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ing today would cost millions. Instead, Post 390 keeps its focus on supporting Wellington’s veteran community. Froehlich also acknowledged the work done by the post’s auxiliary unit. “It used to be called the women’s auxiliary,” he explained. “But women now serve our country, too. Now any spouse — male or female — and their children, can join.” Whether or not they are a member of the American Legion, Wenham is seeking out former veterans to get them some of the recognition they so richly deserve. Banners hung along Forest Hill Blvd. currently honor Wellington veterans with their name and photo in a program called Wellington Heroes. “A granddaughter of one of our community residents was in a small town in Pennsylvania and saw these American Heroes banners on light poles,”Wenham said. “She took a picture and brought it back, hoping we could do the same here.” If you are a U.S. veteran or know one who would like to be recognized on a banner, bring a photo of the veteran, preferably in uniform, to Wenham at the Wellington Community Foundation office in the original Wellington Mall. “Last Memorial Day, we had about 12 to 14 banners up around the amphitheater down by the Wellington Veterans Memorial,”Wenham said.“Since last Memorial Day, we’ve had four or five more veterans apply, and those new banners are ready to be put up this coming Nov. 11,Veterans Day.We’d like to have more so we can rotate them on the poles throughout the year.” For more information about the Wellington Heroes program, call Wenham at (561) 333-9843. To help Isola with his fundraising efforts, call (561) 795-2721. For more information on Wellington’s American Legion Post 390, visit www.alpost390.com.

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