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Digital Invitations

Skip The Line

Lots Of Lights

Digital invitations are making more sense than ever. They’re not just beautiful but smart. These invitations are taking fashion-forward brides by storm. The invitations can be interactive, great for tracking and, most importantly, easily updated if the situation arises. From engagement announcements and save-the-dates to invitations and thank-you notes, paperless seems to be moving into the wedding space at the speed of light!

Many couples are opting for signature drinks as a way to add personal style and color to the cocktail hour or reception. It offers a lot of practical benefits, too — no long lines at the bar! Signature drinks instead of mixed drinks can be prepared ahead of time and can be a much more cost-effective option. They are faster and easier for the bartender to pour and a great complement to the beer and wine!

Brides are thinking outside the “lightbox” and coming up with different looks to integrate lighting in a more personal way. Therefore, it’s no surprise that topping the trends list this year is mood lighting. During the day, they are points of light, and at sunset, they reimagine the space. Either way, lights can set the tone and mood — from exposed industrial bulbs to geometric-shaped lamps and vintage chandeliers.

october 2021 | wellington the magazine