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Charlie Moorcroft teaching at his home base farm in Wellington.

The Moorcroft Foundation Inspires Conservation And Preservation In Wellington And Beyond STORY BY JESSICA BRIGHENTI | PHOTO BY GEORGIE HAMMOND

Wellington is known for its renowned equestrians, close proximity to beaches and beautiful weather. But it is also home to some of the rarest and endangered animals in the world, serving as educational ambassadors for a foundation with a mission of conservation, preservation, inspiration and education. The Moorcroft Conservation Foundation, founded by accomplished equestrian and trainer Charlie Moorcroft, and his personal collection of

rare animals, introduces children and adults to important conservation, rescue and rehabilitation issues while inspiring them to make a difference. The foundation raises funds to support collaborative organizations around the country while also bringing awareness to the local community and beyond. Born and raised in Connecticut, Moorcroft spent much of his time outdoors riding horses, fishing and spending time in nature. Growing up in a large family with a schoolteacher as his

mother, Moorcroft learned early on the importance of giving back, communicating and educating. Throughout his life, Moorcroft tried his hand at many different careers, but was always drawn back to what was intertwined in his DNA — equestrian sports, nature and being around animals. He made the move down to Wellington about 17 years ago for the horses and to continue his passion for educating the sport’s youth. wellington the magazine | september 2022 39