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board is Executive Chef Nico Zallu, who not only loves being in the kitchen, but he also loves singing to the customers. A huge tableside flaming cheese wheel is also an interactive favorite and a tasty experience. “They prepare the pasta in the cheese wheel and scrape the cheese from the aged big wheel onto the plates. People love the show, and it’s delicious,” Bautista said.“They have all this fresh cheese. It’s something that’s not on our menu, but we have it, and it’s very popular.” Another experience for the senses is the Spaghetti al Cartoccio with mixed seafood, fresh tomato sauce and pasta covered in a pastry dough baked in a wood-burning oven. “It comes out as a big puff of pastry, and then they open it in front of the guest, and all they have is the aroma of the fresh seafood,” Bautista explained. Freshly served Salumeria comes displayed on authentic Sardinian cork serving trays. “One of the main resources is cork, so when you drive around the island, you see all these trees, where the bottom of them is bare because people shaved the cork, and it grows back, and artisans use the cork to make shoes and purses. We wanted to bring that to our restaurant,” Bautista said. The Salumeria platters come with a choice of meats, including Prosciutto Crudo and Salame Felino, and cheeses like Pecorino Semi Stagionato, with sprinklings of fresh olives served with a side of jam and giardiniera. “It’s a beautiful presentation and very unique,” she said. “People always ask us if they can buy the tray.” Another plate with a beautiful presentation and full of flavor is the Fregola Sarda ai Frutti di Mare — a Sardinian couscous-style pasta with mixed fresh seafood. You can pair any dish with a drink from the stocked bar, and happy hour is daily from 4 to 7 p.m. Zona Blu even has signature drinks specially created

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The Zona Blu team includes Corporate Chef Andrea Fadda, sisters Debbie Marras Bautista and Sheila Marras David, and Executive Chef Nico Zallu. They are proud to share their Sardinian cuisine and culture.

(Left) The dining room is filled with hues of blue reflecting the Mediterranean Sea, with brown wooden tables and chairs. (Right) The fully stocked bar with its blue illuminated seating.

for them by a mixologist from Bacardi with a Sardinian twist.“We use a liqueur called mirto, and it’s grown only on the island, kind of like a licorice,” Bautista said of the spirit that comes from myrtle bushes growing wild all over the island. One of those is the bestselling Wild Sardinia Martini, made with Wild Sardinia gin and mirto. Another favorite is the Cora Sardu, which means “Sardinian Heart.” An array of desserts makes it hard to choose, including pistachio sorbet coated with pistachio crumbles and a tiramisu layered dessert dusted with cocoa powder.The most popular is a family secret recipe. “Our parents are from Sardinia, and they’re the ones who make the traditional Sardinian dessert Seadas con Miele Sardo, a homemade puff pastry filled with sweet cheese, lightly fried and drizzled

with Sardinian honey. I don’t think my mom will ever give up that recipe,” Bautista laughed. It truly is a family affair, right from the beginning when their uncle, a restaurateur from Michigan, suggested the sisters help Chef Andrea Fadda find a location for his talents in Weston.The sisters used their expertise in marketing and advertising to create a concept that has since exploded with community support.“It’s not only that we work well together, but we’re also having fun,” Bautista said.“Andrea is like a brother, and we’re so excited about this second location.” In true Sardinian style, Zona Blu does stand out like an island of its own. Zona Blu is located at 8170 Okeechobee Blvd., Suite 1, just west of Benoist Farms Road. For more information, call (561) 323-4799 or visit www.zonabluwpb.com. wellington the magazine | june 2022 51