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Michella Levy has been the principal at Binks Forest Elementary School for 13 years.

HIGH EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF Binks Forest Elementary’s Principal Michella Levy Lives By The School’s Motto ‘Expect The Best’ STORY BY DEBORAH WELKY | PHOTOS BY DENISE FLEISCHMAN

Binks Forest Elementary School opened in February 2000 as the third elementary school in Wellington, serving the community’s growing western areas. For the past 13 years, the school has been led by Principal Michella Levy. Levy is living proof that success can be achieved no matter what life throws at you. Raised in a small central Florida town, she recalled struggled all through her school years, in a commu-

nity where education did not seem to be a priority. “I didn’t get the education that I needed, and I had no family support,” Levy said. “I went from kindergarten through 12th grade with the same group of kids. I was on a work/study program where I learned only basic reading, basic math, and went to work for the rest of the of day. There were 103 in my graduating class. I have a

great work ethic, but school was not a great experience. And that’s why I’m a teacher and a principal now — to make a difference.” Once Levy started reading in earnest, she read everything she could.Although it took her eight years to earn her bachelor’s degree, she completed a typically three-year master’s degree program in just one year — all while teaching full time. wellington the magazine | september 2022