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Publicity Chair Cecilia Torrisi, Assistant Membership Chair Linda Mackin, Special Events Chair Mae Loglisci, Trip Coordinator Fred Quan, Senior Services Manager Jenifer Brito, President Elieen Kuhnel and Corresponding Secretary Janice Downs.

While the club would love to get back to business as usual, the group has been careful during the pandemic to continue providing social events in as safe a fashion as possible. “These events may include a drivethrough box lunch special for 250 people,” Kuhnel said. “Everyone wears a mask, it’s not enclosed, and everyone maintains social distancing.” She is very proud of the way the club and its membership has travailed the difficult times of the pandemic. “Wellington people seem to take better care of themselves and are more cautious,” Kuhnel said. However, she is eager to get back to in-person events.“We want to move into the next planning stage,” Kuhnel said. “There are new and exciting ideas depending upon what opens up.” Previously, the club has taken members on social trips, as well as the lun62 october 2021 | wellington the magazine

“It’s nice for fellowship with people of the same age, and a continuity of experience. When we started meeting when I joined, there were 35 to 38 people, and now there are 650-plus.” — Mae Loglisci cheons. Kuhnel described some of these adventures, such as airboat rides in the Everglades. “It was exhilarating,” she said. “All the adventures involve a bus ride with about 55 of your favorite Wellington retirees. That’s because of the size of the buses and restaurants that accommodate us. Other trips are on oceangoing boats, flattops for the backcountry observing trips in the Keys, SeaWorld, the St. John’s River, the Broadway Palm Theatre with buffet dinners in Fort My-

ers, casino trips, and trips to all your favorite and soon-to-be-favorite area restaurants.” The club makes it easy for local retirees to participate. “Everything is planned in advance, there’s a trip coordinator, and your only responsibility is to remember your assigned seating so you will still be close to your friends,” Kuhnel said. “The food and beverages are planned, parking is a breeze and your car stays right in the neighborhood.”