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CLASSIC FLAVORS AND SO MUCH MORE Chicken Salad Chick Brings A Taste Of Home To New Location In Wellington BY CALLIE SHARKEY

In the land of endless summer, finding a fresh spot to enjoy light but filling food is a prize worth seeking. Now that Chicken Salad Chick has opened in Wellington, the chain’s first location in Palm Beach County, the search is over. This restaurant is more than just traditional chicken salad — it offers 12 different varieties throughout the year, plus seasonal versions of the classic dish. How can there possibly be more than a dozen versions of chicken salad? Allie Royal has the answer. “Most homemade recipes are just a version of our classic chicken salad, which is chicken, mayonnaise, finely minced celery and seasoning. Sometimes at home, you’ll add grapes or pecans, but we have something really different, like buffalo chicken salad,” she said.“You don’t normally make that, or a barbecue chicken salad, at home. People can be intimidated by that sometimes, but I tell them, ‘Just try it. I promise it will surprise you.’ More often than not, they fall in love with flavors that they weren’t coming in to order.” All the versions of chicken salad found at Chicken Salad Chick have unique namesakes. Each flavor profile is inspired by a real-life “chick” too. Traditional styles are the Classic Carol and Olivia’s Old South — the latter embracing southern flavors, including sweet pickles and egg. “The Kickin’ Kay Lynne is the one I normally get,” co-owner Bryan Royal said without hesitation.

(Clockwise from top left) The restaurant has a Quick Chick station with prepared meals ready to go for those who do not want to wait; get your chicken salad creation as a sandwich or with a trio of scoops to enjoy with crackers; try the tasty Chicken Salad BLT; make a meal of it with a scoop of your favorite chicken salad with a side salad and a drink; Lauryn’s Lemon Basil is a savory take on a traditional chicken salad featuring pecans, basil and lemon flavors; enjoy your chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with a sweet treat on the side; and two scoops of your favorite flavors with a salad on the side. wellington the magazine | november 2021 59