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Wellington Florist: A Blooming Success For Three Decades

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Story by M. Dennis Taylor • Photos by Abner Pedraza

Flowers are a luxury that everyone loves, and many from the local area immediately recognize an arrangement from Wellington Florist for its distinctive style and quality. “Customer satisfaction is by far the number-one reason customers choose our florist,” said owner J.P. Varvarigos, a third-generation florist who moved to Wellington with his parents in 1991 from Fort Lauderdale. “We are the only florist that we know with a one-week guarantee on our creations. And for any reason — if you simply don’t like the color or smell — we will cheerfully replace it. No fine print, no questions asked.” Flower arrangements are more than the first impression and the color and smell. There is the longevity, the length of time the recipient gets to enjoy the flowers. “We understand flowers are expensive, and our guarantee takes a lot of a client’s anxiety out of buying flowers. If the flowers ever wilt too quickly, we insist on a full replacement,” Varvarigos said. “Customers never have to worry if their bouquets are fresh or not.” Varvarigos, whose grandfather was a florist in Queens, New York, is married to Melissa Varvarigos, who is a longtime teacher at Wellington High School. Married since 2005, the couple has two daughters, ages seven and nine. Varvarigos likes to play disc golf and go to the gym, when he is not arranging things and accommodating almost any last-minute request. “We carry more flowers than any shop in Palm Beach County and thrive in lastminute requests delivered same day,” he explained. Expertise distinguishes the designs

J.P. Varvarigos is a third-generation florist with longtime local business Wellington Florist.

that come out of Wellington Florist, where every arrangement is a work of art. “My mother, Melinda, founder of the business, has received the highest accreditation a florist can achieve from the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD),” Varvarigos noted. Another thing that sets Wellington Florist apart is its weekly and corporate

floral delivery service. “We serve many businesses and high-end homes on a weekly basis,” Varvarigos explained. “Customers never have to look at flowers past their prime because we come in and swap everything out on a regular basis so that they never have to worry about it.” Flowers to acknowledge or celebrate an event is another large part of the business at the longtime local floral shop. “Gift giving is a big service of ours. We have many real estate agents, property managers, law firms and various corporate professionals who simply e-mail us an important client or list of clients they would like to send flowers to, and we handle it, so they don’t have to worry. Flowers are a perfect gift. It’s a true luxury, and everyone loves them,” Varvarigos said. Noted for their unique cutting-edge designs, flowers from Wellington Florist make a lasting impression. “We definitely have our own style, and people recognize our work when they see it,” Varvarigos said. The reason is an unswerving passion for the highest quality and freshness. “Our procurement process is also somewhat proprietary, as we find farms all over the world and import flowers directly from them to our clients’ home or office. Flowers cut from the ground on Monday are picked up at wellington the magazine | march 2019


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