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PERSONALIZED LEARNING FOR STUDENTS Local Private Schools Provide Students With A More Individualized Educational Experience


When it comes to education options in Wellington, parents have many choices beyond traditional brick-and-mortar schools. In Wellington, there are several private schools that specialize in providing an individualized educational experience for parents and students looking for this type of learning environment. Among these schools are #1 Education Place, Score at the Top and the Wellington Collegiate Academy.

#1 Education Place The driving forces behind #1 Education Place are Judy Blake and Anita Kane.Together, they started this private school more than 20 years ago. They began as tutors with clients from the equestrian world. Now, they operate a full-fledged private school with clients from all walks of life. At #1 Education Place, located in the original Wellington Mall, the teaching model is not what you find at regular schools. “We are a Montessori school,” Blake said.“And we are open 12 months a year.” The “big picture” focus at #1 Educa-

tion Place — which teaches children in grades 1 through 12 — is to emphasize independence and executive function. According to Blake, when students are taught executive function, they learn organizational skills, personal responsibility, how to organize their day and how to master life as an adult.They also learn all the core subjects taught in conventional schools.At #1 Education Place,

there’s a major focus on core communications. “We have a big emphasis on writing, especially in high school,” Kane said. “We also focus on cursive writing, penmanship, grammar, spelling and English comprehension.” Rather than a teacher-directed environment, like in traditional schools, #1 Education Place implements a studentdirected educational atmosphere. wellington the magazine | june 2022 31