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Choose Your

Colors Wisely

By Don Strube, Jr.

Florida’s unique environment places special demands on exterior paint colors. Educate yourself on which colors work best for your needs.

Don Strube, Jr. is president of Florida Paints with 35 years experience of paint manufacturing in Central Florida.



electing paint colors for the exterior of your home is never easy. With a seemingly infinite number of colors and combinations to choose from, you want to find just the right scheme that reflects who you are and complements your home’s architectural style. But did you know that certain colors are much less fade resistant than others, especially under Florida’s intense sun? Here is a brief explanation of why this occurs and a few tips on how you can help ensure that your home’s colors are long lasting. When you select a specific color, tinting colorants are added to the paint base at the point of purchase via a tint dispenser. Of the usual twelve to sixteen colorants available, as little as one colorant or as many as six may be used to achieve the color’s tint formula. The type and amount of colorant used in the tint formula plays a key role in the color’s durability. There are two types of colorants used in the dispenser: inorganic and organic. Inorganic colorants (mineral based) are earth tone in nature and are very stable and fade resistant. Organic colorants (derived from living matter) are bright reds, yellows, greens, and blues, and can be very susceptible to fading and degradation. Obviously, it is preferable

to have a tint formula utilizing only inorganic colorants, but it is impossible to achieve many bright, vibrant colors without the use of organics. A formula created with a combination of inorganic and organic colorants can have the risk of the organic colorant fading faster over time, thereby changing the color. The skill and experience of the person at the paint store who creates your tint formula can be crucial. A well-trained, experienced paint mixologist has a good understanding of the color spectrum and knows the durability of each colorant at their disposal. Finally, it is important to remember that using a premium quality exterior coating always enhances color durability. Florida’s environment is extremely harsh, and most higher quality exterior coatings are formulated to provide the best color durability from the fading effects of the sun and also improve the protection of your home against the damaging rain, heat, sun and humidity that we experience in Florida. Do your research before selecting your coating. Choosing a paint formulated specifically for our Florida exposure is a wise decision that will protect your investment, increase curb appeal, make your neighbors jealous, and allow you to enjoy your beautiful home for years.

Central Florida Lifestyle | May 2013

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Choose colors wisely  

Choose colors wisely