de cremallera)

Arena higiénica para gatos y caja higiénica • Recogedor para la caja higiénica Suministros de limpieza • Toallas de papel • Disinfectante • Bolsas pláticas para la basura • Desinfectante para las manos • Toallitas humedecidas para la limpieza • Bolsas plásticas para los excrementos

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